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Don’t Blink

Muki Kulhan, executive digital producer and managing director, Muki-International, looks at why broadcasters need to keep their eyes (and minds) wide open to the realities of mixed and immersive storytelling


At the recent MediaTech 360 Summit in June, I was lucky enough to be part of a panel that tied in both of those core propositions, but with the focus centered around immersive storytelling and sensory experiences, and how important it now is for broadcasters to really push boundaries and increase the value not only for their own brand, but most importantly, the viewers. We all agreed this industry has made a nice circle during the last 20 years and welcomed the change in how we create and consume. As someone who has experienced first-hand this shift in interactive production and audience engagement since the early ‘turn of the century’ red button stunt days at MTV, we knew that

lose your eyes. If you have them open

It’s now pretty common and often entertaining

a fun, retro game like ‘Ad-Break Pong’ in the

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to integrate this type of alternative content in

middle of an MTV Hits commercial would work.

(I thank you in advance), you’ve

order to give a bit of jazz hands – In some cases

Why? Because it was simple. Nowadays we can

just blinked. As you repeat this action, all

quite literally, citing Jeremy Vine’s election night

craft simple storytelling in the virtual, 360-degree

around the world there are hours upon hours

soft shoe, hot-stepping around a virtual map of

space to take our viewers on a much deeper

of revolutionary new content being created,

the UK.

journey, such as the BBC’s amazing, emotional VR refugee story We Wait.

new production houses being started, new live experiences streamed, new code being developed and new hardware being crafted, all in the name of the fabulously modern and skeptic-defying formats that we call Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

‘Imagine watching the World Cup on TV, and being able to take a virtual penalty kick right there in your living room’

Within our worlds of broadcasting and

Next up, augmented stories – how, why, what next? The good news about AR is that it will allow us to show off our environments and tell a story in a different way, be it long-form, short-form or live.

production, the ‘Reality Family’ of content that

While tying in AR into a broadcast production

are siblings V, A, M, (and introducing, the new

is still in the early stages, it gives us the exciting,

cousin ‘S’, for Sensory Reality), are now more

However, if you put green-screened news

thrilling chance to go back to basics, and keep

than just a bunch of trendy buzz words that

studios to one side, the value propositions for

things simple and fun while we experiment.

hovered over us the last five years. They’ve

broadcasters to MR, VR and AR content are

managed to stand a mini-test of time to grow

still a bit like newly discovered gold mines.

is when a client asks, ‘What do I do?’ Starting

into a popular way to add value to many shows

Except that this time, the channels are no

with a big white blank canvas means that world

and brands, with fans now expecting different

longer the canary, but the gems waiting to

is yours, and anything can happen. The very

ways they can experience and connect with

shine, with some of the biggest opportunities

first thing to consider are the fans. Those lovely,

their favourite programmes. And, over the next

being around ground-breaking revenue

die-hard, sometimes brand-new, often curious,

five years, these formats are likely to become

and commercial areas (cue new term

attention-fickle, let’s-keep-their-attention-fans.

part of our required, core deliverables for major

‘interactive brand partnerships’), and the

Who are they, what do they want, how will they

productions around the globe. And that’s a

all-important, pure entertainment value

watch their content, and how will you educate

good thing.

that is clever storytelling.

them about it? What is going to make your UX

One of my favourite questions in the world

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