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Newcomb Secondary College Newsletter

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Coming Events OCTOBER Wednesday 30th VCE Exams. Outdoor Ed 3 Day Bushwalk. Year 7 Sport: Baseball, softball, Tennis and Cricket. Reach Heroes Day Year 9. Thursday 31st Level Assembly. Year 7 Science Excursion Melbourne Zoo. VCE Exams.

NOVEMBER Friday 1st VCE Exams.

TUESDAY 29th October 2013

FROM THE PRINCIPAL T TEAM EAM YEAR 12 FAREWELL AT JAN JUC On Wednesday of last week, the Year 12 students and several teachers travelled to Jan Juc for the cohort’s official farewell event. On arrival, the group were treated to an exquisite breakfast provided by Mr Phil Wight and Mr Ryan Owens, before being addressed by the not-for-profit Red Frogs group. The Red Frogs provided timely advice on the importance of celebrating responsibly, making sensible decisions and looking out for one another in the festivities that follow the end of the exam period. For too many students and their families, this period of time becomes one of tragedy rather than celebration. Following the Red Frogs presentation, the Year 12 students themselves voted on the 2013 ‘People’s Choice Awards’, with notable mentions going to Georgie Beardsell (Best Laugh), Jarrod Ramsay and Megan Pett (Students Most Likely to Succeed), and James Carrodus and Sherie Peacock (Most Likely to be Millionaires).

Monday 4th VCE Exams. IAW Week.

Thank you to all involved in this highly enjoyable event. And best of luck to the Year 12 students who on Wednesday of this week, will begin the exams that comprise such a substantial part of their final results – study hard, and when it is over, as expressed by the Red Frogs, celebrate sensibly.

Tuesday 5th IAW Week.


Wednesday 6th VCE Exams. IAW Week.


Thursday 7th VCE Exams. IAW Week. Junior Concert Band Performance.

Good luck to our senior students as their VCE Examinations commence tomorrow.

Please note that Tuesday, 5th November, Melbourne Cup Day, is a normal school day and students are required to attend.

College Council: President: Vidas Kymantas Vice President: Jenny Speed Exec. Officer: Phil Honeywell Treasurer: Colette Brennan

Student Leaders:

Student Leaders:

Joshua Walker Emily Belyea

Erik Kvietelaitis Rose Doole

James Carrodus Kaitlynn Hinrichs

Chrisitina La Spada

Jarrod Ramsay

ANNUAL MUSIC CONCERT All College bands will be performing in the Annual Music Concert on Tuesday, 12th November at 7.30 pm in the College Hall. All music students are asked to please donate any item for the Christmas Hamper Raffle. Items can now be given to Mrs Stabryla in the music department.

YEAR 9 DEAKIN UNIVERSITY CAMP Monday 18 – Tuesday 19 November Message for parents: By now, parents with a child attending the camp should have all received an invitation from the university to join us on the second day and share in the presentations of the students’ work. The university can provide a bus to take parents to Burwood for the day and meals are also provided with no charge. It is an excellent opportunity for parents to join us in one aspect of the camp and to see first-hand what their child has been doing while away from home. If you would like to participate, please ensure that the note which came home is returned to me promptly so we can confirm numbers. Please contact me with further enquiries. Lisa Vinnicombe (Year 9 and 10 Leader). Mr Phil Honeywell, Principal Mrs Colette Brennan, Assistant Principal Mrs Liz McNamara, Assistant Principal Mr Stephen Bath, Assistant Principal

INTEGRATED ACTIVITIES WEEK (IAW) MONDAY 4 NOVEMBER – FRIDAY 8 NOVEMBER ***REMINDER - No regular classes for Year 9 and 10 students during this week*** PERMISSION FORMS AND PAYMENTS must be returned ASAP. A few students still have not enrolled in an activity and they need to see me IMMEDIATELY so they can be allocated to a group. Could parents please ensure that when students return permission forms to the office, they do so along with the required fees. REMINDER - SCHOOL UNIFORM? Students are allowed to dress casually for the week and should pay particular attention to the possible requirements of their activity and dress appropriately. For example, if you are going to be involved in the Street Art Murals activity, it would be wise to bring old clothes to wear while you are painting. If students are participating in an activity that will take them into Melbourne or Geelong for the day, we ask that they are dressed sensibly and appropriately. Here are some suggestions:  Comfortable walking shoes – definitely NO thongs  Avoid wearing t-shirts which have potentially offensive slogans or pictures  Shorts and tops should be a suitable length  Singlets are not appropriate Activities which include physical activity will all have their own requirements and this will be indicated on the permission forms. CELEBRATING IAW: Friday, 8th October is the day set aside where the groups can make a presentation to their peers on their chosen activity. This is a highlight of IAW and represents the learning and achievements from the week. Students may present in any form they like, and typically this will involve using technology to produce photos and films of the week, accompanied by a written or spoken commentary. It is important that students participate in this aspect of the week with the others in their group and that they are able to identify and articulate the aspects of the week that really stood out for them. We encourage all students to carry their phones or camera on their activities (where permitted) so they can keep a record of events throughout the week. We also encourage students to keep a journal of each day’s events so that at presentation time, they have notes and records of what has taken place over the past few days. This is of particular significance to the students who will be away from home on the Pack and Paddle canoe trip and on the William Buckley hike. CONTINUED OVERLEAF

INTEGRATED ACTIVITIES WEEK (IAW) continued INFORMATION FOR PARENTS Please refer to the table below for a summary of the events for the week and an indication of the types of activities that will run over the course of the week: Please contact me at school if you have any questions about the activities that are running during IAW. Lisa Vinnicombe (Year 9 and 10 Leader) Name of activity

Brief outline of activity


Key supervising teacher

Waves, wheels and walls

Surfing, roller blading, rock climbing, mountain bike riding

Various venues around Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula

Mr Goward


Learning to sail

Sailing school, waterfront, Geelong

Mr Tagell

Pack and Paddle

Canoe and camping trip, Monday – Thursday


Mr McCurry

Photography and Scrapbooking

Taking photos, printing them and making a scrapbook

School and one day trip to Geelong

Mrs Cusack

William Buckley walk

Walking, camping and canoeing, Tuesday - Friday

Queenscliff - Torquay

Mr Currie

Street Art Murals

Designing and painting murals to be displayed at school

School, plus day trip Melbourne on Monday 4th

Mr Davis

Tour de Geelong

Four days of cycling

Various routes around Geelong

Mr Unmack

Recycle Reinvention

Re-using old materials to make new products

School and one day trip to Geelong

Ms McArthur

School and one day trip to Geelong

Mr Kellett


Mr Cantone

Football Totem pole carving

Touring MCG for a day, practising footy, watching finals Carving a totem pole using range of tools and equipment

DO YOU HAVE A CHILD IN YEAR 6 OR 7? Please come along to the ‘Setting up for success at Secondary school’ at the Deakin Cats Community Centre (Simonds Stadium) on the 14th November at 7pm - 9pm. This Free session is provided by Deakin and BATForce for the parents and carers of current and prospective Newcomb Secondary College students. Subway, tea and coffee will be provided free. A brochure with more information and a reply slip will be sent home with all Year 7 students today with this Newsletter. We would love to have parents/carers of all Year 7 students attend this free session. Please return the reply slip and feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Liz McNamara

VCE/VCAL NEWS YEAR 12 SWOTVAC (October 24-29) Congratulations to the Year 12 students for their completion of VCE classes – however, now the hard work really begins! To assist the Year 12 students with their preparations for the end of year exams, teachers will be running revision sessions across all subject areas. This is an invaluable opportunity for students to work with teachers to enhance their readiness for the exams, and their attendance is a college expectation. These revision sessions will be taking place according to the same schedule and locations as regular VCE classes across all subject areas – unless a specific teacher indicates otherwise, the same class times and locations will apply for each subject’s revision sessions. Key recommendations for exam revision: - Deactivate Facebook until the exam period is over. - Cut back on work commitments outside of school. - Draw up a revision schedule, enabling students to commit to all subjects. - Turn off mobile phones whilst completing timed practice exams. - Seek the advice of teachers as to revision priorities for each exam. Key dates for the end of year include: - Thursday, October 24 – Tuesday, October 29: SWOTVAC (Year 12 revision classes) - Wednesday, October 30 – Friday, November 22: examination period All students have been given a copy of the 2013 VCE Exams Navigator and their individual exam timetable, but spare copies of each can be made available where necessary. - Wednesday, December 11: Year 12 Graduation (tickets will be available on (Monday November 4) Please contact me at any point in time to discuss this further. Work hard and create your own good luck!

YEAR 11 VCE Orientation; Week 7 (November 18-22) – Students Expected to Attend Year 12 will be the most challenging and potentially overwhelming year of a student’s education, with serious ramifications for what comes next in their life. To assist with this transition, and to give students an advantageous start to their Year 12 experience, Newcomb Secondary College will be running an Orientation Program for students going into Year 12 in 2014. This will be a tremendous opportunity for students to develop an understanding of the skills and content that they will need to succeed in Year 12 across all subject areas, and their participation in this event is a college expectation. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this. James Murphy

BELEZA UNIFORM SHOP We will be opening on Saturdays from 26th October. We will be open 9.30am - 12.30pm.

SECOND HAND UNIFORM FOR SALE Sport Shirt, size M, $16 Blue Woollen NSC Jumper, size 18, $75 Grey Beleza boys Shorts x2 size 16, $16 each Green NSC Back Pack All items in very good condition Contact Liz McNamara 5248 1400

2013 YEAR 12 EXAM TIMETABLE Wednesday, October 30 Thursday, October 31 Friday, November 1 Monday, November 4 Wednesday, November 6 Thursday, November 7 Friday, November 8 Monday, November 11 Tuesday, November 12 Wednesday, November 13 Thursday, November 14 Friday, November 15 Monday, November 18 Tuesday, November 19 Thursday, November 21

English; 9am-12:15 Biology; 9am-11:45am Psychology; 9am-11:45am Further Mathematics Two; 9am-10:45am Maths Methods (CAS) Exam One; 9am-10:15am VET Hospitality, VET Kitchen Operations and VET IT; 9am-10:15am

Economics; 3pm-5:15pm Further Mathematics Exam One; 3pm-4:45pm Dance and VET (Community Services); 11:45am-1:30pm

IT Applications; 3pm-5:15pm

PDT; 11:45am-1:30pm

HHD; 3pm-5:15pm

Music Style and Composition and Physical Education; 11:45am-2pm

Maths Methods (CAS) Exam Two; 3pm-5:15pm

Specialist Maths; 9am-10:15 Australian History, Specialist Maths Exam Two; 3pm-5:15pm

Studio Arts; 9am-10:45am Chemistry; 9am-11:45am Physics; 9am-11:45am

VET Equine, Visual Communication and Design; 3pm-4:45pm

Art; 9am-10:45 am

Business Management; 3pm-5:15pm

Food and Technology; 9am-10:45am

Music Performance, 11:45am-1:30pm

IT Software Development; 3pm-5:15pm

Systems Engineering; 9am-10:45am VET Music Technical Production; 9am-10:45am Indonesian; 11:45am-2pm





Concert will feature:

Senior Concert Band Intermediate Concert Band Junior (Year 7) Concert Band Junior Camp Band (Years 7 & 8) Blues ’n’ Jazz

Entry – Gold Coin Donation Please bring a plate of food for a shared supper CHRISTMAS HAMPER RAFFLES will be drawn on the night. Tickets available at the door. $1.00 each

CANTEEN ROSTER Wednesday 30th October

Thursday 31st October

Friday 1st November

Monday 4th November

Tuesday 5th November






Wednesday 6th November

Thursday 7th November

Friday 8th November

Monday 11th November

Tuesday 12th November






MUSIC DEPARTMENT MUSIC CALENDAR Week 4 Tuesday Oct 29th Period 3 – Senior Concert Band Rehearsal. Thursday Oct 31st Period 3 & 4 - Year 9 Music Students GPAC – Count Us In Period 5 – Camp Band Rehearsal. Friday Nov. 1st Period 1 – Intermediate Concert Band Rehearsal. Week 5 IAW Week Tuesday Nov. 5th Thursday Nov 7th

Period 1 – Year 7 Band Rehearsal. Period 3 – Camp Band Rehearsal Period 5 – Intermediate Concert Band Rehearsal. Intermediate and Junior Concert Bands performing out all day at Leopold and Tate Street Primary Schools.

Week 6 ANNUAL MUSIC CONCERT – ALL BANDS – Tuesday Night 6.30 for 7.30 start. Monday Nov 11th Period 3 – Intermediate Concert Band Rehearsal. Lunchtime – 1 pm – Blues’n Jazz Rehearsal. Period 6 – Senior Concert Band Rehearsal. th Tuesday Nov 12 Period 1 – Camp Band Rehearsal. Period 3 – Year 7 Band Rehearsal. TUESDAY NIGHT - ANNUAL MUSIC CONCERT – ALL COLLEGE BANDS Students to return to school by 6.30 pm for a 7.30 concert. YEAR 7 and 8 BAND PERFORMANCE On Thursday, 7th November the Year 7 and Year 8 Bands will be performing at Leopold Primary School and Tate Street Primary School. Excursion forms have been sent home with information regarding the Annual Music Concert.

THE FLAME OF RENEWAL In the Wannik room we have been doing rock painting design for the successful Whittington Flamefest. Leesa, Kate, Mariah, Sam, Talison, Jarrah, Dylan H, Dylan A, Joel, Jhiah , Daen all worked hard on this piece. Working with river rocks and the colours of flame and ash we created this piece inspired by the idea of a cycle consisting of a burst of energy followed by rejuvenation and regeneration. The black of the mulch represents the ash whilst coloured rocks represent the burning flame and the grasses surrounding the flame and ash represents the new life; everything in nature can become a new form of energy or existence when it's state is changed. Hopefully you will be able to see this piece in the school grounds soon!

Newsletter 33 29th October 2013  

Newsletter 33 October 29th 2013.

Newsletter 33 29th October 2013  

Newsletter 33 October 29th 2013.