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Coming Events May Wed 29th VCAL Year 12 Melbourne Excursion. Exams in Class Years 9 & 10. Thurs 30th Level Assemblies. Exams in Class Year 9 & 10. Science & Engineering Challenge Year 10. Fri 31st Exams in Class Year 9 & 10. Science & Engineering Challenge Year 10. JUNE Mon 3rd Exams in Class Year 11. Tues 4th Exams in Class Year 11. Wed 6th Exams in Class Year 11. Thurs 7th College Assembly Exams in Class Year 11. Western Region Cross Country. Fri 8th Exams in Class Year 11. Mon 10th Queens Birthday Holiday. NO SCHOOL.

TUESDAY 28th May 2013

FROM THE PRINCIPAL T TEAM EAM INFORMATION EVENING THANKS We’d like to say a big thank you to all of the teachers, learning mentors, support staff, students and parents for the fantastic way in which our College was presented at last Tuesday’s information evening. The evening started in our school hall where prospective parents and students enjoyed hearing from our school leaders and students before touring around the school. As a tour guide, it was fantastic to see the work put in by everyone to make sure visitors saw the best we have to offer. Music provided by our College Band, st u dents workin g in Scien ce, On2Wheels, Drama, The Arts, Technology and Middle Years, all made the evening a big success. Our visitors commented on the student friendly atmosphere and were impressed by both our facilities and the honest and informative interactions with staff and students. We are still providing information tours for new enrolments, so if anyone knows

College Council: President: Vidas Kymantas Vice President: Jenny Speed Exec. Officer: Phil Honeywell Treasurer: Colette Brennan

of a family that missed out on attending our evening please ask them to contact the school and we’d love to arrange a tour any time over the coming weeks. Thanks again for showing why Newcomb Secondary College is such a great school.

AUSVELS REPORTS As many parents will be aware the Prep to Year 10 curriculum in Victoria is changing from the VELS (Victorian Essential Learning Standards) to AusVels (The agreed Victorian version of the Australian National Curriculum). This shift has been agreed between Federal and State Governments as is being implemented from 2013. While the detail of much of this change is being developed over the next 18 months or so, the reporting structure will change from this semester's reports. Over the coming weeks we will provide you with all the detail that, hopefully, will help you make sense of the reports that you'll receive at the end of term. We hope that it will be informative and worth looking out for. Phil Honeywell, Principal Mrs Colette Brennan, Assistant Principal Mrs Liz McNamara, Assistant Principal

Mr Stephen Bath, Assistant Principal

Student Leaders:

Student Leaders:

Joshua Walker Emily Belyea

Erik Kvietelaitis Rose Doole

James Carrodus Kaitlynn Hinrichs

Chrisitina La Spada

Jarrod Ramsay

WANNIK NEWS The Koorie students have been working hard to create a beautiful piece of artwork for Reconciliation week. This artwork will be displayed this weekend at the Geelong Gallery. This artwork is about people from different backgrounds and with different experiences coming together to meet in a warm safe and creative environment. Tradition meets the future in a colour explosion representing all our bright futures.

FLAMEFEST 2013 Do you want to help plan and organise youth activities for FLAMEFEST 2013? Do you have any ideas of bands, music or any other activities you think should be part of this local festival? If event management and helping organise a big community festival is something you think you would enjoy contact Kaja on mobile: 0400 555 273 or email PS. You don’t need any previous experience in organising a festival to join!!

YEAR 11 SCIENCE STUDENTS 2014 NATIONAL YOUTH SCIENCE FORUM The NYSF is a unique 12 day program that offers Year 11 Science students a chance to test drive careers in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology. Sessions are run in Canberra based at the Australian National University (ANU), where you will live on campus as a university student for 12 days. A reminder to all Year 11 Science students that applications for the National Youth Science Forum need to be in by 31st May 2013. For more information, see: Mrs. Cusack

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OUTDOOR ED SAILING On the 8th, 9th and 10th of May, the Year 9/10 Outdoor Ed class went sailing on Corio Bay. On the first day we had a two hour intro, then we set up our boats. There was pretty much no wind so we moved really slowly, but it was sunny and nice on the water. The second day was a bit better. We sailed most of the day. The wind blew up occasionally, but mostly it was light wind. We went out really far to the north and we saw hundreds and hundreds of jellyfish. We finished up at 3pm. Friday was our last day and probably the least windy. We had a race and my team of Misty, Jack and I came equal first with Andrew, Miranda and Jess. We went all the way out to the shipping channel. On the way there it was pretty windy so we got there fast. But on the way back the wind died so we were stranded out there for what seemed like hours. We were drifting in really slow. Jack and I lay down on the boat and sang songs and dozed. We eventually had to be towed back in by the rescue boat. I had fun in the three days especially because I didn’t have to go to school. On the first and third day my sail partners were Misty and Jack but on the second day I was with Misty and Jake. We saw lots of creatures like… Seagulls, Jellyfish, Stingrays, Banjo sharks, Swans, Little snapper, starfish, etc. the weather was also a big plus because it was really warm but there was hardly any wind so we didn’t get to go very fast. Mason Williams

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LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS Newcomb Secondary College Canteen is desperately in need of volunteers in the canteen. If you have one day a month free to volunteer, I wold love to hear from you. Canteen duty is from 9.45am till about 2.00pm. You will help prepare salad rolls and school lunches and serve the students at recess and lunchtimes. It is not difficult and our volunteers really enjoy it. Give me a call if you are interested in helping. Colleen O’Brien Canteen Manager

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR YOUTH SCHEME Australia's national sail training ship Young Endeavour is now accepting applications for youth to join eleven day voyages departing between July 2013 and February 2014. Young Australians aged 16 to 23 can apply for the ballot at until 31 May 2013. No sailing experience is required.

MOBILE PHONES AND SECURITY OF PERSONAL ITEMS The College provides students with lockers to secure their school books and bags and these should be secured by locks that students bring to school. Students and parents are reminded that students bring personal items to school at their own risk, and the College cannot take responsibility for personal lost or stolen items, including mobile phones. The mobile phone policy is clearly stated in the College Student Organiser, and while we would prefer students not to bring phones to school to lessen disruption, we acknowledge the need for these at times. Whilst mobile phones are permissible, all communication for school/student related matters should still be done through the general office, to minimize confusion for all concerned and to maximize clear communication with the appropriate persons. This is very important to remember for occasions such as when making appointments and collecting students from school. Remember phones are to be OFF and AWAY in class.

CONSTRUCTION INDUCTION CARD Any student who wishes to complete Work experience or Work placement in the Construction Industry, that is a carpenter, plumber, electrician, plasterer or concreter must have a Construction Induction Card. The CFMEU, have offered to run the course at Newcomb Secondary College for a cost of only $55.00. The course will take place on the Friday, 2nd August, at school and will start at 8.45am until approximately 3.15 pm. As there are only 20 places available for the course, students that wish to be involved will need to gain a form from me and pay the $55 to the office, as soon as possible, to reserve a place. Mr Wight

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HEAD LICE Head lice are common in school-aged children and are the most adaptable of creatures. They have survived living solely on humans for 10 000 years. You may be reassured to know that they are commonly found in places other than Newcomb Secondary College. Some of the reasons they have survived for as long as they have are:  The six legs of a louse end in a claw, allowing them to grip the hair.  They detect vibration and can hide (conditioner will help fix this problem)  Head lice can ‘hold’ their breath for 20 mins – looking like they are dead.  The eggs are attached to the hair with a ‘glue’ like substance. Studies conducted on 45 different products to dissolve the ‘glue’ showed nothing would dissolve it. The good news… We know where they live and we know how to find them. If you follow these steps, once a week, the control of head lice in your home will be greatly improved. Step1 Comb inexpensive hair conditioner on to dry, brushed (detangled) hair. This makes it difficult for lice to grip the hair or run around; Step 2 Wipe the conditioner from the comb onto a paper towel or tissue; Step 3 Look on the tissue and on the comb for lice and eggs; Step 4 If lice or eggs are found, the child should be treated; Step 5 If the child has been treated recently and only hatched eggs are found, you may not have to treat since the eggs could be from the old infection. If your child has head lice – tell anyone who has had head to head contact with them and ask them to check their family for head lice.



When students are ill during the school day they should report to First Aid. All parents/guardians are advised that when they are required to collect their student from First Aid, they will receive a call from the school, not from their child on their mobile. Your child will meet you at the Front Office to be signed out. Thank you,

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ISSUE: 6 - 2013 / 28 May 2013

Career News REMINDERS ‘At Monash’: Biomedical science, radiography, and nutrition and dietetics 29 May; Engineering 30 May; Registration: 1800 MONASH or UMAT: Registrations close 7 June; test date: 31 July, 2013; See: Indigenous students at Monash day - 5 June; Melbourne University ‘Focus’ sessions – Engineering: 28 May; IT: 28 May; Agriculture: 29 May; Music: 4 June; Science: 5 June; Environments: 18 June; Law: 19 June; Arts: 25 June; The V C A : 2 6 J u n e . S e e : Art, design & architecture at Monash - workshops for Year 11-12s interested in studying creative disciplines; 2-4 July OR 1-3 Oct; Info: mada/workshops Careers in Sports Medicine – 19 June; Reg’n: http:// ; Info: Box Hill Institute – mid-year Info Night; 19 June; Information Kiosk, 465 Elgar Road.

LAW AT MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY Melbourne Law School is hosting a one-day JD showcase designed for school students interested in pursuing law at university. Attend classes on things like: ‘So sue me!’, dispute resolution and criminal law. When: 9.30am-3.30pm, Wed 3 July; Cost: $66 (incl lunch); Registration:

WHAT IS MECHATRONICS? Mechatronics at the University of Melbourne integrates mechanical, electronic and software engineering, offering graduates wellpaid career opportunities in diverse fields like aeronautics, robotics, en ergy and b io mech an ics . Graduates work on the development of ‘smart’ products and systems such as computer-controlled robots, washing machines, automotive equipment, medical imaging systems, wind and wave generators and hybrid and electric vehicles. Page 6

See: master-eng-mechatronics. Mechatronics engineering is also offered at Deakin, Monash, Swinburne and RMIT universities, and at Chisholm and Swinburne TAFE. You will need to study VCE 3/4 Maths Methods for all the university degrees, and some require chemistry or physics as well (eg Monash). Specialist Maths would be very valuable. NOTE: La Trobe university is offering mechatronic engineering from 2014 (subject to approval). CHECK OUT RMIT – RMIT is conducting ‘Experience Days’ in the next school break. What’s on? 1 July – accounting and finance; fashion and textiles 2 July – community justice; electrical and computer engineering 3 July – aerospace, mechanical and manufacturing engineering; health and medical sciences 4 July – advertising, marketing and public relations; environment 5 July – computing and IT To get more information and to register go to: SCIENCE IN THE CITY – LAB TOURS Science at RMIT is about providing practical solutions to real world problems. Students and parents can visit RMIT’s stateof-the-art learning laboratories and see the broad range of equipment and facilities, and discover science at RMIT. When: 11am-1.30pm, Tues 2 July or 2-4.30pm, Wed 25 Sept; Register: discover. MEDICAL LABORATORY VISITS RMIT has hospital laboratory visits to experience life behind the scenes. Covering laboratory medicine and nuclear medicine, the sessions are held at major teaching hospitals. When: Mon 8 – Fri 12 July; Where: list at registration: A CAREER IN ICT? Interested in IT but unsure of course and career pathways? Then what about attending the ‘My Direction’ student conference? Aimed at Year 9-12 students, you will find out about learning and career possibilities, about courses, prerequisites for upper secondary

and tertiary study, and hear from an industry perspective. Senior students will also be able to attend exam preparation sessions. When: 9.30am-1.30pm, Sun 2 June; Where: RMIT Academic Building, Building 80, 445 Swanston St, Melbourne; Register:

LA TROBE UNIVERSITY NEWS La Trobe is introducing three new degrees in 2014: Bachelor of Engineering (Melbourne campus) Bachelor of Exercise Science (Melbourne and Bendigo) Bachelor of Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering (Melbourne) Some wonderful new buildings have opened at La Trobe recently. The Centre for AgriBioscience is a $288m facility with state-of-the-art resources; around 450 scientists will work in this building researching things like agriculture production, pest control and infection control. The new Institute for Molecular Science building is used for research and teaching biochemistry, chemistry, genetics, plant biology, physiology, physics and molecular archaeology. Anyone considering studying science would be wise to keep La Trobe in mind. Research areas that La Trobe is concentrating on are: securing food, water and the environment; sport exercise and rehabilitation; building healthy communities; population movement and human security (international development, refugees, pandemics, etc). Many of La Trobe’s disciplines have been rated among the world’s top 100 in the latest QS World University Rankings by subject. The rankings evaluated 2,858 universities. Sociology came in at 43, placing La Trobe in the world’s top 50 most elite institutions. In communications and media, history, education and linguistics, La Trobe was ranked in the top 100 world universities.

EXPERIENCE LA TROBE Students and parents are again invited to ‘Experience La Trobe’. Find out what is it is like to be a student for a day. Explore courses, meet staff, see facilities, and get your questions answered. Who: Year 10-12 students; When: Melbourne (Bundoora) Wed 10 July, Bendigo: 12 July; Register:; free, with lunch and entertainment supplied.

The Bachelor of Architecture/Master of Architecture has a new entry process from 2014. There will be a pre-selection activity and an interview, and the maths prerequisite will be removed. The ATAR will still be important but the pre-selection activity and interview will provide additional ways for students to demonstrate their ability. In the pre-selection activity students will respond to an issue through text and image (not about assessing design or d r aw in g e xp e rt i s e) . T h e interview is a chance to share your story and to say why you want to study architecture. After applying for the course through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) in term 3, applicants will receive a pre-selection activity to complete by 11 October. Based on this, they may be invited to an interview. Their application will be assessed on their ATAR, pre-selection activity and their performance in the interview. See: news.php

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY The Computer Games Boot Camp is on again this year. It is a seven-day event for Year 9 - 12 students to experience everyt hing connected t o computer games and IT. Learn from experienced industry professionals, talk to like-minded individuals and expand your networks. Workshops, tournaments, presentations and activities will take place. Who: students interested in becoming IT professionals, building and designing games, multimedia or simply playing games; When: Sat 6 - Fri 12 July; Where: Clayton campus; Register:

MONASH UNIVERSITY NEWS The Faculty of Arts – introducing a new course structure in 2014. The changes are designed to give students a deeper understanding and appreciation of the area in which they specialise. More emphasis will be on how to apply their knowledge and to develop research skills. Three categories of study will be introduced to complete a ‘major’ – gateway, cornerstone and capstone. These are chosen key subjects which must be taken in a student’s major area of study. Join the Arts Facebook page at:

BACHELOR OF MEDICINE/SURGERY All interviews for entry into Monash University’s MBBS program in 2014 will be held in January 2014. In the past, most interviews have been held in December with a small number in January. Students will be offered an interview based on their UMAT result and ATAR.

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