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New Balance Q3 2012 Sept Newsletter



NEW PRODUCTS Footwear - 1260/1080/890/Minimus Product focus / technologies


Interview with Katherine Petrecca NB’s Strategic Business Unit Manager

Apparel - New Release Technical Women’s Apparel


RETAIL PARTNER running retailer profile




NEW BREED RUNNING - Community is growing, wolf pack runs...


James Magner - The new breed of runner at Melbourne FC


pink ribbon, surviving story


2012 Q3 Newsletter


2012 Q3 Newsletter


NEW PRODUCTS 1260/1080/890/ MINIMUS 1260V2 Take a little trip in the low-riding New Balance 1260v2, a stunning update to the popular 1260 that’s closer to the ground for better control. Engineering superior stability from the pavement up, this premium running shoe enhances performance with Stabilicore™ medial posting and dual-sided T-beam technologies to provide stellar arch and gait support. Seriously lightweight yet luxuriously cushioned, the 1260v2 gives the mild to moderate overpronator a better ride than ever before.

1080V2 Miles are no match for NB’s premier neutral running shoe! Built for maximum cushioning, performance fit and flexibility, you can count on the 1080’s ultimate soft ride and smooth transition from heel to toe. Abzorb® FL and N² defy whatever pounding you and your next marathon can dish out, keeping you running and feeling great on your feet.


2012 Q3 Newsletter

890V2 In this inspired update to the wildly popular 890, the New Balance 890v2 takes “lightest” even lighter! Engineered from the ground up, this neutral trainer is a new kind of lightweight shoe, each part designed with purpose. The full ground contact outsole is just as compatible with midfoot and forefoot strikes as it is with a traditional heel strike.

Innovative diamond shapes cut in relief from the extra-durable REVlite midsole provide as much function as fashion, and the coordinating diamond motif on the outsole helps with grip and transition. This special edition colorway is available in limited quantities, so grab the size(s) you need while you can!

The Minimus was designed not to chase trends, but rather to satisfy individuals looking to achieve a closer-to-barefoot running experience, by encouraging a more natural foot position and foot-strike. The minimalist approach to footwear sheds not only weight, but also convention, in pursuit of a truly minimalist feel. WHAT MAKES IT MINIMUS? In setting out to create a line of shoes that would provide the ultimate minimalist experience, we worked against a clearlydefined set of criteria: LOWER DROP: Drop is the difference between heel height and toe height. Minimus features a range of drops to encourage a more natural foot position. WIDER TOE BOX: The wider forefoot allows your foot to expand naturally on impact. LOWER STACK HEIGHT: To maximize closer-tobarefoot feel, Minimus has no insert, minimal midsoles & outsoles, and is engineered to encourage mid-foot strikes. LIGHTWEIGHT: Because Minimus contains only what is necessary, it’s almost 50% lighter than traditional lightweight shoes.

Katherine Petrecca: A Perspective on the Minimalist Running Movement As minimalist running has become less fringe and more mainstream, the increased demand for innovation in footwear has let New Balance make its own mark on the movement. We had the opportunity to speak with NB’s Strategic Business Unit Manager – Innovation Studio, Katherine Petrecca. The Minimalist Running Landscape What’s struck Katherine the most in recent years is the way minimalist running is now talked about in the mainstream. Runners today are unafraid to delve into more technical language about their footwear: you’re just as likely to hear terms like “heel-to-forefoot drop” and “stack height” peppered throughout a conversation about running as “stability” or “support.” “That whole language has changed now. The three main tenets that we wrapped Minimus around [heel drop, stack height and weight] have become much more standard dialogue,” she says. “It’s been an interesting shift over a very short amount of time.“ Katherine notes that since many of these conversations were taking place online, the Internet was very much

a catalyst for discussions around minimalist running. “There was a huge appetite for people to speak about it and read about it online,” she adds. “And to see the consumer community participate in a conversation about performance footwear online…I haven’t really been a part of something like that before.” The Minimus line In particular, there was a lot of buzz that began to circulate online. Before they had even hit the market, Katherine noticed New Balance was getting a constant stream of feedback on the smallest details released about the Minimus 10, from the 4mm drop to the amount of material underfoot. The Minimus Line For the original Minimus 10, Katherine notes that New Balance intentionally went with a 4mm drop because it still changed the running experience without being too difficult a transition from traditional shoes. “We started at a place we felt was the most responsible,” she continues. “And what we heard — pretty loudly — from consumers was that a 4mm drop on a shoe wasn’t pure enough for some people, and they wanted a zero drop shoe…that move to the Minimus Zero was instigated by what we heard online.”

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NEW RELEASE TECHNICAL RUNNING APPAREL Running outfit for Spring selected by Kylie NB Apparel Manager

Icefil Singlet You’ll enjoy running in the moisture-wicking and odor-resistant New Balance Icefil Singlet, with its little conveniences like a shaped hem and reflectivity. With an eye on enhancing comfort and improving endurance, the top features cuttingedge Icefil® fabric to help literally lower your skin’s temperature when things heat up, keeping you cool and dry (and therefore going and going) for longer.


2012 Q3 Newsletter

Impact Capri The New Balance Impact Capri truly highlights the way moisture-wicking Lightning Dry® fabric and targeted mesh insets allow the performance runner to stay comfortable while travelling mile after mile of satisfying distance, making great time and staying fit in the process. This flattering capri features a mediafriendly back zip pocket to carry essentials along the way.


Performance you can feel. Introducing a new level of light and fast – the Minimus Ionix 3090 from New Balance. 6 2012 Q2 Newsletter

2012 Q3 Newsletter


IF THE SHOE FITS... How did the Active Feet business start-up? Active feet was born from the disconnect that was apparent between allied health professionals and footwear prescription for optimal clinical outcomes for patients. What makes you different from other sport retailers? Podiatrists and gait assessment instore. Brands and models selected according to strict performance criteria and testing.


2012 Q3 Newsletter

How has the sports retail business changed over the years? Quite considerably! Finally we are seeing the status quo of the running shoe market being questioned, which is healthy to bring us all to a higher level in terms of rationale for footwear prescription. It is a bit like politics imo at the moment, you have your ‘rusted on, we can do no wrong’ set on both sides of say the current ‘debates’ (ie traditional running shoe structure OR ‘barefoot’) and your more questioning, demanding

of higher performance or reasoning behind long held beliefs. We are seeing stores react to this. It would be great for our industry to see more specialized stores opening taking not the wave of populist themes, but a balance of views, because let’s face it, the research has a very long way to go, and hence it is ‘horses for courses’. Problem of cause is the more purist one’s philosophy, the more difficult it gets, as a SKU is a SKU, and the temptation to move a unit, or stop making a unit (in the case of

manufacturers) as business is business. Fascinating tug of war nontheless being part of it as it all evolves. Do you do any sponsorship? Yes several groups, community health projects, the Melbourne Marathon, Run for the Kids, Nissan Corporate Tri Series, Sussan Womens Fun Run, and the Active Feet Fun Tri Series with Supersprint. Which New Balance Running shoes are you selling right now? It changes according to the

function of models each season. The T-20 provides a lot of conversation and arguably one of the best in its category. The 1080 is a brilliant neutral shoe also among several others we carry. We don’t sell the infant and pre school shoes, shame cos I purchase a lot of them for my tribe at home!

Hawaiian Ironman Champ Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander. A humble champion who is more interested in hearing stories of others than himself. Beyond that I admire athletes who have achieved at the highest level in any sport, the London Olympics a smorgasboard of impressive athletes, not necessarily gold medallists either!

Who is your favourite athlete & why? As someone who has raced Ironman for a long time, I tend to be biased to this sport. Hard to go past

2012 Q3 Newsletter



Tips on transition from good runner to elite runner Huge life changes will need to occur. Not only will your athletic talent have to be fully developed through an increased training load. This increased load itself will slowly mould and develop your character. After a long period of time it will strengthen your character. It will takes years – not weeks or months. You will have to prioritize what is most important to you, with running needing to be number 1. Life will have to be simplified into training, racing, eating and recovering with everything else (hopefully nothing too time or energy consuming) having to fit around those activities.

Key elements of preparing for an upcoming race Follow a smart training plan with a balance of long runs, recovery runs, threshold runs, fartlek, hills, intervals, technique work and pure speed training. Most important though is you practice running at race pace. If you expect a tactical race (particularly relevant for track runners) then practice your pace changes and work on your lap splits. Study your opponents’ tactics, strengths and weaknesses in previous races. Common mistakes runners make A) Starting training runs too quickly. It is best to just ‘granny shuffle’ the first 1-2km of any run, running

2-3 minutes per km slower than your 10km race pace. Most injuries originate from an insufficient warm-up over those first few km. B) Not allowing your body enough time to adapt to and recuperate from a hard training block. Whether your training block is over a couple of days or several weeks, you must allow a recovery period. This will allow your strained, fatigued body to repair and recharge your mind and spirit. You will then bounce back even stronger in the next block and eventually for races.

New Balance recommends the below shoes for good runners and elite runners alike:

NB890 New Balance presents our lightest trainer yet! Engineered from the ground up, the neutral 890 is a new kind of lightweight shoe, each part designed with purpose. The full ground contact outsole is just as compatible with midfoot and forefoot strikes as it is with a traditional heel strike. Innovative diamond shapes cut in relief from the extradurable REVlite midsole provide as much function as fashion, and the coordinating diamond motif on the outsole helps with grip and transition. RRP $160


2012 Q3 Newsletter

NB860 This highly responsive trainer has a performance fit and was developed for runners seeking premium cushioning and a moderate level of stability. The successor to the popular 760, the lightweight 860 features a dual density medial post, ABZORB® in the forefoot and advanced N-ergy® cushioning in the heel to give serious runners an edge. RRP $190

New Balance’s running community ‘new breed running’ will be posting tips and info from Sean and other high profile coaches, athletes, podiatrists, trainers and physios to

Join the runners pack. Twitter @newbreedrunning

2012 Q3 Newsletter


New Breed the community is growing There’s a new breed of running pack afoot in Australia and we call them New Breeders. We’re a team of athletes, podiatrists and fitness trainers who all share our passion for minimalist and good form running. We’re very excited to launch New Breed as our pack’s community, where we can all share, comment and talk about running together. We’ve got heaps of great events, interviews, news, articles and athlete insights for you and we’d love to hear from you with any contributions, thoughts and ideas.


2012 Q3 Newsletter

JAMES MAGNER BIOGRAPHY James Magner In 2012 James Magner was elevated to the Melbourne FC list as a Mature-age rookie. A strong-bodied midfielder, he won VFL club Sandringham’s best and fairest in 2011. James is a great example of the new breed of runner. James is known as “the ball magnet” & also known for his gut-running ability. Like a hungry wolf he covers up to 12km a game, hunting down & eliminating his prey.

890v2 James wears the 890v2 for running & gym training.

2012 Q3 Newsletter



An ear-ache saved my life Dominique Smith was a busy mum of two small children when she was diagnosed with oestrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer in 2010 at age 35. Dominique explains, “I’d just come back from holiday and had an ear infection so I visited the GP. She decided to do a thorough check, including a breast check and it was then she found a lump near my nipple”. Dominique had been aware of the lump but had put it down to mastitis she had suffered when breastfeeding her daughter and didn’t associate it with cancer. “That ear-ache was a blessing in disguise as it forced me to go to the doctor and find something


2012 Q3 Newsletter

totally unrelated.” When the biopsy confirmed it was stage 2 breast cancer Dominique was shocked. “I didn’t think it was possible at my age. I always thought breast cancer was an older women’s disease” she recalls. When a lumpectomy was unsuccessful, Dominique underwent a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy. Throughout her treatment, Dominique was supported by Cancer Council, who put her in touch with women her own age going through the same thing. She was grateful for their support and says, “We understood what each other were going through and our worries about our partners and our kids”. Dominique now uses Pink

Ribbon Day to spread the message that breast cancer doesn’t just affect older women. “I don’t see Pink Ribbon Day as being about survivors. For me it’s all about raising awareness.” she says. Recently Dominique went back to running the half marathon she was in training for before her diagnosis and she regularly participates in charity runs for breast cancer. Dominique says ”I am now 2 years post breast cancer, the hair has grown back and I am feeling fabulous. Having a great team of friends to run with for breast cancer awareness has given me so much hope and has had such a positive effect on my recovery. It has meant the world to me.”

860v2 DECEMBER 201 1

Advanced cushioning in the heel.

in the forefoot midsole

Pink Ribbon official shoes, support the research! This highly responsive trainer has a performance fit and was developed for runners seeking premium cushioning and a moderate level of stability: stability that’s built into the shoe from the ground up. The 860v2, the second generation of the popular New Balance 860 stability trainer, gives serious runners an edge with a dual-density medial post, ACTEVA™ Lite midsole, lightweight airmesh upper, plus ABZORB® in the forefoot and advanced N-ergy® cushioning in the heel. This exceptional shoe was named “Editor’s Choice” in the December 2011 issue of Runner’s World.

This Pink Ribbon edition running shoe helps support Cancer Council with every pair sold.

About Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon Day Cancer Council’s Pink Ribbon Day is on October 22nd a day when Australians can come together to show their support for the one in eight Australian women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer by the age of 85. For more information or to get involved visit, phone 1300 65 65 85 or find us at

2012 Q3 Newsletter


New Balance Newsletter Q3 2012  

Q3 2012 issue of the New Balance Newsletter. This issue: New footwear & apparel / Running retailer profile / Cancer council surviving story...

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