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Volume 17.03 5 July 2018

Be proud - We are Newbridge. We are Apollo. We are Coalville! Welcome once again to Newbridge News, our school newsletter. This term has seen an amazing range of activities through which our students have been able to display their many talents. A few highlights were: 

A Musical Showcase of dance, drama and music that wowed the audience and demonstrated the depth of student talent and quality of teaching in the Performing Arts Department.

Four Newbridge teams were finalists in the 3M Young Innovator of the Year competition. One of our teams gained first place in the Eco Tech Challenge, winning £750 for the school. Two other teams were highly commended, one in the Eco Tech category and one in the Forensic Science category.

All our students took part in an activity to celebrate the positive aspects of Coalville in partnership with other Coalville schools. The results of some of their work was displayed in the Picnic in the Park.

Take a look at the selection of Book of Excellence photos this term. From plant cells to murder mysteries, they give a flavour of the wide range of exciting activities from which our students learn and grow as well rounded and happy young people. The end of the year is always an exciting time. Our Year 9’s complete their exams, have their prom and presentation evening and move on to pastures new. For the rest of the school, it is a time to reflect and celebrate their achievements, and of course we welcome the Year 6’s from many different primary schools. This year is particularly exciting. If our plans work out, the current Year 8 will be the last year group who move on at the end of Year 9. By then we hope that King Edward VII will be part of Apollo Partnership. We are already working closely with King Edward VII staff to ensure that they chose options in Year 9 which will give them every chance to succeed at their GCSE’s when they start Year 10. Our current Year 7 will be staying with us. We are already busy planning how our curriculum will enable them to make excellent progress all the way through to Year 11. As a school , we are committed to making all these changes work for a better, high quality, secondary education for the young people of Coalville. This is my last newsletter as Head as I will shortly be retiring. I would like to thank parents and staff who have been so supportive over the past 5 years, and the students of the school who have made my time here so enjoyable. I am very confident that the future will be bright and that Newbridge will thrive in the changing times ahead. My best wishes to Mrs Farragher and her team in their efforts to make this happen, and to all the students, present and future, who will be part of this exciting journey. Stewart Goacher

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The Headteacher’s Book of Excellence is kept by Mr Goacher. Members of staff nominate students when their work is exceptional. Mr Goacher is always interested to discuss the piece of work with the student whilst being entered into “The Book”. Your child will be given a certificate if this happens .

Year 8 students have been studying the Maths of the world cup, creating a

truncated icosahedron shape from the flags of the 32 countries taking part.

An image taken by a Year 7 student with her iPad, of an onion cell through a microscope.

Choose Coalville During tutor time our students took part in a Creative Challenge. They worked together to design a large display board that encompassed the theme “Choose Coalville”. The board was then proudly display at an exhibition at Coalville’s Picnic in the Park

Music Lessons Call in to see Mrs Zake for more details

Peripatetic Music Lessons are available in school. For more details please see Mr Little.

Vocal, piano, guitar, drums, & woodwind lessons available now.

Year 9 exam results show strong progress Year 9 exam results show that Newbridge students have made strong progress over the 3 years of Key Stage 3. Despite the fact that the current Year 9 entered the school with results from their primary schools that were on average below the national average, and lower than the previous year, Year 9 results have held up compared to last year, and in some cases improved. Commenting on the results at the Year 9 presentation evening, Mr Goacher said, “ I am particularly pleased with the number of students who achieved the highest pathway in their exams. This is down to the hard work and dedication of both students and teachers. They can look forward to excellent GCSE results in two years time.�

Year 9 exam results 2018

Over 260,000 pupils from across the Uk sat the Junior Maths Challenge this year. With roughly the top 6% receiving a gold certificate, the next 13% silver and the next 21% bronze. We entered 60 of our students from Year 7 and 8 and it was the most successful year ever for us. In Year 8:  Joe achieved best in year, best in school and a gold certificate  Gold also went to Elliott  Silver was achieved by Harry, Lottie, Kieran, Callum, Beth, and Jack.  Bronze was achieved by Amye, Charlotte, Harry, Kira, Ethan, Enya, Kacper, Jess, Freya, Sam and James In Year 7:  Dylan achieved best in year and Gold along with Ben  Silver was achieved by Evie, Alice, Pearce, and Fred  Bronze was achieved by Matthew, Savannah, Martin, Matthew, Tobey, Jacob, Molly, Katie and Francis

On 27 June 2018, students had the opportunity to visit the Newbridge Health Fair. A series of exhibitors were there to help students discover and learn about various services available to them that help to promote their health and wellbeing.

Students took time to visit each stand to gather as much information as possible as when they returned to class, they had to complete a pop-quiz that helped to cement their new found knowledge.

Activities Week 2018, was a huge success. In the winter months the option booklet was published and students excitedly picked their top three choices. In the cold, dark months it seemed an age away. Throughout the year, regular meetings took place for each Activity and before we knew it, the last week of term was here and groups have been travelling to various venues, as well as participating in events within school too, focussed upon the theme of their activity. Trip Leaders have reported to me, that students have had a great time and their conduct has been excellent, remaining responsible and respectful throughout. Well done everyone!

Thursday 5 and Friday 6 July 2018 What a fun packed couple of days we have had! Looking around the Performing Arts Area on Thursday morning there were lots of worried looking faces from staff and students! As the first bell was rang, students were welcomed to Newbridge and became less fearful and more excited. By the time break time arrived, tutors had eased anxiety and students had visited lessons. At lunch it was all smiles and the students were very excited about their complimentary lunches.. Much the same on Friday, although less trepidation and more excitement. Students spoke about their day on Thursday and how much fun they had had. Many students told us how many new friends they had made and how they were looking forward to different lessons and new experiences. It was wonderful to see smiles on faces Thursday and Friday. I am sure that new friendships have been made and that all of the worries and anxiety that you and I shared about the transition to secondary school has been eased. These are exciting times ahead. Thank you everyone who attended Thursday evening, to the first parents evening in a very hot sports hall, working with parents, students and school is key and it was great to see so many of you. I am looking forward in getting to know students and parents as we work together for the students to aim high and achieve more. We ended the Friday with awards for recognition, for a number of students, from someone helping others in their tutor lesson, to someone raising their hand in a maths lesson giving and great suggestions and the whole of 7B for their enthusiasm and participation in their French lesson. I am really looking forward to working with all of the students in the new academic year and reporting to you again about how well they have settled in. I hope the final few weeks of primary school are good and I look forward to welcoming your child to Newbridge on 28 August 2018 . Miss Richardson Pastoral Manager of Year 7 (2018-19)

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Hugglescote & Donington le Heath Parish Our students have been invited to complete a survey that will help to shape the plans and future for our local community. Exciting times ahead with the thoughts and views of our young people considered.

We are looking to forward to working with the Parish Council in the future.

Outstanding behaviour

Have any of your details changed? We need to ensure all details in school are up-to-date. We use our records regularly and if we need to contact you , we need accurate records. Please keep us updated with any changes as soon as possible. To update us: 

Log into INSIGHT and make changes or

Email or

Call the Main Office 01530 831561

At a recent trip to the theatre to see a Sherlock Holmes play at The Curve in Leicester, the manager remarked that the behaviour of our students was the best he had seen from a school group in 33 years! We know that the vast majority behave well. It's nice to hear it recognised by others.

Chinese teachers visit Newbridge

The school was pleased to receive a visit this week from a delegation of Headteachers from Chengdu, Sichuan Province in China, organised by King Edward VII College. The visitors toured the school and were interested to see some of the activities that our students were engaged in for Activities Week. At the end of the tour, the leader of the delegation, Mr Zhiyong Wang, who is Director of Education for Chongzhou City, presented the school with a gift of a paperweight of a panda (Sichuan is the home of the giant panda) and a 3D printed Chinese knot. At the end of the visit, Mr Goacher thanked the visitors for their generosity. "We were delighted to meet our Chinese guests and look forward to future collaboration with a school in Chengdu."

Extracts from high achieving (orange pathway) Year 9 students’ writing about the First World War.

Extracts from high achieving (orange pathway) Year 9 students’ writing about the First World War.

War Poem - A Woman’s Thought 1914 It is time, For our great revenge, The sweetest change, The righteous event, To serve as defence, For our beloved country, The one and only, Great Britain. I am elated. 1915 My lover, A great, strong man Applied to get a chance, To make his country dance, His bravery will get him far, He is bright as a star,

He is now a soldier. What a great start.

The sounds get louder, My voice gets quieter. I am alone.

I am proud. 1916 It is raining, Raining bombs. No word from my lover, Not a single little letter, No birds would sing, No cry would bring, My lover, my friend.

End of 1917 My lover has been diagnosed, With trauma, nightmares, No one knows, He can’t come home To safer ground, Cause if he slacks, Well, No one knows. I am afraid.

I am bothered. 1917 Tonight I dance alone, My lover in a war zone, My days get shorter, My nights get longer,

1918 Just when will this end? I am waiting. By Suzani Rai

We are very proud to announce our team, Team E -sense-tial, – comprising Year 7 and 8 students Joe Hutchenson, Jack Radford and Eden McClumpha – impressed judges with its ‘Life Experience Boards’ and we won!

Newbridge High school were excited to enter the annual competition held by 3M, in partnership with the Loughborough Echo and the Loughborough Learning Alliance – it aims to foster innovation among the next generation. It featured six unique challenges, each aligned to a different area of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum. This year a total of 145 teams took part, together comprising more than 450 pupils from 32 primary and secondary schools. In each category, the winning team’s school has qualified for equipment worth £750, together with individual prizes for the students. This year, the challenge for secondary school teams had to design and build a product to help a visually impaired young person, using only recycled or sustainable materials.

Ros Smith, one of the organisers at 3M, contacted the school and said with Newbridge after the event and said “Thank you so much for bringing the three teams from Newbridge High School to 3M for the judging of the Eco Tech Secondary Challenge. Our two judges, June and Corinne, were extremely impressed with the level of research, design skills and creative interpretation of the brief shown by all entrants in the competition – and they had a difficult job in deciding the shortlist. However, I am delighted to advise that Newbridge certainly impressed – and all three of your teams have been selected as Finalists!!!”

Year 9 art students have this year been very independent learners and have produced some excellent sketch books. A selection were on display at the Year 9 Presentation Evening . For those who have not had the opportunity to view the Year 9 sketch books, here is a selection of the work. If your son/daughter is hoping to study art in Year 9, this will give you an idea of the kind of things they could produce. As always I am very impressed with the standard of work and their creativity. Ms Haines

Year 9 Prom

Year 9 Prom

21st Century Suffragettes

Those history buffs amongst you may be aware that this month is the centenary anniversary of women being allowed to vote (those over 30 years of age who were property owners that is!)

A small group of students worked to put a modern slant on history and to celebrate the day. On Monday 2 July, they stood in the Remembrance Garden at the front of the school and, holding banners they designed with 21st century suffragette style slogans, they read a speech which they felt was appropriate for suffragettes to say today.

Students AIM HIGH World of Work Day Year 7 and 8 Students at Newbridge High school in Coalville took part in a special WORLD OF WORK DAY. Earlier in June a numbers of visitors brought their expertise and experiences into the classroom. This popular Careers theme day has offered workshop and sessions in: offering workshops and sessions on:        

The emergency services ( ambulance/paramedics and fire department) Law and safety (Police) Armed services (R.A.F. and army cadets) Personal services ( Aromatherapy, reflexology) Performing arts (with media—film making) Working with animals (exotic species, voluntary care) STEM workshop Dogs Trust

Year 8s took part in various workshops that were themed around “Thinking of Others” for others and a number of different charities spent the day with us. Year 9 students were learning outside the school, work shadowing their parents for the day in the work place.

Daniel Birt, Curriculum Leader for Health, Careers and Citizenship at the school said: “This is always one of the most popular days in the school calendar when students begin to see how their learning in the classroom every day is essential for their development towards a successful career. They begin to realise the huge variety of opportunities available to them if they aim high.”

or more

Newsletter | Newsletter | Newsletter Welcome to the Summer edition of Newbridge Facilities Newsletter. A reminder that with effect from 1st September our charges will increase by £1 across all facilities (3G per hour/per third) As demand grows so do our maintenance costs and an increase in charges helps to keep our facilities clean and well maintained for all to enjoy.

WE HIRE IT OUT! Newbridge is proud of its facilities which are open to use by the community all year round - every evening and every weekend for a variety of activities. The following is an example of what we do here: 3G Pitch - a wide range of football clubs / business football teams / small groups just wanting to have a kick-around / parties / Flag American Football—juniors and seniors / Ultimate Frisbee Sports Hall - indoor football—senior/juniors/women / Athletics / Netball / Parties / Hockey Performing Arts Area - Clubbercise / dance and fitness classes / parties / musical and drama performances / Police Cadets

Field - Football Matches—seniors/juniors / summer training / Flag American Football / Metafit Classrooms—meetings / conference The list goes on!

CATERING AVAILABLE FOR ALL OCCASIONS The facilities remain open all year round with the exception of Bank Holidays and time over the Christmas period. We will be closed on the following dates: Monday 27th August

Summer Activities



are offering multi-sports for 5-12 year olds 8.30am to 4.30pm

are offering football to 5-14 yrs olds

Mon 16 July to Thur 20 July 2018

Mon 23 July to Thur 26 July 2018

Mon 30 July to Thur 2 August 2018

Mon 6 August to Thur 9 August 2018

Mon 13 August to Thur 16 August 2018

Mon 20 August to Thur 23 August 2018

Book direct at:

8.30am to 3.30pm 

Mon 23 July to Wed 25 July 2018

Mon 6 August to Wed 8 August 2018

Mon 20 August to Wed 22 August 2018

Book direct at:



LEVEL 1 10th/18th/22nd/24th July/5th August

To book on to club events please contact the clubs directly.

FUTSAL 28th/29th July

To hire the facilities or make enquires:

Level 2 Block 2 18th/21st/23rd August/1st September

Level 1 1st/8th/12th/15th/22nd/29th September

Julie Murray

01530 276445  

For more information contact Megan Selby at LRCFA on 0116 284 4956 Forest Road , Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 3SJ | 01530 276445| | | @nhs_facilities


DAY 2018

Our Annual Sports Day was blessed with glorious weather. All students showed excellent sportsmanship and had a great day.

Newbridge News 17.03  
Newbridge News 17.03