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Scholarships for students from the Trans-European Division

Student Hardship Fund


The Student Hardship Fund exists to support student in extraordinary circumstances who are struggling to make payments for tuition, meals, or on-campus accommodation. It is generally supported by donations from alumni, staff, and friends of the College.

The Trans-European Division (TED) offers up to twenty scholarships each year on a competitive basis to new full-time students from countries within the TED. The scholarship is only valid for one academic year and you cannot reapply if you have already received the scholarship. WHAT IT COVERS

This scholarship is worth up to 50% of your tuition fees or 100% of your tuition fees and 50% of your meals and accommodation on campus, depending on which country* you are from. WHO CAN APPLY

This scholarship is open to any students who live in countries within the TED, and who are aged 18–30. You must be a new student, enrolling at Newbold for the first time. You will be responsible for funding any remaining fees not covered by the scholarship. HOW TO APPLY

Applications usually close at the end of March each year and you are likely to be notified of the outcome in early June. Application forms are available on the Newbold website and should be submitted to Newbold’s Admissions office. *50% tuition: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the UK. 100% tuition + 50% meals and accommodation: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia and Slovenia.




The funds are distributed on an as-needed basis and are applied at the discretion of the Senior Leadership Team. WHO CAN APPLY

Any current students are able to apply for support from this fund, as long as they are facing real hardship. HOW TO APPLY

To apply for support from this fund, please contact the Chief Financial Officer.

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Newbold Prospectus 2020/21  

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