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NEIGHBOURHOOD & ENT M E G A N A M Y IT N U M M CO oviding 23 neighbourhoods pr in d lle sta in w no TV • CC more than 71% coverage d in neighbourhoods • Health pilot introduce indicator with a three star health partners • Increased work with new Police out posts • Introduction of two anhope Hubs at Cavendish Mill & St le got involved • Over 60 young peop in football activities

y e n r u o j r Ou o t d a e h a 2015/16…

• Improved anti-socia l behaviour performan ce with 17 neighbourh oods rating the issue as five sta r • 19 neighbourhood su rgeries in place, increa sing access to services • Keys To Your Door su ccess with customers 65 % more likely to sustain their tenancy by completing the progra mme • 12 successful drug wa rrants • 13 work clubs held ac ross our neighbourhoods have helped 168 people into work, 2084 into tra ining and 198 into volunteering oppo rtunities • Restorative justice su ccessfully used to resolve neighbourhoo d disputes in over 95% of cases

oods All our neighbourh AR PLUS T S E IV F r o R A T S to be FIVE



• New and improved play facilities • Improved property turnover performance with 60% of neighbourhoods now awarded five stars for the average time to re-let a property • Eight fencing and boundary improvement schemes complete with further improvements across all 32 neighbourhoods • Development of 49 new green parking areas • Major improvements to six existing garage sites

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• Over 100 new residents have committed their time to nine newly engaged resident associations in the past year • Created and developed 11 new neighbourhood improvement groups • Over 100 events held across neighbourhoods • Six outstanding and overall best neighbourhoods in North West Britain in Bloom • Eight new gardening groups • 20 community gardens set up with established partners, local parks and community centres

Neighbourhood Plans - Our journey ahead