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New Beginnings Moravian Church February 2013

3rd Annual

Chili Bowl February 2nd

4:30-6:30 p.m.

It’s a great afternoon of delicious food, friendly competition and great fellowship. Be sure to bring non-perishable food donations to benefit our local pantry. You’ll have a great time, AND help feed your neighbors!

Ash Wednesday Communion Service February 13th 7:007:00-7:30 p.m. Our Lenten Program begins following the service... Wednesdays at 7 pm* February 13, 20, 27, March 6, 13, 20 Despite a lifetime attending Sunday School, topped off by a Bible college education, the author found himself further & further removed from the person of Jesus. In this book, Yancey explores the life of Jesus “from below;” what it must have been like to observe in person the extraordinary events unfolding in Galilee and Judea as Jesus traveled and taught; the culture into which Jesus was born and grew to adulthood; his character & mission; his teachings and miracles; his legacy — not just as history has told it, but as he himself intended it to be. Set aside these six Wednesday evenings & learn about The Jesus [You] Never Knew *Program begins after service on Feb. 13th; balance of dates, 6:30-light dinner, 7-8 program Building a community guided by the Holy Scriptures, preparing it to reach out in word and deed, with faith, joy and compassion, spreading the message of hope through Jesus Christ while celebrating God’s everlasting love & grace.

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New Beginnings Moravian Church

Classes for Every Age! For children 3 & 4; during the worship service; circle time, singing, Bible story, craft, snack, mission work and more! Middle/High School Class 9:30-10:30 a.m. Sundays in pChris’ office K3 Class — For children K through 3rd grade; from 9:30-11:30, (on Joyful Noise Sunday, the class meets 9:30-10:20 ONLY so that the children can participate in worship with their families.

4/6 Class — For children fourth through sixth grade; meets in the Youth room, from 9:30-10:20.

Women’s Bible Study 9:15-10:15 at The Solomon House

2nd Annual Women’s Day — Saturday, February 16th at 9:00 ‘til 3:30 here at New Beginnings Leaders: Joyce Vance Pastor Betty Helms Malissa Bumgarner Master Gardener

Guest Speaker: Lucetta Zaytoun, CPCC Registrations were due by Jan. 30th, but late registration will be accepted by Feb. 4th, so don’t delay! Registration Form Your Registration of $15.00 is requested. This includes refreshments, a boxed lunch and a program booklet.

Feasting on the Word 9:30-10:15 in the fellowship hall

4th Annual

Latino Ministries Conference April 19-21 Friday, April 19th—5 p.m. hosted at New Beginnings Saturday, April 20th 9 a.m.—7:30 p.m. hosted at Peace Moravian Cost: $35.00 Register online at

Please complete information below & mail to: Jan Richardson : Women’s Day 22416 Torrence Chapel Road Cornelius NC 28031 Name________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________ Phone #_______________________________ Email_________________________________ Lunch time choice, please check one 11:30_________12:20_________ Church membership____________________________________ Enclose your $15.00 registration fee Late registrants will be welcome but supplies may be limited.

This year we are offering a small folding blue umbrella with the Springs of Life Logo printed on one panel for preorder only. Cost $10:00. Your order # ______

A special offering will be taken during the closing service to aid the Unity Women’s Desk Micro Loans programs.

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Genesis 12:1 The LORD had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you"… So Abram went.

God's call of Abraham is a summons to the people of God not to let old ways of living and conventional belief prevent them from moving into a quality of life far "richer" than they had known. In other words embedded in the "call" was the idea to not be afraid of the future with God's help, because it was the future where God was leading! However in reality it is sometimes hard to live into the future and escape the fear created through difficult economic times and the anxiety that those times can cause for a whole host of reasons even though we know that we rest in Gods hands. So it is with great enthusiasm and expectation that I report to you that as 2012 has closed and 2013 has opened our final financial statement for last year reflects that our income exceeded our expenses for which we can give God the praise! Not only did this happen but we were able to keep all our committments to our missionaries that we support as well as various non-profit ministries in our local area that we support, continue some current and future campus upfits and uplifts, and for good measure we were able to send 2 teams to MS last summer as we helped repair yet another home in Ocean Springs. We know (the Board) that so many people in our work here in Huntersville have truly gone the extra mile this past year not only in our financial giving but in response to continued volunteer opportunities and the very mission itself of (Reflecting the Hope {Jesus} that is right around the corner.). On behalf of the Board, I personally would like to thank everyone who has helped us continue to go where God is calling in our collective response to Him and we look forward with great expectation to "the land" that He is revealing in the days ahead. pC 2013 Leadership Team Paul Bradley Derek Hoover (Vice-Chair) Jill Lantz Rev. Christopher C. Thore (Chair)

Alice-Marie Darnell Becky Jones Scott Snider Sharon Weibel

Mission Opportunity Want to help serve dinner at the Emergency Winter Shelter? March 16th, 5:30—8:00-ish — On-site Volunteer positions available, but they are limited, so if you are planning to participate, don’t delay signing up (one name per line, please) — Can’t be there, but still want to help? Lots of donations are needed— just put your name on the line across from the item(s) you’d like to donate, and drop your donations on the table in the fellowship hall. Building a community guided by the Holy Scriptures, preparing it to reach out in word and deed, with faith, joy and compassion, spreading the message of hope through Jesus Christ while celebrating God’s everlasting love & grace.

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New Beginnings Moravian Church

Lunchtime Lecture, February 14th at the Archie K. David Center in Old Salem; “The Oochgelogy Mission to the Cherokee, 12:15-12:45 pm; lecture free, bring lunch if you like Two full scholarships being offered for young adults (ages 18-25) for the Moravian Music Festival this summer! or call the MMF office 336-725-0651. Moravian Music on the Mt...the 3rd Moravian Music Weekend at Laurel Ridge, February 22-24th. Play in the band, sing in the choir or simply listen and enjoy Call the MMF 336-725-0651 or Laurel Ridge 888-831-5922 for more information and registration information. 2013 Leadership Focus Conference, February 23rd — One & two hour workshops will be offered. Pick up a registration form in our fellowship hall, or go to website: Environmental Stewardship Conference at Fries Memorial Moravian on March 1 and 2nd. Visit to learn more and register. Provincial Women’s Spiritual Life Retreat, April 26-28th, Laurel Ridge; Leader—The Rev. Dr. Nola Knouse Youth Convo 2013—Greensboro College campus will hot Moravians from all over North America, June 30July 6; for youth who have completed grade 9 through completed 12th. Register by March 15th Summer Camp is right around the corner . . . Check out the schedule and registration form at

February is National Heart Month. On February 1st, you may have noticed people wearing a lot of red. In order to raise awareness for the number 1 killer of women, heart disease, a campaign was started called Go For Red. They have made February 1st National Wear Red Day. I encourage you to take the time to read the new bulletin board in the fellowship hall and to go to the American Heart Association’s Website; to read more about Go For Red and heart disease. There is so much good information there to help you make better choices to take better care of your heart, to prevent heart attacks, stroke and premature death. The American Heart Association encourages us to work on Life’s Simple 7, factors and behaviors, to have the biggest impact on our heart health: Get active Eat better Lose Weight/maintain healthy weight Control Cholesterol Manage Blood Pressure Reduce Blood Sugar Stop Smoking Even small positive changes can make a huge difference in your heart health. Something that isn’t listed above that is very interesting is that research suggests people who report higher levels of religious or spiritual activities including attending services, praying and reading sacred texts have a lower risk of hypertension and heart disease. (Handbook of Religion and Health) So here is a new list for us to add to the one above to follow: Attend church and additional services as offered Pray daily or as the Bible suggests, pray without ceasing Read your Bible daily Wow!!! Now that is much easier than a push up or a burpee, so let’s get to it and make our hearts healthier in 2013. — submitted by Rebecca Hoover


Treasurer’s Report December 2012 Income: Regular Offering $27,992.98 New structure of the Southern Province Flowers 234.00 Women’s Fellowship 3,907.00 update from RCC via Paddy Wigney Joyful Noise 32.59 Latino Conference, coming in April Daily Text 10.00 The Polity of the NB Board Band 50.00 The “Healthy Practices for Church Boards” Lovefeasts 2,217.65 change-order reimb 300.00 2013 Calendar Music 125.00 Upcoming Synod, 2014 Misc. 205.18 December Treasurer’s Report Interest 8.98 Potential Vice-Chair candidates; elected Derek Hoover Total Income: $35,083.38

At the January meeting, your Leadership Board reviewed/discussed: • • • • • • • • •

Please update your Church Directory . . . Libby Blackwell Jayne & Keith Cannon 2931 Canary Ct., Charlotte, NC 704-277-6849 Rod Frye 9527 Fairmead Drive, Charlotte, NC 28269 980-207-4402 John, Veronica & John Andrew Weibel c/o Sharon Weibel 3496 Milford Ct., Concord, NC 28027 Please don’t share this information with anyone outside of NB.

STILL WANTED: Someone to handle the church photos, fill albums, label events, etc. Call the church office, please.

February 1 Ben Burrage 2 Barbara Goroway 4 Melissa Newsome 11 Ethan Hoover 19 Mac Goodrum 21 Eric Robbins 24 Doris Homan, Phyllis Thompson, Carol Tyndall 27 Brad Bowman, Jeremy Lantz

Expenses: Administrative Prov. Assessment Mortgage Postage Flowers Office supplies Lawn (3 mos) Utilities Telephone/Internet Nursery Christian Ed Mission Evangelism Women’s Fellowship Worship Joyful Noise Misc. Total Expenses: Budgeted Income YTD Actual YTD Budgeted Expense YTD Actual YTD

8752.48 2563.00 1336.00 63.00 45.87 203.63 460.00 436.61 176.09 140.00 17.71 50.00 38.00 3,247.25 237.24 50.00 34.87 $ 17,851.75 $ $ $ $

188,807.04 188,904.69 188,807.04 185,194.51

Inclement Weather??? Change of schedule or closure will be announced on WBTV, and when possible, an email will be sent out as well. If you know someone without internet, please give them a call just to be sure they’re aware of the schedule change!

Want to get “connected” but not sure where? If you like children, you could help out in the Nursery on Sundays, or be an assistant in Toddler Time, teach a Sunday School class, or do the Youth Message Like to read? Why not be a scripture reader during worship? Like to bake, and share your delicious goodies? Join the Refreshment Team and provide continental breakfast following worship on Sundays. Like to sing? Join the Choir. Want to greet, and help seat folks who attend worship? Be an Usher. Play an instrument? Join the Moravian Band, or our Handbell Choir Want to help, but need something you can do on your schedule? Be on our Cleaning Teams — we’re always looking for a few good men and/or women! Like to plan events, & help carry them out? There are lots of activities you can coordinate — Christmas in Davidson, picnics, celebrations, lovefeasts Interested in helping people? There are lots of mission opportunities throughout the year . . . Check out the article on p. 3 about Dinner Service at EWS on March 16th. Want to be a Lovefeast diener? — our next one is on Palm Sunday, that’d be a great one to start with Want to be a part of Women’s Fellowship? — their next meeting is Sunday, February 10th after worship. For more information, or to have your questions answered, call the church office today! New Beginnings Moravian Church 201 Seagle St., P.O. Box 2278 Huntersville, NC 28078 Phone: 704-992-2003 Fax: 704-992-2002 Office Email:

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