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Coming Events 2014 FEBRUARY Wednesday 12th School Photos. Monday 17th House Swimming Sports. MARCH Thursday 6th Immunisations for All Year 7 students and Year 9 & 10 Boys. Monday 10th Labour day Holiday SCHOOL CLOSED.

TERM DATES TERM 1 28th January to 4th April. TERM 2 22nd April to 27th June. TERM 3 14th July to 19th September. TERM 4 6th October to 19th December.

FROM THE PRINCIPAL T TEAM EAM WELCOME BACK Today we were able to welcome back our students to the 2014 school year. It was great to see everyone and there was a real ‘buzz’ as staff and students commenced their year. We started with a whole school assembly with some general welcomes and reminders on expectations for how we work together. I focussed in on three aspects of how we operate that will support our educational environment. These were that the point of our being here is to focus on the learning and that will be achieved when we have collective respect and positive teamwork operating across the College. There will be more information on our key messages and ways of operating as we progress into the term. We then moved to year level assemblies, where the organisational practicalities of being ‘Ready to Learn’ were supported, before getting straight into our classes for lesson 2.

ICT Near the end of last year we made the significant decision to reinvest in our ICT server infrastructure. This development is to ensure that, across the College, we have improved capacity to more than cater with our immediate and projected needs. To not do so would have left us with an ageing structure that, over time, would struggle with the increased demands – particularly in the area of multimedia. This work is progressing rapidly and, soon, all College systems will be improved in a relatively short period of time. In the meantime we do request that your acquisition of the 1:1 device continues as these will be very important for your son/daughters education over 2014 and beyond. Details are on the ‘Latest news’ section of our website. We will put updates into the newsletters each week as the term progresses. College Council: President: Vidas Kymantas Vice President: Jenny Speed Exec. Officer: Phil Honeywell

Student Leaders:

Student Leaders:

Daniel Blair Luke Warren

Alexandria Potter Madeline Walker

ATTENDANCE—IT’S NOT OK TO BE AWAY Full school attendance is essential to ensure learning is continuous, that students maintain strong connections with their peers and feel confident and in control at school. It is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to make sure your child: attends school on ALL school days and is on time every day. Please make sure you: provide the school with an explanation if your child is away and arrange doctor and dentist appointments out of school hours. Do not allow your child to stay at home for minor reasons and contact the Student Support Leader at your child’s year level if your child is asking to stay at home. Please phone the office if your child is absent from school. For the wellbeing of your child, Department of Education & Training has an attendance policy and teachers and schools are required to follow up student absences.

LOCKERS AND COMBINATION LOCKS All students have been allocated with a student planner and a locker. All students must have a lock on their locker – the school cannot take responsibility for the contents of student’s lockers. Year 7 and 8 students have been supplied with a MASTER combination lock which will be charged to the family account. If students at other levels wish to buy a combination lock they can be purchased directly from the General Office.

UNIFORM It was great to see so many students begin the school year in full school uniform. Our Year 7 students looked terrific in the new design College uniform, as did Year 8 students and a large number of students throughout the older year levels. This time next year all students will start the year in the new design uniform. A few reminders regarding uniform:      

The uniform supplier is Beleza in Ryrie Street. The school shoes are all black leather or leather look lace up or T-bars. Blazers and the girls new winter skirt can be ordered from Beleza. Socks should be white calf or knee length for both boys and girls. Girls can wear navy blue tights with the winter skirt only – not with the summer dress. Beleza supply navy blue knee length shorts or navy dress pants which girls can choose to wear with a white shirt instead of the summer dress or winter skirt.

SMS MESSAGING Due to the installation of the new servers, operation of the SMS system will not come online immediately. We will keep parents informed of progress. Please phone the College office on 5248 1400 if your student is absent from school.

STUDENTS NOT RETURNING TO NEWCOMB If you know anyone not returning to Newcomb Secondary College next year, could you please ask them to contact the office on 5248 1400. Mr Phil Honeywell, Principal Mrs Colette Brennan, Assistant Principal Ms Liz McNamara, Assistant Principal

CONVEYANCE ALLOWANCE 2014 (TRAVEL ALLOWANCE) To be eligible to receive a Conveyance Allowance, applicants must hold a pension concession or health care card and reside more than 4.8km by the shortest practicable route from their nearest school. Parents are responsible for the initial payment of the bus pass but will be reimbursed in July and December by the College in the current year. To apply for reimbursement students are required to complete two forms and return them to the school office. 1. 2.

Public Transport Travel Student Conveyance Allowance Application 2014. 2014 Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card and Student Pass Application Form (these forms are not available until early 2014 and can be obtained from the College General Office or V/Line Stations).

Please note that these forms have to be completed at the start of each school year for continued funding.

Newsletter 1 29th january 2014  
Newsletter 1 29th january 2014