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Glenn Roggeman joined the company in 1985


Flying high AED group invited over 1,500 A/V professionals to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary in December. Marc Maes asked CEO Glenn Roggeman how he created one of the most significant pro-audio players businesses in Europe


t’s 30 years ago since 16-year-old Glenn Roggeman started a professional rental company. “The roots of AED (originally Acoustic and Electronic Development) date back to 1977 – a small pro-audio and hi-fi retail shop named Eglantier. Four years later, in 1981, Eglantier was renamed AED Ltd and started import and distribution of Richard Allen and Beyma loudspeakers and AEQ amplifiers,”

SUMMA. THE WORLD AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. Inspired by the simplicity and intuitiveness of tablet technology, Summa is designed for a broad range of operator levels, with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface which uses established finger gestures to navigate the system. Designed for live broadcast applications, with a focus on instinctive operation, Summa simplifies even complex workflow tasks with common procedures that are just a touch away.

Leading-edge Bluefin2 DSP and the same high-performance Hydra2 router technology featured on the Apollo and Artemis consoles means Summa is fully integrated with the wider broadcast community. Lean, refined and simple – more reasons why the world’s most successful broadcasters rely on Calrec.


PSNE February 2016 Digital  
PSNE February 2016 Digital