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Building a more just and equitable society.


Transforming the lives of underserved children and youth through year-round academic and enrichment programs to inspire learning, encourage success, and close the opportunity gap.


Summer Program 2019


Equity Through Opportunity

Educating the Whole Child

Joyful and Nurturing Community


Our theme for this summer, “Rise Up with Hope,� will continue to guide our work throughout the year and captures the optimism we feel. Our optimism has been fueled by our time together this summer, which really did feel like time together, even though we operated at a distance. We participated in virtual morning meetings, daily math

and literacy classes, and even had virtual lunches together. We gathered for weekly assemblies, virtual field trips, and community-wide events, as we do every summer. Our kids created art, music, and videos to lift up their families, their neighbors, and each other. Together, we learned that even under very challenging conditions, we could find joy and hope within ourselves and bring joy and hope to others. You have also fueled our optimism. As you will see in this report, your steadfast support of Horizons gave us the confidence to adapt, evolve, and innovate to meet the growing and ever-changing needs of our families. We have been able to provide our students and families with certainty in a time of great uncertainty, because that is what you provide to us. Throughout this difficult year, it is your generosity and messages of support and encouragement that continue to inspire the Horizons community to rise up with hope. Thank you! With sincere gratitude,

NANCY VON EULER Executive Director 3


As I reflect back on this year, I feel a deep sense of gratitude for the vision, mission, and values statements the Board approved in March 2019. These statements of purpose and commitment have been our North Star as we grappled with some challenges that were completely new and others that were discouragingly familiar. Even as we continue to weather the storm of COVID-19 and the tolls that racial, economic, and educational injustice take on our community, I feel a deep sense of confidence that we will emerge from this time stronger and more committed than ever to be an instrument and voice for change.


A Horizons parent, Ysela, shared that her family struggled financially when she had to leave her job to care for and support her son, Mathew, in his remote learning. Ysela said, “Mathew saw the stress of the pandemic on his family and how Horizons made it easier for us, and it inspired him to try to help others.” READ MORE ABOUT THEIR FAMILY’S STORY HERE: horizonskids.org/news/blog/

The COVID-19 crisis has been universally challenging, but the communities of color that we serve have been especially hard hit. Our caregivers are more likely to have experienced job loss or to work in frontline jobs that put them at risk. The communities we serve have experienced high rates of infection, hospitalization, and, sadly, death. The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the deep chasm in educational equity and opportunity that our students face.





100% of our incoming students qualify for free or reduced-price school meals

92% of students identify as people of color

66% of students enter Horizons at NCCS performing below grade level


5% other


Mathew at the 5th grade moving-up ceremony

395 students served each year

45% of students from Stamford

50% of students from Norwalk

Horizons is Bridging the Gap SPRING 2020 We transitioned to virtual tutoring, conducted surveys, oneon-one outreach, and community-wide town hall meetings. We also provided emergency monetary assistance to families in financial distress.

JAIMIE Horizons 9th grade student

SUMMER 2020 Horizons transitioned our Summer Program, including many of our beloved traditions, to a virtual format, emphasizing connection and social and emotional wellbeing. We made sure every student could access our programming by providing supplies, technology, translation, and technical support. Grocery gift cards, family workshops, and social work support helped our families navigate this very difficult time.



“Class discussions gave me a way to express my feelings and learn how to use my voice. I saw how members of our own Horizons community used their own voices for change and it made me want to use my voice as well. I appreciate that Horizons wanted to know more about our own thoughts and perspectives about the racial injustice happening around us.�

Continuing to Adapt and Innovate SERVING MORE STUDENTS


Horizons will embark on a phased-in plan to shift our entry grades, which are currently Kindergarten, 2nd grade, and 6th grade, which will:

We know our students will need additional support to make up lost ground due to COVID-19. Building on the successes we had during the summer, we are restructuring and expanding our school-year programming to provide:

• Double our number of Kindergarten students, increasing the percentage of students who are reading on grade level by 3rd grade • Admit all of our students (except those filling vacancies) by 4th grade to prepare them for a successful transition to middle school


• Increase the total number of students in the program by 10%


• Academic support to twice as many students • Expert college-readiness guidance and support • More opportunities to connect with peers and explore new enrichments • Continued programming to support family wellbeing

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TEAM MODEL HERE: horizonskids.org/programs/school-year-1-8/


COLLEGE ACCEPTANCE 100% of Horizons graduating seniors from the class of 2020 were accepted to college for the fall

“I am working on a scholarship fund to help students continue their higher education. I came up with the idea because I wanted to make a difference in the community by trying to give back, like Horizons does. This scholarship will help students who want to continue their education but may not qualify for financial aid for a variety of reasons. Horizons is helping me spread the word about this scholarship within the community.” NIKAYLA Junior at Western Connecticut State University, Teaching Assistant, Horizons Summer Program



HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION 100% of Horizons 12th grade students graduated from high school in June 2020

RECOGNIZING THE OUTSTANDING COMMITMENT OF FACULTY AND STAFF Our annual Leadership Celebration was held as a virtual event on October 28, 2020, bringing together the Board of Directors, Board of Governors, and special guests to hear program updates and recognize faculty and staff for exceptional service to Horizons. This year, we recognized three individuals who have contributed significantly, playing numerous roles over many years. Joan Guzzetti began her work with Horizons in 2001 as a tutor and a teacher in our Summer Program. She continues as a tutor in our program to this day and has built strong and lasting relationships with the students and families she has supported. Joan is also known for being the tireless and cherished Horizons photographer for the last 12 years, artfully capturing the joyful moments that characterize Horizons.


Nehemie Moïse, a graduate of Horizons herself with more than 16 years on staff, brings the perspective of student, teaching assistant, and academic coach to her current role as Family and Program Director. In this capacity, Nehemie ensures that all of our programming helps to support the social and emotional wellbeing of our students and their families. Nehemie has contributed to building equity and inclusion in our communities as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion facilitator for New Canaan Country School, and as a co-chair of the Social Justice and Equity task force for Norwalk ACTS.


Lavone Roberson comes from a family of Horizons graduates and started herself at Horizons in Kindergarten. She went on to serve for 16 years in various roles including teaching assistant, lead teacher, academic coach, and tutor. All of these roles and her 14 years as a teacher for Norwalk Public Schools have prepared her well for her current role as Academic Director. In this position, Lavone brings her academic expertise and deep empathy for students and caregivers to the table as she designs programs to support student success. She is a valued member of Norwalk ACTS and Stamford Cradle to Career workgroups and represents Horizons at NCCS on Stamford Stands Against Racism.

GEORGE E. STEVENS VISIONARY AWARD The George E. Stevens Visionary Award honors a Horizons at NCCS supporter who has contributed to the realization of the vision of the founder of Horizons, George E. Stevens, through significant investment and an unparalleled commitment. This year’s recipient is Newman’s Own Foundation, which has been supporting Horizons at NCCS for 27 years. This longstanding commitment and partnership enables Horizons to provide the level of programming and support our students and their families need: creating opportunities, building brighter futures, and being an inspiration for change.

“We are proud to have provided support to the Horizons program at New Canaan Country School for over 20 years. Horizons at NCCS plays an important role in our community, helping to close the opportunity gap by bringing enriching, educational experiences to underserved children.”

MIRIAM E. NELSON, Acting President and CEO Newman’s Own Foundation


Jen and David Barnard

Paula Oppenheim

Kara and Aaron Cooper

Ellen and Billy Oppenheim

Amy and Tony Downer

Lisa and Bob Schultz

Barbara and Jeff Erdmann

Heather and Todd Raker

Barbara Erdmann Photography

Tracey and Mike Riccardi

Laura and Charles Galante

Nancy and Peter von Euler

Lydee and John Hummel

Sanny and Matt Warner

Lone Pine Foundation

Jane and Brian Williams

Brian and Katie McCormick

Carolyn and Sturgis Woodberry

O’Herron Family Foundation

Anne and Brian Young

Annie and Jon Burleigh

Sarah and Alec Casey

And thank you, as always, to our backyard pool donors. We missed visiting you in summer 2020, but we look forward to being back in summer 2021!

New Pool will Support a Growing Program Swimming has always been a cornerstone of the Horizons Summer Program, providing the perfect vehicle for students to overcome fear and build confidence, all while acquiring a critical life skill. Thanks to the generosity of an amazing group of supporters, Horizons now has a brand-new, much larger, and upgraded pool, which will act as a springboard for years to come as our students master swimming skills, building confidence that spills over into all aspects of their lives.

We are still raising funds for this project. If you would like to dive in as a pool supporter, please reach out to Executive Director, Nancy von Euler at nvoneuler@horizonskids.org.




Financial Summary

FY 20 OPERATING REVENUE (unrestricted)


Support and Revenue Contributions Gross special events revenue Less cost of direct benefit to donors Net special events revenue Special events, net (peripheral and incidental) Endowment fund income Current investment income

TOTAL - $1,729,459

FY 2020

FY 2019

















$ 1,670,000

$ 1,899,111











Registration fees Total support and revenue Expenses Program

Total expenses

Individuals & Family Foundations

Other Income $177,159





Released from Restriction

$74,693 $351,349



FY 20 OPERATING EXPENSES (before non-cash expenses)

Change in net assets from operating activities









Total non-operating



Change in net assets



Net assets at beginning of year



Net assets at end of year



Non-operating Net investment gain Post-retirement health benefit Contributions

TOTAL - $1,531,276

Development $180,330



High School

Net assets





K-8 School Year



Board of Directors, Board of Governors, and Staff 2020-2021

Sanny Warner Chair Tiffany Van Elslander Vice Chair Mara Neafsey Treasurer Michele Gartland Secretary


Victor Catano NCCS Chief Financial Officer Karen Clarke Family Council Rep Aaron Cooper NCCS Head of School Rashana Graham Summer Faculty Rep

John Ziac III


Jen Zonis

Lydee C. Hummel



Nancy von Euler Executive Director

Topsy and Roy Pfeil

Raphe Elkind

Liz Zea

Claire Friedlander

Jo Ziesing

Annie R. Cohen

Elisabeth Evans Nancy Geary Will Heins

Lydee Hummel

Merrick Kleeman Sue Mackey

Spencer Mallozzi


Jonathan Lake Junior Program Director

Tracy McManus

Jennifer Barnard

Tim Rivlin Senior Program Director

Roy Pfiel

Nehemie Moïse Family & Program Director

Sean Brennan

Donna Seymour Family Council Rep

Lynn Quinn

Lavone Roberson Academic Director

Vanessa Brown-Toussaint Marisa DiBiasio

Ryan Smith NCCS Advancement Director

Jen Kearney

Nancy von Euler Executive Director

Steve Bloom Frank Bria

Charles Galante Leigh Kennedy Tamu Lucero

Brian McCormick

Jackqueline McLeanMarkes Eloisa Melendez

Jennifer Millones Heather Raker

Tracey Riccardi

Chelsea Staniar

Carolyn Woodberry


Sarah Casey Co-Chair Jane Schoenholtz Co-Chair

Mandi Morgan Cary Potter Rob Rohn

Laura Saverin Lisa Schultz

Susan Schulz

Cindi Serenbetz Jud Staniar

Amy Stevens Jill Stevens

Kerry Stevens Doug Sutton Mimi Tabah

Kevin Thompson Rolando White

Annie Burleigh

Jane Williams

Darwin Davis

Cindy Willis

Amy Chan Downer

Anne Young

Ann Cohen

Joanna Williams

Kelly DeGulis

Louise York

Jennifer and David Barnard Sarah O’H. Casey

Heather and Todd Raker Irene and Tim Rivlin

Jane and Mark Schoenholtz Kerry and Jed Stevens

Tiffany and Brian Van Elslander

Ginny Pracilio Office Manager, Development & Faculty Coordinator

Carolyn and Sturgis Woodberry

Whitney Mallozzi Development & Communications Coordinator

Bert Ballin

Andrea Cantos Family & Program Coordinator

Jo and Peter Ziesing

REMEMBERED MEMBERS Lois Beam Bateson Virginia B. Birkby Richard Cohen

Elizabeth P. Mansfield

Andrew Ludwig Americorps VISTA Associate Hadiya Robinson MSW Social Work Intern, Fairfield University

FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT horizonskids.org/support/donate/ promise-society/




Horizons Promise Society

Thank You to Our Generous Donors



JULY 1, 2019 THROUGH JUNE 30, 2020


RHODES SCHOLAR $50,000 + Cedar Hill Foundation Cary Potter Lone Pine Foundation Inc. Pritchard Foundation Jo and Peter Ziesing The Serenbetz Family Foundation, Inc. Cindi and Warren Serenbetz Synchrony Foundation


VALEDICTORIAN $20,000 + Anonymous Jen and David Barnard Mrs. Richard N. Cohen Kelly and John DeGulis The Richard Davoud Donchian Foundation Fairfield County’s Community Foundation, Inc. The Hennessy Foundation Ms. Kathleen M. Hennessy Horizon Foundation Mr. Merrick R. Kleeman Sue and Cam Mackey Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Millones, Jr. Laura J. Niles Foundation, Inc. Newman’s Own Foundation Tracey and Mike Riccardi

The Tudor Foundation, Inc. Carolyn and Sturgis Woodberry The Young Family Charitable Foundation Anne and Brian Young PHI BETA KAPPA $10,000 + Anonymous The Baker Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Baker Laura and Charles Galante Jennifer Kline and Arman Gokgol-Kline Grossman Family Foundation George M. and Pamela S. Humphrey Fund Sanny and Matt Warner Lisa and Jack McCarthy Katie and Brian McCormick Odyssey Group Foundation Oppenheim Family Fund Paula Oppenheim Ellen and Billy Oppenheim Lisa and Bob Schultz Heather and Todd Raker Leigh Kennedy and Phil Ruvinsky Susan and Bob Schulz Stanley Family Foundation Ann Rogers Kerry and Jed Stevens

Tiffany and Brian Van Elslander Kirsten and Peter Zaffino SUMMA CUM LAUDE $5,000 + Joyce and James Andersen BlackRock Matching Gift Program Mr. and Mrs. Sean Brennan The Brewer Family Foundation, Inc. Kelly Brewer and William Lewis The Burton Foundation Chelsea and Jud Staniar The Crisp Family Foundation Ann and John von Stade Amy and Tony Downer Barbara Erdmann Photography Gen Re Corporation Horizons National Student Enrichment Program, Inc. Lydee and John Hummel Mr. and Mrs. Max Jellinek Lone Pine Capital LLC Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Mandel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Sean J. McManus Pauline and David Musto Mara and Tad Neafsey Near & Far Aid Association Inc. Newcomers Club of New Canaan, Inc. Jen Kearney and Doug Parker

Topsy and Roy Pfeil Jane and Mark Schoenholtz Elizabeth and Chris Thompson Mr. David Wallace Emily and Wil Warren Jane and Brian Williams MAGNA CUM LAUDE $2,500 + Anonymous (2) Bankwell Financial Group, Inc. The Barr Family Mr. Russell Berkowitz The Community Fund of Darien Marisa and Michael DiBiasio Hilary and Sean Flanagan Sally and Todd Fonner Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Frank Maddie Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Mike Godina Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hanson Sarah and Casey Kilcullen Jackqueline McLeanMarkes and Junior Markes Minted, LLC M.L.E. Foundation The Morse Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Lester S. Morse, Jr. New Canaan Community Foundation

New Canaan Country School Parents’ Association The O’Connell Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Dan O’Connell O’Herron Family Foundation Annie and Jon Burleigh Sarah and Alec Casey People’s United Community Foundation Irene and Tim Rivlin Lauren and Doug Ryder Brennen and David Strine CUM LAUDE $1,000 + Kelly and Doug Ambrose Mr. and Mrs. William B. Avery Sharon and Bill Baird Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bilden Hayley and Steve Bloom The Boeschenstein Family Foundation Polly and Stephen Boeschenstein Lisa Pannone and Frank Bria Amy and John Cholnoky Barbara Carey and Jace Cohen Kara and Aaron Cooper CS Craig Family Foundation Frances and Pat DeSouza Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. DiBiasio Meredith and Banks Edwards

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Ormond Nancy and Craig Overlander Laura and Stuart Parker Katrina and Homer Parkhill Lisa and Matt Pendo Piper Sandler Companies Matching Gift Program Dina and Kevin Quirk Fraser Randolph Nancy and Carlos Rivero Rotary Club of New Canaan Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schlesinger Nancy K. Simpkins Mrs. George E. Stevens Ann and Thayer Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Stute The Summer Hill Foundation Kathy and Peter Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Teles Mr. and Mrs. David Tuttle United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley Nancy and Peter von Euler Catherine and William Wappler Alicia and Bob Wyckoff Young Women’s League of New Canaan DEAN’S LIST $500 + Anonymous (2) The Arthur-Springer Family Lucy and David Ball Mr. and Mrs. David Ballard Nicole and John Benedetto Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Benett The Berry Family Mr. and Mrs. Seth Brody Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Buono Mr. and Mrs. William W. Burnham Mr. and Mr. Joseph Cohen Susan and Robert Cotter

Pamela Safford and Daniel Covell Carolyn Downey Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Drstvensek Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Eifler Karen and Brad Elders Lissy Newman and Raphe Elkind Schuyler and Richard Field David and Hilda Fins Family Foundation Deborah Fins and Donald Strait Mr. and Mrs. David Frame Mr. and Mrs. James Frey Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fry Ms. Rita Nagle and Mr. Paul J. Glynn Tatyana Vesselovskaya and Eral Gokgol-Kline Mr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Golden Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gosk Joan and Lou Guzzetti Mr. and Mrs. John Haas Mr. and Mrs. William A. Halsey Liz and Matt Janiga The Debard Johnson Foundation Eila, Jeff, Jack and Oliver Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Joyce Rick Kearney Mr. and Mrs. James B. Knowles III Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Larson Rebecca Thornton and Alex Leach Mr. and Mrs. Morgan LeConey Beth and Mason Lenhard Abigail A. Manny Serena and Tim Manny Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mao Amanda and Don Martocchio Donna and Jack McCarthy Ashley and Matt McKee Mr. and Mrs. Joel Miller Mr. and Mrs. Manish Mital Katharine O’Brien Eleanor O’Neill

Mr. and Mrs. Will Overlock Mr. and Mrs. Federico Papa-Tham Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Parry George B. Post Mr. and Mrs. David Priebe Ms. Kim Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reifenheiser Robert Rizzo Mr. and Mrs. Scott Robertson Bonnie and Matt Rumilly Josh Samuelson Gail R. Sarner Dorothy and Frank L. Savage Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Ward Savage Laura and Ken Saverin Joni and James Schaefer Lauren and Wyley Scherr Lee Stewart and Chris Sherry Marcy and Hunter Smith Amy and Quinten Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Tarun Stewart Milagros Lecuona and Dan Stoddard Mr. and Mrs. James Taubner Carlyle and David Upson Mary and Jerome Vascellaro The Wakeman Family Torrance York and Greg Walters Linda and John Whitton Joanna and Bob Williams Rose and Jim Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Keith Yoo Louise and Clifton York HIGH HONOR ROLL $100+ Anonymous (6) Chloe and Cameron Ableman Mr. and Mrs. Jon Achenbaum Janene and Donald Alford AmazonSmile

Michelle and Jeff Andrea Stephanie and Jurek Antoszewski Mr. John Baitsell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Baker Lilani and Roy Balasuriya The Baldwin Family Casey Ballin Melanie and Scott Barnard Kate and David Baruch Suya and Karim Basta Lisa and Tim Bazemore Videen and Christopher Bennett Roz and Wally Bernheimer Susan E. Blabey Mr. Max Blatt Barbara and Gary Bloom Renee and Hank Bornstein Ms. Ann J. Bowling Brian Brennan The Brennan Family Lisa and Anthony Britton Stephanie Coleman and Carl Brodnax Mrs. G. Edwin Brown, Jr. Brendan Burland Mr. and Mrs. Paul Busby Mr. and Mrs. John C. Butcher Diane and Pericles Caminis Kristen Carollo Holly and Adam Casella Mr. and Mrs. Peter Catalano Katharine T. Cerow Regina and Charles Cheever Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cirino Ms. Lisa Clarke Tanya Clemons Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. John G. Colon Halcyon Home Services Tara and Anthony Coniglio Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Connors



Ms. Sharon Walker and Mr. Sean Epps Barbara and Jeff Erdmann Mr. and Mrs. Greg Ethridge Sue and Bill Ewing Ms. Paula Cleary and Mr. Paul Farrell First County Bank Foundation, Inc. Claire and Randy Salvatore Jennifer and Jamie Forese Jennifer and Graham Foster Ms. Catherine Galvin Ms. Michele Gartland Half Moon Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Harned Margo and John Hastings Cristine Russell and Ben Heineman Hilltop Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Austin O. Furst, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Hurter Sarah and Christopher Irwin Sue and Jed Isaacs Lauren and Britton Jones Maija and Andrew Judelson Mr. and Mrs. James B. Kane The Keogh Family Kerry and Greg Kern Mr. and Mrs. David Kieske Lynn and Tom King John and Patricia Klingenstein Fund Patricia Klingenstein Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Kontulis II Gunilla and Peter Lawrie Whitney and Spencer Mallozzi Marsal Family Foundation Marcia B. McCrum Mr. and Mrs. Peter McKee Mr. and Mrs. Ben Merrill The Meyer Family Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. David Meyer Heidi and Keith Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Orawiec



Ms. Valerie Cooper Geoffrey Cragin Ms. Mariella Cuccolo Jenny and Greg D’Alba Mr. Geoffrey David Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Davis Mr. and Mrs. James P. Degnan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rick DellaRusso Mr. and Mrs. David DeRemer Mr. Daryl Dewbrey Rachel and Chauncey Dewey Ann Martin DiLeone Ms. Elisabeth Domansky Bettina and Peter Drummond-Hay Adam Elgert Gay and Ray Empson Mr. Robert Ewing Ms. Bamba Fall Kip and Mike Farrell Jeff Feinberg Ms. Elizabeth Ferran Gayle A. Findlay Frame Advisors, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Afragola Mr. and Mrs. Eric Friedland Candice and Kenneth Gammill Kiersten and Frank Gehring Hunter Geraghty Ryan Geraghty Ms. Claire Gifun Serena and Doug Gillespie Peter Gold Elisabeth and Arthur Golden Lori and Peter Gonye Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Goodyear Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Graetz Amy Wallace and Peter Grant Sally and Tony Grassi

Camilla Trinchieri and Stuart Greenspon Nancy and Steven Grune Terry Gumz G. S. Havens Mary and Per Hellsund Annie and Brayden Henry Mary B. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. Duane Hill Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hladick Kyle Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Hudson Jennifer and Andrew Hughes Mr. Adam Humann Susan O’Rourke and Charles K. Hyatt Cynthia Jackson Karen and David Jahns Mr. and Mrs. William H. Jennings II Kim and Jon Jodka Barbara Johansen Susie and Brendan Johnson Mr. Stephen B. Kass Ms. Amelia Kearney Mr. and Mrs. Jared Kearns Joyce Kicelian Dan Kirk Mollie Kirkland Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kniffen Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Krediet Mr. and Mrs. William W. Landis III Kevin Lappin Chris Lawler Janet and Peter Lebovitz Mr. Christopher Ledwith Mary Lee and Jim Lesko Eva and Bob Levine Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lia Ms. Jan Liebowitz Susie Lindenberg

Stella Lowry Ms. Kim Macdonald Isadora Machado Lecuona Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mackenzie Liz and Keith Mackie Mr. and Mrs. Bruce MacLear Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm MacLear Suzanne and Wayne Maggin Mr. and Mrs. Marc Magliacano Carrie and Cooper Mallozzi Dana Mallozzi Lisa and J. Matthew Mannix Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins C. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Brian McCarthy Elizabeth Speers and David McCormick Christopher McKenzie Francie Irvine and Andrew McLaren Mr. and Mrs. John McNamara Ellen and Joel Mellis Moina Noor and Farhan Memon Erica and Andy Merrill Ms. Sylvia Miller Aimee Mishkin Cathy and Richard Mishkin Ms. Janet Mitchell The Moïse Family Ms. Melissa Moore Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mullin Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Mullin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy Sarah and Chad Nail Sheila Neff Pro Neill Paula Gamache and Serge Nivelle Mr. and Mrs. Johann Nottebohm Mr. and Mrs. Brendan O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Dick O’Hare Courtney and Mark Olsen

Emily Overbay Albert L. Perry III Mr. Michael Petix Susan Powell The Pracilio Family Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pratt Mr. and Mrs. William Pratt Ms. Gina Provenzale William Pusak Lynn and Tom Quinn Ronn Richardson Mr. James Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Jim Riley Mr. and Mrs. Sean Robb Lavone Roberson Ms. Elizabeth Rockefeller Mr. Donaldson M. Ross Marcia Berry and Joseph Samuel Judith Rivlin and Eric J. Sanne Sally and Everett Schenk Andrea and Peter Scheyhing Mr. and Mrs. Doug Schoen Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schreck Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Selvala, Jr. The Skvir-Maliakal Family Sheryl E. Siegel, M.D. Margot and Skip Sisson Beth and Ryan Smith Sosnow Foundation, Inc. The Sosnow Family Kim and Mark Spano Sue Speers Mr. and Ms. Colie Spink Susan and David Squier Jennifer St. Hill Jean and Alec Stevens Mr. and Mrs. James M. Stewart Mrs. Hudson Stoddard Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Suozzi Toure Surgeon

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Swerdlick Ms. Elise Tabb Mr. and Mrs. Richmond D. Talbot, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Thompson Ms. Ellen Lindquist and Mr. Stephen Thompson Sue and Joe Upton Mala Vallotton Mr. and Mrs. John Van der Kieft III Vineyard Vines Retail, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Walton Jennifer Ward Rob Warnock The West Family Clyde White Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. White III The Wilkinsons Steve Wilkos Mr. and Mrs. David M. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Williams The Williamson Family Zachary Wilson Ms. Molly Winn Ms. Sarah Woodberry Alice and Peter Wyman Mr. Jason Young Ms. Dorothy Zehner Nancy and John Ziac Mr. Frank Zmuda Jennifer and Jonathan Zonis UP TO $100.00 Anonymous (5) Shannon and Nick Alford Pam Alford Ms. Vanessa Landegger and Mr. Luigi Antonioli Mr. and Mrs. Jake Armstrong Lisa Austin Kate and Marc Baliotti

Ms. Sabrina Hull Jacqueline Jeffress Ms. Kristy Jelenik Mel Justak Ms. Cynthia Killian Leah and Ryan Kimmet Ms. Carol King Natasha Kloster Kathy Kravec Mr. and Mrs. Jason LaBranche The Latimer Family Mark Luecke Anne Mauk Roxanne McKoy Kathleen McNamara Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Mercede Paul Michalski Ms. Leslie Millones Winfred Mit Hell Junior Moïse Veronica Morton Clemenica Naranjo Cristina and Roberto Nieves Pat Oakes Mr. Carey Ogden Ms. Karina Olsen Mary Oster Cathy Ostuw Mr. and Mrs. Karl Palmgren Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pastor Miss Neqwaunia Perry Ms. Doris Poma Mr. Stephen Rappaport Red Grape Wine & Spirits Amy W. Reid Joan Romano

Cristina Rosado Melena Saddler Karen Ann Simmons Ms. Debra Spagnesi Michal Anne Speck Kathy and Ron Steinman Sue and Dave Stoller Erin Strek Lynn Sullivan Linda Terhune Ms. Patricia Thomaier Alyssa Thomas Rishonda Thomas Kim Travagliato Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Triay CWT Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Upton Joe Valvano Jonathan Villa Walter Stewart’s Market Magdalena Wantoch-Rekowska Evan Whaley Mimi and Ezra White Brittany Yelenik Jennifer Yelenik Heidi Locke Simon and Cameron Youngman Susan Zhou

SPECIAL THANKS AND GIFTS-IN-KIND Michele Abraham Unay Addison Thomas Agosto Michelle Alva Flores Janinna Amaya Nyiesha Arnold Jennifer Bartlett Marjorie Beauchette Henry Benton Beroth Family Bloomingdale’s Karen Clarke Natalia Coard Ann R. Cohen Darien Ice House Liz Ferran Johana Flores Brenda Friedman Claudia Garcia Samantha Gault/Turn A Page Karen Greenwald Julia Gutierrez Jasmine Hardy Horizons at NCCS Comedy Night Committee Horizons at NCCS Family Volunteers Horizons at NCCS Giving Day Committee Horizons at NCCS Student Volunteers Horizons at NCCS Summer Volunteers Scott Horowitz Adriana Irizarry Meg Joyce

Emily Kelting The Lambeth Family Alyson Lee MariaFe Luque Lisbeth Martinez Makena McKain Marcela Mercado Judith Montes Sandra Munoz New Canaan Country School Faculty and Staff New Canaan Country School Family Volunteers New England Academy of Dance Nancy Nieves Paola Ochoa Dr. Elizabeth Ortiz-Schwartz Luisa Osorio Maribel Patafio Sheba Peart Person to Person Lashawnda Prezzie Heather Raker Tanya Rhodes-Small Jackie Roberson Yolanda Robinson Ana Robledo Muriel Barbara Rucci Tatiana Sanchez Shoreline Pools Silver Hill Hospital Jessica Toribio Ana Villalta-Romero Nancy von Euler Carolyn Woodberry Jo Ziesing

Your participation is important to us. We have made every attempt to publish the names of our donors accurately. If your name has been inadvertently omitted, misspelled, or listed incorrectly, please accept our sincere apology and bring the error to our attention.



Andrea Cantos and Rodney Barbosa Ms. Emily Basaran Mr. and Mrs. John Bausman Diane and Peter Briggs Arlene Bubbico Jennifer Peoples Burke and Douglas Burke Hannah Casey Samantha Charney Sara Charney Ms. Jane Chiappetta Lyn and Beecher Chivvis Tanisha N. Cobb Ms. Megan Collins Elizabeth Correa Lisa Davis Elisabeth Evans and Mark Davis Tina Davis Lukasz Dec Laura Dellajacono Moira Driscoll Maria Sette and Rob Faugno Kerry A. Fett Virginia Fett Tamar Mays and Eric Fischman Brenda Friedman Anneliese and Bernard Gastrich Helaine Gendason Ms. Sonia Gidwani Mr. Benjamin Gioia Ms. Kandis Green Mr. and Mrs. Mark Groenstein Martha Hennig Mr. and Mrs. Fell Herdeg Stacy Hman Ms. Fiona Hodgson

BUILDING BRIGHTER FUTURES Horizons at New Canaan Country School is a year-round academic and enrichment program serving 400 under-resourced K-12 students from Stamford and Norwalk each year. In addition to a six-week summer academic and enrichment program, we provide our students with year-round support, including tutoring, academic coaching, family programs, a winter program, and college workshops. All of our programs are tuition-free. 635 Frogtown Road, New Canaan, CT 06840 HORIZONSKIDS.ORG

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Horizons at New Canaan Country School Annual Report 2020  

Horizons at New Canaan Country School Annual Report 2020