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Engaging fans can mean more cash

(L-R) Jeroen van Iersel, Amsterdam ArenA; Paul Lipscombe, Ashton Gate Stadium; David Lowry, SSE Arena Belfast; Ryan Penny, Vanguardia; Nik Selman, Formidable; and moderator John Sheehan, PanStadia & Arena Management

BY CHRIS FORRESTER Operators of sports stadiums have to be prepared to invest in fan engagement. That

was the message from the fan engagement panel at yesterday’s Sports Venue and Fan Engagement Summit (produced by SVG Europe and PanStadia &

Arena Management magazine). The expert panel said venues of all sizes need to be totally flexible in how they operate their sites; and as well as making the

Wrapped in a bubble of sound L-ACOUSTICS

the venue was moving towards push-button changeovers with moveable seating, lighting and the other back-office flexibility, in order to boost appeal. Paul Lipscombe, head of technology at Bristol’s Ashton Gate Stadium, explained that he and his colleagues were installing very high-capacity WiFi with 40Gbps trunking to ensure that the were ready for market demands and 4K coverage. They had also successfully hosted the AGMs for PwC and NatWest, with all the challenges they entailed. “Currently we are handling 30-40 such events a year, and it is growing,” he said. Lowry added that it was also important to remember that guests could range from toddlers to elderly folk, and the amenities had to be fully flexible. “Visitors need a great experience every time, so that the parents or grandparents also have fun and enjoy the visit.”

Illuminating video mapping ERGO CONCEPTS Stand: 8-R220

Stand: 7-X220 The L-Acoustics stand at ISE offers visitors a welcome respite off their feet and the chance to experience the company’s L-ISA Private sound system. L-ISA Private combines UHD music, an immersive 24-channel audio platform and professionalgrade loudspeakers, proprietary processing hardware and software-based audio tools. All L-ISA Private solutions offer 18 main channels, a bass channel and up to five overhead channels; only the type and number of speakers vary according to the size of the installation. Speaking to the ISE Daily, Sherif el Barbari, head of application for L-ISA commented: “This is a highly professional show, so we wanted to bring in something really special in its production and conception, but that is also great fun to enjoy at home.

football fan feel completely at home in the build-up as well as during and after a game, the venue had to place the same degree of emphasis on supplying a boardroom, or exploiting some of its real estate for a major business event which might have 5,000 attendees. Jeroen van Iersel, marketing manger at Amsterdam ArenA, said it wasn’t just that his venue had to switch from football to a giant music event; it has also been expanding, to provide much greater flexibility and adaptability. “This means handing 70-80 large conferences annually, each with break-out rooms for anywhere from 20 to 5,000 people. But we want to make every visitor, for whatever reason they’re here, feel welcome – and then convert that single visit to multiple extra visits.” David Lowry, technical advisor at Belfast’s SSE Arena, said

Sherif el Barbari and L-ISA Private client director Carlos Cortes

“If you want to experience a live concert without being among thousands of people, then this is the place for you to be.” The L-ISA Private sound systems can play streaming services, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and gaming consoles – but to make the most of the system, the company has developed Bubbles, a highdefinition music medium that looks, unsurprisingly, like a bubble. “As opposed to L-ISA Live,

where we bring a perfect listening experience to everyone in the audience, this actually focuses the experience in this beautiful space where you can just zoom out of the world around you,” said el Barbari. “You’re not going to be bothering people even if you’re listening at high levels here. The sound is so focused inside the area that outside, your partner’s not going to scream at you to turn it down.”

Lumi is a new allin-one interactive mapping concept, which comes as a turnkey lamp package providing video mapping on tables or floors for communications, entertainment or decoration of public spaces. Three items are on show at ISE; all are designed in stylish, custom-built lamp creations to fit the client’s branding and architecture lamp design. The Lumi Select enables any table to act as a multi-touch device. Users can navigate through menus, select items and interact with them without a change of furniture. The Lumi Aktiv interactive mapping option offers interactivity that can

Marc Judor, managing director and Nicolas Abrial, project director for Ergo Concepts

provide educative or decorative applications. A first-time exhibitor at ISE, Ergo Concepts only released these products to market in September; with distribution partners across Europe, the French company is expecting to partner with other companies across the world to increase their market share.

Making Dante open BEGLEC Stand: 14-M125 The DBT-44 Dante I/O Interface is being demoed here in Amsterdam by Beglec. The company is a fan of Dante, yet it believes manufacturers need to make the interfaces to the protocol open, rather than embed it into proprietary products. Kevin Van der Taelen, export manager at Beglec, said: “Dante is

70 I

a relatively new concept, sending AoIP instead of classic cables. Our idea is to open it up for normal installations, so you can have an existing audio installation and pop this on top – you don’t have to throw away old kit. “We’ve had a very good response so far here at the show, because we’re quite unique with this, as other brands try to get people to buy their own products with Dante, whereas we’re opening

theinterface to make it more accessible,” concluded Taelen. The DBT-44 includes four balanced combo-inputs; Line and Mic (-24dB PAD and 48V Phantom); four balanced male XLR-outputs; two RJ45 Gigabit ethernet I/O ports with internal switch; and on power, 100-240VAC PowerCON, PoE. It has Audio DSP with webpage control for extra functionality; compressors, limiters, parametric EQ, and 8 x 8 MATRIX.

Opening up Dante for regular installations, the DBT-44 Dante I/O Interface

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