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When planning to relocate, you need to have a reliable supplier of carton boxes by your side. This is why we are here. We, at New Carton Box Singapore, have been helping families with their moves over small as well as long distances with our products and services. Here is a look at what we offer – 1. Carton Boxes – no matter what size or shape you are looking for, we have a complete range of new, as well as used corrugated and regular cardboard boxes. These sturdy packages can withstand tough conditions to ensure a safe move 2. Masking Tapes – to make sure that the goods remain undamaged during the relocation, we provide an exclusive range of masking tapes that you can use for wrapping products safely . These quality tested tapes are must to have during the move 3. Stretch Wraps – lastly, just to ensure that the goods are wrapped in an effective manner and there’s no damage caused by edaphic as well as climatic factors during the transport, we offer the best stretch wrap material New Carton Box delivers all these services as per your requirement in pre-mentioned time frame, so that you don’t have to face any hassle.

New carton box singapore  

Get top-quality New as well as used Carton boxes, along with masking tapes & stretch wraps all at one place i.e. New Carton Box the best sup...

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