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TUESDAY 13th May 2014


Coming Events MAY Wednesday 14th NAPLAN. Thursday 15th Year Level Assemblies. NAPLAN. Tuesday 20th Year 8 Boys Football Year 8 Girls Netball Year 8 Soccer & Badminton Thursday 22nd College Assembly Year 7 Boys Football Year 7 Girls Netball Year 8 Soccer & Badminton Friday 23rd Debutante Ball—Italian Social Club Sunday 25th Lombok Tour Departs Monday 26th Geelong Cross Country Year 9/10 Exams


In 2008, the National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) commenced in Australian schools. Every year, all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 are assessed on the same days using national tests in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) and Numeracy. All students in Year 7 and 9 will be participating in the NAPLAN testing this week. NAPLAN testing this year will be held on Tuesday 13th May, Wednesday 14th May and Thursday 15th May. All students are to have calculators for the Maths test and parents should ask their student if they have one and if not could they please buy one as soon as possible. We will issue your child’s NAPLAN report later in the year. The same report format is used for every student in Australia. NAPLAN tests are not pass/fail tests. At the classroom level it is one of a number of important tools used by teachers to measure student progress. Whilst teachers are continually monitoring the progress of students, the NAPLAN results provide important milestones to ensure that we are making the progress that we want. Our teaching program through the year is focused on improving student performance, but our Literacy and Numeracy teacher teams have also been doing some work in class over recent weeks making sure our students are well prepared to do their best in the NAPLAN.

College Council The May meeting of the Newcomb Secondary College Council will take place this Thursday evening in the Language Centre.

Wednesday 28th IDAHO Day Mr Phil Honeywell, Principal Mrs Colette Brennan, Assistant Principal Mrs Liz McNamara, Assistant Principal College Council: President: Vidas Kymantas Vice President: Exec. Officer: Phil Honeywell

Student Leaders:

Student Leaders:

Daniel Blair

Alexandria Potter Madeline Walker

Luke Warren

We are going digital. The Newsletter is going digital. Starting today all newsletters will be published online and will be available to read at any time. You will also have access to all past issues to either read or print as required. If you would prefer to have a copy emailed to you, simply contact the College Office (5248 1400) or register your email address on our website to receive your weekly copy. Either way you will always be up-to-date with College news and important dates. The College Newsletter remains the main communication of information to our community – please ensure you check the website each week. Look for the latest newsletter on the website every Tuesday afternoon. Go to and then click the newsletter tab. Enjoy the reading.

NSC HELPS GEELONG COMMUNITY Since the beginning of Term 2, Newcomb Secondary College has helped out two significant Geelong charities. The NSC Students’ Representative Council sold badges for ANZAC Day for the Geelong RSL which resulted in nearly $100 going to veterans’ families. Last Friday 2nd May saw the SRC boiling up quite a few brews of hot chocolates for the Geelong Hospital at recess and lunch. In all, it must have been well over 100 brews made because we made $125 for the ‘special preterm babies’ ward of the Geelong Hospital. It just shows that Newcomb Secondary College continue to care for their community. A big thank you to the SRC for their work especially Mitchell, Brody, Sally, Kate, Michaela and Rachael. Paul Kellett (SRC Teacher)

WOULD YOU LIKE TO HOST AN OVERSEAS EXCHANGE STUDENT? Learn about another culture, learn a new language or perhaps improve your culinary skills Hosting - An Experience for Life Student Exchange is looking for host families to welcome overseas students into their home Visit or call 1300 135 331 for more information

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As mentioned in our last newsletter, on Thursday 27th of March, we held our Happiness Cycle event. With Denis from the Bicycling Network making a presentation and leading the way, our gymnasium was converted into a bike mechanics workshop and bike testing ground! “Bicycling Network” offered us in excess of 30 bikes to hold our own mini event at school when they learned of the significant focus we have on bikes and bike riding.

YEAR 9 INDONESIAN & EXCHANGE STUDENTS EXCURSION TO MELBOURNE On Thursday 1st May 2014, the Indonesian teachers organised an excursion to Melbourne for the Year 9 Indonesian class and the exchange students from the sister school, SMAN 1 in Lombok. Despite some early logistical hiccups, everyone managed to get on the train up to Melbourne. Unfortunately, the train was replaced by coach for the exchange students that are with Surfcoast College. At the Southern Cross station, the Indonesian students were experiencing a chilly Melbourne morning. We visited the University of Melbourne and went on a guided tour of the campus led by Bu Millis. We met an ex-student of SMAN at the university and Bu Dayu, the SMAN 1 Indonesian teacher updated the student with the latest news. We visited part of the university site being filmed for an upcoming movie rumoured to have Pierce Brosnan in it. The highlight of the day is a “toss” between the Indonesian lunch and the Queen Victoria Market. Everyone managed to get something from the market. The Indonesian students bought a number of souvenirs while the Year 9 students bought confectionery. We had lunch at M Block, an Indonesian café which is run by an Indonesian chef. Everyone enjoyed the delicious Indonesian food though some still have to adjust to the spiciness! Thanks. Chan Chong

MUSIC DEPARTMENT Band Performances During May College Deb. Ball Friday 23rd May: Blues’n Jazz and Cold Fusion – College Deb Ball at the Italian Social Club. Band members need to be at the Italian Social Club by 6.00 pm. Our performance will be between 6.30pm and 7.00pm. Music Excursion to WICKED – The 21 music students who participated in the excursion to the musical production of Wicked at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne last Wednesday had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed the production. Band Rehearsals Cold Fusion – 1pm every Monday lunchtime. Senior Concert Band – on a rotating timetable from periods 1 to 6 every Thursday. Year 8 Intermediate Band – one period a week on a rotating timetable. Blues’n Jazz – 1pm every Thursday lunchtime. Year 7 Junior Concert Band during class time every second week on a rotating timetable. Junior Music Camp A Year 7 and 8 Junior Music Camp will be held in Airey’s Inlet for instrumental music students during term 4 – from October 27th to 29th for three days. All inclusive cost - $145.00 – Please return forms for this camp to Mrs Stabryla as soon as possible. Extra copies of the form are available from the General Office or Music staff if you have misplaced it. Senior Concert Band Tour A deposit for the Senior Concert Band Tour is due by Monday, 26th May. If you cannot afford to pay the full deposit of $110.00 by this date please make some financial commitment to ensure your child has a place on this trip. Please remember that I need to determine the number of students participating in this tour to decide whether I need to use another bus. If you have any queries please contact me by email – or by phone.

KOORIE STUDENTS AT DEAKIN On Friday several of our students went to Deakin University's IKE unit to experience a number of different opportunities to encourage developing to your full potential. In the photograph Kate met the Young Warriors, who performed on the day.

ABSENCES To report absences please contact the school office on 5248 1400 with the student’s FULL name/group/reason for absence. All student absences need to be covered either by a note in the student planner (shown to the office so records can be amended) or via a telephone call. Thank you for your assistance.

JACOB IS BACK! Jacob Ramsay had only spent the first week of classes in January before he suffered a severe spinal injury while water skiing with his family. Since then, he has been receiving extended treatment, firstly in hospital and then at home. Jacob is in Year 11 but has opted to do an accelerated VCE unit by studying Year 12 Physics. Over the past few months, the entire Physics class has visited Jacob at the Ramsay home in Moolap several times to undertake lessons. Jacob was able to participate while lying on his specially constructed bed. Students appreciated the chance to interact with Jacob (and his mum Yvette’s delicious cakes and slices). This term, Jacob was given the OK from his doctors to come back to school for short periods, so we were delighted that he could attend Physics classes again. Students have begun their extended practical investigation, using lasers and electronic components to build a communication system. Jacob and his team are pictured at work from Tuesday’s lesson. Jacob still has a long road to recovery, but the support of his classmates and teachers will help him to be successful.

STUDENT INSURANCE Children being children—accidents do happen and parents are too often surprised to learn just how little cover, if any, their children have when they suffer injuries either in or outside school hours. StudentCover Accident Insurance was developed to give parents and guardians a helping hand when they need it most, at a very affordable price.The annual cost of a StudentCover policy is just $29.00. The cover provides protection for your children 24hours a day, seven days a week anywhere in the world. StudentCover is only available online. Making it quick and easy to protect your child.To apply simply go to and click APPLY NOW.

“WIRED” On Thursday 8th May, our Year 11 and 12 students attended the ‘Wired’ Performance by Brainstorm Productions. Wired is a play exploring the reasons why young people can become stressed and/or depressed and acts as a springboard for discussion about physical and emotional balance and wellbeing. The play explored the lives of a 17 year old girl preparing for her Year 12 examinations, and an 18 year old boy who had left school last year and is trying to deal with the consequences of some of his decisions. Two adolescents with extremes of behaviour, metabolism, hormones, goals and perspectives are spiralling in different directions - one into stress and overload, the other into depression. The show addressed the symptoms of stress, depression, university entrance, subject choices, setting long and short term goals, planning, study habits, relationships, support services and networks, communication, positive self-talk, mental illness, fear of failure or success, peer pressure, motivation and decision making. Year 11 students Sandi and Kate with performers Blake and Rachael

ASTHMA MANAGEMENT It’s important that your asthma is well managed so that you can live your life to the full and do all the activities you want to. The aim of asthma management is to achieve best control. My asthma is severe – how can I control that? Having ‘severe’ asthma means that it is difficult to treat, but doesn’t mean that you can’t take control, with the right medications, lifestyle and support. Someone with ‘severe’ asthma can live as well as someone with mild asthma – it’s all in the level of control. How do I know if my asthma is well controlled?  Have you been waking at night because of your asthma symptoms?  Do you need your reliever medication more than three times per week?  Do you get wheezy or breathless, or have difficulty breathing during the day?  Does your asthma interfere with your usual activities? If the answer to any of these is yes, your asthma may not be as well controlled as it could be. So what do you need to do? How to take control of your asthma You can take control of your asthma by knowing what medication you need to take, how much, and when and how you should take it. Your doctor will work with you to find the right medication and amounts for you. Follow these steps to take control today!  See your doctor regularly to have your asthma reviewed – they can make sure you are getting the right amount of the right type of medication.  Make sure you know how to use your inhaler properly. There’s no point having the right medication if you aren’t taking it effectively. It’s thought that the majority of people may not be using their inhalers correctly so the medication does not get to where it is needed.  Get a personal asthma action plan. This comes from your doctor or nurse and is a set of instructions on how to tell when your asthma is getting worse, and what to do about it.  Get informed. The more you know about your asthma, the better equipped you are to take control. Make sure you know how to monitor your asthma. There are a few different ways you can do this, including:  knowing your symptoms,  monitoring your peak flow, or keeping a symptom diary.

SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL NUMBER 1 OF MATARAM, LOMBOK, VISIT US FOR THE FOURTH TIME At 4.30am this morning a bleary eyed group of Newcomb parents and students met others from Matthew Flinders and Surf Coast Secondary College to farewell their exchange students from Senior High School Number 1, Mataram (SMAN1 or "smansa"). This morning marked an emotional farewell because during the last two weeks we have made so many great friendships with exceptional young people from SMAN1. At Newcomb Secondary we had Wika, hosted by Laura, Mila hosted by Courtney, Joana hosted by Daisy and Jerrick (Jerri) hosted by Hannah. These kind Newcomb students have shared their lives, their time and their personal space with their Indonesian sisters and brothers and it has been an enriching experience for both sides. Some highlights from the past two weeks have included the excursion to Melbourne when the SMAN1 took many selfies in front of the Melbourne University Clocktower and ate a delicious lunch at Block M restaurant. Also several students visited Sovereign Hill and dressed up in old style clothing unlike anything they've seen in Lombok. Last night was the farewell party for the whole group of nine SMAN1 students total (including 2 girls at Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College and 2 girls and 1 boy at Surf Coast Secondary College). We gathered together with their host families and their teacher Bu Dayu to celebrate the impact these young people have had on each others' lives and the impact they have had on our lives also. Several of the SMAN1 students will be hosting Newcomb students when we visit their school on 25th May. We will visit the beautiful Trawangan island with these young people where we will go snorkelling and observe the daily life of village people. We are confident that this experience provides more rich experiences so that our young people can grow into global citizens who understand how to engage with Asia through friendship and language. We will keep you posted from Lombok about how this next chapter in our sister school relationship unfolds.


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Newsletter 14 13th May 2014