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FEB. 15, 2014



THE LOCAL NEWSPAPER OF NEWBERRY COUNTRY Serving Deschutes, Lake, Klamath, and Lane Counties

Tiger Lacey’s Celebration of Life

The Community of La Pine turned out in a big way in support of the Celebration for Life honoring Pro-MotoCross Rider Tiger Lacey. 300+ friends of Tiger and riders from Hawaii, California, Washington and Oregon travelled to join in remembering Tiger. Pepsi donated drinks, Smart Shop donated Burgers and Hot Dogs

By Chuck & Toni Lynde It was a very cold day on Jan. 4, 2014, but the sun was very warm along with warm hearts of around 300 people to pay tribute to their friend and loved one pro-motocross rider Tiger Lacey, age 31. They said that Rosland ATV Riding Area in La Pine, OR has never had that many people or riders at one time…close to 300 including around 70 riders.Pro-racers like Ryan Huffman from Washougal, WA and Kevin Rookstool from Oregon were there along with many others he raced with throughout his career. It looked like a moving rainbow of many colors as the riders rode, jumped, did wheelies and skimmed across the top of the woops.

and area residents contributed money, food and generators to make the event memorable. Ken Steward and The Mad Clown Society BBQ’d for everyone as friends took turns riding Tiger’s racing bike. The event went far into the evening with friends swapping stories and memories around a bonfire. – Dan Varcoe

And don’t forget about the sounds of the motors! It can’t get any better than that. Everything quieted down as Audleigh Hickman officiated the ceremony and family members, choking back their tears, spoke about their life with Tiger. Dana, Tiger’s wife, spoke last and tried to cheer up everyone. She said Tiger left her with the most beautiful gift of all, their baby boy Lynx. The highlight of the day was when Dana had all the bikes line up on top of a hill. She and family grouped in front. Cameras were clicking like crazy. Then she asked them to start in single file, riding the track in honor of See Tiger Lacey Page A-4

La Pine Rodeo Association Newberry Habitat Thrilled with Homeowner Applicants By T. Myers, Eagle Reporter Crowns Nicolette Chapman as At the recent seminar held at the JCJ building in Mid-January, it was a packed house. People from the area were there to find out what it would take to qualify for the Habitat for Humanity Homeowner’s program. During the evening the attendees learned about what it would take to qualify for the initial step of achieving the American dream and then experts discussed the financial aspect, the timeline, the sweat equity program and the possibilities. Then the crowd had a chance to get information ‘from the horse’s mouth’ when La Pine Habitat homeowners stood up in front of the gathering and told their own stories of overcoming challenges, meeting require-

ments, attending the needed classes and working to build their own new homes. They also explained that they were involved in the decision making process when it came to choosing colors, materials, appliances and flooring for their new homes. Newberry Habitat has received many applications and they are creating a pool of possible candidates right now. It will be the first time where they can go to donors and say “We have lots of qualified people who need a home and we want to build even more homes in the future.” Newberry Habitat has built 22 homes in the La Pine area during the last few years. Many local Habitat Homeowners have continued to pay

Dan Varcoe

it forward in the community by becoming involved with civic activities Newberry Habitat for Humanity will continue to offer Homeowner’s Seminars and soon they will be adding local classes taught by certified Habitat Contractor, Steve Krebs, (Exact Construction) that will teach people in the community how to plan projects and build safely and efSee Habitat page A-1

ANNOUNCEMENT: City Work Session Feb. 26th: ODOT Update Open to the Public Submitted by Rick Allen The City of La Pine will hold a work session at City Hall on February 26th to give an update on numerous transportation projects that are planned over the next three years. The Work session is open to the public. This is an informational meeting. During 2015-2018 nearly $20 million in Oregon Department of Transportation funded projects will be built between Wickiup junction (Burgess Road) and the southern City limits in La Pine. The largest project will be the railroad crossing interchange at Wickiup junction and the BNSF railroad crossing.

Other projects being discussed include the First Street signalization project, pedestrian sidewalks between 1st and 6th street and new pavement planned from Wickiup through the City of La Pine. Gary Farnsworth. ODOT area Manager will be present to make the presentation. In addition, Chris Doty, Deschutes County Public Works Director will be present to update the council on the drainage issues at 3rd and Huntington Road along with other projects planned in the area by the County. For more information contact the City at 541-536-1432

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2014 Rodeo Queen

The La Pine Rodeo Association held a coronation for their new Queen, Nikki Chapman, at the American Legion on Saturday night the 1st of February. Nicolette was supported by Central Oregon Rodeo queens, her family and close to 100 of her local supporters that bought tickets to Kim Russell’s Tri Tip Dinner to help raise Nikki’s funds for the season. The Dessert Auction, held following the dinner was a second way to raise a few dollars! During the next few months, Nicolette will be a visible part of our community, appearing at all kinds of local events and making the La Pine Rodeo part of our daily speech. There was also a silent auction to raise money for the Rodeo Queen. This perky little Rodeo Gal has already been wowing the community with her exuberance and great personality, but on her coronation night she showed up dressed like a real Rodeo Queen, too! Wearing the full length, two piece leather riding dress in red leather with red and black fringe and silver details, topped off with a black hat to match made Nicolette look like royalty. When the Crown was passed from last year’s queen to Nikki’s hat, making it official, she thanked all of her guests and said she was ready to work to promote La Pine across the state. She will appear at the Sister’s Rodeo, Jefferson, Deschutes and Crook County, here in our area, and will be pivotal in our La Pine Rodeo and Frontier Days Celebrations this summer. Congratulations to the La Pine Rodeo Association for our new Queen Nikki.

By T. Myers, Eagle Reporter

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Noxious? Commentary by John Huddle City of La Pine “The people’s government, made for the people, made by the people, and answerable to the people … We are all agents of the same supreme power, the people” (Daniel Webster, 1830). Have we forgotten those eloquent words? The County Weed Board asked the Deschutes County Board of Commissioners, or BOCC, to adopt a noxious weed ordinance by emergency clause, cutting off normal public comment. While the BOCC voted to extend the public comment period by 7 days, essential problems remain. Weeds aren’t the only thing that’s “noxious.” Is our government of the people with people the supreme power, or do we have a benevolent and all-wise government without the people’s voice? Being answerable to the people means soliciting and respecting public comment before passing ordinances. This ordinance wants to declare an emergency, going around the normal public comment process. At the last hearing, county staff stated that the BOCC need not hold a public hearing under the emergency clause, as if holding a public hearing was a favor. The County Weed Board argued they needed the emergency clause to allow the weed inspector time to address noncompliant landowners before the weeds went to seed. This was a request out of convenience, due to a lack of planning, not an emergency. People have a right to be heard; it is un-American to silence their voice. Government, including volunteer boards, must never operate mysteriously. Testimony from the Weed Board and their supporters indicated they were tired of noncompliance; they



See the Announcement on page C-4


9 249 $ mo.

wanted “teeth” to force compliance. We don’t really know who’s on the weed board because the county doesn’t publicize their names, what they do or who they represent. My only source was to take the names of weed board members who attended their last meeting and do an Internet search; it appears that all but one or two represent federal, state, local government or environmentalists. Public buy-in comes from public involvement; interestedly, no ranchers or farmers seemed to be on the board. Perhaps that’s why the ordinance calls for pressure washing haying equipment, a ridiculous and harmful mandate. This county needs to appoint a Weed Board that represents all of us, with representation from each county region, then perhaps we can obtain buy-in. An informed people are an engaged people. We in South Deschutes County receive little information from our county government, often learning of county legislation, like this ordinance, by word-of-mouth. Other counties have procedures where citizens can sign up for emailed notices of meetings and agendas. Reportedly, our county has declared themselves “too poor” to establish such an email alert system. They want to direct us to their their website, where one becomes lost in the abundance of information. We need a county that makes it a priority to inform the people with the best tools available. Simply directing people to the website is unacceptable.







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By Ellen Currie, Eagle Reporter


La Pine City Council Passes Ordinances The La Pine City Council approved three new ordinances at the meeting held on February 12, 2014. The first is a new Business License Ordinance (Ordinance No. 2014-02) that will ensure that every business operating within the city will comply with federal, state, and local laws, rules, and ordinances. The city believes that this rule is necessary to protect public health and safety as well as to obtain information essential for first responders, planning and building personnel, and economic development initiatives. It will be a source of revenue that was previously unavailable to the City as well. Effective July 1, 2014, any person who establishes, maintains, engages, or conducts a business within the City limits must apply for and obtain a license and pay the prescribed fee. This requirement extends to local businesses and businesses based outside of La Pine who do business inside the city. For example, Franz Bakery does not have a bakery, office, or distribution center within La Pine. Franz Bakery does, however, deliver and sell baked goods to a number of establishments within the city limits. Therefore, this new ordinance would require the company to obtain a business license. The City has established two types of licenses: a Year-Round Business License and a Temporary Business License. A Temporary Business is defined as a business that is operated within the City for less than 30 days and is operated solely on private property. Any business that does not meet both of these requirements is considered a Year-Round Business. There are some exceptions defined within the ordinance. Non-profit organizations must obtain a license but are not required to pay the License Fee. There are some categories of businesses that do not have to obtain a license. Examples of exempt businesses are: • Religious institutions and governmental agencies, • Businesses that are exempt by federal or state law or regulations, • Newspaper carriers, • Garage sales, unless conducted more than 5 times within a calendar year, and • Organizers or participants in a specific Community Event. The License Fees were established following input from the La Pine Chamber of Commerce as: Year –Round Business License $45.00 Temporary Business License $25.00 Change Fee $15.00 Although this ordinance does not take effect until July 1, 2014, the City is encouraging busi-

nesses to begin submitting applications in April, May, or June. Applications can be submitted online via the La Pine City website, The second new ordinance adopted by the La Pine City Council is a Nuisance Ordinance (Ordinance No. 2014-03) intended to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the public. Existing buildings, structures, and premises must provide a minimum level of maintenance and repair as determined by the City. While the ordinance contains detailed descriptions of the conditions that are of concern, in general terms, the ordinance is designed to control and/or eliminate: • Outdoor storage of derelict, dismantled, or wrecked motor vehicles • Noxious vegetation • Outdoor storage of discarded or unusable appliances, furniture, or indoor fixtures • Deterioration of exterior buildings or structures • Pest infestation • Accumulation of garbage, rubbish, and solid waste • Physical conditions, such as abandoned wells or machinery, that are an Attractive Nuisance The application of this ordinance will be complaint driven. Any person will be able to file a complaint alleging a public nuisance after the effective date of March 14, 2014 by going to the City website, Each complaint will be investigated by the City Health Officer or City Designee, and if there are reasonable grounds to believe that a violation has occurred, a notice will be served on the Owner(s) or Occupant(s). The ordinance contains procedures for hearings, appeals, reconsideration, an abatement process, and penalties/fees. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the La Pine Interim City manager, Rick Allen, at 541536-1462 or via email at Ordinance No. 2014-01 was also approved at the February 12th meeting. This ordinance was necessary as a previous agreement had expired. It continues the right of California Oregon Broadcasting, Inc. (Crestview TV) to operate a cable system within the city of La Pine and establishes the franchise fee. It is clear that La Pine, Oregon’s newest city, is growing and maturing. The City Council meets twice monthly on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in City Hall, 16345 Sixth Street, La Pine. These meetings are open to the public. Look for more city news in every issue of the Newberry Eagle.

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Ford Institute - Training La Pine Youth to Be Leaders By Ellen Currie, Eagle Reporter This is an exceptional year for the Ford Leadership Training in La Pine. While the participants in the previous three Cohorts have been enthusiastic, diverse, and committed, Cohort 4 is special because of the number of young people involved in the program. The 2013-14 Cohort includes 5 teenagers from our community: Mallory Aamodt, Lindsey Davee, Mike DeBone, Conrad Parker, and Savannah Puckett. These 5 young people are giving up weekends for training and evenings for subcommittee work instead of playing video games, texting, hunting, or doing the many other things that usually engage teenagers. Why? It is interesting that these students were motivated to participate in the Leadership training by their mothers. It is not surprising, but it is encouraging, that moms continue to have a positive influence on the development of their children. They play an essential part in developing strong leaders with good values. However, it is also amazing that these young

people discovered that they could have fun learning new skills and interacting with people of all ages and from different backgrounds. While it is tough to give up your personal time, once they get into the sessions, they really have a good time. Conrad Parker, who is also the student member on the La Pine City Council, says that he really likes the ability to talk about new ideas and to be treated as an equal member of the group. While all of the teenage participants are active in sports, and are successful students, they are learning to communicate effectively with individuals outside of school setting and their peer group. Everyone gets to brainstorm and contribute suggestions without being judged or discounted. All of the participants are learning skills that will help them work with others in collaborative and inclusive ways, ways that encourage problemsolving and innovation whether young or old or somewhere in between. We applaud these young people for taking part in this training program. They are truly the Leaders for our future.

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Cohort IV Youth left to right: Mike DeBone, Lindsey Davee, Conrad Parker, and Mallory Aamodt

County Commissioner, Tony DeBone to Address Sunriver Men’s Club On Thursday, March 20, Tony DeBone, Deschutes county commissioner, will address the Sunriver Men’s Club. The luncheon will be held at the Crosswater Grille, on South Century Drive. Sunriver area men and women are welcome to attend; see below for registration information. DeBone is an active participant in many Central Oregon. In addition to being a current member and a past Chair of the county board of directors, he is currently a member of the Bend and the Sunriver Chambers of Commerce; he serves on the Executive Board of EDCO, Economic Development for Central Oregon, and on the Board of Directors of NeighborImpact; and DeBone is a Steering Committee member of Project Wildfire. In addition, DeBone owns Little d Technology in La Pine and has worked at Lancair and Cascade Sun Works in Central Oregon. Before moving to Central Oregon in 2004, DeBone earned a

Bachelors of Science degree in Electronics Technology/Robotics. He has held technical, management and sales positions at several companies in Hawaii and Washington state. He has lived in central Oregon organizations for ten years, and with his extensive involvement in local organizations, he should provide us with an interesting update on the issues facing our community. For the luncheon, doors open at 11:30 a.m. A social half-hour follows. Lunch service will begin at noon. The hour-long program follows at 12:30 p.m.

Elect Tony


Deschutes County Road Plowing What is the Process? Submitted by Deschutes County, Anna Johnson The Deschutes County Road Department is responsible for the maintenance of more than 900 miles of roads. This does not include roads within your city limits. During a County-wide snowstorm, there is in excess of 1,800 lane miles that County crews need to clear of snow in order to maintain traffic flow. Deschutes County road crews first work to plow and clear arterial and collector roads (major roads that connect a County maintained road to a state highway) as quickly as possible to ensure the movement of potential emergency vehicles. Next, County road crews sand arterials and collectors, and intersections of roadways where vehicles need to stop; horizontal curves, roads with grades exceeding 10 percent, and bridges. Local roads and subdivision roads (these are County maintained roads in a subdivision that connect to arterial or collector roads) that are County maintained, are plowed next. These roads are the most time-consuming and most difficult due to many obstacles that usually exist along the roadside (garbage cans, cars, etc.). Due to limited money and staffing, County road crews are not able to remove driveway berms after plowing is complete. For more information about Deschutes County road maintenance<>, please call (541) 388-6581.

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The menu offers a choice of St. Paddy’s lamb stew, a Caesar salad with grilled chicken, or vegetarian stuffed squash. Coffee, tea and dessert are included. Beer and wine are extra. To reserve a seat at the luncheon, use the sign-up sheet posted at the Marketplace, or send an email to the Men’s Club at Sunriver. Be sure to include your menu preference. The cost is $20 per person, payable at the door. Deadline for signing up is Tuesday, March 18, at 5 p.m.


Campaign Kick-Off and Rally Tony and his team invite you to join in as he kicks off his campaign for 2nd term as Deschutes County Commissioner!



Bonnie Davee, Arbonne Independent Consultant

GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE This advertisement has been produced by Bonnie Davee, an Arbonne Independent Consultant, and is not official material prepared or provided by Arbonne.

By Ellen Currie, Eagle Reporter Here’s your chance to learn something and his wife are the original owners of Dance new and exciting! The Greater La Pine Adult Central, and are now semi-retired as dance inEducation Program is offering a West Coast structors. Swing class. Dance is a great way to stay acClasses are scheduled for 3 different tive, have fun and meet new people! Swing Wednesday nights (March 5, 12, and 19) from can be danced to almost every style of music 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the JC Johnson Building in from Big Band, Top 40, Country, and every- La Pine and are open to beginners or dancers thing in between. Swing is the dance that will who want to brush up on the basics. Partners keep you moving. are not required. The cost is $29.00 per indiSean Meehan will be the dance instructor vidual or $49.00 per couple. for this class. Sean has 21 years of experience Come get hooked on this popular style in ballroom dancing (most any kind of partner of dance. For more information and registradancing). He was born in Spokane, Washing- tion, contact Malia Sathrum, Adult Education ton and his career includes competitive danc- Coordinator, at 541-536-5138 or via email at ing from Spokane to Portland to Bend. Sean

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Tiger Lacey’s Celebration of Life


Continued from front page

Excert from Audleigh Hickman, Minister Officiating Celebration of Tiger Lacey’s Life I want to say that this is a celebration of life for Tiger Lacey and U I LT T O A H I G H E R S TA N D A R D what that means is hisBfamily, Dana and Lynx hope that you believe the same thing they do and that we are celebrating that he is in heaven with Chad and all the other loved ones we have lost. Real fast, how do we know Tiger is in heaven? Because God is not a religion He is a relationship. and if you ask Dana she will tell you that Tiger prayed with B U I LT T O A H I G H E R S TA N D A R D



his family every night before bed. If you ask me and everyone here, if you talk to someone every night before you go to bed… that is a relationship! All God wants is to have a relationship with you. For you to open your heart to him so he can be there for you! If we do that we will have someone that is there for us when no one else is. After reading posts about Tiger, one thing in particular stood out. Almost everyone mentioned something about him being a hero or someone they looked up to. One person mentioned Tiger using his winning funds to help her son enter a race, which motivated him to continue his career in racing. This is just another story to exemplify the Tiger that we all knew. When Tiger entered a race his main goal was to win the trophy at the end. Tiger won his ultimate trophy when he met Dana. She was his trophy, what he strived to achieve. He did what he loved and was always supported, wholeheartedly by his wife. We all know, his biggest fans and his biggest stars will always be his son Lynx and wife Dana Lacey.

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2-21-14 Ruby Mountain Motocross – Horse Palace, Spring Creek, NV If you need a hotel room for the Tiger Lacey Memorial Race here’s the discounted room rate information: Red Lion Hotel and Casino - 775-738-2111. Give them this group rate code: Tiger Lacey Memorial Race and your rooms will be $69 each night. If you have questions or need more info please call Angela at 775-753-3218. B U I LT T O A H I G H E R S TA N D A R D is currently welcoming new patients of all ages Accepting most Insurance and self pay Joannie and her dedicated team – Serving the La Pine Community for more than 10 Years

Tiger Lacey

Continued from page A-1 Tiger. It was breathtaking and brought tears to your eyes. Thanks go out to the following: Tiger Lacey’s family, Ken Steward of Snow Cap Collision, the Mad Clown Society, Shop Smart, Fri -toLay, Pepsi and people from the La Pine community.

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Habitat Continued from A-1

CALL 541-536-8060

Appointments starting at 7:15am (Mon -Thurs) Located next to Shop Smart in La Pine.

ficiently. They will even gain the skills that they would need to finish those long ‘honeydo lists’ to fix something at home. Learn how to start a new project and maybe you will qualify to become a vol-


unteer that works with Habitat to help build houses for new homeowners. In the meantime, if you are looking for information about Habitat for Humanity, possible classes, to donate your


gently used items or your time as a volunteer, stop by the La Pine ReStore or the Sunriver Business Park office, or download a volunteer app from the website: Call Dan Varcoe in La Pine anytime to get involved with the people that build commu-

nities! 541-771-9177. “We plan to start two new homes this year and we happily welcome back past volunteer to help on this year’s houses as well as finding new ones to add to our list,” Varcoe told us. “Give me a call!”



Spaghetti Feed Sponsors Youth Activities all Year By T. Myers, Eagle Reporter

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Section B

Education • Sunriver • Stories • Pets

La Pine Park & Recreation District NOW OPEN

A Community School Program Neither rain nor sleet nor … snow will stop the supporters of the Holy Redeemer Spaghetti Feed. After two days of bad storms moving through the area and an accumulation of between 12-18 inches building up on the ground, loyal area residents braved the ice and snow to show up for a visit with their friends and enjoy a plate of the legendary spaghetti in support of their youth programs at the church! Tickets went on sale in Janu-

ary and they sold quite a few, but Saturday night did prove difficult for the out of towners that usually come in from Bend and the surrounding areas.(I had a half dozen friends that were stuck in airports or other destinations and they could not come.) I spent the evening in the company of lots of people that I know well and everyone had a great time! The young servers are members of the after school youth

group and they begin to help out as soon as they can see over the tables. They dress in white shirts and black pants with little bow ties and become very professional at their jobs. Many public officials serve the wine and some of the moms organize the seating and the training of the kids. It is all well done. Next year be sure to look for a $6.00 ticket per person and come and enjoy one of La Pine’s very special events!

South County Girl’s Summit to be Held Monday, March 24th

By Mary Fleischmann TAPS Contributor The Eighth-Annual South County Girl’s Summit promises a day of fun and exciting activities for young women in Middle School through High School on Monday, March 24th.. The goal of the event is to empower young women in South County with activities that are positive in nature, healthy for them and are easily available in their home setting. An additional goal is to mentor young women with other adult females in their community. Event attendees can enjoy gift giveaways, snacks and a free lunch at the event. There are no costs for this event.

The South County Girl’s Summit will be held Monday, March 24th from 8:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., at La Pine High School, 51633 Coach Road in La Pine. The following are some of the session choices that will be provided at the South County Girl’s Summit by local experts and businesses: • Scrap booking 101 • Wonders of Duct Tape – a hands on project • Journaling – different ways to express yourself • “ It’s a shame about shame” – How girls treat each other • Stress- the good and the bad and how to reduce it. • Yoga and it’s benefits • And Much More!

The Girl’s Summit is sponsored by Think Again Parents (TAPS) Substance Abuse Prevention Team of South County; the Deschutes County Juvenile Community Justice Department with support from the La Pine Park and Recreation. For more information or to register for this event, please contact Mary Fleischmann, at 541536-5002. You must register for this event. This event is filling up fast, and it is a first come, first serve – so hurry and register to make sure that you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

School Exclusion Day is Wednesday, February 19

Schools and child care facilities need children’s current immunization records Submitted by Deschutes County The Deschutes County Health Services Department wants to remind parents that children will not be able to attend school or child care starting Wednesday, February 19 if their records on file show missing immunizations. State law requires that all children in public and private schools, preschools, Head Start, and certified child care facilities, have up-to-date documentation on their immunizations, or have a religious or medical exemption. Information for parents about updated vaccine requirements: 1. Parents of adolescents should be aware that one dose of Tdap vaccine is required for seventh- through 12th-graders. Tdap is a tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough) booster. 2. The hepatitis A vaccine, which protects against a communicable viral infection, is a twodose series required for children 18 months and older in child care, preschool and kindergarten through fifth grade.

If school and child care vaccination records are not up-todate, the child will be sent home on February 19. In 2013, Deschutes County Health Services sent 1,023 letters to parents and guardians informing them that their children needed immunizations to stay in school or child care. Many children get letters because their school or day care records are not updated, even though they may have all of their shots. It is important for parents to update their child’s immunization record at school or child care after every shot. Don’t delay! Parents seeking immunizations for their children should contact their health care provider or call Deschutes County Health Services (DCHS) at (541) 322-7400 to make an appointment at one of the County’s clinics. No child will be turned away due to the inability to pay for required vaccines. Pharmacists can also immunize children age 11 and older. Contact your neighborhood pharmacy for details.

After school activities for middle school and high school youth Welcome to the La Pine Parks & Recreation District Community School Program known as the HUB. The HUB provides the youth of La Pine with a safe and nurturing environment where they can develop healthy relationships while participating in life enriching activities. The HUB is now open from Monday-Thursday until 5:30pm. Closed Fridays. For ages 6th grade thru 12th grade. We would love to get to know your child and help them succeed. The cost of the program for the month is $10.00.

Now Open Monday - Thursday until 5:30pm Closed Fridays


SOCCER REGISTRATION OPENING February 3rd • $50 before March 21, $65 after We need volunteer coaches and volunteer referees. Limited number of Scholarships available on a first come first serve opportunity. Season will begin shortly after Spring Break so please get your registrations in A.S.A.P.

For more information about child immunizations, please visit the Deschutes County website page immunizations<> or call (541) 322-7400.

La Pine Parks & Recreation District

541.536.2223 email:

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South County Schools Update 2014 February News Submitted by Karen Kromer-Foster

Important Dates:

February 17 – No School – Presidents’ Day - All Schools February 19 – Immunization Exclusion Day – All Schools February 21 – Movie Night at Rosland 5:30 pm – Rosland Elementary February 27 – Cat in the Hat night – 5:30p – 7pm – La Pine Elementary March 7 – No Elementary School – Teacher work day March 12 & March 13 – Parent Conferences at Elementary March 13 - No School Elementary March 14 – No School All South County Schools March 24 – March 28 – Spring Break

La Pine Elementary

The 16th annual Cat in the Hat Night is scheduled for February 27th from 5:30 pm to 7pm at La Pine Elementary. This evening is great family fun for our elementary school families. We have game booths, Green Eggs and Ham, Oobleck, you can vote for your favorite Dr. Seuss Book and of course pictures with the Cat in the Hat. There is no charge for these festivities, so bring your young ones and come enjoy the fun.


The fifth grade students from La Pine (both elementary schools) will be going to Outdoor School at Camp Tamarack in April for 3 days thanks to several Foundations that worked closely with Ms. Doty, from La Pine Elementary and Mrs. Williams to help cover the student’s cost. We would like to thank Deschutes Children’s Forest for covering the transportation for both schools. Carly’s Kids, ON Belay TY, Silver Family Foundation and Gray Family Foundation for kicking in over $9000 to help bring the cost down for our families. There are countless benefits to exposing children to the environment in the elementary and secondary years, including an increased focus, a more vivid imagination, better scores, and a friendlier disposition. Camp Tamarack has an excellent curriculum to help our fifth grade class experience these benefits.

Three Rivers

Message from Gayle Vidal, Principal at Three Rivers Regarding her Retirement - It is with a mixture of sadness and excitement that I tell you I will retire as Principal of Three Rivers School at the end of this school year. Deciding when to retire has been difficult because I love my work at Three Rivers and my association with all the wonderful district, parent and community groups and individuals who help make this a great place for our children. Over the past ten years, I have proudly watched our children enter school as eager kindergartners who learned, grew and accomplished great things here and out in the world beyond. Posted in the front hallway is a partial listing of all the honors and awards their achievements have brought our school and that was just in 2013! These past years, working together, our school community refined its dreams for a middle school and built it! This year we will complete planning for an expanded music teaching and performance area in Otter Hall and build it over the summer. I think our completed school structure is the most beautiful and most functional school building imaginable. But a structure is just bricks and mortar. It is the people, inside and out, that make a school vibrant. Our school staff is second to none in every department. Their dedication to the positive growth and wellbeing of our students is extraordinary. I am honored to work beside each and every one of them. Our PTA is one of the most positive, proactive and productive groups around. Our community volunteers and organizations are “all in” for our children, giving of time, money and expertise on a regular basis. It is no wonder it is difficult to leave! But it is time. Ahead are new beginnings and new direction – for our children, for our school community and for me. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to be principal at Three Rivers School. Every day has been an adventure. I look forward to the rest of the year with keen enthusiasm. Thank you for your support and for your friendship. Gayle Vidal, Principal HIGH SCHOOL ORIENTATION - Time for 8th graders to start familiarizing themselves with High School. Bend High’s Orientation will be in their auditorium on Monday, February 10th, 7:00 pm. Parents and 8th graders planning to attend Bend High next year are invited to attend. The informational meeting is hosted by Bend High administrators and counselors. Items discussed include: general information, scheduling for classes, activities and opportunities at BSHS, tour of the school, questions & answers. Coaches and advisors for various clubs at Bend High will

also be available to meet with students. Families and students wanting to learn more about the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program are invited to attend an earlier information session at 6:00 pm in the BSHS Auditorium. BUILDING UPDATE - Planning has begun to upgrade the stage area of Otter Hall, remodeling it into a band/choir/ music classroom and extended performance area. Architect Mike Gorman of BLRB is working with district officials and Three Rivers staff to create a wonderful new space. Funding was included in last year’s successful bond levy. We are scheduled for completion this summer! The Three Rivers PTA is hard at work planning for this year’s Spring Round Up. This annual fundraiser represents their biggest fundraiser of the year and takes an enormous amount of effort. Some incredible donations are being gathered and these will be auctioned off in both silent and oral auctions on Saturday, April 12th at SHARC. The event starts at 5:00 pm and is great fun tickets are $15.00. You can contact our PTA at by phone at 541 355 3005, via their website at or on Facebook - https://www.facebook. com/threerivers.pta

La Pine Middle School

Note from Mr. Boen- Principal at La Pine Middle School As I’m sure you are aware, both our state and federal governments have rules and standards regarding a child’s attendance in school. Obviously kids are required to receive an education and I’m thankful for the nearly 300 current students attending La Pine Middle School that I have the opportunity to know and work with in this capacity. Students learn more when they are present to receive the instruction first-hand. When students work collaboratively and are engaged within the classroom then deeper, richer learning can occur. Therefore, schools are held to at least a 92% attendance rate for all students over the course of an academic year. For the past handful of years LPMS has been able to stay just above this standard. – until last school year. As recently as three years ago we only had one month during the year when our attendance fell below 92%. Last year we had six months where our attendance was below that same threshold. Below are some statistics through this same time last school year: • We have had attendance at or above 92% on every day of the week only four times this year (two of the four weeks were the first two weeks of the school year); • Monday (91.9%) and Friday (88.34%) are our two lowest days for attendance; • Tuesday (92.97%) and Thursday (92.72%) are our two most attended days; • During the week of October 1st our average daily attendance was 90.85%; • During the week of January 14th our averaging daily attendance was 84.93%; I fully understand that students will miss some days of school for a variety of reasons. The opening of hunting season (Oct.1, 2012) and whenever the cold/ flu season hits (Jan. 14, 2013) are often the times of the year that our attendance is at its lowest. Understanding that we will likely drop below 92% during these times of the year it is imperative that other times reflect a higher average attendance. Our overall attendance rate for last year ended at 91.4% - thus narrowly missing the mark. Knowing that our overall school rating is partially based on whether we meet the required 92% daily attendance rate for the entire school year I ask that you join me in an effort to have your child come to school unless they are too ill to attend, there is a family emergency, or the absence is pre-arranged. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding attendance in general, or your own student’s attendance specifically. This year we have incorporated some incentives (class competitions for best attendance first period) and friendly reminders (letters of encouragement for students just under 92% daily attendance) among other initiatives. Thank you in advance for your help in getting your child to school; it is greatly appreciated! Jim Boen, Principal

La Pine High School

*La Pine High School’s Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation program is new this year. Mr. Parnell was certified this last summer in order to teach these courses. In early February, Mr. Scanlon from Sunriver Resort will be at LPHS teaching ‘Pillars Customer Service Training & Certification’. This is a great opportunity for our students to learn the exact requirements for employment at a recreational resort. This term, there are 16 students participating in this program. *FBLA has their Cascade Regional Competition at Ridgeview High in Redmond on February 10th and their State Competition in Portland on April 10th. *Two students from La Pine High School earned Silver Key Awards for their art at the Regional level competition. Here’s a website that tells a little about the contest: The two students were: Skylar Miller (senior) for Design (a work entitled All for One) and Leanna Hall (junior) for her photo entitiled “Big Fish.” There were 698 pieces submitted, 76 were chosen as Gold Key winners, 80 Silver Key winners, and 5 American Vision nominees. The show is at COCC’s Pickney Center until February 13th. After that, students who entered but were not chosen for these awards will have their works on display for the following two weeks. If you have any other questions, let Mrs. Parker at the high school know.


New Seating Area

La Pine Middle School library would like to thank The Sunriver Rotary Club for the generous donation of $1500 for new library books. Our students love the new books and are always asking to checkout the latest new releases. Thanks to the Sunriver rotary Club, we will be able to offer an even greater selection of books for our students to choose from. Our library was in desperate need of some new furniture but we had very little money to spend o it. Rolando at La Pine’s ReStore generously donated two beautiful upholstered chairs for our sitting area. To complete the area, Sophie at Bend’s Restore donated a beautiful coffee table. This new sitting area (above photos) has quickly become our most popular spot for reading and hanging out.

EVENTS Brought to you by the Fit Zone MIDDLE SCHOOL Zumbathon Fundraiser


The Fit Zone & La Pine Middle School are partnering up to bring you a ZUMBATHON!!!!! All proceeds go towards LPMS Outside School program. Help send the 6th graders to the Oregon Coast!!! Join us for a great time! WHERE: La Pine Middle School Cafeteria WHEN: February 21st TIME: 5:30 -7:00 COST: $10 Adults $5 Kids INFORMATION CALL: 541-419-7274

Master Cummings TAE KWON DO is bringing you another top notch SELF DEFENSE WORKSHOP!! This workshop is for both Men and Women. Couples, friends, mothers, sisters, brothers, kids! Everyone welcome! SPECIAL PRICE: Two for $30 or One for $20 WHERE: The Fit Zone WHEN: February 23rd (Sunday) TIME: 2:00 INFORMATION AND SIGN UP - CALL 541-419-7274 This is a hands on Self Defense workshop! Life saving techniques will be taught. Don’t miss this you could save your own life or someone you love.

*Parent Dedication Ads (these are the yearbook ads parents make for their graduating seniors) are due immediately (certainly by month’s end). The first block is free (either a single picture or a message); each additional 1/2 business card size costs $16. The average ad is $16 and is a little larger than a business card. Pictures and messages can be emailed to me at d.parker@bend. or sent to my attention at the high school, La Pine High School, PO Box 306, La Pine, OR 97739. It would be great if that could be advertised. We want every senior to have an ad. Since the first block is free, every senior parent can order one. *La Pine Set To Host 4A Regional Wrestling Tournament La Pine High School will be hosting the 2014 4A Special District 2 wrestling tournament on February 21 & 22. The tournament will determine which wrestlers will qualify for the state tournament to be held in Portland on February 28 & 29. Participating schools include Sisters, Madras, Crook County, Mac Hi, La Grande, Baker, Ridgeview, Ontario, and La Pine. The tournament will showcase many of the top wrestlers in the state at the 4A level. Wrestling begins on Friday at 4:00PM and Saturday at 11:00AM. Admission is $5 per session for adults and $3 per session for seniors and students with student ID. Passes can be purchased for $12 for adults and $8 for seniors and students with student ID.

Zumbathon Friday 2/21 @ 5:30 Self Defense Workshop 2/23 @ 2:00


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March brings two powerhouse author events to Sunriver Books & Music. Join us for entertaining events on a couple books we highly recommend. Saturday March 15th at 5:00 PM Willy Vlautin will give a presentation on The Free, I believe it is his best book. People living on the margins, on the knife edge of life tend to be the subjects of Willy Vlautin’s novels. He gives them a clear, strong voice, inviting the reader to walk for a few well written pages in the other person’s shoes. Vlautin treats these characters with compassion and respect. You can’t go through a Willy Vlautin story without at least a few “there but for the grace” moments where you see the slippery slope that claimed the characters was steep and hard to avoid. Freddie had a good life going, a mortgage free home he inherited, a marriage and two daughters, then that slope got him and now he is deep in debt, not keeping his head above water, working his day job at the hardware store and a night job as care taker at a group home. Leroy did what a lot of young men do, answered his country’s call for soldiers. The Middle East changed everything, now he lives in a group home a galaxy away from everyday reality, lost to his loved ones. Pauline works hard as a nurse, she has a deep reservoir of compassion she keeps veiled by a curtain of reserve, a young girl struggling with life on the streets and drug addiction tugs at her heart. Their stories will converge and as they do Vlautin skillfully intertwines a greater truth. The reader will care for these characters, admire their pluck, and wish them a safe harbor. Vlautin’s earlier novel, Motel Life, Set in Reno, tells the story of two brothers, Frank and Jerry Lee, who live in cheap


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Sunriver Books & Music By Deon Stonehouse

motels until a tragic, drunk driving, accident puts them on the run. Their belongings are meager, their claim on life tenuous. The story has been made into a well-regarded movie starring Kris Kristofferson, Emile Hirsch, and Dakota Fanning. Lean on Pete, won big at the Oregon Book Awards, winning both the Ken Kesey Award and the Reader’s Choice Award. It is set mostly in Oregon and tells of a lonely teenager, Charley, who moves with his Dad from Spokane to a rental house in the Delta Park neighborhood of Portland and takes a part time job from an unsavory trainer at the race track. His only friend is Pete, a race horse on his last legs, treated poorly by Charley’s boss. P0-The boy and the horse run away, but the world is not kind to run away teenagers and erstwhile, over the hill, race horses. Vlautin is multi-talented, he is also lead singer and songwriter for Richmond Fontaine, their music has the same haunting quality found in Vlautin’s stories. Northline, an earlier novel about a woman, the choices she made, and the future she fights to hold onto, includes a CD by Richmond Fontaine. Phillip Margolin will be here Saturday March 29th at 5:00 PM. He is a New York Times bestselling author many times over. If you enjoy the mystery genre, his name is well known. His contemporary mysteries, always a hit, include Sleight of Hand, Capitol Murder, Lost Lake, Gone But Not Forgotten, and many others. Margolin brings to bear years of experience as a Portland Oregon attorney who has argued before the US Supreme Court and as a defense attorney in death penalty cases. Often his books are inspired by real events. This is very true of his latest novel, Worthy Brown’s Daughter. Though this novel is a huge departure for Margolin, and some of his best writing. Worthy Brown’s Daughter is a fictional account of the groundbreaking case, Robin Holmes vs Nathaniel Ford Former slave Robin Holmes sought justice in the white man’s court, suing a prominent member of the community, Nathaniel Ford, seeking the release of Holmes’ children. It must have been very hard, not to mention frightening, for a black man to step into the white man’s court in pre-civil war days. Margolin uses Holmes as the inspiration for Worthy Brown, a man whose former mas-

ter is a successful, charismatic attorney keeping Worthy’ Brown’s daughter in bondage. He is also lacking in any sense of morality, casually cruel, and may pose a danger to the teenage girl. Worthy Brown, worried about his child, takes his case to Matthew Penny, an attorney arrived via the Oregon Trail, a journey that cost the life of Penny’s beloved wife. There is lots of great historical detail about Oregon along with a compelling entertaining story full of fascinating characters. With his background as an attorney and his string of New York Times bestsellers, Margolin is ideally suited to tell this story, giving the reader a real view of the legal difficulties and climate of the time, while also giving it suspense and drama. He throws in a woman of dubious virtue, a judge who makes a poor choice that have dire repercussions, and a variety of interesting threads. Margolin brings it all together giving the reader Oregon history along with a satisfying stroy. While Margolin’s thrillers are great entertainment, Worthy Brown’s Daughter shows this author has a lot more to say! Margolin is a great speaker, his events are always interesting. If you would like to read a non-fiction book of Holmes vs Ford, Breaking Chains by Greg Nokes is a well-researched and complete account. The two books make excellent companion pieces. Author events are a perfect way to spend an evening. We will have refreshments and drawings for prizes. Please call 541593-2525, e-mail or stop by to sign up to attend. The events are free and lots of fun.

Sunriver Chamber of Commerce News The Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome two of its newest members: Ambush Fitness Located in the Business Park at the old RJB’s bar (56880 Venture Lane), owner Scott Murdrick has remolded the facility into a first class fitness center and training studio. Ambush Fitness offers private fitness training by appointment only. The fitness trainers provide personal and group training, cross training, body composition and fitness testing, light therapy training and acts as sports nutrition and supplement store. In order to welcome the new business to the community, the Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce will be holding a business after hours and ribbon cutting ceremony on Feb. 20th, between the hours of 5 pm and 7 pm. Please join us in welcoming them to the community and see the new improvements that they have made. Celebrations-Wedding and Event Planning Do you have a family staying in your rental houses that might be celebrating a special occasion? A new partnership has been established with locally produced Celebrations Magazine and the Central Oregon Event Professionals Association that offers FREE coordination services to help people who are planning weddings, family reunions or group gatherings find local resources for their special event. “Our goal”, say’s David Wilkins president of the COEPA, “is to make event planning a stress free experience when it comes down to the over all plans of a wedding or special celebration”. From where to get married locally, to finding the right partners to fit a budget, they offer it all. Celebrations even offers a service called “Coordinator On Call” that is designed for Brides to simply “text” the

call for help. Text my day to 72727 to see how easy this new service is! What a great partnership and service this will be to anyone planning a wedding or other special event here in Sunriver! February Specials Chocolate month continues at the resort. The events continue with Chocolate Breakfast Specials all month. On the 14th, in addition to their special Valentines dinner, the resort will be offering a free Absolute Chocolate martini with your mini manicure at the Sage Spring Spa. On the 15th, the resort will be holding a 5K run/walk at a beautifully designed course that cuts through Sunriver. From 10:30 am to 3:30 pm the Resort will be displaying their Chocolate Showcase and at 7 pm, for the kids, the Resort will be showing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. For reservations and additional information call 1-800-801-8765 or visit sunriver-resort/chocolate. February Events The monthly Sunriver Area potluck will be held Feb. 12th at the SHARC Center. Sunriver’s own “Bells of Sunriver” will provide the entertainment. All residents from Sunriver, Crosswater, Caldera Springs and surrounding neighborhoods are invited. The potluck begins at 6:30pm, but social time starts at 6:00pm. Sign up at the SROA office, SHARC, Marketplace or at Our friends, neighbors and business partners to the South, will be holding their annual awards banquet & fundraiser at the SHARC on Feb. 22nd. The LaPine Chamber of Commerce would like to invite all Sunriver Area Chamber members and their guests to the banquet. Cost is $35.00 per person. This is a fun event and a great time to renew your business relationships. You can also use this opportu-

nity to promote your business though sponsorships, table decorator or silent auction donator. Call 541-536-9771 or director@lapine. org for additional details and/or reservations. March Events Please mark your calendar for Wed., March 12th, for the Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce annual breakfast and members meet-

ing. This will be an important and informative meeting and we would like all Chamber members to attend. More details will follow in future Chamber enews letters. Brought to you by the Sunriver Chamber of Commerce.

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La Pine 541/536-6122

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GROUP PLAY on Tues, Wed and Thurs New PUPPY GROUP on Thurs! Vaccines are required.

Call: Michelle Scott, Foster Care Program Coordinator Humane Society of Central Oregon 61170 SE 27th St. Bend, OR 97702 541-382-3537

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Spell Away! By Lauren James

Security retirement is 62. The payment amount will be reduced and there are limits on your work income. It makes sense if you need the income. And it can be part of an early retirement strategy if you can get a higher widow’s payment at 66. Note that while you’re under 66, you can earn $15,480 with no reduction in your Social Security. Earnings over $15,480 will cause some of your Social Security to be withheld. Age 65. Everyone turning 65 should contact SSA to ask about Medicare. You must get this right—you can be penalized for filing for Medicare too late or too early. Call or visit SSA 2-3 months before your birth month. Age 66. This is your Social Security “Full Retirement Age.” You can work and draw Social Security at the same time, with no Social Security penalty, starting with your birthday month. In the months before your birthday month, you can earn much more money the year you turn 66. The threshold for no reduction is $41,400, and only earnings before your birthday month count toward that. You can take spouse-only payments and hold your own payments in reserve. It’s called the “Restricted Application” strategy. Age 70. Your Social Security will grow no higher for ages past 70. Take your Social Security this year if you haven’t already. And if you were getting spouse-only payments, it’s time to switch to your own Social Security. Be sure to check with SSA for details if any of these affect you. And as always, keep on planning FOOTNOTE: The website is the authoritative source for 79 million baby boomers looking to retire. The site offers indepth state and city profiles, retirement community reviews, and explores the financial, cultural, and emotional aspects of retirement.

When we last saw Zoe, she and Lexi paid a visit to the principal to talk about the spelling bee: I burst into tears and ran away. I had no idea that behind me Lexi was smiling and in her head she said ‘phase one completed’. When it was lunchtime Lexi and I went down to the principal’s office. Of course Lexi was there before me with her lunch tray, all pink and sparkly, in front of her with the flashcards next to her tray. “You’re late! See, just what I told you earlier,” Mr. Hallaway said. “So irresponsible.” I thought for a moment but I couldn’t think any longer because Lexi kept going on. “Zoe, you were supposed to be here at exactly 11:30, instead you were here at 11:33. Mr. Hallaway, it really is very irresponsible of her isn’t it?” Lexi said. “Hmmm. Maybe she shouldn’t do the spelling bee anymore! Oh, it would be tragic but, Mr. Hallaway cut her off.” I was only 3 minutes late. I had a logical explanation, but, I was frozen. I asked myself, “Why was I late in the first place?” “Oh, um, I was in art class before lunch and actually Mrs. Frazee got kind of mad at us so she made all of us stay after class. Class was over at exactly 11:25 but Mrs. Frazee had us stay until 11:30 so that we would be last in the lunch line. So it was 11:33 by the time I got my lunch, walked down here and came in to sit and practice.” Lexi made a big O out of her face. We started our practice for the spelling bee then Mr. Hallaway said we could go to our next class. He already had e-mailed our teachers and said we would be about 5-10 minutes late. For the last practice and only the

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Social Security Is Changing This Year – Be Aware! By Andy Landis, RetireUSA

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Mon-Fri 8:00 am 4:00 pm LIC# 36217P


RetireUSA Featured Blogger Andy Landis is a Certified Life Options Retirement Coach and expert on Social Security and Medicare. His book: “Social Security, The Inside Story,” is recognized as one of the best books on the topic. Visit for videos and more.

Social Security will be seeing a variety of changes and opportunities this year, especially if you have a “Magic Birthday” in 2014. Here’s what you need to be aware off. Are you getting Social Security now? Everyone on Social Security got a 1.5% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) last month (January). Every year Social Security gets a raise exactly equal to inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Last year inflation was 1.5% so your payment goes up that much. The idea is that Social Security will always have the same buying power, no matter how long you live. Are you on Medicare? Medicare premiums are not going up! They’ll stay the same $104.90 for most people. High-income retirees pay more than that, but their payments will also be the same as 2013. Do you have high work income? The Social Security taxable earnings ceiling rises to $117,000 this year. That means that if you earn over the ceiling, you’ll pay Social Security taxes on the first $117,000. That’s up from $113,700 in 2013. Worried about Social Security solvency? We’re one year closer to the year Social Security will have a financial shortfall—2033. Not a crisis, but it’s getting closer. Are you facing one of these Magic Birthdays? If you are reaching one of these birthdays this year you might want to contact Social Security. Age 60. If you are a widow or widower, you can draw Social Security from your deceased spouse or former spouse. At 60 the payments will be reduced, and there are limits on your work income. If you have your own Social Security work record, taking a widow’s payment early can be part of an early retirement strategy. Age 62. Your first eligibility for Social

SINCE 1957


Pet Ser vice n o z i r s Ho Call Becky Vaughan

Becky & Bailey

OPEN WEEKDAYS: 8:00 am-5:00 pm SATURDAY: 9:00-11:00am and 4:30-5:30pm SUNDAY: 9:00-10:00am & 4:30-5:30pm

For up-to-date class schedules go to

51366 Highway 97, La Pine

last practice we would have to skip the next class and just go to one after that. This is going to bring quite a change to my life. Lexi got out her phone. No one knew that she had texted a secret message: ‘So far all is going to plan. And by the way I am so going to beat her with our plan! LOL!!! ;)’ Penny’s phone vibrated. She got the message! Penny texted back: I like oranges. Sometimes I wonder if there is a reason for Penny to have a cell phone. I was already in art class when Lexi walked into the art room. “You’re late.” I said with a smirk on my face. She mouthed the words back in a teasing way. Mrs. Jones taught us how to write a Haiku poem with a nice illustration to go with it. In the meantime I was sitting in my seat thinking. I was thinking about how it all played out in the principal’s office. Sometimes it just goes to show you, you can always look back. That night when I got home mom asked me a whole bunch of questions about how things went in the office this morning. I decided not to tell her about how Lexi tried to get me in trouble. I told my mom everything except for the long lecture from Lexi about not being late for things. When Lexi got home that night, right when she opened the door she heard her mom yell, “Well, now Lexi is going to eat the worst meal of her life.” Lexi kept the door cracked and listened to her mom and dad fight. Her dad said, “Well, just because Lexi is going to be late doesn’t mean we have to fight before she gets home.” Her mom said, “We can’t fight in front of her! She would burst into tears and you know what would happen if she was going to do that!” Her dad said, “No, I don’t know what she does when she cries because guess what, I am not living here anymore!” Lexi bit her bottom lip. She got out her phone and texted Penny: ‘They’re at it again. They never seem to stop. They think they are hiding their fighting but really they aren’t even close to that. I wish I could just disappear!’

Lexi looked at her phone again and saw a text from Zoe: ‘Lexi, you want to come over and study? Plllleeeeese , my mom is eager to meet you.’ Lexi texted her back: ‘Sure. I have nothing better to do.’ Lexi texted her mom: ‘I am heading over to Zoe Duncan’s house for a study session. I will be home by 6:30.’ Lexi put her phone in her pocket and walked 3 blocks to Zoe’s house. As soon as she knocked on Zoe’s front door her phone vibrated. Zoe answered the door. “Hey, come on in, make yourself at home.” Lexi said, “I’ll be in in a minute, my mom is texting me.” Zoe said, “Oh, Okay, you can answer that and then come on in.” Lexi checked her phone. It said: ‘Lexi, can you see if by any chance you could have dinner with them. Your father and I need some alone time.’ That was it! This was the text/call that she had been waiting for since the day she first heard her mom yell at her dad when she was 9. Dad came into her room, “ Hey there Lex. How is that spelling coming along?” Lexi looked at him with a, youknow-I-can-tell-something-isgoing-on look. “All right, you got me,” her dad said. “I’m not really here to help you study. I just want you to know that your mom is kind of on edge right now so please give her a break.” Lexi nodded and motioned for him to get out. She heard her mom yell at her dad saying, “Hey, get out here and help me make dinner. What are you doing, having a tea party in there?” Lexi went inside. She saw Zoe’s family, a lady who looked young- maybe 30 to 35 years old who was holding a little boy and at the table a young man and a little girl who looked like she was 4 or 5. Zoe introduced Lexi to her family. Mom and Dad and the little boy was Hank but they called him Handsome. The little girl was Zoe’s little sister, Lorie, but they called her Lore. The rest of their studying went perfectly. Zoe and Lexi made a decision together. They quit the spelling bee. From that evening on they became great friends.


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e es


n a s h o Rd

e s chu te s




rm Wa


ti o


nR d



Winter Fun in Newberry Country sH

Pacifi c

Nearly everybody can enjoy Smith Rock State Park , it doesn’t matter if you are young, old, sedentary, or a world classDETROIT rock climber! There are restrooms, picnic area & dogs on leash only! Enjoy the view of rock formations & the river. Hike or bike along the path that follows the river.



Crest Tra


p i n i ti a Rd


Smith Rock State Park – Redmond/Terrebonne







Lake Billy Chinook








Oregon Observatory - Sunriver c Ken z i e H w y

Smith Rock State Park



Belknap Springs


High Desert Museum – Bend


Rive r


o C re e k


ut es



De s


Prineville Reservoir

Sparks Lake


Crest Tra


Hosmer Lake


Lava Lands Visitor Center

Lava Lake





Oregon Badlands Wilderness EG

Little Lava Lake

River hutes










Crescent Lake

H WY 2017


East Butte




Fox Butte

South Ice Cave


Long Butte

The Devil’s Garden

Spring Butte

Cougar Mtn


Pacif icof mentoring a group a dozen plus young C ROSEBURG skaters who have come up with the ideas for the name, the signage, the rules and nowDiamond CHEMULT Lake the Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser. The breakfast fundraiser is on March 22nd at the big park building–La Pine Community Center (LPCC). It starts at 9:00am Crater Lake and lasts until 11:30am, and costs $6.00 in advance and $7 at the door for all-you-caneat pancakes. Come and see the young servers in their new aprons ready to help you get your fill!

Quartz Mtn.

East Lava Field Four Craters Lava Field

Hole in the Ground

Sand Christmas Dunes Valley Christmas Lake

FORT ROCK Hayes Butte Paulina Marsh

WAGONTIRE Little Juniper Mtn.

Thorn Lake

Cat Ski Mt. Bailey


Diamond Lake Resort Oregon

SILVER LAKE Picture Rock Pass

Sheep Rock Diablo Peak


Lake Abert

Hamelton Butte


parks Fuego professionally, suggested that LPRD Mtn. PAISLEY Calimus n doesButte a special sprayed on coating on the Ri ver ground to set the ramps and make themVALLEY stur-FALLS FORT KLAMATH dier and a permanent addition to the comGRANTS PASS Geyser munity! Quartz CHILOQUIN ROCKY POINT Mountain MEDFORD Klamath By late spring, whenBLY the weather clears, the BEATTY DAIRY Lake LAKEVIEW LPRD is hoping to have the installation comASHLAND plete. To make a donation to the project, or for ke KLAMATH FALLS Dog La BONANZA Goosece Lakeat 541call the LPRD offi The students are raising the money for more information, the actual signs and the asphalt/cement in- 536-2223. Sharon Walling is the point person stallation. Vic Russell Construction, Inc. and she can be reached at 541-536-2170. will help with the construction. A local cou- See Pancake Breakfast fundraiser ple (Liquid Stone Design) who does skate ad below. au c a




Residential & Commercial

Custom Homes • Shops / Garages Decks • Patio Covers • Remodels

custom homes

General Contractor CCB 101284

Visit our website:


Call for appt (541) 647-9397 One stop shop



You’re Invited!

Pancake Breakfast, a benefit for




FU !


Good2Go Deli offers

a full menu of yummy food to take with you on your outdoor adventures or “dine in” at the sports themed deli. Now offering gluten Free and healthy options

Come get some In The Village at Sunriver Building #17

541-593-0339 office 541-280-7897 cell

Alkalai Lake Station

Wildcat Mtn.


ately named Dream to Skate Park. It will be located where the old horseshoe pits were next to Frontier Heritage Park on Huntington Road. Many community members have donated time and resources so far to help develop the park. The LPRD got a great deal from



il t Tra res

Sisters Park and Recreation when they took out the old wooden structures they used before they built their new ‘jammin’ edition of a cement skate park. Stu Martinez at Wilderness Garbage donated storage. John Wurst used his personal truck to pick up the pieces. Other community partners included Peak Performance and Joel Brader of Harvest Depot. Sharon Walling of the Ya Ya Sisterhood and the LPRD Board of Directors have been





China Hat



Dream to Skate ke




t Creek


Newberry Crater






Paulin aL a

Crescen Od





LavaCast Forest


Great little museum. Downstairs mainly has exhibits about Crook County and forest related topics. The upstairs exhibits Waldo are Lake typical showing what rooms in houses looked like back in the day. There is no admission fee. S Forest




North Twin Lake South Twin Lake Wickiup Reservoir

Davis Lake


Burns Indian Reservation


The Bowman Museum – Prineville



Ochoco National Forest



Crane Prairie Reservoir


Rd ke


Lava River Cave


Something for everyone. Sixteen miles East of Bend an amazing geologic area with castle-like rock formations, harsh rugged terrain, ancient Juniper trees, sagebrush, dry river canyon, and Native American pictographs. Several trailheads that lead into the area. One of the most popular is Flatiron Trailhead at milepost 16 along Hwy 20. WESTFIR


Pilot Butte


Malheur National Forest



ke La eek Cr G e reen re Th L

Elk Lake

Pacifi c

The Badlands - Bend

Ochoco National Forest



Explore nature, culture and spirit of the High Desert through fun, interactive, indoor and outdoor exhibits with live animals, live historical performers, a re-created pioneer town and ranch, Western art, extensive Native American collection and special programs for all ages.





By T. Myers, Eagle Reporter After years of buzzing the community about a skate park for teens, the La Pine Park and Recreation District (LPRD) has been working on final plans for the first Skate Park site to be developed – appropri-



Pitch dark surrounding and crystal clear air make it perfect for star gazing. Feast your eyes on far away galaxies. Recognize the rings of Saturn and the moons of Jupiter. Witness a meteor shower. Get a glimpse of globular clusters, nebula and deep space Blue binary stars. River



Coming to La Pine in the Spring Where: La Pine Parks and Recreation Community Center. Date: March 22, 2014 Time: 9:00 am to 11:30 am Ticket Price: $6.00 or $7:00 at the door. Buy Tickets at: La Pine Parks office, La Pine Chamber office, Harvest Depot, Wilderness Garbage, Little D Technology, Auto Parts Mart, or from any participating Skateboarder Sponsored by La Pine Parks and Recreation District and the Harvest Depot Contact Sharon Walling @ 541-536-2170 for further information.

Buy Your Tickets, Now!

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By T. Myers Eagle Reporter “Yes, Father, I did chop down that cherry tree,” Washington’s Birthday on the 22nd, and on Lincoln’s George told his father. And so began the legend Birthday I would do little Black Forest cupcakes of honesty that was taught to every American because it was two days before Valentine’s Day and school child in order to prove the worth of our first what is better than Cherries? Cherries and Chocolate of course. We did celebrate a Presidents’ Day weekend then, but schools still taught about the lives of Lincoln and Washington on their actual days. Today I go to Costco for one of the big Cherry Pies they bake for a month or so this time of year. The cherries are tart and brilliant in flavor and the crust is always perfect. I could eat the whole thing, so I cut it up, freeze sections and pull a piece out when I am dying for the old fashioned flavor of good cherry pie. Why talk about these things? Presidents’ Day is next weekend and it might be the perfect time to spend with family and friends, creating president and instill the virtue of honesty as one we an old fashioned celebration about Lincoln and hold dear. Now that we celebrate Presidents’ Day Washington like when we were little kids. Have to honor Washington, Lincoln and all of the others, the family decide on a good menu and involve the some of the excitement of getting the little bags of kids in the preparation for the event- especially in sour cherry gumdrops that were sold everywhere decorating the table and surroundings with things has been replaced with Mall Sales and a day off for like silhouette pictures, American red white and a three day weekend. But I still remember and I still blue table cloths and candles and then make a nice cherish my timely cherry desserts around this time red punch that everyone can drink through the party! of year. When my kids were in school I would deliver American Pot roast in the slow cooker served cherry filled donuts or pastries to the class on with fresh biscuits and red jam or jelly would be

Event Calendar


By Janet Varcoe

GIZMO GUYS - 02/18/2014 - 7:00 pm., $10 adults, $5 children 12 &

under. Tower Theatre. Recommended for ages 6-12. From Nickelodeon to Comedy Central, Allan Jacobs and Barrett Felker amaze and amuse audiences of all ages with award-winning juggling, circus tricks, and slight of hand. Their show “Objects in Motion” explains spatial, rhythmic and numerical patterns, gravity, inertia, and symmetry through skillful juggling and an infectious sense of humor. . 541-317-0700 [] JAZZ AT THE OXFORD - 2/21/2014 & 2/22/2014 - 8:00pm. The Oxford Hotel 541.382.8436. Mary Stallings Quartet with Mel Brown, Tony Pacini & Ed Bennett.“Perhaps the best jazz singer alive today....” New York Times. Three shows: Feb. 21st at 8pm, and Feb. 22nd at 5pm and 8:15pm. TASTE OF THE TOWN, 02/28/14 - 6pm, culinary specialties from some of Bend’s best restaurants and live music from The High Street Band. Admission gets you unlimited bite size samples of food, no-host bar, silent auction, dancing and a whole lot of fun, not to mention the opportunity to change a life by giving to scholarships! This is one of Bend’s best kept secrets–you don’t want to miss this event! , 541-318-3783

Redmond THIRSTY THURSDAY - 2/20/2014 - 5:00pm - 8:00pm. Featuring the

amazing tunes of Jeff Jackson. Come enjoy the music and don’t forget about Happy Hour! $2.00 off your favorite glass of wine, and $3.00 off a bottle of wine. Call to reserve you table! $5.00 cover charge. Faith, Hope

a meal in one, but don’t overlook having the kids cut up carrot and celery sticks, olives and pickles and plain lettuce wedges topped with American Dressing: ½ cup light olive oil, 1 T ground mustard, ¼ cup fresh lemon juice with the zest added to the bowl, whisk until emulsified and then add a spoon of dill weed, salt and pepper. Drizzle over the wedges at the last minute and serve on a separate little plate during the main event. I love Bisquick for biscuits. Make them with half milk and half heavy cream and the result will be a tender bite of heaven. Add fresh butter and your favorite red jam and you will make everyone happy. For the pot roast I use 1 turnip, 1 rutabaga, 2 parsnips, carrots, celery, onions and potatoes. Cut them after the cooking process and let that be part of the service at the table. The roast you choose needs to be flaky tender and the juices turned into a sauce or gravy to pour over the whole lot! I always cook my American pot roasts with salt and pepper and put a few seasoning salts on the table if people want a different flavor option. The truth is that there were seldom any seasonings added unless they were fresh or dried herbs. Salt was a luxury and pepper was commonly used in the hot months to preserve foods. People with access to salt for things like salt pork, etc. washed their foods off carefully to reduce salt. Potatoes were used to do the same. Follow your recipe on your slow cooker to get your meal ready by dinner time and take the time you save to make a great cherry dessert. I buy Oregon brand dark cherries, but recently found some others that I am trying out this year.

and Charity Vineyards, 70450 NW Lower Valley Drive, Terrebonne phone: 541-526-5075,

OREGON TRAIL GUN SHOW - 02/22/2014 - 02/23/2014

Deschutes County Expo Center, High Desert Activity Center. Show offers hundreds of tables to meet the needs of everyone, from the once a year hunter to the avid collector. 541-347-2120 - “A BRIDAL AFFAIR”2/22/2014 - 10:00am - 2:00pm. We invite all couples to visit with local vendors and see first hand how they can make your special day unique and memorable. Displays will include “mock” ceremony site, fully set tables, DJ, Photographers, appetizers, cakes, flowers, wine, makeup, hair and MORE. Juniper Golf Course, 541-923-8198, cburnett@ . THE 2014 PROM FASHION SHOW - 2/22/2014 - 11:30am - 1:30pm. Come see the latest styles in prom dresses, shoes, hair and flowers. Music provided by Rick Child DJ! Enter our drawing to win a Prom Basket! Historic Redmond Hotel, 541-548-6925 . BRIDAL FASHION SHOW - 2/22/2014 - 2:00pm - 3:30pm. Historic Redmond Hotel, The Dress has teamed up with local businesses in the wedding industry to bring you this one day event modeling the latest styles in bridal gowns and accessories. Looking for a photographer, florist, cake, hairstylist, officiant, seamstress, DJ, or make up artist? Come meet The Dress’ amazing support team to help you with your dream day! There will be drawings, show specials, and giveaways too! 541-548-6925 -

La Pine


10:00am - 2:00pm Prairie House Assisted Living. Bring whomever you provide care for...there will be activities for them as you are being pampered! Spa day includes massages, snacks, lunch. Kimberly - 541-410-1400.

I will make a chocolate cake recipe out of a box (the only other thing out of a box that I use besides Bisquick) and put the batter into Giant muffin cups for a larger dessert. Bake and cool. Make a chocolate pudding- yes you can use the cooked variety, but instant can work if you only have the one kind. On the Cornstarch box, there are always good pudding recipes for homemade pudding and I use those. So now, you have 2+ cups of chocolate pudding. Cool and hold for assembly. Drain the juice from your cherries and measure it. Add 2 T fresh lemon juice for sparkle and reserve 2 T for the cornstarch thickener. Heat the juice in a sauce pan and add the reserved cherries. Taste for sweetness. If you need to add a little sugar add 1 T at a time. Bring to a boil and add the slurry of cornstarch and reserved juice to thicken. 1T thickens 1 cup of liquid to a reasonable sauce. Cool and get ready to assemble. 6 OZ bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips, ¼ cup butter and ½ cup cream melted in a double boiler will make a great chocolate sauce to pour over everything. Reduce the cream to ¼ cup and add 1 T liquor to make it more to your specific taste. Cool slightly. Take your cupcake (still in the wrapper) and spoon out the center. Fill the hole with pudding and top the cupcake with the cherries and sauce. Keep the little plug to put in the glob of whipped cream. Pour a spoon of chocolate sauce over the top. Add the whipped cream and voila! Black Forest cupcakes that will astound your friends and family. Have a great Presidents Day! Bon Appetit!

ANNUAL CHAMBER BANQUET - 2/22/2014 - 5:30pm - 10:30pm at

the SHARC. This year’s theme: Are You Ready for Some Football! Wear your favorite team jerseys & colors! Tickets available at the Chamber Office 541-536-9771. ANNUAL CRAB FEED - 3/8/2014 - 12pm - 6pm at The La Pine Community Center $30.00 tickets on sale at the Chamber office.



7:00pm - Adults $10 Children 12 and under $5. A community event showcasing local talent of dance, music, song, skits, laugher, and much more. For more information call Theresa 541-549-1149. SISTERS SCIENCE FAIR - 2/22/2014 - 9:00am- 4:00pm, Sisters High School. Join the Sisters Science Club at the annual Science Fair. Try your hand at all sorts of experiments and learn fun science facts. 541-5494045 - www.Sisters.K12.OR.US.


“MURDER OF A MILLIONAIRE” AT THE OAKRIDGE LODGE & GUEST HOUSE – 3/7/ & 3/8 6 pm, Potluck Party... fund raiser for

UBRA (Uptown Business Revitalization Assoc.) Lodging additional for out of town guests who may wish to stay over. Space is limited so call or email today to reserve your spot. $25. / person. Join the fun and find out...”Who did it?” or 541-782-4000.


PRINEVILLE FOLLIES PRESENTS: BROADWAY LIGHTS, PRINEVILLE NIGHTS – 2/28/2014 & 3/1/2014 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm. An annual event for Crook County, put on by the Prineville Music and Theater Boosters for the sole purpose of offering scholarships to graduates in Music and Theater. Southwell Auditorium at Crook County High School. Tickets are $8 for adults, $5 for students and $20 for a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 kids). For more info call Rene at 541-447-6024

Spread in finding a cure

Form a Team Join a Team Go to and click “Form a Team” or “Join a Team” and follow instructions Tetra Tech Women of the Moose Trackers Les Schwab In Memory of Jim La Pine Insurance

Bancorp Bi-Mart Fit Zone Newberry Eagle Newspaper

If you have questions please call Danielle at 541-771-9644 or email or Pat Stone at 541-977-5266 or email at

Event url:

2014 La Pine/Sunriver Relay for Life is June 21 & 22 at La Pine High School Track

Please join us and bring a friend or two! YOU can help build HOPE for a cure and raise awareness of American Cancer Society Mission of support & research.



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Oakridge/ Westfir Mountain Bike Capital of the Northwest


Law Office Opening in Oakridge

Beginning February 14th, Stacy McKerlie, an Oregon licensed Attorney, will begin practice in Oakridge, at 47714 Highway 58, sharing office space with Joy Kingsbury, long time Oakridge Realtor. Stacy, Florida born, Arizona raised, attended college and law school in Phoenix. Her interests’ lie in Oregon. She took the Oregon State Bar, obtained her license to practice in Oregon, and will open for clients one day per week in Oakridge to begin. Time

will be allotted as necessary as her practice builds in this area. Well acquainted in Oregon since childhood, Stacy has visited Oakridge many times and is very excited to open a practice here and serve this community professionally. Stacy currently resides in Eugene and will commute for now. Stacy’s long time love affair with Oregon and Oakridge started when her Father began investing in Oakridge in the late 1990’s. She accompanied him on his business visits to

Four Chaplains Honored By Joy Kingsbury This story was told by the Mayor, February 6, 2014, at the Oakridge City Council Meeting. Mayor Shorey told about Four Chaplains honored in the month of February for their bravery, faith, and courage. These four men, of varying faiths and ages, met in Chaplains School after enlisting in the US Army and there became fast friends. In 1943, they boarded, along with 902 others, the USAT Dorchester, an old luxury liner converted to a troop ship headed from N.Y. to Greenland. As they neared their destination, they were torpedoed by a German U-Boat. In the chaos, pain, and confusion, the Four Chaplains passed out

life vests, words of comfort, and prayer. When the life vests ran out, they gave away their own. These brave men of faith went down with the ship, arms linked, singing and chanting the “Our Father”, and made this country and their “Father” very proud and always to be remembered and honored. 670 men died that day, February 3, 1943. A survivor told the story and said “It is the finest thing I have ever seen or hope to see this side of heaven.” The Chaplains were Reverend George Fox, Methodist, Rabbi Alexander Goode, Clark Poling, Dutch Reformed Church, and Father John Washington. Congress declared February 3rd to be Four Chaplains Day in 1948.

the area over the years and they always took time to explore the surrounding area and especially to hike the trails, which she continues to do at every opportunity. In addition, Stacy is an animal lover and volunteers time to help at animal shelters whenever possible. Initial thirty minute consultations will be available to all comers at an introductory rate of $15.00. Feel free to contact Stacy for appointments beginning February 14th at 541-636-7736.


Breads • Breakfast • Espresso • Coffee & Tea Sandwiches • Soups • Lunch Specials Sweets • Ice Cream • Milk Shakes Everything at the Bakery is made on-site, from scratch using quality ingredients. Custom cakes & pies as well as full-service catering available.


Health and


The Wellness Workshop

48273 East 1st Street • Across from Post Office in Uptown Oakridge Business District • 541-782-5797


Get your Bike TUNE UP SPECIAL 25% OFF ALL SERVICES Ready for Spring Standard tune up includes: Adjustment of gears and brakes, lubrication, and safety check. Rates good thru March 15, 2014.

By Phil & Celeste Davis 2005 marks the year we began to live a new life. Our combined weight was almost 500 pounds and we suffered from a laundry list of physical symptoms including: Type 2 Diabetes Irritable Bowel Syndrome Chronic Eczema Plantar Fasciitis Depression Male Prostate Problems Low Back Pain Sciatica Addictions to alcohol and nicotine After trying many things to lose weight and get well, Celeste prayed and asked God to send her help, “I finally quit asking God to bless what I was doing and began to ask God what HE was blessing.” The answer to that prayer came in the fall of 2005 in the most unlikely place Las Vegas, Nevada, where the Davises met Celeste’s new boss, Dr. Craig Roles from Green Valley Chiropractic. Dr. Roles coached Phil and Celeste through a 21day cleansing program and in those 21-days Phil and Celeste completely eliminated all of their physical problems. Celeste lost 16 pounds and Phil lost 21. “We felt fantastic! No more brain fog, new energy

By Joy Kingsbury

Remember our XC Ski and Snowshoe rentals/special rates for kids! 48080 HIGHWAY 58


Saxon Insurance

Life • Health • Home • Auto • Medicare Providing you with friendly, knowledgeable, prompt and innovative customer service

541-782-4094 and zest for life and no more pain; even our dandruff disappeared. Why would we go back to our old way of eating? So we continued to eat well and in 4 months removed a combined total of 132 pounds. We were ecstatic! This was so simple...why did no one tell us the healing power of real food? “ Our passion became to learn as much as we can about the effects of real food on the body and help as many people as we can to fuel their bodies for health. The Wellness Workshop was founded in 2006 in Nashville, Tennessee and has helped hundreds of people restore energy, reverse aging and disease and rest well... improve their life by eating real, whole foods. We are excited to share this message

with Central Oregon through our radio show, local classes and events and a web-based 4 month healthy lifestyle program, My Busy Healthy Life; a women’s and men’s edition. Our favorite daily treat to increase memory and normalize body function is Coconut Almond Fudge, you can find the recipe at this link on our webiste; http:// coconut-almond-fudge/ The Ingredients of this candy are known for the following Health Benefits: Help prevent heart disease, digest your food, normalize weight, build the immune system, heal infections, dissolve gallstones and kidney stones, repair skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema and improve memory.

Steve G. Saxon, Owner/Producer email: • fax 541-782-4186 48310 E. 1st Street, PO Box 367, Oakridge OR 97463

NEW CUSTOM HOMES & REMODELING Consult - Design - Build

New Kitchens and Bath’s our Specialty!

Excavation • Landscaping • Tractor Work Insurance Claims Since 1980 CCB# 92518

Hundreds of Happy Customers, Enthusiastic References.

B & B in Uptown Oakridge 2013 Winner Certificate of Excellence

The Wellness Workshop

Gourmet Breakfast Included Wifi • Patio • Secure Bike Storage Walking District Near Pub, Bakery, Museum

Healthy living isn’t rocket’s wise day at a time!

Tune in to Phil & Celeste’s New Radio Shows

What Can Happen in Just 10-Minutes A Day? • Restore Energy • Reach a Comfortable Weight • Reverse Aging • Rest Well

Call or email for reservation

Call Phil or Celeste with questions 615-975-0186 Listen to our February Radio Shows at KITC FM 106.5 or on the web 5-6PM PST EVERY TUESDAY

The Wellness Workshop Radio Hour TUESDAYS:

February 18 - Shannon Garrett, AutoImmune RN is back

for part 2 of restoring adrenal health. She’ll help you understand why it is hard to lose weight and how to turn that around.

February 25 - My Busy Healthy Life Men’s Edition.

Craig Roles, DC will share how men can improve their health by changing their food.


In Person:

Meet and Greet Phil and Celeste Saturday, February 15, 10-11am SHARC in Sunriver

Saturday, February 22, 10-11am Ponderosa Christian Fellowship in Crescent

March 4- Missy Day, John Maxwell Coach -

Thursday, February 27, 5-6pm

March 11- Dr. Rowen Pfiefer, DC - How I reversed ulcerative colitis by improving food and lifestyle habits.

For more info: Visit our Website at www.

How to create new vision for your life.

541.782.4000 48175 East First Street, Oakridge, OR

CASETTA di PASTA Great Restaurant in Crescent Lake Junction






in &D

Salads Soups Pastas Pizza Subs Panini Sandwiches Desserts

Breakfast Now Served Sat. & Sun 8am-noon


Midstate Electric Community Room in La Pine

Homemade Desserts

Friday 4-8pm Saturday 12-8pm Sunday 12-8pm


Take The Drive Down Highway 58 North To Crescent Lake Junction (Right Next To Manley’s Tavern) And Indulge Yourself On $14 Or Less

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Death Notices

Vicki Strausbaugh of La Pine, Oregon

October 3, 1957 to January 29, 2014. Arrangements: Baird Memorial Chapel, La Pine Services are pending.

Vicki Lorraine Sundstrom-Hurley of La Pine, Oregon

CITY OF LA PINE BUDGET COMMITTEE VACANCIES The City of La Pine is currently accepting applications from individuals that are interested in serving on the City of La Pine Budget Committee. This is a volunteer position. The Budget Committee will conduct a number of evening meetings in the months of May and June. Budget Committee members are expected to attend all meetings. The vacancies will be filled by appointment by a majority of the entire membership of the Council. Those individuals submitting applications may be asked to meet with the Council for an interview prior to the Council making an appointment. Interviews will begin after a minimum pool of qualified candidates have submitted applications. In order to qualify for appointment, an applicant must be a registered voter and a resident of the City. Applications will be accepted until March 31, 2014, Interested individuals are encouraged to visit the City’s website at and click on the link to print an application for a committee, or call City Hall for an application to be mailed to you. Please call the City Hall at 536-1432, if you have any questions. Thank you.


March 15, 1955 to February 7, 2014. Arrangements: Baird Memorial Chapel, La Pine Services: There will be a gathering at a later date. Contributions can be made to: Partners In Care Hospice, 2075 NE Wyatt Ct., Bend, OR 97701

Louella Louise Merrill of Lakeview, Oregon

March 4, 1974 to January 14, 2014. Arrangements: Baird Memorial Chapel, La Pine Services: A private Memorial Gathering for Louella will be held at a later date. Contributions can be made to: In lieu of flowers, donations to help with Louella’s children’s education has been set up. Donations are appreciated and can be dropped off at Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union in Lakeview (541-947-4034).

Mary Jane (Saltsman) Bearup of La Pine, Oregon

July 29, 1948 to February 9, 2014. Arrangements: Baird Memorial Chapel, La Pine Services: A Memorial Gathering will be held at a later date. Contributions can be made to: COCOA Meals on Wheels,

Mary Ann (Lockman) Leitzel of La Pine, Oregon

October 31, 1946 to January 27, 2014. Arrangements: Baird Memorial Chapel, La Pine Services: A Celebration of Life will be held on Saturday, February 22, 2014 at the VFW, 5344 Main St., Springfield, OR from 12:30-2:30pm. Funeral Services will be held at a later date. Contributions can be made to: Partners In Care Hospice, 2075 NE Wyatt Ct., Bend, OR 97701.


The City of La Pine will hold a work session at City Hall on February 26th to give an update on numerous transportation projects that are planned over the next three years. The Work session is open to the public. This is an informational meeting. During the 2015-2018 nearly $20 million in Oregon Department of Transportation funded projects will be built between Wickiup junction (Burgess Road) and the southern City limits in La Pine. The largest project will be the railroad crossing interchange at Wickiup junction and the BNSF railroad crossing. Other projects being discussed include the First Street signalization project, pedestrian sidewalks between 1st and 6th street and new pavement planned from Wickiup through the City of La Pine. Gary Farnsworth. ODOT area Manager will be present to make the presentation. In addition, Chris Doty, Deschutes County Public Works Director will be present to update the council on the drainage issues at 3rd and Huntington Road along with other projects planned in the area by the County. For more information contact the City at 541-536-1432

ANNOUNCEMENT Central Oregon Veterans Outreach (COVO) in La Pine has a new phone number: 541-536-1221.

SPAGHETTI DINNER Fundraiser for Kirk Miller March 8, 2014, Seatings at 5 & 6 pm at the La Pine Community Church, 16565 Finley Butte Road, La Pine, $10 - Adults, $5 12 and under DRAWING FOR 1/2 BEEF! - Local, Grass Fed, Cut & Wrapped. Ticket Price $10 each/3 for $20 Spaghetti Dinner and Raffle tickets can be purchased at: Highlander-Shell Station, La Pine Community Health Center, Heart-N-Home Hospice, and Ponderosa Pizza Drawing will be held at SPAGHETTI DINNER (need not be present to win) Come help us support our friends who are battling cancer. Donations for Kirk Miller Medical Fund can be made at U.S. Bank or at

This is a bi-monthly column in the Newberry Eagle. As a community service, the Eagle will include it in all issues when death notices and/ or obituaries are received. Death notices are free and can be mailed to They may include the following: Name, City, Date of birth and death, name of funeral home, and the date, time, and location of services, plus where contributions may be made (if any).

Our Goal...

To offer each family the most caring, dignified and professional service at the most affordable price.

Our Services...

SPAGHETTI FEED FOR HONOR FLIGHT OF EASTERN OREGON The Bend Band of Brothers, Bend Heroes Foundation, and Jake’s Diner will be holding a Spaghetti Feed at Jake’s Diner on Sunday, February 23, 2014 from 4 PM to 6 PM. The purpose of the meal is to raise money to send more WWII veterans to Washington DC aboard one of the Honor Flights. This will be the 4th annual Spaghetti Feed fundraiser for Honor Flight of Eastern Oregon. A $10 donation is requested for the meal and all proceeds will go to Honor Flight of Eastern Oregon managed by Bend Heroes Foundation, a non-profit 501 c3 organization:, For more information, please contact Dick Tobiason/Bend Heroes Foundation at 541-390-9932 or Lyle Hicks/Jake’s Diner at 541-419-6021

Autumn Funerals

Tom Downs, Funeral Director has served Central Oregon for over 30 years

Burial Services: Traditional or simple. Cremation Services: Every type. Prompt and efficient service to each family. Funeral home and church coordination. WE CONSIDER IT AN HONOR TO SERVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

If you have pre-arrangements at any funeral home, we will honor those arrangements and strive for timely and dignified services. We honor Neptune Society, Great Western, Assurant and all life insurance plans.


SERVING ALL OF CENTRAL OREGON Bend Redmond 485 NW Larch Ave. 61555 Parrell Rd. Redmond, OR 97756 Bend, OR 97702

541-318-0842 541-504-9458


CONCEALED WEAPONS CLASS RESCHEDULED The Concealed Weapons class that was cancelled on February 7, 2014 because of snow and icy weather has been rescheduled for March 12, 6 – 9p.m. at the La Pine Community Center. For more information, contact Malia Sathrum, Adult Education Coordinator, at 541-536-5138 or via email at We apologize for the inconvenience.

Obituaries: 2 sizes: 1/6 page $50.00, R4 page size $25.00, and may include a photo. Contact funeral home or Newberry Eagle at 541-5363972, email: for more information. When obituaries are displayed, the deceased’s death notice will not be listed. The Newberry Eagle reserves the right to edit all submitted content.


 

Friday, February 21; noon to 1 pm 

 Home Health, Home Care, Hospice, Transitions. What are the differences in these programs?  How are they accessed? Who pays for them?  How does Medicare, Medicaid, and even veteran-benefits play into the equation?

Presented by: Lorie Weber, PA-C, Partners In Care Liz Mullin-Pope, Department of Human Services Elizabeth Erickson, At Home Care Group Sarah Peterson, MSW on accessing Veteran benefits No-cost, light lunch provided with RSVP. Please call 541-382-5882 to get signed up.


Prescription & Health Counseling Specialists Specialized Compounded Medications, Including Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Certified to Provide Immunizations We Provide Prescriptions by Mail

Herbal & Vitamin Supplements Unique Gifts & Greeting Cards A Friendly Knowledgeable Staff Drive-Up Window for Convenience

Noxious Weed Draft Ordinance Public Comment Period Extended

 

Submitted by John Huddle The written comment period for the proposed Noxious Weed Ordinance is extended until 5 pm on February 12, 2014. Please send written comments.

Community Assistance for Neighbors with Cancer

5 Year



Your donation will help local Central Oregon families manage day-to-day expenses while receiving cancer treatment. Your small gift can do great things; donate today! 100% of Donations Benefit Local Patients. Donate at:

See last 32 page theFebruary February1st 2ndissue edition of the Seethepage ofofthe of the Newberry Eagle, forMagazine more details. any of the Eagle Highway forClick moreondetails. following to open: Email Your Testimony Commissioner Alan Unger Commissioner Tammy Baney Commissioner Tony DeBone Documents Actual proposed Noxious Weed ordinance (pdf) Oregon Revised Statute - Weeds 569 Deschutes County Code Enforcement Manual (pdf) Newberry Eagle, February 2, 2014 (Where to find a copy)


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Section D

Business • Real Estate • Health Care March 17th Date set for Grand Opening at the New Chamber of Commerce Digs By T. Myers, Eagle Reporter

Chamber President, Mark O’ Connell and his board of directors are extending an invitation to come into the new Chamber office on March 17th from 2-6 PM. Featuring an Irish theme- of course- you can get a taste of Ireland while you explore the large space and adjoining offices. “It is so exciting to think that we now have the space to showcase the membership and the tourist attractions in the area,” says past Chamber President, Linda Stephenson. “Bring your friends and family and enjoy the wonderful treats you can share and sample my own Rhubarb concoctions!”


Linda and others will be here to meet you and tell you about their local businesses and visit for the afternoon. Mark your calendars. It happens on March 17th. Executive Director, Ann Gawith has been working with her volunteers and staff to get the facility ready for company. “Please come in and share some time with your local businesses at the Chamber office for an Irish afternoon!” Gawith explains. “The March after-hours will be our first of many celebrations we will hold in the new office.” For Information call the office 541-536-9771. Manicures • Pedicures • Gel Polish Facials • Waxing • Makeup

NOW AT ADRIAN’S HOUSE OF HAIR Bonnie Davee, Nail Technician & Esthetician


CALL FOR your appointment 51499 Huntington Rd GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE Nail Tech #COS-NT-10156031, Esthetician #COS-NT-10156030 La Pine

Stop in and visit the EAGLE at the Grand Opening! Our main office is “nested” in the Chamber Building.

Events at the La Pine Library Family Fun Storytime Ages 0-5 with an adult. Join us for a fun and interactive Storytime with stories, songs, rhymes and crafts aimed at getting your child ready to learn! Thursdays, 10:30 am Library Closures Deschutes Public Libraries will be closed on Monday, February 17, 2014. Digital Downloads Open Lab Download books, magazines & music to your digital device. Learn about using the library apps such as Overdrive, Zinio, and more. Wednesday, February 19, 10:30 am

People with disabilities needing accommodations (alternative formats, seating or auxiliary aides) should contact Community Librarian, Josie Hanneman, at 541-312-1088 or josieh@

KITC 106.5 FM Schedule MONDAY

8 - 8:30 am Pastor Jack Hibbs Calvery Chapel Chino Hills Real Radio 10:00 am - noon Ned Ward Country Doo Wop Show 1:00 - 3:00 pm Repeat of The Classical Crossover Show with Becky Kiesel


The Library Book Club Read and discuss Author! Author! selection, Wild, by Cheryl Strayed. Everyone is welcome at this fun and engaging book group! Thursday, February 20, Noon

Classic Country Music Day 8-8:30 am Pastor Jack Hibbs Calvery Chapel Chino Hills Real Radio 11:00 am - All Country With Ray Sargent 2:00 -4:00 pm Calling all Cowboys - Chuckaroo the Buckaroo

Open Computer Lab Practice computer skills and get help with specific problems. Bring your own laptop or device to troubleshoot, or use ours! Monday, February 24, 2:30 – 4:00 pm SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Information about food benefits for families. Tuesday, February 25, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Animal Adventures Staff from the High Desert Museum will bring stories, crafts, & a live animal to the La Pine Public Library. Join us for this entertaining & educational opportunity! Space limited to 25 children & their adult. All ages welcome! Monday, March 3, 12:30

The La Pine Public Library is located at 16425 1st Street, in La Pine, Oregon.


8-8:30 am Pastor Jack Hibbs Calvery Chapel Chino Hills Real Radio 4-6:00 The Classical Crossover Show with Becky Kiesel


6:30-8:00 am La Pine Chamber Connection, Ann Gawith 8:00 -8:30 am Pastor Jack Hibbs Calvery Chapel Chino Hills Real Radio 8:30-10:00 am The Bill & Gil Show Two Guys That Know Everything (They Think), Bill Scally & Gil Ernst 1:30-4:30 pm Hits of Yesteryear (Glen Sauter) 4:30-6:00 pm Repeat of La Pine Chamber Connection 6:00 -7:00 pm Eclectic Music Review, Ben Ives 7:00-8:30 pm Repeat of The Bill & Gil Show

th 2 1

l a u n An


7:00 -8:00 am The Dirt Road Tom Hodge Podge Hour 8:00-8:30 am Pastor Jack Hibbs Calvery Chapel Chino Hills Real Radio

with all the trimmings Baked Beans Cole Slaw French Bread Beer & Wine Soda


12:00 noon - 2:00 pm Shake Rattle and Showtime with Jim Parsons 2:00 -4:00 pm The Original Country Doo Woop Show Repeat 4:00 -6:00 pm The Ultimate Oldies Shows, Mike Ficher


7:00 am Sunday Side Up - Gospel Music (featuring southern blue grass & country gospel music) 9:00 am -11:00 am 20 The Count Down Magazine, Jon Rivers 11:00 -12:00 noon Ponderosa Christian Fellowship Church with Pastor Gordon DeArmond (Live) 12:00 noon -1:00 pm Crescent Baptist Church with Pastor Lyman Flenner 1:00 -2:00 pm Bill Gaither & The Home Coming Radio Hour 2:00 -3:00 pm CCM Christian Music from the 60-70’s 3:00 -4:00 pm Foot Light Parade, The Music from Broadway 4:00 -5:00 pm Swingin’ Down The Lane, David Miller 5:00 -6:00 pm Great American Song Book, Dick Robinson 7:00 -8:00 pm Art Of The Song By Creativity Radio, Featuring New Artists/New Ideas 9:00 pm Fibber McGee & Molley Old Time Radio Hour

Saturday March 8, 2014 Noon - 6pm

La Pine Community Center

Tickets Available at La Pine Frontier Days


$30.00/ Person

536-7821 Or these

Local La Pine Businesses Chamber of Commerce Adrian’s House of Hair Ray’s Food Place Shop Smart Ace Hardware

Only 800 tickets No tickets sold at door TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED BEFORE MARCH 3 2014

KITC FM is the local radio station based in Gilchrist, Oregon serving Northern Klamath and Southern Deschutes Counties

La Pine Frontier Days presented by

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Office spaces for rent


a month


Juniper Acre

La Pine











Sunriver Crooked River Ranch Powell Butte

Local Internet and Phone Provider

• All utilities included • Access to a wheelchair accessible space • Access to a conference/meeting room. • Support from our microenterprise partners, eDev, Lane Biz Center & Nedco

• Supportive Services such as: local mentors and consultants, classes, workshops, technical assistance, business planning, marketing and management assistance

For more information go to Or Call Gienia Baines at 541-782-4485

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Society of Lane County, Inc.

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St. Vincent de Paul

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Personal Static Webpage

Personal Static Webpage

Personal Static Webpage

FTP Access

FTP Access Not Available in all areas

$69.95/Month $89.95/Month $99.95/Month

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High Lakes Realty


& Property Management 541-536-0117


Now is the perfect time to sell your home! Call for a FREE CMA! Or … turn your vacant home into an incomeproducing Rental Property!

Call us! We can help! We Are Your Local La Pine Real Estate Specialists!


420 N Roanoke Ave - $64,900 2 Bd, 1 Ba, 950 SF in Hines, OR Marci Ward, Broker 541-480-4954

Open 7 Days a Week!

Corner of Hwy 97 & William Foss Road In La Pine


16045 Strawn Rd - $73,000 146504 Bills Rd - $79,900 52360 Whispering Pines-$79,900 2 Bd, 1 Ba, .84 Ac, Ready for TLC 2 Bd, 2 Ba, 2 Car Garage, 2.3 Ac 4 Bd, 2 Ba, 1755 SF, 1.27 Ac Marci Ward, Broker Cori Thompson, Principal Broker Jane Gillette, Broker 541-480-4954 541-706-1845 541-848-8354

16404 Burgess Rd - $89,900 2 Bd, 1.5 Ba, 1354 SF, 1.37 Ac Ruth Harpole, Broker 541-815-5001

1146 Linda Dr - $98,000 Dbl Wide, 2 Car Garage, Shop Fred Jaeger, Principal Broker 541-598-5449

Investor Opportunity - $179,000 6 Rented Homes Plus 2 Lots Gary Tingey, Principal Broker 541-729-9628

61746 Rock View - $99,700 Home, Shop, Super Clean! Julie Fincher, Principal Broker 541-420-1051

53509 Big Timber Dr - $99,900 3 Bd, 2 Ba, 1188 SF, New Decks Jane Gillette, Broker 541-848-8354

14746 Cambium - $110,000 3 Bd Plus Den, Multiple Outbldgs Steffanie Countryman, Broker 602-284-4110

16160 Amber Lane - $139,900 3 Bd Beauty Inside, 23x25 Shop Dianne Willis, Principal Broker 541-815-2980

1183 Crescent Cut-Off-$174,900 3 Bd, 2 Ba, 6.48 Ac, Mult Garages Fred Jaeger, Principal Broker 541-598-5449

52352 Ammon Rd - $184,000 3 Bd, 2 Ba, 2582 SF, Shop, 1 Ac Gary Tingey, Principal Broker 541-729-9628

15970 Old Mill Rd - $187,000 Remodeled 3 Bd, 2 Ba, 1844 SF Cori Thompson, Principal Broker 541-706-1845

15728 Eastwind Ct - $215,000 3 Bd, 2 Ba, 2640 SF, 36x48 Shop Marci Ward, Broker 541-480-4954

1716 Terret Rd - $354,000 2611 SF, 3 Bd, 5 Ac, 3 Bay Shop Mark Miller, Broker 541-639-1533

1643 Yoke Road - $369,500 2188 SF, 10 Acres, 40x60 Shop Mark Miller, Broker 541-639-1533


La Pine

Lovely Custom Home 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths with Beautiful Upgrades $1,100/month

Accepting SeAled BidS 31’ Versalift Bucket Truck

2000 Ford F-550 4x4 7.3 Diesel Auto - A/C – Cruise - 297,000 Miles Unit Sold As Is Minimum Bid $10,000 Sealed Bids Close March 7, 2014 For Info Contact Tony or Dave at


AMAZING DEAL!!! Only $900/month La Pine Commercial Building 3700+ SF, Large Reception Area, Staff Room, Kitchen, 10-12 Private Offices, 3 Restrooms


EVENT PLANNERS: Apply for Event Permits 90 Days Prior Submitted by Deschutes County With tourism and event season just around the corner, Deschutes County encourages individuals, businesses and organizers planning commercial events and outdoor mass gatherings in unincorporated rural areas, to apply for the necessary permits at least 90 days prior to a scheduled event. Commercial events and outdoor mass gatherings generally include weddings, celebratory gatherings, concerts, festivals, or similar uses consisting of any assembly of persons and the sale of goods or services. “Permits are required to protect the public,” said Deschutes County Community Development Director Nick Lelack. “Commercial event and outdoor mass gathering permits address food safety, sanitation, traffic and crowd control, noise, hours of operation, emergency services, permanent and temporary structures and facilities, and compliance with fire, health and life safety laws,” he added. The County offers different permits for different types, sizes, durations, and locations of events. Permits cost between $35 for a one-time event to

Joy Kingsbury, Principal Broker

Residential • Bare Lane • Commercial Real Estate


Large 2/2 with studio. Lovely mfgd. with all the conveniences, deck, fenced yard, RV parking under cover, garage, fruit trees and grapes. Quiet area. Oakridge. $750 per month.

Call Joy 541-913-8085 What People are saying about Joy Kingsbury Real Estate: “You went above and beyond for Jeff & Stan!! They could not have gotten their house without you and all you did for them. Kudo’s to you!!”

Payroll businneinsgs Plan

Pets considered on a case by case basis with additional deposits.

541-913-8085 • 47714 Highway 58 Oakridge, OR 97463


Now accepting new clients – Start-ups & already established. References available. 25 years + experience.

First Consultation




m Custo

s ed Sy Design

$2,640 for large and multiple events over several days. Some event permits are processed by County staff while others must be approved by a Hearings Officer, Planning Commission or the Board of County Commissioners. County staff is available during normal business hours to help people understand the type of permit needed for certain events and to guide them through the permitting process. Event permit applications and regulations can be found on the County’s website at . Use the drop-down menu under Permits & Licenses to access information and forms for Events & Parades or Outdoor Mass Gatherings or click on these links for the Agri-tourism and Commercial Activities Brochure and application. For more information about Outdoor Mass Gathering permits, Agri-Tourism and Commercial Activities permits please contact the Deschutes County Community Development Department at (541) 388-6560. For more information about Event-Parade permits, please contact the County’s Risk Management Department at (541) 330-4631.


n orseo Thk ng i p e Boo k


For Full Service Property Management Linda J 541-536-7930

Joy Kingsbury, Inc.

An essential piece of the for your business g INvoicin

60826 Scotts Bluff - $399,999 3 Bd, 2.5 Ba, 2110 SF, 3 Car Gar Marci Ward, Broker 541-480-4954

• Accounting Services for Small Business • Full-charge Bookkeeping • Quickbooks • Accounts Payable • Accounts Receivable • Budgeting • Business Planning • & More

tel: (541) 536-2912 cel: (541) 536-4082 fax: (541) 536-5389


Bookkeeping • Payroll • Accounting • Budgeting

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 9:30am - 5pm 52684 Hwy. 97 La Pine, OR 541-536-3234


ReStore is a Donation-Based* Store for Gently-Used Building Materials at 50-95% off Retail Prices.




We are located in La Pine, a short distance North of the Wickiup Junction.







*All Donations are 100% tax deductible, and proceeds benefit Newberry Habitat for Humanity.



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REAL ESTATE Gould & Associates Realty


This year has started out so good that we are low on listings. Call JoAnn to list your home today

1827 Stallion Road 14792 Springwood Rd 2167 SF Log Home Built 03- Detach RV Barn & Studio Apt. on 1 acre $369,500

Vacation Cabin, sleeps 8 3.99 acres with Corral. Located in Wagon Trail Pool, Club house, River access. $249,500

51942 Pacific Willow Ct 1848 SF Mfg. home with double garage on 1.5 acres in Ponderosa Pines $49,900

16058 Sparks Drive 1782 SF 4/2 mfg home with 1040 SF shop, completely remodel. $124,900

53516 Riverview Drive 1.10 acre with utilities. Mfg. home has no value. OWC with large down. $49,900

16235 Lava Drive 1704 SF 3/2 built 2000 Greenhouse, fenced & gated. $175,000

1723 Saddle Horn

52330 Lechner Lane 1500 SF Cabin 1.16ac 2bedrooms,1 bath, loft.

53820 4th Street 2112 SF 3/2 built 1997 1 ac. corner lot, fenced

Rustic cabin $149,000


14217 Still Water Wild River Subdivision 1672 SF 3/2 built 1996, community water, paved roads. $224,999

15967 Frances Lane 1 acre with septic, tear down mfg. home, double garage. OWC $39,000

52855 Timber Lane Lp

2818 SF MFG. Home Built 2006 with attached triple garage, 1920 SF shop on 1.25 acres Wagon Trail $369,000

1749 SF mfg home on 1.4 acres, fenced/ gated 1440 SF shop, too many extra’s to mention. $169,900

Locally Owned & Operated

Visit our website: 52718 Highway 97 , La Pine, Oregon 541-536-2900

Classified ADS HouseSitter


Attention snowbirds-your insurance co. 1967 Ford One Ton $1500 OBO. Flat might not cover your home’s damage if bed, runs good, 6 cylinder 4 speed. 2nd you leave it unattended for more than owner. Good Tires. 541-433-9550 30 days. Call us so we can keep a eye on it for you. 541-678-7360 1995 Chevy 3500 4 x 4 6.5 Diesel Auto. New Tires. White spokes wheels. Black with gray interior. $3000 or trade 150 gallon glass aquarium/terrarium 541-433-9550 Custom stand and hood. $150.00 Call 541-280-4396



Opportunities Check out Strong Future International! Millions of people all over the world are making money online. With just a computer and a few hours a week you can too! FREE training! These websites could change your life! www.sfi4. com/12094994/FREE Create your own Income Respected NW manufacturer of Green home and personal care products. Simple Referral business. Proven business model. Local support. No inventory or sales. - contact us through our website or feel free to call us at our home in Sunriver area 541-330-4078 Ellen or Dave

Employment Wanted Work Wanted - Christian woman will work for room & board. Licensed Oregon Driver. Can cook and clean. 541-598-4114

Handyman Small Carpenter Jobs/Handyman work, Repairs, Painting, Yard Clean-Up and hauling, Garage clean outs, etc. Price negotiable. La Pine Area. Call John at 503-583-1786.

Insurance Need Medicare Insurance? Call Pattie Starkey 800-452-6826

Real Estate For Sale: Half Acre Lot in Deschutes River Recreaton Homesites - Clean, Wooded parcel. Power connection incuded at seller’s expense. 17125 Downey Bend, Or 97707 $25,000. Contact Sharon - 301.331.7685 or 301.846.0004

Sports Moss 12 gauge, 3 inch $350 Winchester M12, 16 gauge $400 Stevens 12 gauge pump $250 New England 12 gauge pump $250 Call Sonny at 541-536-2049 Fish Finder for Sale! Brand New never used! $100.00 Call 541-280-4396.

Wanted Looking for a VERY LARGE VERY OLD roll-top desk. Call 503-583-1786. Looking for man-sized high-backed wing chair. Preferably in good shape and reasonably priced. Call 503-583-1786. LOOKING FOR ROCK HOUNDS! Let start a rock hound group, and go on digs together! Call John at 503-583-1786. Seeking Older American, British, German Motorcycle, Motorbike, Bicycles for Restoration Project. Also Aircooled Volkswagens; Parts, Pieces..Fred 503-286-3597

146532 Old Cabin Rd - $160,000 – MLS #201307329 1574 SF Stick Built in 2006, 1 Ac, Incl Appliances, Hot Tub High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

1716 Terret Road - $354,000 – MLS #201305943 3 Bd, 2 Ba, 2611 SF, Loaded w/Upgrades, 5 Ac, 3 Bay Shop Call High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt at 541-536-0117

50760 South Fawn Dr - $169,000 – MLS #201108483 2100 SF, 3 Bd, 2 Ba, Gourmet Kitchen, 840 SF Garage High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

1643 Yoke Road - $369,500 – MLS #201307388 2188 SF, 4 Bd, 3 Ba, Guest Qtrs, 40x60 Shop, 10 Acres Call High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt at 541-536-0117

145230 Birchwood Rd - $169,900 – MLS #201400295 3 Bd, 2 Ba, 1762 SF, Detached 2 Car Garage, 2 Acres High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

60826 Scotts Bluff Pl - $399,999 – MLS #201308977 2110 SF, 3 Bd, 2.5 Ba, 3 Car Garage in Bend’s River Rim High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

1183 Crescent Cut-Off Rd - $174,900 – MLS #201400722 3 Bd, 2 Ba, Triple Garage Plus Single Garage, 6.48 Acres High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

16480 William Foss - $178,000 – MLS #201107403 1800 SF Bldg, Office Space Plus 1 Bd, 1 Ba Home, Shop Call High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt at 541-536-0117

Investor Opportunity - $179,000 – MLS #201400816 6 Residential Properties Currently Rented Plus 2 Bare Lots High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

1352 NE 2nd St, Bend - $599,000 – MLS #201310121 4912 SF Comm Bldg, Designed to Partition into 4 Units Call High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt at 541-536-0117

1303 Elk Drive - $182,500 – MLS #201303818 2224 SF, 4 Bd, 2 Ba, Attached 2 Car Garage, 1 Acre High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

16629 Burgess Road - $724,900 – MLS #201310766 Great Location! 6 Rms, 7 Bathrms, Office, Comm Kitchen Call High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt at 541-536-0117

52352 Ammon Road - $184,000 – MLS #201400765 2582 SF, 3 Bd, 2 Ba, Shop, 1 Acre in Newberry Estates High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

Christmas Valley - $10,000 – MLS #201303735 20 Acres Near Christmas Valley, Great Place to Get Away High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

15970 Old Mill Road - $187,000 – MLS #201310015 Completely Updated 1844 SF, 3 Bd, 2 Ba, Fenced .97 Ac High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

Lot #22 Gray Squirrel Dr - $22,000 – MLS #201310610 Treed .6 Ac Parcel in Pristine Area Backed by Forest Land High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

52916 Old Lake Rd - $199,000 – MLS #2614228 Two 1848 SF Homes, Two 20 Acre Parcels, 4 Car Garage High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

53215 Day Road - $22,900 – MLS #201306257 1 Ac Wooded Corner Lot, Paved Street, w/Septic & Well High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

16565 Beesley Pl - $209,000 – MLS #201310936 1800 SF, 3 Bd, 2.5 Ba, Gas FP, Hickory Floors, Dbl Garage High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

11849 Larchwood Dr - $25,000 – MLS #201308872 Cleared Acre Lot Ready to Build w/Power, Well & Old Septic High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

15951 Tallwood Ct - $214,900 – MLS #201306845 1820 SF Stick Built Home, 3 Bd, 3 Ba, Bonus Room, Shop High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

51881 Fordham Drive - $25,000 – MLS #201208715 Ready-to-Build Pahlisch Homes’ Lot in Crescent Creek High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

15728 Eastwind Ct - $215,000 – MLS #201400599 2640 SF, 3 Bd, 2 Ba, 36x48 Shop, Paved Circular Driveway High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

15406 Deer Avenue - $27,500 – MLS #201305653 Nice .71 Acre Lot Near River, Previously Septic Approved High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

16524 Charlotte Day Dr - $229,000 – MLS #201309989 2139 SF, 3 Bd, 2.5 Ba, 3 Car Garage, Crescent Creek High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

1247 Birchwood - $28,500 – MLS #201304521 1 Acre, Set up for RV w/Power, Septic, Well; Ready to Build High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

151628 Hackamore Ln - $244,900 – MLS #201307703 Custom 1325 SF Home w/2 Attached Workshops on 5.41 Ac High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

54700 Wolf Street - $28,500 – MLS #201309999 1.06 Fenced Acre w/Power, Well, Storage Shed, Pump Hse High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

152671 Long Prairie Dr - $249,000 – MLS #201309173 4 Bd, 2 Ba, 1400 SF, 3.55 Ac, Horse Barn, Riding Arena, Shop Call High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt at 541-536-0117

53717 Day Road - $70,000 – MLS #201308870 Double Garage w/Living Qtrs, Great Camp or Future Build High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

52314 Ponderosa Way - $249,900 – MLS #201307148 4 Bd, 2 Ba, 1922 SF, Built in 2005, 3 Car Garage, 1.13 Acres High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

15805 Sixth St - $99,900 – MLS #201305177 Prime 10 Ac Bldg Site Close to Town; Owner Finance Avail High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117

16445 White Buck Ave - $299,900 – MLS #201307104 2900 SF, 4 Bd, 2.5 Ba, Granite, Hickory, 36x48 Shop, 2.5 Ac Call High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt at 541-536-0117

51487 Hwy 97 - $594,900 – MLS #201105111 1.64 Acre Commercial Lot in the Heart of La Pine on Hwy High Lakes Realty & Prop Mgmt 541-536-0117




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by Phil Ryder & YOU

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Did you know..... FREE Health Insurance may be available to you? EASY Access to FREE Health Insurance Pre-Existing Medical Conditions OK Coverage Based on Your Income No Cost for Qualified Applicants Easy Sign-up NO Documentation Required You can sign up in La Pine with Nick Manes, the Certified Cover Oregon Application Assister at La Pine Community Health Center Message from Nick Manes

Nick Manes

Qualifying for free health insurance, commonly referred to as Medicaid, is based on your family’s income. See the chart below to see if you qualify. If you applied for the Oregon Health Plan prior to October 1, 2013 and were not chosen in the lottery, you can reapply based on the financial information below. I am here to help you with any questions or to assist you with an application. Please call me for information or to make an appointment.

Long Live Oregonians

Income Qualifications

Yearly Income Number in Family $0 $15,861 $21,405 $26,952 $32,500 $38,048 $43,595 $49,143

- $15,860 - $21,404 - $26,951 - $32,499 - $38,047 - $43,594 - $49,142 - $54,689

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