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The full range of Imbibe flavours.

Imbibe Living Water Kefir owner and creator Felicity Evans.


What started out as a quest to improve her own health outcomes, has become an all-consuming passion for Newcastle woman Felicity Evans.

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Mixed entrée, fried rice, satay beef, Mongolian lamb,

king prawns, honey chicken. $19.90pp xoDessert - ice cream with a choice of toppings. Open Tuesday to Sunday (closed public holidays) Shop 2 / 149 Ambleside Circuit Lakelands • Ph 4954 3464 18


Banquet (Min 6 ppl)

t was by chance that Felicity stumbled upon water kefir - a fizzy, yet non-artificially carbonated, naturally-fermented drink that helps balance digestion, detoxify and boost immunity – and after much late night trial and error in her home kitchen, Imbibe Living Water Kefir was born. Felicity’s first encounter with water kefir came while convalescing in Guatemala during a backpacking trip. “I was in this beautiful lakeside village where the Mayan locals were brewing this elixir that I was assured would make me feel better, which it did almost instantly – I was amazed, but when I came back to Australia, I couldn’t find this thing anywhere so I basically forgot about it.” Fast-forward six years and a run of illnesses including a debilitating bout of mastitis after the birth of her second child that saw her have to endure months of antibiotics as well as a reduction in her “zest for life”. “I basically just got fed up with having no energy so I started doing some research and discovered that 80 per cent of our immunity comes from the gut and next thing I stumbled across water kefir and as soon as I tried it I knew it was the same thing I was given in Guatemala so I got to work in my kitchen.” After perfecting the fermentation, Felicity delved deeper into the alchemical process by adding a range of certified

organic herbs to the water kefir, such as sencha, wild hibiscus, rooibos, turmeric and lemongrass – to increase Imbibe’s healthgiving properties. “It really is alchemy - there is a lot of trial and error and it really can be a complex process, but the end result is scientifically proven to contain literally billions of probiotics per bottle and it’s also low in sugar. While Imbibe is definitely not a magic bullet solution, it’s a great tool to have.” After initially giving Imbibe to her family and friends, Felicity quickly realised that demand was growing at a fantastic rate. “I’d give it to my friends and before too long I was getting knocks at my door demanding more and more Imbibe,” she said. “Next thing a local stockist asked me for eight bottles and I was just amazed – I thought ‘wow, if I can sell these eight bottles, I’m doing okay,’ but they actually sold out within a day and demand has been growing ever since.” With Imbibe now available in more than 60 locations along the East Coast, there’s little denying that Felicity is on the right track with Imbibe. “I’m just so happy that I am able to offer people the same benefits that I experienced with water kefir - it really turned my life around.” For more on the Imbibe story, or to find out where you can pick some up locally, visit - Stephen Bisset

12 November 2015 - Newcastle Weekly Magazine  

Newcastle Weekly Magazine