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European Business Studies Scholarship ABOUT THE SCHOLARSHIP

Newbold offers a scholarship to Business students who consistently achieve a high level of academic achievement, demonstrate community leadership, and uphold the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. WHAT IT COVERS

The scholarship covers 100% of tuition fees for up to two years. It is renewed annually providing you have upheld the conditions of the scholarship.

Discount for children of Adventist workers in the US ABOUT THE DISCOUNT

If your parents work for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the US, the organisation they work for will normally offer a discount for you to study at Newbold. WHAT IT COVERS

Discounts may cover up to 70% of tuition fees at Newbold. Check with the employing organisation to confirm the discount they offer. WHO IS ELIGIBLE

You will usually be eligible for a discount if your parents are employed by the Church in the US.


This scholarship is open to exceptional students who are enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Business Studies at Newbold, and who come from countries within the European Union or the European Economic Area. Full application criteria and award conditions are available on the College website.


You will need to provide a letter from the employing organisation that details the discount they are offering, along with your application for admission to Newbold.


The application form is available on our website and should be submitted to the Head of the Department of Business and Humanities. Applications can be submitted at any time of year.


Other funding

Some governments offer specific scholarships, grants, or other educational discounts to residents from their own country, which you may be able to apply to your studies at Newbold. Visit our website to find out more about these funding opportunities.

Profile for Newbold College of Higher Education

Newbold Prospectus 2020/21  

The official College Prospectus for the academic year 2020/21

Newbold Prospectus 2020/21  

The official College Prospectus for the academic year 2020/21