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One year, full time STUDY MODES:

Full time, part time INTAKE:

Autumn Semester (September) Spring Semester (January) TOTAL COURSE CREDITS:

30 US credits



Andrews University (USA)



Certificate in British History

About the Certificate


ould you like to study British History in more depth and develop solid skills in critical analysis? This course provides a stepping stone for further study and lifelong exploration of history.

in use today. You will experience the treasures of this time period with trips to the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, London’s British Museum and Winchester Cathedral.

YOU WILL receive a broad overview of British

opportunity to test your interest in further studies in British history, as you will receive credits that can be transferred to Newbold's Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, or studies in the UK, US and other countries.

History – from the Tudors and the English Reformation through to the beginning of the British Empire and World Wars I and II. Become immersed in the history that you study as you visit sites of historical importance, meet historical treasures, and experience history where it actually happened. YOU WILL investigate and examine Anglo-Saxon

culture, religion and art, from the sub-Roman era to the Norman Conquest. You will gain insights into the people, places, language and ideas that started to make England into a nation and a system of organisational government that is still

COMPLETING the Certificate is an excellent

What you will study


hrough the Certificate in British History you will study Henry VIII and his life and actions, as well as the English Reformation, the Civil War, and the Glorious Revolution. Guided trips and tours take place within the context of lectures.

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Newbold Prospectus 2020/21  

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