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Summer, 2012



Summer, 2012

Summer, 2012



Summer Issue Volume 1 Number 1

Features Emeralds on the Beach Sponsored by: The Green Mile Company, Marriott Hotel, Angelina’s Fashion, Wet Couture Drama Studio, Unforgettable Swimwear, and Beautiful Work of Heart Photography by: Joshua Chavez Photography and Bella Luna Photography

Back to school fashion Sponsored by:

The Green Mile Company, Marriott Hotel, Angelina’s Fashion, Wet Couture, Drama Studios, and Unforgettable Swimwear

Photography by: Joshua Chavez Photography and Bella Luna Photography

Departments 10 FASHION

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Summer, 2012

Publisher Alex Gonzalez Editor Robert Cherin Creative Director Alex Gonzalez Executive Director Dana Angelino Human resources lah walters Web Director

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Fabian McGowan Michel Khalil Alex Gonzalez

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Interns sylvia walters President & CEO Alex Gonzalez Senior V.P. Dana Angelino Contributing Writers Chanoa Chen Brenda Silva Alicia Simone Starla Vaughns Tom Alexander Jimmy Doria chef kathy goulard Lily Ortiz Contributing Photographers Account executives Special Projects Manager Stylist

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Hollywood Circle Magazine publishes 10 issues annually by New Color Publishing, LLC at 1926 Hollywood Blvd.., Hollywood, FL 33020. Signed articles do not necessarily reflect official company policy. Š 2012 HollywoodCircleMagazine. All rights reserved. Reproduction in part or whole without permission is prohibited. Summer, 2012


Chain: Lava Rock, Dragon’s Eye, Black Agate, Black Onyx with .6cts of Colombian Emeralds and Colombian Green Swarovski crystal. Sneakers: Nike Swoosh Air Force Ones with Green bottoms. 5ct Colombian Emeralds hand set on swoosh and tag. No two pairs are ever the same!


Summer, 2012

Right Hand: Red faceted Agate with Gun Metal and shiny Black Onyx on red thread Left Hand: White Agate, Red Agate on black thread Ankle: Onyx, Gun Metal, & Red Agate on white thread.

Summer, 2012


Above Left: One of a Kind, 2.5 cts of Deep Green Untreated Colombian Emeralds on dials Above Right: Faceted Tiger’s Eye on black thread Right: New Wood Shock with 5cts of Colombian Emeralds.. Worn By Jennifer Acosta



Summer, 2012

Summer, 2012

The Green Mile Co. Orlando Cruz, CEO/Designer (954) 665-6005

1830 Radius Drive #1417 Hollywood, FL. 33020

Publisher’s Note The opportunity I have dreamed of is realized. To make a living doing what I love best, living vicariously through others’ adventures and journeys, fighting for causes I believe are right, and providing our community with a substantial tool—a guide to the city. I always was a go-to guy, but Hollywood Circle Magazine is special. Joining me on this dream journey are my friends and an army of young creative souls, who just like me has an opportunity to make their mark by proving themselves to the world their design and development skills. Among this army are my sales cadre who keep promises to the magazine’s advertisers; a special thank you goes to our advertisers for their trust and support. Of course, our photographers are top notch as is our editor, who kicks my ass in chess and oversees the magazine’s writers. So, if you are thinking that Hollywood Circle Magazine is just another dull community publication, sit back and strap yourself in for the ride of your life. All other magazines pale in our wake. We turn our city upside down in order to serve up the exotic and eclectic goings on in Hollywood … and we’ll continue doing so. -Alex G

Editor’s Note Hollywood Circle is exciting, exotic, graphic … and so is the magazine. This, our BeachInterior Design-Back to School issue, overflows with places to wine and dine, dance and jam, shop and … well, you get the image. Inside these pages and on our digital website is 100% Hollywood, your city—our city. Professional food tasters were set loose from Hollywood Circle Magazine’s headquarters at 1926 Hollywood Boulevard, their mission: report your findings. At our expense these pros gained ten pounds while collecting data. (Clever us, they had to buy larger clothes and bought them in stores that advertise in our magazine.) However, you will find their food ‘findings’ in Tastes of Hollywood. Don’t miss USA Karate’s Grant Campbell as he takes chops at Bullying, a tale of bravado and common sense, and newly opened Hollywood Hills High School Military Academy that is looking for a few good students. A must read—we asked District 5 and 6 City Commissioners hopefuls what they’ll do for their constituents. Also the latest in fashion, interior design, physical fitness and our photo shoot outside the Marriott on Hollywood Beach. It sizzles. Mangia! -Bob Cherin, Editor



Summer, 2012

Rosary Green Swarovski with crushed Black and White Coral and Black Onyx. Bracelet White Swarovski with Gun Metal and Onyx. Earring: .75 kt Emerald Stud

Summer, 2012



Summer, 2012

Summer, 2012





Summer, 2012

Summer, 2012


Summer, 2012


Swimwear • Accessories • Lingerie • Skin Care


Summer, 2012

Be Sexy... Be Yourself... Be UNFORGETTABLE | Seminole Way | (954) 797-7890

Summer, 2012



Summer, 2012

16� R e my H u m a n H a ir E x te n Si o n Speci a l

$499 (with this ad)


Summer, 2012

Summer, 2012



BendingBy Trends Simone Alicia


tyle is more than just owning a vast collection of garments hot off the runway. It’s having the confidence to take ‘what everyone else is wearing’ and making it your own, knowing—and not caring—that someone may not like it. That fearlessness is what connects us all in fashion, from the designers’ outlandish garments to the models’ controversial looks. Style is a familiarity with what works for your body and having the confidence to present it to the world.   Some of us fail to establish our style, opting instead to blindly follow trends. The result is a haphazard display of the latest fashion fads with little regard for our body type. Do our low-rise jeans really need to be at war with our muffin tops?   I once read a study that said over a third of women buy clothes that are too small, hoping that it would motivate them to lose weight. My guess is, these ladies abandon their weight loss goals and quickly find satisfaction in reinforcing their struggling buttons and coaxing their zips to stay closed. That is not my idea of confident style.   I express my style by mixing my current wardrobe with some of the latest trends to fit my eclectic personality. Then, I make sure that it fits my body. I am not looking for the “S” in the collar or the size “2” in the waist. I say, buy the large if you need it and then cut the tag out when you get home! The final and most important step to finding my confident style is to check my vitals; can I sit, bend, and breathe in this outfit?   Showcasing your love of fashion, while fitting the trends to your personality and body, takes creativity. Let me offer some confident styling tips for two of this season’s hottest trends: the midriff top and the high-low skirt.   If worn just to be trendy, the midriff top may expose our toughto-tone lower abs and squishy love handles. Instead, confidently pairing this top with high-waist pants to cover those problem areas, offers a flattering look with just a sexy peek of skin!   The second look trending this season, is the high-low skirt. Just being trendy here, gives us a false sense that the ‘low’ part of the skirt may hide our flaws. However, this sometimes flowing skirt can expose it all! Try pairing it with tights or leggings to confidently take part in this fun summer look.   We often equate the word style with the most popular trends of the season, but it’s so much more than that. Style is a delicate combination of the trends we choose to follow or avoid, and the way we match our clothes to our bodies. Exploring the world of fashion can help you discover your style and when you find it, make sure it fits. Wear it fearlessly and you will be on your way to projecting a more confident you! For more on confidence visit my website: 20

Summer, 2012





Summer, 2012


Visit our website to see our inventory of luxury vehicles and accommodations! Summer, 2012


Events Calendar Upcoming Events in Hollywood Ginger Bay Café

1908 Hollywood Blvd.. 954-924-1844 Open for lunch & dinner Ladies Night Wednesday’s Soca Thursday’s Live Reggae Friday & Saturday Smooth Jazz/R&B Sundays featuring John Saxx & Amp; Endless Possibilities; DJ Don Hott

Spice Resto Lounge

1934 Hollywood Blvd.. 954-923-3888 50% off drinks and selected appetizers for Happy Hour 4-8 p.m. Open for dinner until 10 p.m. Live shows and live music nightly Live Reggae Monday and Tuesday featuring Inna Sense

Club Scene


Hollywood Beach Theatre


Free concerts are presented at this outdoor theatre located at Johnson Street and the Broadwalk five nights a week. Concerts are scheduled 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (weather permitting). Music and Dancing Under the Stars is held every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening and is presented by Memorial Healthcare System. The Broadwalk Friday Fest and Saturday’s Bandstand are presented by the City of Hollywood and Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency.


Legends Café & Night Club

2029 Harrison Street, Hollywood FL 954-920-1312 Open for dinner Contemporary and classic Latin music and live shows Mic Roc presented by Black Tie

2 Bowery Boys Music for Dancing 3 Billy Bones The Sax Man 4 Hollywood’s Hometown 4th July Celebration 6 Jay Blue’s Band 7 KGB Band Classic Rock 9 Hubbell Trio Music for Dancing 10 Wayne L. Family Fun Show 11 Groovelogy Rock & Rhythm 13 Whipping Post Blues & Rock 14 Alex Kash Folk Music 16 Jack Stevens Music for Dancing 17 Tommy Nehls Popular Standards 18 Rough Shot Country Music 20 Driving Force Rhythm & Blues 21 Aces & Kings Classic Rock

Saturday, July 21

Look over the shoulder of an artist painting and visit the art galleries and businesses showcasing local, regional and international artwork during ArtWalk every 3rd Saturday of the month Anniversary Park 1945 Hollywood Blvd.. Hollywood, FL 33020 For more information, call 954-924-2980 or log onto

23 Marly Johnson the French English Diva 24 Party Express 80’s Music 25 Fabulons Classic Oldies 27 Driving Force Smooth Jazz 28 1 Flight Down Rock and Dance 30 Johnny Vincent Music for Dancing 31 Linda Noyes Blues, Oldies and Light Jazz

Summer 2012 Hollywood West Concerts

The Boulevard Heights Amphitheater, located at 6770 Garfield Street, is home to monthly concerts featuring a variety of musical genres. Concerts are scheduled the second Saturday evening of each month with the exception of December and July, from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., (weather permitting).

ArtsPark LIVE!

The ArtsPark LIVE! Concerts are scheduled every Friday and Saturday evening on the amphitheater stage located at One Young Circle (Hollywood Blvd. & US-1). Concerts feature a variety of musical genres from 8:00 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. All concerts are free.

August Saturday August 4 Progress In the Park Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center 2400 Charleston Street 9:00 a.m. parade, followed by a 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. celebration with music, games & more. Free back to school supplies and free immunization services available. Child must be accompanied by parent and immunization records. Saturday August 18 At Art Walk, Look over the shoulder of an artist painting and visit the art galleries and businesses showcasing local, regional and international artwork during ArtWalk every 3rd Saturday of the month Anniversary Park 1945 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, FL 33020 For more information, call 954-924-2980 or log onto

Looking ahead September Saturday Sept. 15 Arts Walk Sunday Sept. 16 18th Annual Hollywood Latin Festival On Hollywood Beach 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Celebrate Latin Culture in music, food, arts and crafts. Main stage performances feature BBK, Alejo, Latin Flavor, Kenny Quintero Y Orquesta Brava and Tony Swing. The festival also includes cultural performances at the Beach Theatre with Art Works for Us, Inc. For more information, 954.961.6386

Resistance Training for Women I hear it all the time. I don’t want to work out with weights, because I do not want to bulk up. Most women spend the majority of their time at the gym doing cardiovascular exercises. While cardiovascular exercise is great for our bodies, so is an efficient resistance training program as well. What happens to our bodies from engaging in resistance training programs? The back extension exercise both stretches and strengthens your lower back. It’s the perfect complement to crunches to develop a strong, balanced midsection. Use caution if you have a lower-back problem or experience lower-back pain while performing this exercise. If you do feel pain, try lifting only your legs and leaving your arms flat on the floor.


Summer, 2012

Health & Fitness

Health & fitness Performing the Back Extension DO IT:


• Lie on your stomach, facedown, arms straight out in front of you, palms down, and legs straight out behind you. • Pull your abs in, as if you’re trying to create a small space between your stomach and the floor. • Lift your left arm and right leg about one inch off the floor, and stretch out as much as you can. • Hold this position for five slow counts and then lower your arm and leg back down. • Repeat the same move with your right arm and left leg. • Continue alternating sides until you complete the set. • Exhale as you lift your arm and leg, and inhale as you lower them. • Pretend that you’re trying to touch something with your toes and fingertips that’s just out of reach. • Work for precision rather than height. Lift your arm and leg at the same time and to the same height.

Performing Dumbbell Squats for a Sexier Butt Do it:

• Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and 8- to 10-pound dumbbells by your thighs. • Squat down as if you were going to sit in a chair, keeping your weight over your heels. Squeeze your glutes as you return to the start position. • Do 15-20 reps. • As you continue, keep the weight in your heels, making sure your knees do not pass forward of your toes. TIPS

• For a bigger challenge, try it without the weights, jump explosively, and land in the squat position.

• As lean muscle increases so does your resting metabolism and you burn more calories throughout the day. Generally speaking, for each pound of muscle you gain, you burn 35- 50 more calories each day. It does not sound like much, but over time it adds up.

• Research has found that women, unlike men, typically will not bulk up from weight training.

• One of the reasons for this is that women have 10 – 30 percent less hormones in the body that cause muscle hypertrophy.

• Research has found that weight training can increase spinal bone density by 13 percent in just six months. Along with weight training and calcium absorbed through diet is the best combination to decrease your risk of osteoporosis.

• Strength training not only will build stronger muscles, but will also strengthen connective tissue and help stabilize joints. The stronger our joints are, the less likely we are to sustain injuries. Studies have also indicated that regular exercise will decrease pain and discomfort from osteoarthritis.

• Weight training can also improve cardiovascular health as well. Studies have shown that it will lower LDL cholesterol (bad) and raise HDL cholesterol (good) and also lowers blood pressure.

There are still many more benefits to a great resistance training program. So next time you are in the gym check with one of your certified personal trainers to assess your resistance training program. If you are currently not engaging in a weight training program it’s not to late to start.

Jimmy Doria B.A. Health & Physical Ed. AFFA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer Greater Hollywood Family YMCA Health & Fitness

Summer, 2012


Update Your Home with the Newest and Finest in Home Lighting and Cabinetry By Chanoa Chen


Summer, 2012


ow embarrassing it can be to see exact replicas of home interiors from one house to another. Create a standout home with custom wood work, custom cabinetry, and the latest and greatest in home and outdoor lighting from fine local Hollywood businesses.   Harrison Street’s German Kitchen is a high design showroom selling the best and latest of Europe’s kitchen innovations. Co-owner Peter Sterz says many people do not realize how great laminates are as they associate them with cheaper materials and products (i.e. Formica). The possibilities of laminates are endless. They can be produced in all colors and in so many styles and textures (including styles nearly unrecognizable from wood) with any of a number of finishes. Whites and grays are popular choices with many shoppers—particularly whites and creams for those who design with the selling of their homes in mind.   Co-owner Nicole Sterz-Jehne said, “There’s always a trend coming, every year. We try to bring it over here coming from Germany, for example, but at the end, peoples’ tastes count.” In fact, the shoppers in South Florida who go for lots of color usually do so as a way to ensure their homes will be unique, unlike those of their friends and neighbors.   German Kitchen carries the exclusive line, Philippe Starck Kitchen, from the internationally-respected designer. The pieces are about streamlining kitchens and

smart technology. They are gorgeous pieces like sinks on stand-alone islands and double towers meant to hide everything in the kitchen—the refrigerator, dishwasher, cook top, shelves—is up to the buyer, how he or she prefers to customize it. The collection includes cabinets that are fully electrical for opening and closing drawers and doors, and sleek LED strip lighting-lined shelves with several color options.   Many shoppers cannot visualize kitchens even via renderings, so German Kitchen has brought in German technology—they are the only ones using it in the U.S. It gives a 3-D vision of the room. Clients sit in a screening room and experience every inch of their future kitchen with wild, realistic graphics similar to an IMAX film. The highlyskilled and experienced staff guides clients through the process starting from aesthetical decisions all the way to the final installations.   Hollywood’s Madison Millwork is a great stop for redesigning kitchens or any room in the house with fine woodwork. President and CEO Glenn Hauser said, “Everything we build is plywood and is a premium product. All built in-house, nothing pre-manufactured. All ¾-inch-thick plywood cabinet construction, all drawers are dovetailed, all drawer slides are premium Blumotion undermount full extension slides. All hinges are self/soft closing.”   Hauser encourages clients that are shopping around, learn the basics of a manufacturer of fine quality ascribes Summer, 2012


interior design to—custom built instead of pre-manufactured products, no size limitations (a sign of custom work), ž-inch-thick material, plywood (in lieu of melamine and other low quality materials), under-mount drawer slides, and dovetailed drawers.

designs or work with the in-house design team for the perfect look, be it Contemporary, Art-Deco, Classic, or other themes—using materials in a way to look exotically-sourced as well as contrasting colors are looks popping up in design magazines.

Madison Millwork can assist customers in interpreting and executing the latest in home trends including ultra-modern kitchen cabinetry and details such as high gloss white lacquer, oaks with grey finishes, and walnuts with satin finishes using the latest in 3-D design software, top woodworking, and the best conversion varnish paints.

Lighting is important since it sets the mood/atmosphere and dictates how furniture should be laid out as well as the attractiveness and comfort of a space. The latest and greatest in home lighting is LED strip lighting and Inviting Home has all of the necessary equipment. LED lights are energy-efficient so they last a very long time, are not hard on the environment, and they lower energy bills. LED strip lighting is an attractive accent light that adds a subtle, elegant light to any area. They can be stripped beneath the edges of desks, along ceilings, around crown moldings, and beneath banisters. Inviting Home sells the required LED light ropes in several colors as well as moldings and strip installation accessories. Another great product they offer for lighting are paint-able sconces.

Dynamic Designs is very popular for cabinetry units for TVs as well as entertainment centers. They have a full-service business designing, measuring on-site, building, and then installing the custom units; they carry an array of materials for building but say their most popular materials are Italian veneers and for woods cherry wood and mahogany. Clients are welcome to bring their own

Source top quality cabinetry and services locally: Dynamic Designs, Inc. 2019 Grant Street Hollywood, FL 33020 (954) 881-3124

German Kitchen, LLC. 2000 Harrison Street Bays 8 and 9 Hollywood, FL 33020 (954) 630-9477 Find lighting products and solutions at these local businesses: Inviting Home 4700 S.W. 51 Street Unit 219 Davie, FL 33314



Summer, 2012

Summer, 2012


Madison Millwork 5746 Dawson Street Hollywood, FL 33023 (954) 966-7551


Summer, 2012

Summer, 2012


Enterprise Solutions

We offer Comprehensive Enterprise Voice, Data, and Networking Solutions for Businesses and Organizations with Complex and High-Performance IT and Telephony Demands. • Data Solutions Enterprise VoIP and data services providing custom, scalable enterprise-wide network solutions including T1 Line, MPLS, Private Line and Frame Relay options for safe, secure, fast data transmission and storage.

Small Business Solutions

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Get the perfect voice, data, and netphone, internet services and mobility.

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Business Long Distance Business Long Distance services provide competitive rates for high-quality long distance service in-state, state-to-state and international calling and toll-free service.

Lah Walters VP of Sales & Marketing Ph: 786-529-4305 | Office: 954-620-7048 | Fax: 954-620-0213


Summer, 2012

Get voice, data, and networking soluindustry and customized for your business model.

Your business requirements are

unique—you need a partner that understands what you’re dealing with in your particular industry.

• • • • • • • • •

Hospitality Financial Services Retail Healthcare Education Commercial Properties Technology Media Manufacturing

Legacy Telecom Solutions provides

various technical and project management services for the construction and mainte-

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Our expertise lies in our ability to

construct complex network builds, maintain and fault find telecommunication core net-

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IEN, Access and LAN networks. •

We offer a comprehensive range of

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go to school

that’s where the sexy people are.


that’s how you become rich.

dress sexy

that’s how you put it all together. Broward community university 7200 Pines Boulevard Pembroke Pines, FL 33024 Phone: (954) 201-8100


101 N. Beach Road Dania Beach, FL 33004 954-924-7000

Barry university

421 N 21st Avenue Hollywood, FL 33020 (305) 899-3000

Summer, 2012


Libraries 2600 Hollywood Blvd. # A Hollywood (954) 926-2430 955 Northwest 129th Avenue Pembroke Pines (954) 437-2635 1301 South Ocean Drive Hollywood (954) 926-2437 1 Park Avenue East Dania Beach, FL 33004 (954) 357-7073 3151 Stirling Road Dania (954) 985-2689

learning centers Sylvan Learning Center Aventura, FL 18155 Biscayne Blvd.. Aventura, Florida, 33160; Pembroke Pines, FL 12594-104 Pines Blvd.. Pembroke Pines, Florida, 33027 Hollywood, Fl 2751 Van Buren Street (954) 922-2270 Levy Learning Center 17741 Southwest 2nd Street Pembroke Pines (954) 437-6278

“Purple Haze�


Summer, 2012

The Purple Haze tee will bring fresh tailoring and out-on-the-town style to a casual wardrobe staple. This seductive, exclusive, fitted graphic tee makes a strong statement with our Shamballa necklace by TGMC available at www.DiazBrosInc.Com

New Military Academy Brings Hollywood to Attention

Educational program geared towards structure, self-discipline, and success. By Brenda Silva


hile many students are busy enjoying summer activities and dreading the new school year, other students are planning for a year filled with daily uniforms, physical drills, and challenging coursework intended to offer keys to a successful future. At the new Hollywood Hills High School Military Academy, students chosen for enrollment in the new magnet program will adhere to a curriculum designed to “create responsible adults who will be successful in their post-secondary educational choices.”   The idea for the new Military Academy began with Robert Runcie, the Superintendent of Broward County Public Schools (BCPS), and provides an opportunity to partner with the city of Hollywood to offer parents and students something more than a JROTC program. In comparison with existing JROTC programs, in which the students only wear a uniform one day a week, the academy cadets will wear uniforms all day, every day, and attend classes separately from new and returning Hollywood Hills High School students. This is intended to maintain a continued sense of discipline among the cadets, who will only have classes with other cadets, and also have a separate lunch period from other students. The program will be housed in an existing building on the high school campus, which presents no cause for concern as all cadets will have limited interaction with other students.   Runcie said, “In Broward County, we have the second highest JROTC program in the country, with over 6,500 cadets in our schools. JROTC exists in every high school in the county, but the new military academy will only exist in Hollywood. As a new program, we’ll monitor its progress as it continues to attract students and their parents.”   The new school year begins August 20; however, incoming military academy students are required to show up one week earlier for orientation. The first-year student body is limited to 400 students, with a range of criteria necessary for admission into the program. During the application process, the grades of a prospective student are reviewed, as well as their extracurricular activities. In addition, the student and his or her parents are interviewed as an additional factor for admission. For students who may have had academic blemishes on their record, the interview process allows for questions, answers, and explanations that serve to provide additional insight into the student’s potential for success, rather than relying only on recent FCAT scores and current transcripts.   Once a student is admitted to the military program, the academic expectations are understandably higher for cadets than for students not enrolled in the program; however, the curriculum offers diverse subjects intended to both challenge the cadets while holding their interest in the classes. Questionnaires completed by students helped develop the initial class offerings, and among the languages offered to

Curriculum Supervisor Colonel Jim Armstrong adds to Supt. Runcie’s comments (Photo courtesy of Broward County Public Schools).

cadets during their first year will be Arabic and Mandarin, with Hebrew, French, and Spanish offered in later years.   When considering the potential for success with the new program and its cadets, Colonel Jim Armstrong, Curriculum Supervisor of Broward County Schools, said, “The new program is a high-level military academy modeled after the existing structure of the military, with highest ranking students receiving promotions among the ranks, who will then serve as leaders to the other cadets. These high ranking cadets will exhibit the self-discipline and attitude toward their teachers that we want to instill in all cadets.”   Col. Armstrong said, “The success of our first year will dictate the program’s future. It’s our intention to have new incoming freshman and continuing sophomores next year, which will allow for the chain of command to continue, along with presenting new leadership possibilities among the students. Ultimately, we’re looking forward to the continued success of the academy, and our first graduating class in 2016.”   In years past, military school was thought of as a threat to problematic teens, but that is not the case with the new program. Superintendent Runcie quickly addressed the stereotype. “Our military program won’t be viewed in a negative light because it focuses on building up a student’s self-discipline, not disciplining problem children.”   Based on students who have applied for enrollment into the military program, problem students have not been a consideration, as students who desire to attend the academy have presented with admirable, high-level qualifications. In fact, many of the students seeking admission already are interested in the discipline and structure the school offers, Summer, 2012 35

back to school finding the credentials required to attend equal to the attraction to the school. Making the program even more attractive to parents are the non-existent costs and fees necessary to attend, with the U.S. Army contributing funds for uniforms and curriculum needs, and free transportation provided to students who live south of Sunrise Boulevard.

A win-win scenario   Along with the benefits to the incoming cadets, the military program also offers additional benefits to the city of Hollywood. Colonel Armstrong said, “By offering this program in Hollywood, it enhances the image of the city and makes it more appealing for families who want to raise their kids within a great school system. It also makes doing business in Hollywood more attractive to current business owners, as well as businesses looking for a city where they can relocate and be successful. We really feel this program is a win-win–both for the students and their families, as well as for the city.”   Superintendent Runcie pointed out that the ultimate goal of the military program isn’t about turning its cadets into soldiers, but rather, the program is designed to help educate and develop high school kids into mature adults who will make the most of post-secondary opportunities available to them, and become successful in their endeavors.

Superintendent Robert Runcie announces the opening of the new military academy (Photo courtesy of Broward County Public Schools).

  Looking toward the future, Runcie said, “We look forward to many successful years with this new program, and hope to be an example for other cities with the number of graduates the program produces. The success of our students is what we’re all striving for, and we know the students admitted into this program won’t accept anything less.”

JROTC students from Broward County (Photo courtesy of Broward County Public Schools). 36

Summer, 2012

Roxx is located in the heart of downtown Hollywood. Roxx offers you the most affordable high fashion styles with accessories, shoes, casual and cocktail dresses, and much more. At Roxx you can find workout wear to the perfect little black dress. Channeling his sense of fashion with us locals, a native of Italy, owner Paolo Palermo shows a great knowledge of what a woman wants. Roxx is known in town as one of the best places to shop. Roxx is definitely where you want to go and find that special outfit for any occasion.

Summer, 2012


From the Runways to the Hallways: Fall 2012 Back to School Trends By Chanoa Chen

Deep/Rich colors The color trends for Fall/Winter are deep/rich colors. These are dynamic shades of purples, greens, and pinks. The purples are brighter and livelier shades of eggplant, the greens are shocking green-yellows, and the pinks are deep shocking pinks (Schiaparelli pink and close variations). These colors are amazing for just about anything, daytime separates, athletic wear, occasion pieces, makeup; it’s a fun trend.

Shop the Trends A Nose for Clothes 3307 Sheridan Street 954-963-0030

Roxx Studio 2022 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 923-3726

Voom Voom Outlet shoes 1937 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 925-4570

Modern Metallics Modern metallics are the second color trend for the upcoming season. The look is clean, fresh, ultra-modern, and stylish. The metallics for 2012-2013 are silvers, whites, and metallic whites (silverywhites, platinum-tinged whites, et. al.). The futuristic look finally begins to catch on and make sense at the end of 2012; with it comes these modern tones. The look never lasted long before as it was always overdone and too sci-fi. The metallic elements should be attention-getting but never overpowering or costume-like. Bad metallic outfits tend to also appear cheap. The best way to get it right is with subtle details such as brushed denim, metallic threads, and contrast stitching.

“Blood and Ink - Vampier Vixen” Make a bold statement with this sexy modern fit super soft v-neck Tee. The screen printed vampire logo gives you casual style. Whenever and Wherever. Available at www.Shop.DiazBrosInc.Com 38

Summer, 2012

Study the new back to school trends before it is too late – unisex accessories, deep/rich colors, modern metallic and leather jackets. Denim Denim is a staple, not a trend but the best time to update denim wardrobes is every back to school season when the silhouettes typically change. This year skinny jeans are dissipating and boot cut jeans and other less restricting, but still fitted styles, are coming to the forefront.

Leather Jackets Leather jackets are the look for this Fall/Winter as well as non-leather accessories with leather detailing (e.g. denim handbags with leather contrast straps). The jackets should be on the thinner side this season but still of great quality and coverage. Lightweight apparel and accessories are taking over, but the key is lightweight and durable. These jackets pull together almost any look for inside or outside of class. Students with limited budgets can opt for classic styles to carry them through several seasons.

Unisex Accessories Unisex accessories are making a surprising statement for autumn. This look isn’t about androgyny—that trend has passed. These are accessories so well-designed that they highlight and complement the masculinity of men and the femininity of women. These versatile pieces are a great way to splurge on more expensive pieces to share amongst friends. Unisex pieces are making the strongest waves with eyewear, weekenderand overnight-bags, messenger bags, and jewelry (particularly bracelets and rings).

“Navy American Vandals Men” Be ready for the movement in this freshly tailored tee. The slim fit, slub texture and slick, graphic will carry you stylishly through weekend and evening get-togethers. Available at www.Shop.DiazBrosInc.Com Summer, 2012


“Diaz Bros Clothing Co� The Diaz Bros will make your back to school wardrobe pop with color and bold graphics, there is beauty in the simplicity of these standout designs. The combining text and original graphics will give you a clean and casual look with pure cotton comfort. Available at www.DiazBrosInc.Com


Summer, 2012

Summer, 2012


Taste of Hollywood

• Restaurants • Wine Bistros • Bars & Pubs • Clubs & Nightlife • Reviews & Tastings We Tasted Fabulous cuisine from some of the best restaurants Hollywood has to offer! • Angus Steakhouse • Orale Mexican Restaurant • Los Pinchos • Red Thai Sushi • Sage French Cafe & oyster Bar

Featured Restaurant - FACE Restaurant & Bar

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ROASTED BEEF TENDERLOIN AU POIVRE An award-winning dish made with tender Black Angus beef tenderloin, white peppercorn served over wilted spinach, asparagus, peppercorn au Poivre (green peppercorn sauce), veal stock reduced and green peppercorn.

TRIO NAPOLEON CAPRESE SALAD A mouth-watering salad made with in-house Chef Kathy Goulards’ homemade mozzarella cheese, balsamic reduction, house-made pesto, and red, yellow and green tomatoes handpicked daily for freshness, size and ripeness.

LOW COUNTRY CRAB CAKES This tasty dish is made with freshly caught jumbo lump crab meat and served atop a bed of wilted spinach, saffron rice, special blended seasoning (secret) named for the chef ’s hometown. This entrée is garnished with rainbow baby carrots. The crab is pan seared with tri-colored peppers.



Summer, 2012

Summer, 2012

Happy Hour Monday - Friday 3 PM - 7 PM

Two-For-One Beer & Wine Specials


House-Appetizer with this ad!

Face Restaurant & Bar 2022 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood, FL 33020 Tel. 754.263.2811

Daily Lunch & Dinner Specials Summer, 2012


International International •Bistro 1902

1902 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 689-2229

•Fulvio’s 1900

•Lola’s on Harrison

1900 Harrison Street (954) 927-1900

2032 Harrison St. (954) 927-9851

•Le Comptoir

•La Piazza Pasta Café

•Sugar Reef tropical grill

•Sage Café & Oyster Bar

•Billy’s Stone Crabs

•Taverna Opa

•Café Italia

•Transylvania Restaurant

•Taverna Yiamas

1902 Harrison Street (954) 399-9519

2000 Harrison Street #1 (954) 391-9466

2025A Hollywood Blvd. (954) 925-8815

1885 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 921-0088

600 North Surf Road (954) 922-1119

400 North Ocean Drive (954) 923-2300

410 North Ocean Drive (954) 929-4010

113 South 20th Ave (954) 929-0777

1948 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 925-1001

• Exotic Bites

1848 Harrison St. (954) 921-6667

• Greek Joint

2003 Harrison St. (954) 929-9966

• Le Petit Prince Café & Sandwicherie 311 Johnson Street (954) 921-9880

• Cook in Paris

2170 Pines Blvd. (954) 374-8183

A NGUS STE A K HOUSE 1917 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 920-8118 If you are in the mood for great tasting Latin food stop by Angus Bar and Grill for authentic Argentinean cuisine. This casual neighborhood restaurant is located in the heart of Hollywood at 1917 Hollywood Blvd.. The laid back atmosphere is complimented by an elegant and cozy dining area to include outdoor seating, private dining rooms, and a stunning full bar. Formally known as “Beef Eaters” owner Jimena Quiroga has been bringing consistent flavors for over 11 years. Favorites included Whole Skirt Steaks and Gaucho Grill dishes that include 3 meats (Skirt steak, Short rib, Chicken, Sweetbread, pork or blood sausage) and signature drinks like the Dulce de leche Martini. Enjoy great Lunch special starting from $5.95 every weekday from 11:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Summer, 2012

Taste of Hollywood

International • Florio’s of Little Italy 200 Garfield St. (954) 925-0004

• A La Turca

2027 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 925-5900

• Taverna Yiamas

1948 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 925-1001

• Mama Mia

1818 South Young Circle Broward County, FL 33020 (954) 923-0555

• Mauro Pizza

1904 Hollywood Blvd. Ste B (954) 929-4001

• Chocolada Bakery & Cafe 1923 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 920-6400

• Istanbul Restaurant

707 N Boardwalk (954) 921-1263

SAGE FRENCH CAFÉ & OYSTER BAR Chef Patrick Kirchner’s Sage French Cuisine & Oyster Bar (2000 Harrison St.., Hollywood) is a smashing success, thanks to his training by the world’s top rated Michelin Star Chefs. Its elegant menu is a French Fusion cuisine made from the finest ingredients, including organic meats, three varieties of oysters, and daily fresh fish specials. And there is enough variety for every palate. The foie gras au Torchon appetizer is homemade foie gras Terrine served with apple chutney and a light orange sauce, a prelude for Mille Feuilles de Portebello and Legumes Mediterranean. Risotto, drizzled with truffle oil and fresh truffle shavings was an explosion of garlic goodness. Sage’s Famous Seafood Platter includes a stunning variety of fresh raw oysters, clams, tuna tartare, sardines, scallops, shrimp and lobster. Bloody Mary shots tipped the festive mood for this course over the top. The Chocolate Fondant is a perfect ending, with a glass of wine from their fully stocked wine room. Sage is open every day for Dinner from 5:00 to 11:00 p.m. and Sunday Brunch from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. For weekly specials or for reservations online, go to , or call (954 )391-9466.

Taste of Hollywood

Summer, 2012


LAtin • Angus Bar and Grill

• Takitos

• Buleria Resturant

• Laura’s Cuban Restaurant

• Los Pinchos

• Orale Mexican Restaurant

• Las Palmas Latin American

• Costa Del Sol Restaurant

1917 Hollywood blvd.. (954) 920-8118 1940 hollywood blvd. (954) 926-3336

• Agentango

1822 S. Young Cir. (954) 920-9233

• Senor Cafe

1520 S. Federal Hwy. (954) 924-1666

• Sabores Kamy

1206 N. 24 Ave. (786) 318-4714

• La Arepa

2039 Tyler Street (954) 391-7502

1926 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 921-1946

2051 b Hollywood Blvd. (954) 362-7026

2041 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 367-6795

• Taco Beach Shack

• Delicias Peruanas

2023 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 272-6717

334 Arizona Street (954) 920-6523

• Tienda Vieja Rest. & Bakery

• Mamacita’s Mexican Grill & Bar 591 North Broadwalk (954) 921-7988

5611 Johnson St. Hollywood, FL 33021 (954) 987-7072

• The Borojo Restaurant 1940 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 367-5999

4449 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 962-2628

• Padrino’s Cuban Bistro

• La Barraca Bar Tapas and Café 115 S. 20th Ave (954) 925-0050

130 S. State Road 7 Hollywood (954) 894-1200

2723 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 921-9990

2500 E Hallandale Beach Blvd. (954) 456-4550

• La Caleñita Restaurant & Bakery 1931 Pembroke Rd. (954) 923-6559

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Summer, 2012

Taste of Hollywood




2041 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 367-6795 For three years, Orale’s Mexican Restaurant has brought authentic south of the border cuisine to Hollywood, serving tacos, fajitas, quesadillas and burritos. Owners Juan and Claudia Rodriguez welcome diners who cannot decide on which delight to eat are encouraged to try Sampler Orale (chalupa, Chile Relleno, enchilada, beef taco, ground beef burrito, Mexican rice, and refried beans), $13.95. Their shrimp cocktail is unlike any other, mixed with pico de gallo, avocado, red onion, cilantro, and herbs. Every dish is flavorful and prepared fresh daily.

1940 Hollywood Blvd..

Is a family-owned restaurant that has served fine Colombian cuisine for six years. I enjoyed the tasty Bandeja Paisa, which included grilled steak, grilled pork belly, rice, beans, egg, and an arepa—just the way mom served it at home. FYI, your hosts Nelly Zuluaga, Enrique Alzate, and Sergio Alzate want you to know they serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner to go; delivery is free. Those with late night cravings are in luck, for Los Pinchos is open 24 hours Wednesday through Saturday. For a real treat, lunch includes a combination of a meat, rice, two side dishes and your choice of the daily soup or soda for only $6.50.

—Lily Ortiz

Happy Hour is from 3-7p.m. every day. $3.50 draft beer $3.00 Margaritas $3.00 tequila $2.50 Imported beers $2.00 Domestic beers. Live entertainment starts at 8p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

Taste of Hollywood

Summer, 2012


Asian • Hello Sushi

2035 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 367-8848

• Huang’s Mandarin House

2031 Hollywood Blvd. (954)923-1688

• Nakorn Thai & Sushi

1935 Harrison Street (954) 921-1200

• Red Thai & Sushi

1924 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 921-1988

• Sushi Room

1810 S. Young Circle (954) 922-1103

• Sake Thai Sushi Bar 4401 Sheridan st. (954) 989-1515

• Golden Crown Chinese Restaurant

• Joe’s Tiki Bar & Sushi

• Aizia 3460 South Ocean Drive (954) 602-8338

2410 North Federal Highway (954) 921-2660

1318 North Ocean Drive (954) 929-9867

• Sushi-Thai On The Beach

Broadwalk at Van Buren Street (954) 927-9511

• Chinatopia

• Tatu Asian Bar & Grill

1824 Harrison Street (954) 925-8884 1301 North Federal Highway (954) 923-4233 407 East Sheridan Street (954) 929-2220

6708 Stirling Rd (954) 894-8393

• Go! Bento

2725 Hollywood Blvd. (754) 263-3357

5750 Seminole Way (954) 583.1499

• August Moon Chinese Restaurant

• Hunan Wok

3257 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 983-5500

• Dragon City

• August Moon Chinese Restaurant 1301 North Federal Highway (954) 923-4233

• Mama Fu’s Asian House

• Asia #1 Restaurant

9409 Sheridan St. (954) 885-8988

• The Hot Pot

6820 Stirling Road (954)518-8000


This simple delight consists of tuna, salmon, asparagus, alvocado, and tempura flakes. It’s a crunchy tempura shell with a soft clean center.

RED THAI SUSHI This Thai restaurant has found its place on the Hollywood strip. Adorned with small trinkets from the East, you feel a sense of welcome from the moment you walk in. If you want a light lunch, stop by their sushi bar. They have specialties such as the BAKE ROLL, which is a CALIFORNIA ROLL with salmon, lemon, spicy mayo, eel sauce, and topped with scallions. Then the entire roll is oven baked to bring out the flavors. The first bite of this sushi masterpiece will hit every taste bud. The soft juicy salmon is accentuated with a sharp lemon zing is then balanced with the soothing sweet eel sauce. This roll best describes Hollywood; close to water and with a tan. Make your way down the menu to their Thai section to test your love of spices. -Julio Alcantara


Summer, 2012

Taste of Hollywood

Kathy’s Kitchen Chef Kathy Goulard’s (Face Restaurant & Bar at 2022 Hollywood Blvd..) recipe for:

Simple Cheese Sauce for Pasta Ingredients:

• 3 cups heavy cream • 1 cup parmesan cheese or any cheese you like • Salt & Pepper to taste Directions: Add heavy cream to saucepan, bring to boil, reduce to simmer. Reduce cream by half. Then slowly whisk cheese into cream until melted. Season with salt and pepper. If sauce is to thick, use chicken stock to thin out. Prepare 1 box of pasta according to package directions, remember to add lots of salt to water. You only get one chance to salt pasta.

Toss with pasta.

Variations: • Add 1 Tablespoon pesto and 1 Tablespoon olive oil or ¼ cup marinara sauce to cheese sauce before tossing with pasta. • Chopped Grilled Chicken Breast or left over rotisserie chicken • Add grilled vegetables – squash, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, red onion, or any vegetable your family might eat. Chef Kathy Goulard is the executive chef at Face Restaurant & Bar at 2022 Hollywood Blvd.. From Charleston, South Carolina she brings a creative blend of international and low-country cuisine using fresh and local ingredients available.

Taste of Hollywood

Summer, 2012


Bars & Clubs • Octopus Bar

• PRL Euro Cafe

• Nicks Bar & Grill

• Toby’s Billiards

• Organic Brewery

1942 Hollywood Blvd.. (954) 924-2525

• Blue

1820 South Young Circle (954) 929-9922

• G’s Place

201 N 21st Ave (954) 920-9099

• Whiskey Tango

1903 Hollywood Blvd.. (954) 925-2555

• Mickey Byrnes

1921 Hollywood Blvd.. (954) 921-2317

• Harrison Wine Bar

1916 Harrison Street (954) 922-0074

1904 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 980-8945

1214 North Broadwalk (954) 920-2800

2004 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 925-7799

• Joe’s Tiki Bar Grill & Sushi

1926 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 591-8489

1318 North Ocean Drive (954) 929-9867

• Kava Bar

1814 Harrison Street (954) 589-1928

• Spice Resto Lounge

290 N. Broadwalk (954) 674-9674

• Tekila

• SAS Martini Bar

1934 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 923-3888

• Sosta Lounge

1885 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 921-0088

• G.G’s Waterfront Bar & Grill

• Bar Legends Café

• Toucan’s Oceanside Bar & Grill

• Lava Tiki Bar & Grill

• Gingerbay Café

• O’Malley’s Ocean Pub

• Megabite Chillout Lounge

2037 Hollywood Blvd.. (954) 391-7056

606 N. Ocean Drive (954) 929-7030

500 N Broadwalk (954) 923-6969

101 N Ocean Dr # 107 (954) 920-4062

4000 South Ocean Drive Phone: (954) 454-4334

2029 Harrison Street (954) 920-1312 1908 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 924-1844

1910 Hollywood Blvd. (954) 237-2888

BY: ISAAC ERGAS Ingredients: • 1 to 2 Jalapenos • 0.5 Ounces of Simple Syrup • 1.5 Ounces of Silver Rum • Passion fruit Juice • 1 leaf of Basil Directions: 1. In a mixing glass add jalapenos and simple syrup (sugar water) 2. Muddle ingredients. 3. Add Ice, Rum, and Passion fruit juice and shake. 4. Pour ingredients into a Highball Glass and garnish with Basil.



Summer, 2012

Taste of Hollywood

Taste of Hollywood

Summer, 2012


“I really think Hollywood is only just starting to scratch the surface of a new food scene.”

LOCAL HOLLYWOOD CHEF COOKS UP RECIPE FOR SUCCESS Aspiring chef maintains local connection while pursuing culinary dreams. By: Brenda Silva


obin Almodovar likes to get her hands dirty–whether that involves the preparation and cooking of her food, or climbing a ladder to adjust lights on the roof of her food truck, Palate Party. It is this hands-on attitude that has helped guide her culinary journey from Hollywood, Florida, to Hollywood, California, to compete on the show “Hell’s Kitchen”. As a fierce competitor who impressed Chef Gordon Ramsey with her cooking.   Almodovar still maintains a refreshing, local charm as she prepares her menu of seasonal specialties for weekly crowds drawn to Young Circle in search of something new and exciting for their palates.   When describing the culinary atmosphere of Hollywood, Almodovar 52

Summer, 2012

points out changes in the community and their results.   “The food scene in Hollywood is really expanding now. After having worked in South Beach, and seeing that food scene rise, I now see people have come north to Hollywood, where they’re asking for the same types of food. I really think Hollywood is only just starting to scratch the surface of a new food scene.”   With her background beginning in the Northeast, and her experience based mainly on the East Coast, Almodovar shared her comparisons of regional cuisines.   “In the Northeast, people tend to eat heavier meals, and in the South, it’s about butter and fat in their food. But in South Florida, people want lighter options, and request healthier items with a tendency towards low-fat vinaigrettes–which is very similar to California, where they also want lighter, seasonal foods.”   Almodovar’s future plans involve owning her own restaurant, and while she hasn’t settled on a city location yet, she knows, “It will be on the corner of a street, and it will be like a café bistro, where the menu will be eclectic and reflect many cultures.” This is the dream of a multi-cultural chef who is part Puerto Rican and Italian, who looks to her own baked ziti and meatballs as comfort food, and who hopes someday to work Taste of Hollywood

with Chef Cat Cora, a woman Almodovar admires for earning a successful reputation in a traditionally male-dominated industry.   For young chefs who also want to succeed in the culinary industry, Almodovar suggests taking classes to learn the basics, such as knife skills, while also working in the industry for the hands-on experience. Other than this, the recipe she shares seems well worth the effort.   “Work hard, set a goal for yourself and strive for it. Also, you have to learn to take criticism, deal with pressure, and know it’s okay to ask for help.”

Summer, 2012



Summer, 2012

Summer, 2012


MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD: PREPARE TO VOTE IN FLORIDA Voting should be easy and accessible. But Florida is one of more than 30 states that passed laws in 2011 changing the rules about how Floridians can vote.

As a country, we’re better off when more citizens can access the polls. Voting is a fundamental right, and we all have a vested interest in making sure that as many Americans as possible vote on Election Day.

To find out what you need to know to prepare to vote in Florida, including when you need to register by, what you need to bring to the polls, when you can vote early and where you should vote, visit is a one-stop shop for getting the facts on voting, reminders for key dates and deadlines, and alerts on the status of voting rights.

F e at u r i n g C a n d i d at e s : Ralph Kenol, Dist. 2


Carol Lynn Kendal, Dist. 2 Peter Hernandez, Dist. 2 Heidi O’Sheehan, Dist. 3


Summer, 2012

Traci Callari, Dist. 3

Shootout at the OK Corral Redux Threatening skies and thunderclaps did not deter a hundred or so angry Hollywood residents from coming to the showdown at the Polk Street Recreation Center, where four candidates for city council and one incumbent drew down on one another.

What will the candidates do for their constituents if (re-)elected?

THIS... Ralph Kenol, Dist. 2: Job creation is the key to Hollywood’s growth. I will bring in those businesses that can pay a living wage. Key areas include import export, technical and an expansion of our health care industry. We have Port Everglades, we need to figure out how Hollywood can become a part of that. I will make a concerted effort to bring in major employers. Carol Lynn Kendal, Dist. 2:

I will reduce wasteful executive spending, lower taxes and balance city government with the private sector. I will maintain the neighborhoods’ integrity, safety, drainage, and increase police presence.

Heidi O’Sheehan, Dist. 3:

After 40 minutes of the citizens airing gripes to a Hollywood Police Public Information Officer and a city Code Officer, the would-be commissioners and Heidi O’Sheehan took shots at hard times, high city taxes, failing businesses in the downtown areas (Harrison Street and Hollywood Boulevard), and other beefs that have plagued the city since its inception. Particularly lambastic was Dist. 2 candidate Carol Lynn Kendall who fish-eyed Hollywood’s Finest for using prostitutes a long Dixie Highway for fingering drug dealers instead of clearing the area of both afflictions. Equally fiery was Dist. 2 candidate Peter Hernandez who feels the City is clueless on how to manage taxpayer money. It was Dist. 2 hopeful, Ralph Kenol, who eloquently cast a shadow of doubt on the Margarita debacle, promising, if elected he’d look into the financing. I have a balanced approach to cutting expenses to increase our city’s reserve fund and bring our pension costs to normal city levels. I will reduce city taxes and fees as well as improve commercial and residential property standards and appearance. I will reduce Beach CRA spending and use funds in other areas of the city.

Dist. 3 incumbent Heidi O’Sheehan spent 10 of 15 minutes talking about her military service, after which she explained the faulty mechanics of city taxation and a promise, if re-elected to rectify it. Her opponent, Traci Callari countered

Peter Hernandez, Dist. 2:

Traci Callari, Dist. 3: I will pinpoint where the (city’s) money is going. Right now I don’t feel that’s being done.

I want fiscal responsibility and keep taxes low. Ensuring our district receives its fair share of infrastructure improvement and keep our community safe.

with her husband’s 20-year military service, and her trustworthiness.

Summer, 2012



Summer, 2012

Summer, 2012


A Time Machine Awaits at Hollywood Beach Golf ResorT By Tom Alexander


ucked away in the heart of a residential neighborhood is the Hollywood Beach Golf Resort. Nestled between Young Circle and the beach, the course has a long and rich history. Here, the great Gene Sarazen christened the course in its inaugural match in January, 1924 along with Jock Hutchison and others. In fact, it was Sarazen’s home club where he taught his wife to play the game.

  Steward said the club managers are meticulous with the `upkeep of the golf course. “Many older courses have spent millions trying to make the holes more challenging. We have retained the original charm, and let the course’s design present the challenge.”

  Construction on the course began in 1922 with a design by legendary Donald Ross. Retaining its original layout save re-contouring some of the tee boxes and pin placements, it easily can be described as stepping into a time machine.

  The semi-private club features a thirty-room hotel on the property. Though semi-private with surprisingly affordable membership rates, the course is open to the public. “We have several members who have been here many years. Play here, and you’ll see why.”

  “The greens are original. Almost ninety years old,” said Paul Steward, Director of Golf and club pro. “You need to go into the clubhouse to understand the history of the course. There’s a ton of history here.”

  “I love playing there,” said golfer Dino Karas of Dania Beach. “It’s old school. It reminds me of the days when I caddied for my dad up north. Even the snack bar on the ninth hole is just classic stuff from a bygone era.”

  Steward, a pro since 1987, joined the Hollywood Beach Country Club, two years ago, understands and fully appreciates what it means to the community and avid golfers who frequent the club. Given the course’s age, Steward is quick to point out it’s hardly a cake walk.

  Perhaps it is like stepping into a time machine. Maybe, if you listen closely enough, the whispers of champions past can be heard at that dogleg left or while standing over a thirty foot putt. With a history like this course has, those whispers just might inspire you to sink that putt.

  “It’s very challenging,” he said. “What the course lacked in length, he (course designer Ross) certainly made up for in architecture—small greens with hard fall-a-ways. It’s a very unique golf course. It’s short, but it plays very long.”

  Golfers can take advantage of Summer rates now at the Hollywood Beach Golf Resort. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday a round including cart is $28.00 before 2 p.m. and $22.00 after 2 p.m. The Tuesday and Thursday special is just $20.00 per round. Weekend rates are $35.00 before 11 a.m. and $28.00 after 11 a.m. And don’t overlook the 19th hole, Monika “Moon” Steinman’s Moonshadows Restaurant & Pub, a great place to ‘Peace Out.’

  The par 70 course has five par threes, three par fives, with the remaining holes being some very long and challenging par fours. 60

Summer, 2012

“Sure Sports Lending, LLC is a market leader in customized, capacity based, lending solutions to professional athletes. Through managed relationships with community and regional, lenders, Sure Sports Lending is able to provide athletes with cost effective, bank originated loans, available to professionals in every other profession. Let Sure Sports Lending be your exclusive resource for secured and unsecured loans.�

Sure Sports Lending, LLC 1926 Hollywood Blvd. Suite # 308 Hollywood, FL 33020 Tel: (954) 620.7038 www.suresport sle n d in g .co m

Summer, 2012



• Politics • Community Issues • Events • Discussions

The artist with his sculpture, Gray (Photo courtesy of Nathan Sawaya).

......ONE BriCK AT A TIME By: Brenda Silva


Summer, 2012



A r t is t u se s medium of t he pa s t t o cr e at e s uc ce s s f or his f u t ur e.


hen an artist chooses a working medium, it is often the result of something that appeals to the artist—whether it is a sculptor choosing marble, a painter choosing oils, or a corporate attorney choosing Legos. For Nathan Sawaya, it had nothing to do with the Lego itself, but rather, how he could use and transform a viable medium into an art form. Eventually, Sawaya left the corporate environment, and went on to make a name for himself in the art world, as well as in the hearts of youngsters around the globe.   Among this group of aspiring young artists is 12-year-old Nick Connell, who was recently surprised by his parents with a belated birthday trip from his hometown in Grossepointe, MI, to meet his Lego-building idol at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood.   Nick’s mother Melissa said, “Nick has played with Legos since he was five or six, and he’s already won a Lego-building contest back home. He wants to be the next Nathan Sawaya, and I believe he can do it.” She also said Nick often works on projects with his seven-yearold brother, who also has an affinity for creating with Legos. Nathan Sawaya and aspiring Legos artist Nick Connell (Photo courtesy of Brenda Silva).

  Sawaya was first introduced to Legos—the quintessential building blocks for the imagination—as a child. The original tubs of rectangleshaped primary colors, and subsequent playsets that became must-haves much later, offered hours of imaginary playtime with the benefit of easy deconstruction and new construction on another day.   It was in the world of Legos that young Sawaya could create what his imagination desired. “When I was young, I wanted a dog, so I created one out of Legos. When I was older, if I wanted to be a rock star, I would simply create a guitar. The sky was the limit with what I could create, if I could dream it, I could create it. This was my ‘wow’ realization with Legos … their endless possibilities.”   Legos ultimately took a back seat in Sawaya’s maturation process, with college and law school becoming his priorities. A corporate law position followed, and while his love of creative expression still existed, it just couldn’t pay the bills. Legos simply became a way to unwind after a day spent fighting for justice in the legal system.   In 2004, after a great showing at a nationwide contest, Sawaya was offered a highly coveted position at Lego Land, that of “Lego Master Model Builder.” As Sawaya’s options expanded his doubts did too. But once he took the position, he began an education and professional career made possible by a favorite toy from his youth.

Yellow (Photo courtesy of Nathan Sawaya).

  When Nick finished his contest-winning Lego design, adults immediately pointed to its similarity to Rodin’s The Thinker; however, the kids were the wiser as they corrected the adults and noted that it was, in reality, Tim Tebow kneeling in prayer.   Aside from perception limitations, the Lego as an art medium has had its share of color and shape limits throughout the years. For example, Legos are not available in flesh-colored bricks, which can often limit artists when constructing human works of art. In contrast, purple bricks never were available until recently, when the Harry Potter franchise came along, bringing with it a new option for the expanding color palette. As Sawaya noted, it’s the lack of curves, not colors, that presents challenges when creating rounded edges within a sculpture.


  Over the years, Sawaya has had the typical ups and downs in his new career, with the good outweighing the bad. One scenario involved a child so overwhelmed by a giraffe sculpture that he hugged it before anyone could stop him. Both child and giraffe went crashing to the ground. Sawaya received the news via phone, and found himself moved by the reaction to his work, but also a bit saddened by the loss of the piece.   For those interested in following Sawaya’s footsteps, his advice is, “Practice, practice, practice. Get inspired by your imagination. Believe in yourself and follow your passion. Success will come.” Great advice from a man who continues to prove you can make a successful living by playing with toys.

Summer, 2012


A r t is t u se s medium of t he pa s t t o cr e at e s uc ce s s f or his f u t ur e. Kiss (Photo courtesy of Nathan Sawaya).

Nathan Sawaya answers questions during his “live build� at the Art and Culture Center (Photo courtesy of Brenda Silva).


Summer, 2012


TRIFEKTA Studios and Hollywood Circle Magazine proudly present The Hollywood Cyphas. Where a circle of talented Emcees showcase their verbal skills for a chance to win not only a CASH PRIZE and FREE studio time (provided by TRIFEKTA studios) but also a chance to have an industry expert help you get to the next level...signed.

For more information on how to participate please contact:

TRIFEKTA studios at (954) 505-4169


Summer, 2012



Summer, 2012

Pets are Stars at HollyWOOF

After 35 years of pet care center success in Canada, Jayne Terrault has expanded south with HollyWOOF Pet Grooming & Boutique at 1820 Harrison Street on Hollywood’s Young Circle. “This is where your pet is more than a celebrity,” Terrault said, hugging the star-of-the-day Bella, her Jack Terrier-Pug mix clad in a pretty sundress and exquisite pearl necklace. Certified professional groomers provide full service grooming in a sun-drenched azure sea-colored room attached to a free range yard for playful socializing. Handmade clothing and pet-wear accessories including doggie sunglasses, nail pawlish and jewelry fill the front of the boutique. Pet strollers and fancy carry bags line one wall. Luxurious faux fur pet beds and comfy leather couches round out the critter furniture section. HollyWOOF’s pet food room stocks Acana, Blackwood, Orijen, Sojos and other top of the line high protein, no grain brands, and healthy fresh-baked and organic treats. We are now the EXCLUSIVE carrier of “Farm Fresh” pet food and raw food. For more info check out We stock yummy chew bones, health supplies from basic bath items to dental care, and toys to make any pet feel like a star. An entire section is dedicated to organic food and merchandise.

The Law and You “I owe more money to the bank on my house mortgage than it is currently worth. What are my options?”   More than 50% of South Florida homeowners are in the same position. Everyone always had assumed that real estate prices always rise above what you paid, and, certainly, no one predicted that property values would, in fact, be cut in half, putting many of us “underwater.”   If you owe more on your mortgage than the current mortgage value, your house no longer is an asset to you—it is a liability. If your mortgage loan balance owed is $250,000 but the current market value of your house is $100,000, does it make sense to keep paying the mortgage?   The Federal Government has the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) program designed specifically to address and help homeowners with this dilemma by encouraging the Lenders and homeowners to agree to do a “short sale” of the property.   Simply stated, a “short sale” is when your Lender agrees to accept less than what is owed on the mortgage.

This is how it works:

“We strive to give service, care and education to our customers that is “heads and tails above the rest!” Terrault said. “We want customers to say ‘Hooray for HollyWOOF!” For more information about HollyWOOF, please call (754) 400-9691 or visit

• You agree to sell your house to a new buyer at the current market value • You submit a short sale package with the contract to your Lender • The Lender approves the short sale and agrees to release you from the “deficiency amount” owed on the mortgage above what they will be receiving. And you may be entitled to a relocation incentive of $3,000 or more. -Andrew Lee, Esq. Summer, 2012



Summer, 2012

Hollywood Circle Magagazine "Summer Issue"  
Hollywood Circle Magagazine "Summer Issue"  

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