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League rules and regulations covering the Newcastle Minisoccer League and associated competitions Newcastle Minisoccer League Rules Newcastle Minisoccer League Cup Rules Fair play Charter Safeguarding Statement Fines and Sanctions Published for the 2010-2011 Season Content League Nomenclature Entry Fee, subscriptions and deposit Officers Nomination and Election Powers of the League committee Powers of the Sub-Committee Annual General Meeting Agreement to be signed Rules of the game – Newcastle Minisoccer Misconduct, Sanctions and Fines

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1. LEAGUE NOMENCLATURE (A) This Competition shall be designated the Newcastle Minisoccer League (herein and also known as the NML) and shall consist of Full Member Clubs. All such Member Clubs must be affiliated to the relevant County Football Association. The area covered by the Competition Membership shall be the Counties of Northumberland and Durham. (B) This Competition shall apply annually for sanction to the Northumberland Football Association and the constituent teams of Member Clubs may be grouped in divisions, each not exceeding 10 in number. (C) Member Clubs shall not enter any of their teams playing in the Competition in any other Competitions (with the exception of their relevant local FA or Youth Division Cup Competitions) except with the written consent of the Management Committee of the Competition. (D) This league shall operate under the guidance and regulations as listed by recommendation for an FA CHARTER STANDARD LEAGUE

2. ENTRY FEE, SUBSCRIPTION, DEPOSIT In order for teams to participate in the NML participating Clubs must apply to the league direct. (A) Applications by Clubs for admission to this Competition must be made on the NML application form and be received prior to 14TH May each season. At the discretion of a majority of the accredited voting members present, applications of which due notice has been given, may be received at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting. (B) A single ‘Joining fee’ of £50.00 shall be payable by any new CLUB entering the league at any stage of the season and is non refundable. (C) All teams are liable to pay a ‘Membership fee’ upon application for each season at the rate of £50.00 per team The payment must arrive no later than 1st July. Refunds shall only be considered should a written request be received on or before September 30th. (D) Teams shall not participate in this Competition until all fees are received (E) Clubs must supply in writing by 31st July of its County Football Association affiliation number for the forthcoming Season. (F) Clubs must provide the Secretary in writing by 31st July the full and distinctive name of each team representing their club and entering the league. The league will not accept (team) A, B, C or 1, 2 or 3 for example.

3. OFFICERS The Officers of the Competition shall be represented as the League Committee and formal titles known as League Chairman, Treasurer, League Secretary and Fixture Secretary. The league shall also operate a formation of nominated advisors (to a max of 6) to be known as the league Sub-Committee and made up from affiliated clubs. The League Committee has the right to delegate responsibilities’ to appointed members of the SubCommittee. 4. NOMINATION & ELECTION The League shall be administered by the ‘NML Committee’ and supported by nominated officers co-ordinated and known as ‘The League subcommittee’. (A) All candidates for election as Officers shall be nominated to the Secretary in writing, signed by the Secretaries of two Member Clubs, not later than two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting in each year. In the event of there being no nomination in accordance with the foregoing for any office, nominations may be received at the Annual General Meeting (C) The Management Committee shall meet as often as is necessary to deal with business as it arises. On receiving a requisition signed by twothirds of the Members of the Management Committee the Secretary shall convene a meeting of the Committee. (D) Except where otherwise mentioned all communications shall be addressed to the Secretary who shall conduct the correspondence of the Competition and keep a record of its proceedings. (E) All communications received from Clubs must be conducted through their nominated Officers. 5. POWERS OF LEAGUE COMMITTEE The League Committee may appoint sub-committees and delegate such of their powers as they deem necessary. (A) Each Member of the League Committee shall have the right to attend and vote at all League Committee Meetings and have one vote, but no Member shall be allowed to vote on any matters directly affecting, deemed of interest or influence to their own club or any of their member teams. (This shall also apply to the procedure of any sub-committee). In the event of the voting being equal on any matter, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote. (B) The League Committee shall have powers to apply, act upon and enforce the Rules of the Competition and shall also have jurisdiction

over all matters affecting the Competition, including any not provided for in the Rules. Except where these Rules provide for the imposition of a set penalty any Club, Official or Player alleged to be in breach of a Competition Rule must be formally charged in writing and given the opportunity to present their case before the Management Committee. All breaches of the Laws of the Game, Rules and Regulations of The Football Association shall be dealt with in accordance with F.A. Rules. (C) All decisions of the League Committee shall be binding subject to the right of appeal to the Board of Appeal in accordance with Rules. Decisions of the League Committee must be notified in writing to those concerned within seven days. (D) Four Members of the League Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business of the League Committee and four Members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business by any subcommittee of the Competition. (E) The League Committee, as it may deem necessary, shall have power to fill in an acting capacity, any vacancies that may occur amongst their number. (F) A Club having failed to comply with an order or instruction of the League Committee, or failing to satisfactorily attend to the business and/or the correspondence of the League shall be liable to be fined or otherwise penalised at the discretion of the League Committee. (G) All fines and charges shall be paid within 14 days of the date of posting of the written notification. Clubs, Officials or individuals committing a breach of this Rule will incur such penalties as the League Committee may impose. (H) The League Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy that may occur in the membership of the League between the Annual General Meeting or the Special General Meeting called to decide the constitution and the commencement of the League season. 6. POWERS OF SUB-COMMITTEE The Sub-Committee transact impartially on behalf of the League Committee and in the best interests of the League members the following areas representing the administration and delivery of the league and application of appropriate sanctions. (A) The Management Sub-Committee shall support the formatting of a league structure in conjunction with the League Committee. (B) The formulation of any mid season split of a league allowing for representation (C) The continuous support and development of the Under 7 and 8 format (D) The failure to comply with official fixtures (E) Breaches of Fair play (F) Requests for dispensation received within agreed timescales

(G) Issues around the use of non registered players (H) Official complaints regarding match day issues/concerns (I) Support and deliver official cup finals including draws (J) Support and deliver official league festivals including draws 7. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than 1st June in each year. At this meeting the following business shall be transacted provided that at least five Members are present and entitled to vote: (i)

To receive and confirm the Minutes of the preceding Annual General Meeting. (ii) To consider any business arising there from. (iii) To receive and adopt the Annual Report, Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts. (iv) Election of Clubs to fill vacancies (as recommended by the Management Committee). (v) Constitution of the Competition for ensuing season. (vi) Election of Officers and Management Committee. (vii) Appointment of Auditors. (viii) Alteration of Rules, if any (of which 14 days notice has been given). (ix) Fix the date for the commencement and conclusion of playing season. (x) Other business of which due notice shall have been given and accepted as being relevant to an Annual General Meeting. A copy of the duly verified Balance Sheet, Statement of Accounts and Agenda shall be forwarded to each Club at least fourteen days prior to the meeting, and to the Northumberland County Football Association. Within fourteen days of adoption by the Annual General Meeting, a signed copy of the duly verified Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts shall be sent to the Northumberland County Football Association. Each Member Club shall be empowered to send two delegates to an Annual General Meeting. Each Club shall be entitled to one vote only. Not less than seven days’ notice shall be given of any Meeting. Clubs who have withdrawn their Membership of the Competition during the season being concluded or who are not continuing Membership shall be entitled to attend but shall vote only on matters relating to the season being concluded. This provision will not apply to Clubs expelled in accordance with Rules. All voting shall be conducted by a show of voting cards unless a ballot be demanded by at least 75% of the delegates qualified to vote or the Chairman so decides. No individual shall be entitled to vote on behalf of more than one Full Member Club.

• •

Any Member Club failing to be represented at the Annual General Meeting without satisfactory reason being given shall be fined £25. Officers and Management Committee members shall be entitled to attend and vote at an Annual General Meeting. 7. AGREEMENT TO BE SIGNED

Declaration I have read and understand the rules pertaining to the Newcastle Minisoccer League. I am aware copies of the rules and regulations are available by request or online within the official league website. By signing this agreement, I accept on behalf of my club our obligations to fulfill our role as a member club and that of all our team officials and players.

Clubs Full name

Clubs affiliation number and county

Current FA Charter Standard status

Full name of club official



Rules of the game for Newcastle Minisoccer To play in a knock out cup game or an official league game where points are awarded, or results published, a player must be aged 8 on or before 31st August.

1. Under 7 and Under 8s In accordance with official FA guidelines, the Under-8s are not permitted to play in competitive leagues where results are recorded or championships are determined. This official ruling also stipulates that no player who is 7 years of age or under on August 31st may register or play for the Under 9 age group or above.

2. The Ball (A) The ball should be size 4 for U9/U10. (B) Size 3 for Under-8s.

3. Players (A) Under 9 and 10s - 7v7 – Maximum match day squads of 12 registered players (B) Under 8s - 5v5, 6v6 or 7v7 – Maximum match day squads of 12 registered players. Players must play with and against players only from their own age range, as per Football Association and Competition rules. Players must not play with or against any player that is 2years or more older. Players should not be allowed to begin to play until the season of their 7th birthday. For example, a player at Under 8 level MUST turn 7 during the scheduled season to register. A maximum of five substitutes may be named and used at any time with the permission of the referee or game leader. Entry onto the field of play will only be allowed during a stoppage in play. A player who has been replaced may return to the playing area as a substitute for another player.

4. The Authority of the Referee Each match is controlled by a referee who has the full authority to enforce the laws of the game in connection with the match to which they have been appointed.

(A) Powers and Duties of the Minisoccer referee: I. Enforces the Laws of the game II. Controls the match in co-operation with the assistant referees/time keeper III. Ensures that the ball meets the requirements IV. Ensures that the players’ equipment meets the requirements V. Stops, suspends or terminates the match at their discretion for any infringements of the VI. Laws VII. Stops, suspends or terminates the match because of outside interference of any kind VIII. Stops the match if, in their opinion, a player is seriously injured and ensures that they are removed from the field of play IX. Ensures that any player bleeding from a wound leaves the field of play X. Allows play to continue when the team against which an offence has been committed will benefit from such an advantage XI. Penalise the original offence if the anticipated advantage does not ensue at that time

5. Duration of the Game In any one day, no player shall be allowed or encouraged to play more than the stipulated period given below: I. Under 8s - 40Minutes II. Under 9 & Under 10s - 60 Minutes III. The half time interval must not exceed 5 minutes.

6. Start and Restart of Play (A) Procedure • A kick-off is taken at the centre of the playing area to start the game and after a goal has been scored. • Opponents must be 4.5m (5 yards) away from the ball, and in their own half of the field. • The ball must be played forward. • In Mini-Soccer a goal cannot be scored directly from a start or restart of play. (B) Special Circumstances • After play has been temporarily stopped inside the penalty area a drop ball to restart the match takes place on the penalty area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the ball was located when the play stopped.

7. Offside

I. There is no offside.

8. Fouls and Misconduct In Mini-Soccer all free kicks are direct. A free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any of the following offences in a manner considered to be careless, reckless or using excessive force: • • • • • •

Kicks or attempts to kick an opponent Trips or attempts to trip an opponent Jumps at an opponent Charges an opponent Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent Pushes an opponent

A free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any of the following offences: • • • • • • • •

Tackles an opponent to gain possession of the ball, making contact with the opponent before touching the ball Holds an opponent Spits at an opponent Handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his/her own penalty area) Plays in a dangerous manner Impedes the progress of an opponent Prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball from his/her hands Commits any other offence, not previously mentioned in Law 12, for which play is stopped to caution or dismiss a player

Penalty Kick A penalty kick is awarded if any of the above offences is committed by a player inside his/her own penalty area, irrespective of the position of the ball, provided it is in play. A free kick is awarded to the opposing team if the goalkeeper: • • • •

Takes more than 6 seconds to release the ball from his/her hands Touches the ball again with his/her hands after it has been released from his/her possession and has not touched any other player Touches the ball with his/her hands after it has been deliberately kicked to him/her by a team-mate Touches the ball with his/her hands after he/she has received it directly from a throw in taken by a team-mate

For all these offences, the free kick should be taken from the penalty area line, parallel with the goal line, at the nearest point to the offence. Cautionable Offences A player is cautioned and shown the yellow card if he/she commits any of the following seven offences: • Is guilty of unsporting behaviour • Shows dissent by word or action • Persistently infringes the Laws of the Game • Delays the restart of play • Fails to respect the required distance when play is restarted with a corner kick or free kick • Enters or re-enters the field of play without the referee’s permission Deliberately leaves the field of play wimmittee may appoint sub-committard if he/she commits any of the following seven offences:

Is guilty of serious foul play Is guilty of violent conduct Spits at an opponent or any other person Denies the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal scoring opportunity, by deliberately handling the ball (this does not apply to a goalkeeper within his/her own penalty area) Denies an obvious goal scoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the player’s goal by an offence punishable by a free kick or penalty kick Uses offensive or insulting or abusive language and/or gestures

Receives a second caution in the same match

• • • •

9. Player Registrations I. All players must be registered with the league at least 24hours prior to kick off in a scheduled fixture II. Clubs will be issued with a counterfoil to confirm registration III. It is the clubs responsibility to ensure players are registered in accordance with league rules pertaining to the age they will participate in. IV. Players are not permitted to register for more than one team per age group at any one time. V. Clubs may only withhold player registration counterfoils when they leave if they prove the player has kit/equipment belonging to the original club. VI. The League Committee shall decide all registration disputes.

VII. In the event of a player signing a registration form or having a registration submitted for more than one Club, priority of registration would be given by registration date. VIII. The Registration Secretary shall notify the Club last applying to register the player of the fact of the previous registration. IX. Any team found guilty of using an unregistered or otherwise ineligible player or players shall forfeit any points gained in the match and may be fined per player and/or otherwise dealt with at the discretion of the League Committee.

10. Counterfoils I. All player counterfoils must be carried to official games at all times II. Counterfoils must be offered for exchange prior to kick off III. Counterfoils must be made available for inspection up to 10 minutes following the end of a game IV. Counterfoils must only be exchanged between officials of the two clubs taken part. V. The NML league shall give 24 hours notice for all requests for counterfoils and will do so in writing to the club secretary. VI. Team failing to supply all or part of the player counterfoils will be fined in accordance with the NML Fines and Sanctions

11. Transfers I. Players are permitted to play for a maximum of THREE teams during a single season. II. Players are limited to a maximum of TWO transfers per season. III. Players moving within their own club to another team must perform a written transfer. IV. All transfers must be countersigned by both managers involved V. Players must be registered with the league at least 24 hours in advance VI. Any player who has participated in a cup competition will be deemed ‘cup tied’ if they transfer to another team involved in that cup during any one season. VII. No transfer fee shall be required.

12. Dispensation (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v)

Dispensation requests must be made in writing at least 21 days in advance Requests must be made for specific dates not matches A request does not guarantee approval All requests will receive an acknowledgment within 48 hours All requests will receive a decision from the committee within 5 working days


All requests must include details pertaining to the reason for dispensation

13. Appeals, Disputes and Complaints (i)

The Sub-Committee in accordance with their roles and responsibilities will deal with all Appeals, disputes & complaints. (ii) Communications must be made in writing to the league secretary within 7 days of any notice or incident. (iii) An administration fee of ÂŁ10.00 is payable in all cases (iv) The fee is refundable on appeals if a decision has been reversed. (v) Verbal complaints, or those made by text will NOT be accepted (vi) Hearsay and gossip will not be entered into (vii) Previous incidents or accusations will not be accepted as evidence (viii) Objections relevant to the dimensions of the pitch, goals, flag posts or other facilities of the venue will not be entertained by the Sub-Committee. In these cases a complaint should be made to the hosting venue. (ix) All parties to a protest or complaint must be afforded an opportunity to make a statement when the protest or complaint is being heard as outlined within the protest procedure. When dealing with a protest or complaint the Sub-Committee shall take into consideration the possession by the protesting or complaining Club of any information, which, if properly used, might have avoided the protest or complaint. (A) Board of Appeal I. The grounds of appeal shall be in accordance with FA Rules. II. The Board of Appeal may order the appeal fee to be returned should the appeal be successful. III. The decision of the Board of Appeal is final and binding on all parties IV. No appeal can be lodged against a decision taken at an Annual or Special General Meeting unless this is on the ground of unconstitutional conduct.

14. Qualification of players Players participating in the Newcastle Minisoccer League must abide by the rules determining the age at which they wish to take part in. In accordance with the foregoing qualifications a player must not play in a match where any other player is older or younger by two years or more. No players registered at an academy may participate in the Newcastle Minisoccer league (This does not include any 6 week trial period)

• • •

Under 8s must be aged 6 or 7 on August 31 of that season. Under 9s must be aged 8 on August 31 of that season. Under 10s must be aged 8 or 9 on August 31 of that season.

15. The playing season The Annual General Meeting shall determine the commencement date for the ensuing season. (i) (ii)

The duration of play for Under 8s shall not exceed 40 minutes The duration of play for Under 9 and 10s shall not exceed 60 minutes (iii) Managers may agree a suitable kick off time without interference from the league. However, games must not start any earlier than 10am or later than 1pm on a Sunday and discretion may be used for midweek games allowing for conditions. (iv) The default kick-off time shall be 11.00am Sundays and 6.30pm weekdays if teams do not agree a suitable alternative. (v) Any Club failing to commence at the appointed time shall be fined a sum not exceeding £10 or be otherwise dealt with as the League Committee may determine. (vi) Referees must order matches to commence at the appointed time and must report all late starts to the Competition. (vii) Where kick off has been delayed by 20 minutes or more the referee or non defaulting team may abandon the match and report the reasons why to the fixture secretary in writing. (viii) The home team must provide at least two footballs fit for play and the referee shall make a report to the Competition if the footballs are unsuitable.

The League Committee and Sub-Committee shall meet during the first week of September to determine the structure of that season based upon: • • •

All clubs registered to participate in accordance with league applications All requests received for allocation by August 31 Requests received after August 31 will only be considered if there is scope to do so without detriment to those received by the deadline

The official league fixtures shall be produced in accordance with the league structure agreed and published within 5 working days. (i)

All fixtures once published become official and league rules will apply


No club may alter, amend or reschedule any fixture without the express permission of the League and Fixture secretary. (iii) Clubs may not seek to directly influence any opposition, nor mutually agree to cancel or postpone any scheduled fixture (iv) All County Association and Youth Divisional cups will take priority over any league fixture. (v) Clubs may mutually agree to bring forward a match by 24 hours with the consent of the League Secretary. (vi) The home team must give at least 5 days notice regarding the location of, and access to, the ground and time of kick-off to the match officials and the Secretary of the opposing Club. (vii) If the away team has received no communication they may seek clarification of arrangement direct with the home team and notify the league secretary they have done so. (viii) Where no communication has taken place within the stipulated time above (point vi), the home team shall be fined £10.00 (ix) Unless notified by the league and/or fixture secretary no team shall be obliged to play where 2 full days or less notice has been given. Cancellations / Postponements / Reversal of fixture (i)

(ii) (iii) (iv)

Where a fixture is cancelled at short notice due to adverse weather / pitch conditions, the home club must ensure the opposition are notified verbally and prior to informing their own players/members. In the event that a game was officially postponed / cancelled the league shall reschedule a new date for this game In the event a cancellation or postponement has taken place, the HOME team must report details on a match day in accordance with normal reporting procedures. Where a fixture has been reversed, the new home team must report the result as per reporting procedures and state the reason why.

16. Determining Championships The structure of the league as agreed prior to the commencement of any season, shall influence how a championship shall be decided. (i) (ii) (iii)

Where any age is to ‘Split’ during a season for restructuring there shall be NO championship/runners up awards given All end of season Champions shall be decided upon Points awarded Goal difference will not be applicable

(iv) (v)

Where a tie for points is indicated, the championship shall be decided by results between those teams (inc aggregate scores) If no decision can be made following rule iv above then the championship shall be shared

17. League cup The Newcastle Minisoccer League shall hold an official knock out competition known as: The League Cup (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi)

A comprehensive draw shall take place involving all teams at the appropriate age Games shall be 25 minutes each way If no result is obtained 10 minutes extra time shall take place If still no result can be found then 3 penalties each shall take place, then sudden death until a result is obtained. Players may play for only ONE team in the League Cup during any one season To participate in a League Cup Final, a player must have played in at least ONE previous round for that club

Misconduct, Sanctions and Fines 1)

Failure of a team to be represented at the NML Annual General Meeting £25.00


Failure of a team to be represented at a league meeting £10.00 per team


Failure to provide a fully completed and correct result sheet £10.00


Failure to report results to fixtures secretary within allotted timescale £10.00


Failure to respond to correspondence within an allotted timescale £10.00


Playing an unregistered player in an official League or cup game £25.00 - (Plus the result awarded to non-defaulting team)


Bringing the league into disrepute £levied by league in conjunction with NFA disciplinary committee


Failure to return Cups on time + any engraving / repair / replacements £20.00


Failure to fulfill an official fixture £25.00 - (Plus the result awarded to non-defaulting team)

10) Refusal to exchange player’s counterfoils £25.00 - (The result of the match to be decided by the league) 11) Failure to pay fine within allotted timescale administration fee £10.00 12) Administration fee for appeals £10.00 (Refunded if successful) The Newcastle Minisoccer League committee and sub-committee will review all cases of misconduct or grievance. All fines will be issued in writing to the club secretary and notified to the appropriate Youth Divisional secretary. All clubs have the right to appeal, this must be made in writing and arrive within 7 days of the original notice being issued with the administration fee. No correspondence shall be entered into without the fee or arrival after this date.

2010 League Rules  

Newcastle minisoccer league rules for 2010-2011

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