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The Tale of Carton Box

Problems with wooden crates 

Before carton boxes came into the picture, wooden crates were used for moving goods

However they had their own problems. These were:



Hard to replicate

First carton box ď‚ž

First carton box came into existence in the year 1817 in England


It was a simple non corrugated carton

The Inception of Corrugated Carton ď‚ž

Corrugated paper was patented in 1856


On December 20, 1871 the first corrugated cardboard box came into existence

Year 1890 brought pre-cut single pieces of board that could be folded into boxes by Scottish-born Robert Gair

By 1895 corrugated cardboard boxes began being produced in America

How corrugated carton is made??? ď‚ž

Process consists on the undulation of the inner layers


fitting together the required paper layers


Once the sheet is created, it can be transformed into the desired product


These can be flap boxes, die boxes, spacers or containers

Division of Materials


There are various divisions of materials used in manufacturing of these cartons :


Paper - reduced by pressing together moist fibers, typically cellulose pulp derived from wood, rags or grasses, and drying


Paperboard - a paper with a basis weight (grammage) above 224 g/m² (Acc. To ISO Standards)


Corrugated fiberboard  - made of paperboard laminates

Applications ď‚ž

Carton boxes find application in wide range of services.


The most common ones are -

Commercial packaging: ď‚ž

Brands like Kellogg's are a great example of carton box usage in commercial packaging materials



We all have seen cardboard boxes being used for relocation task

That completes the Carton Box’s tale!!!

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