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WIN networking event A hearty round of speed networking kicked off the Women of InfoComm Network (WIN) event last night as a prelude to the launch of the WIN Career Empowerment Alliances for 2017. These monthly groups of eight to 10 women meet virtually to delve into topics relating to career advancement, work-life balance and conflict resolution. “The point of this event here at ISE 2017 is to touch base with our European members to see what they’re interested in working on year-round as a group of women,” explained Betsy Jaffe, senior vice president of membership at InfoComm International. “Right now we have 200 women worldwide involved in the WIN Career Empowerment Alliances

programme. We have a few groups in Europe, but we want to expand the number that we have.” Since its foundation in 2015, the network has helped members solve a number of challenges. “We hear from women that they are the only woman in a meeting or in the room, so they feel a camaraderie here they don’t necessarily have at the office,” added Jaffe. The good news is that the provision of support and mentorship to women in the industry is coming from both genders. “We hear from women that a lot of men are providing support to them in their careers, so it’s important that we recognise the mentorship from both men and women as part of this group,” added Jaffe.

Pamela Taggart, senior director of European development at InfoComm International; Betsy Jaffe, senior vice president of membership at InfoComm International

Education tech provider opens up AV market SMART TECHNOLOGIES Showcasing a new line of educational displays and software to make connected learning experiences a reality is Smart Technologies. Two of the new panel series, the 7000 and 6000, feature proprietary collaboration technology called iQ that provides integration of personal devices, software and content, all within the interactive displays. Opening up a new market for Smart, the Smart Board 2000 series is an everyday 75in display designed to encourage better collaboration in the classroom. It is the first non-touch display integrated with wireless screen sharing from Smart. It enables built-in screen sharing for students and teachers to present lesson content from their laptops, tablets or any other mobile device. Supporting iOS, Android and Microsoft devices, the new Smart Board 2000 displays in 4K Ultra HD resolution. Commenting on the 2000 Series, Jeff Lowe, vice president for corporate marketing at Smart,

Jeff Lowe, Smart Technologies, and the the company’s most advanced interactive display, the Smart Board 7000 series stated: “This non-touch interactive display allows interactivity through personal devices, using screencasting. It allows us to enter a new, far bigger market, four times the size of the interactive touch display market from a hardware perspective.” Meanwhile the Smart Board 7000 series is the company’s most advanced interactive display that offers superior teaching and learning experiences. Its exclusive iQ technology enables the display to act as the central hub of classrooms, unifying students, teachers, classroom displays, software, content and personal devices into

one cohesive education-focused experience. It also features HyPr Touch (Hybrid Precision Touch) to deliver superior writing performance and touch accuracy, as well as the ability to recognise commands from an array of different interactive tools. Also, the Smart Board 6000 series now includes iQ technology as a standard feature to provide simple one-touch access to teaching materials, software and applications. It is a comprehensive ecosystem in one, comprising of an educationrelevant display that includes the complete Smart package of software, content and simplicity.

Stand: 13-C110

Compact VR mini-PC SPO-COMM The new spo-book KUMO IV, containing an NVIDIA GTX1060 graphics card in a robust metal housing, has launched at ISE 2017. Visitors can experience the performance of this mini-PC through a live virtual reality experience on the spo-comm stand involving a flight around a digitised version of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. With an Intel Core i5 Quad-Core CPU (Skylake), KUMO IV offers up

to 32gb DDR IV memory and not only supports demanding digital signage applications, but can be used to support virtual reality applications. Using two HDMI and two DisplayPort connectors, the spo-book KUMO IV can display 4K at 60Hz content simultaneously on four screens. “Its main differentiator is its small size, making it ideal for virtual reality applications in the retail space for example,” explained Bern Moosmüller, CMO of spo-comm.

“Normally, you need a bigger box, but the small form-factor KUMO IV can be easily installed in a shop for example. The first projects we are involved in, as a hardware partner working with software vendors, centre around tailored product sales, enabling people to visualise a new bathroom or their new car.” Also on show at the spo-comm stand are passive cooled systems, rugged and vehicle solutions as well as compact digital signage players.

Stand: 8-N335

Sound embedded into touch glass SELOY LIVE New interactive glass manufacturer Seloy Live is showcasing innovative new touch window technology with embedded sound on its stand. The company is demonstrating a 90in interactive touch window called Sense, which is available as double- or tripleHenri Kiuru is bringing new touch window glazed glass, with the technology with embedded sound to shop windows technology to create the touch capacity as well as sound embedded within the layers. in. But with our product, and using While traditional touch window Feonic’s sound technology, people technology is confined to the use of can interact with the window from the a single sheet of glass with touch street. We drive sales and that’s the foil behind the glass, Seloy Live has value we give. People can buy, using patented the design that sandwiches our product, 24/7.” the touch technology between the Kiuru continued: “All buildings sheets of glass. use glass but until now there’s been Seloy Live, a spin off created nothing extra you can do with it apart in March 2016 by Finnish parent from using it as part of the structure. company and glass specialist Seloy, is For externally facing glass, you need using sound technology from Feonic. double or triple glazing, and ours is This embedded sound enables the only product that does that. This the combination of a transparent is a proper window. Because we’re insulating glass unit and interactive from a glass background, we can touch surface to be used as part of a custom-make windows to any retail environment’s façade – possible size you need, even using your old because of the double or triple glazing window frames.” – and for sound to be easily heard on In addition, Seloy Live is the street. showcasing a 43in Shine customised Henri Kiuru, chairman of Seloy mirror solution for augmenting Live, commented: “Shops in the street existing professional displays. have a problem; people don’t come Stand: 14-M270

Making meeting rooms simple ASHTON BENTLEY Meeting room technology has failed to fulfil its promises of easy connectivity and intuitive design, due the fact that people still struggle to make systems work quickly, according to Ashton Bentley. Here at ISE 2017, the company is launching its new range of out-of-the-box integrated audiovisual room systems with Wave OS, designed to make meeting room communications simple. Tony Leedham, business development director, Ashton Bentley, told the ISE Daily: “This has to be simple. The technology in your meeting room mustn’t take control of your meeting. You must be in control, not the technology, but the problem is, that’s happening.” Ashton Bentley is bringing the way people communicate today via smartphones, tablets and apps such as FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp, into the meeting room. The company is attempting to make

meeting room tech simple with its ab Smart Displays with built-in Wave OS, alongside SeeMe, which allows for simple connectivity between a device and the main screen. In addition, companies can continue to use their legacy hardware codecs inside Ashton Bentley’s solution, to make the most of their investments. Leedham continued: “Communication technology is changing from the hardware domain to the software domain. Apps are what everyone is working with. Yet the new world isn’t cutting out the old world; we aren’t saying you have to throw all the old tech away, but when you renew, you can change easily.” Ashton Bentley’s Wave OS provides a soft codec-agnostic app platform, allowing users to use their preferred communication platform from an ever-growing list of apps, including Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, Cisco’s Spark, Pipex, and WebEx.

Stand: 14-M200

Leedham: “You must be in control not the technology”

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ISE Daily Friday 10 February 2017  

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