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Newcomb Secondary College Newsletter

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Coming Events NOVEMBER Wednesday 6th VCE Exams. IAW Week. Thursday 7th VCE Exams. IAW Week. Junior Concert Band Performance. Friday 8th VCE Exams. IAW Week. Monday 11th College Assembly. Remembrance Day. VCE Exams. Year 11 Exams. Tuesday 12th Annual Music Concert in College Hall 7.30pm. VCE Exams. Year 11 Exams. Wednesday 13th VCE Exams. Year 11 Exams. Girls Adventure Group. Thursday 14th Sovereign Hill Excursion. VCE Exams. Year 11 Exams.

TUESDAY 5th November 2013

FROM THE PRINCIPAL T TEAM EAM LIONS YOUTH OF THE YEAR On Wednesday of last week three of our students Daniel, Alex and Luke from Year 11 participated in the Lions Youth of the Year public speaking presentation. They had to give two impromptu speeches and one prepared speech. In the afternoon the students were interviewed by a panel regarding their interests and aspirations. Daniel was the winner of the public speaking section of the competition. Thank you to Mr Sinclair for assisting the students in this program.

YEAR 11 ARRANGEMENTS All parents and guardians will have received a letter regarding the end of year arrangements of our Year 11 students. Next week (Monday, 11th November to Friday, 15th, November), sees the commencement of Year 11 exams a copy of the timetable was included with the letter. Following the exam week there is a compulsory Orientation Week where students will commence work on their Year 12 course. Orientation week is Monday, 18th November to Friday, 22nd November. VCE EXAMINATIONS The VCE Examinations began on Wednesday, 30th October and will run until Friday, 22nd November. E Block will be closed to accommodate the examinations. We wish all of our Year 12 students the best of luck for their exams.

College Council: President: Vidas Kymantas Vice President: Jenny Speed Exec. Officer: Phil Honeywell Treasurer: Colette Brennan

Student Leaders:

Student Leaders:

Joshua Walker Emily Belyea

Erik Kvietelaitis Rose Doole

James Carrodus Kaitlynn Hinrichs

Chrisitina La Spada

Jarrod Ramsay

REMEMBRANCE DAY We will have a College assembly on Remembrance Day which will be conducted by our new School Leaders. STAFFING NEWS Last Friday Mrs Denny (or Bu Denny as many of you would refer to her) retired from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Mrs Denny can be very proud of her achievements in education over her career, and Newcomb Secondary College has been the beneficiary of these skills and dedication in recent times. She has been a calm, compassionate teacher whose efforts have always put the students first. In recent times she has been an important contributor to the development of our Indonesian Language Program as well as being supportive of all aspects, programs and events at Newcomb Secondary College. We wish her all the best and she will continue to support our library over the coming weeks MUSIC PERFORMANCE EVENING The Newcomb Secondary College annual Music Performance evening will be held on Tuesday, 12th November in the College hall at 7.30pm. Entry is a gold coin donation. All Welcome. Mr Phil Honeywell, Principal Mrs Colette Brennan, Assistant Principal Mrs Liz McNamara, Assistant Principal Mr Stephen Bath, Assistant Principal

SUPPORT FROM CONCERN FOR BOOKS AND UNIFORMS Uniting Care Geelong (Incorporating Concern) has access to limited funds to provide assistance for families who may need extra support with books and uniforms for 2014. Families need to have a Health Care Card to be eligible for support through Concern. Unfortunately the funds do not enable Concern to assist all students in receipt of pensions or benefits, so if you believe that this is something that you or your family would benefit from please contact Concern on (03) 4210 1110 to arrange an interview. Interviews will be conducted from October 30th 2013 until November 22th 2013. If you have received books or uniforms from Concern in the past can you please return these to Newcomb Secondary College so that we can allocate these to other students. Newcomb Wellbeing Team

2013 YEAR 11 EXAMS


From Monday, 11th November to Friday, 15th November, Year 11 students will be sitting their end of year exams. Unless otherwise stated, all of these exams will be located in the Language Centre. During this week, no regular classes will be running. However, it is an expectation that students will be completing their exams. Students should aim to be in the Language Centre at least 10 minutes prior to their exam commencing, and full school uniform must be worn. Students have all been issued with an exam timetable and conditions, but spare copies can be made available where needed.

YEAR 11 VCE ORIENTATION Week 7 (November 18-22) – Students Expected to Attend! Year 12 will be the most challenging and potentially overwhelming year of a student’s education, with serious ramifications for what comes next in their life. To assist with this transition, and to give students an advantageous start to their Year 12 experience, Newcomb Secondary College will be running an Orientation Program for students going into Year 12 in 2014. This is essentially Week One of Year 12! This will be a tremendous opportunity for students to develop an understanding of the skills and content that they will need to succeed in Year 12 across all subject areas, and their participation in this event is a College expectation. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this. James Murphy

2013 YEAR 11 EXAM TIMETABLE Monday 11th Nov 2013

Tuesday 12th Nov 2013 Wednesday 13th Nov 2013 Thursday 14th Nov 2013 Friday 15th Nov 2013

8:45 am - 10:28 am Design & Tech. Fabric Design & Tech Metal 8:45 am - 10:28 am Information Technology Physical Education Specialist Maths ( First Exam ) 8:45 am - 10:22 am English Foundation English 8:45 am - 10:28 am Maths Methods Foundation Maths 8:45 am - 10:28 am Design & Tech Wood Design & Tech Glass

10:53 am – 12.36 pm Health & Human Development Indonesian Music ( To be held in the Music Room)

1:32 pm - 3:15 pm Chemistry History Psychology

10:53 am – 12.36 pm Business Management Art

1:32 pm - 3:15 pm Food Technology Studio Art

10:47 am – 12.18 pm

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

10:53 am – 12.36 pm General Maths

1:32 pm - 3:15 pm

10:53 am – 12.36 pm Biology Physics Visual Communication & Design

1:32 pm - 3:15 pm Specialist Maths (Second Exam )

2013 YEAR 12 EXAMS


The 2013 VCE exams are now in full swing, and so far, the attendance and application of our students has been exceptional. With just a couple of weeks to go, there is still enormous scope for students to set themselves up for success with their final assessments, and it is essential that absolute focus is maintained until the completion of this process. Key recommendations for exam completion:  Deactivate Facebook until the exam period is over (or at least regulate your usage)  Cut back on work commitments outside of school wherever possible  Turn off mobile phones whilst completing revision and timed practice exams  Seek the advice of teachers as to revision priorities for each exam (this can be done right up until the day of the assessment itself) Key dates for the end of year include: Wednesday, October 30 – Friday, November 22: examination period Wednesday, December 11: Year 12 Graduation (tickets are now available) Monday, December 16: VCE results released for Year 12 students Please contact me at any point in time to discuss and of this further. Work hard and create your own good luck! James Murphy

2013 YEAR 12 EXAM TIMETABLE Monday, 4 November

Further Mathematics Two; 9am10:45am

Dance and VET (Community Services); 11:45am-1:30pm

IT Applications; 3pm-5:15pm

Wednesday, 5 November

Maths Methods (CAS) Exam One; 9am-10:15am

PDT; 11:45am-1:30pm

HHD; 3pm-5:15pm

Thursday, November

VET Hospitality, VET Kitchen Operations and VET IT; 9am-10:15am

Music Style and Composition and Physical Education; 11:45am-2pm

Maths Methods (CAS) Exam Two; 3pm -5:15pm


Friday, 8 November

Specialist Maths; 9am-10:15

Monday, 11 November

Studio Arts; 9am-10:45am

Tuesday, 12 November

Chemistry; 9am-11:45am

Wednesday, 13 November

Physics; 9am-11:45am

VET Equine, Visual Communication and Design; 3pm-4:45pm

Thursday, 14 November

Art; 9am-10:45 am

Business Management; 3pm-5:15pm

Friday,15 November

Food and 10:45am

Monday, 18 November

Systems Engineering; 9am-10:45am

Tuesday, 19 November

VET Music Technical Production; 9am-10:45am

Thursday, 21 November


Australian History, Specialist Maths Exam Two; 3pm-5:15pm


Music Performance, 11:45am-1:30pm

Indonesian; 11:45am-2pm

IT Software Development; 3pm-5:15pm

YEAR 9 AND 10 NEWS YEAR 9 DEAKIN UNIVERSITY CAMP Parents – a reminder that you have been invited to join us on the second day of the camp, on Tuesday, 19th November. The university will provide transport to take you to Deakin University, Burwood campus, and lunch is also provided. We have small group of parents already signed up to go and it would be nice to have a few more to take part in the day. Please contact me in the next day or two if you would like to come so I can let the organisers know. IAW Could parents please ensure that all Year 9 and 10 students are attending school this week, whether to take part in IAW activities or to follow a work program at school for the week. No students should view this as a week off and we have tried to make this very clear from the start. Students who are involved in work experience are permitted to be absent for the week, but all other students should be participating in a school program. EXAM WEEK Most Year 9 and 10 classes will finish the school year with an exam. This is an important time for students to show what they have learned over the year and to take part in a rigorous challenge that provides them with a strong indication of their understanding of that subject. The teachers will begin revision work soon after IAW week so students must make sure that they are up to date with all of their class work and assessment items. Parents should expect some calls in the coming weeks from teachers who are concerned that their child has not completed sufficient work to complete their particular course. We ask for parental support in supervising students at home in finishing any outstanding work that is a requirement for successful completion of the semester. With report writing time almost upon us, it is a crucial time for students to be on top of their studies. Parents should contact individual teachers if they have concerns over their child’s progress. Lisa Vinnicombe (Year 9 and 10 Leader).

DO YOU HAVE A CHILD IN YEAR 6 OR 7? Please come along to the ‘Setting up for success at Secondary school’ at the Deakin Cats Community Centre (Simonds Stadium) on the 14th November at 7pm - 9pm. This Free session is provided by Deakin and BATForce for the parents and carers of current and prospective Newcomb Secondary College students. Subway, tea and coffee will be provided free. We would love to have parents/carers of all Year 7 students attend this free session. Please return the reply slip and feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Liz McNamara




Concert will feature:

Senior Concert Band Intermediate Concert Band Junior (Year 7) Concert Band Junior Camp Band (Years 7 & 8) Blues ’n’ Jazz

Entry – Gold Coin Donation Please bring a plate of food for a shared supper CHRISTMAS HAMPER RAFFLES will be drawn on the night. Tickets available at the door. $1.00 each

CANTEEN ROSTER Wednesday 6th November

Thursday 7th November

Friday 8th November

Monday 11th November

Tuesday 12th November






Wednesday 13th November

Thursday 14th November

Friday 15th November

Monday 18th November

Tuesday 19th November






STUDY YOUR WAY TO LONDON OR NEW YORK 2014 Enrol into two of our Certificate IV courses and once completed you will be rewarded with return economy flights and 12 nights paid accommodation arranged through STA travel & my OE. The only catch is the plane !! Study together-Fly together-Stay together. For further information please call 1300 669 786.


Vines Rd Community Centre, Hamlyn Heights 10 -5 pm. Year 8 Science students and family may like to visit the Gem Show.

Student Absences Parents and Guardians are required to provide an explanation for their child’s absences. In all instances the College requires the following information:  Child’s name  Home Group or Year level  Date absent  Parent/guardian signature (when written). Late Passes The student will need to bring a note from home and report for a late pass. After 10.00am they will need to report to the General Office. If the student has no note, they will need to go through the same procedure, however, they will be placed on detention until a note of explanation is received. Leave Passes If it is unavoidable that a student needs to leave for an appointment, the student will need to bring a note of explanation from home to the School Office before school. They will be issued with a leave pass and the teachers will know that they are absent during that time. Uniform Passes If a student is out of uniform they will need to bring a note from home and take it to the School Office before school to be issued a Uniform Pass. If they have no explanation they will be placed on detention until a note is brought.


Newsletter 34 5th November 2013  

Newsletter 34 5th November 2013

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