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Wrestling Champions Kerr Family Wins State Titles

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Work to Resume at Wickiup Junction in La Pine By Oregon Dept. of Transportation

Written by David Kerr

When Gas was 40¢ Gal. Page 5

Volume 16 Issue 4


David Kerr's son, Dave Kerr pinning his opponent.

oooo, when I was asked by coach.. Sometimes they are life-altering the Eagle to write an article events or it's something that just made a focusing on the successes of difference at the right time for the right my family and the programs we reason. I've had moments as a coach and are associated with, I found myself at a parent that made me ask "WOW, Did loss for words. Those of you who know that really happen? or was I just a part me, know that's a rarity. I've always been of that?" There have been bittersweet willing to give my opinion or thoughts moments bringing tears to my eyes, life on subjects that I have a background in defining instances that change a person or think I do. The more I thought about and moments that have changed me. it, the more I realized that this wasn't just There have been learning opportunities an article about us, it's about everybody and even some flat out embarrassing who's had an effect, and an influence. things happen that I don't want to admit It's about everyone who has shared in to. I remember it is all a part of the some incredibly special moments and growth and experiences of being young. also shared in those moments that were It all matters. It matters to someone not quite so special and not so incredible. more than others and sometimes it only Each person involved with us has matters to me. Now let's get to the family. Big been an important part and is equally appreciated regardless of their age, color breath... It’s a complicated topic. We are kind of twisted and at times we can all be or status.   I have been a part of some great a real pain in the butt. We as a family are moments. I see those moments all the busy! We have 5 kids ages 8 to 18 and a time in the kids I'm lucky enough to couple of adopted "children" off and on See Wrestling Victory page 3 - More Photos and Story by David Kerr

Photography by Amy Heutzenroeder

“Wrestling is the means to a better life. From piling into a van with my family at an early age and travelling for hours to wrestle on a Saturday morning to doing the exact same thing 35 years later with my own family. There is truly no other sport like it. As an Athletic Director/Coach, I see a lot of athletes representing their teams at different levels. The values of self-discipline, perseverance, hard work, and integrity go far beyond the mat. As a coach, it is very fulfilling to see an athlete achieve the coveted prize, a State Championship. But it is not as fulfilling as staying in contact and seeing your athletes 10, 15, or 20 years down the road with a beautiful family and a successful career. Wrestling has made me what I am today and now I am living my experiences through my kids and the athletes I coach.” Aaron Flack Athletic Director/ Head Wrestling La Pine High School

The Woman “Who Doesn’t Know What ‘No’ Means”

By Andrea Hine Community Kitchen Volunteer April 2014. “So from the beginning of my The La Pine Community Kitchen, • The Hot Meal program served 17,500 hot, nutritious meals. tenure, I’ve spent time actively seeking which has been serving hot meals for 17 both local and national grants to pay for years, has a straightforward objective: • The Produce Stand distributed 231,000 pounds of fresh, donated food. “Nutritious food is important for health program and maintenance expenses. But I and well-being, and appropriate clothing • The Clothes Closet provided 38,000 also came to realize that in order to have items of clothing/bedding, cleaning/ is important for dignity and self-worth. a solid base, it was necessary to build hygiene supplies, and homeless bags Families in our community who find community relationships and encourage and gear. themselves not able to provide these basic local giving (which is unrestricted in how “The Kitchen is funded exclusively on the monies can be used)." A partial list needs for themselves can rely on us.” Numbers for 2016 speak to the success of grants and local donations,” explained of partnerships Hafermalz has attracted Kim Hafermalz, Executive Director since See Community Kitchen page 4 its three departments:

Beginning the week of March 22, 2017, High Desert Aggregate & Paving, under contract by the Oregon Department of Transportation, will resume work on the overpass construction at Wickiup Junction in La Pine.  Current work will take place on the bridge with deck forming and concrete deck placement. Beginning in early May, work on the new alignment of US 97, including laying base rock and placing base course for paving, will begin. Construction is scheduled to be complete later this fall. There will be no impacts to the traveling public until sometime in July/ August when traffic is shifted onto the new alignment. For questions, please contact Abbey Driscoll, ODOT Community Liaison, at 541-388-6064 or abbey.driscoll@

Grange Presents Chicken People Notes from the Little Deschutes Grange by Pam Cosmo

The last month has been an eventful one for The Grange. We honored our dear Granger, Ted Bulczak, who passed away recently. During our formal ceremony we placed a mourning See Grange page 14

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The Newberry Eagle - The Community Newspaper of Newberry Country

April 2017

Civic News

Civic Calendar

Huntington Road Paving Project

Please Note: Meeting dates, times and durations are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.

By Florence Neis, Staff Writer Residents of Pinecrest will soon have a paved Huntington Road instead of the gravel road they’ve traveled for many years. Deschutes County Road Department Director, Chris Doty, said that bids are being accepted this April and early May. The county will hire a contractor by late May; construction should begin in early June. At a cost of about $2.5 million, the design and project planning of the 2½ miles of road that parallels River View Drive and is considered a “throughway” includes factoring in curves and tie-in points as well as turn lanes. “We will be communicating with property owners of the impacted areas as the project moves forward,” said Director Doty. Future discussions with other parties involved in the process include ODOT, Deschutes County and Burlington Northern Railroad.



Regional News and Events

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Sandy Jones-Golden Eagle, Editor

Theresa Hane, Advertising & Sales

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La Pine Rural Protection Fire District Huntington Road Riverview Drive Intersection

Zone 3 is the area beyond 100 feet from your home. A 50 foot fire break or trees thinned as above. Remove any pine tree that has a stem diameter less than 4”. Reduce ladder fuels. Ensure driveways have a See Defensible Space page 13

Advertising and Sales



City of La Pine

April 12 – City Council Meeting – 5:30 pm April 26 – Council Work Session – 5:30 pm April 19 – Planning Commission Meeting – 5:30 pm April 11 – Public Works Committee Meeting -10:00 am All meetings at La Pine City Hall

Spring is the Time to Clear the Clutter and Make Defensible Space By Fire Chief Mike Supkis The snow in Central Oregon has finally begun to melt away and now is a great time to clear out the debris and clutter that has accumulated. The La Pine Rural Fire Protection District would like to ask residents and landowners to clear a defensible space in preparation of the upcoming wildland fire season. Defensible space is actually survivable space for you and your home when a wildfire strikes. Homeowners are strongly encouraged to maintain three different zones of defensible space around their property. Zone 1 is the area within 30 feet of your home. Structures should be “hardened” to prevent wind driven wildfire sparks igniting your home. This zone should be clear of all combustibles (like leaves and pine needles) including roofs, gutters and decks. Firewood stacks and propane tanks should not be within this zone. Zone 1 should have green or hard landscaping, fire resistive plants and shrubs (no juniper!) and fire resistive patio furniture should be considered. Zone 2 is the area out to 100 feet from your home. Trees should be thinned (favoring the fire resistant ponderosa pine and aspen) so that their canopies do not touch and their branches trimmed up to at least 6 -8 feet from the ground. All ladder fuels (dead branches, brush) should be removed so a ground fire cannot get up into the tree canopy.



Theresa Hane

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April 13 – LPRPFD Board Meeting – 9:00 am at Fire Station 51550 Huntington Rd., La Pine

Deschutes County Address: 2577 NE Courtney Dr Bend, OR 97701 Phone: (541) 312-2233

Apr 3 - Board of Commissioners Business Meeting -10:00 AM Apr 3 - Board of Commissioners Work Session - 1:30 PM Apr 4 - Board of Commissioners Event - 10:00 AM Apr 4 - Hearings Officer Hearing Public Hearing - 6:00 PM Apr 5 - Board of Commissioners Business Meeting - 10:00 AM Apr 5 - Board of Commissioners Work Session - 1:30 PM Apr 11-Board of Commissioners Joint Meeting with City of Bend - 10:00 AM Apr 12-Board of Commissioners Business Meeting - 10:00 AM Apr 12-Board of Commissioners Work Session - 1:30 PM Apr 17-Board of Commissioners Business Meeting - 10:00 AM Apr 17-Board of Commissioners Work Session - 1:30 PM Apr 24-Board of Commissioners Business Meeting - 10:00 AM Apr 24-Board of Commissioners Work Session - 1:30 PM Apr 26-Board of Commissioners Business Meeting - 10:00 AM Apr 26-Board of Commissioners Work Session - 1:30 PM

April 11-The Oregon Transportation Safety Committee at the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training 4190 Aumsville Highway SE in Salem. info: (503) 986-3883

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Civic News

Wrestling Victory

as well. We have animals, go to church, have full time jobs, hobbies, passions, friends, school, scouts, and sports. Yes, we are just like everyone Sometimes it drives us all nuts! Yet, we know we are not alone. As a family we are also Gym Rats! That means we wrestle 11 months out of the year and that’s on top of football, soccer, track and all the other stuff. We encompass every facet of wrestling from set-up to clean -up. We organize and wrestle at every level in the state and nation and with every age group. We work with wrestlers and coaches from Elementary to Middle School and High School to Colleges. We referee in and out of state. We compete nationally and travel the world from Africa to Japan and Russia then home again looking for the best competition. Wrestling, it's what we do and we are good at it. We have been very fortunate, and very successful at what we do and for that I am humbled and very thankful. Our accolades on the mat are many. Our sons and little "angel" of a daughter all grew up on the mat with the understanding that if you don't wrestle, you need to find another I know it's terrible to say, but it does become quite the motivator. It is however always said with a smile and yes, sometimes received with a frown. Our little team of wrestlers have done some pretty incredible things. Lots of noteworthy feats that are too many to mention but they continually make us proud and make me wonder if they are all really mine. The life lessons that come from wrestling are second to none. (Yes, they are mine I'm told.) Wrestling is a huge part of life but it's not the only place we find ourselves going forward. We have been lucky enough to have all our boys be a part of the scouting program in La Pine Troop 76. Our older boys will have earned both of their Eagle Scout this year and the girl is very active in her young woman's program at church. She may be a wrestler and make the boys cry but she is still a lady and daddy’s little girl and she knows she can't date until she's 35. Mom and Dad both work at St Charles. Heather is in charge of all the messy stuff on the ground floor. She likes sharp needles and 4 point restraints. You can call her at 911. Dad is an interpreter and talks all day about stuff you don't want to hear about. Now you have a small peak into the chaos that is our life. I'm finding that parenting our children is not for the weak and most definitely not a spectators sport. That's why I'm so glad we are not alone. I mentioned previously that it's not just about us. The picture is so much larger. There are so many pieces to the puzzle that make it pleasing to the eye. It's not just about our kids either. The influences from so many have a ripple effect that are beyond measure. Without family, teachers, coaches, friends clergy, leaders in the community, volunteers, and great examples, not only would my kids fall short, but others as well. Years ago a friend asked me if he should let his boy wrestle. I said "sure." I told him every child should have an opportunity to be exceptional and every parent should be able to reinforce that. As parents if we don't expect it out of our kids how are they going to expect it out of themselves. We all have the potential, we all progress. The direction in which we progress is all perspective. The only place I have ever expected my kids or anyone else’s to be exceptional was in effort on or off the mat. Anything less needs to improve.

continued from Front Page

David Kerr's oldest son, David Kerr aka Buddy (above), has won the State Title for the last 3 years. Prior to that father David Kerr is the only one from La Pine that won a State Title. Both Dave's sons, Derrick (below) and David won this year!

Our Wrestlers, parents, siblings, and friends all know that everything we do or we don't do matters. That has become our mind set, it’s our understanding and we can’t stay still! Give it your best. As a coach, teacher, mentor, and parent, I expect the best effort out of all the people I am involved with. No less than exceptional effort! I know we all fall short sometimes. The catch is, that any one should be able to expect that same level of effort from me in whatever position I'm in, especially parenting and especially as the Dad. As a dad I get it that my kids are my legacy. A wise man said that "you should not judge me by my children, judge me by my grandchildren." That is a scary thought. I do find comfort in knowing my parents' grandkids are exceptional and I love them dearly for all they do and have done. I'm excited to see what happens next. I am overwhelmingly grateful for the people that we are involved with. The support system of family and friends that help take care of our kids when we can’t meet the mark is huge. I find myself very appreciative of all of those who acccept us for who we are and what we do. – Thanks for the help, Dave

April 2017

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The Newberry Eagle - The Community Newspaper of Newberry Country

April 2017

Civic News

How I Became a Greyhound Bus Driver: Community Kitchen’s Director Can’t Resist a Challenge By Andrea Hine Community Kitchen Volunteer It’s 2 a.m. just inside the Idaho Panhandle. A Greyhound bus heading downhill suddenly loses its steering, unbeknownst to the load of sleeping passengers. Bus driver Kim Hafermalz (familiar to La Pine residents as the Executive Director of the Community Kitchen) battles for control until managing to maneuver the 45-foot behemoth to a stop. Smoke pours from the back of the bus – the hydraulics are gone! “So this is what comes from having a mid-life crisis,” admitted Hafermalz to herself. “At age 40, I wanted adventure. And now here I am in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone signal and dozens of people who are depending on me.” Anyone who knows Hafermalz has no doubt that she – and her passengers – emerged unscathed. After hiking a half-mile to find a cell phone signal and summon a reserve bus, she bundled her charges in warm clothes borrowed from their luggage. Hafermalz then entertained those who couldn’t sleep by reading to them from the novel she brought along – minus the steamy passages. Her two-year bus-driving sojourn also took Hafermalz to Colorado for several weeks, where she was assigned to routes going to Omaha, Cheyenne and Denver. “I wasn’t given any directions to follow,” recounted Hafermalz, “so I resorted to asking passengers ‘does anyone on this bus know where the stops are?’ One old gentleman told me to stop in front of a tavern so he could get off – the actual stop was several blocks away!" “I can’t resist a challenge,” she conceded. “When my (second) husband Mike and I moved to La Pine in 2013, he suggested ‘why don’t you go out and find yourself a little job?’ Looking for something to occupy 10-20 hours a week, I taught cooking classes, took Hospice training and volunteered at the Kitchen – which I really enjoyed. When the job of Executive Director was offered to me, I went for it.”

Hafermalz quickly discovered that “there was way too much that needed to be done” – turning her 30 paid hours a week into 50 or 60. “I was in charge of everything from supervising 5075 volunteers to running the daily kitchen, doing inventory and overseeing maintenance.” It wasn’t until August 2016 that two kitchen co-managers were hired. Having never been involved with a nonprofit before, “there was so much I didn’t know,” Hafermalz said. “Maintenance is a prime example. When our sink became hopelessly plugged up, I learned the hard way that the grease trap underneath is supposed to be cleaned out every week. Ours hadn’t been done for four years!” Hafermalz took this as a learning opportunity – her spirits undaunted by finding “such joy in volunteering. The smallest things, such as a hot meal, will make a person’s day,” she noted. “Hugs are free, but wonderful.” Three years later – with innumerable accomplishments and accolades to her credit – Hafermalz and her husband are heading to Albuquerque. Asked what the future may hold, she showed the optimistic spirit that has endeared her to so many in the community. “I look forward to another adventure, and asyet-unknown opportunities to explore,” responded Hafermalz. A final question: “If I had to single out the most gratifying moment during my tenure, it would be during last year’s Central Oregon Impact Summit.” (This is a local nonprofit competition with a $10,000 first prize that Hafermalz won). “When asked by the five-person panel of judges how well I and Community Kitchen collaborate with other local organizations, 30 percent of the people in the audience stood up. They had traveled all the way to the venue just to show me their support. I can think of no greater honor.”


The Team at Farmers Insurance in La Pine

• Award Winning Farmers Agency Two Years in a Row. • 24 Hour Emergency Access to Agency Owner. • All Farmers Employees Undergo Extensive Background Checks.

51636 S HUNTINGTON RD. (541) 536-3655 Call or Stop By, No Appointment is Necessary!

Deschutes County Road Department with Chris Doty By Ken Mulenex Staff Writer

When I heard that Chris Doty, the Deschutes County Road Department Director had just celebrated his 5th-year Anniversary as Road Manager, I felt that it would be interesting to hear his thoughts of these past 5 years. When we met at his office, he said that "it was hard to believe it had been five years since becoming the Road Department Director for Deschutes County." When I asked him what had prepared him for his new job, he stated that prior to joining Deschutes County, he was the Public Works Director for the City of Redmond during Deschutes County partnered with ODOT which time he experienced the pace of the in helping install the traffic signal at US “fastest growing city in Oregon” and the 97/First Street and recently partnered with subsequent depths of recession. “I often joke the La Pine Rural Fire District in helping that I received 20 years’ worth of experience landscape and beautify a storm water swale in the 10 years I was at the City of Redmond. at the corner of Huntington Road/Third As Director of the Road Department I have Street. been able to focus my career in the areas of When I asked him what was in the future my passion; transportation engineering and for greater La Pine, he said that "there were public service." Chris went on to say that several exciting capital projects in the works, the Deschutes County transportation system namely the paving of the unpaved portion of has many challenges. With 900 miles of Huntington Road in the summer of 2017 and road, Deschutes County’s system is one of realignment and turn lane construction at the the largest in the state; placed end-to-end, intersection of Burgess Road/Day Road in the Deschutes County road system would 2018." The Road Department has a very good stretch from Newport to Ontario and back again. The challenges lie in both maintaining working relationship and partnership the transportation system, namely the with the City of La Pine. We work jointly pavement, in good condition, while also operating and maintaining the streets within identifying resources to improve the system the city limits since so many of them are still and construction projects. When I asked County roads. I am very excited to continue him how the greater La Pine Community to work with the City of La Pine on future fit into the County’s overall plans, he stated plans and projects. that the County had been very fortunate to be able to continue a division Concept Retail, Inc their maintenance programs in La Pine and greater La Pine area with their annual chip seal and pavement overlay projects. “We have URGESS D constructed storm La Pine OR 97739 water improvements in downtown La Pine to help alleviate 541-536-3695 fax localized flooding and we have a second phase of this project coming Join us for a monthly meeting at the soon." The La Pine La Pine Senior Center the community is a second Wednesday of each month. very collaborative We begin with a social hour at community, 5:30pm and a potluck especially amongst at 6:00 with the Ya Ya Sisterhood the public agencies general meeting following. providing service.

15989 B

R .


Ya Ya Sisterhood in La Pine

If you would like to attend please contact Linda Vassalli 541-610-7223

Community Kitchen cont. from front page

and nurtured includes: Department of Human Services (DHS), Work Source and Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council (COIC), Saint Vincent de Paul, the Boy Scouts, the La Pine Community Center, the Grange, and Newberry Habitat’s ReSTORE. La Pine’s ex-Mayor Ken Mulenex praised Hafermalz’s impact – both in terms of overall accomplishments and improving the Kitchen’s image in Southern Deschutes County. “Kim turned the place around, and garnered respect throughout Central Oregon. She’s a classy lady who doesn’t know what ‘no’ means. The organization’s strength is directly connected with her leadership.”

April 2017

The Newberry Eagle - The Community Newspaper of Newberry Country

Page 5

A Customer Service Story

When Gas was 40¢ a Gallon One-time Baptist youth pastor turned “Provocational Speaker” told his personal story to the State Chamber of Commerce. Jim Mathis was 16 and a new driver when his dad told him he couldn’t use the family car unless he was willing to fill up the gas tank every once in a while. Jim took the keys and drove to the local service station. When he drove in and ran over the bell cord, three young, well-dressed station attendants came right out to the car. “What’ll you have, sir?” said the first one. The other two promptly opened the hood and topped off all of the fluids, while the third checked the air pressure then got busy with the windows.

The first one was back after filling the car and asked young Mathis if there was anything else they could do for him. Beaming with pride after having been called ‘Sir’ by an older boy than he, Mathis said he did not need anything else and the attendant told him that the total due for 18 1/2 gallons of gas was $7.50. He drove home feeling proud and happy and older than his years because of the great customer service and the great deal he had at that service station. Three days later marked the first of the major oil embargos. Gas prices went up. Service Stations became filling stations – in some cases self-filling stations and everything changed forever.

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT Administrative Assistant - Part Time Position La Pine Rural Fire Protection District is currently recruiting for Administrative Assistant

Newberry Eagle Staff Writer

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY If you are honest, good at what you do and want to prove it.

Visit our website for a full job announcement, job description and how to submit your resume for the initial application process.

We offer an exceptional work environment where a competent technician can thrive in a positive team culture. or

For information: 541-876-5432 • email

Bring your resume, your personality, and let’s talk.

City of La Pine City Manager's Report The City of La Pine is hiring a full-time administrative assistant. To learn more about the position, please visit the City's website or visit City Hall.The anticipated start date is May 1st or sooner.

The City is accepting applications until Monday, April 3rd at 5:00 p.m. Please contact City Manager Cory Misley at 541-536-1432 with inquiries.

Business Spotlight By Helen Woods, Newberry Eagle News Staff

Caveman Survival Supplies and Natural Medicine Center

If you go west on Burgess Road from Huntington Road in La Pine, and look down the road, at one point, it is not hard to see a bright red sign on the right side of the road. As you get closer, you realize that the sign has a caricature of a caveman complete with bushy hair, beard and a huge club and says, “Caveman Survival Supplies.” Subtly nestled below the red sign is a stately blue sign that says, “Natural Medicine Center.” You might wonder how such seemingly opposite ideas can be in one location.

Entering the building, you see it is clearly divided into two sections. One end is filled with camo shirts and pants, knives, survival tools, and various foodstuffs. The other side looks like an old-fashioned apothecary. Ken Person, the owner-proprietor may be seen chatting with customers or advising them on natural alternatives to commercial pharmaceutical products. He may be behind the counter formulating compounds and mixtures tailor-made for each customer. There is a certain, quiet welcomeness in the room.

Ken has been in the natural medicine world for over 40 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. He speaks softly, but his expertise shows through. When asked what the motivation was behind opening this facility, he quietly says, “I just want to help people.” See the full article on page 8. Natural Medicine Center & Caveman Survival is located at 16434 Burgess Road, La Pine


is looking for Retail Merchandisers in La Pine, OR. As a member of our team, you will ensure the greeting card department is merchandised and maintained to provide customers the best selection of cards and product to celebrate life’s events.

Apply at: Questions? Call 1.888.323.4192

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The Newberry Eagle - The Community Newspaper of Newberry Country

STEM Family Night

By Helen Woods, Staff Writer y • Engineerin log g• no



matics the Ma

Science • Tec h

By Helen Woods, Staff Writer


Students working on STEM projects.

April 2017


This Isn’t your parents’ Science Class! STEM Family Night Lets Middle School and High Schoolers Show off Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Skills! Come to the Come to Cafeteria at the La Pine Middle School Thursday night April 13th from 5:00-7:00 pm

New School Board Member Appointed: Carrie Douglass

David Burke Named Assistant Superintendent for the High Desert Education Service District


Submitted by Alandra Johnson

by nearly 9 percent over the previous year. He credits this success to the RDS’s high functioning team of educators and administrators and collaborative culture. He describes his personal passion to serve all kids, valuing each student for who they are. “Although I continue to passionately pursue my own growth and development, many of my guiding See David Burke below


“I feel incredibly fortunate to have attended COCC.”

will Represent Zone 7 (at-large) and be on May ballot


Submitted by Linda Quon Redmond, Ore. — March as an education assistant 22, 2017 — The High Desert working with special needs Education Service District students at West Salem High Board of Directors voted School. He later served as a last night to name David high school language arts Burke as the organization’s teacher, instructional coach next Assistant Superintendent and building administrator beginning July 1. Burke will before taking on his most fill the position currently recent role with RSD. held by Paul Andrews who “Dave’s strong leadership will become Superintendent experience at both the upon the retirement of building and district level, John Rexford at the end collaborative approach and of June. Burke currently focus on student success serves as the Director of make him a perfect fit for Secondary Education for the Assistant Superintendent Redmond School District. position,” said Andrews. With more than 13 years Under Burke’s leadership, of experience in education, Redmond School District’s Burke began his career 2016 graduation rate increased

AUBREY LIMBURG ASSOCIATE OF ARTS OREGON TRANSFER DEGREE “This is a wonderful place to start or continue

trajectory was changed forever. Dr. Barry not

your journey in higher education. I feel incredibly

only helped me discover my passion for social

fortunate to have attended COCC.

processes, but he helped me understand how

“Dr. Thomas Barry’s Sociology of Popular Culture was a turning point in my educational career. This was the class in which I decided that my career

to turn that passion into a career. Without such support, my current transition into a PhD program in sociology may not have occurred.”


and join Middle School and High School students as they show off what they have been doing in their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) classes. Bet you can’t help but be pulled in by their energy and enthusiasm! Oh yes, food will be provided too!

COCC is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution.

The Bend-La Pine Schools Board of Directors appointed Carrie McPherson Douglass to represent Zone 7 (atlarge) during a school board meeting tonight. Douglass is currently a managing partner at Education Cities, a national nonprofit aimed at improving educational opportunities for low-income students in urban communities. “I bring a lot of experience to the table but my most important job will be to listen and learn over the coming months,” she said. “I am eager to hear from educators, parents, students and community members about what’s important to them.” Douglass says she has worked with communities all over the country that are innovating to create schools that better prepare students for the future. “I would love to see Bend-La Pine

Schools take this opportunity to think differently about what a school looks and feels like … I’m passionate about empowering teachers to personalize learning for students and I want to focus on closing the achievement gap and sending more kids to college or to be prepared for a satisfying career.” Douglass was born in Bend and is a graduate of Bend Senior High School. She holds a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Portland and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Boston University. Previously, she has worked at an education foundation, as the head of Human Resources and Talent for a school system and as a teacher and school administrator. “I'm honored to have the opportunity to serve our

David Burke

cont. from above principles came from my first include supporting and supervising experience as an educator: over 30 ESD programs such as always assume the best in Driver’s Ed, Family Access others, bring a smile to work Network (FAN), Career each day, give unlimited and Technical Education grace, never count a kid out, (CTE) and the Children’s listen to what people mean, Forest of Central Oregon. be a team player and laugh He will work closely with easy because life is short,” partner school districts, said Burke. “I am excited particularly in the areas to join and partner with the of curriculum, instruction team of passionate, caring and school improvement. HDESD educators and Burke graduated from staff who work so tirelessly Corban University in Salem, to support students and Oregon with a Bachelor families in Central Oregon.” of Arts degree in English The primary responsibilities Literature. He earned his of HDESD’s Assistant Superintendent Master of Arts in Teaching

community in this capacity and I hope to earn the vote of the public on May 16,” she adds. “I want all students in Bend-La Pine Schools to experience an education that inspires them to their fullest potential, and that takes an incredible staff and administration, as well as public servants willing to serve on the school board.” Douglass was one of 26 applicants for the open position, vacated by Nori Juba. Juba has announced plans to leave the board at the end of the month. Douglass will be swornin during the February 28 meeting of the Bend-La Pine Schools Board of Directors.

degree from Western Oregon University and his administrative license from George Fox University. The High Desert Education Service District is a regional support system that links school districts in Central Oregon to state and national education resources. Our programs help districts minimize duplication of services, preserve their local budgets and receive special programs that might otherwise be unavailable to them.

La Pine’s ORIGINAL Septic Tank Pumping Service SINCE 1957


Mon-Fri 8:00 am 4:00 pm LIC# 36217P



April 2017

The Newberry Eagle - The Community Newspaper of Newberry Country

South County School Update – April 2017 By Karen Kromer-Foster

Important Dates

April 10 – Job Fair for licensed teachers in Redmond April 12 – Freshman Dinner and Information Night April 14 – Freshman Rush Day April 14 – No school for La Pine& Rosland Elementary April 19 – Kindergarten Registration @ LPE, Three Rivers and Rosland April 20, 21, 22 – Little Mermaid performance, details below April 21 – Career Exploration Fair at LPHS

Celebrating Classified Employees Week

walk across the stage that — the direct reason why they graduated was the work that Jamie’s done with those students and their families,” said Montgomery. Other classified employees who were honored for their outstanding work this year include: Marta Broberg, attendance secretary at Pacific Crest Middle School; Karen Kromer-Foster, office manager at Rosland Elementary School; Kristen McGee, office manager at R.E. Jewell Elementary School; Mara Stephens, the Dvvistrict’s homeless liaison; Janelle Wilcox, educational assistant at Buckingham Elementary School; and Dana Wilson, a building maintenance manager with the Maintenance Department.

Job Fairs

Photo by Byron Roe

La Pine High School’s Jamie Gunter named Outstanding Support Person

Bend-La Pine Schools celebrated its more than 800 classified employees the week of National Classified School Employees Week, March 6-10. Classified employees help support schools and students in a wide range of roles: they drive buses, prepare and serve meals, greet visitors, keep books, assist in classrooms, mow lawns, shovel snow, maintain and assist with technology and much more. “Our classified employees deserve recognition for their dedication and for the outstanding support they offer every day to our schools and students,” said Superintendent Shay Mikalson. “These employees are often the unsung heroes of our schools, which is why we want to take this week to let them know how much we appreciate all they do.” Every year, Bend-La Pine Schools honors one classified employee for his or her outstanding performance. This year Jamie Gunter, an educational assistant from La Pine High School, was named Outstanding Support Person for Bend-La Pine Schools. Gunter was honored specifically for her work with the high school’s online education program. She helps students recover credits and take expanded course options through Bend-La Pine Online. La Pine High School Principal Matt Montgomery believes Gunter’s work is instrumental is helping students graduate. “Every year there are probably 10 or 15 kids that

Parent Teacher conferences for Elementary schools will be on April 14th. There will be no school for La Pine and Rosland Elementary due to conferences. Kindergarten Registration for Fall of 2017 – If you have or know of a child that will be turning 5 before September 1, please stop by either Rosland, Three Rivers, or La Pine Elementary to get them registered right away. It is a great opportunity to become acquainted with the school and it is beneficial for the school to have an accurate count of incoming students so they can make sure we are staffed correctly before the school year starts. Rosland can register students at any time, all you need is a birth certificate, immunization information, proof of address (driver’s license or utility bill) and a couple emergency contacts name and numbers. La Pine Elementary and Three Rivers will have Kindergarten Registration event on April 19th to welcome all incoming kindergarten students La Pine Performing Arts Presents Disney’s The Little Mermaid! La Pine Middle School and La Pine High School students are hard at work on our Spring Production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid!

Juniper Acre

La Pine











Sunriver Crooked River Ranch Powell Butte

Local Internet and Phone Provider

3X1 Lite 8X2 Value 8X2 Pro 50GB Monthly Transfer 5 E-Mailboxes 500MB Storage per Mailbox No Burst Speed Available

100GB Monthly Transfer 5 E-Mailboxes 500MB Storage per Mailbox Burst Speed Available Personal Static Webpage


Most Popular


Class of 2021 Freshman Orientation Dinner WHEN: Wednesday, APRIL 12th, 6:00 PM WHERE: LPHS CAFETERIA WHO: Incoming Freshmen & their Parents Come join staff & students of lphs to learn about class scheduling, athletic teams, and special programs.

Parent Conferences at Elementary:


8Mbps Down x 2Mbps Up

To order tickets, we are using an online database for easy selling and purchasing. Please visit and click “Buy Tickets”. Shows within the area should pop up, but you can search by “La Pine” or zip code to find us. Then purchase tickets for the show you want to attend. Tickets will be available at the door, but we are hoping for a lot of pre-sale, so you never know we could sell out.

Bend La Pine Schools Job Fair is April 10th from 1 – 6 pm at Deschutes County Fair & Expo in Redmond. Representatives from Bend-La Pine Schools, as well as other school districts in the region, will be on hand to answer questions about current openings and offer information about the District. The job fair is for licensed teachers for grades K-12. Please make sure to register in advance to avoid delays on the day of the event. This event is free and open to the public. La Pine High School Career Exploration Fair - La Pine Chamber is sponsoring a Career Exploration Fair at the High School on April 21st form 9:30 am to 11:30 am. If you are interested in presenting your business, please contact the Chamber.

Give Us a Call

3Mbps Down x 1Mbps Up

There are over 30 students from both schools who are in the play, with many others working backstage. We are pleased to announce that tickets are on sale now! We are opening ticket sales to the public next week, but giving cast members’ families, friends, and staff first access. The show dates are Thursday April 20, Friday April 21, Saturday April 22 at 6pm. Run time is just over 2 hours with a small intermission. All ages are welcome! Students/ Child tickets are $7 and General Admission is $10 (fees apply for online orders). All proceeds go to keeping arts within the La Pine Community.v

8Mbps Down x 2Mbps Up


And all areas in between!

8X2 Max 10X4 Elite

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150GB Monthly Transfer

200GB Monthly Transfer 150GB Monthly Transfer

5 E-Mailboxes

5 E-Mailboxes

5 E-Mailboxes

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500MB Storage per Mailbox

500MB Storage per Mailbox

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Burst Speed Available

Personal Static Webpage

Personal Static Webpage

Personal Static Webpage

FTP Access

FTP Access Not Available in all areas

$69.95/Month $89.95/Month $99.95/Month

s r h a l ip Oppo nity o h c rtu S

Ya Ya Sisterhood invites all women who will graduate form La Pine High School in June 2017 to apply for a scholarship from our organization. Applications are available to all women at La Pine High School who will graduate this year and are planning to attend and/or have been accepted to a university, either 2 or 4 year college trade school or other advanced educational institution. The school does not have to be in Oregon. The Ya Ya Sisterhood Society members volunteer their time and support to organizations in the area. Applications may be picked

Page 7

up in the ASPIRE Coordinators Office at La Pine High School. Complete scholarship package must be returned to ASPIRE office by Tuesday April 18, 2017. Ya Ya Sisterhood in La Pine holds monthly meetings at the La Pine Senior Center the second Wednesday of each month. We begin with a social hour at 5:30pm and a potluck at 6:00 with the Ya Ya Sisterhood general meeting following.

If you are a woman in the La Pine area and would like information about the Ya Ya’s or would like to attend our general meeting please contact Linda Vassalli 541-610-7223.

Page 8

The Newberry Eagle - The Community Newspaper of Newberry Country

April 2017

Health & Wellness

Natural Medicine and Homeopathy

Caveman Survival Supplies & Natural Medicine Center By Helen Woods, Staff Writer

Let's Go Fishing Jake Obrist, Contributing Writer


riving west on Burgess Road, it is hard to miss the bright red sign with the cute caveman caricature. The speed limit is 45 mph along this stretch of Burgess so you have to be quick to see the blue sign below the caveman that reads “Natural Medicine Center.” When I did see the sign, I didn’t understand the relationship and assumed there were two separate business. I was mistaken. In an interview with Ken Person, the business owner and proprietor, I learned a lot! Ken Person, the business owner and proprietor, I learned a lot! Ken has a vast knowledge about natural medicine, but great humility. When he was a young man, he returned from military service as a wounded veteran. He somehow knew that he had to seek healing beyond the traditional confines of conventional medicine. He soon discovered the world of “alternative medicine.” He also discovered that, in order to receive the best training, he had go to Europe to find it. Ken is a La Pine boy. His father owned a sawmill “out in the woods.” They lived at the sawmill so he spent a lot of time working and exploring in the woods. Life took him away from Oregon, but now retired, he returned to his home town six years ago. Even though he is retired, he still feels the need to serve his community, thus the existence of Caveman Survival Supplies and The Natural Medicine Center. While talking with Ken, his passion was obvious. As he says, he wants to use his knowledge in natural medicine to help people and give hope to people who have been trapped in a hopeless cycle of illness with little or no help from other sources. He is committed to

Now Offering

helping people through alternative medicine. He says, “it’s a labor of love”. So how do survival supplies and natural medicine combine in his business? One obvious answer is that the store is not only a place to obtain natural medicines but also purchase survival materials and supplies. A second answer is less obvious. We live in a natural environment that provides us with a wealth of outdoor opportunities and, boy, do we love it! But this same environment is also harboring the potential for natural disaster, such as volcanic activity, floods, and earthquakes that can reshape our landscape. If such an event were to occur, and it will, how do we survive? More to the point, how do people survive the isolation and the fact that normal prescription delivery may be unavailable. Ken offers survival packages of natural medicine substitutes to hold people over until normal prescription supply routes are reestablished. Stop by and talk to Ken at Caveman Survival Supplies and Natural Medicine, 16434 Burgess Road, La Pine. It will be an enlightening experience, and most days he has a great pot of coffee available!


3 Quality Auto Services 3 Complimentary Shuttle Service 3 Accurate Diagnostics 3 FULL Service Shop Guaranteed Repairs

Nationwide Warranty 2 yr/24,000 mi

Keepin’ it LOCAL


Owner Jeremy Johnson, DJ Olson, Troy McDonald, Rich Dyer, Krissy Girvin

“I had a great experience taking my car here. The service was excellent and my car was well taken care of. They worked hard at giving me affordable options without lowering the work quality. I will definitely bring my car here in the future and highly recommend. Thank you!” – DeAnna B.


17070 Rosland Road, Off Highway 97 Next to Gordy’s Truck Stop

It was one of those bucket list trips. Southern Oregon coast, chasing steelhead. Everyone once in a while you have to test your skills as a fisherman and try something new, push your limits. We did 3 rivers in 5 days, the Elk, Chetco, and California’s Smith. We were chasing rivers dropping after heavy rainfall, floating long hours in the drift boats, and throwing every gear man has made for steelhead, flies, bait, lures and plugs. We were successful not because we landed chrome steelhead, but we conquered new rivers, and we did it together. Every corner ahead in the river was a new adventure, creating memories that will flood our minds forever.

Sunriver Angler’s

Fly Tying Corner

By Phil Fischer Contributing Writer Lion's Mane Damsel I like the damsel hatch. It occurs mid-day on most of our local lakes in later June and is picture above, the tail contains a small drop characterized by a very splashy rise form as of UV resin, which offers a hinge point on trout take damsels swimming just below the the tail and can help further the swimming surface film. Damsels look to find sticks, tules, motion of the natural. Give the following anchor ropes, or any other object that enables pattern recipe a try during your early summer them to crawl out of the water to hatch. They damsel hatches on a favorite local lake. often swim just below the surface for some Lion’s Mane Damsel Pattern Recipe: distance looking for these items latch onto. It Hook: TMC 5212 size 10-12 or similar is during this surface swimming action that Thread: Olive Brown to match Marabou the damsel is the most vulnerable to trout. The Abdomen: Tan to Olive Marabou with very damsel nymph coloration matches the color long fibers of the environment that these insects live, Rib: Red or Copper Wire which ranges from tan to a deep olive. Thorax: Olive Brown to match Marabou This month’s pattern is the Lion’s Mane Eyes: Black Plastic Bead Chain Eyes Damsel, which is a pattern that I have used Tying instructions and steps are being with good success casting towards rise forms published in video form, and can be found and/or surface structure. It is stripped back in on the Sunriver Anglers Facebook page at short strips on a dry line fishing the fly very, shallow under the surface film. The name or at the following YouTube URL: https:// Lion’s Mane Damsel is attributable to the wound marabou around the eyes that give the Experiment with this pattern during the fly its characteristic lion’s mane look. Offer Damsel Hatch. If you have questions or would long pauses during the retrieve. Trout will like additional information about this Damsel often take during these pauses. The design of pattern, please don’t hesitate to email me. Or the Lion’s Mane Damsel is simple; it features if you have suggestions on future patterns to a long wispy tail to mimic the undulating feature in this column, I welcome your input. motion of the natural. As you can see in the I can be reached at

A FULL SERVICE TREE COMPANY Certified Arborist • Fuels Appraiser on Staff • Hazard Tree Removal • Brush Hauling • Ladder Fuel Reduction • Stump Grinding • Rake & Haul Debris • Bobcat/Chipping Service Licensed, Bonded, & Insured CCB#200545

Bob Otteni & Kyle Otteni



April 2017

The Newberry Eagle - The Community Newspaper of Newberry Country

Page 9

Crab Feed 2017 – a “La Pine Tradition”

By Florence Neis Staff Writer Photography by T. Myers Now in its 15th year, the La Pine Crab Feed each March began in 2002 when six La Pine residents – Ken and Vicki Mulenex, Ann and Gerald Gawith, Carl and Phyllis Lacey – traveled to Halfway, Oregon, to attend the annual crab feed hosted by the local Lions Club. The group was seeking advice and know-how from the folks who had been successfully fundraising with their crab feed for 60 years and wanted to provide that same support for the then La Pine Frontier Days & Rodeo Association. Hosting its first Crab Feed in 2003, La Pine Frontier Days & Rodeo fulfilled its goal and the event “has now become a La Pine tradition,” said Ann Gawith, president of the La Pine Left: Ann and Gerald Gawith. Below: Bartenders Bill Buffer USPO, Sandy Hendrickson and Lori Bosch Above right: The crowd gathers for the "all you can eat" crab feed. Above right top: Dayle Boucher and Linda Reid volunteer and greet every year.

Frontier Days Association. “People come from all over the Northwest to enjoy our crab feed and the area.” In 2003, approximately 200 people attended the event; in recent years, attendance grew to 800. This year, 576 tickets were sold. Tickets are always first available at the La Pine Christmas Bazaar the first Saturday in December where people buy them as presents. Advertising in Wise Buys, a sponsor of Frontier Days, and social media encourages people to buy their tickets from the Chamber of Commerce, Shop Smart and ACE Hardware. Tickets are sold until the “cut-off” date-- the Monday before the Saturday Crab Feed. As many as 75 volunteers work to make the event a success. From the order to Pacific Seafood on Tuesday, the boats go out Thursday, processed (cooked and cracked) for crab pickup in Clackamas, Oregon, on Friday (Peak Performance volunteered a driver, truck and trailer this year) to the food servers, beer and wine servers, crab trailer, door (ID, ticket takers),the folks who prepare the French bread on Friday, and the “Crabby Patty” La Pine retail center – all those involved donate hours of preparation, hosting and cleanup Full Line of RV and of the event. Outdoor Living Supplies “Over the years, Traeger BBQs • Full Paint Dept. • Nursery we’ve tweaked the Custom Screens & Repair • & Much More formula for determining the amount of crab to Open 7 days - 7am-6pm Mon - Fri, 8am-5pm Sat, 9am-5pm Sun order. We currently 1st & Huntington Rd - 51615 Huntington Rd., La Pine

Hardware and Building Supply

See Crab Feed page 11


Please Join Us for Easter Please Join Us for Easter At Crescent Creek Church Service is At 10:00 A.M At Crescent Creek Church Service is At 10:00 A.M Easter Egg Hunt & Dinner After Service Easter Egg Hunt & Dinner After Service 52340 Huntington Rd. La Pine 52340 Huntington Rd. La Pine

541-536-2161 • 800-700-2161

! w e N HUGE

Come as You Are Come as You Are




5 Gal Pail Made in USA


By Valvoline 15W-40 for Diesels $9.99 Gal

made at S & S Quality you can Trust


541-536-6252 52674 N HWY 97, LA PINE OPEN: MON - FRI 7AM TO 7PM SAT 8AM TO 5PM, SUN 9AM TO 5PM

Page 10

The Newberry Eagle - The Community Newspaper of Newberry Country

April 2017

How did you wind up in La Pine?

April 2017, National Volunteer Month:

Celebrating American Volunteerism

By Newberry Eagle Staff Writer Without volunteers, so many commuways to do it. So often, we volunteer without nities would not have that extra something even making conscious recognition of it — that makes their community so wonderful for example, helping out at church, coaching and livable. It is extremely important that your child in soccer, serving food at the local we honor the people who dedicate themCommunity Kitchen, coming out for City selves to acting and solving problems in Cleanup Day or helping “Put the Shine on our communities. La Pine." Then there are many non-profits in And there are a lot of them. More than our communities that largely rely on volunteers to survive and provide a higher quality 64 million people volunteered at least once of life for their patrons. between September 2010 and September 2011. The Corporation for National and So, as we celebrate National Volunteer Community Service says it’s collectively Month, let’s recognize those who give of dedicated 8.1 billion hours to a wide vathemselves to help others. Let’s motivate riety of organizations whose donated time others to join the effort. And let’s stay foand expertise is valued at $173 billion. cused on how volunteerism can continue Talk about economic impact! to evolve to bring maximum value to our One of the greatest aspects of voluncommunities teerism is that there are so many different


People from all over the country and from many different backgrounds are settling in La Pine. Each of us is different, but we all have one thing in common: We each have our own unique story to tell. And we want to hear yours. What brought you to La Pine? What keeps you here? What is/was your occupation? What are your pastimes and passions? Is there something about yourself that the world really ought to know? If you are native to this area, we would love to here your story, too! Now the challenge: Can you tell your unique story in 300 words or less? We would also like to include your photo, if that's okay with you, so that the next time you're in BiMart, or any other local business, people will be able to recognize you and connect with you. We are hoping this story-sharing will help draw us all a little closer together. The La Pine area is becoming more and more diverse and we think that's a good thing! In each issue of The Newberry Eagle, we will try to feature two or three of your stories to help celebrate our diversity and our special way of life here in this beautiful slice of Paradise that we call home. We are hoping this becomes a regular feature that gains a

strong following and that readers will look forward to getting to know their neighbors better, one issue at a time. We believe everyone's story deserves telling and we will attempt to publish them in the order they are received. The more interesting you make your story, without embellishing, the better. So pull out that dusty old typewriter (just kidding...your computer will work just fine!), flex those creative muscles, and tell us who you are and how you ended up here in Newberry Country, and what's keeping you here. We can't wait to hear from you! Here's how to submit your story and photo: Go to and click on the Submit an Article button, and complete the form and upload a text document.If you wish to include your photo, but can't upload one, we will call to set up a photo session so we can include one with your story. So please include your phone number. We reserve the right to edit your story for spelling and grammar only, not content. Everyone has a story to tell. Let's hear yours!

How Dean Sathrum Wound Up in La Pine Your friendly home town eye care resource Supporting the La Pine community and economy for over 10 years.

Graham A. Balcer Optometric Physician

One block West of the intersection of Hwy 97 and Third Street (Same corner as Ray’s Grocery Store)

16410 Third Street, Suite A, La Pine • Comprehensive Eye Exams • Contact Lenses • Glasses • Treatment for Eye Disease & Refractive Eye • Laser Surgery Consultations






My name is Dean Sathrum. I moved here in 2012 from Salem after purchasing a home in Crescent Creek Subdivision. I had driven through La Pine a couple of times, but never dreamed I would eventually retire here. I visited one spring day and immediately fell in love with the area and its people. Our population is becoming increasingly diverse, but what we all share is a love for this uniquely beautiful area. After this past winter, I can honestly say, “La Pine isn't for sissies!” I enjoy catch-and-release fishing, hiking, and sail-boating. I was born in Minnesota and grew up hunting just about everything that was edible and legal to hunt. Now, I try to avoid stepping on ants. I don't know the exact moment of my change-of-heart, but I now realize I Solution:













have killed enough animals for one lifetime and no longer wish to do so. I prefer to “hunt” with a camera and “capture” the wildlife alive and well without causing them harm. I am a retired RN. I graduated from Chemeketa Community College in 1986. In my first year of nursing school, there were only five men in just 72 available “spots.” I was the only one of the five to “survive” that first year, no thanks to a nursing-skills instructor who strongly believed that nursing was no place for a man! But I was relentless. I worked most of my career in a rehabilitation hospital in Salem (strokes, head injuries, spinalcord injuries, etc.), but I also worked for the Oregon State Hospital with the criminally insane for several years. I have two grown-up children (a son in Corvallis and a daughter in Portland) who were adopted from South Korea. I became a Christian in 2014, and I love my blessed life here in La Pine.



DT Satellites 51636 Huntington Rd. LaPine, OR

(541) 536-9570 A UTHORIZED LOCAL DEALER Service not available in all areas. Minimum 24 month commitment term. $9.99/month equipment lease fee plus monthly service fees and taxes apply. Actual speeds will vary. Use of the Exede service is subject to data transmission limits measured on a monthly basis. For complete details and the Data Allowance Policy, visit Exede is a service mark of ViaSat, Inc. †All offers available for a limited time and may be changed or withdrawn at any time. Offer not available in all areas, check for promotional offers in your area.

Prescription & Health Counseling Specialists Specialized Compounded Medications, Including Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Certified to Provide Immunizations We Provide Prescriptions by Mail

Herbal & Vitamin Supplements Unique Gifts & Greeting Cards A Friendly Knowledgeable Staff Drive-Up Window for Convenience

April 2017

The Newberry Eagle - The Community Newspaper of Newberry Country

Easter Awakening

Church Directory Christmas Valley Christmas Valley Community Church Pastor Dustin Peterson 87921 Christmas Valley Hwy Christmas Valley, OR 97641 Phone: (541) 576-2757

Grace Fellowship Church of The Nazarene Pastor: Richard Lighthill 52315 Huntington Road La Pine, OR 97739 Phone: (541) 536-2878 High Lakes Christian Church Pastor: Ben Smith 52620 Day Road La Pine, OR 97739 Phone: (541)536-3333

Faith Lutheran Church Pastor: Peter Pagel Christmas Valley, OR 97641 Phone: (541) 536-1198


By Reverend Jane Hiatt aster is a time of awakening. of varying degrees. Our first reaction may Whether it is the earth waking up be to feel like a victim, but if we align with from the grip of winter or the soul the energy of the Easter transformation, we waking up from the trance of limitations, it can realize we are being stripped of that which is not truly essence. is time for a shift. Just as one example of being stripped, The traditional focus on Jesus as when a partner decides to leave the marriage, redeemer is disempowering. From this the one being left may confront limiting perspective, we are cast as problems/ beliefs such as “I’m not lovable” or “I’m too sinners/victims in need of rescue from on old now to find someone new” or “I’m not high. I believe Jesus was saving us from the good enough." None of these ideas are true. kind of thinking that keeps us trapped and But if we stay present with the experience, limited. He was giving us a template of how we may be able to awaken to the deeper to get free. reality that nobody ever had the power to Think about the torture and execution of determine our worth because it is inherent. Jesus metaphysically. He is demonstrating We can find a level of confidence and the difficulty of letting go of ego. For radiance that we had never thought possible. example, we focus on our image, on what Beyond the Easter story, there are people think of us, on what we have, on stories and images that reinforce this idea. what we accomplish, on whether we are Of course, there is the caterpillar that must physically safe. This is all the domain of die inside the cocoon, stripped of life, as it the ego. Jesus shows us that when we are knew it, in order to become a butterfly. In willing to be stripped of ego, to endure what the Velveteen Rabbit, the rabbit has to be seems like death, we gain the possibility of stripped of buttons and fur—it’s self-image true awakening, also known as resurrection. of fancy newness—in order to become Easter demonstrates that there is a way “real”. Michelangelo was asked how he to live in a higher vibration. But we can’t was able to sculpt such amazing statues. He experience it intellectually. We have to let replied that he simply removed all the marble go of our egos. that was not the statue waiting to be revealed. How do we let go of ego? We don’t get Life will offer us Good Fridays and they to remove it the way we take off the outfit will be challenging. Easter’s of the day. It happens because a seemingly message is that Good Friday outside agent or force strips us. That’s isn’t the final chapter and what the story of Good Friday shows. that our suffering opens us We experience betrayal, abandonment, to new life. humiliation and ridicule, or personal attacks Rev. Jane Hiatt is the senior minister of Unity Community of Central Oregon.Unity church A six week gathering for spiritually open-minded services are held people to explore beliefs, connect with compassion Sunday at 10:00am and prayer, engage together in community service. at The High Desert Community Grange Begins Sat, Apr 22, 12pm at Prairie House conference room in La Pine Hall, 62855 Powell Contact Sandy Jones-Golden Eagle for more info 541-419-9487 Butte Hwy, Bend. An outreach from Unity Community in Bend

the great e r questions of existence E x pl o Spirit roup G

Page 11

Holy Redeemer Catholic Church Pastor: Father Theo Nnabugo 16137 Burgess Road La Pine, OR 97739 Phone: (541) 536-3571

Crescent First Baptist Church Pastor: Gil Ernst Phone: (541) 433-9342 Ponderosa Christian Fellowship Pastor Gordon DeArmond 136856 Main Street Crescent, OR 97733 Phone: (541) 433-2318

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness 52412 Antler Lane La Pine, OR 97739 Phone: (541) 536-9083 La Pine Community Church Pastor: Donald Manning 16565 Finley Butte Road La Pine, OR 97739

Fort Rock Holy Family Catholic Church Pastor: Father Theo Nnabugo Fort Rock, OR 97735 Phone: (541) 536-3571 Gilchrist Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church Pastor: Father Theo Nnabugo 120 Mississippi Drive Gilchrist, OR 97737 Phone: (541) 536-3571 La Pine Calvary Chapel La Pine Pastors: Chad Carpenter/Tony DeAndrade 16430 3rd Street La Pine, OR 97739 Phone: (541)948-6649 Cascade Bible Church Pastor: Jack Ebner 52410 Pine Drive La Pine, OR 97739 Phone: (541) 536-9310 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Bishop: Bishop Russell 52680 Day Road La Pine, OR 97739

La Pine Christian Church Pastor: Norman R. Soyster 52565 Day Road, La Pine, OR 97739 Phone: (541) 536-1593 Living Water of La Pine – NW Conservative Baptist Affiliation Pastor: Dr. James Hofman 52410 Primrose Lane, La Pine, OR 97739 Phone: (541) 536-1215 Crosspoint Pentecostal Church of God 51491 Morson Street La Pine, OR 97739 Phone: (541) 536-2940 Seventh-Day Adventist Church Elder: Barbara Tucker 51330 Anchor Way,, La Pine, OR 97739 Phone: (541) 536-2773 Sunriver Community Bible Church at Sunriver Pastor: Glen Schaumloeffel Deschutes National Forest 1 Theater Drive, Sunriver, OR 97707 Phone: (541) 593-8341

Crescent Creek Church Pastor: Greg Price 52340 Huntington Road, La Pine, OR 97739 Phone: (541) 536-2183

Holy Trinity Church Pastor: Father Theo Nnabugo 18143 Cottonwood Road, Sunriver, OR 97707 Phone: (541) 536-3571

Crosswalk Ministries Pastor: Marshall Wolcott 52315 Huntington Road La Pine, OR 97739 Phone: (541) 536-7524

Sunriver Christian Fellowship Pastor: Nancy Green Deschutes National Forest 18143 Cottonwood Road, Sunriver, OR 97707 Phone: (541) 593-1183

Faith Lutheran Church Pastor: Peter Pagel 52315 Huntington Road La Pine, OR 97739

The Door Pastor: David Thompson 56885 Enterprise Dr, Sunriver, OR 97707 Phone: (503) 348-1346

Come for the Fellowship Leave with a Treasure Blessing It Forward Giveaway and Blood Drive When: Saturday April 22nd, 8am - Noon Where : High Lakes Christian Church, 52620 Day Road Why: To be a blessing to others (there is no exchange of money) Giving away items such as: Clothes, household items, tools, sporting goods, toys, etc.

Easter at


For more information call 541-580-2571 Crab Feed cont from page 9 plan 2 pounds per person, with 15 pounds per 100 people as a cushion,” said Ann. “This year we ordered 1,300 pounds of crab and also provided salad, cocktail sauce, lemon wedges and garlic bread.” The retail center proved profitable with sales from t-shirts and other memorabilia. “We also had wonderful donations this year from the new Grocery Outlet of lettuce, lemons and butter. That was a nice shot in the arm for the bottom line,”

Ann said. “We also appreciate being able to rent a facility such as the La Pine Community Center with its easily cleaned concrete floors and extra large space…it is a somewhat messy, raucous event and the venue works perfectly.” Ann added, “Our thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Crab Feed. With continued help from volunteers we hope to keep this a La Pine tradition for many years to come.”


Services Held at LPHS Auditorium

Page 12

The Newberry Eagle - The Community Newspaper of Newberry Country

April 2017

L&S Gardens Rebuilds after Storm Damage M

any La Pine homes and businesses fell victim to the Winter of 20162017. L&S Gardens suffered the loss of three of their six greenhouses as well as damage to other facilities and equipment. Owner Linda Stephenson surveyed the damage and work began to reconstruct the greenhouses as quickly as possible. “As a local business owner, I like to hire other local businesses. Unfortunately, the suppliers I usually use were unable to do the work due to other commitments. Luckily, I contacted OBC Northwest in Canby, Oregon. They were able to supply the

necessary materials and delivery options so L&S Gardens will be ready to open at our normal Spring date and hours, April 1st,” said Linda. “We will provide full service to our customers.” Similar damage due to heavy snow and ice occurred during the winter of 1992-1993, but the severity was not as bad. Materials needing replacement include wiring, hard sides, perlins, bows and plastic for the canopy. New ground cover has been laid and benches repaired, salvaging as many as possible. Sonny Stephenson brought in a grinder to grind up the damaged steel bows for recycling.

Curiosity, etc. If a friend came up to you and told you they need to peel an egg, you would probably say, “no problem, just boil it in hot water and peel it.” Right? But what would you say if your friend told you they already knew how to do that, but the egg had to be raw? Now what? I would naturally ask why? Of course, their answer wouldn’t make much difference because my mind would already be mulling over how to peel a raw egg. I have that kind of mind. One of my professors was giving a rather dull lecture on I-can’t-rememberwhat when he inserted the comment, “how often do you think of rabbits without thinking about the number 7?” Since then, I think of the number 7 every time I see a rabbit. He planted a word association in my head. I have that kind of mind. All people are curious by nature. If people weren’t curious, we would still be living in caves and wearing animal skins. Oh, wait. Those people had to be curious or they wouldn’t be wearing skins and hunting for their food. It takes curiosity to figure out how to hunt for animals, how to prepare them after the kill for

Helen Woods, Staff Writer

food, how to treat the skins to make them wearable and durable (nobody wanted to wear an animal skin that rotting away on their bodies. Yuck!) I guess we have always been curious, sometimes for our own survival! I heard yesterday that a bunch of professional athletes are going around saying that the Earth is flat. Wow, I thought we got past that a long time ago. Hmmm. They say that, when they are travelling across the country, the Earth looks flat to them. They don’t see any curve. Hmmm. Okay, here’s a challenge. Without referring to Google or any of those lovely tools of the internet how would you: A. PEEL A RAW EGG OR B. PROVE THAT THE EARTH IS ROUND OR AT LEAST NOT FLAT If you would like to send your ideas to me at and you give me permission, I can share some of your ideas next month in the Curiosity, etc. column.

Happy wondering!

An autonomous congregation of the church of Christ meets at 51440 Hwy 97- assembly begins at 10:00 A.M. Sunday B U I L T (541) T O A H213-7895 I G H E R S TA N D A R D Are you interested in knowing of “The Revelation of Jesus Christ…”? We invite you to come and join us as we study together this glorious book of prophetical truths. “Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the Bthings in it;…(Rev. 1:3) U I L T T Owhich A H I G Hare E R Swritten TA N D A R D

“This is our 29th year in business and we want to continue to serve our customers as we have these many years,” added Linda. “The staff is working hard to

By Florence Neis, Staff Writer

make this happen.”

Gray Matter Matters 1









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Cask Musical symbol 14 To incite 17 Plant shoots Owns 21 Extremely long time periods 24 Horse-like animal Confronting 29 30 31 Very large truck Asian country 35 36 Floating ice 40 Stronghold Musical 43 Parent Burning 48 49 50 Boxer Muhammad Gauze 54 55 Fight Promissory note 58 Ram's mate 61 Trend ___! (call attention) Frozen dessert Spangle Softness Cashews, for example National capital Cult Wildcat To Data transmission rate Looked French "yes"

DOWN 1 Cask 2 Musical symbol 3 To incite 4 Plant shoots 5 Owns 6 Extremely long time periods 7 Horse-like animal 8 Confronting 9 Very large truck 10 Asian country 11 Floating ice 19 Stronghold 21 Musical 23 Parent 25 Burning 26 Boxer Muhammad 27 Gauze 28 Fight 30 Promissory note 31 Ram's mate 32 Trend 35 ___! (call attention) 38 Frozen Answers in this dessert issue page 10 40 Spangle 42 Softness 44 Cashews, for example 45 National capital Culteach family the most caring, dignified and To46 offer 47 Wildcat service at the most affordable price. professional 49 To 50 Data transmission rate 51 Looked 54 French "yes"




ACROSS 1 Deoxyribonucleic acid (abbr.) 4 Book holder 9 Bro. or sis. 12 Hustle 13 Waitress on Cheers 14 Bard's before 15 Shoshonean 16 Jacob's father 17 Impair 18 Railway 20 Grinning 22 Stop 24 Some 25 One-handed saw 29 Heartache 33 Fake butter 34 Dit's partner 36 American state 37 New Testament book 39 Saved 41 Jazz 43 Congressional vote 44 Oxygen inhaler 48 Oil change company 52 Usage 53 Bog 55 No 56 What a nurse gives 57 Boredom 58 Second day of the wk. 59 Drunkard 60 Poison 61 Cooky

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Our Services... Burial Services: Traditional or simple. Cremation Services: Every type. Prompt and efficient service to each family. Funeral home and church coordination. WE CONSIDER IT AN HONOR TO SERVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

If you have pre-arrangements at any funeral home, we will honor those arrangements and strive for timely and dignified services. We honor Neptune Society, Great Western, Assurant and all life insurance plans.

Autumn Funerals

Cindy Larson, Funeral Director Serving families for over 20 years


SERVING ALL OF CENTRAL OREGON Bend Redmond 61555 Parrell Rd. Bend, OR 97702


485 NW Larch Ave. Redmond, OR 97756


April 2017

The Newberry Eagle - The Community Newspaper of Newberry Country

La Pine-Sunriver Rotary Club

Local Rotarians Visit Guatemala on Service Project

By Mark Dennett, PR Chair & Speaker Coordinator, Rotary Club of Sunriver-La Pine

ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER? - Students from Three Rivers K-8 School, participants in Oregon’s “Battle of the Books” shared their experience in this statewide reading competition at a recent Sunriver-La Pine Rotary meeting. Rotary supports this program annually with a donation used to purchase books. Right to left: Teacher Lori Gascon, students Rui Rui Chenault, Saylor Hutchinson, Hunter Shroeder, Eliot Kirshner, Principal Tim Broadbent, Carter Nores, teacher Tara Wydra, and Abby Wydra. INTERNATIONAL PROJECT IMPROVES THE LIVES OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN – Supporting local nonprofits is the major reason Sunriver-La Pine Rotary conducts an annual fundraiser. But club members often volunteer with Rotary International on faraway projects. For example, respiratory issues are the number one killer of women and children in Third World countries due to open fire cooking. To help bring clean stove technology to Latin America, Rotary President Ray Kuratek and fellow Rotarians Charlie and Monet Beith left in March to join a volunteer team working with StoveTeam in Antigua, Guatemala. Antiqua, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is renowned for its Spanish colonial buildings and its 200-year reign as Guatemala’s colonial capital. Eugene Rotarian Nancy Hughes is director of StoveTeam International, a nonprofit that teams up with volunteers around the world to build stove factories in Latin America to produce safe, affordable, fuel-efficient cook stoves to replace dangerous open cooking fires. StoveTeam supported factories have produced more than 58,504 stoves, improving the lives of more than 438,780 people. We look forward to hearing about this dynamic service project when Ray, Charlie and Monet return! HAVE YOU BOUGHT YOUR WINE RAFFLE TICKETS? – Tickets are now available for $10 each or five for $45. The first place winner will enjoy 24 bottles of ultrapremium wine; second place will delight in 12 bottles of ultra-premium wine; and third place will receive 6 bottles. To see a complete list of all wines, go to the club’s website: Tickets are available from all Rotary members or you can contact Mark Dennett (Mark@dennettgroup. com) for tickets.

Defensible Space

cont from page 2 minimum 12 foot wide driving surface and are clear of vegetation 20 feet wide. Property owners have three options for dealing with removed trees, brush and limbs. (1) Chip-in-place, the wood chips on the forest floor are much less of a fire hazard and will slowly compost into the soil. (2) Haul to compost transfer sites. Free yard debris weekends this year are: Bend, Knott - May 6-14, Sunriver, Cottonwood - May 5-6; and La Pine, Hwy 97 Transfer - June 2-3. (3) Yard debris pile burning is currently open within the La Pine Rural Fire Protection District with an expected closure around Mid-May. Permits are required and are available at www.lapinefire. org or any fire station. Wildland defensible (survivable) space is a continual and ongoing process. Do a little bit every season – but start today.

GREAT HALL WELCOMES YOU JUNE 2nd - The club’s major fundraiser, “A Great Time in the Great Hall for a Great Cause!” will take place at 6:00 pm on Friday June 2 in Sunriver Resort’s historic Great Hall. Dinner tickets are $85 per person. This is the 15th year for the fundraiser and it has raised over $521,000 so far. This year’s event will feature a silent auction as well as a live auction and Rotary’s popular Bids for Kids. The superb dinner menu will offer a tender mixed green salad, and your choice of seared wild salmon, roasted breast of statler chicken, grilled New York steak, or stuffed eggplant roulade with a marionberry cobbler for desert. Complimentary wine is included with dinner along with a cash bar. Tables of 8 or 10 are available. Contact Rotarian Ron Schmid (808-372-8931, to purchase your tickets today. HELP YOUR COMMUNITY IN 2017 – The Sunriver-La Pine Rotary Club is always looking for new members that embrace our “service above self” motto. If you would like to learn more about Rotary and attend a meeting as a guest, please contact Mark Dennett ( You do not have to be a Sunriver resident to be a member; members come from all over South Deschutes County.

Page 13

Local Celebs Battle in KNCP “Bracketology” “March Madness,” the annual national obsession with the NCAA basketball tournament, is under way with millions of hoops fans across the country attempting Kevin McDaniel to correctly pick tournament winners. Newberry Country is caught up in the “madness” as local dignitaries are vying for the title of “bracket-meister” in KNCP radio’s 2nd annual NCAA bracket contest. Local celebrities entered in the contest include Mayor Dennis Scott, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Ann

Gawith, Wickiup Station Sports Pub owner Rick Clark, LHS basketball coaches Sam Ramirez and Jason Mumm, KITC/KNCP hosts Gil Ernst, Ben Ives, Gene Bowman, Grant Norlin, and Kevin McDaniel, and “defending champ” City Manager Cory Misley. Follow KNCP Celebrity Bracketology on “Hawk Sports Plus,” Fridays, 1011:30 a.m. on FM 107.3 (stream live on



Open Thursday - Saturday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Closed Sunday - Monday


52684 Highway 97, La Pine, OR



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Custom Homes • Shops / Garages Decks • Patio Covers • Remodels

custom homes

General Contractor CCB 101284

Visit our website:


(541) 536-2746

16410 3rd Street • Suite C • La Pine email:

g Announcin Julie Radloff, M.D.

Our New Provider Family Practice

Dr. Julie Radloff enjoys taking care of patients of all ages and at all stages of life and she considers her most important role to be a coach for them by promoting healthy lifestyle choices and maintaining preventive health care needs. Dr. Radloff received her medical degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill then completed her residency at Mountain Area Health Education Center in Asheville, NC. She moved to Oregon and became board certified in family medicine in 2012. Julie is excited to make central Oregon her new home and in her free time, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors, by bicycle, hiking, and skiing.

Call now for an appointment to meet one of our primary care providers.


51600 Huntington Rd La Pine, Oregon

HOURS: Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Sat. - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Walk-in Clinic is open Mon.- Fri. 8:00 am to 6:00 pm


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The Newberry Eagle - The Community Newspaper of Newberry Country

My Pet Sadie

By Dean Sathrum Sadie is a yellow lab that, she loves to make mix and my favorite dog me jealous with strangers. ever, but , honestly, I Upon meeting someone think every one I've ever new, she sidles right up owned was my favorite. to them and leans in for What makes Sadie special, that “loving” she knows however, is her uncanny is coming that will make ability to read my thoughts me envious. She stares at and intentions. It's most me with that uppity look likely due to the two of of hers that says, “You us spending so much know I could go home time together. If I even with this person, don't think about bathing her, you? He would give me she slithers to the nearest treats any time I wanted!” corner, hides out, and Her eyes are angelic and starts to tremble. She loves sorrowful and I swear people, but more than that her partially-opened

Humane Society of Central Oregon


pet of the Month

mouth exposes a smug smile. But, alas, I will let her toy with me and have her fun. Sadie has gotten me through many of life's rough patches, including a divorce, and all she really asks in return is that I scratch behind her ears.

Digital X-RAY Ultrasound Boarding Affordable Surgery Dental Care Professional Groomer Gordon Pickering, DVM Julee Pickering, DVM Lani Voyles, DVM Kristy Hall, DVM

April 2017

Mon - Fri 7:30am - 5:30pm Saturdays 8:00am - 4:00pm


51693 Huntington Road, La Pine

Bubba Gump is a handsome 3-year-old Pit Bull mix who arrived at HSCO as a stray. No one came looking for him so now he’s ready to find a home for himself. Bubba Gump is a very sweet dog with a lot of energy. He loves hanging out with his people, playdates with other dogs and going for walks. His favorite activity is playing ball. Could he be the canine companion you’ve been searching for? Come meet him and find out! Kristin Bates, Assistant Shelter Manager Humane Society of Central Oregon 541-382-3537




The Newberry Eagle would like to print your pet story. Please send us 200 words and a photo about your pet. Go to, and click on the "Submit article & ads" button, complete the dialogue box and upload your text document and photo about your pet.

L & M Painting Reliable • Dependable • Meticulous Strong Customer Service Leslie O’Connell ~ Mark O’Connell

Residential & Commercial Exterior/Interior New Construction/Remodels Parking Lot Striping

Full Service Paint & Stain


Lic #184406 • Bonded • Insured

Grange cont from front page drape over our charter for a month. Ted was a fascinating man who collected exotic imported items, raised chickens, and had a great sense of humor. We miss him already. This month we will be presenting a documentary entitled, “Chicken People.” It is a charming and surprising look, into the world of competition chicken breeders. It portrays the sometime poignant lives of the competitors as they strive to create the “perfect” bird. It is informative as well as entertaining. We also host the Brown Bag Food Giveaway on the fourth Friday of each month from 2pm until about four. Anyone can pick up the food that has been donated by local grocery stores who would otherwise throw these extra items away. Great breads, produce, milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. We have welcomed several new members to our fold. Our membership is helped by our scholarship program which pays half of the membership fee. The La Pine Little Deschutes Grange has monthly Potluck Dinners and everyone is welcome to come. Check it out. We encourage anyone interested to attend one of our meetings the 3rd Tuesday evening of each month to see what we are all about. The Grange Hall is located on Morson St.(just south of 3rd Street).For information call Dot at 541-536-2197.

The Newberry Eagle - The Community Newspaper of Newberry Country

Calendar of Events LA PINE Family Fun Storytelling. Every Thursday, 10:3011:30 am. La Pine Deschutes County Library Branch. Newberry Speak to Succeed. Every Tuesday, 8-9 am. Gordy’s Restaurant, 17045 Whitney Rd., La Pine. Contact us at

5413 or LPRD Board. Every third Thursday of the month, 5:30-7:30. La Pine Community Center. Work Session with General Session to follow. Agenda is posted outside the building for public notice City of La Pine City Council Meeting. Every second Wednesday of the month, 6:00 pm. La Pine City Hall, 16345 Sixth Street.

STEM Family Night. April 13, 5:00-7:00 pm. La Pine Middle School Library, 16300 1st Street. Come and let the Middle School and High School students show off what they have been doing in their STEM classrooms! Blessing It Forward Give Away and Blood Drive. April 22, 8:00-12:00. Free! High Lakes Christian Church, 52620 Day Road, La Pine. “The Little Mermaid” April 20-22, 7:00-9:00 pm. Presented by La Pine High School and Middle School students. La Pine High School. 51633, Coach Road, La Pine. An Economic Vitality Roadmap meeting and celebration. April 25, 6:00-8:30 p.m. La Pine Senior Center. Sponsored by City of La Pine & RDI. FreeFire Day! Recycle yard debris for free! Visit the FireFree website at La Pine- June 2 and 3, Southwest Transfer Station. March for Science! April 22, 3:00-10:00 pm. Details to follow. For more information go to and follow leads to March for Science, Bend! Beware the Ides of April Taxes Due! April 15, 11:59 pm La Pine Senior Center Bingo. Every Monday night, 5:45 pm, and every Tuesday 12:45 pm. 16450 Victory Way, La Pine. lapineseniorcenter. org, 541-536-6237.

La Pine City Planning Committee Meeting. Every third Wednesday of the month, 5:30 pm. La Pine City Hall, 16345 Sixth Street. Alcoholics Anonymous (La Pine, Sunriver and Deschutes County). Hotline: 541-548-0440. For information on meeting times and locations, call Central Oregon Intergroup at 541-548-0440 or check online at SUNRIVER Sunriver Women's Club. Every Tuesday, 11:30 am. For more Information please call Laura Dickinson 248-980-8234 or check online at Sunriver-La Pine Rotary Club. Every Wednesday mornings. Buffet Breakfast (7:00 - 7:30am) meeting 7:35 a.m. at the Hearth Room - Sunriver Resort Lodge. For more info call Mark Dennett 541-488-4925 FreeFire Day! Recycle yard debris for free! Visit the FireFree website at SunriverMay 5 and 6, Sunriver Compost in Sunriver. SHARC Swim Center, Sunriver Underwater Egg Hunt and Rubber Duck Races. April 15, 9:00-11:00. $10 for Duck Race or $15 for both. RSVP only. Call 541-585-3147. Central Oregon Sundays at SHARC. $9 per person through May 21. Includes indoor aquatics & tubing Hill (seasonal). Must show proof of residence in Deschutes, Jefferson, or Crook County.

La Pine Moose Bingo. Every Wednesday, 5:45 pm. Meals available. 52510 Drafter Rd, La Pine, 541-536-3388

Sunriver Library Family Fun. Every Tuesday, 10:30 am. Sunriver Deschutes County Library Branch. Interactive story time with songs, rhymes, and crafts (0-5 yrs.)

La Pine American Legion Bingo. Every Thursday. Ticket sales: 4:40 p.m., First game: 5:45 p.m. Burgers, French fries, and Polish dogs. 52532 Drafter Rd, La Pine, 541-536-1402.

EGG-TASTIC Baskets! April 8, 3:00 pm., Make seasonal baskets, DIY slime and crafts. All ages.

La Pine Caregiver Support Group. Every Friday, 10:00-11:30 am. Hearts and Home, 51681 Huntington Road, La Pine. If you have questions or need to arrange a ride, please contact Heidi at La Pine Lions Club Dinner Meeting. Every second Wednesday of the month, 6:00 pm. Gordy’s Restaurant, 17045 Whitney Rd, La Pine. La Pine Ya Ya Sisterhood Meeting and Potluck. Every second Wednesday of each month, 5:30 pm. La Pine Senior Center, 16450 Victory Way, La Pine. Call Linda Vassalli, 541-536-6176. Alzheimer Support Group. Every second Thursday of the month, 10:00 am. Prairie House Assisted Living, 51485 Morson, La Pine. 541508-4111. High Lakes Car Club Potluck and Meeting. Every second Thursday of the month, 5:30 pm. For meeting location, contact Jessie Hager at (541) 815-3297. Free Veterans’ Breakfast. Every second Thursday of the month, 8:00 am. Prairie House Assisted Living, 51485 Morson, La Pine. 541508-4111. American Legion Post 45 Meeting. Every second Tuesday of the month, 6:00 pm. 52532 Drafter Rd, La Pine. 541-536-1402.

Animal Adventures. April 11, 12:00 pm. Live animals, stories, and crafts with High Desert Museum (3+ years) Tracing the History of African American Literature. April 12, 12:00 pm. From slave narratives to contemporary novels. Lego Block Party. April 15, 3:00 pm. Read! Build! Play! Join other builders and a gazillion LEGS’s. (All ages) Homegoing Book Discussion. April 17, 6:00 pm. Music and Movement. April 25, 10:30 am. Movement and stories to develop skills (3-5 years). BEND Free Resume Workshop. April 5, 3:30-5:00 pm. Bend Public Library. Staff from Goodwill Job Connection and Deschutes Public Library will share their expertise in best practices for the job search and creating resumes. High Desert Museum Backpack Explorers. Every Wed. and Thurs. 10:00-11:00. High Desert Museum. Kids 3-5. Registration fee. Contact Marissa Ticus at, call (541) 382-4754, ext. 329 or register online at

La Pine Community Kitchen B.O.D. Meeting. Every third Thursday of the month, 9:30 am. La Pine City Hall in the City Council Chambers,16345 Sixth Street.

A Pollinator’s Plight. Thursday, April 6, 2017, 6:00pm. A discussion about the importance of bees and a documentary on the first species of bee in the continental U.S. to be placed on the endangered species list. Members $3, nonmembers $7. RSVP:

La Pine Lions Club Board of Directors Dinner Meeting. Every Second Wednesday, 6:00 pm. Gordy’s Restaurant, 17045 Whitney Rd., La Pine. Business meeting. Every 4th Wednesday, 11:00 am. La Pine Community Bldg. Contact: 541-536-

Museum & Me. Saturday, March 29, 4:00 pm7:00 pm. A time for children and adults with physical, cognitive, and/or social disabilities to enjoy the High Desert Museum after hours. Free for individuals, and families. RSVP:

Come meet Angie, Marilyn and Linda at their NEW LOCATION

Easter Egg unts! H The Holy Redeemer Church The Youth sill host this year's Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday following the 10:00am mass (about 11 am). There will be 4 thousand eggs with the traditional Golden Prize Eggs. Open to pre-K thru high school.

La Pine Park & Rec Egg Hunt

- Easter Sun. Apr 16 1:00PM. in the field next to the La Pine Library. Face painting, Easter petting zoo, balloon animals, games prizes.541-876-5575. Sponsored by LPRD & One Hope Ministry.

Moose Lodge in La Pine Egg Hunt Sat.. Apr 15 9:00AM pancake breakfast, kids free, adults $3. Egg Hunt 11 am SHARP. BE ON TIME FOR EGG HUNT.

The Newberry Eagle Newspaper Easter Egg Hunt - Right here in the

paper- 12 Easter Eggs are strategically hidden! We challenge you to find them! Circle them when you find them (exclude the eggs at the top of this ad & front page). Enjoy!

LINDA, ANGIE, and MARILYN “We provide Pedicures, Nails, Gel Polish, Perms, Color, Cuts.”


541-815-8484 Linda 541-536-3997

Angie & Marilyn

51500 Huntington, La Pine

Page 15

La Pine Library Events Family Fun Storytime Interactive Storytime with songs, rhymes, and crafts. Program is geared to ages 0-5, but the whole family is welcome! Thursdays, 10:30 am Friends of the La Pine Library Hours for the Friends’ Book Nook: Tuesdays, 10 am – 1 pm, Thursdays & Saturdays, 1 – 4 pm EGG-TASTIC Baskets! Make and take seasonal baskets, DIY slime and crafts! Supplies limited. Registration required. 3-11 yrs. Saturday, April 8, 11:00 am Animal Adventures Join the High Desert Museum for a fun storytime and craft. Meet one of the Museum’s live animals! Limited to 25 children age 3+ and their adults. Free tickets are available on the day of the program. Tuesday, April 11, 10:00 am LEGO Block Party Read! Build! Play! Join other builders and a gazillion LEGOs. All ages welcome to come and have fun! Saturday, April 15, 1:00 pm Library Closure All Deschutes Public Libraries will be CLOSED on Sunday, April 16.

Community Kitchen Spring Fundraiser Set for May 6th Memories of the harsh winter may be fading as spring comes into its own, but the thought of a night in the Hawaiian Islands never goes out of season. Add the appeal of appetizers, beverages and samples of their signature dishes being offered by an array of local restaurants, and this one-time-only special event becomes irresistible. Join us in saying “Aloha and Thank You” to Kim Hafermalz (aka ‘Kim from the Kitchen”) on Saturday, May 6, 5-7 p.m. at the Community Center. This farewell celebration and spring fundraiser will benefit the La Pine Community Kitchen, where Hafermalz has served as Executive Director for three resoundingly successful years – bringing acclaim to this nonprofit from throughout Central Oregon. Tickets, $25/single and $40/couple, can be purchased at the Chamber of Commerce’s Visitors Center, and through the Community Kitchen website (www. Check flyers posted throughout La Pine for further details.


April 29th - 10am-2pm Refreshments, Wine & Door Prizes

April 2017

Happy Easter from The Newber ry Eagle!

A Novel Idea- Blacks In Oregon Gwen Carr, current board secretary of the Oregon Black Pioneers, presents an overview of black history in Oregon beginning in 1788. Primarily focused on the 1800s, Carr’s presentation will include a couple of surprises that involve Central Oregon black pioneers. Everyone welcome! Wednesday, April 19, 12:00 pm The Library Book Club Join us as we discuss A Novel Idea book, Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi! Intriguing titles with a fun group! Call or go online for our next read. Everyone welcome! Thursday, April 20, 12:00 pm Animal Adventures Join the High Desert Museum for a fun storytime and craft. Meet one of the Museum’s live animals! Limited to 25 children age 3+ and their adults. Free tickets are available on the day of the program. Tuesday, April 25, 10:00 am Friends’ Meeting The Friends of the La Pine Library will be meeting in the La Pine Library. Everyone welcome! Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 1:00 pm Music and Movement   Movement, music and stories to develop skills! Geared to 3 - 5 year-olds. Thursday, April 27, 10:30 am People with disabilities needing accommodations (alternative formats, seating or auxiliary aides) should contact Community Librarian, Roxanne Renteria, at 541-312-1091, or roxanner@ The La Pine Public Library is located at 16425 1st Street, in La Pine, Oregon.

Washington Federal is celebrating our first 100 years! Join the La Pine and Gilchrist branches in celebrating our 100th birthday the week of April 21st! !Cookies and Cake!

Page 16

The Newberry Eagle - The Community Newspaper of Newberry Country

April 2017

In the High Desert with Montana Charlie Montana Charlie is an author, poet, and artist. For information about his books and other writings contact him at MontanaCharlie47@

A Young Man’s Fancy As I saddled up this morning, And prepared to ride away. I thought the day most pleasant, Seemed that spring had come to stay.

The milk cow had a new heifer, The speckled hen had ten new chicks. The aspen trees down by the river, Were no longer just naked sticks.

The new grass had started growing, Everything was new and clean. Life and beauty just astound me, Those first few weeks of spring.

Lupine grew all over the meadow, With vetch mixed in for its grace. Wild roses peaked out of the willows, Exposing their buds and their face.

The pace of life started to quicken, And today as I ride into town. I’ll stop by the jeweler and florist, And then go call on that pretty Miss Brown!

By Montana Charlie

16213 Sparks Dr - $364,900 2360 SF,3Bd/2.5Ba,Outbuildings

15944 Woodchip Ln - $290,000 2146 SF, Sprklrs, Heated Garage

15715 Camino De Oro-$269,900 1940 SF, 4.5 Ac, Huge Garage

15855 Sparks Dr - $199,000 1620 SF, Lg Rms, 2 Car Garage

52095 Stearns Rd - $190,000 Updated 1148 SF Home, Garage

15757 Jackpine Rd - $169,000 1133 SF, .78 Ac, Dbl Gar, RV Cvr

53415 Kokanee Ln - $159,900 3Bd, 2Ba, 1568 SF, Park-like Ac

16155 Del Pino Dr - $153,900 2Bd/2Ba, Shop, Fenced Acre

52587 Doe Ln - $109,900 1172 SF, 3Bd, Shop, Outbldgs

51488 Hann Rd - $74,900 Nice Home, New Well, .77 Acre

541-536-0117 Located on the corner of Hwy 97 and William Foss Road in La Pine


We are here 7 days a week to help you with your Real Estate or Rental needs!

2017 04 newberry eagle  

The Community Newspaper of Newberry Country

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