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Universal Credit

‘Help us to help you’


You will need to manage your claim online, do you know how?


Are you happy with the way you manage your bank account or do you need help getting a bank account?

pply online - no more paper claims!

ank Account - you will need one!


hange to receiving your benefits on a monthly basis this includes your rent!

Let us help you make it as easy as ABC

How will you manage your income on a monthly basis?


Universal Credit

A single monthly payment into a bank account... It will replace: ● Job Seekers Allowance ● Income-related Employment and Support Allowance ● Housing Benefit ● Income Support ● Working Tax Credit ● Child Tax Credit If you claim any of these benefits and you are of working age, this WILL affect you!

Are you ready? Talk to us now, we can help!

For further information contact: Specialist Welfare Reform Advice Team (SWAT) Tel: 0161 331 2000 Email: @NewCharterGroup Web:

Are you ready?

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Universal Credit Leaflet  
Universal Credit Leaflet  

Universal Credit Leaflet