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10 Tips of Live Presenting

Where have all the good men gone?

10 Tips of

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Live Presenting

It’s Time for Good Men to Make a Stand! The Problem With Money

The Problem With Money

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It’s Time for Good Men to Make a Stand!

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NEW CITY Magazine FEBRUARY 2012 EDITION Editor: Ben Irawan Art Director: Herlina Widjaja Local Writer: Miguel Ribeiro Office Manager: Yvonne Widjaja Contributors: Clare Heath Anita Heath Joshua Yanto Samuel Yanto Dea Gunning Samantha Farm Katerina A Warwick Marsh Contact Details: NEW CITY MEDIA PTY LTD ABN: 47 145 474 362 PO Box 1, Arncliffe NSW 2205 Australia Email: Website: For advertising: Call 0416 111 201 or For editorials:

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Letter from the Editor HOW TO PROSPER DURING HARD TIMES... Wow..., can you believe it? We’re already in the 2nd month of the New Year already! How is your New Year’s Resolution doing? LOL Hopefully, you’re really serious about reaching the goals that you set for yourself a few weeks ago and it’s not just an emotional decision you made after a few drinks! :) Are you still on course? Are you happier now once you know that happiness is a choice? Are you eating less junk food? Are you smoking less? Are you drinking less? Are you prioritising more time for more important things like your family? Are you more healthy physically, mentally and spiritually? If you are willing to be honest with yourself, there will be times when you are really tempted to give up the well meaning decision that you made. Come on, be honest! You know how I know? Because, many people go through the same thing! There is nothing new under the sun. There is no problem in your life that others have not experienced. Get this inside your head... YOU ARE NOT THAT SPECIAL!!! LOL Or that unique that you think your problem is so difficult that nobody else has ever experienced it or that nobody would understand what you are going through. The truth is, hundreds or thousands or even millions of people had gone through the exact or similar things to what you are experiencing... and most of them survived and conquered their problems. If they are able to have breakthrough and come out as a winner at the other end of the tunnel... YOU CAN TOO!!! We need to understand that everything moves and happens in cycles and seasons. The sun, the moon, the planets, the stars, summer, autumn, winter, spring, seed, bud, tree, fruit, sperm, baby, toddler, child, teenager, adults, etc. Are you getting the point now? Therefore, there are also seasons in our lives for us to grow and mature not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually. There is a pattern to reach happiness, to reach success, to attain wealth... but unlike the rest of nature, we must “CHOOSE & DECIDE” to go through the right patterns. Being willing to go through the process and seasons of life for us to “become” the best that we can potentially be. Expect for the journey and process to be long and hard... but it will be worth it in the end. Since others have gone through the same things as you, try to learn from other people’s experiences, especially those who have gone through it and succeeded. If you don’t learn to be teachable, you will just waste a lot more of your own time and can potentially destroy your hope for a bright future. Listen to your conscience, that inner voice inside. Ask for divine guidance from the Almighty above. Then push and push and persevere... no matter how hard it gets! You will eventually cross over to the other side. Whether it is in your business, career, relationships, weight control or your health... believe that you can get through it and win. So, if you want to prosper during hard times: 1. Know that there’s nothing new under the sun – your problem is not unique. 2. Understand there are cycles, seasons and patterns in life – you must go through it to get it. 3. Learn from other people’s experiences – don’t make the same mistakes, do the right things. 4. Listen to your conscience – don’t be easily influenced by external things, listen to the voice inside. 5. Keep on moving forward and never give up – perseverance is the key to success. Cheers, Ben Irawan Editor of NEW CITY Magazine



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Tips of Live Presenting

1. Make the good first impression:

You are doing this presentation to sell a product, a concept or to convey information. If you have come in to a room full of strangers or even managers in your own firm and are waiting your turn to present, be engaged anyway. Don’t look like you don’t understand or don’t care about what is going on. Your first impressions are gauged before you start talking.

2. Dress for your audience:

This shows that you take the topic seriously, that you are sharp and you care about the impressions of who is listening. Don’t turn up in jeans and a wrinkled shirt if you are presenting to managers and executives or, you know, anyone. A few little checks you might want to do before you enter the room: Do I have anything stuck in my teeth? Is my zipper done up? Are all my buttons done up? Do I need a breath mint? Basic questions yes, but trust me on this! No one will remember what you actually said if you went the whole way through your presentation with baby spinach stuck in your teeth. And you may just feel like crawling under your desk and crying when you figure out why there were no questions at the end of your presentation.

So you have to do a presentation for work. Fine. Easy. Done. Wrong! Fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears that people site. It sits right up there with the fear of heights and spiders. Sweaty palms, rapid breathing, dizziness and even the oc3. Know your stuff: casional... um... vomit has been known to afMake sure you prepare your presentation and know the subject matter through and through. flict those with a fear of public speaking. You are a lot closer to getting the buy in you

need if your audience believes you and believes you know your stuff. So prepare ahead of time. Don’t cram your prep in just before the deadline. This will only make you nervous.

4. But don’t rehearse so much that you know your presentation word for word and sound stilted and scripted:

Be ready to depart from your script. Maybe you might want to use a metaphor that suits your audience. You might want to pop a one-liner in there to lighten the mood. Keep your audience engaged. Eye contact helps here too! It makes people feel more connected to you.

I don’t have a fear of public speaking. But I do have a fear of being stuck in boring presentations (especially in the afternoon when the urge for a siesta strikes). If you are nervous speaking in public, you may have been told to visualise everyone in their underwear. 5. Don’t just read the PowerPoint slides word for word: I remember exiting a professional developFriend, don’t! Some things you cannot un- ment lecture and asking my colleague what she thought of it. She replied, “Oh it see! Even in your mind’s eye. But if you want was well researched and an interesting topic on paper. If only the lecturer had of me the PowerPoint slides, I could have read it in a fifth of the time required to know a few things you can do to improve sent and got back to actual work.” Harsh. But true. If your presentation is selling an idea, a concept or a product, you want people to leave feeling engaged, interyour skills – read on! ested and informed. Give them more than what is on the slides. Show you know your stuff.

6. As for what to do with your hands:

Do not, I repeat NOT, do the ‘fig leaf’ thing. You know, soccer players do it when a penalty shot is being taken. Two hands, folded one on top of the other and left to hang directly in front of the body. Just no. The old “diamond point” is a favourite for presentation training but make sure you don’t over use it! The diamond point is favoured by Julia Gillard. Thumb to Thumb, Index finger to Index finger (etc), emphasize whatever you are trying to emphasize with a shake of the diamond point. Yeah its ok I guess. Talking with your hands is fine in presentations so long as you refrain from extremes: gesticulating wildly and making the whole thing a theatrical charade or else going the opposite direction and making your gestures rigid and rehearsed. Try to chart the middle ground. Emphasise the point. Be relaxed. Do your thing.

7. No one digs a monotone.

In the first year of University, I was afflicted with Business Statistics. As a course, it was bad enough. When the lecturer went through the dullest of topics with a slow, methodical, monotonous drone it became clear to the whole class that it was going to take more than one large, extra shot coffee and a good night’s sleep to get through. An equally tedious subject, Microeconomics (can you see my enthusiasm for all things math related?), was taken by an animated, enthusiastic lecturer who clearly loved the topic. By virtue of her voice alone, the subject was more bearable. By virtue of her enthusiasm, I was a microeconomics fanatic by the end of the semester. See what difference good presentation skills can make?

8. Repeat after me – “Technology is not 9. Know your venue: It might not always be possible to go into the venue and rehearse but at least have an idea of how the room will be always my best friend.” set up and what it will look like. You will feel more comfortable knowing what you Ok so you have prepared. You got the PowerPoint slides done. You have multimedia organised. This is going to be the best presentation known to mankind. You are sure you’re going to be bombarded with questions, sales, invitations to re-present etc. You pop your USB stick in the side of the computer and then “Shazaam” ...nothing happens. You wait, awkwardly smiling at the boardroom while you all endure a horrible silence. A dialogue box opens up on the computer. “Your file may be corrupted. Windows cannot open it at this time.” NIGHTMARE! I like to save a couple of copies of the presentation in different formats to suit different operating systems. It’s also not a bad idea to ring ahead and check what version and operating system is run on the computer you will be using (If you are using one). A handy thing to do is print off some slides for yourself just in case. This way, you are set for all disasters.

adverTise here for onLy

adverTise here for onLy

are to expect when you walk in, ready to do your presentation.

10. Leave a couple of minutes for questions at the end:

If you have been given 20 minutes to present, leave a few minutes of that for questions. If you get thrown a tough question half way through, you can then say “Thanks for that question. It’s an interesting one that I might cover for you at the end.” Then you can press on without being derailed. If you do get bombarded with questions, great! Take what you can in the time you have allocated and leave your business card for those who want to contact you directly to talk more. Alternatively, let me assure you that people more fondly remember those who were succinct, to the point and didn’t keep them longer than needed! (CH)

adverTise here for onLy

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You may be surprised to know that there are many people who

have at least thought about writing a book or their memoirs, and there are just as many who say they would love to be a writer but have no idea what it takes or how to even begin. Then there are still others who have got as far as writing something and either never finishing it, or they have finished it and then stuffed it away in a drawer somewhere.

So, what does it take to be a writer? • Believe in yourself. You can do it. • A commitment to write something every day. Initially when you are starting it can be helpful to just sit and write without worrying about punctuation or grammar but just write. This will soon begin to flow well and then you can go back later and make corrections and add punctuation. • Writers need to be readers. Read books from all kinds of genres not just your favourites. This helps immensely with understanding the ‘flow’ of words and sentence structure, plot and story line (if you are writing fiction) as well as a whole wealth of other good training. • Read your written work aloud. You will soon see where you stumble over sentences or words. • Learn to ask good questions that require more than a ‘yes or no’ response. If you ask a closed question all you will get is a yes or no response. For example, “Did you like the movie?” But if we ask an open question it draws people out and requires a response. “What were the highlights of the movie for you?” or “What did you enjoy most about the movie?” As you write more the need to interview people well will be of huge help to you, so start practicing now with friends and family – besides, it will also help your communication with them to! • Start a writer’s journal. This is an invaluable tool. Just a small notebook or an A4 size notebook is fine. Jot down things you see and hear, quotes, anything that stands out to you in something you read, hear or are witness to. Also include dreams, questions and problems to solve, news stories that affect you, paste articles that interest you into your journal. You can also add descriptions of faces and voices you see and hear, anecdotes, observations, encounters, memories, reflections, story ideas, feelings, quotations from lots of different sources, and

factual or fictional events and ideas. For example, when we were visiting an historical cemetery in the Point Nepean National Park, on one of the gravestones was written: ‘Edward Mathieson. Aged 32 years. Third officer S.S Cloncurry. Drowned while trying to save a passenger. January 28th 1885. His shipmates have erected this memorial as a token of respect.’ This simple epithet touched me and I thought it could make a wonderful idea for a fictionalised story of the event or similar at some point. So it is in my writer’s journal. After watching one of my favourite movies I wrote the question in my journal, ‘What is a kindred spirit?’ Over time I have found satisfying answers to that question and have them all written in my journal to draw from for my writing. Your writer’s journal can help you if you are stuck for an idea or a quote to express a point or even just for inspiration. My own writer’s journal has section dividers in it and I have different sections for quotes, story and book ideas, writing, and notes. It is an A5 book so that I can carry it in my bag wherever I go. If I am at the doctors waiting room I can do some descriptive writing of a mother and child or husband and wife who are also waiting, or I can list a quote or a part of a conversation I may read or hear. • Don’t be rocked by criticism or knock backs. We all have work that has been knocked back by publishers and editors. Think about what comments they may give you and tweak and change it where necessary. We don’t have to agree with everything they say, but as that old saying goes, ‘Take the meat and spit out the bones!’ Keep trying and look for publishers that print the kind of style you are writing. For example, you wouldn’t send some bush poetry to a home and garden magazine because it is not what they are looking for or what they publish. • The ability to look at things from different angles. Just because someone covers a story or an issue from one angle doesn’t mean it has been done. Think about it from all kinds of different angles and you will get some great writing of interest. (DG)


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Florence + The Machine: Ceremonials

Coldplay: Mylo Xyloto Three years have passed since Coldplay has released a new album. This is their much anticipated fifth album and I dare to say their most ambitious yet. They are one of the biggest bands to emerge in the 21st century and as U2 had their “Achtung Baby” and Bruce Springsteen had his “Born in the U.S.A”, this is Coldplay’s most defining album to date! With grander textures, truly uplifting choruses that propel you beyond where Coldplay have taken you before, and a freshness that is totally optimistic; this is a fun album and there’s so much to discover weaved within layers of sound and wonderful melodic expression. There are similarities on this album to their great 2008 “Viva La Vida” but that was a more Self conscious album whereas “Mylo Xyloto” aided by Brian Eno has been officially hit with “Enoxifiaction”, as they like to call it. Eno’s strange and cool art sound has only enhanced what was an already highly appealing original sound, which has the best of us soaring within the muscular choruses and elegant riffs of soul lifting splendour. “Paradise” would have to be the perfect example of that anthem feel, soaring vocals and euro synth blend that only continues to build just like a cascading waterfall does as it flows into another. I can tell you this was audio paradise to my ears. ☺ This album is about embracing art in times of turmoil and its message packs a definite punch! (MR)

The Welch songstress is back with her second album “Ceremonials” and she has returned to form with much of the same and little variation from her debut smash album “Lungs”, (which she definitely has a great set of) ☺. Her range is quite amazing as she encompasses a whole plethora of styles which include dance, soul, goth, gospel and more. But if you’re expecting something landmark and pop goddess worthy you won’t find it here as she is more of a power ballad diva. The booming songs, ‘All This and Heaven Too’ could have been done with more finesse as they are lyrically gentle and more vulnerable than anything else. With that said though the opening track, ‘Only If for a Night’ is great and lifts you into a whole other dimension of art styled sound. If percussion is more your flavour then, ‘Shake It Out’ is the song for you and nails every beat elegantly with a great message to boot, shake of your past and look to the bright future that’s ahead of you. ‘What the Water Gave Me’ is a stirring hymn inspired tune that gets under your skin and unfolds as a rose does when exposed to sunlight and water. ‘Spectrum’ is a dance track at its heart and a real club friendly song that incorporates over the top Welch vocal swagger with a bumping dance beat. What can I say even though there’s not much that we haven’t heard before, this album still rocks and would be a worthy edition to your album collection. (MR)


Safe House This will be one of the summer’s biggest blockbuster thrillers! If Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds aren’t enough to whet your appetite then surely the action, intensity and twisting storyline should. I know some of you must be wondering, not another Denzel movie, he acts the same in every one. Well yes and no; yes he acts similarly in this to his character in “Man on Fire” and “The Book of Eli” and no, whereas this character is actually as I like to call it, a hybrid character of his previous films and then some. With the addition of Ryan Reynolds who I might add won the much sought after role, it begs to wonder what is it about this movie that at-

The Vow

This is the incredibly inspiring true life account of a couple who only months after their wedding day were wreaked by tragedy when their car was hit by a truck! Paige (Rachael McAdams) wakes up in a coma to awaiting husband Leo (Channing Tatum) whom she doesn’t seem to recognise and actually even mistakes him for her doctor. She has had such immense head trauma that all recollection of their marriage and partnership has become a distant memory or better said deleted from her memory! This then starts the gruelling process of winning Paige’s heart all over again which Leo will stop at nothing to do. This is a refreshing movie and message in the face of the current times and disposable society

tracted the likes of so many great actors? Well, I guess you will have to watch it and find out for yourself ☺ Safe House is about a young and aspiring CIA Trainee named Matt Weston (Reynolds) who must transport one of the world’s most deadly criminals and ex CIA operative Tobin Frost (Washington) to safety, after the safe house where he was being kept is attacked by assassins. There is also a very revealing secret that Tobin shares with Matt that changes the game entirely as the line between friend and foe is nearly blurred completely! Edge of your seat thrills, some great lines and classic action set the scene for a fantastic thrill ride that you won’t want to miss. (MR)

that we sadly live in today. It’s a deep story of true love, faith and commitment that at its heart is all about never giving up or leaving your partner behind, regardless of how severe the challenge is! ☺ For one, it was a certified miracle that Paige even survived with massive head injuries that could easily have killed her, or at best left her in a vegetative state for the rest of her life. It’s a true testament to the power of the human spirit and love of a partner that will never give up on you. This love enables Paige to function again in society and hopefully win her heart for the second time. I watched this cheering all the way and highly recommend it as one of the most inspirational movies of 2012! (MR)

Get Fit Quick?

S o we have all been warned off “Get Rich Quick’ schemes haven’t we? Well, what about the ‘Get Fit/Skinny Quick’ schemes? If you ask

me there are a few myths about. So why don’t we talk about how to actually get fit and lose weight and how to do it in a way that lasts. Let’s talk about the myths one by one.

First of all, there is no quick fix! Sorry to burst your bubble and bring you down to earth again. How long did it take you to put on the weight? It isn’t going to fall off overnight. It is going to take time. After all, it took you time to get here. If you want the weight to stay off, then you need to do things the right way and the right way is often the longer way.

So take the time to think and plan. Keep dreaming and planning for tomorrow. You will reach your goals if you give yourself time and resources to do so. But don’t start from a point of bad body image and reckless discontent. Set yourself up for success by learning to be content and aim to be able to control what you put into your mouth. Make that nutritious food rather than turning to shakes and appetite suppressants.

Why do we have to do it the long way? Because it takes time to make a habit and time to break a habit. You will get sugar cravings. You will cringe every time you order the salad with lean meat rather than the hamburger and fries. But then after a few weeks you will start to see results. You will crave the bad stuff a lot less. You will crave the good stuff a lot more. Your body will like you a lot more. Soon you will be bouncing off the walls with all that natural energy and wearing your skinny jeans while you do it.

Remember long term health is what we should be shooting for. It shouldn’t be about the way you look in the mirror! Think about it this way: What you see in the mirror is a result of how you have treated yourself. The mirror cannot show a healthy digestive system, cardiovascular system or metabolic system, but it can show healthy glowing skin and a trim, toned body. They are just the external results of the positive changes you have made.

Second myth: Pop a pill and it will all fall away. So many of my friends have tried this! Does it work? Yes and no. That is because the pill might make the rolls drop away but you have changed nothing about your eating and exercise patterns therefore you don’t know who to keep the weight off. As soon as you stop taking the pills, the weight comes back on. Weight isn’t just something that got stuck on you when you walked through the confectionary aisle. It is the result of your habits with regard to eating and exercising. You are what you eat. Remember that. Third myth: Skip a meal or two and you will get skinny fast. Honey, this just messes up your metabolism! Don’t go there. My clients are often shocked when I tell them to actually eat more! Well, more often anyway! Instead of eating more, less often (e.g: one or two big meals a day), eat slightly less, more often. Eat good, nutritious food in smaller portions every two to three hours. This keeps your metabolism revved up and keeps you away from ‘starvation mode’ where your body gets nervous that you aren’t going to feed it! It stores everything as fat as a preventative measure. We don’t want that do we?

Remember also that there is a healthy amount of fat! I see so many people in the gym trying to cut all the fat off their body. You should never do this because your body needs a certain amount and type of fat to function. In women, when they drop below 18% fat, things start to shut down or play up. This is a sign that we are taking things too far. We were made to have fat on us, but not an amount of fat that is going to damage us. While maintaining a good diet, aim to go for a walk every couple of days. Go for a long brisk walk. Make sure you make it brisk. It’s all about conditioning yourself for health. No shortcuts. Just long term results and the right kind of habits. Tackle your goals head on and you are bound for success! (AH)

Fourth Myth: Shakes and appetite suppressants are a solution. It is safe to say that I absolutely hate them! The key is to learn to control what you are going to put in your mouth. Appetite suppressants are not the way to do so. Your body was never meant to live on liquids. Foods were made whole so that your digestive system could do what it was made to do: break down your food and gain nutrients and energy from them. Appetite suppressants and shakes are often a short term fix that we turn to when we want something else to do the work for us. But we need to do the work ourselves. It takes time to break an addiction. Yes, food is an addiction. Sugar is an addiction. I recently heard a quote: “We need to learn to be content in our current situation and then dream for tomorrow.” So first we need to be content with everything we are now. Then we are able to think about what we want to change and give ourselves time to do it. Get fit/get skinny quick schemes so often end in disappointment and comfort eating.



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Accessorize Me The festive dinners are done and the parties have come and gone. If like me you purchased new outfits for almost every occasion then the next best thing you can do is change up your accessories and transform your looks from night to day and day to night.

Little Black Dress – This must have staple does not need to be reserved for just the nighttime. Pair with strappy flat sandals, leather arm bands and casual messy hair for ultimate sexy daytime wear. Maxi dress – Transform your trusty maxi into a glamorous look for night with a pair of wedges, large cuff, statement ring and depending on the neckline go 70’s glam with large hoops. These little tips will help you maximize your wardrobe and justify your recent expenditure. If you want to get the most out of your wardrobe then call me to discuss. Hope you enjoy and remember the secret to chic is to appear as if you didn’t have to try to hard. (KA)

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A New Generation is rising... Those who are not content with religion & traditions. A New Generation of Kingdom people... Those who will usher in the Kingdom of Heaven down to earth!


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Where the N

have all

good men gone?

Image: imagerymajestic /

ot too many families consider the raising of sons today as raising a modern day knight for the future ahead, but this is perhaps one of the reasons why we are seeing the disintegration of the standards and values in our young men today.

and offer assistance to a woman with a pram or heavy parcels, now they don’t seem to care and just meander by letting the woman struggle alone. Isn’t it time that we started to bring some of these standards and values back into our sons?

Where once both young and older men alike spoke to a woman in a gentle manner, now so many yell and scream at the women around them, and use abusive and offensive language around them. Where once men would open the door for a lady and step aside for her to pass before them, now so many push and shove and don’t care if a woman is behind them or not and gets a door shut in their face. Where once men would be quick to jump in

We are preparing them for the future ahead when they will have learnt not to be selfish but to be mindful of others, to treat women and men alike with respect and courtesy, to speak to others with respect and integrity, and to help a fellow person in need. Can you imagine the difference it would make to have men like this in the political arena, in the educational field, in the medical profession and other areas of influence? (DG)

Made In Italy



es I’m still on the search for a great Italian restaurant and I’ve found a pretty good one. The first thing you notice about Made in Italy is the Fiat (Italian car) in the restaurant which is somewhat unusual but suits the decor of the restaurant which has just the right balance of old and a bit of new. The wait staff were friendly and know how to talk you into things, I kind of got lost between her looks and her accent hahaha... Hence, why I might have over ordered. It was great to see waiters knowing about what they sell too, it made ordering a lot easier cause they made it sound so good or could it be that I’m just a sucker for an Italian accent. Either way, it was a win-win situation.

We started of with a garlic pizza ($12) and three more pizzas after that; margherita ($15), funghi ($18) and quattro formaggi ($18). The pizzas were nice and thin with just the right amount of topping and full of flavour. Then we ordered 4 pastas which were a little hit and miss with some of the pasta not cooked long enough (spaghetti vongolie). My favourite and one of the dishes was just lacking in flavour (oreccheitte ragleisi) but you must try the mamma mia which has Italian sausage, mushroom garlic and chilli..., it was spot on! So, my quest for the best Italian joint continues. But, for the mean time, head down to Made in Italy and go eat for yourself!! (SY)

G01/ 55 Miller St Pyrmont NSW 2009 02 9518 7555

looking for

a venue? Conferences





IN ST GEORGE AREA Our newly refurbished Main Auditorium can be hired for weddings, birthdays, seminars and conferences. It is fully carpeted, fully air conditioned, dimmable lights, equipped with state of the art projection system and sound system. The Auditorium can seat up to 500 people in theatre style seating or approximately 350 people with table seating. Car parking is available for over 50 cars and a commercial kitchen is available for your use complete with gas burners and dishwasher.

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TRAVEL 3 Things to Do in 1. Go to


Waterbom Park Bali

Waterbom Park Bali is a water based theme park filled with thrilling slides and extreme rides. Even if that’s not for you, then you have the option of chilling in a tube raft down ‘The Lazy River’ and checking out Bali’s beautiful tropical views. Each rides has a different experience, so no ride is the same. However, if you prefer to keep yourself dry, there are various activities available on land. You and your families or friends can enjoy the pools and water volleyball games provided. Younger kids have their own special ‘Kiddy Park’ with smaller slides and water jets. And if you’re a parent wanting some ‘me time’? Treat yourself to a poolside body massage while you keep an eye on your kids in the pool. Waterbom Park is close to the Kuta Square shopping area as well as a beach, so you’ll always find something to do.

2. Hop on

the Odyssey Submarine

The Odyssey Submarine allows passengers to experience the magic of the underwater world. This 45 minute ride will allow you to see marine life up close, including the beautiful corals and flora. Professional pilots ensure that this underwater adventure will be smooth and exciting. Passengers have the opportunity to check out reefs that have rarely been visited and well as just sit back and enjoy the ride. The safe and comfortable environment means that people of all ages can experience the wonders of marine life, no matter what their physical condition. A definite must do, whether you’re going alone or with a group!

3. Shop!

Bali is full of interesting and fascinating things to buy, and best of all? It’s cheap! You can find handmade items, paintings, delicately cut jewellery, stone or wood carvings and woven and dyed fabrics. Bargaining in markets is part of the fun of shopping in Bali, but that’s up to you. Kuta Art Market is where you can find handcrafted souvenirs. Mall Bali Galleria is one of the larger shopping centres, and includes a Duty Free shop. Sukawati Art Market is the biggest market to buy traditional handmade goods, and is usually occupied with tourists and locals during the weekend. It doesn’t matter where you go, cause you’ll definitely end up buying something whether you intended to or not! Here are a few things to get you started on your future Bali trip. Enjoy! (SF)

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Peugeot 208 That is an estimated 950kg car and it they get the engine right, it will be a thrilling drive purely on the power to weight ratio. I’m a fan of hatchbacks. They are practical, good looking and are relatively cheap to own and run. You can go down to Woolies for the weekly grocery run, drive all your friends and dog to the beach, even cruise down George Street to show off your little hatchback with all the other “P” platers on the road. Then you grow up, older, wiser... and fatter of course! Most Hatchbacks do too. Just trawl through history and you’ll witness the fattening, widening and increasing that goes on in the car world. The new Peugeot 208 oddly doesn’t do this. It is smaller, shorter and has lost almost 200kg in some crazy Jenny Craig diet for cars.

This is understated beauty, it will be exclusive not because of its price, but because of its French reputation to break down and fall apart before you drive it out the car lot, so not many people will be brave enough to opt for this car over a Japanese car or even a VW Polo. The car is bold, it has what they call “mobility portal” which is a full touch screen that eliminates the buttons for your air con, stereo and Sat-Nav... its geeky chic! I am absolutely impressed with the direction in which this Frenchy is going, it moves away from the norm and tells the world that Peugeot is back in business. (JY)

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It’s Time for Good Men to Make a Stand! I

I received a phone call last week from a 30 year old dad desperate to be reunited with his 11 month old son.

had already commenced writing this article and really didn’t want to talk to him, but something about his reasoned manner on the phone caught my attention. We usually refer such callers to those better able to assist, such as Dads in Distress or Lone Fathers Association. But this time, I thought that I should at least listen to his cry for help. This man’s de facto girlfriend used to drink quite a bit and hit the drugs from time to time, but things took a turn for the worse when they had a baby together. Their relationship broke down in spite of many attempts at reconciliation. The mother moved with the baby to another part of New South Wales and he stayed in Sydney. This broke his heart but he put up with it until he got a comment on Facebook from her: “I’ve taken pills and I won’t be around tomorrow. Come and grab your f@#*ing son”. He immediately drove out to the country and took back his 4 month old baby boy. His son had bruises on his face and nose and rotting skin around his crotch area from not having had his nappy changed for some time. As soon as this man returned to Sydney he called the police to report the mother’s abuse of the child. The police were shocked at the child’s condition and filed a report. They told him to go to hospital to report the situation to the medical authorities. As he was deeply concerned about his son’s wellbeing he took the child to the hospital as directed. At the hospital the doctors took X-rays of the baby and asked him to bring the baby back in 4 days time. The X-rays later revealed that his son had a fractured skull and fractured wrists. The mother had often threatened physical violence to the child but this was far worse than he had first thought. The young father was asked to bring the baby back to the hospital. At the hospital his son was forcibly removed from his care by DoCS workers with police assistance and placed ‘in care’. In the meantime, his ex-partner had taken an AVO out against him four days after he had collected his son. This AVO was thrown out of court. A second AVO was taken out, but after several months and considerable cost, was again shown to be false and thrown out of court. While this father was struggling to prove his innocence he was only permitted to see his son three times a week on supervised visits for one hour at a time. He told me how sometimes, when he left the ‘one hour supervised visits’ he would pull over on the Sydney M5 Motorway and sob uncontrollably, such was his grief at having his son removed from his care. Although his son was no longer with the mother who was going to “smash his f@#*ing little face into the wall unless he stops crying”, who once boasted to a friend that she had dropped him as a 4 month old baby when she was drunk, his tears would often flow in those moments after visits.

This father told me that the authorities were forcing him to attend parenting classes to prove his credentials as a committed father. He paid for four of these classes himself. It was at one of these group courses, where there were 18 participants, who had all admitted to various levels of child abuse, he realised that their courses were being paid for by the government whilst he, who was only guilty of trying to save his child, had to pay for his own. The “surrealness” of the situation overcame him and when he got up to speak to the group he broke down, fell on the floor and wept uncontrollably. It was at this point in his story he began to weep over the phone and I found it hard not to follow suit. Lies are hard to manufacture, but tears are even harder, especially for a man. “A man’s tears bring eloquence to his words”. Later that week he caught up with me for lunch and showed me the gruesome photos and the violent posts by the mother of his child. His story sounds like some surreal nightmare but sadly it’s a real life disaster unfolding in slow motion. Tragically DoCS are recommending that the child should go back with the mother. They keep telling him when he protests,” Everything we do is in the child’s best interests.” I wish that such stories were rare but unfortunately they are all too common. Tragically, they are about to become more common. Then the full demonization of the male species will become federal law. The 2011 Family Law Amendment, at first glance, sounds wonderfully credible. They keep using that phrase “in the child’s best interests,” but as usual the devil is in the detail. From the above story you can see the dysfunction already occurring with our current anti-male laws. The new laws will make things ten times worse. The new laws remove the friendly parent provision, brought into law in 2006, and remove any possible penalty for lying in the Family Law Court. They also extend family violence to mean anything you might want it to mean. This is of course an incitement to war for couples who are splitting up. The only people who will benefit from the new legislation will be the divorce lawyers who have suffered a 20% drop in turnover since the introduction of shared parenting responsibility legislation in 2006. The big losers will be children because even more children will be separated from their fathers on false allegations of abuse. The result of this will lead more men to suicide and our nation cannot afford the loss of more men. Our male suicide rate is already appalling. You might say, “It’s not my problem!” However, I put to you the word of Martin Luther King, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere”. It’s time for good men to make a stand. As Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. (WM)


Facelift Your Furniture I have a lot of my friends come over to my home. They are amazed by the views and also by some weird pieces that I have. They would ask, where did you buy this at? Ikea? While some pieces are, like my TV cabinet (simply becuase it fits) they usually would ask about stuff I’ve found! I’m not one of those crazy cat people who hoard and keep random things that they find on the street, but at the same time I am. Now before you start calling the council on me, I don’t just randomly collect, I choose quite carefully and then facelift them. Like a fashionista perusing through vintage clothing, taking them home and tailoring them to fit, I do the same. I tinker and paint, touch up, and revamp them to modernity but making sure I still respect its character. So next time you see a hunk of junk, see its potential and make your friends wonder what store you got your cool new piece from. (JY) Images from

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The Problem With Money

To some the Global Financial Crisis is all but over. To some it’s a bad memory of something that could have been a whole more catastrophic than it was. Thank heavens for our ‘Island in the Pacific” national status, I guess. It seemed we weren’t rocked as hard as we could have been by the disasters that struck the mega-economies in America and Europe. Of course there were those whose property portfolio’s crashed, whose superannuation was no longer enough to retire on and whose small businesses all of a sudden had to deal with a marked decrease in consumer spending. Maybe the worst of it has passed, but then again maybe not. The current economic climate feels about as steady as the tectonic plates upon which New Zealand rests its shaky heels. Here is the thing: The best time to prepare for upheaval is not in the midst of the crisis, but before it. If you surf the news sites you will see predictions of another property market slump and rumours of yet more unpredictability with interest rates. If we are sitting in the calm before the economic storm, what do we do about it? I am not suggesting we all stock up on canned goods and build veggie gardens but simply that we spend some time trying to understand “how’s, why’s and what to do’s” of shaky economies. Let me call your memory back to World War I. Up until this point, currency was largely backed by the commodities of gold and silver and herein lay its value. Gold standard was the term used to describe such currencies and thus it was the value measured against it. During the US Civil War and the Napoleonic Wars, gold standard was abandoned but resumed soon after. World War I was different. Gold standard was forsaken by many countries engaged in the conflict and paper money with no intrinsic value was printed to cover the costs of the war ravaged nations. At the end of the conflict, not everyone returned to gold standard and here began the decline into unbacked currency. The problem that arose was that money had no actual value anymore: only perceived value. To invoke the wisdom of Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, “Cash is trash.” And so it happened that nations essentially chose the values at which they entered the post-war money market. Some goods were undervalued. Some were overvalued. Countries like Germany had their markets returned to a quasi-bartering system as hyperinflation reduced currency to virtual worthlessness. Sink a pre-WWI ship full of currency and decades later it would still be worth scouring the depths of the ocean to find it. Sink a ship full of today’s currency and you would simply be diving for soggy paper or plastic with corroded EFTPOS swipe strips. The vast majority of economies today maintain their inde-

pendence from gold standard. Speculation on the strength or weakness of a nations market’s, among other factors, therefore drive value. I am sure the average American didn’t see this as an issue until Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac buckled under the pressure of loans that couldn’t be repaid. Cost of living and interest rates were rising as the value of the dollar fell. Whether or not Australia is headed for a market meltdown is beyond me. I shall leave that speculation to experts. But what I do know is that our currency is unbacked. In November of last year, our gross governmental debt was over $200 Billion. Although we seem to be heeding the economic warning signs and dialling back the credit card spending, Australian personal debt is still climbing and the average debt to income ratio stands at around 150%. We are a nation living beyond our means. And if we can’t afford to do this for long on a personal level before debt collectors come knocking, what makes us think we can do it for long nationally? Maybe the only thing that keeps our economy seeming secure is a good old fashioned case of ‘She’ll be right mate.’ But denial proves frivolous in times of crisis. Rather than manning the panic stations, now is the time to enjoy what stability we have and to make plans should it be taken away. Better safe than sorry? Absolutely.


Get proactive when it comes to cash flow and debt reduction. Sometimes I wonder whether the average mum could do a better job of balancing the national budget than some of our pollies but even if we can’t impact the national budget, we can control our own cash flow. It’s a (not so simple) case of living within our means. Write a list of what your necessities are and what your ‘wants’ are. This is a great starting point for budgeting. The key is to make sure your income and expenditure are meeting up properly. Whether its debt reduction or increasing savings, it is worth the effort. It might take hard work to get there, but gosh it feels good to make that last credit card payment and see “$0.00 owing.” All of a sudden there is no guilt involved in spending and the big black hole of credit debt is no longer sucking the life out of your finances. If your personal debt is raging out of control, there is no shame in soliciting the assistance of a financial planner. But do it sooner rather than later. Give the professionals room to work rather than a crisis run to the financial counsellor. Another upside to proactive financial planning is that it’s better for your stress levels too.


Remember what currency used to be. If you keep a watch on commodity prices, you will see that in times of economic crisis, gold and silver always show their true worth. It is like a cyclic equalisation of currency/commodity value. But don’t rush out and invest just yet. Keep a watch on prices for a while. Ask the experts what the best time to buy and sell is. Learn the in’s and out’s of it all. But at the end of the day, gold and silver always have some value. There are plenty of resources out there on the net. If you are going to invest this way, make sure you do your research and read the fine print. People can tell you what they want to tell you, but it is your money and your financial future. You need to understand what’s going on with it.


Don’t invest out of panic. Share prices are unpredictable in times of economic uncertainty. Don’t buy out of panic and don’t sell out of panic. The best advice I ever heard was this: Set yourself a goal of how much profit you want to make or how much loss you want to absorb and never invest that which you cannot afford to lose.” How many times have we seen game-show contestants tank on the big prize because they think they can win just a little bit more and they push themselves one question or one briefcase past the point of ‘enough.’ Often it costs them big money. This is just harmless game-show greed but if you do it with investments when you cannot afford to lose, the gamble isn’t funny anymore.

These are interesting times we live in. I will never advocate for panic, but it is wise to be prepared. If you prepare yourself well, you won’t be shaking when the rest of the world is. The important things are know what to do, to not react out of panic, to know where your own budget can be cut back and... armed with information, to know where the safest investments are. You don’t need to be rich to get through an economic slump. You just need to be smart. (CH)

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