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WITH “NO” WHAT IS SUCCESS? Can you buy residential property in your super fund?


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The Problem with “No”

What is success?

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THE PROBLEM WITH “NO” WHAT IS SUCCESS? Can you buy residential property in your super fund?

NEW CITY Magazine november 2011 EDITION Editor: Ben Irawan Art Director: Herlina Widjaja Local Writer: Miguel Ribeiro Office Manager: Yvonne Widjaja Contributors: Clare Heath Anita Heath Joshua Yanto Samuel Yanto Dea Gunning Samantha Farm Justin Pagotto Katerina A Stephen Licciardello Alyce Cooper Contact Details: NEW CITY MEDIA PTY LTD ABN: 47 145 474 362 PO Box 1, Arncliffe NSW 2205 Australia Email: Website: For advertising: Call 0416 111 201 or For editorials:

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Are You Throwing Money Away?

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A City with Secrets to Uncover


Can you buy residential property in your super fund?

Letter from the Editor Recently, I heard a story about a 2 year old toddler in China who somehow walked on the road and then was run over by a few vehicles. Yet, passersby were too afraid to help or do anything because apparently in China, a few people had been accused to be the ones at fault when all they were doing was just trying to help. This tragedy happened to this toddler until a brave person jumped in and took this toddler off the road. My heart broke when I heard the story... I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the video on YouTube! What has happened to our world? What has happened to society? Have we become so heartless? Please, don’t blame the Chinese people... but what if a crime is being done or a person is being hurt by another and we happen to be there to witness. Would we jump in to do something even if we risk ourselves being hurt and getting accused of something we didn’t do? Or would we just walk away and pretend we didn’t see anything. I think, it is time for a “conscience check” everyone... What would you do? What would we do? What would I do? But let’s not go to that extreme. There are so many wrong things that are happening in our society, harming our children, our loved ones, even the entire nation and even planet. The wrong and harmful things that we have been desensitised to; in our culture, movies, televisions, magazines, music, internet... We know they are destroying whole generations, but we don’t really do anything about it. I’d like to put out a challenge to you... “Let’s do something about it!”. If your relationships need fixing, or your finances need adjusting, or internally you need healing, or you think our society is spiralling down out of control... Let’s do something about it! Cheers, Ben Irawan Editor of NEW CITY Magazine


Hey, congrats on your first anniversary New City Magazine! What an accelerated year, have enjoyed each issue. One day would love to have one in my hands. That would mean I’m finally back in the land down under, but certainly love to “open” it on the internet. Keep up the excellent work!! ::Karin

Happy birthday New City Magazine! :) ::Samantha

Hey Ben, New City Magazine is amazing! Congratulations! <3 Claudia

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) xx ::Vivin

Happy Birthday New City Magazine! May all your wishes come true......!!! Sukses selalu ya!!! ::Tanni

Happy birthday! Sukses selalu! ::Hendra HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Success Always! ::Villia

Hi New City-Magazine. Happy birthday, have a wonderful and blessed day. ::Gisella Happy Birthday to you!!!!! :: Kevin & Robyn

Happy first birthday, New City!!! ::Michella

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Congratulations, on your very 1st Birthday. Great Magazine which I really enjoy reading from cover to cover. Continue the great work. God Bless you all. ::Margaret

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Congratulations with all the good work this magazine is doing. ::The Smart Family Happy Birthday New City Magazine! ::Lucy

Happy Birthday! :: Barry New City Magazine’s October 2011. A Blessed Happy 1st Anniversary! :: Mellie Love your work! ::Alan



Every Thursday night from 7-8:30pm for kids in Kindergarten to Year 6 @ Corner of Kembla and Hirst Sts, Arncliffe Entry fee : Gold coin donation appreciated For all enquiries: Please contact Miguel on 9567 8133 or 0421 883 463 NEW CITY MAGAZINE . 3


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The Problem with “No” “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try and please everybody.” (Bill Cosby)

I read that during the week and thought ‘Oops! Could a tendency to over-commit could be putting me on a fast train ride to the failure station?’ Surely I am not the only chronic over-committer in the world though? Go on. Think about it. Do you have the tendency to take on too much as-well? They say that if you need something done get a busy person to do it. This is all well and good if you are the asker of the favour, but it isn’t so good if you are the busy person! They told us in Primary School – “Don’t talk to strangers. Say no if they ask you to go anywhere etc...” For the most part we found this easy enough. In Secondary School it was ‘Say no to drugs. Say no to peer pressure, etc...” And many of us did pretty well with that. But right vs. wrong isn’t always so easy to decipher. When it comes to time, work-life balance and choosing our direction in life, the grey areas grow. So old Bill Cosby got me thinking how well we do with the ‘n’ word and who we are really failing if we don’t say ‘no’ enough. Turns out there are a few problems that can crop up when we try and say it though. It’s just one little word with two little letters but the implications can be very far reaching.

Imagine the following scenario:

So, why did you say yes?

There are some right reasons. It’s something you love. It’s part of your job description. It’s an opportunity to progress into an area that you are interested in. It’s in the favour of a friend or colleague who needs a hand and you are in the position to give it. A lot of the time jumping in and offering a helping hand can be really enjoyable! But there are some wrong reasons. And here are the big ones in my book.


Yes guilt. You feel bad saying no. You think you owe a favour to the asker and even though you are incredibly busy and stressed, you still cannot bring yourself to just say ‘I would love to but I can’t do it right now.’ They might be higher on the organisational hierarchy than you or maybe just the bolder, more confident and outgoing friend. Guess what sunshine! Your time is valuable too! You are valuable! Stop playing down your contribution! In a friendship, relationship or organisation, everyone’s contribution is important: Even yours. If taking on extra responsibility is going to cause you stress in other areas, you need to realise that this will be the price you pay. Remember, doing one thing and doing it well = success. Over-committing, missing details, losing sight of the big picture or even burning out = pain and frustration. No one wants that.

A boss, co-worker, business partner or friend has approached you and asked you to do a favour for them. Inwardly, you cringed because you have a million things to do. You have family demands. You are busy. You are tired. You haven’t been to the gym in ages and you are gradually losing sight of your toes. You can see yourself saying ‘Sorry, I just can’t take that on right now.’ And yet somehow, when you looked into the enquiring eyes of the person asking the question, “Of course I can” is what you blurted out. Hours later, you are muttering to yourself while you burn the midnight oil completing the task after hours instead of doing other things that are important. You then chastise yourself for being so selfish and getting a bad attitude. Sometimes yeah, you should just suck it up and get the job done. But sometimes you will have said ‘yes’ for all the wrong reasons and for the chronic over-committer, you may be solidifying your position as a human doormat.

The Backbone Malfunction:

This is an interesting one. Imagine this scenario: You are all primed to say no. You know all the reasons why. And then the pause comes. They wait for a response. You start off well. “I would love to help out” you say. “But I just can’t do it right now.” You started out so well! You could have stopped there. But then the awkward silence got to you, you got nervous and then realised that you were still talking. You were saying “But I understand that you are busy too, and I really, oh, well, I just wanted to... Okay I will do it.” Cringe. What happened to your resolve?

Here is a reality check:

You need to believe that your own reasons for saying no are important! Do we live to work or work to live? Once you have answered that question for yourself,

you need to realise that your body only has so much lingering in the energy reserves. You have twenty four energy coins to spend every day. Eight of them should be spent sleeping. What are you going to do with the other ones? It is GOOD to give of ourselves, our time and our resources. This can really add richness and enjoyment to our lives! But if we are taking things on because we feel pressured, our backbone gave-way or because we were too stressed to find another solution, we will be zapped rather than energized. No good! Yes this might sound like old fashioned prioritizing, but it is helpful to remember and rethink every now and then. There is only so much one person can handle! You get to a point where your time budget is all spent and then it can be so easy to let the important things slip. You don’t have to commit straight away either. You can say ‘let me go look at the time budget and get back to you on that.’

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Small Details vs. Big Picture:

A friend once told me this: ‘I said yes to a job that was a little bit outside of what I actually wanted to do with my career. Two years later, I was so bored with it and had to move on. But my skills were now suited to this whole industry that I really wasn’t interested in so the new job took me even further away from where I wanted to be. Three years in, I was bored out of my brain but feeling stuck and stressed! It was going to take a big change to get my career, and the enjoyment thereof, back on track.’ Anyone relate to this? It doesn’t just happen with our careers either. It can easy happen with the direction we want to take in life. Do we wait for the best? Or do we get scared and take the next best thing. Often it is these small details that gradually change formation of our life’s big picture.

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I have imposed a few rules on myself that helped me kick the over-commitment issue and master the use of the N word. 1) Enjoy life! You only get one! 2) Love people! Family and friends are important too. 3) Love your work. If you hate it, there is something wrong. 4) Remember the big picture and think how all the small details fit in. 5) Have spare resources, including time resources, to give to what you love. And lastly, 6) if something is causing undue stress and anxiety, it is time to look at it at the situation and ask yourself some questions. In the answer to these questions, you may just find the motivation, happiness and balance that you have lost. (CH)

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Sunshine, Exercise and Serotonin.... The weather’s warming up, the magpies are swooping and it’s now that you’re probably starting to realise that:

1. You may not be as fit as you used to be, 2. Not in your best figure, or... 3. Not in your best headspace.


s sometimes winter tends to bring us a few low moods with the weather to match. But now things are brightening up outdoors, let’s try to brighten things up indoors! Your body I mean. Let’s try to re-connect with our body and give it what it wants - fun, fitness, happiness and more. But let’s look at our bodies with a holistic approach: body and soul. So we know what sunshine and exercise is, but what’s serotonin you may ask? Or, why are you even bringing serotonin into a fitness article? Well, read on and I’ll explain this to you! You are a three part being. You are a spirit, you have a soul and you live in a body. And in my opinion, it is your responsibility to keep the three parts of your being in good condition. Your spirit, your soul, and your body. I also like to think of your soul, as your mind, will and emotions. And in most cases, mental illness affects your soul, and your spirit. Recently we had the ‘R U OK?’ day to raise awareness for depression. Now why am I talking about this? Because we can actually help our mental health and wellbeing through exercise and help boost our mood after a gloomy, dull winter! These types of illnesses, like depression, are caused partly because of a chemical imbalance (as well as other factors) in the brain. So wouldn’t it be great to be able to boost those certain chemicals, or neurotransmitters, in the brain that could help with a mental illness or even just your low mood and anxieties. I am very happy to tell you, that you can do this! Through exercise and spending time with the sun and its vitamin D and endorphins; you gain! Certain types of exercise have been proven to boost the neurotransmitters and endorphins in the brain, (almost as high as your average antidepressant) in turn improving your mood. For instance, heavy weight training (and that’s heavy for you) has been tested with improving your mood and found that 15 minutes in to the heavy weight workout, the three neurotransmitters were boosted, another test was done 30mins in and they were found to be boosted more, they were then maintained at that level for a significant period of time.

There are also hormone-like substances that work together with the chemicals mentioned earlier, to improve and boost your mood to make you feel good in your soul (mind, will and emotions) and that is your endorphins which you can gain through exercise or certain activities or even certain foods. (You know those good old chocolate rumours... although it might be beneficial for your mood; too much may not be so good for the waistline.)

that is weight training! And like I mentioned above, lifting these weights heavy! If you have never lifted a single weight in your life, or been to a gym, have no fear! Under the proper guidance and supervision, weight lifting is safe, and you can gain a lot, in all three parts of your being as well. Another name for weight training is resistance training. So if you are not up for weights, you can do some resistance training, even in the comfort of your own home! Think push ups, squats, lunges, squat jumps, chin ups, (if you have a bar) crunches, hovers, planks, Superman’s and more! And even better than just choosing one of these types of exercising for your mood, you could one day do both! Aerobic exercise, as well as weights/resistance. The key is to start slow and work up. Anything is better than nothing and it will benefit your spirit, body and soul. Please remember that exercise should never replace any medication or supplement your doctor

So, how do we keep ourselves feeling good in our body, spirit and also our soul (mind, will and emotions) in particular? One way is through exercise like we mentioned above. Now there are a few different types of exercise that is helpful and lots of different ways to engage in physical activity. First of all, it’s helpful to remember that any type of physical activity is helpful to the mood! So feeling lower than normal? Get physical! Rumour has it that the most effective and beneficial way to train for your mood is aerobically. This happens to be your walking, jogging, running, sprinting, cycling, boxing, rowing etc. The more vigorous the aerobic activity, it is believed the more you gain in your mood or soul if you like! You will also gain results in your body, your strength, endurance and appearance, but you will also begin to lift your spirit which is who you are. All this just from going for a run! So a run every second day could actually be quite a holistic thing for you to do! Because by aiming to improve the soul, we gain or grow in other areas also. Like our body and spirit! One thing to remember is, your level of ‘vigorous’ is going to be different from most people around you. So start slow, and keep challenging yourself a little so that you can get to the vigorous intensity and actually stay there rather than crash and burn and lose hope! There is also another way which I strongly believe in which may attract the attention of a few of you! And

has put you on. And always check with your doctor before starting any vigorous exercise. But I always say, “A walk a day keeps the doctor away!” Cheers. (AH)


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Making Mirrors

Back in 2006 nobody really cared much for Gotye but now after the release of Making Mirrors his third studio album, critics and fans alike are raving about the Melbourne sensation! In particular his song ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ featuring Kimbra (New Zealand singer/songwriter who currently resides in Melbourne too) was an instant hit and showed everyone that he is world class material. Still no 1 on iTunes and charts around the nation, Gotye is excited about the international prospects his music is garnering. Gotye is pure Indie pop bliss and when speaking to the ABC about the significance of the title and artwork, how it symbolises the creative and introspective process of recording the album; Gotye said, “It’s more about reflection - the look at yourself that a mirror offers and also the way it gives you a different perspective on things around you. So I guess, I feel a bit analogous to what these songs become to me - you know little ways for me to explore my record collection, explore the world of sound that I’m fascinated by, and also sometimes get a different perspective on memories and emotions I’ve been mulling over that they find voice in these songs”. ‘I Feel Better’ has a truly catchy sixties vibe, ‘Eyes Wide Open’ totally booms, ‘In Your Light’ has a real tribal feel, ‘State of the Art’ is a paradox as it features an old school organ sound. A beautiful album from a very talented artist! (MR)


Kimbra shot to stardom when she featured in Gotye’s smash hit ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ earlier this year. It’s great to see that Kimbra has finally released her highly anticipated debut album that topped the charts, producing some great hits such as ‘Settle Down’. Think beat boxing with lots of colour and lyrics that are both edgy and wild at the same time! It’s definitely clap and tap happy music at its best. Kimbra specialises in taking her listeners on a crazy journey. But what’s great is that you will want to take the trip over and over again for the sheer joy of it. ‘Cameo Lover’ is a sublime blend of Motown, funk and disco that’s not as cheesy as lollipop music but actually gives that authentic 70’s feel with an updated disco style that just makes you want to smile! ‘Good Intent’ is a no nonsense Jazz track with a catchy rhythm and haunting sounds, it would be great for a movie along the lines of ‘Pulp fiction’. ‘Call Me’ is Old School Funk at its core and is really easy listening too. It reminds me of the soulful hits of the 90’s and surprisingly, has a real SWV feel to it too! Enough said, Kimbra is a star in her own right and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she’s here to stay. With such versatility and an innate ability to communicate many different styles of music, I have to say that this New Zealand born, Melbourne grown artist is definitely Top Shelf! ☺ (MR)


In Time

What would you do if you lived in a world in the not too distant future that was vastly overpopulated? Because of this age restrictions were genetically engineered into every human being where you couldn’t live past the age of 25. Therefore, making time the replacement of money as currency! You would have to buy more time if you wanted to live longer and replenish your clock before time runs out. Justin Timberlake (The Social Network, Bad Teacher) and Amanda Seyfried (Dear John, Red Riding Hood) headline this action thriller that has a very original twist and storyline, a breath of fresh air for this type of genre. ☺ Just imagine if it cost you 4 minutes for a coffee and 3


Moneyball is like a crazy fusion of The Social Network mixed with an intriguing baseball twist. An incredible true story that has to be seen to be believed! What I thought would be just another run of the mill baseball flick along the lines of movies like ‘The Natural’ and ‘Field of Dreams’ pleasantly surprised me or should I say sucker punched me to say the least. Moneyball is a behind the scenes look at what happened back in 2002, when the Oakland Athletics Baseball team comprised of drafts that were purely computer picked from a list of rejected players, ended up becoming one of the most successful teams in the league that year! This was a milestone in baseball as no other team in Baseball

minutes for a cup of tea... would you still want a coffee??? So as you can see, you have to pay with time for luxuries and necessities. With the rich living forever and the poor dying young, Will (Timberlake) searches for a better way and to break free of the genetic jail he’s in. When given the chance by a mysterious older man that adds 100 years to his clock, Will is then framed for murder and is forced to become a fugitive on the run from a corrupt FBI like group known as the ‘Timekeepers’. A Mob group called the ‘Minutemen’ lead by a 75 year old that looks 25 named ‘Fortis’ (Alex Pettyfer) are also hot on his heels. A 21st century Robin Hood story that definitely delivers! (MR)

League history had ever been chosen in such a radical way before. You have to love the stories heart though, a team of underdogs that become champions against all odds. Its hilarious watching the interaction between Brad Pitt’s character (Billy Beane: Manager of the Oakland Athletics) and his newly appointed assistant General Manager Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) whose expertise is not in baseball but in computing. Especially when Billy introduces Peter to the board for the first time... LOL ☺ If you’re after a smart and intelligent drama with a lot of heart and surprises, Moneyball is right on the ball and will delight fans of baseball and newcomers also. This is Brad Pitt at the top of his game! (MR)


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As the weather heats up summer sets in and the music festivals start. Festivals are not only about the music they have become a fashion playground. Choosing your outfit can be just as crucial as choosing your festival. What better way to spend a summer weekend with amazing music and rockin’ an amazing look. So you have poured over the band list now it is time to plan you festival wardrobe.

Festival essentials

Denim cut offs – effortlessly cool route to take, go for colour if you dare. On trend top to team with your shorts, everyone loves a cute Disney character. Hat - (to keep the rays at bay) confessing fedoras are a favorite as well as keeping your messy festival hair hidden. Dessert Dress – if you do not wish for cut offs, keep it loose, easy and pretty it does get hot out there.

Make sure you have the right size bag – too big and it becomes a problem throughout the day too small and you can’t fit the little extras that you need to take you through to the night so a cross body bag is a must.

Shoes - it takes a lot for me to say this but flats are mandatory for a music

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What is success?

The brilliant hairdressing tycoon, Vidal Sassoon once said “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” Success does indeed take hard work but there are also a four other things we need 1. Passion – A passion to do what we love-

Let’s think about this for a minute. How many of us are pouring our heart and soul out in the workplace only for someone else to reap the rewards? When we are passionate about something, it is never a drag to go and do it. It’s usually that we can’t wait to get to it. Passion ignites our creativity.

2. Diligence – In the early days, it can

become a little tough until we get going and find our feet and the way through the maze of ways and how to’s. A young reporter asked Thomas Edison if he felt like a failure. Edison answered, “Young man, why would I feel like a failure? And why would I ever give up? I now know definitively over 9,000 ways that an electric light bulb will not work. Success is almost in my grasp.” And shortly after that, and over 10,000 attempts, Edison invented the light bulb.

Don’t give up, but keep trying. If it doesn’t work one way, then try it another way. Seek out others who you admire and respect and gain their opinion and ideas which may be able to help you think of something that you haven’t yet thought of.

3. Commitment – To be successful at anything we need to make a conscious decision to stay until the end and to see through what we have started. Too many people give up just when they are on the verge of a breakthrough – if only they knew it. 4. A good sense of humor – The ability to laugh at yourself along the way. Everyone makes mistakes but being able to laugh at them and see the funny side, learn from them and move on are all keys to being successful. (DG)

Who’s For Seconds? …

Most of us enjoy a second

helping of something totally delicious, but have you ever thought about it in regards to life?

kind of hair styles suit what shaped face, what kind of clothes to have in our wardrobe…..

As I was enjoying a meal with family the other day, I was watching my husband and youngest son head back for seconds – (always a pleasing thing when we are the cook!) Yet as I watched them it occurred to me that so much of life is similar.

What we see and what we hear is our first portion, but if we want a second portion or a double portion as it were, we need to do something with what we have seen and what we have heard. It’s to put feet to it or to give it wings, otherwise what’s the use? We all get bombarded with information, teaching, training, and life skills these days in many and varied ways including through interpersonal contacts and media, but it truly is what we do with it that counts. To go through life with only a single portion would be like having a gift that is left unwrapped and placed on a shelf never to be used. We can miss out on so much. If we think of it in terms of health we all know that we need to be healthy and to eat right and exercise – we get given this information on the right way to exercise, and how to eat healthy which is the first portion. The second portion is to get out and exercise and to cook and eat healthy meals and snacks and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. This is even true in the area of beauty. We are literally ‘drowning’ in the first portion of how to dress, how to apply makeup and look after our skin, what

The second portion is to dress smartly and have a mix and match wardrobe. Wear sunscreen and hats when we go outside and cleanse and moisturize our skin. Enjoy the rewards of a good haircut and the difference it can make when we apply makeup correctly. How about in the garden? There are television shows, books, internet sites, and magazines all dedicated to inspiring and teaching us with the first portion of how and what. The second portion comes when we do something with that information and inspiration implementing some of the ideas and concepts into our own garden. Not everyone can do everything, that’s not the point. The point is that we do something with what is important to us. We do something with what has been

given to us, rather than leave it to sit getting ‘dusty.’ For example, I love gardening and sitting flicking through gardening magazines and books and looking at other people’s gardens when I’m out walking and even talking to people about their gardens and ideas they have implemented. One inspired idea that really caught my attention was a dry stone wall in a garden I was visiting. The first portion was the inspiration and the knowledge of how to build one myself. My second portion came when I went home and began to build one in my own garden to suit my own needs. I took what had inspired me and the knowledge I had gained, made it my own and then did something with it. The wall looks fantastic and I have such a sense of achievement and satisfaction which always comes after a second portion. You can have that to as you enjoy a second portion of what inspires you and is meaningful to you. My next project (seconds) is a garden ruin…..So, who’s for seconds? (DG) Image: photostock / Image: Simon Howden /

FOOD REVIEW SAPORE DELLA VIGNA As far as I’m concerned there aren’t really any good home style Italian restaurants out there in Sydney, now you might disagree with me and I hope I’m wrong, but I have yet to find a place that can really wow me, but Sapore Della Vigna situated in the Italian Forum in Leichhardt cuts the mustard, they might not do real traditional Italian, but to get me eating there more than once they do Italian well. Sapore Della Vigna like most Italian restaurants has an extensive menu so much so that you could be overwhelmed by choice. I tend to get really picky about my pastas since going to Rome and Naples on holiday and I must say Sapore Della Vigna is a good place to eat and the atmosphere is buzzing especially on the weekends, the staff are more than helpful especially when trying to choose what’s good to eat on the menu.

23 Norton Street, Leichhardt, Sydney, NSW 2040 Australia

+61 2 9518 0078

Sapore Della Vigna is one of the restaurants where you definitely need to bring more than a few people to dine with only so you can pick off your friends plate. So my journey to find a really good Italian joint continues but in the meantime head over to Sapore Della Vigna. (SY)


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A City with Secrets to Uncover

LtoastFrance… month we took a trip This month, we’ll be going to Bangkok. The capitol of Thailand is the ideal city to start. Due to its diversity in the one city, travellers are able to find a mix of old and new cultures and a wide range of secrets to uncover.


The floating market at Damnoen Saduak is exactly as the name states. It’s a market on wooden boats floating by, each boat with various things to buy like fruits, flowers and vegetables. It’s colourful and loud and also a great deal of fun. The Grand Palace is a must see when you visit Bangkok. Built in 1972, it is the city’s most famous landmark and is the home of the king, the royal court and the government. The stunning architecture and detail will have you mesmerised at the creativity of the Thai people. The Vimanmek Royal Mansion is the world’s largest building made of golden teak, which is a type of timber. Antique furniture, memorabilia and the many rooms that have maintained the feeling of the past will keep you occupied. Bangkok Chinatown is another popular attraction for tourists. The market stalls, restaurants and other unique little shops are buzzing with life and energy. It’s definitely worth a visit, and you’ll have a wonderful experience.

Also, I hear that if you’re there dur- ing of Pad Thai, so make you sure you ing the Chinese New Year, you’ll see grab a bite. Khao niew ma Muang is another interesting dish consisting of Bangkok Chinatown at its best. sticky rice, coconut cream, sesame seeds and mango. Hungry yet? Bangkok also has an interest in contemporary art. The Bangkok University Art Gallery displays the artwork of young, up and coming artists as well as renowned artists.

The Siam Paragon Aquarium is the ideal place to spend time with the family as well as check out the amazing underwater sea creatures Bangkok has to offer. There are over 30,000 creatures to see from all over the world, including some world record holders. For those wannabe criminologists out there, the forensic museum in Bangkok might be of interest to you. Exhibitions of weapons and corpses will allow you to gain Thailand’s main river is the Chao an insight to Thai history. Phraya River. Another activity you Thailand provides a range of culinary must do is have a dinner cruise along dishes that satisfy and leave you want- this river. There are many restaurants ing more. Food carts are not uncom- along this river that provide mouthmon on the streets of Bangkok and watering dishes and the sights you will the dishes are colourful and pleasant see are definite Kodak moments. to look at. Fresh herbs and spices are used frequently in Thai dishes, such So there we have Bangkok - just one as curries and soups. Fish sauce is city among many that hold the mysteranother often used ingredient. No trip ies to the uniqueness that is Thailand. to Thailand is complete without a serv- (SF)




looking for

a venue?


IN ST GEORGE AREA Our newly refurbished Main Auditorium can be hired for weddings, birthdays, seminars and conferences. It is fully carpeted, fully air conditioned, dimmable lights, equipped with state of the art projection system and sound system. The Auditorium can seat up to 500 people in theatre style seating or approximately 350 people with table seating. Car parking is available for over 50 cars and a commercial kitchen is available for your use complete with gas burners and dishwasher.

For enquiries and more information including the terms and conditions of hire, please contact (02) 9567 8133

BMW M5 BMW M5 Price: $239,990 [estimated] Engine: 4.4-litre twin turbo V8 Power: 412kW at 6000-7000rpm Torque: 680Nm at 1500-5750rpm Transmission: 7-speed dual clutch auto 0-100km/h: 4.4 seconds

If you live in Sydney, you know the M5 motorway is anything but fast, efficient or cheap for that matter. In peak hour traffic, there are times where you wish you had a motorcycle to weave through the depressing bumper to bumper. Now imagine a different M5, a BMW! Every time I think about this car, I think speed, very efficient and cheap (compared to a Ferrari) family sedan that will excite and entice every single time. The old M5 had a manic high revving V10 engine, but BMW have chosen to go V8 with twin turbo! What they have achieved is very impressive, more power, more torque and less fuel consumption, all from a smaller engine, wow (applauding). Now take the M5 on the M5, and you’ll wish you bought that motorcycle. (JY)


+ 2 L S D A

Translation & Interpretation Services



SGSCC Translation will be delighted to hear from you. We work with more than 80 languages & offer various language services including: • Document translation • Website translation & localisation • Face-to face interpreting • Proofreading • Transcription Call us today on 02 9580 7885 to get a quote or place an orfer. • Fast • Reliable • Affordable

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95 P/M

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The Villas Palm Cove is a 4 star AAA rated resort set in lush tropical gardens with a short stroll to the beach. All of our villas are spacious and fully self contained either 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom villas. The Oasis style villas boasting there own private swimming pools. WWW.THEVILLASPALMCOVE.COM.AU

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Weight Loss Secrets:

What is the right path to fitness? Weight loss secrets do not consist of some fad diet knowledge or exercise program! Though one can’t be blamed for believing that thanks to all the info about the latest diets and fads and celebrity programs that we are bombarded with! I think I personally take the prize for the amount of programs, pills and shakes tity and at an unconscious level we would not know who we are if we released I have done and taken over the years looking for the “quick fix” weight loss the weight. Find out what values are driving you in this area of your life and re secrets to fix me, however how can an external factor “fix” an internal factor? evaluate them. Recently I entered a challenge at my local One of the most undervalued of weight loss secrets is- Eat sensibly. However gym, the aim was to lose the most per- the key is connecting your conscious mind to your unconscious mind to find out centage of body fat, the first, second and what is happening internally. third prize was 12months, 6 months and 3 months gym membership. This challenge Weight loss secrets do not involve expensive diet plans was interesting for me and I gained a lot of learning’s from the experience. During or complex formulas. My experience has taught me that the challenge we were all assigned a per- weight loss is about appreciating and adopting natural sonal trainer, who wrote up a training plan health and healing techniques. (SL) and also guided us on an eating plan. What was interesting to me as that most people began following the plan the trainer prescribed, however in order to shed more kilos some began to deviate from the plan and try other eating plans and exercise regimes. Others had an attitude that win or lose it was the experience that counted and that the goal was more important than the process and stuck to the plan that was prescribed to them. What was interesting to me was that it was the ones that had stuck to the plan and did not pursue, instant gratification by changing eating plans to shed more body fat, but remained calm and focused during the process that actually shed more weight. That I believe is the gist of all weight loss secrets. Personally I believe that we all know what to do to shed the excess weight, the key is being consistent, and not bringing confusion to your unconscious mind by constantly changing your eating plan. Find out if there are any negative emotions and limiting decisions that could be holding you back, many times we keep that weight as this has become our iden-

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CM05 HABIBI Tray, Side Table Designer- Philipp Mainzer, 2008



HP01 TAFEL Bench, Table Designer- Hans de Pelsmacker, 2000


Not everything has to be expensive or designer, and it doesn’t have to all come from IKEA. Like your clothing wardrobe, you don’t buy everything from one place. Buy what you love, not only what is in fashion.


ST04 BACKENZAHN™ Stool, Side Table Designer- Philipp Mainzer, 1996

Don’t be bound by design rules only, such as small furniture for small places, big furniture that fits, can work just as well.

polder sofa - Vitra


Don’t walk in to a showroom and say “I want it like this”, it is not you, place new with old.


Like food, buying quality is best, you want to acquire furniture that will last, real woods not veneers, real leathers not bonded and real stone not poly-something. (JY) Images from

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The goose that laid the golden egg

Q: If you owned the goose that laid the golden egg, which would you insure the goose or the golden egg? A: The goose of course! After all, as long as they have the goose they can lay more eggs But , do you apply the same logic to your own life. Your income is the goose that provides the golden eggs to pay your bills. Shouldn’t you insure your most valuable asset? It’s 100% tax deductible and costs less than 2cents in the dollar.

Call Justin Pagotto from Jireh Financial on 02 93456 888 or 04038 54734 to see how we can protect your most valuable asset.

Are You Throwing Money Away?

A s I was out doing some shopping the other day, it

hit me how many people were not concerned about how much they were spending and on what they were spending their money on. Even at an auction I attended, some people amazed me with the junk they bought for ridiculous amounts of money. I remember thinking, ‘What on earth are they going to do with that?’ At the supermarket, so many of the trolleys that I looked into were full of pre-packaged, processed food rather than fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and grains.

So I began to ask myself some hard questions and you might like to take the spendthrift quiz to. 1. When at the supermarket shopping do I just grab what I need off the shelf or do I look at the different brands and prices? 2. Do I keep a good eye on the special catalogues that the supermarkets send out and buy things when they are truly on special with a good mark down (not just 20 or 50 cents?) 3. Do I shop with a specific list or do I just go in and see what takes my fancy?

8. Is there usually lots of pre-packaged food in my shopping trolley? 9. Do I make cakes and things from scratch or do I buy them already made or the packet mixes? 10. Do I spend a lot of money on alcohol and /or cigarettes? For some of these questions, I’m sure that most of us still have room for improvement. So I for one am going to start being a little more careful with my hard earned cash. Are there areas where you can improve to and save yourself dollars that you have worked hard for? Just think how much we could save in a year by buying or rather spending smarter. We could go on that cruise..., take that holiday... (DG)

4. Does my budget allow for what I am purchasing? 5. Do I plan my family meals carefully making sure I have bought what is needed in that week’s budgeted grocery shop or do I constantly run back and forwards to the supermarket buying all kinds of extras? 6. Do I always buy the top cuts of meat or do I buy the cheaper cuts and cook them smartly? 7. If I think something is too expensive do I walk away or do I buy it anyway?

YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS NETWORKING MEET UP YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS ARE WELCOME! Whether you are a new entrepreneur or an aspiring one, this meet up will be a great place to network with other business owners, brainstorm over ideas and/or find new avenues to join forces! The breakfast meet up is organized every second Saturday of the month for the sole intention of offering young entrepreneurs an inexpensive forum to network, interact and grow. Call 0425 343 579 for more information. • SeT yoUR oWN WoRKING HoURS • No SPeCIAL SKILLS ReQUIReD • GeT PAID INSTANTLy • No ANNoyING BoSSeS!

interested applicants should apply immediately.

A New Generation is rising... Those who are not content with religion & traditions. A New Generation of Kingdom people... Those who will usher in the Kingdom of Heaven down to earth!


SUndays at 9am

At arncliffe community life centre corner of kembla & hirst streets, arncliffe or join our live broadcast on



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Can you buy residential property in your super fund? Image: jannoon028 / Image: Danilo Rizzuti /

If I was paid a dollar every time I was asked that question I would be a rich man! The answer is yes but there are a few tips and tricks you need to be aware of. It is very important to get the right advice and set up the transaction properly otherwise you could face paying stamp duty twice or other nasty problems.


ecent changes to superannuation legislation now allow self managed super funds (SMSF) to purchase residential and/or commercial property. However there are a few restrictions that must be considered namely

A separate security trust must be set up and the property is purchased inside the trust. The SMSF provides the deposit and has a beneficial interest in the property and the Lender has security over the property.

of this strategy 1. You can’t live in the house nor can any of your Benefits * Accelerate wealth accumulation you can borrow


2. Like all super monies the funds must stay in the super environment till you reach retirement age.


This is an extremely complex area and you should consult professionals in this area before trying to do it yourself.

you to 70% for the purchase of the property. * No capital gains if you sell after age 60! * Use salary sacrifice contributions to pay off your loan in pre-tax dollars. * Rental income and your 9% employer contribution can pay off your loan much faster than a usual loan. * Income tax benefits- once the property is positively geared it is taxed at a maximum of 15%.

How can we help you?

1. We can model your personal circumstances

showing you exactly how much you will gain out of this strategy and how fast you can build wealth


Help connect you with loan brokers and accountants who specialise in purchasing property through SMSF.

Justin Pagotto is the business owner of Jireh Financial, a financial advice firm that is passionate about helping people get their financial house in order so they can be free to pursue the things that really matter. For more information please see General Advice warning: The advice provided on this document is General Advice Only. It has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.









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Please register your interest at: or call 0416 111 201 NEW CITY MAGAZINE . 23


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