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The Online Business Revolution Our Youth Don’t Need Another Band-Aid


The Land of Opposites

500 Million Dollar Facelift






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Feature Story






500 Million Dollar Facelift

The Online Business Revolution Our Youth Don’t Need Another Band-Aid


The Land of Opposites

500 Million Dollar Facelift

Sam Cawthorn Japan - The Land of Opposites

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Wasted Waste Exploring the Outside World Do It Today

Spring Festival 2010 Movie Review

NEW CITY Magazine Premier Edition (OCT 2010) Editor: Account Executive: Art Director: Local Writer: Office Manager: Contributors:

Ben Irawan Joshua Yanto Herlina Widjaja Miguel Ribeiro Yvonne Widjaja Heidi McIvor Clare Heath Cisca Irawan Riani Rattray Warwick Marsh Samuel Yanto Paul Rattray Tarramita Tamtana Michella Kay Gunaan Indraya

Contact Details: NEW CITY MEDIA PTY LTD ABN: 47 145 474 362 PO Box 1, Arncliffe NSW 2205 Australia Email: Website:

Letter from the Editor Here we go, the first ever edition of NEW CITY magazine! Only a few months ago we were just toying with the idea of creating a free magazine that is from the community and for the community. We got excited with the idea and the potential it can bring to the community around us. I’m just tired of the same old news that is being written and broadcasted by the media. We have been exposed to so much negativity, bad news, crime and tragedy that are happening around us. But most of the things being reported are the bad news and no one is really doing anything, reporting anything or suggesting something that we can do to make our community and city a better place for us, our children and their children! No, I’m not in denial and I realise that generally things are not getting better around us... but we must do our part. Sadly, not many are stepping up to the plate to say “Ok, enough is enough. What can I do?” Friends, there are many things that we can do to make our community and city a better place for all of us.

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This is the thought that triggered the concept behind NEW CITY magazine. We have a message, we have an agenda and that is to be a voice of hope, encouragement and positivity in our community. We want to create a NEW CITY through media!

For editorials: email

NEW CITY is a FREE Monthly Magazine distributed in the St George area, targeted towards young professionals. We try to use a writing style and language that is very relaxed and conversational, not a serious journalistic style but a more editorial style with strong opinions. The language will be just like listening to someone over coffee spilling out their guts about what they feel passionate about.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in NEW CITY Magazine and its website, do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, publishers or their agents.

We want to be a source of info-tainment and a positive and uplifting alternative to the sad and depressing newspaper style of writing. Although sometimes we need to start with something that is negative, but at the end... our articles will charge the readers with hope, encouragement and positivity. NEW CITY aims to produce a free magazine that our readers will take home, read for entertainment and will place it on their coffee table for future reading and for others to enjoy as well.

Printed by: mpd – printing the news everyday Unit E1, 46-62 Maddox Street Alexandria NSW 2015 2010

Well..., I hope you enjoy reading this Premier Edition and please don’t be shy to let me know your thoughts about anything or regarding any article in this issue! I’m only an email away... and who knows I might decide to publish your thoughts and comments in the next edition! Cheers, Ben Irawan Editor of NEW CITY Magazine

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feature story

500 Million Dollar Facelift

It’s been a three year wait, but boy was it worth it! The Sydney International Airport has just had a major facelift and you’d expect after $500 million dollars that there would be a drastic improvement, wouldn’t you? Well, it’s safe to say that... yes, the improvements are more than noticeable. They’ve done such a fantastic job and this has definitely put Sydney in the running to be one of the world’s best departure points.


here have been major renovations and a complete overhaul of some sections which now include wonderful new additions such as food, fashion & entertainment. Some being a world first, but I will get into that later.

Did you know that Sydney International Airport handles around 45% of the country’s international travellers? That’s nearly half of all outgoing international travellers, so it was a wise move to upgrade, as previously the airport was rated as the country’s worst airport for the fourth consecutive year by the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) and the car parking fee was the most expensive in Australia. There are around 20 boutiques which include Australia’s only Victoria’s Secret store, the world’s first Wiggles Store and the world’s first Lonely Planet store which are featured alongside some very up-market fashion outlets such as Oroton, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Emporio Armani & French Connection. The final store, Dermalogica, was completed in June this year.

to improve passenger satisfaction is through its new restaurants. Judging on this alone I can foresee many new and regular travellers stopping to enjoy the wondrous variety that is sure to delight many tastebuds along the way. There’s Krispy Kreme, Oporto, McDonalds, Hungry Jacks and Danks Street Depot to name a few. There are also some local food favourites such as Bambini Wine Bar and Danks Street Depot which feature alongside some great international tastes like Prunier, Montreaux Jazz Cafe and Caviar house. You’re in good hands and your hunger will definitely be well looked after while relaxing with friends, family or transiting to your next destination. With additions such as these, you will want to spend more time to take in the wonderful fresh atmosphere that these new retailers & restaurants bring. It certainly is a breath of fresh air before take off!

Also in June the airport decided to announce that they would provide a shortterm parking option for its International Terminal. This allows drivers to park for up to 15 minutes for free because previously the airport charged $7 for less than 30 minutes parking (the most expensive in Australia at the time). As you can see this is a move in the right direction and is assured to gain passenger approval. Another smart move to make the Airport more appealing and

If you’re on the go, you should check out Itacho Sushi which offers a large range of bento boxes that you will be able to smuggle onboard your flight (just kidding:) ), generously hand-crafted by Yoshifumi Tanimoto and his excellent team. Once passed customs, you may want to check out Trattoria Prego, a classic Italian experience or Prunier the Seafood Bar & Caviar House where you can indulge in a Traditional Zakuska Vodka & Caviar Shot for $32.50 or enjoy a half lobster for $32.


Skincare & Aesthetic Centre

Do your eyes have the WOW factor Get extention lashes set of clusters for $39.00 set of single hairs for $120.00

SPECIAL OFFER 50% discount on your first set


50% discount on your first infill One of the finer dining experiences can be found at the Montreux Jazz Cafe which is named after and inspired by the world’s oldest and largest music festival: The Montreux Jazz Festival. Well known chef Gilles Dupont will surprise you with his traditional Swiss cuisine which features alongside such classics as Ella’s (Fitzgerald) Cheesecake and the BB (King) Burger. Some local favourites the likes of Danks Street Depot and China Grand (well known for their succulent Yum Cha) also feature an offshoot version of their well known Sydney restaurants. It’s great to see that International travellers will now be able to taste the local delicacies straight after landing as first time visitors and be wooed with some of Sydney’s finest.


Suit 3,3 king street, Rockdale 2216,

Ph: 9597 1355

Executive chef & owner of Danks Steet Depot, Jared Ingersoll, says “Sydney’s such a diverse place though that it’s hard to say anything that’s iconic,” said Ingersoll. “Some people would argue Yum Cha or Harry’s Pie, or a bowl of noodles from Cabramatta. I do have a real sense of achievement being able to put that (Danks Street Depot) at the airport.” Airport food is assured to go to a whole new level with Ingersoll. “Whenever I travel, you eat before you go to the airport or you just have to pay a lot of money for stuff that is just really not that pleasant,” he said. “It’s just the whole thing of taking advantage of the best local Australian produce. We’re using that focus on flavour.” You can chose from a variety of great dishes such as poached eggs and hash, a toasted Reuben sandwich or crispy pork belly. Also the duty free section is the largest in Australia with top brands like Apple, YSL & Jo Malone and let me just mention it once again... the World’s first Wiggles store too! The top three Airports in the world to date according to the Skytrax Airport Awards (based on survey results from 9.8 million travellers) are Singapore’s Changi Airport in top spot followed closely by Seoul Incheon (Korea) and Hong Kong International Airport came in third place.

Seeing as there are more ways to spend your money, improved security and customs with lots more space, this is shaping up to be a world class contender. I look with eager anticipation to see what the ACCC will rate Sydney’s International Airport in the near future and I am thrilled at the prospect of more international travel in the coming year. (MR)


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local news

Our Youth Don’t Need Another Band-Aid As a youth worker, I spend most of my workday dealing with the tedious topic of “youth at risk.” Yes, that means countless hours attending committee meetings and listening to the gripes of people that usually start with the old, familiar phrase: ‘Young people these days...’

hope that it would teach young people to respect each other. Kudos for trying Mr. Premier, but my earnest belief is that some things cannot be legislated. We live in a society where the welfare system admirably works to stabilise youth at risk. We try to offset the increasingly broken-down family unit with a steady school system, anger management programs and programs teaching the life skills that home may not be instilling in children. Still despite these incredible efforts, I spend much of my time brainstorming ways we can keep little Johnny at school. Because every year he stays, his chance of wellbeing increases that little bit more. The only problem is that little Johnny often has absolutely no desire to stay. He doesn’t want the system to tell him what to do and how to live.

do it with pleasure though, because I feel like I have some inside knowledge on the topic. If there is one thing that I can say for my generation, the one they call Gen Y, it’s that we are not all that bad.

Of course, I worry about us too. The normalising of violence is massively concerning to me. I cringe whenever I sit in a committee meeting and hear that after years of trying..., alcohol, drugs and related crimes are still among the main concerns we hold for young people in Australia. ‘It’s cultural’ they say and I will admit that reading reports of the Rockdale and Kogarah shootings had me throwing my hands in the air and asking what the heck is the world coming to? This kind of stuff happens in America! Not here in the lucky country, right? In Victoria, the government responded to violence in Melbourne’s CBD by releasing a policy colloquially tagged “The Respect Agenda” which essentially threw money at volunteerism in the

So here we are in a nation where the recent election only resulted in a hung Parliament and politicians vying for allegiances to form a minority government. How did we find ourselves in this situation? There was no standout leader that we could relate to. No one grabbed our attention. No one made us feel like we were part of a cause that was bigger than ourselves. So can legislation address the issue of ‘youth at risk’? My answer is an emphatic ‘hell no’!!!

What I believe young people need is something to believe in, belong to and follow. We need a sense of destiny. If not realised, this need to belong gets misdirected. We were made to belong to a family, a community or a cause. Young people find it increasingly difficult to relate to leaders and authority figures or to find our place in society because so often we are let down by the systems that were meant to support us as we grow and develop.


Generally speaking, we are technologically adept and environmentally aware. We care about people. We follow current affairs. We want to connect with people and have our voices heard, hence the dramatic rise in social networking platforms.

Hope and Change. You cannot legislate these things! You cannot manufacture it. Yet the promise of hope and change led people to believe in something. It gave them something worth following. They found a visionary leader who they believed was authentic.

Alcohol, drugs and crime are not the only risk factors. There are many, with suicide and depression ranking high among them, but coming up with ‘band-aid’ type solutions just won’t work. An article in September’s Social Science Quarterly analysed the 2008 US Presidential election and determined that the election outcome had a direct, positive effect on suicide rates among voters. Interestingly, the central themes to that election where these: Hope and Change.

So we find a peer group to belong to. Some of us choose well. Some of us do okay. Others get caught in a not-so-healthy group. The cycle of decline begins:partying, relationships, heartbreak, illicit drugs and dodgy party scenes. Soon you can combine, anger, substance abuse... and WHAM!!! We have street violence, governments trying to legislate respect and media campaigns spending big money to tell us “Violence against women: Australia says no.” Extreme perhaps... but look at the world. These are extreme days that we live in. Entertainment won’t fix the problem. Rehab won’t fix it. Just ask Lindsay Lohan or Matthew Newton. More money won’t fix it. Sadly, politics won’t fix it either. But ‘Youth these days’ aren’t all bad. We are just waiting for someone to show us authentic, visionary leadership. We are waiting for a sense of destiny and purpose. Youth these days: They just want something to belong to. (CH)

“i have come that you may have life ...and have it to the full.� -jesus-

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Wasted Waste T

here are so many things that we throw away in our ‘throw-away society’ that is beneficial. Some of the most useful things are organic garden and household waste. Plant and grass cuttings are often taken to the dump and vegetable peelings and off-cuts are thrown in the rubbish. What a waste. This sort of recycling is useful to our gardens and family life. Recycling garden and household waste saves us time and money in the long-term and gives our kids a window into a world where plants grow and can be eaten, not just pulled off a supermarket shelf. There are three things that we can all do with our organic and household waste, if we have a small amount of land: mulching, composting and worm farming. Simple mulching involves putting plant and grass cuttings on plant beds to protect the soil, which slows weed growth and moisture loss.

Involve the kids. It’s great fun and spring is the best time of year to get started.

More complex mulching is a form of composting, where a pile of plant and grass cuttings are piled up in a mound. Over time, this mulch will break down and can be used more effectively on plant beds. Composting is a similar process where plant and grass cuttings and kitchen scraps can be put into a bin, open to the ground with a lid on top. Worms and other organisms come up into the compost breaking down scraps into rich fertiliser that can be used on gardens. Worm farming involves feeding nonacidic, vegetable scraps to tiger worms. Tiger worms are specific worms you will need to buy or ask a worm farmer for. A simple rule for feeding them is that most vegetables are okay and most fruit are not. Like composting bins, worm farm bins can be purchased, but are equally easy and fun to make. Involve the kids. It’s great fun and spring is the best time of year to get started. (PR)

Carrying My Wife

This is a story that has circulated on the internet for some time. We don’t know the author, but it’s a touching story... Hope you enjoy reading it!


hen I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, “I’ve got something to tell you.” She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes. Suddenly I didn’t know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. “I want a divorce.” I raised the topic calmly. She didn’t seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, “Why?” I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, “You are not a man!” That night, we didn’t talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer; I had lost my heart to a lovely girl called Jane, a woman at my work that I had developed feelings for. I didn’t love my wife anymore. I only pitied her! With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement, which stated that she could own our house, 30% shares of my company and the car. She glanced at it and then tore it into pieces. The woman who had spent ten years of her life with me had become a stranger. I felt sorry for her wasted time, resources and energy but I could not take back what I had said for I loved Jane so dearly. Finally she cried loudly in front of me, which was what I had expected to see. To me her cry was actually a kind of release. The idea of divorce that had obsessed me for several weeks seemed to be firmer and clearer now. The next day, I came back home very late and found her writing something at the table. I didn’t have supper but went straight to sleep and fell asleep very fast because I was tired after an eventful day with Jane. When I woke up, she was still there at the table writing. I just did not care so I turned over and was asleep again. In the morning she presented her divorce conditions: she didn’t want anything from me, but needed a month’s notice before the divorce. She requested that for that one month we both struggle to live as normal a life as possible. Her reasons were simple: our son had his exams in a month’s time and she didn’t want to disrupt him with our broken marriage. This was agreeable to me. But she had something more, she asked me to recall how I had carried her into our bridal room on our wedding day. She requested that every day for the month’s duration I carry her out of our bedroom to the front door each morning. I thought she was going crazy. Just to make our last days together bearable I accepted her odd request. I told Jane about my wife’s divorce conditions. She laughed loudly and thought it was absurd. “No matter what tricks she tries, she has to face the divorce,” she said scornfully. My wife and I hadn’t had any body contact since

my divorce intention was explicitly expressed. So when I carried her out on the first day, we both appeared clumsy. Our son clapped behind us, saying, “Baba is holding Mama in his arms!” His words brought me a sense of pain. From the bedroom to the sitting room, then to the door, I walked over ten meters with her in my arms. She closed her eyes and said softly; “Don’t tell our son about the divorce.” I nodded, feeling somewhat upset. I put her down outside the door. She went to wait for the bus to work. I drove alone to the office. On the second day, both of us acted much more easily. She leaned on my chest.. I could smell the fragrance of her blouse. I realized that I hadn’t looked at this woman carefully for a long time. I realized she was not young any more. There were fine wrinkles on her face, her hair was graying! Our marriage had taken its toll on her. For a minute I wondered what I had done to her. On the fourth day, when I lifted her up, I felt a sense of intimacy returning. This was the woman who had given ten years of her life to me. On the fifth and sixth day, I realized that our sense of intimacy was growing again. I didn’t tell Dew about this. It became easier to carry her as the month slipped by. Perhaps the everyday workout made me stronger. She was choosing what to wear one morning. She tried on quite a few dresses but could not find a suitable one. Then she sighed, all my dresses have grown bigger. I suddenly realized that she had grown so thin, that was the reason why I could carry her more easily. Suddenly it hit me; she had buried so much pain and bitterness in her heart. Subconsciously I reached out and touched her head. Our son came in at that moment and said, “Dad, it’s time to carry mum out.” To him, seeing his father carrying his mother out had become an essential part of his life. My wife gestured to our son to come closer and hugged him tightly. I turned my face away because I was afraid I might change my mind at this last minute. I then held her in my arms, walking from the bedroom, through the sitting room, to the hallway. Her hand surrounded my neck softly and naturally. I held her body tightly; it was just like our wedding day. But her much lighter weight made me sad. On the last day, when I held her in my arms I could hardly move a step. Our son had gone to school. I held her tightly and said, “I hadn’t noticed that our life lacked intimacy.” I drove to the office and jumped out of the car swiftly without locking the door. I was afraid any delay would make me change my mind… I walked upstairs. Dew opened the door and I said to her, “Sorry, Dew, I do not want the divorce anymore.” She looked at me, astonished. Then she touched my forehead. “Do you have a fever?” She said. I moved her hand off my head. “Sorry, Dew,” I said, “I won’t divorce. My marriage life was boring prob-

Photo from

ably because she and I didn’t value the details of our lives, not because we didn’t love each other anymore. Now I realize that since I carried her into my home on our wedding day I am supposed to hold her until death does us apart.”

Now I realize that since I carried her into my home on our wedding day I am supposed to hold her until death does us apart Dew seemed to suddenly wake up. She gave me a loud slap and then slammed the door and burst into tears. I walked downstairs and drove away. At the floral shop on the way, I ordered a bouquet of flowers for my wife. The salesgirl asked me what to write on the card. I smiled and wrote: “I’ll carry you out every morning until death do us apart.” That evening I arrived home, flowers in my hands, a smile on my face, I run up stairs, only to find my wife in the bed... DEAD. My wife had been fighting cancer for months and I was so busy with Jane to even notice. She knew that she would die soon and she wanted to save me from whatever negative reaction from our son, in case we push thru with the divorce. At least, in the eyes of our son... I’m a loving husband. The small details of our lives are what really matter in a relationship. It is not the mansion, the car, the property, and the bank balance that matters. These create an environment conducive for happiness but cannot give happiness in themselves. So find time to be your spouse’s friend and do those little things for each other that build intimacy. Do have a real and happy marriage!



Self Development

The Online Business Revolution T

he hardworking business owner could work 50-hour weeks and still only just cover the overheads. Today though, starting a business is almost risk free and requires little time if you join the online revolution.

Once upon a time starting a retail business meant risking thousands of dollars renting a shopfront, finding stock and paying staff.

Online business is causing a mass exodus from traditional employment as people seek a smarter, easier and fun way to work. This new generation of business people are trading in their offices to instead watch the dollars tick over on their couch.

The first internet site that comes to mind when you think online business is eBay, and it’s not hard to see why. With 83 million buyers and sellers across the world producing $2000 worth of sales every second, eBay is the ultimate global marketplace making online business accessible to anybody. An Introduction to PROJECT MANAGEMENT Course:

“The Essentials for Success in Your Business or Career”

Date: Saturday, 23rd October 2010 Time: 9am - 4pm Venue: Arncliffe Community Life Centre, Main Auditorium. Corner of Kembla & Hirst Streets, Arncliffe NSW 2205 Trainer:

Normally $500, but for the first 20 people to register Pay Only


Granville R. May - Group Managing Director & Principal Facilitator, Synergy Solutions Group ( Asia Pacific ) Granville is a leading Project Management Trainer in Australia & Asia with experience in variety of industries including tourism, aviation, banking & finance, IT&T, construction, Defence, Police & Military. Past clients include AAPT Australia, Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, BAE Systems Australia and United Nations.

You can begin by selling things around the home like books, DVDs, kitchen items, children’s toys and furniture. But if you want to do more than flog off your household knick knacks consider buying stock in bulk, direct from wholesalers. Of course, this can be done online too. Alibaba is an internet doorway to Chinese suppliers. The site connects everyday people to cheap wholesalers in China, allowing you to become an importer and seller in the click of a button. You can virtually import cheap products from China in bulk and re-sell them on eBay for a profit without having to leave your living room. And just like eBay, the products on offer are almost endless.

What product should I sell?

With 83 million active users, chances are there is someone in the world who will buy your product on eBay, no matter what you choose. But among the products in greatest demand are clothing, which sells every 17 seconds, DVDs which sell every 60 seconds, household items which sell every 40 seconds and car parts which sell every 60 seconds. If you choose an item in great demand, you will have a lot of competitors also selling the same thing. This is where your description, photographs and rapport on eBay will set you apart from the rest. If you prefer to avoid the competitors, find a niche market selling products that are less popular but still in demand. Play to your strengths and expertise. If you are a stay-at-home mum, source baby and children’s items you know mums would need. If you are technologically savvy, look at purchasing phones, laptops and other electronic gadgets. Musicians can source instruments and accessories, the opportunities are endless.

How much should I pay for wholesale products?

Wholesalers on Alibaba sell a minimum amount of products. For example, if you were sourcing handbags you might have to buy a minimum of 100 pieces. The site allows you to instantly message the wholesaler to negotiate your price. Remember, this is China where bartering is an accepted part of business so don’t be afraid to talk them down.

Testimonials: “The training was well-structured and informative. The trainer was very enthusiastic and made the class fun.” “The facilitator offered many real life examples. I’ve gained new ideas and can’t wait to apply them at my workplace.” “Gran has in-depth expertise of the subject. I found the course useful and worth my time.”

How do I know if the products are good quality?

To register visit or call Ben 0416 111 201 Email enquiries: Brought to you by: & Kingdom Culture International

Courses endorsed by:

The risk of buying wholesale from China online is that you are not able buy a sample to test the product first. To minimise this risk make sure you stick to buying from suppliers who are verified Gold Sellers, which means their stock has been checked by the Alibaba company and their quality control has passed the test. Also, check to see if you can purchase one or two items you want from the same wholesaler through the new AliExpress site, designed for smaller wholesale orders.

10 tips




1. Browse and research

Unsure if what you’re planning to sell on eBay will be popular? Search eBay for similar items to gauge interest and see what price they’re selling for. Consider what you can do to set you apart from other sellers: can you can undercut them and still make a profitable sale? Can you provide better photos and descriptions to better promote your item?

2. Build your credibility

One of the pillars of eBay’s success is the user feedback system. This allows buyers to leave comments and rate your service and products as either positive, neutral or negative. You need to earn a lot of positive feedback to be able to win buyers’ trust and give you a competitive edge above other sellers. Some tips for earning positive feedback include: be honest about your product in your description and include any faults and flaws and extra costs, answer as many buyer queries as possible, and be sure to post the item quickly.

3. Fees and charges

The only compulsory fees eBay charges are insertion and final value fees. Insertion fees for listing your auction depend on the reserve price you set for the item, starting at 30c for an item under one dollar. The final value fee will depend on the amount it actually sold for. Other fees are for optional extras, such as extra photos for 25c each or a bold entry for $2. Think about whether you really need these extras in order to sell your item and keep in mind that eBay will charge you for this even if your item fails to sell. eBay will also double your insertion fees if you choose more than one category in which to list your item, which will also double your upgrade fees for photos and the like.

4. Buy It Now

If you’re uneasy about letting the auction process alone determine the price of your item you can set a price with the “Buy It Now” option. You have the chance of getting exactly what you want for your item quickly, as long as you’re realistic about its actual value. The “Buy It Now” option adds a 10c premium to your listing, but this will vanish as soon as anyone makes a bid on your item.

5. Understanding PayPal

PayPal is ultimately designed to protect buyers, but Australia Post recently added some safety features to protect sellers from dubious buyers – such as those using stolen credit cards or who claim goods weren’t sent. To qualify you must send the goods using a completely track-able shipping method, such as Registered Post within Australia or for international buys use a company which supports door-to-door tracking that is viewable online, such as UPS, FedEx or DHL. Remember, you will have to get your buyer to agree to those shipping costs upfront and make sure you keep copies of the paperwork. Be aware that PayPal charges extra fees for using credit card funded methods. You will be charged 30c and between 1.1 and 2.4 percent for every transaction through your premier account if your buyers choose to pay by credit card through PayPal. This might be an acceptable business cost if you have a serious eBay business, but if you’re just selling a few items you should deter buyers from this payment method as it can eat into your profits.

6. Ending auctions early

You may get enquiries from eager buyers asking you to end the auction early and outside the eBay forum. If you don’t know the true value of your item you might end up being an easy prey for those looking to score a bargain. It also means that you will forfeit any seller protection eBay offers you. If you do decide to settle outside eBay, do not accept any credit card or cheque payment methods because they can be too easily faked, stolen or reversed.

7. Accurate descriptions

Don’t overstate your descriptions or deliberately leave out obvious flaws as this could lead to a buyer dispute. Also, remember it’s a copyright infringement to plagiarise someone else’s listing description.

8. Provide prompt replies

Be prepared to answer the many queries buyers will post about your item. Choose to publish your answers on the auction page to prevent similar questions from rolling in, and make sure the initial description of the items are clear. But remember, every query you answer could lead to more bidding and a better end price so stick with it.

9. Shipping costs

Deciding what to charge for shipping is difficult, and unpopular with buyers. You can prevent contention by doing some homework. Where possible, pre-package your item, measure and weigh it. For calculation tools visit eBay’s help section and compare this with Australia Post’s postage calculator.

10. Mentoring

If you decide that you enjoy trading on eBay and are ready to take the step from online garage sales to building a serious business, seek training from those in the industry. YaBe Training is a service that provides courses in buying and selling on ebay from basic to advanced levels. Its instructors hold the Education Specialist trained by eBay qualification, visit au Bidding Buzz is an Australian training company headed by eBay success stories Matt and Amanda Clarkson from the Gold Coast. They offer workshops and at-home courses on how to build a serious online business importing goods and selling them on eBay, visit http://www.biddingbuzz. (HM)





the Outside

World Photo by KellyB. from

Fathers and mothers each bring different qualities to parenting. Fathers can’t mother, and mothers can’t father. That is why both parents are so important to a healthy upbringing.


eing a parent is all about working towards redundancy. In other words there will come a time when your children will be able to stand on their own two feet. Eagles do it with their chicks that don’t want to leave the nest.

strange, unknown world called ‘the plant’ or ‘the office’. Erma Bombeck recalls playing ‘house’ with her dolls as a little girl. She always knew what to do with the mother doll and the kid dolls, but the daddy doll was a puzzler. She decided to handle her confusion by dressing him up and having him announce, “I’m off to work now”. Then she would toss the daddy doll under the bed for the rest of the day.

Dr Ken Canfield, one of the world’s best fatherhood researchers, tells us how dads help children explore the outside world, just like the eagle.

Think about what a child sees. Each day, Dad showers, shaves and puts on official ‘going to work’ clothes. Dad grabs his briefcase and/or lunch and gets in the car and . . .he goes. He goes off into the

Let’s say you see your kids staring out the window on a rainy Saturday. You announce, “Hey kids, let’s go outside for a walk.” If your wife overhears this, she’ll probably say, “Are you crazy? They’ll get wet.” Now understand that she isn’t being a spoil sport, she’s simply responding to her natural, comforting, sheltering instincts. Where Mum sees wet clothes and sniffles, Dad

So you compromise. You tell your wife, “Don’t worry. We’ll put on our raincoats and I’ll make sure we come in before we get cold.”

I can still remember my dad telling me the story when I was a little boy. The parent eagle, trying to coax the younger eaglets to fly, finds that they don’t always like the idea of leaving the comfort of the nest. Sometimes the parent has to push them out of the nest, letting them fall for up to 30 metres before swooping down and catching them on its back over and over again until the eaglet learns how to fly on its own.

We say, ‘It’s a man’s world’ To some, it may mean that men chauvinistically control all the power, but in terms of fathering, we say, ‘It’s a man’s world because ‘out in the world’ is where men traditionally operate. I mean to take nothing away from stayat-home dads or mothers who provide the primary income for their families, but in general terms, it is commonly the father who ‘goes out into the world’ every morning.

ties and people outside the mother’s sphere . . . [which] expands the child’s horizons and stimulates his thinking processes”.

sees an adventure - the thrill of tasting raindrops, jumping in mud puddles and rescuing worms off the sidewalk.

A child’s model for going off into the unknown world is largely the father. Even in families where the father works at home or cares for his children full-time, a boy or girl looks to Dad to see how exploration of the world is done. According to Yale Child Study Centre psychiatrist Kyle Pruett, “It is through the father that the baby first learns about coming and going, transitions, separations and non-mother nurturing.” An involved father initiates his children into ‘a world of objects, activi-

The kids hear that and, knowing that both mum and dad are alert to their needs, they can go forth in confidence. Isn’t getting your kids to that point - when they can go forth confidently - the whole purpose in parenting? Dads, your children need you to be a man and help them take risks. Your children need you to lead them on a journey of discovery to explore the outside world just like the eagle does for its young. So take up the challenge and be a man because that’s what your children need. (WM)

Talking to Yourself It’s 5:30am on a Saturday. Your kids don’t know that. All you want to do is have “five more minutes”, but they want brekky… NOW! “Poor hubby... he’s worked so hard all week. I’ll let him have a little sleep-in”, you tell yourself, so you get up and get the kids’ breakfast.

It’s now 7am. Cartoons are blaring from the TV, someone is crying, another is shouting. Hubby is still in bed. “Darling man... he must be so exhausted from all those meetings. He’s sleeping right through all this noise!” So you tell the kids, “Shush! Daddy’s still sleeping!” and let him have the sleep-in he well deserves.

Does any of this sound familiar? Has anyone else had this kind of conversation in your head, or is it just me? For some, it might be husbands, for others your boss. Or maybe you’re still living at home and you find yourself muttering under your breath or writing in your journal because your parents are just “too much”.

Otherwise, we’re allowing a bitter root to grow in the garden of our lives. And if you know anything about gardening (I don’t, but my husband tells me all about it!) you’d know that the only kinds of roots you want in your garden are strong, healthy ones. (RR)

Have you ever noticed that most of our frustration comes from these silent conversations? Conversations we have with ourselves that may start off quite calm and innocent, but end up getting us worked up and angry. The truth of the matter is that these situations can easily be avoided if we stopped having conversations with ourselves and started having them with people.

8am comes and goes, still no sign of dad. Frustration creeps in. “I thought he said he was going to fix that back door today! I’m all for a sleep-in, but doesn’t he realize it’s 8 o’clock?!”

We’re so afraid of what their response ‘might’ be, that we keep all our feelings and thoughts bottled up inside. Just like a fizzy drink with its lid still on, we get shaken more and more through the things people say to us or the way we are treated and eventually, one day, we WILL burst and make a complete mess.

It’s now 9am. Your kids have been up for hours. They’re bored of the TV, fighting over the Wii and won’t share their morning tea. You’ve managed to have left-over cold toast and soggy cereal for breakfast and are now hanging out the washing, breaking up a fight, changing a nappy and hubby… well, hubby dearest is still sleeping. “That lazy so-and-so! Doesn’t he realise that he’s a parent too? How can he sleep while I have to do all this on my own?!” Hubby finally makes an appearance. He’s showered, dressed, looks and smells great in his shorts and new t-shirt you bought him last week. “Gooooood morning!” he calls out. “How is my lovely family today?” You look up at him, fire shooting from your eyes. Deep down you want to yell, you want to shout - “How are we?! I’ll tell you how we are!! We are coping just fine, thank-you-very-much with no help from you!!!” but instead you smile and say, “Fine thanks”. Hubby gives you and kids a kiss, heads towards the door, grabs his wallet and keys and says, “See you after the game! Love you!” “Darn! I forgot he was going out for that golf game with the neighbour today! He is seriously the most selfish father I know! Sonya’s husband is always home, playing with the kids. He even built them a cubby house last weekend. My husband...?! Huh! No sign of HIM doing anything like that with HIS family! He’d rather be out with his friends than at home with us!”…

There’s nothing to be afraid of when letting people know how you feel. Wives, talk to your husbands. My husband often tells me, “You have to tell me these things! I can’t read your mind, you know!” And I don’t mean talking with that ‘tone’ we’re so accustomed to! But in a loving, calm way, tell him what’s going on. Kids, talk to your parents. We are desperate to hear how you feel and what you’re going through. Employees, talk to your bosses. Instead of keeping things to yourself, tell them how you feel and areas you think could improve around the workplace. When we’re honest and open with each other, we give ourselves a better chance at finding real peace.

My advice:

when you start talking to yourself again, go find a real person to talk to. Chances are you’ll be surprised at their response!


14 profile

PROFILE: Sam Cawthorn Balmain man Sam Cawthorn went from near death to international success in under three years, and is now inspiring others. His revolutionary Bounce Theory is a roadmap to bring lives, businesses and corporations out of crisis and into success. Heidi McIvor learns what makes this resilience expert, motivational speaker and entrepreneur tick.

Once the victim of a tragic accident, Sam is now a sought-after motivational speaker, CEO and entrepreneur whose inspirational story is changing lives across Australia. His business success began when he realised that his journey of personal and physical recovery could be related to organisations, personal lives and corporations. Sam charted the pivotal steps of his recovery into a fivestep plan he calls the Bounce Theory. Based on his self-proven belief that anyone can recover from a crisis and bounce forward, not back, has brought him before Prime Ministers, businesses and some of the biggest corporations in the world. His message has been heard by over 50,000 people – not one of which leave his presentation without crying and laughing as he details his miraculous journey of survival. “A crisis is a crisis – it doesn’t matter if it’s personal, economic, business, family, physical, mental or emotional,” Sam says. “When we’re in the middle of a crisis we go into a mode that can lead to depression, innovation, creativity and other feelings. “When you look at history some of the worlds’ greatest opportunities have derived from a crisis moment.” Sam’s crisis moment came in 2006 when he experienced a head-on collision

RESILIENCE. Most of us would describe it as the ability to bounce back from a crisis – unless you’re describing Sam Cawthorn. This Balmain father of three coined a new brand of resilience when he vowed to do more than bounce back from a car accident that left him an amputee with permanent disabilities. Sam prefers to describe his incredible new lease on life as “bouncing forward”. “Bouncing back puts you in the same position that got you into that crisis in the first place,’’ he says. “Bouncing forward means that you don’t just recover, you move on to a different place.

with a semi-trailer in his home state of Tasmania. Being resuscitated at the scene, Sam was not meant to survive and certainly never meant to walk again. The accident left him with six broken ribs, a lacerated liver, punctured kidney, the collapse of both lungs, a lost knee cap, and a broken femur, fibula and ankle. Doctors amputated his right arm and he was left with a permanent disability in his right leg. Most of us would find it hard to discover opportunity in this circumstance, but Sam is living proof of the first principle of his Bounce Theory: crisis moments create opportunity. “For about two days after coming out of my coma I cried non-stop,” says Sam. “I just couldn’t believe it, it was like a nightmare. “But after those two days I’ve never ever looked back. “It’s been 1445 days since my accident, and they have been the greatest days of my entire life. “Life is just what you make it.”

Married with young children, he saw his survival as a second chance to live the dreams he never fulfilled. A year later he took his first steps, and the rest is history. Sam, established his own company Empowering Enterprises, through which he authors life-changing programs for young people and students, develops organisational health programs and delivers social movements against racism. His main gig as a keynote speaker has brought him before former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and some of the world’s leading corporations, such as Google. Add to his quiver the Australian of the Year 2009 award for Tasmania and you get a picture of just what extraordinary achievements Sam has attained in the four years since his accident.


“ don’t take anything for granted anymore, not my wife, my kids, my friendships or my family. I value everything.”

Sam, who now lives in the Sydney suburb of Balmain with wife Kate and children Emelia, Ebony and Jacob, admits that his mind still boggles at how life has changed. Prior to his accident he was an energetic individual with his finger in “too many pies”. A talented musician and hip hop dancer, he established a music school in Tasmania teaching singing and dancing. He also worked as a Regional Industry Careers Advisor, helping young people entering the workforce, and juggled a young family at the same time.

Despite achieving things he had never dreamed of, Sam smiles when he thinks about the little ways he has defied the odds. Losing his right arm did not stop this passionate guitarist, who has been playing since he was seven, performing. He is one of the only people in the world who can play guitar with one hand. And one day being able to walk his two daughters down the aisle was one of the motivators behind him learning to walk again. Unfortunately Sam, one of 11 children, has been forced to put his Bounce Theory back into practice in his personal life in more recent times. His brother David, whom he describes as his “best friend” lost a gruelling cancer battle a year ago. “The accident was life-changing, but this has been the most significant event of my life,” Sam says. “I don’t take anything for granted anymore, not my wife, my kids, my friendships or my family. I value everything. “I’ve realised that life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb, but how well you bounce.” (HM) To learn more about Sam Cawthorn, visit his website

eternity jewellers

Made by eternity for eternity

“I was like a little flee in a jar trying to go everywhere at once,” he says. “But I strongly believe in purpose and destiny, and I felt like everything I did up until that moment was preparing me for what I’m meant to be doing now. “I know now, without doubt, that I’m living my purpose and destiny sharing my story and journey with other people and organisations. “There is no doubt this is why I was brought back from the dead.”

Shop 200C. Level 1 Westfield Shoppingtown Hurstville NSW2220 Tel 02 9579 4996 Fax 02 9580 9866



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Japan – The Land of Opposites


f you like your salt and pepper, your black and whites, day and night, sweet and sour, Sonny and Cher…. Okay maybe not the last one, but if you like your holiday destinations with contrasts look no further than Japan. This beautiful country has so much to offer for pretty much everyone, and I could tell you about all the cool electro toilets with 20 flush settings, the crazy gadgets that are as useless as decaf espresso, but that’s not what’s intriguing about this place.

It’s the opposites that somehow make it magical. I’ll give you an example. I got off the train in Tokyo, stepped into a street with what seemed like a million people (imagine Sydney’s George St Town Hall crossing x10). The thought of crossing this thing was daunting, but quite the opposite happened. Not a single bump, barge or foot stepped on. Everybody seemed to come out the other side unscathed, passing me with ease, efficiency, and calm. People! This is not what is supposed to happen! I would be stampeded in other countries with the fast pace city life that makes people, well… impatient and selfish. This place has none of that, everyone gives way, and everyone is considerate and polite. Sound boring? Well not really… yes they are conservative and they bow all the time and welcome you with consistent awesomeness… and yes they don’t like it if you wear thongs on your feet, that’s considered home wear. Again that doesn’t stop the opposite from happening.

I went to Harajuku, which shuns conservativeness (think Christmas fancy dress party on Steroids). I saw ladies dressed as cartoon characters, blue hair and all,

I saw people dressed as punks, 50’s retro Elvis freaks, Goths, and even Japanese men dressed as black Americans, big chain and all. You’d think they want attention and are up for anything right? Wrong! they don’t even want you to take pictures of them, that’s apparently crossing the line. Want another example? I took a Shinkensen (Bullet train), which is a work of engineering genius that took me across the country in what takes City Rail two stops. It’s seriously fast, I mean by the time I got my luggage in and got comfortable, I was in Kyoto already. The point is though, when I got off, all the people rode bikes, women wore Kimono’s (traditional Japanese clothes) and there seemed to be a Buddhist Temple in every corner. You can’t get more contrast than that, or could you? If you didn’t already know, looking at a stranger in Japan for more than 3 seconds is very rude, and if a man looks at another man for 5 seconds or more, it means a challenge of some sort. That’s all okay for me to accept that kind of cultural difference. Butt, and there’s a big butt, I stayed in a Ryokan (traditional Japanese house), think Mr.Miyagi’s house: paper walls, bamboo floor matts, bonsai and all, that’s where I stayed. That’s where I got butt-naked and bathed with an old Japanese man in an Onsen (Japanese traditional spa). We showered together, bathed in a


really hot spa together and greeted each other as though we were in a local pub. I couldn’t look at his eyes for too long, but all his private parts? I could stare at it all day no problem, but that’s kind of like staring at the sun, you just don’t do it.

It might seem like I’m complaining or critiquing their way of life, but be assured I’m not because its home time now and I don’t want to leave this place. In all my travels, I always say to my friends that there is no place like Australia, but now I’m not so sure. (JY)




tv It makes me think of how precious life is and how we should NEVER take life for granted. Each day is a precious gift that should not be wasted away.




t was 11pm on 11 August 2010, the eve of my birthday. While I was on my laptop replying emails, my dear husband came in to the room and sang the whole birthday song just for me, with a card in his hand. When I opened it, it says:

“To my dearest wife... Happy Birthday! Enjoy a 2-Day Getaway. Pack your bags now... because you are not coming home from work tomorrow!” My first reaction was: What do you mean? Where are we going? Who is taking care of the children? Who is going to take them and pick them up from school? Who is going to help them with their homework? When you have many children (I have 5 of them), you will never think of the possibility of having a romantic get-away, or even dream of it. My husband just responded with a smile: “Don’t worry... it’s all been taken care of.” Over the years, I’ve learnt to appreciate the many, many amazing blessings that our loved ones bring us. This morning, my husband handed me a little note from our 5-year old Immanuel to both of us in his little messy handwriting. It says:

In the midst of all these loving gestures, I am also very conscious of many of our loved ones and friends who are in hospital, being treated for many different sicknesses. Teenagers who are depressed & suicidal, single parents who are struggling to raise children on their own, people who have recently lost their loved ones through accidents or illness, people who feel lonely and rejected, the senior citizens in the nursing homes..., the list goes on. It makes me think of how precious life is and how we should NEVER take life for granted. Each day is a precious gift that should not be wasted away. Never hold back a loving thought. Never postpone a loving gesture. Never go to bed angry. Never withhold forgiveness.

Because you will not ever want to live in regret..., if you decide to do the opposite. If your loved one is taken away from you, there is no way that we could ever turn back time, or ever have an opportunity for us to express our love. (CI)

“I love you so muchs By Immanuel.”

A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine W

hile preparing breakfast for the boys one morning, I asked my 3 year old boy Ezekiel what he wanted for breakfast, and he said “Crispix”, so I placed the Crispix cereal without milk in a Thomas The Tank Engine cup with a handle, and asked him to carry the plastic cup to the dinner table. As usual, I reminded him not to spill the cereal, and he said “Ok”.

honey on toast for Immanuel, my 5 year old boy. A few seconds later, I said to Immanuel, “Here is your honey on toast, don’t spill it ok?” He said “ok” and just as he finished saying it, he let out a really big sneeze “ATCHHOOO” and one of the toasts fell to the floor with the honeyed part facing down. I picked the toast up from the floor and there it was, gooey and sticky honey all over the floor.

As soon as he was about to reach the table, he tripped and spilled the cereal all over the floor, powdered bits and all. So I asked him to stand aside and wait for me to clean it up while I finished preparing

By this time I really felt like shouting, because here I was trying to get all the kids ready for school and we were running out of time... but at the same time I actually felt quite amused by the whole situation and

was laughing inside, as I looked at both boys looking at me with innocently-guilty looks on their faces. It was almost as if it was a premeditated scenario. Instantly both boys said “Sorry Mummy” and I had to put on a straight face and said: “You have to try to be more careful next time ok?” And they said “Ok”. Lesson of the day: Don’t stress when things go wrong... just try to see the funny side of it and laugh it off! :D There’s an old proverb that says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” (CI)


While watching X-Factor on TV the other night, I listened to a song that was originally sung by Christina Aguilera, “Hurt” and listened to the lyrics: “I’ve hurt myself... by hurting you...” So often we don’t realise that when we hurt other people, we are actually hurting ourselves. When emotions rage, people can so easily say hurtful things to others, but they are not even aware that they are in fact hurting themselves. When words are spoken out, it can never be taken back, or be erased from the memory of those who hear it. So we need to choose our words wisely, not just be careless with whatever we feel like saying at the time. Sure... we need to let out our emotions, but lashing out hurtful words is not the solution, instead it can blow up the relationship. But the worse part of it all is, if we never ever had the chance to make amends, to actually say sorry to the person we have hurt. On the other hand, maybe you haven’t told someone that you have forgiven him/her. Either they moved to another country... or died suddenly, without warning. After all, life is in God’s hands. But can you ever live with yourself if you had to live the rest of your life knowing that you had a chance to say sorry but you didn’t, and before you had the chance to do it, it is then too late...? If this speaks to you... I hope you will decide to do the right thing... before it’s too late.(CI)

Making Time I never seem to have enough time! With work and family commitments, it seems that when I do have spare time, I’ve got to do something around or in the house or yard for upkeep. You know what I mean: mowing, taking stuff to the dump, cleaning up...the list goes on. So what I am suggesting might first sound strange. Hear me out. The solution is to make time for others. Yes, you heard me right. Make time for others. And this is coming from an individualist, who likes my own space and company! Putting other’s needs before my own? Now that’s a thought. Try it. It actually works. Next time a neighbour mentions a need, instead of saying, “I hope it works out for you,” say, “How can I help?” I am not just talking about next door neighbours here. An example is our neighbour who recently had a hip operation. We offered to help by putting out and bringing in his bin. My wife, an expert at making time for others, offered to help a school mum by picking up her kids from school. I had some extra doggy bones, so offered some to another neighbour. I am not talking about random acts of kindness, but making the time to help others, at the cost of your own time. Why do we say that making time costs us? Because making time does cost us. Cooking a meal and taking it around to someone who needs it, getting extra meat to give some away, doing a man’s ironing because his wife is sick. All of these things take time and cost money. The unwashed dishes and clothes may pile up higher. There is no point glossing over this reality. This is the inevitable trade-off. The reward in making time for others is good friendships and relationships. People will drop things to help you or refer you to others who can help. Those who we have helped see a need that we have and come to help. I remember friends who flew in and stayed with us for part of their holiday to retile our bathroom floor. Another neighbour gives us fresh eggs.

Making time for your neighbour is not a waste of time and its ‘cost’ is worth every cent. Try it. You will be surprised at its benefits and worth. Make time for your neighbour and reap the rewards first hand. (PR) NEW CITY MAGAZINE . 21


Range Rover Evoque RATING



ike many car enthusiasts, I love going to motor shows and seeing the beautiful concept cars being put on offer on rotating stages with smoke, bright lights and scantily clad models posing in front of these pieces of art. The thing is though, it is just that most of the time, these pieces of art that never end up looking the way designers intended it to be... come production time. Someone at Range Rover must have heard our complaints because the Evoque is, in every beautifully proportioned line and detail, the same in production form as the sexy LRX concept. Range Rover also has designed a truly epic SUV Coupe crossover, and has succeeded in melding the two opposites of the car world together. If you think this isn’t hard, you only need to look at BMW’s poor attempt at the exercise. BMW somehow signed off to make the X6 a Frankenstein of Uma Thurman’s Kill Bill butt kicking utilitarian lines, and Kim Kardashians curvier coupe like body! Great in concept but just not right. Range Rover however has done this seemingly impossible task and pulled it off wonderfully. Let’s hope that the Evoque doesn’t lose its Range Rover off-road DNA and just be all looks… we will have to wait and see. The only thing that concerns me is that they employed Victoria Beckham as the face of the Evoque, which clearly shows they are targeting young professionals, whose definition of off road is their driveway.

Ford Focus RS RATING



oy Racers rejoice! The Ford Focus RS has been confirmed for a few lucky Australians come the end of the year, 315 lucky rev heads to be exact. With 224kw of power and 440Nm of torque, the RS is an absolute monster! That much power should never go through the front tires unless you want your arms ripped off violently with torque steer. Somehow the Ford engineers have defied logic and physics and developed RevoKnuckle, which is a trick front suspension that I’m not going to even try to explain. The result…? I must say that it has to be, hands down the best handling front wheel drive car on sale today, or ever in fact. The RS is powered by a gutsy 2.5ltr turbo charged 5 cylinder Duratec engine, the same Volvo sourced machine found on the XR5 but with a bigger turbo, revised camshaft, pistons and mapping. It’s not all about the engine though, it’s the way it handles, its wider, stiffer and tuned to go around corners brilliantly, and it does! The RS is going to be an instant legend with its limited numbers. It really has no real competition, it’s the Lion in the jungle, the Husain Bolt of the Hot Hatch world, and nothing can touch it at the moment, not even the Golf GTI or Civic Type R or even Mini’s Cooper S.

Quick Torque: Power: Price: Verdict: Go Get:

2.5ltr turbo charged five-cylinder engine 224kw with 440Nm Torque. $65,000 estimate. Awesome hot hatch money can’t buy, unless you’re one of the lucky 315 people. If you missed out on the 315 limited numbers, get a Golf R.


“Ask Franchize” Who’s Franchize, what do I ask her?

“Model Want” Yes, models always want this and that!

“Assistance Require, Apply Within” Why do we have to apply? Just ask if you need help!

“Sales Wanted” I know business is tough, I’m sure the other shops want some sales as well!

Advertise with us from as low as $125

Call Joshua 041 339 1100 or email NEW CITY MAGAZINE . 23


feature story

Arncliffe communty life centre




ollowing the resounding success of its premier event last year, the organisers were committed to making this year’s event bigger and even more successful than before. There were over 800 people who attended the Festival last year and this year they attracted well over 1,000 people from the surrounding community. The Spring Festival featured many attractions for all ages including a jumping castle, ferris wheel, petting zoo, pony rides and the ever: popular laser skirmish. Even the Police and Fire Brigade made an appearance to show off their toys and gadgets. It was held onsite at Arncliffe Community Life Centre, corner of Kembla and Hirst Streets, on Saturday 25 September 2010, with a goal to provide a safe and fun day for families to come together and to create awareness of the services they provide to help families in the surrounding community. Some very fortunate people went home with a few door prizes such as iPod docks, XBOX 360, gift vouchers and even a 42” LG Plasma TV! The host, Arncliffe Community Life Centre (ACLC) is a Harm Prevention Charity that promotes the development of good values, life skills and talents to children and young people in the surrounding community as an early intervention strategy to prevent them from getting into a life of drugs, violence, crime and bad associations. They believe that the future of the community, city and nation lies in the future of our children and that raising great kids and young people now means a great future. Currently, ACLC is running a very popular kids program called KidzRock for kids between the age of 4-11years old every Thusday night from 7-8:30pm. They do drama, dancing, singing, rap, craft and hold an annual KidzRock Idol that the children really look forward to.

ACLC in collaboration with Headz Up Ministries have also established HUM Psychology Clinic which offers professional help and support to people with mental, emotional, social and health issues causing difficulty, anguish or distress. Led by a trained and professional clinical and education psychologist who is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society, HUM psychologists are trained in different types of therapy and are skilled in finding the right approach to problems. (BI) For those who missed out this year’s Spring Festival, you can look out for it…, same time… same place…, in 2011.


Photos by: Tarramita Tamtana, Michella Kay, Gunaan Indraya



food FOOD We all need it, we all eat-it some more

than others. When we do talk about food usually we revert to our mother’s cooking and how it doesn’t compare to anything else out there and of course when mum is cooking it’s free! So that’s what we’re all searching for now, since we’ve moved away from our mothers’ houses (I hope... ☺) are places that aren’t going to burn a hole in our wallet. Now there are so many different restaurants, cafe’s, clubs, pubs and RSL’s out there that we can eat at and it can get a little daunting searching through which place is good to eat at and cheap. “But never fear, Sam is here...” (using my superhero voice) to help your dining experience be a good one.

CHAT THAI is situated on 20 Campbell St, Haymarket, opposite the Capitol Theatre. It is a gem of a place! Now, it’s no new thing and everybody who is anybody knows about this place and there is always a queue/line outside and sometimes you have to wait up to 40minutes to get a table but the wait is worth the hunger pangs and does no damage to the wallet. Chat Thai has fairly big servings so you can either eat a dish on your own or share 3-4 dishes between four people and have one of their awesome ice blended fruit drinks and only spend $60-70 all together (depending on how much you eat). With most of their dishes no more than $10... how can you resist? There’s even enough money to go watch a movie. So if you get a chance to head down to CHAT THAI and experience it for yourself I’d love to hear about your experience there! (SY) Photos from:

Chat Thai Haymarket, 20 Campbell Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Opens Daily 11am-10.30pm

review Photos courtesy Altis Architecture

Rocksia Hotel

ROCKSIA hotel, where have you been all my life? Or should I say where have I been!?!? I’ve been living in the Rockdale/Banksia area for some time now and I’ve always driven past the Rocksia, but have never actually ventured in. Not until the other day when the NEW CITY editor and I decide to go for lunch and try it out. Now, the first thing that caught my attention was the design of the place, very modern and sleek looking and how easy it was to get parking. There is an abundance of car space whether you’re parking in the complex or just in and around the ROCKSIA. When we got inside we made a bee line for the bistro, lots of room, good vibe, great decor, friendly staff and so many tables and chairs you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself. We then proceeded to order, so like many Australian men do, I ordered the t-bone steak medium rare. Now, I tend to get Photos courtesy Altis Architecture

picky about my steaks, since I’ve had many years experience in the kitchen. So when I got my steak, I was quite surprised that it was cooked just how I asked. Not only did I get a good steak but I got a plate full of vegies and mash potato and I mean full, all for the tiny price of $22 and that was one of the most expensive dishes on the menu. There is a lot to choose from on the menu like the Ceasar salad, cliché I know, but it was one of the better Ceasar salads I’ve had, crisp clean and tasty. The only critique I’d make is that I’d use chicken thigh fillets which are a lot more tastier instead of tenderloins which tend to be dry but that’s the chef in me. All in all, we had a good experience at the ROCKSIA Hotel and I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind good affordable bistro food... (SY)

Rocksia Hotel (Winner of the 2009 AHA Casual Dining Venue of the Year Award) 299 The Princes Highway, Arncliffe NSW 2205 Trading Hours: Monday - Thursday: 10am till 1am Friday - Saturday: 10am till 3am Sunday: 10am till 10pm




The Social Network

With a host of up and coming young talent; The Social Network looks poised to be an instant classic & will in turn seek to define the cyber culture of this internet flooded generation. It is a movie that relates extremely well with the times and even though it is a sensationalised history of Facebook, I think it will still manage to possibly be one of the biggest movies of the year! Scott Foundas, a well known L.A. Film critic has been bold in his highly favorable review. In one statement, Scott said, “This is very rich material for a movie on such timeless subjects as power and privilege, and such intrinsically 21st-century ones as the migration of society itself from the real to the virtual sphere—and David Fincher’s The Social Network is big and brash and brilliant enough to encompass them all”. He then follows that up by stating the following: “The writing is razor-sharp and rarely makes a wrong step, compressing a time-shifting, multi-character narrative into two lean hours and perhaps most impressively, digests its big ideas into the kind of rapid-fire yet plausible dialogue that sounds like what hyper computer geeks might actually say (or at least wish they did): Quentin Tarantino crossed with Bill Gates”. Enough said, I believe people will be lining up by the droves to watch this. I’d like to call this movie “The Movie of Our Times!”



R.E.D. (Retired and Extremely Dangerous) is an intelligent, razor sharp and pulse pounding adrenaline fuelled ride! With a great cast of seasoned veterans which include: Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich as a quartet of retired CIA agents who must band together in order to survive when they are targeted for assassination. I love the action sequences because they are so fresh & imaginative. You’ll see things in this movie that you’ve never seen before. Like Bruce Willis stepping out of a spinning car so casually and unleashing a payload of fury on his Pursuers! Helen Mirren is also a dream in her role as Victoria, the highly refined but lethal ex-CIA agent that is both brash and classy. It’s rather comical in the coolest of ways seeing her handle machine guns with ease. I particularly enjoyed Victoria’s sniper scene. Not to mention Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich on the screen together is such a treat and a feast for both the mind and the senses. You’ll be left with a wonderful aftertaste and the desire to come back for more. Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, producer of such films as: Salt, Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen said: “I’m so excited at the phenomenal cast that Robert and our script have attracted”, “I think audiences are going to have a great time.” If you’re into conspiracies and government cover ups, this is the movie for you. It’s fresh, innovative, fun, intelligent, action packed and a visual romp that’s both spectacular & refined.

Life As We Know It

I absolutely love Inspirational true stories and Conviction is a tour de force of gripping, emotional, powerhouse performances by two-time Academy award winner Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby, Boy’s Don’t Cry ), Sam Rockwell (Iron Man 2, Frost/Nixon), Academy Award Nominees Minnie Driver (Good Will Hunting), Juliette Lewis (Cape Fear) & Melissa Leo (Frozen River). The script writing by Pamela Grey and directing by Tony Goldwyn is nothing short of amazing. Conviction is Goldwyn and Grey’s second collaboration together. Goldwyn previously directed A Walk on the Moon, whereas Grey wrote the screenplay. As far as I’m concerned it’s a masterpiece from start to finish. Conviction tugs all the right heart strings and will leave you breathless and amazed as you watch the unfolding of a Tragedy turned to Triumph! It’s a story of a sister’s devotion to her brother and her unwavering plight to prove her brother’s innocence; in what was an 18 year long fight for her brother’s freedom from prison. The timeless message comes through; that love never quits and will always seek the best of others. We are our brother’s keeper and a true family will always stick together! The story is so rich in detail and captures the true life account wonderfully. Whether it’s Betty Ann Waters’ (Hilary Swank) extreme sacrifice of studying for years to become a lawyer just to take on one case and one case only of her wrongly accused brother Kenny (Sam Rockwell); you’ll be drawn into every scene with a sense of justice rising in your heart to see the wrongs put right.

This is a Romantic Comedy at heart and features two of Hollywood’s brightest stars which include Katherine Heigl (27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth) and Josh Duhamel (Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) The Story centres on a beautiful little girl named Sophie who ends up in the care of parents’ best friends, Heigl & Duhamel, due to an accident leaving the responsibility of their daughter’s welfare to Heigl & Duhamel (Sophie’s Godparents). The Twist is that Heigl & Duhamel can’t stand each other after experiencing a terrible first date! I laughed when it was announced that Sophie was to be in their care and they both looked so confused and shocked. Also, another great scene was when they were trying to toilet train Sophie... Heigl then grabs Duhamel’s hat and uses it to catch her waste. Hilarious! One of Heigl’s classic lines was, “She said the same thing about Taylor Swift and that Twilight kid.” This was referring to their blossoming relationship with Sophie being the magnet that brought them together. All in all, a funny movie with adequate points of drama, a fairly decent storyline and great acting. I wouldn’t go as far to say that this is the best romantic comedy out there but it’s definitely one worth watching with the one you love.

Jimmy Barnes : Rage & Ruin

I like the concept for Jimmy’s new album. It’s basically the story behind the man, of him looking back on his worst days with clarity and seeing that there is light at the end of the tunnel the pitfalls he fell into, lessons that he learned and battles he has fought and won. I am a sucker for heartfelt true accounts and this album delivers well. It showcases the heart of an Aussie Icon and Rock Legend that is well known for such memorable hits as “Working Class Man, Khe Sahn and Cheap wine.”

music Stan Walker : From the Inside out

“Rage and Ruin” is very catchy..., with songs like, “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead” and “I’ve Seen It All” (co- written with Mark Semos, his son’s teacher from the Berkley School of Music). It’s a classic “Barnsey” with great rock overtones and the infamous scream we’ve all come to love! Overall, it’s a more rounded album with a great message: that your past doesn’t have to dictate your future and there is always hope and light in every situation you face! Of his album Jimmy said, “I write lyric books all the time & I write down stories and bits and pieces. There was a period in my life where I was pretty heavily... sort of involved in drugs and alcohol and the lyrics I wrote in that period in that book were very, very dark... very, very personal but I thought there was really great insights into the human condition in there. When I got that book out and I look back at it with some clarity... you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I thought it was an interesting concept for the whole record. There are stories where people think they’re not gonna make it through but you do... humans have an incredible survival instinct and you’ll be surprised what you can live through and that’s basically what this whole album is about!”

This is one quality album that rocks hard! From the popping song “High” to “Amp it up’” there is such rich diversity. Going from technotronic beatz (High) to a rocked out intro (Amp It Up)... that blends perfectly. Wow... not to mention the quality and production value is nothing short of superb!!! The best in a Lecrae album to date... it will blast you into the stratosphere and back, you’ll enjoy every moment of the ride and wanna come back for more.

CD review

Lecrae : Rehab

Lecrae is well known in Hip Hop circles for his ingenuity and innovation. He has a natural ability to blend many genres of music and make them all sound so cool, fresh and downright dope. I guarantee that this album will have you bouncing... and yes, even jerking to its catchy and addictive songs. This is Lecrae’s 4th album and if this is any indication of what’s in store for us... I would definitely pre-order his next album without a second thought! When Interviewed by Rapzilla, Lecrae said, “I just recorded a lot of songs... I just wanted to up the ante a little bit and really just... you know, push myself. So I recorded a lot of music and so I’m excited to put them together and put them out there!”

I love this album! It’s hip, fresh and funky. I followed Stan’s every move on Australian Idol last year and was instantly attracted to his bubbly, fun personality, BIG voice and compassionate heart. His song choices reflected his wide range of vocal ability and his convictions stood strong as he is a man of integrity and justice!

His first album (Introducing Stan Walker) was great but he just keeps getting better. “From the Inside Out’ is a more mature sounding album with collaborations from some great artists such as Cassie Davis who wrote the song, “Choose You!” just for Stan. Cassie Davis is a great artist herself and she released a song last year called, “Like It Loud!” that was an instant hit! Stan Himself said, “The album’s called “From The Inside Out”... I guess it’s called that because the songs really show different parts of me. You know... like there’s the soul part, there’s the rocky part, there’s the pop, there’s the RnB... So it just shows all these different bits and I wrote a song called From the Inside Out and it’s the album cover track for this. So, it’s gonna be pretty awesome!” If you want music with heart that will uplift you this is the album for you. It has elements of Soul, Rock, Pop and RnB. A wonderful melodic fusion that is a treat to the ears...

The Essential Dixie Chicks If you want more bang for your buck... this album is great value. It’s a compilation of their greatest hits and more, such as, “Wide Open Spaces”, “Cowboy Take Me Away” and “Without You”, nicely packaged in a 2CD set! This is a first for the Dixie Chicks and with the launch of “The Essential Dixie Chicks” album here in Australia, it’s no wonder that it has been selling faster than hotcakes from Macca’s on a Saturday morning. Seriously though... they have already sold over 1 Million albums in Australia and look to exceed retailer’s expectations in the coming weeks. What a wonderful and generous compilation with over 30 songs these beautiful and talented country singers keep surprising us. They have won 13 Grammy awards to date and took out the coveted Album of the Year award back in 2007. They have become the top selling female group in the U.S. and even though I’m not a country music person at heart, I have to say that this is a fantastic album and I am considering buying a copy myself! Yes... it’s really that good! I can see that this album will continue to fly off store shelves and even if you’re not into country music... one listen to this album and you could very well be.

I’m sooo excited and can’t wait to get a copy of Lecrae’s new album Rehab which features many great artists such as; Tedashii, Trip Lee, Sho Baraka, Sonny Sandoval, Anthony Evans and many more!



s s e l e s U : s t Fac The Virginia Opossum, commonly called “possums”, will pretend to be dead as self defence by lying on its side, going stiff, sticking its tongue out and pooing on itself with a green slime that smells like rotten flesh.

Canadian porcupines kiss one another on the lips. Most leopards normally live up to 12 years in the wild, but in zoos they can live up to 23 years.

Rattle snakes rattle their tails to warn those passing by because they prefer not to fight.

An Emu and Kangaroo are on the Australian Coat of Arms because they cannot walk backwards.

Approximately 700 million people across the globe carry blood sucking hookworms inside their bodies.

Glass can be recycled over and over again forever and ever and will never wear out.

In New Zealand, there are way more sheep than humans.

Each butterfly has 12,000 eyes.

A rat can go without drinking water longer than a camel.

A sheep can only remember up to 50 different sheep faces.

An earthworm has “more heart” than human beings because it has 5 hearts.

Kangaroos can’t fart, they reuse the methane gas the body produces as a source of energy.

In bull fighting, the bull is not angered by the colour of the cape because bulls are colour blind. Rather, they are angered because of the movement of the fabric that irritates the bull.

A Ribbon Worm will eat up to 95% of its own body weight when they cannot find food.

21% of dogs and 7% of cats snore. Do you snore?

Tarantula spiders can live up to 30 years.

An average person will lose approximately 48kg of skin particles by the time they reach 70 years of age.

A fully grown sheep can eat from 1 to 4 kg of food per day.

A leech may be smarter than humans because it has 32 brains.




If your beauty budget has taken a

hit since the economic crisis, consider finding the cosmetic market’s quiet achievers who will deliver quality without the designer price tag. Just because lesser-known brands don’t have their name in lights doesn’t mean they will disappoint.





1 L’Oreal Matte Morphose foundation with built-in primer, $34.95 Covergirl Simply Ageless Foundation with built-in Olay Regenerist serum, $24.95

L’Oreal Mascara, $26.95 Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, $13.95


M.A.C eyeshadows, $32 Designer Brands 12 Mineral Eye Shadow Palette, $9.99

M.A.C Lipglass, $34 Designer Brands Lavish Lip Gloss, $6.99





Revlon ColorStay Eye Concealer, $24.95 Maybelline Superstay 24hr Concealer, $14.95


ome and Away star Ada Nicodemou uses Cetaphil, $8.95, to cleanse her skin, Angelina Jolie’s hair stylist works Johnson’s Baby Powder into her roots to give her hair texture and volume when blow-drying, Julia Roberts soaks her hands in olive oil for a few minutes every week for stronger nails and softer cuticles, Kim Kardashian uses the humble Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, $13.95, on her famous lashes, and French supermodel Laetitia Casta uses a few drops of baby lotion on a cotton pad to gently remove make-up. If the stars are doing it cheaper, so can you. New City explored cheaper alternatives for beauty bag must-haves. (HM)



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