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906 Rangi*kei Line RD 5, Palmerston North, 4475 Phone: 06 354 9359 Mobile: 021 0824 3377 E: W: hLp:// F: hLp://

“Providing a vibrant, caring learning community that captures and values the poten8al of every child.”

Welcome On behalf of the Staff, Board of Trustees and Parent Group, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you and your family to the Newbury School community. Developing a posi*ve partnership between home and school is an important goal for us. Always feel free to contact myself or our staff at any *me to discuss any maLers of concern or interest. We look forward to providing a caring, s*mula*ng and exci*ng environment for your children to learn. Kind regards, Nick Rate PRINCIPAL

School Description Newbury School is a well-established country school which has delivered primary educa*on to Year 0 - 8 students for over 125 years. The school is situated 2 minutes from Palmerston North on Rangi*kei Line. The locality of the school ensures a diversity of students and families from the surrounding farms, lifestyle blocks and city. The school operates 7 classrooms with learning supported by up-to-date resources, a well-stocked library, a new swimming pool, extensive playing fields, courts, and two adventure playgrounds. There are two teaching teams in opera*on, the Blake and Hillary Teams. The Blake Team is our Junior Team and includes Rooms 1, 2 and 3. The Hillary Team includes our seniors from Rooms 4, 5, 6 and 7. Our vision of providing a vibrant, caring learning community that captures and values the poten*al of every child, guides us in all we do - from the provision of exci*ng, innova*ve

programmes to recognising the individual needs of each child. We are preparing our children for a future of learning and so we focus on making sure all students are “Prepared for Life”. We also recognise that the a]tude teachers and students bring to achieving excellence in learning and in rela*onships is what makes the difference.

Mission Statements Prepared for Life Kia Kaha

SCHOOL VISION Providing a vibrant, caring learning community that captures and values the poten8al of every child.

“Providing a vibrant, caring learning community that captures and values the poten8al of every child.”

SCHOOL VALues Students at Newbury School aspire to the values as described in the New Zealand Curriculum which are represented through our own school values. We believe our school values represent our beliefs about what is important or desirable in our school and community members. These values are demonstrated through the ways in which our students, parents and staff think and act. The Newbury School values are • respect • crea*vity • confidence • leadership. These are intertwined with and complimented by • whanaungatanga • kotahitanga • manaakitanga.

OUR GREAT STAFF We are privileged to have an awesome team of teachers and support staff at Newbury School. LEADERSHIP Principal Deputy Principal

Nick Rate Jo Wishnowsky

TEACHING STAFF Room 1 (Yr 0/1) Room 2 (Yr 1/2) Room 3 (Yr 2/3) Room 4 (Yr 3/4) Room 5 (Yr 4/5) Room 6 (Yr 5/6) Room 7 (Yr 7/8) Release Reading Recovery

Jo Wishnowsky Susan Thompson Linda Taylor Vanessa Eagle Tere Bissell Nina Booth Caroline Transom/Nikki Woisin Nikki Woisin Lorna PraL


Office Manager Teacher Aides Caretaker Gardener

Lesley Aylward Juana Reid Sue Robertson Steve Skinner Sally Rasmussen

Board of trustees We are very fortunate to have a fantas*c group of trustees who are commiLed to the ongoing success of our school with a strong focus on student achievement.The board and principal work together to achieve the best possible learning and teaching outcomes for all students. Some of the Board’s roles include: • Se]ng the vision and values of the school. • Developing and reviewing the general policy direc*on. • Monitoring and evalua*ng student learning outcomes. • Providing financial stewardship and overseeing resources. • Approving major policies and programme ini*a*ves. • Building a broad base of community support. • Managing risk. Our current Board members are: Chair Parent Trustees Principal Staff Trustee

Tracey Rowe Rua Crofskey MaLhew Collis Beth Clark Blair CoLrill Nick Rate Jo Wishnowsky

CHARTER The school charter sets the direc*on for teaching and learning at Newbury School. It outlines our long term strategic goals, as well as our annual plans, achievement targets and self review schedules. The charter includes your voice and regular consulta*on opportuni*es take place

“Providing a vibrant, caring learning community that captures and values the poten8al of every child.”

throughout the year. A hard copy of the charter is available in the school office to view, or you can access it via our school’s web site. Our current strategic goals are to: • To embed the school’s vision and values. • To build produc*ve partnerships between learners, school, whānau, iwi and community. • To improve outcomes for all learners. • To set the direc*on for students learning.

LEARNING Our school curriculum has been designed so that it meets the learning needs of our students as well as u*lising and building on the diversity, interests, knowledge and skills of our students, school and community. We have clear priori*es in developing a strong founda*on in reading, wri*ng and maths and integrate these skills throughout a range of other curriculum areas including; science, technology, the arts, languages, te reo, social studies, health and PE. Our integrated curriculum approach allows our students to know and understand through learning that is contextual and relevant. This helps to equip students with the skills and a]tudes necessary to drive their own learning. As such, we want our students to be self-regula*ng learners, able to reflect on and set goals, solve problems, transfer skills and knowledge to new situa*ons, think crea*vely and have high expecta*ons of themselves as learners. We expect them to work both independently and collabora*vely in groups to achieve their learning goals.

LEARNING EXTENSION Our curriculum design is open-ended allowing students to explore concepts, ini*ate their own learning and design projects. In addi*on to this, students with academic strengths are encouraged to take part in the ICAS exams, the Australian Maths Compe**on and the Otago Maths Challenge. Enrichment opportuni*es for students are also provided through a variety of other programmes and special projects where ac*vi*es such as cooking, dance, photography, science, film and art are

offered. Spor*ng talents are well catered for in our sports programme with our involvement in the Kainui cluster of schools.

Learning SUPPORT We operate a number of support and interven*on programmes across the school to support our students and their learning. These take place both in and out of class and are overseen by our SENCO (Special Needs Coordinator). Class teachers closely monitor their students and adapt learning programmes to meet their individual needs. We currently have two teacher aides providing in class and special programme support in numeracy and literacy.

Leadership ACADEMIES Our senior students are expected to take on leadership roles throughout the school and to lead and par*cipate in a range of school wide ac*vi*es. Each year a head and deputy head boy and girl are appointed as well as house captains for each of our houses. Student leaders work specifically with teachers across the school in their area of leadership. These include; • road patrol • physical ac*vi*es team • librarians • charity team • peer mediators • enviro team. Our Year 8 student leaders are also privileged to aLend an inspira*onal day at the Na*onal Young Leaders Conference.

HOUSES We have an ac*ve house system opera*ng among our four houses of Kowhai (yellow), Kakariki (green), Tawa (purple) and Whero (red). On enrolment, all children are placed in one of the four houses. Children also wear their house colours for some school sports events. Students earn

“Providing a vibrant, caring learning community that captures and values the poten8al of every child.”

points for their par*cipa*on and achievement in a range of ac*vi*es throughout the year that contribute towards being the winning house each term and the House Shield at the end of the year. Compe**ons include all school sports such as swimming, cross country and athle*cs as well as a termly house compe**ons organised by the house captains.

E-LEARNING The school has a range of devices including desktops, laptops and iPads that are used by students to support their learning. We also use a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in our Hillary team where students can bring personal devices to support learning. With a combina*on of school owned and BYOD, we maintain a 1-1 ra*on of devices to students in our senior school. Classroom learning is also supported by large screen TVs and a school wide wifi network.

SCHOOL BADGE Senior students in the Hillary team can earn points towards the school’s bronze, silver and gold badges. The badge system promotes goal se]ng, achievement and perseverance. Points can be earned across the areas of sport, culture, services to school, values and academics.

INTERMEDIATE @ NEWBURY Our Year 7 and 8 programme is designed to effec*vely prepare our students for high school and beyond. Our programme places the students at the centre, building on their individual needs and goals to develop an inclusive, responsive and respecpul environment for learning. There are a number of key skills and competencies that need to be established to prepare our learners for High School. We enable this through: • Development of self management skills. • Self managed *metables. • Individual goal se]ng for learners to track and monitor their own learning progress. • Strong links with local High Schools. • Iden*fying and fostering individual student passions and interests. • Developing strong ownership levels of their learning.

• Careers based learning for iden*fying future career pathways. • Learning embedded in real world contexts.

SPORTS Our students benefit from being involved in regular sports and fitness programmes as part of their daily class *metables. Our school sports programme focuses on swimming in Term 1, cross country in Term 2, winter sports in Term 3 and athle*cs in Term 4. Students also par*cipate in our cluster sports events involving schools from the Kainui cluster. Other spor*ng events are available to our students. In the past these have included tennis, rippa rugby and triathlons. Skill development is oqen supported with coaching sessions by expert coaches including Manawatu Rugby, Central Soccer, Manawatu Hockey and Manawatu Cricket. The school usually fields teams in the local cricket, hockey, touch rugby, netball and basketball compe**ons and other sports as interest requires.

OUTDOOR EDUCATION Outdoor educa*on opportuni*es are an important part of our learning programme. For many students they provide new opportuni*es and challenges they have not faced before. These experiences also allow students and teachers to build on the posi*ve rela*onships already established in the classrooms. This helps them to get to know each other further in a range of contexts and overcoming barriers together as a unit. The senior classrooms go on camp once a year in Term 1 or 4 and all classes par*cipate in a variety of field trips throughout the year to support their learning.

ENVIROSCHOOLS Our school-wide EnviroVision is “Crea8ng Environmental Leaders commi?ed to preserving and improving our environment for future genera8ons.” We have made it our mission to establish an environmentally-aware school culture that influences all aspects of school life, by developing an effec*ve, integrated

“Providing a vibrant, caring learning community that captures and values the poten8al of every child.”

and sustainable EnviroEduca*on Program led by the students. Our vision is realised through: • A highly mo*vated and student lead Enviro Team. • Whole school involvement in school wide and community environmental projects. • Student driven class projects to make our school more environmentally aware and adopt sustainable prac*ces. • School resources to support environmental educa*on e.g. propaga*on unit, veggie gardens, na*ve bush areas. • Commitment to sustainable prac*ces within our school e.g. zero-waste, recycling.



We have an open door approach to engaging with parents and ac*vely encourage communica*on between the home and school. Parents are encouraged to visit the school and to keep in contact with their child’s teacher. School newsleLers are sent home with students every Wednesday and no*ces for events are sent home as they occur. Phone messages can be leq via the school office. The school website hLp:// is updated with events, links, learning support and general school informa*on. Facebook also allows you to keep up-to-date with what is happening at school: hLp://

For our Year 4-8 students: In Term 1, teachers meet with parents and op*onally their child to confirm their learning goals together. At this *me any formal test results are also reported. Three-way interviews are then held at the beginning of Term 3 and the middle of Term 4. At the end of Term 2 and the middle of Term 4, wriLen reports are provided to parents showing student progress and achievement in rela*on to the Na*onal Standards, next learning steps and how they can support their child at home. For our Year 1-3 students: These students also receive reports twice a year. These are *med to align with the student’s 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36 month anniversaries at school. Reports are sent home and parents are invited to make a *me to meet with and discuss student progress and achievement, next learning steps and how they can support their child at home. Feel free to contact your child’s teacher at any *me to discuss their progress and achievement and how you can both work together to support their learning at school and home.

We have a compulsory Newbury School uniform which is to be worn by all students. This uniform is available from Academy Apparel, 306 Broadway Ave, Palmerston North. As part of the uniform, students are required to wear black shoes. These include sneakers, leather shoes and sandals as long as they are the appropriate colour, together with navy or black socks (any length) or *ghts. Parent Group have a small selec*on of 2nd hand uniforms for sale. Please see the school office regarding these. Children can change into spare playground clothes at morning tea and lunch*mes during the winter months.


Parent GROUP We are fortunate enough to have an ac*ve Parent Group. This commiLee aids our school by; • raising funds; • organising school lunches; • helping at events involving our school; • providing opportuni*es for parents/caregivers to contribute to every day school life. The group is open to all members of the community and welcomes your involvement. Please support this enthusias*c group which usually meets on a monthly basis. No*fica*on regarding these mee*ngs is sent out via the school newsleLer.

“Providing a vibrant, caring learning community that captures and values the poten8al of every child.”

Enrolment The school has an enrolment scheme in place which means that students are required to live within an iden*fied enrolment zone to be eligible to aLend Newbury School. The school may accept out of zone enrolments through a ballot system depending on the availability of spaces. More informa*on can be found on the school website: (hLp:// If you are out of zone and are interested in aLending Newbury School, please discuss this with the Principal or Office Manager. On enrolment at Newbury School, your child will be placed in a classroom appropriate to their current learning level and in line with the school’s Year Group Classifica*on Guidelines. All enrolment documenta*on needs to be completed with the Office Manager and a birth cer*ficate, immunisa*on cer*ficate and, if born outside of NZ, proof of New Zealand ci*zenship are all required.

NEWBIES TO NEWBURY Providing a smooth transi*on to school for your child! What is NEWBIES to NEWBURY? Newbies to Newbury is a programme offered to all future five year-olds and their parents who are enrolled to start at Newbury School. Newbies to Newbury will give you and your child an informa*ve, hands-on, fun-filled introduc*on to Newbury School to

ensure a smooth transi*on for your child. Newbies to Newbury will give you both an opportunity to: • become familiar with school rou*nes • take part in educa*onal ac*vi*es and learning • become familiar with the school grounds and the classroom se]ng • meet other future five year-olds and their families • build rela*onships with the teachers. The Newbies to Newbury Programme consists of a range of ac*vi*es and experiences designed to give you and your child an idea of what to expect when they begin school and also prepare them for the learning that takes place in a new entrant classroom. For more informa*on about the Newbies programme please contact the school.

A - z guide for parents Absences If your child is absent please contact the school with an explana*on as soon as possible. Contact may be made through: • a phone call (please leave a message if your call is not answered) • a face-to-face explana*on • a note

IMPORTANT DATES & TIMES TERM DATES 2017 Term 1: 30 Jan – 13 April Term 2: 1 May – 7 July Term 3: 24 July – 29 Sep Term 4: 16 Oct – 14 Dec TEACHER ONLY DAYS 2017 (TBC) Term 2: Monday 12 June Term 4: Tuesday 25 October SCHOOL DAILY TIMETABLE 9:00am School starts 11:00am Morning tea 11:25am Middle session 1:00pm Lunch 1:45pm Aqernoon session 3:00pm School finishes Please note: • Children should not to be at school before 8.30am and are expected to be collected by 3.15pm. • Any unaccompanied students at school aqer 3:15pm will be in the school office. • a text message or email to the school or teacher sta*ng: - the student’s name - the date of the absence - and the reason for it • a cer*ficate from a health professional if absent for more than 3 days. Every child’s aLendance is recorded twice daily by electronic register. All

“Providing a vibrant, caring learning community that captures and values the poten8al of every child.”

unaccounted absences are followed up by the Office Manager.

medica*on. This needs to be sighted by the school.

Accidents & Illness If a child is injured at school, first aid will be administered by teachers and office staff as required. If a serious accident occurs, staff will look aqer the best interests of the child and then parents will be no*fied immediately. All accidents occurring at school are aLended by a trained first aid staff member and the incident recorded. For serious accidents, our first call is to the ambulance service and then the parent/emergency contact. Children should not be sent to school if they are feeling unwell. If a child becomes unwell at school, the parents or caregivers will be contacted and asked to collect the child. Our prac*ce is aligned to the Ministry of Health recommenda*ons and best prac*ce. It is important that our records of home, work, doctors and other emergency numbers that may be required, are kept up to date. Please advise the school promptly of any changes.

Ag Day (Lamb, Calf & Pet Day) This rural tradi*on con*nues to thrive at Newbury School and is usually held around Labour Weekend. Outdoor judging is for calves, lambs, kids and pets while indoor ac*vi*es cater for cooking, floral art and a variety of classroom displays.

Administering MedicaIon At School We have a consent form to be filled out if you require your child’s medica*on to be administered at school. Appropriate informa*on must be provided. By law, the medical prac**oner’s direc*ons must be included on the label of all dispensed

Assembly - School We normally have a school assembly every second or third Friday from 2:15 -3:00pm. We sing the School Song, share learning from across the classes, present the Principal’s Award and celebrate students from each class who have made great choices in learning and behaviour with the class merit awards.

Allergies or Asthma Records are kept in the office and sick bay regarding students who require special or immediate aLen*on for any allergy or illness. Should your child require this type of aLen*on, completed asthma and/or allergy forms must be handed to the school office and medica*on provided. Assembly - Flag We hold a brief assembly on Monday mornings at 9am. This *me is to come together to sing the Na*onal Anthem, give no*ces for the week ahead and announce the winning house from the previous week. We always close our assemblies with a waiata.

Banking A banking facility is offered through the school. This operates each Wednesday and bank books must be at the office by 9am. Funds are deposited with the Credit Union, Manawatu. Behaviour Management Everyone at Newbury School has the right to work and play in a safe, secure and happy environment. Children, staff and parents need to be responsible for their own ac*ons and show respect to each other, their property and their environment. Selfdiscipline is a learning experience and we will support our students to develop appropriate social skills and personal behaviour. The school operates a posi*ve behaviour management programme and children are acknowledged for making good choices by receiving a smiley face. These are placed into the child's house box and go towards their house points. Each term the winning house gets a special treat to recognise their great behaviour choices. Individual classes also have their own ways of encouraging and suppor*ng good choices for learning and behaviour. Bible in Schools Newbury School does not have a Bible in Schools programme. Board of Trustees The board meets twice a term, usually on the Tuesday of the 2nd and 8th week of the term at 7pm. Parents and

“Providing a vibrant, caring learning community that captures and values the poten8al of every child.”

community members are welcome to aLend. No*ce of all mee*ngs will be given to all parents through the school newsleLer and via our online school calendar. Book Club Scholas*c Book Club order forms are sent out regularly and provide a variety of literature at reasonable prices. There is no expecta*on that parents must order from this Book Club.

around the car park in a clockwise direc*on. When leaving the car park, if you are heading towards town (leq), please ensure you drive past the school on the throughway before entering Rangi*kei Line. Cars heading towards Bulls, please turn right at the carpark exit and remember to apply the right hand rule i.e. cars turning into the car park have right of way over cars turning right leaving the carpark.

Breakfast A free breakfast of Weetbix and milk is available every morning before school in the mul*purpose room.

Cell Phones (student owned) If cell phones are brought to school, they are kept in the office during the day and can be picked up by the students at 3:00pm.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) All students in our HIllary Team can bring their own device to school. Parents and students are required to sign a BYOD Agreement before this can occur. More informa*on can be found online: hLp://

Concerns and Complaints If there are any problems concerning your child and school we encourage you to follow the school’s Concerns Guidelines in these maLers. A copy is available online and in the school office.

Car Park All children should be dropped off and collected from the Newbury Hall car park. Please do not pick up and drop off children at our front (Rangi*kei Line) entrance as this is a very busy roadway.

Dental Therapist Our dental service is provided through the clinic at Palmerston North Intermediate School. You will receive an appointment for your child to have a dental check up once a year. If you have any concerns please phone 354 3285.

Parents are asked to abide by the traffic safety rules we have in this area. Please ensure you park correctly to collect children. When entering the car park, keep to the leq and follow

Dogs Dogs are not permiLed on the school grounds unless by prior arrangement with the principal.

Emergency Procedures The school has an emergency plan to guide staff and students in the event of an emergency. The assembly area is on the top playing field beside the senior playground. We hold an evacua*on drill at least once a term. Fire: • The signal is a con*nuous siren followed by voice prompts to evacuate the building. • Evacuate buildings immediately and proceed to the assembly point. • Close all doors where possible. • Parents are also expected to report to the assembly area. Earthquake: • Teachers conduct Earthquake Procedures in their own classrooms. • All students and adults are expected to drop, cover, hold. • If an evacua*on is necessary, the con*nuous siren and voice prompts will be ac*vated. Fairplay Students, team coaches and managers taking part any spor*ng ac*vity agree to • enjoy ourselves • play within the rules • respect the referees and umpires • respect the opposi*on and their supporters • be gracious winners and dignified losers

“Providing a vibrant, caring learning community that captures and values the poten8al of every child.”

• play hard but play fair. Formal Each year our senior students organise and host a formal dance and invite other Year 7 & 8 students from surrounding schools to aLend. This is a great occasion and usually takes place in Term 4. Hair We recommend that shoulder length hair or longer be *ed back for safety reasons and to reduce the likelihood of catching or spreading head lice. Head lice are an ongoing issue for schools and your coopera*on is required in order to reduce the risk. Health Nurse The Public Health Nurse visits the school regularly for health, hearing and vision checks, immunisa*ons and suppor*ng health lessons with students. If you have other ques*ons or concerns the Health Nurse can be contacted through the school office. Home Learning Home Learning, which is the reinforcing of learning undertaken in the classroom, will be set by each teacher. Junior students are likely to take readers home regularly, collect news items and some may commence spelling and basic facts. Year 4-8 students will have a more formal paLern which is likely to

involve regular spelling, maths, research tasks and comple*on of class work. Home learning should not exceed more than 30 minutes per night. Digital CiIzenship Agreements We ask that parents and student sign a Digital Ci*zenship agreement in order for students to use the internet and elearning devices while at Newbury School. Library We have a very well-stocked library and all classes usually visit the library once a week. Students are able to borrow two books for up to two weeks. Please ensure that library books are returned when due. Reminders will be sent home for any overdue books, and an account for any damaged books or books held for more than six weeks.

Lunch Orders: Lunch orders usually take place every week on a Friday throughout the school year. Order forms come home on a Monday and need to be back at school by Wednesday at 3pm. Please put completed orders in the yellow smiley face box in the office foyer. Lunch and Morning Tea When ea*ng outside, supervising staff release students aqer 10 minutes at the beginning of lunch. Students show the supervising teacher their lunch boxes when they are finished ea*ng to ensure they have had sufficient food. Students release themselves once they have had sufficient morning tea.

Lollies & ConfecIonery: Students are not permiLed to have lollies or confec*onary at school.

LunchIme Play Change of Clothes If students wish to play games on the fields during Terms 2 and 3 they are required to change into a spare set of clothes. This keeps their school uniform clean and dry so they can con*nue the day’s learning in comfort.

Lost Property Students and parents are encouraged to name all clothing and belongings to assist with iden*fica*on. Lost property is returned to the owner when possible and if unclaimed, stored on the rack between ROom 6 and the staffroom. At the end of each term uncollected lost property is donated to a charity.

NewsleWers NewsleLers are issued every Wednesday, and are one of our major means of communica*on with families. These come home via the youngest member of the family. They are also emailed out to families. Please ask to see your newsleLer - a lot of school informa*on is contained in this communica*on.

“Providing a vibrant, caring learning community that captures and values the poten8al of every child.”

Office Hours The school office is open from 8.30am - 3.30pm Monday to Friday.

tea and lunch. Aqer school, one staff member supervises the crossing and carpark un*l 3:15pm.

Parent Involvement Parents are ac*vely encouraged to be involved in their children’s learning. We invite expressions of interest for parent helpers in classrooms, on trips, for sport and our outdoor educa*on programmes. Please talk to your child’s teacher about how you can help.

Prizegiving In December we hold the school prizegiving. The night is a whole school prizegiving with all classes recognised in some way. Whilst we know that not all children can receive a special prize on this night we ask all families to aLend and celebrate the success of others within our school community.

Payments/Money When sending any payments to the school, please place in a sealed envelope with the student’s name and class wriLen on it. Please make any cheques out to Newbury School. Please note the school does not have EFTPOS facili*es. For direct deposits or internet banking our account number is: ASB 12-3143-0377212-00 Personal Possessions Students are discouraged from bringing personal possessions to school. The school will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of any personal possessions brought to school from home. Photocopier The school has a photocopier that may be used by the school community for a minimal fee. Playground Supervision We have a staff member rostered on for playground supervision at morning

Policy & Guidelines All current, new or recently changed policies and guidelines are available on our school web site. Any sugges*ons or comments you have can be discussed with the principal or any BOT member. School DonaIon & Fees Dona8ons: The Board of Trustees sets school dona*ons. These are a dona*on to the school and cover incidental costs. Dona*ons are an important part of the annual budget process. These are currently set at: • $80 for one student • $30 for second child • $20 for third or any addi*onal children This dona*on will appear on your school family account for the year. While this is a dona*on and not compulsory, we do need addi*onal funds to provide your children with a great educa*on including new

resources, library books and sports equipment. Fees: The school has regular ac*vi*es and trips that are not part of the day to day running of the school. These need to be funded separately. Rather than charge for each small ac*vity (e.g. $2, $5 or 50 cents) we calculated the average per year was $40 ($10 per term) per student. Many of the resources we use for students are photocopied and we have a levy per child to help cover this cost. Currently this is $5 per student per year. There is also a pencil levy for Rooms 1, 2 and 3 to ensure there are always pencils available for learning. The ac*vity, photocopy and pencil fees will appear on your school account. Fees, dona*ons and other expenses such as camps can be paid in full or arrangements can be made through the school office for scheduled payments to be made (e.g. $5 per week). School Milk Our school is part of the Fonterra Milk for Schools Programme. All students are able to have milk 3 days a week. A form to indicate whether your child would like milk or not is included in the enrolment pack. School Photos Class, sports, family and individual photographs are normally taken in

“Providing a vibrant, caring learning community that captures and values the poten8al of every child.”

Term 3 each year. Families will be advised of the exact date when it is set.

or den*st appointments) parents must sign them in/out at the school office.

Smoke Free The school is a Smoke Free Environment. Smoking in the school buildings and grounds is prohibited at all *mes.

Sunhats All children must wear a Newbury School sunhat in the playground during Terms 1 and 4. Children who do not have a sunhat will be required to sit in the shade during break *mes. Year 7 and 8 pupils only can wear the Newbury School cap.

Sports Uniform Hire The school has a sports uniform that is hired out each year to the students. There is a $15 annual hire fee. The uniform is used for spor*ng events and school spor*ng teams. The uniform consists of a Newbury sports top and shorts which are to be returned cleaned at the end of each year. StaIonery At the end of the year, a sta*onery list is provided to all students for the following year. Parents are expected to send their children ready for school on the first day of Term 1 with all their required sta*onery. The school currently works with OfficeMax for our sta*onery needs. Parents are able to buy online or in store at very compe**ve prices. For new people star*ng school a sta*onery list will be provided. Student Sign-in & Sign-out If a student arrives at school late during the day or they need to leave school during school hours (eg doctor

Swimming Pool The school is very lucky to have a newly built swimming pool. Passes are available to the community for purchase in the summer season. These can be obtained from the school office. Technicra\ (Manual) Year 7 and 8 students travel by bus to the Technicraq Centre at Monrad Intermediate School each Wednesday morning. The students are involved in art, music, ICT, technology, food technology and structures and mechanisms. A fee is charged per student by the technicraq department, added to your school account, to cover the cost of materials used in the course over the year. Transport Allowance Some parents are en*tled to receive a conveyance allowance for transpor*ng their children to school. To receive this, a form (available from

the school office) must be completed and returned to school together with a deposit slip for each child. This amount is paid per term by the Ministry of Educa*on. To qualify students from Years 1–8 must live at least 3.2km from their closest appropriate school. Visitors All visitors must sign in and out at the school office when arriving and leaving school. Zero Waste We are a Zero Waste School. In prac*cal terms this means: • We are seeking to eliminate unnecessary packaging . • We recycle what we can. • We seek to have a minimal impact on our local and wider environment. • We seek to develop a sustainable environment within the school. You can help by: • Elimina*ng gladwrap and nonrecyclable packaging. • Try using reusable snap lock bags. • Purchase a liLer-free lunch box. Any divided container will do. • Reduce other goods that are packaged in non-recyclable packaging.

“Providing a vibrant, caring learning community that captures and values the poten8al of every child.”

2017 Newbury School Prospectus  
2017 Newbury School Prospectus  

2017 Newbury School Prospectus