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Course outcomes


You must complete: • NCTR7006 Theological Methods for Pastoral Studies (20 credits) plus a further 100 credits from the modules listed.

Pastoral Studies

The Pastoral Studies pathway will provide opportunities for you to respond to the complex and often perplexing issues that challenge Christian faith and ministry in today’s rapidly changing world. You will learn to respond creatively to various complex tasks relating to ministry in the current global context and contemporary European culture. You will learn to master the professional skills essential for successful ministry, scholarship and leadership, both within the diverse and changing context of the Adventist Church and in the wider community.





Theological Methods for Pastoral Studies



Exegesis of Key Texts in Adventism: Marriage Texts



Biblical Theology and Praxis of Ministry and Mission


NCTR7014 Pastoral Counselling


NCTR7015 Evangelism and Community


NCTR7016 Church Music and Liturgy


NCTR7017 Pastoral Ethics



Church Leadership and Administration

NCTR7019 Preaching Biblical Narratives An elective from Biblical Studies or Systematic Theology modules

Full-time students in the Pastoral Studies pathway will take three modules each semester. Not all the listed modules will be offered every year.


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Through the Master of Arts in Theology you will develop a deep knowledge of Scripture; an understanding of the Church’s theology, history and mission; and competence in pastoral skills that are relevant to the needs of the contemporary world. In combination with the Postgraduate Certificate in Ministry and Mission, this course (or equivalent) is a requirement for employment in pastoral ministry within the TransEuropean Division as well as many other regions of the Adventist Church. Many of our graduates from this programme go on to become pastors, both within Europe and further afield. Newbold has an excellent record of preparing employable Theology graduates and we maintain close relationships with the Church’s Ministerial Advisory Committee. Because the programme allows you to become specialised in particular areas of theological study, the Master of Arts in Theology enables a wider range of employment opportunities than other similar degrees. By specialising in one of our pathways you will be well prepared for entering into teaching ministry (particularly at primary or secondary level) or academia, particularly in theological writing, research or publishing. If you are interested in a career in counselling, then our Pastoral Studies pathway will prepare you well for this.

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Newbold Prospectus 2020/21  

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