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Doing justice to Dredd 2000 AD remains Britain’s greatest comic with a stellar line-up of characters, and now Rebellion is letting anyone play with its toys. Seth Barton reports


000 AD recently hit its 40th anniversary and is still going strong. Judge Dredd continues to lead the charge and arguably remains the most recognisable British-created comic book character - Dennis the Menace aside, as he’s hardly an obvious draw for core gamers. Behind him is a slew of popular characters with dedicated fanbases. Best of all, practically all of them are perfect gaming fodder. After all, there’s barely a game industry veteran in the country that hasn’t been influenced by the publication over the years. Now, for the first time, 2000 AD owner Rebellion has put out an open call for licensees on its wealth of intellectual property. So if you’ve always had a great idea for a 2000 AD-related game, or even if you’ve just got a great game idea that you’ve never quite found a character for, then Rebellion is now open for pitches.

GOING ROGUE We head to Oxford to see Rebellion co-founder Jason Kingsley. Appropriately, the game developer has owned 2000 AD since the year 2000. Jason, along with co-founder and brother Chris Kingsley, have something of a gut approach to business acquisitions. They bought 2000 AD largely because they thought it was cool, which it certainly is. Jason Kingsley is very proud of the publication, but he says telling people about it can be difficult: “I often tell people ‘I bought 2000 AD’ and they say, ‘Yes I bought it on Saturday as well’...” With the publication (and all of its various spin-offs) run from the same giant office space that contains the company’s development and publishing talent, 2000 AD is in something of a unique position as a licensing opportunity. It’s owned by games 

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We’re open to approaches from an individual that wants to make a micro game based on a tiny piece of intellectual property, up to somebody who wants to take Judge Dredd and make an open world city roaming game. Jason Kingsley, Rebellion

developers and surrounded by games developers, it knows games already. OPENING UP So why isn’t the Sniper Elite and Battlezone VR developer making 2000 AD games itself? It’s had a stab before, but without any great success, though it’s currently remaking 2006’s really-rathergood Rogue Trooper in a Redux release for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. “We wanted to do more 2000 AD games and I said to the team here ‘Let’s find some people to do some more 2000 AD’,” starts Kingsley. “And IT would say we haven’t got more space in the office. If you want to start hiring more people, we’re going to have to put a mezzanine floor in,” he explains. “So, it was like, ‘Oh that’s really annoying

Judge Dredd remains 2000 AD’s biggest draw, but there’s a huge roster of larger-than-life characters on offer here

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