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when chief leschi of the nisqually tribe established his encampment on lake washington in the

19 t h

century, he could hardly have imagined that

the suburb named after him would become , in the words of interior designer nancy burfiend ,

“ one


the more groovy , fun neighborhoods on a lake in seattle.”

Filled with hip boutiques and restaurants, green parks and

water views, it’s a perfect place, nowadays, to ply a stylish bohemian life. Which is what lured a 34-year-old artist mom of two and her Internet retail executive husband to its shore. “They wanted a space where people could focus on the art they collect,” says architect John DeForest. “They live their art rather than just display it.” The couple initially purchased a craftsman lodge-style house. Being young and creative, they saw the potential to transform the structure’s rustic aesthetic—scores of bluestone surfaces, dark slate floors and architecture John DeForest, AIA, and Steve Click, DeForest Architects interior design Nancy Burfiend, ASID,

and Devin Fitzpatrick, NB Design Group home builder Owen Roberts and Bryan Wygal, Roberts Wygal bedrooms 5

bathrooms 5

square feet 5,850

luxe interiors

+ design


LUXE Seattle Issue 2  

LUXE Seattle Issue 2

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