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MATTHEW BOURNE'S SWAN LAKE TUE 7 - SAT 18 MAY 2019 MON-THU 7.30PM £49.50 £46.50 £43.00 £39.00 £37.00 £24.50 THU 2PM £43.50 £40.50 £37.50 £33.50 £30.50 £19.50 FRI & SAT 7.30PM & SAT 2.30PM £52.50 £49.50 £46.50 £42.50 £39.50 £26.50 Running time: 2hrs 20mins, ages 5+, recorded music

SING-A-LONG-A THE GREATEST SHOWMAN* SUN 19 MAY 2019 SUN 2PM & 7PM £18.00 £18.00 £18.00 £18.00 Running time: 2hrs 40 mins, PG, no friends’ discount.



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MON 14 - SAT 19 OCT 2019 MON-THU 7.30PM & THU 2PM £54.50 £49.50 £46.50 £43.50 £40.50 £34.50 £22.50 FRI & SAT 7.30PM & SAT 2.30PM £57.50 £52.50 £49.50 £46.50 £43.50 £37.50 £25.50 Running time: 2hrs 20mins SUN 20 OCT 2019 SUN 7.30PM £23.50 £23.50 £23.50 £23.50 - Running time: 2hrs, PG 16+, strong language, no friends' discount

OPERA NORTH SEASON TUE 29 OCT - SAT 2 NOV 2019 LA BOHÉME TUE 29 OCT, THU 31 OCT & FRI 1 NOV 7.30PM £66.00 £63.00 £57.50 £47.50 £43.50 GIULIO CESARE WED 30 OCT 7PM £66.00 £63.00 £57.50 £47.50 £43.50 THE GREEK PASSION SAT 2 NOV 7.30PM £66.00 £63.00 £57.50 £47.50 £43.50 Running times: tbc. Friends discount is 10% for Opera North productions.

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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST TUE 26 NOV 2019 - SUN 19 JAN 2020 PREMIUM £45.00 £43.00 £39.00 £35.00 - FRONT STALLS AND GRAND CIRCLE £40.00 £39.00 £36.00 £33.00 - REAR STALLS, REAR GRAND CIRCLE, FRONT UPPER CIRCLE £36.50 £36.00 £32.00 £29.00 - UPPER CIRCLE £33.00 £32.00 £28.00 £25.00 - AMPHITHEATRE £28.50 £28.00 £24.00 £21.00 - GALLERY £25.00 £24.00 £18.00 £14.00 - Running time: 2hrs 25mins approx. Contains strobe lighting WED 22 JAN - SAT 8 FEB 2020 MON-THU 7.30PM, THU 2PM & TUE 2PM (28 JAN ONLY) £54.00 £51.00 £48.50 £45.50 £42.50 FRI & SAT 7.30PM & SAT 2.30PM £57.00 £54.00 £51.50 £48.50 £45.50 Running time: 1hr 50mins. Flashing lights used during encore

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Running time: 2hrs, contains scenes of a sexual nature, PG 12+.



Running time: 2hrs 50mins, PG 12A, no friends' discount MON 5 - SAT 10 AUG 2019 MON-THU 7.30PM £55.00 £50.00 £47.00 £44.00 £40.00 £36.00 £25.00 FRI 5.30PM £36.00 £36.00 £29.00 £29.00 £24.00 £24.00 £19.00 FRI & SAT 7.30PM & SAT 2.30PM £50.50 £45.00 £42.00 £39.00 £35.50 £32.00 £22.00


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PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT* MON 17 - SAT 22 FEB 2020 MON-THU 7.30PM, FRI 5PM £45.50 £42.50 £39.50 £36.50 £33.00 £26.50 £19.50 FRI 8.30PM & SAT 7.30PM & SAT 2.30PM £49.00 £46.00 £43.00 £39.50 £36.50 £29.50 £21.50 Running time: 2hrs 20mins, PG 15+, strong language and content

EVERYBODY’S TALKING ABOUT JAMIE MON 30 MAR - SAT 4 APR 2020 MON - THU 7.30PM £43.50 £40.50 £37.50 £34.50 £27.50 £18.50 THU 2PM £37.00 £35.00 £31.00 £28.00 £23.00 £16.50 FRI & SAT 7.30PM & SAT 2.30PM £46.50 £43.50 £40.50 £37.50 £30.00 £20.00 Running time: 2hrs 40mins, PG 12+, contains strong language and mild sexual references.

Sundays are a day for relaxation, great food and good company. So gather up your friends and family and let us share with you our legendary Sunday lunch.

Matthew Bourne’s legendary Swan Lake returns to the Theatre Royal in May 2019. Friends’ Patron – Matthew Bourne, describes how he feels about bringing it back on tour. You first staged Swan Lake in 1995, and it went on to become the longest running ballet on the West End and Broadway. It is still now, perhaps your best-known and best-loved piece of work. With all of its success and rich history, how do you feel about the prospect of bringing it back to UK audiences for the upcoming 2018/19 tour?

2 courses £20 // 3 courses £25

Ranked among the top 25 Sunday lunches in the UK by The Times

It’s always exciting to bring back Swan Lake. So many people love it, and you know they’re going to want to come and see it again and bring friends and family to watch it who didn’t see it last time. That is the growth of the show over the years I think – the fact that people want other people to come and see it.

artisan at The Biscuit Factory, Stoddart Street, Newcastle, NE2 1AN


OPERA NORTH SEASON TUE 3 - SAT 7 MAR 2020 STREET SCENE TUE 3 & FRI 6 MAR 7PM £66.00 £63.00 £57.50 £47.50 £43.50 THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO WED 4 & SAT 7 MAR 7PM £66.00 £63.00 £57.50 £47.50 £43.50 THE TURN OF THE SCREW THU 5 MAR 7.30PM £66.00 £63.00 £57.50 £47.50 £43.50 Running times: tbc. Friends discount is 10% for Opera North productions







ROYAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY 2020 SEASON* MEASURE FOR MEASURE WED 11 MAR 7.30PM £38.50 £35.50 £32.50 £30.50 £27.50 £19.00 SAT 14 MAR & FRI 20 MAR 7.30PM, SAT 21 MAR 1.30PM £40.50 £37.50 £34.50 £33.00 £29.50 £21.00 AS YOU LIKE IT THU 12 MAR & THU 19 MAR 7.30PM £38.50 £35.50 £32.50 £30.50 £27.50 £19.00 FRI 13 MAR 7.30PM & SAT 14 MAR 1.30PM £40.50 £37.50 £34.50 £33.00 £29.50 £21.00 TAMING OF THE SHREW TUE 17 MAR & WED 18 MAR 7.30PM £38.50 £35.50 £32.50 £30.50 £27.50 £19.00 THU 19 MAR 1.30PM £33.50 £30.50 £27.50 £25.50 £23.00 £16.00 SAT 21 MAR 7.30PM £40.50 £37.50 £34.50 £33.00 £29.50 £21.00 Running times: tbc

THE MOUSETRAP* MON 8 - SAT 13 JUNE 2020 MON-THU 7.30PM £38.50 £35.50 £32.50 £30.50 £27.50 £19.00 THU 2PM £33.50 £30.50 £27.50 £25.50 £23.00 £16.00 FRI & SAT 7.30PM & SAT 2.30PM £40.50 £37.50 £34.50 £33.00 £29.50 £21.00 Running time: 2hrs 20mins

WE WILL ROCK YOU* MON 15 - SAT 20 JUNE 2020 MON-THU 7.30PM, THU 2PM £54.50 £49.50 £46.50 £43.50 £40.50 £34.50 £22.50 FRI & SAT 7.30PM & SAT 2.30PM £57.50 £52.50 £49.50 £46.50 £43.50 £37.50 £25.50 Running time: 2hrs 20mins

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There’s also a whole new generation of young people who won’t have seen it. We know, even from discussions with the cast we have at the moment, how inspiring this piece can be for young people who see the piece and then want to go on to a career in theatre, or particularly dance. Many of the men in the show, and in fact the women too, first came to dance through this piece having been taken to see it by their parents, or perhaps by their dance school, and now they’re in it themselves. It still seems to move and inspire people and therefore we get excited about doing it because that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to entertain. The new staging of the show is being presented as having a fresh look for the 21st century. Why did you decide to restage the show now; and as the show has been seen by millions of people worldwide over the years is it a bigger challenge to revisit this work than other shows in your repertoire because audiences are so passionate about it and know it so well? It’s an interesting point about changing a piece that is so well-known and so well-loved. We’ve made these changes for several reasons – one being that it’s been around for 23 years now since we first made the piece and Lez Brotherston (Set & Costume Design) and I felt it was a great opportunity to refresh it. I wouldn’t say we’re changing it enormously but refreshing it for this next period of time. It may change again in the future, who knows, but I think whilst we’re still excited about the piece and we feel we’ve got this opportunity, so it seems a great chance to do it. Everything we’ve done to the piece has been mindful of the fact that people already love the piece – and that’s not different from many other projects that I’ve taken on actually. For many people seeing the new version of Swan Lake they probably won’t recognise many of the changes we’ve made, and I think they will feel they are still seeing the same piece. We will know however, that we’ve made hundreds of little changes. It

won’t be such big changes that people will think ‘oh what did you do that for?’ or ‘why did you lose that great idea?’. Maybe there will be one or two things that big fans of the show will miss, but I think generally speaking we’re celebrating the piece that already exists. We have a new lighting designer, Paule Constable, as one of our associates for the piece. Paule has never seen our Swan Lake before – not on film or on stage – so we’ll get a completely fresh approach from Paule and I don’t know what it will look like yet. It’s definitely going to look different, as Paule’s a different kind of designer, so that will be a big change. We’ve got a completely new cast as well. There are lots of new dancers who will bring their own interpretations to the piece, as they do with all our shows and that keeps the pieces fresh and alive. I certainly don’t think audiences who already love the piece will be in any way disappointed. Adam Cooper played the original Swan/Stranger. His performance, perhaps more than any other within the last quarter of a century, seems to have instigated a huge rise in the number of boys and young men wanting to pursue dance as a career; and of course, this was reflected in the film, Billy Elliot. Will Bozier, who will be playing the Swan/Stranger in the new production himself credits Adam’s performance as being his inspiration to become a professional dancer. Were you surprised by the scale of the impact Swan Lake had on young dancers? Obviously when we made Swan Lake we didn’t know that it would have the impact it’s had, but over the years I’ve come to realise that it’s been the trigger for a lot of boys and young men going into dance. I think it felt like something very cool and very masculine, yet it required a lot of artistry and sensitivity, so it was that mixture of things, I think, that really inspired a lot of young men to want to get into dance and to want to be a Swan, which is borne out by every member of our cast virtually who grew up with this piece. I find that a lovely aspect of the show now, as it’s so meaningful for the people in it. They really want to be in it and it’s their ambition to be in it. There aren’t many shows where you can say that you’ve got an entire cast of people whose burning ambition it is to be in the piece, so you get a wonderful connection with the dancers and a wonderful sense of community. Continued over

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Continued from page 1 – Interview with Matthew Bourne

You took Swan Lake in a completely different direction from the versions that had gone before it. What motivated and inspired you to do that; and why was it important to you to set this classical ballet in a more contemporary world and to invite people to view it from an alternative perspective? Well, I didn’t see any point in creating a Swan Lake that was similar to any of the others that were around, because there were certainly a lot of those! Mostly they were classical versions – all a bit different but all telling a similar story – and so this version had to be different. We’re not a classical company and we don’t dance ‘en pointe’ usually (well, we have from time to time since then, for example with The Red Shoes, but it certainly wasn’t something we were doing back then.) We’re a contemporary dance theatre company, so we had to tell a story through movement, in a different way, and it needed a big idea to make people see it in a different way as well. So, the male swans were the big idea and a secondary big idea was modern Royal scandal. This was in the news all the time whilst we were making the piece, with Diana & Charles, and Sarah Ferguson, and Camilla Parker-Bowles, and Princess Margaret. All of these stories were daily news during the making of the show. And so, it was very topical thing to have a Prince who couldn’t be the person he really was, or to be with the person he wanted to be with - all very relevant to contemporary Britain and contemporary Royalty. So, we’re still telling the same story – it’s still about a Royal family, but a modern Royal family. I thought that would be picked up on quite a lot when the show was first seen, but actually the attention was much more on the use of the male swans. It was such an iconic image for people to have a male dancing swan. It was very unexpected, and people couldn’t imagine it what it was going to look like. They all thought it was going to be a send-up and that it was going to be a humorous piece. There is a bit of humour in it but the main bulk of it isn’t. We needed an idea that could wipe away everyone’s existing memories and images in their heads of the piece, as they had perhaps seen it before in other versions, and the swans did that very well. You list Alfred Hitchcock’s film from 1963, The Birds, as one of your inspirations for the staging and choreography of the show. Can you tell us a little bit about that? Our production of Swan Lake is not a piece that has an enormous number of movies that are obviously attached to it, like some of our pieces do. This inspiration is much more coming from the classical ballet and the story that that tells and using those formalities sometimes in the way we tell our story and the structure of it. It is, as I’ve said, also about modern Royalty and the Royal family. There’s also lots of little filmic things and characters that creep into it, as always, because my head is full of those images. However, the one piece, that people are usually surprised by initially and then they go, ‘oh yes of course!’ is the inspiration that has come from Alfred Hitchcock’s film, The Birds.

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If people know this movie there’s an amazing scene where the main character, played by Tippi Hedren, is sitting on a park bench powdering her nose, and there’s a children’s playground with climbing frame in it behind her; and one bird swoops down onto it and she looks around and notices the bird. And then, the next time she lifts her compact mirror there’s a reflection in it and we see it’s now absolutely full of birds and they’re all waiting to fly at her.

A letter from our Chairman for the late Ex-Chairman Jim Ainslie

We do this with the Swans on the bed and that’s a direct quote from The Birds. It’s the only story really where birds take over and attack the humans. It’s an extraordinary story that’s never explained and I think that’s rather good too; the fact that it just happens!

Jim joined the Friends’ Committee in 2009 and served it in various capacities, including as Chairman from July 2015 to July 2018. Jim was a gentleman in every sense of the word, had a wonderful sense of humour, and it was a pleasure to work alongside him.

Could you tell us what you feel are the key themes of your version of Swan Lake; and what if anything is the most important message that you hoped to portray to the audience?

Jim was not only a fellow committee member, he was also a personal friend, and I, and the fellow committee members, will miss him greatly.

It is with great sadness that I must let you know that Jim Ainslie, ex-Chairman, passed away on 5 Dec 2018 after losing his battle with cancer.

As well as being on the Friends’ Committee, Jim also acted as a school governor and supported several charities. He had a special fondness for the RNLI, and especially for the Tynemouth RNLI Station. In his memory we will be making a donation to the Tynemouth Station.

I don’t like to dictate too much to people because I feel people do see the piece in different ways, but for me ultimately it is about someone struggling with who they are and the world they are in – albeit quite an extraordinary world for how many people are Royal?! But even so, we can relate to that. We can all relate to an individual who in the society that they are in can’t really be who they really are.

Jim was a great supporter of the Theatre Royal and attended on a regular basis. His love for theatre was clear for all to see. Our thoughts are with his wife, Carol, and their family.

I think the piece moves people because it has a message about looking for acceptance; but it also moves people because it’s about loss as well, and it’s about people that you’ve lost. I feel those themes are very universal and very much things that touch all of us. It’s a very human piece and global - both in its message and in the way that it brings us all together. I think it’s underestimated sometimes how far we’ve moved on with this piece in the time it’s been on. When we first started to do it, we had audiences walking out when the Prince and the Swan started dancing together. We had little girls in tears that it wasn’t performed with the tutus and pointe shoes, and things like that, that they were expecting. We also had a slightly aggressive attitude towards it from some members of the audience; and some people refused to come and see it at all. It got dubbed ‘the gay Swan Lake’, which was not what the aim was, but it certainly was a story within it that was very meaningful for gay audiences, and I celebrate that. I did then, and I do now. It is a bit more wide-ranging than that too however, and it can really be interpreted in many ways. It’s accepted now by a much wider audience who come to see the show and rather than be shocked by any element of it, I think they find it uplifting that this is a story being told about a young man who is confused about his future and about his sexuality. I think that’s something that is very meaningful for young people in the audience as well. Matthew Bournes’ Swan Lake plays from Tue 7 – Sat 18 May 2019, Box Office 08448 11 21 21 Calls are charged at 7p a minute plus your phone company’s access charge, calls from mobiles may vary, please contact your operator for details.

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Pam Clarke, Friends of the Theatre Royal Chairman

Swan Lake Open Rehearsals Afternoon of Tue 14 May 2019, Newcastle Theatre Royal (exact timings TBC) Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures company have provided us with a unique and exciting opportunity to watch the company rehearse during their run of Swan Lake at the Theatre Royal. As rehearsal schedules are produced nearer to the time of the production arriving in Newcastle, we are unable to confirm the exact timings of this event but expect it to take place on the afternoon of Tue 14 May 2019.

We are pleased to announce our Inside View Coffee Morning dates for the Summer of 2019, and what a fantastic summer it’s shaping up to be, starting off with the spectacular Joseph and finishing with the eagerly awaited Les Misérables, so make sure you book your tickets today to find out what really happens behind the scenes of these fabulous shows! Last year we were fortunate to share our coffee mornings with some fabulous guests including Fern Britton, Anna-Jane Casey, Denise Welch, Robert Powell, Sam Bailey, Nigel Havers, Stephen Tompkinson, Denis Lawson and Jill Halfpenny; and then 2019 started off in similar fashion with the stars of our much loved pantomime Goldilocks and the Three Bears who joined us to cure the January blues. Our Inside View events usually take place in the Olivier Suite, where the doors will open at 10.30am for you to come in and enjoy a tea or coffee and the opportunity to talk to other theatre goers in a relaxing environment. Our guest arrives at 11am, ready to tell you about their interesting stories before finishing with a Q&A session. At each Inside View the Friends Committee hold a raffle with an array of fantastic prizes. You have the opportunity to buy your tickets prior to the talk starting and all contributions help towards the running costs of the Theatre. The Theatre is a registered charity so your contribution really does help. Due to popularity it is advised to book your ticket in advance at the Box Office but tickets can also be purchased on the morning (subject to availability). The Inside View events are not just restricted to Friends of the Theatre; you are more than welcome to bring along a guest (maximum of two) as all funds raised help towards the running of Friends’ events and to help raise funds for the Theatre Royal.

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Jim pictured above with Friends’ Patron Sir Matthew Bourne and Carol Ainslie

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Teatime Talk – Hidden Newcastle

Sat 1 June 2019 at 11am, meet at Grey’s Monument, Newcastle upon Tyne

Guest Speaker: Dr Malcolm Grady

“Greasepaint & Celluloid – A walk exploring the history of Theatre and Cinema in Newcastle”. Join us for a guided tour to explore Newcastle’s rich history in Theatre and Cinema. Please note the walk may contain some slopes and steps. The walk will go ahead rain or shine so please come prepared in the event of poor weather conditions. Tickets: Friends £6.50, Guests £7.50 Box Office: 08448 11 21 21 Calls are charged at 7p a minute plus your phone company’s access charge, calls from mobiles may vary, please contact your operator for details.

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Calls are charged at 7p a minute plus your phone company’s access charge, calls from mobiles may vary, please contact your operator for details.

Celebrating Shakespeare

Thu 27 June 2019 at 6:00pm, Northern Counties Club, 11 Hood Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

Sat 20 April 2019 at 10.30am, Olivier Suite, Newcastle Theatre Royal

Join us for an afternoon tea (sandwiches and scones) in the company of our guest speaker, Dr Malcolm Grady. Dr Grady is a lecturer with the Joseph Cowan Centre for Lifelong Learning and a tutor with the WEA. He specialises in political and social history of the 19th century and current affairs.

Jim pictured above with Ria Jones after the Sunset Boulevard Inside View in 2017

Come along and join the Friends’ for refreshments and readings.

HIs talk on Hidden Newcastle will use a wide ranging set of photos of buildings and places in Newcastle, largely linked to the 19c, taken from unusual angles. How many of the buildings and places can you identify before anyone else?

The next Friends’ AGM will take place on Sat 27 July 2019.

Tickets: Friends £10, Guests £11 Box Office: 08448 11 21 21

More details will be made available in the next issue of the Friends’ Newsletter.

Calls are charged at 7p a minute plus your phone company’s access charge, calls from mobiles may vary, please contact your operator for details.

For all Friends enquiries contact Ashley Earnshaw on 0191 244 2511 /

Join the Friends of the Theatre Royal to celebrate the wonderful work of William Shakespeare in the month of the Bard’s anniversary.

Your participation is welcomed and if you would like to take part by reading a sonnet, extract from a play or any other appropriate piece, please contact Yvonne Richardson on 0191 488 0947 for further details (by Mon 8 April 2019). Tickets: Friends £5, Guests £6 Box Office: 08448 11 21 21 Carol and Jim pictured with Sheridan Smith during the Funny Girl tour in May 2017

Calls are charged at 7p a minute plus your phone company’s access charge, calls from mobiles may vary. Please contact your operator for details.

For all Friends enquiries contact Ashley Earnshaw on 0191 244 2511 /

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Friends newsletter March 2019  

Friends newsletter March 2019