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place of Ellen G. White’s writings in the wider context of Adventist theology.

The Foundation Year is the entry point for those who are completing the course in four years. This is usually those who do not meet the entry requirement of two A levels (or equivalent).


Year One is the entry point for those completing the three-year course. The first-semester modules are designed to introduce you to every area of biblical, theological and pastoral studies. Specifically created modules such as Foundation of Biblical and Christian Studies, Introduction to New Testament Greek and Pastoral Ministry in Context will enable you to obtain an orientation in the vast world of theological studies. The second-semester modules will enable you to obtain a deeper knowledge of the Gospels and New Testament Greek, the Pentateuch and wisdom books of the Old Testament, and the 52

Year One

During this year you will develop your research and communication skills, ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed in undergraduate study. You will gain knowledge in areas such as history, fine arts, algebra, literature, religion, science and health principles by completing general education credits covering: • English Literature and Composition • Communication • History • Natural Science • Mathematics • Cultural Anthropology/Behavioural Science • Health Principles and Physical Education

Modules in Year One are designated Level 4 in the UK higher education system. Code



Introduction to Greek

Credits 20


Foundations of Biblical and Christian Studies



Pastoral Ministry in Context



Greek Texts and Gospels



Pentateuch and Writings



Adventist Theology and Ellen White Writings




You will be introduced to Biblical Hebrew to enable you to read the original language of the majority of the Old Testament and translate simple sentences. Other first-semester modules include Development of Western and Reformation Thought and Introduction to Evangelism and Church Growth. During the second-semester, you will continue developing your Hebrew language skills in combination with studying selected prophetic texts of the Old Testament in the module Intermediate Hebrew and Prophets. The other two modules, Epistles in Context and Pastoral Leadership, offer unique insights into the world of the apostolic church and thought, and contemporary practical guidance on how to apply the principles of biblical leadership.

Course outcomes During your studies you will have the opportunity to: • develop a deep and relevant knowledge of the Biblical texts • study the Biblical texts independently with critical insight and clear argumentation and communication • learn all scholarly and vocational aspects of pastoral ministry in an Adventist context • explore Christian perspectives in relation to other worldviews • prepare for postgraduate study A degree in Biblical and Pastoral Studies offers you career opportunities as diverse as education, charity and not-for-profit work, and ministry, as well as opportunities in the commercial sector. Many of our graduates progress to the Master of Arts in Theology and to employment in the Trans-European Division or in the wider international Adventist Church.

Entry requirements

YOU ARE normally required to have five GCSEs (grade 9–5, including Maths and English) and two A levels (with passing grades), or equivalents if you did not complete secondary school in the UK. A four-year version of this course may be available to those who do not meet all of the entry requirements. IF ENGLISH is not your native language you will also need to provide evidence that your English is of a sufficient standard to study at this course level. See our website, or page 30, for more information.

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Newbold Prospectus 2020/21  

The official College Prospectus for the academic year 2020/21