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Stand Design Awards finalists announced The finalists in the second annual ISE Stand Design Awards competition, organised by EXHIBITOR magazine, have been announced. One winner in each category will be named during a free awards ceremony starting at 16:00 today, in the AVIXA Commercial Solutions Theatre (sponsored by Crestron) – stand 8-A470.


#1 Projection Technology

Bright ideas wow ISE visitors

Small Stand (49sqm or less) • Alchemy (15-Q270) • ASL (Application Solutions Ltd) (7-C230) • beMatrix (12-P80) • Elo Touch Solutions (8-K220) • Lithoss (9-E170) • Moobo (15-S300) • Mood Media (8-G100) • One Smart Control (9-E176) • Seloy Live (15-S290) • Volume Network (15-S250) Medium Stand (50-199sqm) • ATEN (8-E200) • Basalte (5-R20) • Cisco (11-C130) • CTOUCH Smart Innovation (15-K265) • Genelec (3-C100) • Google (15-B200) • Jung (9-E122) • LedGo Sales BV (8-K120) • LINDY (8-G200) • Opto Tech Corporation (8-C320) Large Stand (200-399sqm) • Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic (Absen) (12-C50) • Audio-Technica (7-N190) • BenQ Europe (5-U20) • Philips Professional Display Solutions (10-K170) • Shure Europe (3-B110) • Vestel Group (10-P150) XL Stand (400sqm or more) • Christie (1-H70) • Epson Europe (1-H90) • Harman Professional (1-F5, 1-F10, 1-N5) • LG Electronics (12-K90) • NEC Display Solutions (5-R20) • Panasonic Marketing Europe (1-H20) • Samsung Electronics (4-S100)

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BY ELLIOT HERMAN It might be cold outside, but visitors to the ISE show have been impressed both by the technology on show, and the warm welcome they’ve received from stand staff. Many ISE exhibitors are reporting huge interest in creative uses of new and existing technology, such as large-format, high-definition LED displays,

including those seen on Hunan Yestech Optoelectronic’s stand in Hall 8 (pictured above), which also featured a ‘Magic Stage’ interactive floor. Interactivity, XR and IP-based technologies are playing a huge part in the show this year, as manufacturers take the opportunity to reach large numbers of attendees and meet new prospects for the coming year.

Drones draw in Hall 14 Crowds are being drawn to the Stampede Drone Arena in Hall 14 for more reasons than one: not only can visitors see impressive demonstrations of many models of drones, but they can also enter a daily draw to win one. To take part, just leave your details in the raffle drum.

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First time exhibitors enjoy ISE experience While some AV companies prefer simply to visit, others see it as such a vital way of meeting customers that they become exhibitors. The ISE Daily’s team of writers chatted to some who are taking a stand for the first time

“It’s very important for us to be at ISE to meet new and existing resellers. We’ve got som e new products so it’s very important for us to show how they are mounted. The feedback has been ama zing and really positive. In a small period of time you can see lots of products and have contact with peop le. This is the best show for us.” Berthil Kranenborg, sales & product manager, ErgoXS

d r us to come an t opportunity fo e ea ut gr in a -m en st be la s a “ISE ha ISE. As to the visitors at aced. pl be ht ig m e show our skills w d no idea where section, but being attendee, we ha e audio th be ay m ng ki ce to Hall 8 has We were thin ne’ at the entran Zo ry ve ith other co is ‘D in the le to interact w We’ve been ab e have w gh ou th been brilliant. al industries, so d an ts w big our en ho s nm enviro day, who know to re he d an st only a small xt year!” dioArt stand will be ne ent assistant, Au

“So far we’ve been very pleased as we’ve had a lot of people walking up and asking questions. For us it’s quite important, particularly as ISE is a new market for us. Our background is in paid TV and broadcast systems so we’re just tryin g to move into professional AV and digital sign age.” Andy Sturges, director, mathEmbedde d

, managem Philipp Schmitz

been pany, we’ve acking com s drawn. In tr c ffi a tr mer d ha “As a custo all our stan cked ith the footf oon we’d already tra n’t w d te h ig el n d did er y ft ll a a y a re d nes d! We fact, by Wed passing by our stan hibiting ex e b y le el p it we’ll defin 33,938 peo response so expect this ilize ” r. ent, AdMob next yea at ISE again TAM business developm , LA Julio Izique

“We have been visiting ISE for the past 15 years, walking around and meeting exhibitors. ISE is a great place to make contact and find material for features. We have been very busy. ISE is an amazing place.” Zoé Collignon, business development manager, Génération Numérique

orld and many n around the w ow ed kn l el w is “ISE ve been involv t to be here. I ha 15 an th e or m companies wan r fo gnage industry an. in the digital si allations in Taiw st in of t lo a d and e nc rie years and di pe me of my ex so g in br n d ca fin I d I hope arkets an ories to new m in ga e m ed my success st lp ing at ISE has he .” new friends. Be es ni pa m other co knowledge from Act Power esident & CEO, Charley Tsai, pr

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Mapping Masters judged tonight

Tonight sees the judging take place for the World Masters of Projection Mapping competition. Works by five internationally internationally renowned video artists will be beamed across the river IJ onto the façade of the EYE Filmmuseum, and also onto specially installed water screens. To get the best possible view of the projections, boat trips – beginning shortly after the show ends at 18:00 – are available, departing from the RAI. These can be booked via the ISE website or at information stands at the show. The winner will be announced at a special Awards Showcase in the RAI Forum at 12:30 tomorrow. The World Masters of Projection Mapping is a joint venture between ISE, RAI Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Light Festival. Turn to page 9 for more details.

Energy evangelist: ‘Build an internet of your things’ BY ANN-MARIE CORVIN Does a KNX building speak IoT? According to self-titled ‘smart buildings evangelist’ Rik Vereecken, the answer is that any building can, no matter what the standard, so long as you equip it with sensors and gather and analyse the correct data. Addressing this question in a session at the CEDIA Smart Building Solutions Theatre (sponsored by KNX) in Hall 10, Vereecken shared



his insight into how buildings could make efficiencies both now and in the future. According to Vereecken, due to the fact that buildings are responsible for 40% of all energy consumption, efficiencies can be made immediately if integrators started collecting and analysing data to identify inefficiencies and heating faults. He added that his firm ByNubian – which offers solutions for capturing

and analysing building and sensor data – has collected data from thousands of sensors and has found that one in three installations are not working efficiently. “Integrators need to start collecting data to make efficiencies. What the manufacturer might say about energy emissions isn’t always the same in practice,” he said. “They often think everything is working okay and then, one or two years down the line, are surprised to

receive huge energy bills.” Once building data is analysed and the source of a fault identified, problems can be corrected within ten minutes in some instances, according to to Vereecken. He argued that a building doesn’t need to be at the point where an extractor fan is talking to its heating system, but firms can start building ‘an internet of your things’, integrating their building devices so that they analyse behaviour convert

building and operational data into ‘real value’. ‘Data analytics only become valuable when you integrate them into buildings and standardise them,’ he added. Moving onto his vision for the future, he said that growth enablers such as open architecture, advanced building detectors, and the connectivity of devices would lead to fully automated digital buildings which are able to conduct two-way communications between systems.

ISE Daily 2018

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DSS ISE: moves to consolidation, integration and professionalism BY ANN-MARIE CORVIN While delivering a true ‘omnichannel’ experience may still be some way off, digital signage has now reached the point where digital surfaces are not enough. Consumers are looking for a fluid experience. Florian Rotberg, managing director of invidis consulting, revealed this insight and other trends in the digital signage market at the opening keynote for DSS ISE yesterday morning. According to Rotberg, the market is currently moving towards “a more professional, centrally-managed, data-driven model” which is delivering “positive KPIs and solid ROI”. “Everything we’ve preached has finally come to fruition,” he added. This is backed by the latest growth figures released by Futuresource that reveal the global digital signage market is now worth $12.6 billion and grew by 22% in 2017. And with 80% of purchases still made offline, Rotberg argued that there is still room in the market for further growth, especially in EMEA, where market share is 23% and year-on-year growth is 8%. In terms of the future role for systems integrators, the analyst said that customers wanted brands

Stand: 11-A110 The first day of ISE 2018 saw two visual collaboration specialists, Viju and VisionsConnected, announcing they have joined forces to form a single brand identity as Kinly, making the new company among the largest audiovisual system integrators in the world. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the combined company now has corporate and public customers in over 120 countries from established office locations throughout EMEA, the US and APAC. Kinly’s management team includes the expertise and experience of both companies with the former Viju CEO, Odd Sverre Østlie, becoming Kinly’s CEO. VisionsConnected’s founder and CEO, Raymond Alves, will spearhead Kinly’s solutions and services development in his new role as chief solutions officer. Odd Sverre Østlie said: “The opportunity to create a world-leading global visual collaboration specialist under a fresh new brand that builds on the best of two already highly successful companies is a wonderful opportunity for us and our clients. Our



ELOTOUCH Stand: 8-K220

“Everything we’ve preached has come to fruition” - invidis consulting’s Florian Rotberg

they could trust who are able to reduce complexity. “This is why you have companies like Accenture entering this market,” he pointed out. “They have no clue, but they are a trusted brand. Maybe if you are lucky, they will hire you for your expertise!’ Rotberg added that these trusted brands are now driving consolidation among other SIs in the market. There were more than 20 acquisitions in Western Europe in Q4 last year – many of which were triggered by Stratacache’s acquisition of rival Scala. In terms of software trends. Rotberg said that three main players would dominate the market – Adobe, Google and Samsung –

Integrator duo joins forces to create AV giant Kinly


Android touchscreen upgrades announced

brand promise is ‘Working Together. Everywhere.’ “Our role is to provide a seamless and reliable experience that enables people to work together effectively and with ease, wherever they are and regardless of whether they need to connect to one person or 100. Customer experience is one of our top priorities; as one of the world’s leading specialists our aim is to harness our collective talent, expertise and experience to make collaboration between people and organisations.” Kinly’s CSO Raymond Alves explained: “The workplace is changing as traditional barriers that used to be defined by time and space become less relevant. The array of video communications, audiovisual and collaboration technologies available can be bewildering, which is why it is so important to have a trusted partner when it comes to bringing all these technologies together to provide a solution that is right for you. Kinly is committed to the continued development of our collaboration solutions and services to help you improve workflow and get the very best out of your business.”

because no one will take them over, and they are large enough to deliver services across the world. Integrators are also experimenting with complementary solutions for 360 experiences – including “interaction, lighting, scent and sound”, said Rotberg. None of this, he added, would replace storytelling. This point was echoed by fellow panellist John Melillo, CEO of global integrator brand Diversified, who said during the presentation that followed: “I don’t like hang and bang – that’s where we were 10 years ago. If you are not working with your partners today and asking about the storytelling, you are missing the point of our business,” he said.

Launched at ISE 2018, Elo, global manufacturer and supplier of touchscreen computing solutions, has released the I-Series 2.0 for Android. A wholly upgraded product suited for commercial 10in to 22in touchscreen applications, this Androidpowered platform combines the ease of use of a consumer device with commercial durability. From quick-service restaurant self-order systems and retail POS to hospitality information systems, self-check-in and meeting room scheduling, the I-Series 2.0 is an ideal solution for high-traffic public environments. I-Series 2.0 for Android features the optional EloView cloud service software; a platform designed to remotely simplify and automate management of Elo interactive displays, streamlining device maintenance. EloView now provides virtual GPS capabilities, enabling a location to be set remotely for each device so that content may be localised per device or location across the globe. Greg Sosinski, product management for EloTouch solutions takes the ISE Daily through the product: “All of our products are customer lead innovations. As Elo is focused solely on interactive products, applications and solutions, we are finding that our

Greg Sosinski, product management for Elo Touch Solutions

interactive applications is the sales area that’s rapidly growing. “Our customers seek flexibility and cost-effectiveness and our Elo I-Series 2.0 platform is growing with that demand.” Performance upgrades to the I-Series 2.0 include the Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor, Android 7.1, more RAM and storage and is available in three sizes – 10in, 1in and 22in. The I-Series is now offered in two performance options – a premium version targeted for mPOS, self-order and kiosk applications and a value model suited for simpler signage applications. Optional peripherals include a Honeywell 2D barcode scanner, a Magtek encryptable MSR, an NFC adapter and an EMV cradle for payment.

Taking 3D holograms to the highest level HOLOTRONICA Stand: 12-A80

Stuart Warren-Hill is talking about his work with the stars of music in 2017, and what’s next for 2018

Holo-Gauze 3D display solution for large hologram effects from Holotronica is being demonstrated here at ISE by managing director and developer of the gauze and 3D system, Stuart Warren-Hill. The company has had a phenomenal year, doubling its turnover for the third year in a row. This is in part thanks to working with the likes of Realtime Environmental Systems (RES) and creative director Liam Tomaszewski to realise DJ Eric Prydz’s holographically enhanced performance for his EPIC 5.0 show, debuting at London’s Victoria Park in May, plus Beyoncé for her performance during last year’s GRAMMY Awards, and the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden. Warren-Hill said: “I’m here at ISE to see Gerriets, our distributor, and to find hire partners. This year is looking good so far; in just the last week I’ve had four amazing enquiries.”

ISE Daily 2018

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The world’s first miniaturized 10-bit broadcast deck with 6G-SDI, dual SD card recorders, FTP upload and more! The miniaturized design of HyperDeck Studio Mini puts powerful professional grade deck features into a compact size that can go anywhere! You get 6G-SDI for working with all formats up to 2160p30, dual SD card recorders, ethernet for FTP media uploading and familiar VTR style controls. Use it to record and archive worship services and church events, or take advantage of unique features that make it perfect for driving massive multi screen projectors, digital signs and much more!

Learn more at

HyperDeck Studio Mini â‚Ź669*

Booth 3-C140

*SRP is Exclusive of VAT.

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Google expands Hangouts Meet and Jamboard across Europe BY CHRIS FORRESTER Google’s Scott Johnston (director of project management for G Suite) updated ISE attendees with news of the rollout of its latest suite of conferencing products, Hangout Meet, Hangout Chat and Jamboard services. Speaking in the AVIXA Unified Commuications Theatre (sponsored by Crestron), he said the products were originally designed for Google’s own demands across 40 offices and locations, and are now successfully handling some 275,000 video meetings per day. Commercialised last October, it has now been extended across most of Europe (eight countries were added on Monday alongside its existing service in the UK) and

is now scalable to support larger rooms. “While video is in our culture, we also wanted a ROI on how we made use of our meeting rooms,” he added. “We are also trying to remove any potential friction in the use of a room.” Importantly, access to the Google solutions was made available without needing a physical location, whether to mobile phones, tablets or laptops. “Our software algorithms are also earning all the time,” Johnston added. “We all know that agreeing a time for a meeting can be a nightmare, but it can learn how flexible some people are and can accommodate that. Our aim is to accelerate efficiency and become a living asset to any organisation.”

Scott Johnston, Google director of project management for G-Suite

Differentiating through increased productivity CANON Stand: 1-F90

Michael Heiss, a CEDIA Fellow with a long history of the industry, dazzled ISE delegates with a CEDIA Talk entitled ‘The Future of Video Technology’. He advised equipment installers that as well as staying updated on the latest – and likely – technology, they should not to forget to talk to the client! While seemingly obvious, he pointed out suppliers needed to know precisely how entertainment was being used, and to be prepared for wider use of 4G/LTE and 5G.

New product range changes mindset

In a projector world in which differentiation is becoming increasingly difficult for manufacturers to find, Colin Boyle, product marketing specialist for projection at Canon, is clear about his company’s direction. “For us, it’s about collaboration and partnership,” he told the ISE Daily. “In the case of systems integrators, that means helping them do as well as possible by providing the features and functionalities that will make them more productive. For endusers, it’s about making their lives easier.”

As an example, he points out that new Canon projectors feature a WiFi capability that allows one projector to be set up, and to then share its settings with up to eight others. The company has also implemented a new form of lens fixing – ‘borrowed’ from its broadcast activities – that makes mounting a lens both faster and more secure. That, he says, is a boon to productivity in an edge blending application. For end-users, Canon provides software that not only identifies the fault affecting a projector, but also how to fix it. This it ’borrowed’ from its photocopier business. For certain projector models, it also offers a next day loaner system in the event of projector failure.

ATOMOS Stand: 8-R215

Stephan Kexel, global sales manager, Atomos



A new exhibitor at this year’s ISE is Atomos. The Australianbased company usually exhibits at broadcast trade shows with a large 200sqm stand, but has never previously considered its products a suitable fit for the AV industry. However, a new convertor product range introduced in September has changed its perception. Atomos global sales manager Stephan Kexel told the ISE Daily: “In addition to the change in our product range last year, we thought it would be good to test the water. “Albeit a small area – we call this our ‘meeting point’ – it’s proved to be really worthwhile as we’re getting a lot of footfall. “We expect to be back again for next year’s ISE but this time with our Atomos-standard larger stand.”

Canon’s Colin Boyle wants to make end-users lives easier

ISE Daily 2018

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World Masters of Projection Mapping – behind the scenes The climax of this inaugural competition is tonight. To bring the event into being has involved consulting and considering numerous stakeholders Testing the projectors before the competition began last month (Picture: © Janus van den Eijnden)


f, during your time in Amsterdam this week, you’ve seen any of the video artworks being projected onto the EYE Filmmuseum, you’ll be interested to know that tonight is when all five of the competition entries will be shown

to an international jury – and the public. Probably the best way to see the World Masters of Projection Mapping is from a boat: trips, organised by competition partner Artifex, will leave from the RAI shortly after the exhibition closes.

A range of on-board hospitality packages is available – details are on the ISE website. Alternatively, the projections can best be seen from in front of Central Station or from the Amsterdam Tower. This evening’s event, which involves projecting onto water

screens in the River IJ as well as mapping onto the museum façade, begins at 19:45, with viewers requested to be in position by 19:30. The World Masters of Projection Mapping is a joint venture between ISE, RAI Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Light Festival. Technical partners that have supplied equipment for the competition are Panasonic, disguise (formerly D3 Technologies), Lightware and Alcons Audio, while local integrator BeamSystems is responsible for AV installation. “The ambitions of the WMPM project presented us with a complex arena of organisations and interests that was almost unprecedented,” Rembrandt Boswijk, the competition’s technical project manager, told us. “All parties involved expected to get something out of it, which created a complicated maze of interests. “First, we have to think about how people will experience this giant canvas. What could potentially obstruct their view, and how do you guide people

in public space – making sure they don’t fall into the water, hypnotised by the work? It turned out to be much harder to step into this audience’s shoes that we expected.” Plus, of course, there was liaison with the technical partners mentioned above, as well as the video artists who are taking part in the competition. “And then we have the city of Amsterdam, the actual landowner and the party issuing all permits, waivers and licences; the EYE Filmmuseum as a canvas and as an event venue; nearby buildings, such as the A’DAM tower; the companies and residents around the EYE; and all ferry travellers that we bothered… the cyclists and pedestrians travelling with the city ferries were a crucial party in our enterprise.” So if you’re watching the competition tonight, or attending the Awards Cermony tomorrow, spare a thought for all the organisation and logistics that have gone into it. Fortunately, Boswijk is unbowed: “I can hardly wait for the next edition,” he said.

An engaging speaker line-up at SVFE Who’s got the best ISE stands? SVGEurope has assembled an impressive roster of speakers for the new Sports Venue and Fan Engagement Summit, which takes place today


he successor to the well-established Sports Venue Technology Summit, the Sports Venue and Fan Engagement Summit has an expanded focus: rather than looking purely at AV and broadcast technology, it will also consider other areas related to the overall experience of the modern stadium – in particular those technologies geared towards enhancing fan engagement, including mobile and OTT services. Speakers span the full spectrum of pro AV, broadcast and venue operations. Following introductory remarks, the conference will open with a panel session entitled ‘Stadiums Present and Future: Design Trends and Operational Changes’. This will explore how stadiums can be designed to be adaptable and flexible, to ensure they will meet the various expectations of different stakeholders. Among the experts giving their views will be Paul Brislin, an architect who leads Arup Associates Sport Architecture and Arup Sport Venue Design; Mike Bondhiek, managing director of PTI Consulting, who has worked across 11 major venues and on two stadium migrations; and Mark Kelly, managing director of Ashton Gate Ltd, which runs the home of Bristol City FC and Bristol Rugby. Kelly’s colleague Paul Lipscombe is head of technology at Ashton Gate Stadium, where he has been tasked with delivering a connected stadium.

He will be one of the members of the afternoon panel entitled ‘New Initiatives to Engage with Fans and Maximise Revenue Streams’. Among those joining him will be Jeroen van Iersel, marketing manager of Amsterdam ArenA; and James Middling, global head of sports and events at Mott McDonald, where he delivers major sports venues and their associated infrastructure. ‘Even Closer to the Action: The Future of Fan Engagement’ will consider the latest innovations in fan engagement. The experts contributing to the debate here include Charlie Marshall, COO of Supponor, which operates in the emerging field of augmented reality digital replacement for real-time broadcast and streaming of in-venue advertising; and Hassan Peymani, director and co-founder of Volcano City, which delivers live streaming and localisation solutions for clients worldwide. The Sports Venue and Fan Engagement Summit takes place in Room E102 from 09:30 to 16:00 today. It is free to attend.


oday at 16:00 in the AVIXA Commercial Solutions Theatre (sponsored by Crestron) in Hall 8, the best stands at ISE 2018 will be honoured in a special awards ceremony. Returning after their successful launch last year, the ISE Stand Design Awards will see every single ISE stand compete, across four size categories: Small (49sqm and less), Medium (50-199sqm), Large (200-399sqm), and XL (400sqm and more). Like last year, ISE has no influence on the competition: the awards are being managed again by EXHIBITOR magazine. Travis Stanton, editor of EXHIBITOR, along with senior writer and awards programme manager Linda Armstrong, completed the initial round of judging on site, and the finalists in each category were presented with a plaque yesterday. An expert panel will choose the winners, based on a series of assessment criteria. These include effective design realisation/fabrication, integration of technology, use of space and overall impactful presence.

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Today’s Professional Development picks Before ISE 2018 began, we asked some attendees to pick out a session from today’s AVIXA, CEDIA and Show Floor Theatre programmes that particularly spoke to them. Here’s what they chose

Nicolai Landschultz, a director at UK residential integrator IndigoZest, recommends: HDR - The Next Big Thing Presenter: David Meyer, CEDIA 09:30-11:00, Room D202 (presented by CEDIA) €140 (included in CEDIA Pass and SUPERPASS) Session description: Joel Silver of ISF says that “HDR is the biggest thing to happen to video since the introduction of colour”. Where resolution is a matter of detail relative to viewing distance, HDR is more importantly about realistic, immersive video, irrespective of display size. This class will give students a clear understanding of what HDR is really all about, and the benefits to end users and technology integrators alike. Attendees will look at the different (competing) types of HDR, static versus dynamic, and what elements need to be in place to achieve it. Includes background on gamma and standards, and touches on delivery methods including OTT, HDMI 2.1 and HDBaseT. Landshultz says: “I want to be on the forefront of understanding this technology. It’s important to me that I can correctly advise my clients and specify the best products for the job. HDR doesn’t yet seem cut-and-dried so there’ll no doubt be a lot of things to look out for. Hopefully this course will help.”



Neil Voce, head of business development at audio manufacturer ASL (Application Solutions), recommends: Why AV and IT Guys Need to Know about AES67 The Common Standard for Audio Networking Presenters: Richard Northwood (RH Consulting) and Andreas Hildebrand (ALC networx) 13:30-14:00, AVIXA Commercial Solutions Theatre (sponsored by Crestron) Free to attend Session description: The transition to digital is not just out of customer choice; a growing number of products are networked only. But how do you know that the networking technology you plan to use is here to stay? How can you help future-proof your installations? In this seminar, Richard Northwood lays out the landscape on the use of networked audio technology based on his research – the only such carried out in the industry. He then explains what AES67 is and how it might offer IT professionals, AV integrators and consultants a convenient way of deploying networked audio. Voce says: “The audio industry isn’t going to be exempt from the ‘let’s make everything IP’ tide that is sweeping the commercial world. Therefore we have to welcome in the IT guys and get them to see our particular focus – particularly on the ‘getting all the packets to arrive in order’ metric which is essential for audio. AES67 is going to halo with that, and I am sure Richard is the right guy to explain it.”

Paul Nolan, a director at UK integrator Integrated Circles, recommends: Panel Debate: Making Collaboration Work! Moderator: Clive Couldwell, editor, AV magazine 15:00-16:00, AVIXA Unified Communications Solutions Theatre (sponsored by Crestron)

Bob Snyder, content chairman of the Smart Building Conference, recommends: How To Create a Managed Service Offering Presenter: William Tinnel, Utelogy 15:00-16:30, Room D204 (presented by AVIXA)

Free to attend

€140 (included in AVIXA Pass and SUPERPASS)

Session description: Companies are facing big technology investment decisions, as well as having to operate in a more agile way. How can you plan for these challenges? Do you have a structured programme to evaluate new technologies against a clear understanding of how they’ll benefit your customers? When smart boards were introduced years ago, it was only in facilitated environments that they provided any value, as most users ended up using them as simple displays. Will history repeat itself with the latest collaborative solutions? Come and watch this industry debate with a panel of collaboration experts.

Session description: The surge in open platforms and cloudbased services has finally made its way into AV in recent years. For the industry overall, open technologies are helping organisations move away from their ‘black box’ approach; there is a renewed focus for companies to provide results over technologies. Vendors that provide open platforms and cloud-based services are designing their business models to create opportunities with these new technology investments. Nearly all of these opportunities have to do with the speed of doing business - a critical factor to gaining competitive advantage among agile competitors.

Nolan says: “Good collaboration plays an important role in achieving successful project outcomes. I’m expecting this to be a lively ISE debate, given the significance of technology as a collaboration enabler both in on-site and remote sessions. “There will have been a few show days to absorb new trends and products available on the floor, and with the panel representing end-users, the hardware supply chain, technologists and cloud providers, I expect this session should provide a 360º view of technology, processes and user interfacing that we do not get too often. I hope it will release a few nuggets of insight to take away.”

Snyder says: “No matter how successful you are now, the future belongs to managed services. The digital disruption once feared has now been embraced and with it comes more and more demand for managed services from end users and vendor – as well as from distributors in the middle. The biggest obstacle to growing a managed services business is lack of experience so it is a guru-driven business where you need Sherpas to guide you through the peaks and valleys. This session appeals to me as way to step into managed services, to future-proof your business, and to learn from the experiences of those who have passed over this terrain before you.”

ISE Daily 2018

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Nighttime is the right time for visitor attraction development A new conference explores the trend for after-dark events in the visitor attraction sector


brand new half-day conference – blooloopLIVE at ISE: Creating Nighttime Spectaculars – debuts tomorrow at ISE. Nighttime events are becoming increasingly popular in the visitor attractions industry as venues seek to increase their offering, extend their opening hours and become more of a destination in their own right. These events can range from simple live performances to complex, multifaceted productions using video mapping, lighting and laser effects. blooloopLIVE at ISE: Creating Nighttime Spectaculars is an experiential-themed conference that will explore the trends involved in delivering these nocturnal spectacles. Leading creatives behind some of the world’s most remarkable shows, as well as leading AV players, will explore key examples of their work. Attendees will also hear from attractions’ operators about how such events impact their business by driving visitor numbers and increasing dwell time. blooloopLIVE at ISE is sponsored by digital projection and display technology company Christie and by awardwinning creator of multimedia spectaculars Laservision. A highlight of the conference will be Philippe Bergeron, a Hollywood actor, computer animation pioneer and projection mapping expert. As president of Paintscaping, Bergeron has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry on unforgettable projection mapping projects, some of which he will discuss in his presentation. Charles Read, managing director of blooloop, commented: “The work produced by Philippe and Paintscaping is phenomenal, and we are delighted to be able to offer attendees of the blooloopLIVE conference the



opportunity to gain valuable insight into this.” Bob Montgomery, CEO of Longleat, will talk about how the addition of evening events and attractions has had a significant impact on business at the historic attraction that he runs – which comprises a fine Elizabethan mansion, landscaped gardens and a safari park. Longleat has seen four successive years of record revenues since Montgomery joined Longleat Enterprises in 2013. Also on the speaker lineup is Rob Paul, a director of London-based audiovisual leader LCI Productions. Paul will discuss his work with Longleat, one of the UK’s biggest cultural and wildlife attractions. The addition of nighttime events to the offering at Longleat has transformed its fortunes and delivered a stunning visitor experience for its guests. Work at the British theme park Fantasy Island will be presented by Peter Cliff, creative director at attractions technology leader Holovis. In particular, he will discuss how Holovis used the digital medium to bring new life to the park’s existing infrastructure. Visitors are staying longer, thus increasing spend per head and delivering tangible ROI benefits to the park. Last year, French company ECA2 transformed the River Danube and the city of Budapest into a blizzard of colour and spectacle for the opening ceremony for the 17th FINA World Aquatics Championships. Jean-Christophe Canizares, CEO of ECA2, which has created multimedia spectaculars across the world, will discuss the art of creating such events and will highlight the importance of story. blooloopLIVE starts at 09:30 in Room E102 tomorrow, and concludes just before the World Masters of Projection Mapping Awards ceremony. Tickets are €150 +VAT (€125 for AVIXA and CEDIA members).

WMPM awards ceremony at lunchtime tomorrow


udging for the World Masters of Projection Mapping will be carried out by an international jury, led by Lennart Booij, creative director of Amsterdam Light Festival. Other jury members are Jaap Guldemond, director of exhibitions, EYE Filmmuseum (curator); Marente Bloemheuvel, associate curator of EYE Filmmuseum; Jozef Hey, founder and owner of BeamSystems; Giny Vos, artist; and Paul James, editor in chief of Mondo*arc. The winner of the inaugural World Masters of Projection Mapping competition will be revealed at a special awards ceremony at ISE tomorrow at 12:30 in the Forum. All five finalists will be on stage at the ceremony, and will present their entries to the audience, discuss what inspired them and talk about the production techniques they have used. The overall winner will be then be announced.

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Bigger is better, but being biggest is best! The ideal solution for your monster installations

Up to 56 outputs in glorious 4K quality

With CORIOmaster, videowalls don’t have to be rectangular … rectangles went out with the dinosaurs.

We Engineer Confidence™ Creative video processing • Robust signal distribution • Innovative racking solutions

+44-1628-566830 • •

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Visit us at Booth 1-M130

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InfoComm 2018 will bring the Integrated Life to Vegas this June Get planning for InfoComm 2018, where the exclusive Integrated Life event will offer trends, technologies, business models, and forecasts for the AV market


nfoComm 2018 will land in Las Vegas this year on 6-8 June at the Las Vegas Convention Center. New to the show is the Integrated Life programme, a one-day thought-leadership event on 5 June focused on the crossover opportunities between the commercial and residential audiovisual markets. In addition, the InfoComm 2018 exhibition floor will have an area devoted to Integrated Life solutions, showcasing smart lighting, sensor technology, building and home automation, voice control, integrated security, mobile AV and much more. AVIXA, the producer of InfoComm shows around the world, has partnered with Parks Associates, an internationally recognised market research and consulting company specialising in emerging consumer technology products and services, to support the inaugural Integrated Life programme at InfoComm 2018. Parks Associates



hosts CONNECTIONS Summits in the US and Europe, as well as Connected Health and Smart Energy Summits, attracting thousands of executives interested in gaining strategic insight into trends affecting today’s consumers. Integrated Life at InfoComm 2018 sessions will address trends, technologies, business models and forecasts for the AV market through interactive panel discussions and presentations. They will cover an array of hotbutton topics, including the impact of artificial intelligence on consumer and commercial markets, voice-first products and the user experience, converging markets, and more. Elizabeth Parks, senior vice president, Parks Associates, said: “Extending commercial and enterprise capabilities to the home is quite standard. Now, the reverse is also happening. Consumers want their tech benefits everywhere, but the majority do not

want to be, nor are they capable of being, their own IT managers. Opportunities for extending commercial system knowledge to residential environments are many. Parks Associates is excited to work with AVIXA to explore and address cross-market opportunities for AV professionals.” Jason McGraw, CTS, CAE, senior vice president of expositions, AVIXA, commented: “The way we use technology in our lives should be seamless; people depend on technology wherever they are – in their homes, classrooms and offices. The Integrated Life programme will bridge the gap between consumer and commercial by exploring how technology such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, the cloud and more, affect our lives around the clock. Parks Associates is the perfect collaborator for this programme. We’re looking forward to delivering Integrated Life this June.”

TIDE is Coming to InfoComm 2018 AVIXA’s TIDE conference (Technology. Innovation. Design. Experience.) will return to the InfoComm show on 5 June in Las Vegas to explore the creative forces shaping the AV industry and how AV businesses can benefit from these concepts. Stay tuned to for more details.

For more information about Integrated Life at InfoComm 2018, visit Registration for the InfoComm 2018 is now officially open at

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The Platform for Networked AV True AV/IT convergence can only happen on 10G infrastructure, and only with SDVoE. Attend our training sessions to get the facts. Visit our stand to see the definitive demonstrations.

š@sdvoe Stand 3-B150

Founding Members

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Introducing our Member of Distinction Programme Giles Sutton, managing director of James + Giles, and CEDIA Board Member, discusses the latest CEDIA initiative – designed to highlight the different ways in which CEDIA members can demonstrate excellence

“The ultimate goal is to reward those who strive for excellence”


EDIA’s aim has always been, and always will be, to raise standards within the industry. As the industry has evolved, it has become clear that CEDIA needs to establish a way to elevate members who have achieved certain goals, excelled in specific skillsets, and gone above and beyond to represent the very best the industry has to offer. But what does that look like? As an integrator, I have always been interested in finding ways to demonstrate how I stand out from the crowd, and to be recognised for the investment that I’ve made to ensure that I run a professional and highly skilled company. I know many other CEDIA members feel the same way, so



we pulled together a group of volunteers to discuss creating a CEDIA designation framework that was inclusive, attainable, and aspirational, no matter the size or revenue of the integration company. We convened a global task force of dedicated CEDIA members including: Ryan Donaher, Meridian Audio, USA; Simon Fulstow, Sona Projects, UK; Ed Gilmore, Gilmore’s Sound Advice, USA; David Smith, SMC, UK; Jason Voorhees, CantaraDesign, USA; Amanda Wildman, TruMedia, USA; and Ian Williams, Casaplex, USA Exceptional experiences The ultimate goal is to reward those who strive for excellence, show a dedication to quality, and are committed to providing exceptional

experiences to their clients. To that end, we created five ‘Excellence’ badges: • Certification: Demonstrating staff have mastered a body of knowledge • Continuing Education: Investing in employee’s professional development • Craftmanship: Dedication to providing quality work • Customer Service: Ensuring continued customer satisfaction • Community: Volunteering and giving back to the community Depending on the type of company, integrators could choose to pursue one badge, or all five. It really depends on what the focus is for their specific organisation. And once they have achieved the designation, they will

be able to display their Excellence badges on all marketing materials, showcasing their dedication to the industry and professionalism. Host of benefits After achieving excellence in all five areas, the member will be a ‘Member of Distinction’, which will come with a host of benefits, as well as the ability to demonstrate this significant achievement to their customers and the industry. We are now working on finer details to get this programme up and running and will have the programme fully ready for launch in the second quarter of 2018. To find out more, visit the CEDIA stand 1-E20 at ISE 2018, or go to

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GREAT AUDIO BEGINS WITH AUDIX Audix ceiling microphones are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in our Wilsonville, Oregon headquarters to exacting standards. We've added AVB-enabled models of our

best-selling installed microphones for conferencing, including the M3 tri-element hanging microphone, the flush-mount M70, as well as the M55, and M40 hanging ceiling microphones. Connect up to five M3s or a maximum of 16 channels of audio with the M70, M55, or M40 over a single ethernet cable. Now, you can confidently specify Audix microphones into projects that utilize AVB without compromising your audio quality or budget and that is a sound decision.






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Visit Audix in Stand No. 3-C110 Integrated Systems Europe 2018 February 6 - 9, 2018 RAI Amsterdam, NL | 503.682.6933 ©2018 Audix Corporation All Rights Reserved. Audix and all Audix logos are trademarks of Audix Corporation.

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What do you think that people who work in fixed AV installation can learn from their counterparts in live events?

A lot of sound reinforcement techniques pioneered in live events have found applications in installed sound – subwoofer arrays and cardioid configurations come to mind. But the distinction between installation and live events can be blurry. Most venues are multi-purpose by definition and host a range of events, so AV integrators need an understanding of live show requirements in terms of sound coverage, latency, mixing position and so on. Adaptability and flexibility are key, both for the sound engineer working under pressure in the most diverse situations, and for the system designer in catering for different room configurations or scenarios.

Nic Beretta Head of product marketing, Allen & Heath Stand: 7-K190

It’s essential that they know that it all revolves around the integrated experience. The experience, which is unique to every project and every integrator, dictates the overall value delivered by the integrator to the enduser. By taking the necessary steps to improve the full integrated experience, integrators can work towards enhancing the overall value proposition that they deliver to and for their clients, which can result in a more positive experience for the end-user.

Kevin Kelly President and chief operating officer, Stampede Stand: 14-A100

Will Waters Senior director of IP strategy and workflow engineering, NewTek Stand: 10-K170

Core technology from Denmark DPA MICROPHONES

DPA Microphones’ new Core branding

Stand: 7-P240 ISE 2018 is the first European showing of the new ‘Core by DPA’ amplifier technology. Launched in 2017, Core by DPA has already been adopted as standard by key rental companies including Terry Tew Light & Sound Hire, the UK’s largest supplier of RF audio equipment to the broadcast market. Core by DPA lives within the company’s line of miniature lavaliere and headset microphones, where DPA says it

minimises distortion and increases dynamic range, or workable area. DPA says it developed this new amplifier to create an even clearer sound from the ‘highest of the highs’ to the ‘lowest of the lows’. The dynamic range has been expanded in all Core miniature capsules. For example, the d:screet 4061 miniature microphone and the d:fine 4066 Headset microphone have increased by 14dB at 1% THD. Located in the capsule of its

A behind the scenes look at Tourflex Cabling, with products on show at ISE

Stand: 7-V225 Entertainment equipment distributor A.C. Entertainment Technologies (ACET) says it is demonstrating its ability to provide all the products, advice and support needed to install fully



Agnostic video delivery for enterprise webcasting MEDIAPLATFORM Stand: 14-K165

A top one-stop shop


While much of the technology serves similar functions, the approach to how systems are put together is frequently very different. A significant factor that live event professionals consider is redundancy. There’s rarely an opportunity to troubleshoot while the event is underway. Live event professionals plan for failure points and execute system designs that allow for flexible operation in case of trouble. In recent years, the introduction of moving audio and video over IP networks has increased this flexibility by creating an interconnected fabric where devices can be used on the fly as necessary for productions in both fixed and live installations.

integrated lighting and AV systems. Chroma-Q’s multi award-winning Inspire house lights and Color Force II wash lights, plus Color One 100X PAR, deliver high quality, colour-changing saturates, pastels and a pure white, says AC-ET. These give an immersive, seamlessly integrated lighting experience in auditoria, performance

miniature mics, Core by DPA is currently available in the d:screet 4060, d:screet 4061, d:fine 4066 and d:fine 4088 mics. Products purchased with the new technology will come in CORE packaging and include a discreet laser engraving of the word ‘core’ on the microphone capsule.

venues, houses of worship and other public spaces. Also featured is the award-winning Space Force LED providing variable white soft lighting. Other lighting on show includes Quasar Science’s new RGB-X Rainbow Linear Lamp, which provides full colour-changing and variable white looks in a low-profile, self-ballasted LED source suitable for everything from traditional three-point subject lighting to general area lighting. Related control solutions include ProLights’ ArtNetNode versatile, rack-mountable Art-Net to DMX adapter with an integrated optical DMX splitter; Chroma-Q’s rackmountable network switches and other data distribution devices; and RatPac’s AKS and Cintenna models featuring LumenRadio CRMX wireless technology for controlling lighting fixtures directly from a mobile phone, tablet or PC. Also represented is Tourflex Cabling, a manufacturer and supplier of a full range of bespoke cabling for signal, data, lighting, audio, video and rigging applications.

Showcasing its new Unified Video Player for agnostic delivery of enterprise webcasting at ISE is MediaPlatform. The company claims its Transitioning away from Flash and staying secure within IP video player is the next multicasting is possible with MediaPlatform Unified Video Player step in the evolution of a product designed to premier solution for companies meet the needs of organisations with that still rely on this format as their plans to transition away from Flash. primary source in some locations. The new player is also a secure Jared Hawkins, VP product at option for companies significantly MediaPlatform, said: “I speak for invested in IP multicasting, it states. everyone at MediaPlatform in saying MediaPlatform says it currently how excited we are to be able to has the only enterprise video share our story around enterprise product on the market capable of video management at ISE. This show providing organisations with both an always brings together a great mix option for Flash-less live streaming, of cutting-edge solutions, products as well as continuing to be the and technologies.”

Showcasing 4K/UHD videowall solutions ARBOR TECHNOLOGY Stand: 8-E190 Dedicated industrial IoT computing provider Arbor Technology is partnering with Stino, a manufacturer of audiovisual communication software. The pair are demonstrating digital signage innovations focusing on multiple independent displays, superior visual performance and all-inone platforms at ISE 2018. Arbor’s ELIT-1900 digital signage player supports 4K UHD video playback, delivering an immersive viewing experience with up to six displays. The company claims this makes it ideal for complex multimedia applications.

Arbor is teaming up with Stino to demonstrate digital signage innovation focusing on multiple independent displays, superior visual performance and all-in-one platforms

Combined with Stino’s webbased content management system and management app for digital signage applications, the solution demonstrates the potential of dynamic, comprehensive, versatile digital signage networks, according to the two firms.

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We do the science so you can do the art Creativity made simple Imagine creativity without limits and technology without equals. Breaking new ground, the Datapath Fx4 SDI is the next generation display wall controller with amazing 4k source capture at 60 frames per second. With flexible connectivity and independent control capability, the only thing holding you back is your imagination‌

For more information visit

Stand: 11-B120

UK +44 (0)1332 294 441

ISE_245x335.indd 1 Fx4SDI Ad 02.indd 1 DAT10846 ISE Daily

FRANCE +33 (1)3013 8934

GERMANY +49 1529 009 0026

USA +1 484 679 1553

CHINA +86 187 2111 9063

JAPAN +81 (0)80 3475 7420

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Secure port-free huddle room sharing Mounting range for LED screens


Stand: 2-C20, 2-E20, 2-E30 The proliferation of open meeting spaces and huddle spaces, combined with the fact that the latest laptops and smart devices no longer feature ports for wired connectivity, has created the need for a very simple and fast wireless presentation technology. To this end, Crestron has created AirMedia 2.0 – showcased on its stand at ISE. According to Crestron, many

other products provide just a wireless access point, exposing confidential content to potential security breaches. AirMedia 2.0 is a network-based wireless presentation technology that leverages the latest security protocols: 802.1x network access control; Active Directory user authentication; AES-128 content encryption; and SSH, SSL, TLS and HTTPS. Built into popular Crestron presentation solutions – including the DMPS3-4K-350-C, Crestron

Mercury, and Crestron FreeForm – AirMedia 2.0 delivers the fastest, easiest, most manageable, and secure wireless presentation solution, the company says. AirMedia 2.0 frees people to sit or stand anywhere in the room or space and easily connect their smart devices and laptops to the room display, regardless of operating system. It removes the clutter of wires or dongles and prevents time being wasting getting technology in the room or space to work.

AirMedia 2.0 has been created to provide a secure solution that enables the use of port-free devices in huddle rooms and meeting spaces


Stand: 5-R50 On show at ISE for the first time is the universalLED mounting range from B-Tech. Based on the company’s System X technology, B-Tech’s universalLED mounting system is based on its SystemX technology it comprises freestanding, fixed, mobile and wall mounting solutions portfolio, allowing us to offer that it says can be easily specified bespoke LED mounting solutions online, with fast turnaround times from stock, with all key assembly from in-stock components. completed in our warehouse. This Mark Walker, business ensures fast turnaround times and development manager at B-Tech, easy installation for customers – said: “Our aim is to provide saving time at every stage of the convenience and reliability to project.” installers. We have worked B-Tech is also demonstrating its closely with some of the leading ultra-slim BT8312 pop-out mount, manufacturers of LED panels which is designed to make videowall to design a system that works installations as quick and simple as seamlessly with our current possible.

Snug sounds with minimum hassle

Cables ready for long distance runs



Dynaudio’s new installer-friendly LCR system solves construction woes by fitting snugly in the spaces between wall-studs

Stand: 7-H215 Danish loudspeaker specialist Dynaudio is pulling out the stops on custom install at this year’s ISE show. Visitors to the company’s stand can see its new modular LCR system, which has been created to fit snugly in the spaces between wall-studs without having to do any cutting. Its tweeter modules can be placed either way up to optimise the system for the listening position, while a rear switch allows the power setting to be matched to the number of woofer modules chosen. There is also a passive filter bypass setting to unlock an unlimited range of fully active LCR system configurations. Dynaudio is also showing its new dual-voice-coil inceiling speakers, which have been specifically designed for

high-performance dispersion and directivity in a variety of applications. Its dual tweeters let the user to listen to either a mono or stereo signal from a single speaker unit, and can be set to

work in dipole mode for surround applications. Both products are being showcased on the Dynaudio stand in Hall 7’s Audio and Live Events Technology area.

Stand: 1-Q65 New Velox Active HDMI Cables by Ethereal are making their debut on the Metra Home Theater stand. The company is showcasing the new technology behind the cables, which deliver a verified 18Gbps UHD, and an HDR signal up to 30m (98ft). According to the company, the Velox HDMI cables are currently the longest distance a copper HDMI cable has ever been verified to deliver content at 18Gbps to support UHD, HDR and 4K video applications. The company says its latest chipset technology in the Velox product line will allow custom integrators to use copper cables to deliver true 4K/HDR content further than ever before. The Velox Passive by Ethereal, delivering 18Gbps unassisted for up to 8m (26ft) first debuted at CEDIA in 2016. For longer runs up to 23m (75ft), users can add the Gigabit Accelerator

with a 1m Velox Passive cable to deliver 4K/HDR at 18Gbps. Without the Gigabit Accelerator, Velox Passive cables from 10m to 22m can deliver 10.2Gbps, unassisted. Velox Active Cables support HDMI 2.0a, are HDCP 2.2 compliant and support resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz, all colour subsampling (4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0), deep colour and HDR. Velox Active HDMI Cables deliver a verified 18Gbps UHD

OEM solution for AV over IP Uncompromised latency and image quality Secured and open standard based 4K60 4:4:4 support with JPEG 2000

See live demo at our booth 14.C134






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For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2018

Maximum data protection for smart buildings


Two mechanisms, KNX IP Secure and KNX IP Secure, are used in parallel to achieve maximum smart building security

Stand: 1-N130, 9-F120 Officially recognised by international standardisation bodies as meeting the highest security requirements in cybersecurity worldwide, KNX Secure is being showcased at ISE. KNX Secure meets standard EN 50090-4-3 and, internationally, relies on security algorithms standardised according to ISO 18033-3, such as AES 128 CCM encryption, in order to effectively prevent attacks on the digital infrastructure of buildings and

to achieve the highest level of data protection. Franz Kammerl, president of the KNX Association, commented: “In the past, burglars would enter

buildings through doors or windows. Nowadays they enter through radio and communications networks. As buildings have become increasingly digitally networked, the nature of

New powers of control for O-Line MARTIN AUDIO Stand: 7-K190 The newly optimised O-Line microline array takes pride of place on Martin Audio’s stand this year, and in demo room E104. Coverage and control have been greatly enhanced thanks to the addition of scalable resolution driven by Martin Audio’s new iKON amplifiers and updated Display array optimisation software. The new product is suitable

for a wide range of segments ranging from houses of worship to transportation hubs. Previously drivable via a single amp channel, O-Line’s coverage consistency is now much enhanced with the addition of an iKON iK81 eight-channel amplifier and onboard DSP to independently control and power each enclosure. This refines coverage consistency and increases the ability to ‘dial out’ the influence of the room using Martin Audio’s Display software functionality.

potential dangers has also changed. Only KNX has been delivering the most appropriate responses to these.” KNX Secure essentially consists

of two mechanisms. KNX IP Secure protects the IP communication between the KNX installations. For this purpose, KNX IP Secure extends the IP protocol in such a way that all transferred telegrams and data are completely encrypted. At the same time, KNX Data Secure effectively protects user data, including data exchanged with the various terminals, against unauthorised access and manipulation by means of encryption and authentication. Both mechanisms can be combined and used in parallel to achieve maximum safety. The newly optimised O-Line micro line array from Martin Audio

The ‘hard avoid’ capability and electronically adjustable coverage make it ideal for the most difficult acoustic spaces, says the company. Finished in neutral grey, O-Line is designed to blend discreetly into the background, and unlike many DSP steered columns does not produce unwanted vertical sidelobes in the audio band. Sonically, O-Line is capable of high output levels for its size, with 16 cabinets capable of outputting 134dB (peak) and a throw distance of up to 40m.

Learn more Ask for a demo

Stand 3-B110




Shure believes every voice matters, so with the Microflex® Advance™ Networked Array Microphones, together with the new IntelliMix® P300 Audio Conferencing Processor, you can improve collaboration by providing excellent speech intelligibility and versatile connectivity options. Steerable Coverage™ technology captures audio naturally, while powerful IntelliMix® DSP helps ensure echo- and noise-free meetings. USB and mobile connectivity make joining room systems and collaborating with laptops and mobile devices easier than ever. The new IntelliMix® P300 Audio Conferencing Processor is now available. Learn how to make audio work for you / Ask for a Demo at ISE Stand 3-B110

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Smart signal delivery solution

3D does it for ‘floating’ videos KINO-MO Stand: 10-N150

NJR-CTB control server provides ‘unprecedented’ system control and operational visibility

IDK CORPORATION Stand: 10-R180 A range of new IP-NINJAR solutions have been introduced by IDK Corporation. IP-NINJAR is an IP-based, turnkey, high definition audio/ video signal delivery solution. System control, signal extension, distribution, seamless/KVM switching, videowall and multiviewing capabilities are fully integrated into the platform. The solution boasts full format agility, true 4K/60 4:4:4 HDR HDCP2.2 capabilities, edge-to-edge zero frame delay

and unparalleled stability. The IP-NINJAR also leverages off-theshelf 10Gb Ethernet infrastructure to replace traditional baseband AV architectures. Signal management advantages include an ‘elegantly simple architecture’, unlimited I/O and footprint scalability and individual node-level monitoring, the company says. Among the solutions being introduced to expand the flexibility and universality of IP-NINJAR is the NJR-04HD series, fourchannel input and output nodes that support 4 full HD HDMI signals over a single duplex fibre. Further additions include the new

NJR-T01SDI, offering a 3G-SDI input, and the NJR-01UHD-CAT that enables Cat6A infrastructure to support the IP-NINJAR platform. New functionalities of IPNINJAR’s control/management software and NJR-CTB control server provide ‘unprecedented’ system control and operational visibility, the company claims. Among its feature, the NJR-CTB provides two isolated LAN ports, completely separating 10GbE AV and production network traffic, plus signal routing, node motoring, unit configuration, videowall management and multiviewing layout.

Practical power protection gives back control

A ‘one-of-a-kind’ video technology – Hypervsn Wall – that allows the generation of 3D holographic advertising visuals of up to 3m high is being launched by Kino-mo in Hall 10. Named by Mashable as ‘the future of retail displays’, the Hypervsn technology allows 3D videos to appear as if floating in the air, perceived by viewers as hiresolution holograms. The solution supports common videos files such as MP4 and MPEG. It is made up of individual projection units and a proprietary management platform that allows users to manage a

network of devices remotely from a single location. Retailers can automatically synchronise visuals on several units and schedule campaigns via one click. Hypervsn has already been named a top technology by the likes of USA Today and Yahoo! and has been used by companies such as Coca-Cola, Pernod Ricard, Procter & Gamble, McDonalds and Carrefour. Kiryl Chykeyuk, co-founder at Kino-mo, explained: “Kino-mo’s mission is to bring impactful, groundbreaking solutions to businesses around the world. Visual advertising is at an evolutionary tipping point and we are launching Hypervsn Wall at ISE 2018.”

The Hypervsn Wall technology projecting 3D videos to shoppers

IP-based processing LAWO Stand: 7-P200

Smart power from IsoTek promises ‘absolute control’

ISOTEK SMART POWER Stand: 15-T295 Alpha, Beta and Theta are appearing on the IsoTek Smart Power stand at ISE2018. The three different power control devices are designed, according to the company, to put ‘absolute control into the hands of the installers.’ Each model has a higher level of power cleaning



technology combined with full programmability through an RS232 interface or smartphone application, which can connect via LAN or Bluetooth. The discreet 1U (44.5mm) high Alpha rack features eight C14 IEC output sockets along with RS232 via traditional and USB ports, and protects connected equipment up to 40000A. The 89mm Beta, which is available with UK, European, US or 16 C14 IEC plugs,

protects connected equipment up to 54,000A; while the Theta protects connected equipment up to 67,500A. IsoTek claims expertise in providing clean power for better quality in audio and video for smart home or similar installations. Units can be combined, named and controlled as a group – essential for larger installations where independent socket control or sequential start-up is critical.

The German manufacturer Lawo is displaying its IP-based signal processing and control solutions: the Power Core audio processor, VisTool GUI builder and VSM control and monitoring solution. Power Core is a networked 19in/1RU audio processing unit providing 96 fully equipped DSP channels, 80 summing buses and a 1,920x1,920 routing matrix. The eight rear side slots accept any variety of IO cards for mic, line, AES, MADI, Dante and headphone interfaces, in addition to the unit’s IP and MADI connectivity. Besides standard audio processing such as dynamics and EQs, Power Core also features advanced audio assist systems such as onetouch AutoGain and 32 instances

of AutoMix for automatically maintaining the balance of open mics. The included touchscreen software VisTool allows for routing, mixing, processing and integration of third-party web interfaces. Alternatively, Power Core can be paired with Lawo Ruby hardware audio mixing panels with four to 60 faders per unit. Sophisticated user rights management allows multiple hardware and VisTool software panels to share the same PowerCore. Lawo’s VSM IP control and monitoring solution controls large multi-vendor installations. The system abstracts the physical units from the user, providing a single overall control solution featuring seamless baseband and IP integration, broad third-party control capabilities and an intuitive operational user interface.

Lawo’s Power Core audio processor

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Door phone magic Escape to the great outdoors FASTTEL


Stand: 1-Q85

Stand: 3-C110

Two new products are being introduced at ISE by door phone systems company Fasttel. The first is the FlexiRing. Originally a custom design for a developer of luxury apartment blocks, Fasttel quickly concluded that the solution appeared to be unique, and therefore should be a standard price list item that would have appeal for, for example, hotels. The original The Wizard Elegance is a requirement was for a touch screen door phone flexible solution to display with upgradable buttons the changing names of the residents on the respective The second new product is the letterboxes. The name should be Wizard Elegance, which offers able to be changed from anywhere a touchscreen glass field with in the world. Fasttel designed a invisible buttons. The full version small microcomputer with internet with four buttons is the standard, access that allowed not only the 2 but the customer can specify a x 16 character name to be changed lower number of activated buttons via a web page, but also the colour of at the point of purchase. The unit the display. can be upgraded subsequently The integrated push button can with additional buttons or with be configured with or without LED a keyboard, by the payment of a illumination, and the unit is available licence fee, with the licence updated in bronze or brushed aluminium. remotely.

For those considering outdoor audio installations, Rockustics is showing its Escape series of landscape speakers and subwoofers during ISE 2018. The company is sharing a stand with Soundtube and Solid Drive. The Escape series includes 4in and 6in spike- or pole-mounted Periscape speakers and in-ground Subscape subwoofers with 8in, 10in or 12in drivers. Designed to provide discreet directional audio in attractive enclosures, multiple Periscape 4 or

Periscape 6 speakers can be installed as desired within residential areas or outdoor commercial settings such as hotel pool areas, courtyards, sidewalks or cafés. Users can choose one or more subwoofers – the Subscape 8, Subscape 10 or Subscape 12 models – to complement the Periscape units and supply bass coverage throughout the listening area. All models have 70V transformers with multiple tap settings and can also be operated in an 8-ohm direct mode. Systems may be configured with any number of Periscape speakers, with a minimum suggested

complement of four Periscape units and one Subscape subwoofer. Additional subwoofers are recommended for installations that may use more than eight Periscape speakers.

Some of the Rockustics Escape outdoor audio speaker range

Immersive Altitude successor in ISE debut TRINNOV AUDIO Stand: 5-U90 Making its ISE debut is the Altitude16 home cinema processor, which the company describes as more affordable than the Altitude32, yet leveraging the same core technologies, including a proprietary DSP. The Altitude16 can render up to 16 discrete channels of information and comes equipped with Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS:X immersive audio decoders. It will natively process

high-resolution 24/96 audio, and is The company’s patented, proprietary claimed to have no limitation in terms Trinnov Remapping technology is also of subwoofer outputs, as well as included, which is claimed to be able to providing support for four-way active reconcile the widely differing speaker crossovers. placement recommendations of the It also retains the unique Trinnov three 3D audio formats. Speaker/Room Optimizer that Trinnov says goes far beyond the more common ‘auto-EQ’ technologies available from Altitude16 can render up to 16 discrete channels of information and is equipped with Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS:X third parties.

Learn more Ask for a demo

Stand 3-B110




Shure Microflex® Wireless Microphones together with the IntelliMix® P300 Audio Conferencing Processor help you elevate your audio for AV conferencing and presentations. Best-in-class wireless performance plus powerful IntelliMix® DSP combine to provide customizable microphone placement for configurable rooms with a variety of connectivity options that make joining room systems with laptops and mobile devices easier than ever. The new IntelliMix® P300 Audio Conferencing Processor is now available. Learn how to make audio work for you / Ask for a Demo at ISE Stand 3-B110

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Going deep on AV over IP LANG

can explore the latest advances that allow the distribution of a 4K uncompressed signal over a network (provided the periphery allows these bandwidths). With digital media transport systems gaining importance in business segments like broadcast, AV fixed installation, security and the rental and staging market, LANG is offering ISE’s more technically minded visitors the chance to experience and discuss two specific applications. The first is an internet streaming simulation in 4K with SRT

technology from Haivision. The simulation provides the starting point for discussions on topics like packet loss, latency and bandwidth limitation during transmission. Furthermore visitors can see demonstrations of redundancy in a local video over IP net. The second application shows a pixel-precise comparison between reference video and streaming video. The LANG team are on hand to discuss the characteristics of uncompressed signals, visual lossless delivery and data compression.

Singing in the rain

The new Silver Series of direct weather loudspeakers from One Systems

Stand: 1-H50 The ever-increasing importance of AV over IP is a hot topic of discussion on the LANG stand during this year’s ISE. Visitors to the LANG stand have the opportunity to learn more about how AV over IP – the method of sending compressed information over standard IP mediums – is providing new freedoms to the process of system planning and extension. Additionally, they

ONE SYSTEMS Stand: 7-E227 The new Silver Series of direct weather loudspeakers on display at One Systems’ stand are designed for inland direct weather and general-purpose environments. The compact 104/STH is a two-way design featuring a 4.5in woofer, delivering 40W of continuous power handling, while the 106/STH two-way system utilises neodymium components and produces 80W from a very small footprint. The 108/STC has an 8in coaxial design and delivers

150W continuous power. Silver Series loudspeakers feature IEC 529 IP 56 ingress protection, with the 108/STC providing an IP 45 design that is also configurable to IP 56. The loudspeakers utilise stainless steel for all rigging points, in conjunction with One Systems optional pole mount brackets or pan/tilt brackets. The included U-Bracket and grilles are made from a structural steel coating with a highly durable, dual-layer, zinc-rich powder coating. Doug MacCallum, president at One Systems, explained: “The Silver Series is ideal for inland

Projector breaks new ground


Stand: 1-H90, BK021, BK023 Among the new products being launched by Epson at ISE 2018 are the LightScene EV-100/EV-105 2,000-lumen WXGA accent lighting projector and a new family of entrylevel installation laser projectors. The EV-100 is described as

having a low impact design for easy implementation within retail displays, galleries and museum exhibitions. This, the company says, is a totally new type of projector for Epson. It is aimed at customers who want to use projection to make an impact, but have space restrictions or don’t want a traditional projector within view. Applications might include high-end retailers wanting to create window

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CTOUCH EUROPE Stand: 15-K265

Dutch company Ctouch is showing its new Leddura 2Share and Leddura 2Meet meeting collaboration solutions on its ISE stand. Both are designed to make presentations and sharing of content as easy as possible. Leddura 2Share was specially designed to share digital content wirelessly and securely in meeting rooms. It also brings easy access to a digital whiteboard and annotation functionality. Remmelt van der Woude, CEO at Ctouch, said: “Our end-users told us their number one wish during meetings is to share the contents of their device onto a large screen. So we designed the Leddura 2Share as a straightforward solution that allows for quick and easy wireless sharing. Bring your own device, connect it in no time to the large screen and start your interactive presentation.”

Meeting participants can bring their PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet, and start sharing; a set of USB guest dongles are included to get the connection quickly up and running, with no local install needed to share a device. Meanwhile, the Leddura 2Meet is a complete meeting room solution designed to create a more collaborative and accessible experience for every meeting room. Designed for lean and agile teams, it was specially designed to help all teams that focus on efficiency as a top priority. According to the company, it is based on Skype for Business, and ‘enhances effective collaboration, with any device’. Meeting participants can launch a multi-touch whiteboard instantly, and simply start drawing. All attendees have the ability to write, edit and share documents or add pages simultaneously. Participants can use Office 365, browse the internet, or even install their own company’s apps.

Leddura 2Share helps share digital content wirelessly and securely

applications that may not require the advanced protection from the elements that One Systems Platinum Hybrid models offer, but at very competitive price points. They’re designed to complement our Platinum Hybrid direct weather loudspeakers, which allows us to offer a full range of direct weather loudspeaker options for all weather types and venues.” The EB-L610U laser projector is designed to replace an existing lamp-based model

or in-store displays, car or furniture showrooms, art galleries, museums and designers creating installations

Take back your rack with Zero U KVM transmitters The IP KVM People

Pain-free collaboration

for any of these spaces. The high-end EB-L615U/EBL610U/EB-L510U and low-end

EB-L400U are 5,000-6,000 lumen laser projectors designed to replace lamp-based models. This, Epson says, is in response to rapidly increasing customer demand for laser models in this sector. The family will be split into two groups: high-end models with features such as lens shift, HDBaseT, screen mirroring and a cable cover, and more basic and affordable models for applications that don’t require extra features.


Zero U • Flexible • Scalable 20/12/2017 18:29:50

24/01/2018 09:09


shapes the future of display solutions

Signs of the Times: Why the future of digital signage is now for prominent industries What will the future of the digital signage industry look like? As this week’s ISE 2018 show will prominently reinforce, in many ways the future has already arrived. The future of digital signage centres heavily on information and accessibility. Today’s tech-savvy customers want displays to place a wealth of information at their fingertips, guiding how they eat, shop, work, travel and map their day. Not surprisingly, technology expectations have reached new heights, making audiences more likely to gravitate to companies that understand and accommodate their tastes and needs. Digital signage evolution is no longer a “nice to have” but rather a “must”. Businesses require new ways to overcome the competitive clutter and inform, engage and entertain vital audiences. These nextgeneration innovations can shape purchase intent and strengthen the customer relationships so vital to the bottom line. As Samsung continues to shape the “gateway to the future” through display innovation, it’s important to take a look at how various industries already use these technologies to refine their operations and meet changing audience demands. These state-of-the-art applications can inspire new ideas, and translate the benefits of the future into tangible business results.

Retail: enforcing relatability Promotion is the heart of retail. Stores

must build connections with their brand while also proving why customers need their products to improve some aspect of their life. Not surprisingly, stores have become a haven for next-generation digital signage, as retailers aim to bring interactivity and a “cool factor” to their establishment. The push for viewers’ eyes begins before they even enter the store. Locations ranging from parking garages to storefront windows have become prime engagement space, with displays reinforced to withstand variable weather and environmental conditions. Once inside, retailers can take greater creative liberty to intrigue customers and promote featured products. Floors and ceilings now serve as valuable engagement centres, with LED displays adaptable to match any environmental layout. Additionally, retailers can arrange video walls in non-traditional configurations to further pique the interest of passers-by. Retailers also have pushed for smarter displays that can better relate with customers’ shopping habits. Modern, analytics-based displays allow venues to follow triggered actions with relevant messaging. For instance, if a customer picks up a perfume bottle, that action could activate a video of the product in action or language detailing a sale.

Foodservice: fast and accurate Above all else, restaurant guests want to receive their orders accurately and quickly. Improved digital signage not only allows foodservice venues to meet these expectations, but also do so while reducing operational costs.

Whether above an indoor service line or empowering an outdoor drive-thru, restaurants can deploy menu boards that attractively present options to customers. These digital displays improve customer service by enabling guests to ask more informed questions, and by allowing operators to take extra precautions to guarantee order accuracy. Some establishments take customization and personalized service even further with interactive and mobile-supported in-store technologies. Restaurants can implement touchscreen kiosks that allow customers to choose their items in a timely and comfortable fashion. More venues also now use separate screens to show the process of a placed order, and direct customers to the counter for convenient pickup. Digital signage also simplifies the menu updating process. Previously, restaurants faced laborious tasks, ranging from replacing an entire static menu board or printing fresh promotional fliers, to update offerings. Now, these managers can revise information digitally in seconds. Restaurant guests are a captive audience, and savvy restaurants can capitalize by emphasizing special promotions and limited-time offers across in-store channels.

Workplace: informed collaboration Shifting workplace dynamics have exacerbated communication challenges, with the increasingly remote workforce shifting more operations outside of the traditional four walls. In turn, businesses need technologies that can accommodate workers and facilitate interaction and

collaborative knowledge sharing in any location. Powerful interactive displays carry out fundamental business functions while eliminating barriers that can hinder the workday. Interactive whiteboards and digital flip charts have taken the place of projectors, paper notation and white boards, bringing a centralized collaborative forum to the meeting space. These displays empower free idea exchange, with screen mirroring technologies allowing participants to view and introduce content directly from their smartphones, tablets or PCs. As meetings conclude, these digital “file cabinets” securely organize and house content for later use, with digital distribution and sharing taking the place of tedious handwritten recaps. Businesses also can leverage lobby signage, ranging from indoor LED displays to large video walls, to streamline internal communications. Managers can keep employees abreast of office happenings in a clear, single-source format, eliminating the time and hassle of email updates or one-off staff meetings. Additionally, businesses can deploy personalized welcome messages and wayfinding information for visitors. Regardless of the environment, digital signage has the power to improve communication and foster operational efficiency. In many ways, the future is now, and the businesses best prepared to adapt and deliver upon this change will be the most successful. Stand: 4-S100

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FEATURE Digital signage: advertising just for you If you just emerged from a shop clutching something you didn’t expect to buy, the chances are that AI had something to do with it. Ian McMurray explains Back in the day – we’re talking about the 1980s here – I had European marketing responsibility for the Texas Instruments Explorer. The chances are, it never crossed your radar. It was a Lisp machine – a computer designed specifically to efficiently execute Lisp code, which was then the programming language of choice for artificial intelligence (AI) development. Inevitably, it wasn’t long before even humble 80486-based machines could outperform it, and the market for Lisp machines died. Today, the hardware of choice for the toughest AI applications is the graphics processing unit – the GPU –that makes Call of Duty: WWII look so film-like. In fact, NVIDIA is all but betting the farm on its technology being at the heart of AI applications, with aspirations in the field of, for example, autonomous vehicles. It’s fair to say that AI has now gone mainstream. In the AV market, it’s revolutionising what’s possible with digital signage. To find out why, we need to go back to basics. Engagement Go to any digital signage vendor’s stand on the ISE show floor and the chances are, it won’t be long until the word ‘engagement’ crops up. Digital signage is on a trajectory that’s taken it from being all things to all people – and thus, pretty much, nothing to anybody – to one that aims to deliver personal experiences that are unique to each consumer. Its aim is to deliver content

UBEX extender The UBEX optical fibre based AV Over IP video signal extender

LIGHTWARE VISUAL ENGINEERING Stand: 3-B145 Developed by Lightware, the UBEX is the second of two AV-over-IP product lines being highlighted by

the company during ISE 2018. UBEX is an optical fibre based AV-over-IP video signal extender product line, designed to extend 4K UHD at 60Hz 4:4:4 signals uncompressed on a 10Gb Ethernet network, which can operate

that is specifically relevant to you or me. If it can do that, it knows it will get our attention. It will engage us and make us more receptive to what it’s telling us. How does it do that? Historically, digital signage relied on interactivity – typically in the form of touchscreens – to engage us. However, we’ve moved on (although interactivity is still highly relevant). The fact is, as we are becoming painfully aware: advertisers know far more about us than we might like. In the same way that Google and Facebook use that knowledge about us to serve us with advertising that they think is relevant to our interests – and believe me, both companies are major investors in AI – so with digital signage. You’re probably familiar with the concept of ‘big data’ – the term that’s being applied to the insane amount of information that’s being collected. Having all that data is one thing: turning it into meaningful, actionable information is a very different thing. And that’s where AI comes in. AI can make sense of masses of intricate data in a way that traditional computing never could – and perhaps more worryingly, than humans ever could either. The fact is that much of that data that’s sloshing around is about you. Unravelling data It’s one thing, though, for Facebook and Amazon to interrogate cookies on your PC – and quite another for a digital sign to know what you like

both point-to-point and also as a networked AV system. Each UBEX can operate in sender or receiver modes, and also as a transceiver unit; switching among these operation modes can be easily performed by a firmware change. A virtual matrix system can be built using UBEX units as input and output endpoints and by including a standard Ethernet switch as crosspoint. The device has dual, fieldreplaceable SFP+ optical modules, with extension distances ranging between 400m with MultiMode (MM), and 10km with Singlemode (SM). UBEX is being shown alongside the CatX-based VINX AV Over IP extender on the Lightware stand, where visitors can also experience live demos and new product showcases.

Making meetings more productive LENOVO

Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Hub 500

Stand: 15-M245 We’ve all been there – arriving at a meeting, to discover that the presenter is unable to share their presentation, the remote participants are struggling to dial in and the meeting consistently starts 10 minutes late. To address this issue, consumer,



commercial and data centre technology provider Lenovo has developed the ThinkSmart Hub 500 – a Skype Room Systems device that

manages collaboration within modern meeting rooms. The company says the ThinkSmart Hub eliminates the hassle of sharing personal laptop screens and messing about with cables, by simply connecting local and remote participants and sharing content at the touch of a button. Developed in cooperation with Microsoft, the Hub is an all-in-one device, with a 360º rotatable display, and runs Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

and what you’re doing. That’s where sensors come in. Increasingly, retail screens are equipped with proximity/movement sensors, NFC beacons, Bluetooth, cameras and more. They’re all ways of finding out who you are and what you’re doing, in varying degrees of detail. What makes that sensor-derived data valuable is when it’s unravelled by the AI algorithms ‘behind’ the sensor. Take cameras for example. Backed by appropriate AI algorithms, they can rapidly determine if you’re male or female, young or old – and even whether you’re smiling or frowning. If all that information can be processed fast enough, the system can quickly serve you with advertising that is at least likely to be broadly relevant to you (or at least, not wholly irrelevant). Facial recognition software – again, AI-based – can enable you to be welcomed back to the store. It is, in many ways, a perfect storm. Take all the information that the internet knows about you. Use sensor-derived information to determine who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing at this precise moment. Analyse all that information in microseconds using AI – and deliver advertising designed to talk to you personally. It’s long been a mantra in the AV industry that content is king. With estimates that AI improves content relevance by 50%, it’s no surprise that the technology has established itself as fundamental to the future of digital signage.

Player is designed for DIN mounting LEGRAND Stand: 1-N10, 1-M15 Specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures Legrand is introducing the Nuvo P600 Player. It is the first model in the Player Portfolio whole-home audio line, designed specifically for the DIN rail mounting system heavily adopted throughout EMEA. The new player, which is compatible with other amplifiers in Legrand’s ecosystem of Nuvo streaming players, supplies up to 40W of power to a single zone. The system supports up to 16 players and 16 simultaneous, independent streams. The P600 Player also gives any room instant access to music options from networked collections or a variety of internet radio and streaming services, including Spotify, Napster and Deezer, all controlled with the Nuvo Player Portfolio app. It features a built-in Class D digital amplifier. The P600 can be installed

The Hub 500 features Dolby Audio Premium sound experience, 360º array microphones and a touch display to control the meeting and large external displays, and can make any space a Skype for Business meeting place, says the company. According to Forrester in a 2016 report, 92% of businesses are

alongside compatible devices from Legrand and other manufacturers on the DIN rail. Power to the P600 is provided through Legrand’s new P601 power supply, and one P601 can be used to power four P600 players. The P600 can be integrated into third-party control platforms including Vantage, Bticino, Control4, Crestron, KNX, URC, RTI and others, as well as with the Domotz PRO remote network management platform.

The P600 player supports Spotify, Napster and Deezer

planning workplace transformation initiatives (WTI) to build smart offices that enhance individual and collaborative work experiences for local and remote users. The exponential growth of smarter offices creates opportunities for hardware and software vendors, resellers and systems integrators as customers look to fuel investments into WTI.

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Putting AV on the network? Only DMÂŽ NVX supports video conferencing.

Cameras, microphones, electronic whiteboards, keyboards, and mice are all essential for video conferencing and collaboration. They all require USB 2.0 for control and communication. DM NVX is the only network AV solution that includes built-in USB 2.0 routing.

Visit Crestron at ISE 2018, Hall 2, Stand C20 All brand names, product names, and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Certain trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography. Š2018 Crestron Electronics, Inc.

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Data-driven digital signage synergy SPINETIX Stand: 8-E270


Sid Stanley

General manager, Visual Solutions Europe, Sharp

In your opinion, what is the best thing about the ISE show? It’s the one event a year where the whole AV community gets together. In between meetings, I always make time to visit the show. You can see lots of amazing sights in one place and experience some amazing things coming from the industry. It gets you fired up for the rest of the year. What do you think are the key developments in, or threats to, your market sector at the moment? The key development is still the integration of smart interfaces in connected displays. For us, smart means technology doing more of the work for you, and offering you more

support and value. Complex functions become much more accessible and easier to use, which should provide us all with more productivity. Why should delegates visit your stand at ISE 2018? We have some big launches on the stand, our first 4K BIG PAD and our largest-ever range of digital signage options. We also have Sharp’s 8K camcorder and display, the basis of Sharp’s R&D into an 8K ecosystem. 8K isn’t just another higher resolution consumer product, it’s the basis for many new business applications and has huge potential. And we’re serving champagne every afternoon!

Stand: 12–E100

The synergy of digital signage, smart-building and smart-city solutions forms the focus of SpinetiX’s presence at ISE 2018. SpinetiX has partnered with Crestron to create integrated smart room scheduling with state-of-the-art digital signage, the company has announced. The combination of Crestron and SpinetiX technologies “empowers room scheduling systems” and offers additional customer benefits, the company notes. These benefits include richness of interactive content displayed on-screen (videos, images, messages); easy, consistent customisation of screens with customer branding; and digital signage as default content when room scheduling is

Room reservation screen in a corporate environment with SpinetiX digital signage content enabled

not used. In addition to its presence on the show floor, for a second consecutive year, SpinetiX was an Official Gold Sponsor of Monday’s Smart Building Conference – a move in line with a vision of leading the way in data-driven

digital signage, the company says. Francesco Ziliani, CEO at SpinetiX, commented: “SpinetiX is driving digital transformation of buildings, office spaces and cities, which is making infrastructure more reliable, efficient and connected.”

Amplifier range is amplified XTA AND MC2 AUDIO Stand: 7-C225

The DP1.2-VisionXG extender system from D&G

Make a connection with KVM GUNTERMANN & DRUNCK (G&D) Stand: 10- N182 Cutting-edge keyboard/video/ mouse (KVM) equipment for control room applications is being presented by Guntermann & Drunck (G&D) at ISE 2018. The G&D booth revolves around the optimum integration of KVM technology in control rooms, pixel-perfect video quality and the extension and switching of 4K resolutions using matrix systems. G&D is exhibiting compressing and uncompressed extender systems – such as the DP1.2-Vision and DP1.2-VisionXG – which can extend even 4K and 8K video resolutions at 60Hz over long distances without loss or latency. With KVM, it gets interesting whenever complex matrix



installations need to be interconnected. Thus, several computers can be operated remotely via different, simultaneous workstations. Even high-resolution 4K video signals can be easily extended, switched and distributed through the matrix. The DP1.2-Vision KVM extender is fully compatible to, and can be combined with, the digital matrix switches ControlCenter-Digital and ControlCenter-Compact and can be integrated into complex IT installations. G&D claims to offer the broadest KVM portfolio that’s available on the market. You can discover more about its full range of extenders, switches, digital KVM matrix systems, analogue KVM matrix systems, digital signage, KVM add-ons and accessories on its Hall 10 stand.

A year on from the launch of the Delta Series of digital processing amplifiers, XTA and MC2 Audio are launching the 120 Amps at ISE 2018. “We’re looking at these amazing amplifiers from a new angle,” said Waring Hayes, technical brand manager for both companies. “Rather than consider this a launch of just another bigger amplifier for the Delta Series (and the recently introduced XTA DNA Series), what’s more important to realise is the significance of this stereo, Danteenabled, flagship design. “The 120 Amps are the most powerful network audio twochannel amplifiers available, and are designed to drive more than just subwoofer arrays. There is absolutely no compromise in

The 120 Amps digital processing amplifier from XTA and MC2 Audio

sound quality, despite the colossal energy on tap. With breakthroughs in the use of the very latest output devices and innovative drive circuitry, we have finally eliminated the need to compare against class AB designs.” The 120 Amps are available as

Delta 120 and DNA120 models from MC2 and XTA respectively, and have 96kHz Dante inputs as an option. Both models will deliver more than 7,000W per channel into 2 ohms and 5,000W per channel into 4 ohms.

Five installation projectors announced SONY Stand: 1-N20 No fewer than five new installation projectors are being launched by Sony Professional Solutions at ISE 2018. The new additions include Sony’s highest-brightness installation models for large venues, and three mid-range projectors. All five projectors feature a 500,000:1 contrast ratio. At 12,000 lumens and 9,000 lumens respectively, the VPLFHZ120L and VPL-FHZ90L are Sony’s highest brightness business laser projectors. The company says

they address the needs of venues compact bodies that can be fitted where it is essential to ensure image within even the smallest of rooms. quality even within well-lit rooms. The addition of these new models At the show, the company is will, the company believes, address also introducing three new midboth needs while ensuring that range WUXGA models designed users can take advantage of the full for small to medium-sized rooms. benefits of laser projection. The VPL-FHZ66 (6,000 lumens), The VPL-FHZ120L is a 12,000 lumen VPL-FHZ61 (5,100 lumens) and projector for large-venue installations VPL-FHZ58 (4,200 lumens) all deliver the same 500,000:1 contrast ratio as the large-venue projectors. Sony says it has seen increased demand for laser light source projectors within

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FEATURE Consider the human interface Commercial and residential integrators need to learn to interact seamlessly with personal devices and personal networks, and João Martins says voice recognition can be the key The commercial and residential installation sectors are being impacted more than ever by consumer technology and standards. Last year was a formidable year for consumer electronics. An evolution driven by voice recognition, AI cloud services, audio enhancement for speakers and headphones, and the introduction of important new standards and specifications: USB Type C, Thunderbolt 3, HDMI 2.1, Bluetooth 5 and Mesh, and many more industry efforts driven by new exciting possibilities in IoT, from personal area networks (NFMI, Bluetooth, ZigBee), to low power WAN (Sigfox, LoRa, and so on). All this, propelled by a buoyant mobile industry, encouraged by the expansion into IoT, wearable platforms and the smart home. This, in turn, pushes the semiconductor and electronic component companies to adopt and introduce new technologies, such as MEMS and new advanced sensors, at an accelerated pace. In 2017, some of those components applied to critical professional applications, such as test and measurement, actually far surpassed anything available until now, at a fraction of the cost. Anyone following the mobile industry and electronic manufacturing sectors will recognise that what’s happening in this space will have unavoidable consequences in other industries and application areas, including professional AV and systems integration in general. Here come the humans When we look at what happened in 2017 with completely new platforms such as ‘hearables’ and smart speakers, or all the excitement with cutting-edge applications in the automotive sector, robotics, and connected systems in general, it becomes clear this will deluge into industrial and professional spaces. I’m afraid it

will not be only a question of convergence, but simply user-imposed: The Human Interface. A year ago, the installation sector discovered exciting perspectives with voice recognition and voice personal assistants as another form of user interface, opening new horizons in control and interaction. A year later, the widespread use of software and DSP technologies for speech, audio enhancement, far-field speech recognition using advanced echo cancellation and beamforming microphone arrays, have created completely new possibilities in voice-controlled systems for all manufacturers. We now have available voice-optimised microphone array and DSP development kits, wake word engines, and ancillary voice software development solutions, allowing the industry to build upon what was created by Amazon and Google in this domain. Manufacturers and even system integrators can now freely opt to embed direct connections with any of the voice assistants from Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple, or simply implement voice-control capabilities at the local level, with many DSP and voice technology providers now offering complete Voice UI platforms for integration. There’s also the application-oriented route, leveraging existing technology optimised for integrators. That explains the excitement during CEDIA 2017 around JStar, a new company specialising in advanced voice technology for the home, which introduced its Josh Micro concept (Best New Product at CEDIA 2017). The Josh Micro is a new hardware programmable controller that runs its own software, and creates a new developer friendly and community-based voice-control platform for the smart home. The commercial installation space will require

a more sophisticated and standards-based approach, but I have no doubts that the impact of these technologies will be very similar. The irony is that many companies in the commercial installation sector are pioneers in the same key technologies that are now enabling new consumer applications. They just don’t have the same industrial scale. Gear up At InfoComm 2017, I was very impressed on how Biamp, Sennheiser, Shure, beyerdynamic, Crestron, and others are creating new solutions for meeting rooms, which in fact use the very same core competences in DSP, far-field capture, beamforming microphone arrays, controlled directivity and so on. Going a step further, Nureva, with its HDL300 audio conferencing system, allows even greater freedom using ‘virtual microphones’ and real-time processing algorithms, in a concept that actually looks very similar to a consumer ‘soundbar’. But the most important aspect is compatibility and integration with what users already know. Familiarity with those technologies, from voice to wireless technologies, to widely used apps, will change the briefing on new commercial and residential installation products. Users are now ‘small ecosystems’ of products and services of their choosing, and residential and commercial systems need to interface seamlessly with personal devices and personal networks – increasingly smart devices and ‘smart wearables’. For example, building control systems will always benefit from infrastructure standards like KNX, but the front-end user interface needs to be something that they are actually familiar with... and use, or simply wear.

Moderated meetings, beyond the microphone

Rendezvous with Reserva



The redesigned D-Cerno features an updated design, a smaller footprint and a removable microphone

Stand: 3-B140, 3-A140

Stand: 8-C282

The Plixus Audio Engine, Lingua infrared language distribution system and D-Cerno are among a range of technology being showcased by Televic Conference. The new Lingua infrared language distribution system is easy to use for participants and quick to set up for integrators, claims Televic Conference. With a patent-pending automatic delay line compensation feature, installation is said to be faster than ever. Also on show, the Plixus Audio

Digital visual communications specialist Onelan is showcasing a number of new releases, notably card check-in for Reserva Room Signage and enhanced features for its Systemon-Chip (SOC) solution. The new Reserva features mean enterprise users will be able to interact directly with room signs using NFC/ RFID identity cards. Initially via the Onelan NFS Rendezvous Workspace connector, with check-in support for Exchange and Office 365 support to follow, the benefits for an enterprise include enforcing restrictions on who may check into or change meeting room bookings, thereby maximising the use of room resources. Using Active Directory authentication, only a validated card holder may book a meeting; they will then automatically be set as the meeting’s host. Only attendees may check-in or confirm a meeting, or shorten, extend or end it. Onelan also continues its drive into the QSR space, delivering a failover solution for Samsung

Engine is deigned to makes core discussion much easier. The engine comes with all meeting functionality built in, and provides recording at the touch of a button. ISE 2018 also sees an update to Televic Conference’s D-Cerno. The pioneer in digital plug-and-play discussion has an updated design, a

Subwoofer showcase


The latest subwoofer from Peerless by Tymphany, the STW-350F188PR01-04, is being exhibited here at ISE. The 15in subwoofer is built for high performance hi-fi applications. Featuring an 8in voice coil, triple suspension and dual-spider design,



ISE Daily 2018

30 ISE D3 2018 FINAL.indd 1

this driver was designed to provide superior low-frequency performance in a smaller-than-traditional enclosure. Also, the driver offers low distortion at 92mm peak-to-peak displacement, which is enabled by the large voice coil and high moving mass. George Bullimore, director of UK Design Centre, Transducer Business Unit at Tymphany, explained: “Using a large voice coil has more than one

far smaller footprint and a removable microphone. Televic Conference is also featuring dedicated software solutions that bring moderated meetings to portable devices. The new meeting software is designed to make moderated meetings more streamlined, says the company.

benefit. The ferrite magnet is designed into the voice coil, which enables more efficient use of the magnet material. Additionally, the large surface area of the voice coil results in practically nonexistent power compression.”

Tizen and LG WebOS SOC screens. It says this ensures business-critical information such as menu boards, pricing and calorific values are always available for customers, without the need to invest in a redundant network of back-up players, dual-output players, or screens. The addition of audio soundtrack and streaming provides a more engaging experience for a customer, claims the company, and along with additional storage capacity, further enriches the functionality of Onelan’s SOC and Net-Top-Box (NTB) solutions. Onelan says its latest developments demonstrate its commitment to scalable enterprise-level solutions. Onelan continues drive into enterprise, retail and QSR with additional Reserva and SOC features

The STW-350 subwoofer features an eight inch voice coil, triple suspension, and dual-spider design

24/01/2018 09:14

WELL PLAYED Simply defined, a power chord is two notes played simultaneously to create a powerful, integrated sound.  It expands the spectrum of sight and sound to make a performance exponentially richer.  Such is the innovative  synergy created when Williams Sound and Pointmaker align their strengths.  Two, truly dynamic AV companies with a similar vision:  driving audio-visual technology that enables communication, strengthens connections and ultimately inspires collaboration.  We call our new power chord C3 — communication empowered.   Visit us at ISE 2018. Experience a powerful, new force in the AV / collaboration marketplace.

ISE 2018 | 7-C210 | | 800.328.6190

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22/01/2018 15:35:31



Which technology do you think will have the greatest impact on the industry over the next five years – and why?

Voice control. Consumer interest in voice control assistants has increased dramatically over the last year alone. We are already seeing a natural transition of these devices into the pro-AV market from the consumer market, as many pro-AV manufacturers increasingly build strategic partnerships with leading companies in the space. Despite the growing desire for voice control, touchpanel control will still be present, and as such, the decision of when to use voice control opposed to touch control will be key to integrating these devices into corporate environments.

Paul Weatherhead Founder and CEO, AV Junction Stand: 15-G238

High-bandwidth signal processing technologies will have a huge impact on our industry over the next few years, a primary reason for which is that display technologies are now reaching eye-limiting resolution and quality. The weak link in the chain is how data gets to these displays. New high-bandwidth processing technology will enable us to take more data from very powerful media sources to these displays. New developments in wireless data processing technologies will also open more opportunities for the AV world.

Matt Barton CEO, 7thSense Design Stand: 12-A64

Engage, Connect, Impress Stand: 5-R20

The stand highlights include NEC’s Direct View LED displays for both indoor and outdoor applications, and large sizes (up to 98in) of its V and P Series of Raspberry Pi-compatible displays, which enable new applications for sensor-based and context-aware signage. The new professional C Series large format displays for seamless integration (up to 98in) is

Fireproof and EN 54 compliant RCF Stand: 7-R190 EN54 was originally introduced as a European standard for fire alarm systems. However, the growing trend towards integrating fire alarm and voice evacuation systems has seen it extended to also cover voice evacuation. To satisfy this growing market, RCF has introduced a comprehensive range of EN54compliant products. The latest additions to the RCF family are



Keith Dutch Managing director – EMEA, Peerless-AV Stand: 12-F90

4K Ultraline Extender showcased KVM-TEC Stand: 14-M165


Solutions for retail signage, large venues and corporate conferencing are the focus for NEC Display Solutions Europe at ISE 2018. Presenting under the new banner ‘Create Endless Impressions’, the company is highlighting how its latest range of display technologies enables users to create experiences which engage, connect and impress audiences. The showcase features three main strands, comprising technologies for signage and retail (‘Engage’), corporate conferencing (‘Connect’) and large venues (‘Impress’). Visitors to the NEC stand can experience simulations of realworld display applications, including solutions using new large-format displays and impressive highresolution laser projection.

As more Tier 1 OEMs introduce their own range of LED displays, standardisation will become commonplace. 16:9 cabinets have already appeared from several of the major LED brands along with the ability for cabinet sizes to configure exactly to FHD and UHD size, making LCD videowall replacement an easier transition. Peerless-AV is well positioned to support these developments with our Universal LED mounting system. Data analytics is also becoming more valuable, with the rise of smart digital signage and fully integrated kiosks to track audience demographics, dwell time and more.

The MR 52EN W from RCF

four speakers for ceiling/panel mounting or wall mounting. The company maintains they are

also on show, as is the company’s new flagship 4K installation projector with 35K ANSI lumen and new RB laser technology (combining best colour performance with cost consciousness). Additionally, visitors can see the NEC InfinityBoard – the company’s all-in-one meeting room and corporate conferencing solution, which has just started to ship.

especially suitable for broadcasting alarm messages, thanks to highly intelligible sound reproduction and inbuilt flame and heat resistance. The PL series are ceiling speakers, designed for recessed installation in false ceilings or panels and featuring a flameproof protection dome. The PL 50EN and PLP 50EN are wideband speakers, while the PL 82EN is a two-way coaxial ceiling model. The RCF MR 52EN is a compact, two-way loudspeaker, intended for use in both alarm and business music systems. It’s available in both black and white. A thermal fuse protects the integrity of the line in case of heat affecting the speaker, and all the internal cables feature flameproof leads. All the speakers are EN54-24 certified, says RCF.

In a world premiere here at ISE, the 4K Ultraline Extender is being billed by kvmtec as a 4K revolution. CEO at kvm-tec Dietmar Pfurtscheller said: “We specially “A true 4K experience is possible” with the new 4K Ultraline Extender chose ISE 2018 to introduce our brand new 4K Ultraline Extender to the feature USB Save prevents the public for the first time.” intrusion of computer viruses via Ultra high resolution of up to the interface by disabling mass 4096 x 2160 at 60Hz with ‘perfect’ storage device support. colour coding with 4:4:4 at eight With its Matrix Switching System bits per colour means a true 4K upgrade code, the 4K Ultraline experience is possible with the Extender can be used with a device, says the company. Over standard 10G network switch to long distances, a fibre version of create a full KVM matrix switching the product is available; the kvmsystem without any additional tec 4K Ultraline Extender handles hardware. The intelligent kvm-tec distances up to 120km and is Switching Manager provides easy optimised for all signals including management of all KVM extenders DP1.2 and USB 2.0. in the Matrix Switching System, Additionally, the kvm-tec security says kvm-tec.

Pyramid of power XOUNTS Stand: 14-C190 Consumer electronics company Xounts is in Amsterdam talking about Xounts UP, a future-oriented sound pyramid that offers top sound, smart design and atmospheric light. Xounts says that, thanks to its modular capabilities, it is able to ‘integrate all new and future technologies’. Whether it is improved Bluetooth dongles, an innovative streaming transmission or intelligent solutions such as voice control from Amazon, all technologies are easily interchangeable, says the company. Oliver Richter, CEO and founder at

Xounts UP offers sound, light, design and connectivity in one device

Xounts, is here with his company for the second time at ISE. He commented: “Here we meet technically and innovative open-minded people who are looking for rounded solutions.”

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24/01/2018 09:15

Meet AVIXA Believe In The Power Of Audiovisual Experiences

InfoComm International is now AVIXATM – the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association. For more than 75 years, our members have believed that audiovisual technology can change how people communicate. That means, your AV work changes how people experience the world. That’s a lot to take in. Luckily, you have a welcoming community of creative, tech-savvy people to support you. You belong in the AV community.

Visit us at Stand 12-N110 to learn more.

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14/11/2017 10:24:36


Beyond 4K 21,000 lumens laser projector PANASONIC


Stand: 1-H20 Panasonic has announced a beyond 4K laser-phosphor addition to its projector line-up aimed at live event staging, exhibitions, rental, and permanent installations. The PT-RQ22K 3-Chip DLP Solid Shine laser projector shares the same compact chassis and 21,000 centre lumens brightness as the PT-RZ21K series, a WUXGA/SXGA+ projector, but is equipped with 4K+ resolution (5120 x 3200). Hartmut Kulessa, European marketing manager at Panasonic, commented: “The PT-RQ22K completes the Panasonic 4K projection line-up, meeting the demand for lightweight, highbrightness 4K+ projectors with film-like image quality. “We have combined class-

Stand: 10-N172

The PT-RQ22K: a lightweight, high-brightness 4K+ projector with film-like image quality

leading picture quality and a low total cost of ownership (TCO) by shielding the optical engine with heat-pipe based cooling, eliminating the need for an air filter. The whole projector can operate with no maintenance for very long periods of time, even in dusty environments.”

Designed for roles where absolute reliability is critical, the PT-RQ22K has a dual light engine with redundancy circuits should a laser diode fail, making brightness loss imperceptible, while switching to a back-up video signal happens almost instantaneously if the primary source goes down.

Connecting professionals in VR VR-ON Stand: 8-P300 The virtual reality and visualisation company’s mission to ‘connect professionals in VR’ has helped to conceive collaborative VR platform Stage. In numerous discussions with various decisionmakers, vr-on has found that what companies really needed for their projects Virtual reality collaboration for professionals was a simple and secure way to work together more easily, virtual training and product faster and more cost-effectively. presentations where the facilitator Using Stage, teams can or trainer is in a different location participate in a VR presentation than the rest of the participants. from multiple locations, Most Stage users are in communicate and discuss product the automotive and aviation designs in the development phase, sectors; however, vr-on has or view layouts in the planning been approached by customers phase. Other applications include from other areas, such as retail



On the right rack… Diving straight into its first ever year of exhibiting at ISE, Austin Hughes is showing a wide range of 4K LED monitors, rack console drawers and rack displays during the show. The company’s UltraView 4K LED monitors range from 15in up to 65in and all have 3840 x 2160 native UHD resolution. They offer video management and transmission over network and DC power/touchscreen options. In addition, sunlight readable panels are available.

The CyberView MRK-K17 4K tripledisplay rack console drawer

A matter of interpretation WILLIAMS SOUND Stand: 7-C210

customers using Stage to plan their stores. The company is also in discussion with manufacturers of prefabricated houses and plant builders. In principle, Stage is of interest to all companies that have a great need for coordination at distributed locations, and their own 3D data.

The CyberView rack console drawers are 17in standard, dualslide, ultra-short depth or 23in large size units. They are multi-display 2U dual- or triple-display drawers with rugged construction and there are four LED backlit display options (4K, FHD, WUXGA or 4:3). Austin Hughes’s CyberView 4K rack displays come in regular, large, high-brightness, sun-display or split quad-display versions. They offer four LED-backlit display options (4K, FHD, WUXGA or 4:3). Various size displays are available with multiple options, including DC power.

US manufacturer Williams Sound has packed more functionality into its Digi-Wave DLT 300 digital transceiver. In addition to its current, true interpretation mode – where interpreters hear the floor language in their headsets while simultaneously transmitting the interpreted language on a separate channel – the DLT 300 now boasts Bilingual and Relay modes. Bilingual mode enables interpreters to quickly and seamlessly switch the transmission channel when switching between different target languages, says the company. Now an interpreter can react quickly when the floor language changes, without needing to change gears, rewire or instruct

the audience to change channels. Relay Mode enables one interpreter to act as the relay language – a world first for a completely portable solution, according to the company. There is no need for an interpreter console or a base station to offer relay capability, giving event coordinators more flexibility. According to Per Persson, international sales director for Williams Sound: “Digi-Wave is already one of the most powerful handheld interpretation devices on the market, and these new interpretation modes further enhance its capabilities. We’ve worked closely with several interpretation partners to develop these new modes and early feedback from the interpretation market has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.”

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24/01/2018 09:16

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21/12/2017 09:17:03


Collaboration without complication Up close and personal to 4K LIFESIZE

Lifesize offers seamless Skype for Business interoperability

Stand: 14-B180 Interoperability is a major focus for Lifesize at this year’s ISE. Presenting under the tagline ‘Collaboration Without Complication’, the company is highlighting a number of integrations with industry solutions. Seamless Skype for Business interoperability is one example given. Lifesize offers simplified cross-platform audio, video and web conferencing, and extends the Skype for Business environment to the conference room by making it easy to pair with award-winning Lifesize HD camera and phone systems, the company says. In another recent advance, Lifesize chat integrations allow users to start meetings straight from HipChat or Slack and

Stand: 3-C110 The focus from Contacta during ISE 2018 is on its two latest Class-D hearing loop drivers – the V7 and V12a models – which can seen on its Hall 3 stand.

The V12a Class-D driver from Contacta

Tessera SX40 processor and XD 10G data distribution unit

Stand: 8-C150

continue conversations over HDquality video. Once enabled, the user can type ‘/lifesize’ to display a link that can be shared to join a virtual meeting. Guests can attend for free, so those without Lifesize accounts can also enter the conversation. In September 2017, Lifesize reported a 110% increase in its customer base over

the previous 12 months. The company has credited this growth to a “commitment to drive relentless innovation”, which it says is exemplified by the newly rearchitected Lifesize app. This new version of the company’s cloud-based collaboration platform delivers “exceptional, highdefinition audio, web and video conferencing”, Lifesize claims.

Keeping people in the loop CONTACTA


The large-area loops allow multiple hearing device wearers to hear words or music with clarity in venues such as classrooms, theatres or houses of worship. Made in the UK, the drivers are designed to produce supreme sound quality, with automatic gain control and superior phasing performance. The output stage is

based on technology proven in both the pro audio world and high-end hi-fi sector to achieve lifelike speech and ‘first-class’ music reproduction. The V range uses Class-D technology and Digital Signal Processing together, making the drivers extremely efficient. Unlike many conventional drivers they don’t require fan cooling and have compact heatsinks – this results in quieter, lighter and easier-to-maintain products. These drivers have been created to be easy to install and use, with a backlit display and easy setting programme. The user interface features a dial to make adjusting the loop parameters simple, while Euroblock connectors enable easier installation. Contacta has said it will launch additional V drivers during 2018, including a variety of power levels and outputs to drive hearing loops ‘wherever and however you need’.

Debuted at ISE 2017 and shipping this year, the Tessera SX40 is powered by Brompton’s highestever capacity processor. It offers full 4K60 support, HDMI 2.0 and 12G-SDI inputs with deep colour support and SD/HD/3GSDI compatibility, 12 bits per colour output at full capacity, four XD outputs with excess output capacity for cabling convenience, and 4K up/ downscaling and ChromaTune colour correction with lowest-ever latency. The new Tessera XD 10G data distribution unit is designed for large-screen applications. Compatible with all existing Tessera panel inventory, together SX40 and XD provide a toolkit for supporting the biggest LED projects. At the stand. members of Brompton’s sales and support teams are on hand to offer live demonstrations of the latest Tessera

software, including the new Dark Magic feature. This optimises visual performance at low brightness, offering a new tool to combat the banding and poor image quality caused by shallow bit depth at low brightness levels on some screens. Visitors can also try out Brompton’s OSCA and ChromaTune features for themselves. The OSCA tool that appears on the LED screen itself is designed for correcting batch to batch, panel to panel and module to module inconsistencies in colour matching and mechanical alignment. The latest software update allows users to batch copy and paste panel properties, to make optimising an LED wall quicker and easier than ever.

Live Tactus digital mixing demos PEAVEY COMMERCIAL AUDIO Stand: 7-M210 Leading live sound engineer Ash Hannis is running a series of live demos on the Crest Audio Tactus digital mixing system on the Peavey Commercial Audio stand during ISE. Demos place every day at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00, with Noam Raz, Waves’ marketing manager, joining Hannis for today’s 15:00 demo. Built in partnership with Waves, the Tactus modular mixing system combines FOH and stage input/output boxes with a compact control console and state-of-the-art software options. A simple, customisable touchscreen operating interface has been designed to put all of the

audio routing, processing and mixing tools within easy and immediate reach and the integration of the Waves eMotion LV1 mixer application offers an unprecedented level of control, the company says. Hannis is currently using Tactus on tour with Showaddywaddy. “The best thing about the Tactus system is its complete flexibility and scalability,” he commented. “I can take out just one screen for smaller shows or two or more for a larger show – with or without the control surface.”

“The best thing about the Tactus system is its complete flexibility and scalability”


Visit us at BOOTH 14-H135



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Maverick’s famous tiki bar returns...

See the latest in connected meetings Collaboration solutions from global vendors including Microsoft, Google and Cisco. Guru bar with specialists for services such as AV and IT Security, AV in the Cloud and IoT, amongst others.

#MaverickTiki Hall 5, Stand S-30

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24/01/2018 17:21:44


Virtual matrix solution without compromise Hang tough with PS Wall Brackets BARCO Stand: 12-F100 The challenges of implementing a virtual matrix solution are a key area of discussion on the Barco stand at this year’s show. The company is inviting visitors to learn how to achieve IP-based uncompressed video, audio and USB switching, without compromising quality – with particular focus on Barco’s own Enterprise Virtual Matrix solution. Matrix-switch solutions are a key component for any system where a flexible switching is needed between video, audio and USB input sources and output destinations. A so-called virtual or networked matrix solution enables this via an IP network infrastructure using distributed encoders and decoders. Compared to classic matrix switches, these virtual solutions add a higher level of deployment flexibility and scalability to the system. However, Barco notes, many

virtual matrix solutions require some compromise – in latency, image quality or functionality – due to the compression technologies used. For higherlevel use cases, this is not acceptable, the company says. Instead, Barco suggests the use

of its Enterprise Virtual Matrix solution. This, the company claims, brings the virtual matrix concept to the next level for use cases where no compromise can be made, including high-resolution 3D and multi-projector synchronised set-ups.

The Enterprise Virtual Matrix solution offers a broad set of added functionality on a system level and is easy to install and use, Barco says

Clear meeting audio SHURE Stand: 3-B110 With a range of conferencing and presentation audio solutions, Shure is showing a variety of innovative products during ISE 2018. Shure’s highlights include the Microflex Complete discussion and conference system – a range of



portable and flush-mount conference units that can be integrated into boardrooms, parliament or council chambers and formal meeting spaces. An intuitive user interface allows users to vote, view agendas and select interpretation. The Microflex Complete Wireless system speeds set-up in dynamic meeting spaces such as at temporary meetings in hotels and conference

The Microflex Complete (MXC) system shown in a boardroom situation

FUTURE AUTOMATION Stand: 2-B95 PS Wall Brackets from Future Automation are the custom installer’s best friend, according to the company, and here in Amsterdam it is demonstrating a recent design update to the range that it claims has made them even better. Rob Luxton, UK sales at Future Automation, said: “For a long time Future Automation PS Wall Brackets have been the go-to custom install brackets for many integrators. However, with the big drop in screen depths and weights over recent years we’ve seen the need to make a few changes. ISE 2018 is our first opportunity for European dealers to get their hands on the new and improved PS bracket range, as well as the new range of cross compatible wall boxes.” Suitable for 40in to 100in screens, this range of Articulated TV Wall Mounts enable ‘perfect’ parallel movement, says the company, along with the freedom and flexibility to view your screen in a variety of positions. The company also claims the range is

centres. It also overcomes cable limitations in historic buildings or rooms with flexible seating. Automatic Interference Detection and Avoidance technology delivers reliable transmission and limits signal dropouts even in the most congested RF environments. A single MXCWAPT access point can control up to 125 wireless delegate units without additional software or licences. The IntelliMix P300 AudioConferencing Processor offers Shure DSP algorithms that are said to significantly enhance the audio quality

perfect for recessing screens in wall for a completely flush finish. Each PS Bracket is compatible with different height wall boxes from the new WB Range, enabling greater vertical and horizontal mountingposition adjustment. All PS Brackets now ship with a stud rail mounting kit to enable easy on-wall fitting, while also featuring inbuilt cable tie anchors for neat and simple cable management. The new cross compatible WB wall boxes feature single stud width fitting, accessory mounting hardware and multiple socket mounting positions.

Updates to the range of PS Wall Brackets make them even more custom installer-friendly

in video meetings. The P300 includes analogue and USB connections that support laptop and desktop computers, mobile phones and thirdparty video codecs. It’s said to provide seamless operation with Shure Microflex Advance and Microflex Wireless mic solutions. Shure is also showing its Axient Digital Wireless System and the Microflex Advance portfolio of premium networked ceiling and table array microphones and control software for enhanced AV conferencing.

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24/01/2018 09:19

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2018

Control at your fingertips QSC Stand: 7-E200 Audio/video systems specialist QSC has introduced four new additions to the TSCG2 Series of touchscreen controllers for its Q-SYS Platform at ISE 2018. The TSC-G2 Series combines capacitive touch technology with bright, highresolution LCD displays, in-plane switching technology for better off-axis viewing, and Power over Ethernet connectivity for simplified, single-cable installation. Because Q-SYS consolidates audio, video and control processing into a single platform, the TSC-G2 Series operate without dedicated control hardware. Greg Mattson, product manager for installed systems at QSC, said: “As part of our expanded Q-SYS Control

portfolio, these new touchscreens offer our customers a more comprehensive selection of controllers that fit nicely into any installation. Combined with our updated Q-SYS UCI Editor and newly revised custom scripting environment, these touchscreens allow integrators to easily design and deploy custom user control interfaces with open standard tools and programming languages, ultimately reducing traditional AV control design time.” The new controllers allow for easy surface mount installations in a wall, lectern or similar flat surface. Optional table-top stand accessories are available for the TSC-80w-G2 and TSC-116w-G2 models. The models range from the TSC-47w-G2 with 4.7in, 960x540 resolution touchscreen, up to the 11.6in, 1920x1080-capable TSC116w-G2.



The new TSC-G2 Series touchscreen controllers from QSC

Solutions from the ‘A’ team ACRELEC GROUP Stand: 14-M200 Interactive retail display solutions company Acrelec is highlighting its wide range of software, hardware and service packages during ISE 2018. Solutions demonstrated on the company’s stand include the Alto Affinity, which can be customised with the latest EMV, RFID and smartcard technology to facilitate the most convenient and interactive customer experience. Visitors can also learn about the Abiza Advantage Series kiosks, which Acrelec says offers a uniquely customisable design that allows the quick and cost-effective creation of a self-service venue. Abiza offers numerous options and peripherals to facilitate customer recognition, loyalty programs, and ticketing order payment and pick-up. The Addie kiosk combines the latest digital technology with an engaging design that will delight customer, the company claims. The kiosk runs on the Acrelec Transformation Platform (ATP) that allows for easy contact and apps management, deployment and integration. Designed to be aesthetically appealing, durable and versatile, the Alpine series can be configured to meet specific installation requirements, from digital drive-through menus, to merchandising displays, to

kerbside order confirmation solutions. It features a wide array of options, such as scanner capabilities, video chat for interactive customer service and numerous branding possibilities.

To us, it’s not enough to have an unmatched reputation for reliability, usability and performance. Or to be an ISO 9001 certified company with the most comprehensive product range in the industry. Or even to be continually developing innovations such as our compression algorithm that delivers the highest video quality whilst ensuring latencyfree operation.

This involves exceptional levels of consultation from the outset – and exhaustive attention to detail during and after construction. Investing in a G&D system will provide your business with tangible advantages now and into the future. Let’s make that first connection. Contact us today. Options such as video chat for interactive customer service are available with the Alpine retail display solution

Collaborate 111x314-ISE.indd 1

38-39 ISE D3 2018 FINAL.indd 2

Our overriding aim is to put together a KVM system tailormade to your needs.

ISE Daily 2018



14/12/2017 11:45

24/01/2018 09:19



Jean-Marie Cloquet, product line manager, Silex Inside

Get your AV-over-IP product right with open standards The industry is experiencing an obvious trend towards IP-based audio/video distribution. Current IP solutions provide the flexibility and scalability that has not been possible before with regular matrix switching. At the same time, IP solutions enable larger installations, and longer distances between devices. IT networking (and the internet in general) is largely based on open standards, and this approach has enabled a very wide adoption and interoperability between all equipment. Unfortunately, in the pro- AV market, most manufacturers build or integrate their own proprietary technologies. This results in a fragmented AV-over-IP ecosystem where manufacturers and customers are tied to a specific technology or vendor. Conversely, the developments ongoing in the broadcast industry around IP transport and SMPTE 2110 should be taken as an example of how to leverage the true potential of IT infrastructure. The Viper solution we developed is a low-latency HDMI-over-IP solution entirely based on open standards. The transport is fully compliant with IP/RTP protocols defined in the IETF RFCs. The video compression is also based on open standards, such as JPEG 2000 or VC-2 HQ. The Viper solution also supports many other standards like PTP for clock synchronisation (IEEE 1588-2008), SDP for stream description, and AES67 for audio transport. Anyone can capture the stream, decode it, or replay it with their own hardware- or software-based implementation. Building a product around open standards guarantees to take advantage of the latest standardised technology. It makes your product future-proof and reduces the risk of being locked to a specific vendor. In addition, open standardbased products enable true innovation by bringing the expertise of multiple companies and markets into a unique open IP-based ecosystem.

Stand: 14-C134

Get on board for multi-user learning


The interactive displays company is at ISE 2018 with its latest line-up of touchpanels and learning software. Arguably the ‘must-see’ on the stand is the SMART Board 7000 series. It’s the company’s flagship model and is said to be the only interactive display in education that supports simultaneous multi-user The Smart Board 7000 series is the flagship interactive display for education



collaboration. The SMART Board 7000’s iQ technology provides PC-free embedded computing and one-touch access to a diverse suite of SMART applications and collaborative tools, including wireless screen sharing, built-in web browser and a digital whiteboard. Also at ISE 2018 is the latest version of the SMART Learning Suite, the company’s all-in-one education software solution. The software combines lesson delivery, assessment, student collaboration and gamebased learning. It also ties together student devices and lesson content for a ‘cohesive educational experience’.

The evolution of the RJ45 Plug for 10G+ and HDBaseT Installations is one focus of the Structured Cable Products (SCP) stand. Twisted pair cabling is undergoing a rapid transformation to meet the growing market demands for 4K and HDBaseT applications, the company notes. Cables such as Cat6A and Cat7A are now being specified for commercial and residential installations to support new A/V and DataCom devices, and transformations to the RJ45 plug

SCP’s10G-FP-U (bottom) is an unshielded version of the 10G-FP, utilising the same termination process, and is recommended for use with floating power supplies on HDBaseT installations and other PoE/PoH installations

are occurring to support these high performance applications. SCP is at the industry forefront

in developing new RJ45 field termination plugs for shielded twisted pair cables such as Cat6A and Cat7A, the company says. The SCP part 10G-FP fully shielded field plug is designed to be easily terminated onsite with higher performance and more reliable termination than standard RJ45 plugs. The 10GFP is a one-piece hinged plug with a lacing cap, similarly found on modular jacks, and a small printed circuit board (PCB). The lacing cap doubles as a ‘load bar’. Separated wire pairs are first inserted into load bar where the wires are trimmed and then the load bar cap is inserted onto the plug. The termination is completed by simply snapping the hinged plug cover closed.

Celebrating 50 years of balanced sound


ISE 2018 kicks off a year of celebration for Dan Dugan Sound Design, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Company founder and CEO Dan Dugan is on the company’s stand to greet attendees and conduct his ‘killer demo’ of Dugan automatic microphone mixing technologies. Dugan’s signature invention, the automatic microphone mixer radically improved the quality of sound operation in installed sound and broadcasting. An automixer controls a group of live microphones, turning up mics when someone is talking and

turning down mics that aren’t being used. The real-time, voice-activated process invented by Dugan maintains overall system gain and ensures everyone is being heard at the right time, says the company. Dan Dugan Sound Design products are used in education, corporate, live theatre, television and government settings worldwide. In addition to manufacturing his own products, which connect to standard audio consoles via insert points, Dan Dugan licenses his algorithms to other manufacturers. Yamaha has now adopted Dugan technology in all its digital mixing consoles and installed sound processors, and Dugan automixing is available in products from Waves, Sound Devices and Protech Audio. Dugan

also manufactures a plug-in automixer card for selected Avid products.

Come and meet company founder and CEO Dan Dugan, who is present on the stand this year

Videowall processor upgraded tvONE Stand: 1M-130 Featured on the tvONE stand is the company’s new HDMI 4-port output module, which supports 1080p60 on each port and provides the 4RU Coriomaster video wall processor with up to 56 outputs. tvONE is simulating application examples using each of the three Coriomaster video wall processors: the Coriomaster (4RU), Coriomaster mini (1RU) and Coriomaster micro (½RU). The Coriomaster family is designed to be a versatile, cost-effective, easy-to-use multi-window video processor. Coriomaster systems also feature streaming media and 4K playback modules, which allow digital video from the cloud or the internet to be blended with local media and AV connections, and presented

The 4RU Coriomaster video wall processor now has up to 56 outputs

together on a videowall. tvONE is also demonstrating Coriographer v2, designed to make the creation of custom videowalls faster and easier to set up and to give creatives full access to the features of the Coriomaster family. The tvONE Onerack, a universal racking mounting solution with

power and cooling, is also featured on the stand. tvONE’s design is said to convert randomly sized, externally powered devices from any manufacturer into slide-in modules that can be installed quickly and serviced easily. Onerack now features dualredundant power supply capability.

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Booth #


Mike Xu Sales director ISE_245x335.indd 1

betathree BetaThreeAudio Dongguan 3G Audio Technology Co., Ltd. 19/01/2018 16:27:10




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A new hall for ISE 2018 To accommodate the demand for additional exhibitor space at ISE 2018, the RAI Amsterdam is introducing Hall 15, at the front of the complex. If you weren’t at ISE 2017, you should also note that there is now a Hall 14 in Congress Square; additionally, last year saw some renumbering of halls following the opening of the new Hall 9. Once you’re at the show… There are a number of wayfinding tools available to help you find your way around. • A free pocket-size fold-out floor plan contains a map of all the halls, plus an exhibitor listing • There are touchscreen wayfinding kiosks in the circulation areas outside the halls • The ISE app can guide you from your current position

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Reach New Heights in Display Innovations BenQ, Global Leader in Business Displays

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Visit us at stand 5-U20 Untitled-3 3

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Extenders eliminate compression Putting a spotlight on


Stand: 5-U60 A new DisplayPort 1.2 fibre optic extension module with AUX emulator, the DPFX-200A-TR, and the HDFX-300-TR HDMI 2.0 fibre optic extender are being launched by Opticis at ISE. The DPFX-200A-TR can transmit a 4K 60Hz signal up to 300m (984ft) over optical fibre cable, while the HDFX-300-TR can transmit an HDMI 2.0 4K (4,096 x 2,160) at 60Hz signal up to 100m (384ft). Neither needs to scale or compress data in order to lessen the burden on the connection. Between the transmitter and the receiver, a pure fibre connection via a single duplex LC

comprehensive offerings

The DPFX-200A-TR can transmit a 4K 60Hz signal up to 300m over optical fibre cable

fibre is said to give clean, secure and easy installation with no electrical hazard and perfect electrical isolation. By implementing an AUX emulator, Opticis says that the DPFX-200A provides an easy solution for any


issue caused by auxiliary channel communication. The DPFX Controller program (GUI) on a PC can initiate the connection of a video source to a display. Thus, says the company, the system configuration set-up for the display source has no influence on the status of display.

Look better, sound better AMPHION LOUDSPEAKERS Stand: 7-X185 Finnish manufacturer Amphion Loudspeakers has redesigned the cabinets of its Helium410, Helium510, Argon0 and Argon1 bookshelf speakers, and upgraded the tweeters of the Helium models. The cabinet redesign is more than merely cosmetic. By repositioning the reflex tube right behind the woofer, Amphion says it has improved the speakers’ bass response and enhanced the clarity of the midrange. In addition, the Helium410 and Helium510 employ a new tweeter that provides a cleaner and wider listening area compared to the old

The Helium510 black offers improved quality of threedimensional sound

one, improving the quality of the three-dimensional sound, according to Amphion. The speakers are

suitable either as a stereo speaker setup or in a complete home theatre installation. Thanks to these changes, Amphion’s most affordable, entrylevel speakers – Helium410 and Helium510 – are getting closer in terms of components and sound quality to their more expensive siblings, the company says. Despite the enhancements, the price remains unchanged. In other recent enhancements, the Helium410 and Argon0 desktop speakers have already received a design upgrade to their woofer grid. This has been adjusted to be just like the grids of all other Amphion models and improve the speakers’ all-round aesthetics.

Largest 4K mirror screen AGATH Stand: 5-R35 Specialist manufacturer of mirror TVs and bathroom TVs Agath is at ISE to show off what it claims is the largest 4K mirror TV available. The K298 98in screen is delivered as a complete kit, including a steel frame for in-wall or on-wall installation; a waterproof remote; and a pair of in-ceiling B&W CCM382 speakers. The company is demonstrating the TV with an Italian customdesigned frame and invisible speakers by Nakymatone, which is co-exhibiting with Agath. Receiving its launch at ISE is the MirrorTouch 32in on-wall touch screen which is designed to interface with home automation systems such as those from Control4 and Crestron. Also on show is Agath’s in-wall



The K298 98in screen is delivered as a complete kit

14in television which features the company’s patented S.E.M technology. S.E.M technology sees the TV created in two parts the back panel and the electronic component. The thinking behind this is to make the screen as future-proofed as possible in that the entire product need not

be upgraded: only the electronic module is replaced, allowing, says the company, a worthwhile saving. For multi-screen locations, this approach is also said to be advantageous in terms of needing to hold fewer backup units in the event a screen needs to be replaced.

Product highlights on Adam Hall Group’s two-storey stand in Hall 7 include the Zenit P 40 and Zenit P 130 professional PAR spotlights from Cameo Professional Lighting’s continually expanding Zenit range. Thanks to their IP65 protection rating both are suitable for outdoor use and are supplied with additional diffusers. The Zenit W600 high-power washlight is also suitable for outdoor use. Forty 15W CREE RGBW LEDs provide 21,000 lumens of light output for single colours or vibrant colour blends. The theme on the Adam Hall Group’s stand is ‘100 %... Installation Complete’. It showcases a comprehensive range that includes audio sources, audio tools, preamps and zone mixers, mixing consoles, DSP processing, integrated amplifiers, speakers, mounting accessories, cables and accessories. Gabriel Alonso Calvillo, product manager for integrated systems at Adam Hall, said: “100 %... Installation Complete is our catchphrase for the integrated install solutions campaign

The IP65-rated Cameo Zenit B60 B is a battery-powered W-DMX PAR spotlight

we are running. Our customers receive comprehensive solutions utilising professional products at competitive prices, including individual advice and consultations right from the planning phase.” Calvillo claimed that the Cameo Zenit B60 B is an ideal solution for vernissage and art exhibitions. “This battery-powered W-DMX PAR spotlight with IP65 protection rating and long-lasting LG Chem lithiumion battery facilitates creative design,” he added.

Be your own media mogul DATAVIDEO Stand: 7-C193 Mobile production studios from Datavideo can turn any room into an ad hoc TV studio. The HS-1600T is a compact mobile studio that includes cameras, a switcher, recorder and streaming encoder, and folds into a small suitcase. By using HDBaseT The HS-1600T includes cameras, a switcher, recorder and streaming encoder connectivity, Datavideo has combined all camera signals, The current entry level model control data and power into a in Datavideo’s mobile production single network cable, thereby studio range is the HS-1300 making the device very easy to with built-in streaming and install. recording. This unit is a six-channel The setup is expansible up to production mixer with built-in three cameras and an extra HDMI monitor, streaming and recording source, such as a laptop. ‘Easy’ capabilities. camera controls are integrated into Mobile production studios weigh the switcher surface, and with a between 6kg to 9kg, depending streaming encoder included, users on the configuration, so they are can be live on YouTube or Facebook perfectly suited to work on location within seconds, the company or for setting up a temporary claims. An SD card can be used to studio, says the company. They record the production directly from can also be used for conferences, the switcher. meetings and panel discussions.

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8K resolution projector launched DIGITAL PROJECTION Stand: 1-F70

Olivier Antoine, Head of software product development, Deltacast

Media servers empowered with flexibility, density and scalability For over a decade, media servers have been implemented as computer-based appliances relying on capture cards to ingest live content in formats including DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and SDI. That solution perfectly suits small-size set-ups but lacks flexibility, and can be difficult to scale up to larger systems. Continuously growing computer processing power allows the handling of more and more sources in parallel, with higher and higher resolutions. The maximum amount of signals a server can handle is so high that it is generally limited by the amount of capture channels that mechanically fit the computer chassis, rather than by the available internal resources. But another trend in the market is to take the maximum profit of a hardware investment, by using it for multiple purposes. A server is a completely generic processing machine, and dedicating it to a single-use case, potentially not being used 24/7, is not giving the best return on investment. Using the same machine in different contexts often requires a great flexibility in terms of video interface technologies, especially in the pro AV market. DisplayPort and HDMI sources are more prevalent in corporate events, education and installation, while SDI is often used as soon as you have to connect your server to a video production facility. Deltacast closely looked at these market evolutions, and concluded that capture cards are relevant for a series of use cases, but less adapted for some other workflows. In 2018, Deltacast enriches the media servers market with an innovative solution answering the questions of flexibility, scalability, and channel density. Thanks to this new concept, media server manufacturers can handle up to 32 input feeds a single PCI Express slot, and can more easily adapt the selection of video interface types from deployment to deployment.

Stand: 8-M390

Next generation cables introduced AV EMEA Stand: 1-Q115, 1-Q120, 5-R140 Wireworld Cable Technology is introducing a new generation of cabling on the AV EMEA stand. The new Series 8 cables are said to incorporate a number of innovations, including a proprietary composite insulation material called Composilex 3, which is designed to minimise the triboelectric noise produced by conventional insulation materials. In addition, the company says that advances have also been made in Wireworld has added an 8-channel studio snake to its product range



DNA Helix conductor geometry, with more strand groups to reduce eddy current losses and heavier gauge conductors in most speaker cables, plus greater flexibility. Also newly added to the Wireworld product range are mini power cords with figure 8 (IEC-C7) plugs, as well as advanced USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 audio cables. There is also a tiny headphone cable optimised for in-ear monitors, an 8-channel studio snake for analogue and digital applications, the first guitar cable built around a DuPont Kevlar core, as well as HDMI 2.0 cables with a new active technology.

At ISE 2018, the resolution bar is being raised with the launch of the Insight Dual Laser 8K projector. With a 33 million pixel resolution (7680 x 4320), it is designed for applications requiring the maximum image detail possible, including medical, scientific, immersive visualisation and large venue applications, says Digital Projection. The new projector delivers 25,000 lumens of brightness and features solid-state laser illumination. Digital Projection points out that this means that lamp replacements are never required; by eliminating regular lamp replacement cycles, system operation is never interrupted and with its filterless design, longterm maintenance cost is said to be near zero. The Insight Dual Laser 8K uses

DLP technology incorporating three 1.38in DarkChip DMDs and Digital Projection’s ColorMax, combining to deliver what the company claims is superb colour accuracy and black levels. These, it says, are especially vital imaging characteristics when

matching projectors in tiled or blended applications. Multi-axis capability is also provided by the new projector, together with a range of lenses, which means that it can be deployed in landscape, portrait or almost any orientation.

The Insight Dual Laser 8K projector delivers 33 million pixels at 25,000 lumens

Attention seeking alarms


Stand: 7-C230 UK-based systems manufacturer of Vipedia-Pro from ASL public address, voice alarm, commercial audio and projects; an EN54 core solution is control system products ASL is enhanced through the inclusion showcasing the Vipedia-Pro range of pro audio processing, control of EN54 public address/voice alarm and advanced mixing, with secure equipment with Dante, as well as transmission and fault tolerance. the Integra all-in-one PA/VA system Integra, a wall-mounted member at ISE. of the Vipedia product family, forms Vipedia-Pro uses the Brooklyn a single-box, EN54-compliant PA/ Dante implementation from VA system. Sleek and uncluttered, Audinate. By enabling Dante within Integra is designed with a modular an EN54 environment, ASL says approach and builds upon the it offers solutions to large-scale proven technology of ASL’s D-series

transformer-free amplifiers and Vipedia DSP. Integra greatly reduces the need for expensive design and build often required for rack-based voice alarm systems, according to the company. ASL is also making two presentations on its stand today, showcasing two recent large-scale projects. The presentations will be followed by Q&A sessions from the floor.

Charge of the Tabinet brigade


Stand: 11-G150 Offering slimline, wall-mounted, secure storage for tablets and iPads, with built-in charging for up to 10 devices, the Tabinet 10 sync, charge and storage solution is being introduced by Loxit at ISE 2018. The Tabinet 10 can accommodate 10 tablets complete with fully managed charging, so every product – regardless of manufacturer or model – receives the ‘perfect charging profile’. The built-in ventilation system allows air to circulate around the devices, ensuring there’s no heat build-up within the cabinet.

The unit measures 890 x 450 x 220mm, excluding the lock. The secure solution features a 10-digit combination lock access for keyless access, and offers universal USB charging, charge-only using adapters, and Sync and Charge for high speed, simultaneous data transfer and charging. The Tabinet is available in a number of colour combinations and the door panel can be configured to display The Loxit Tabinet 10 is a flexible solution for artwork or logos. It is on storing, syncing and charging up to 10 devices show in Hall 11 along with a range of Loxit products integrated furniture solutions and for the education sector, including screen and AV mounts.

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FEATURE Listen up! Opportunity knocks in corporate audio Paul Bray sounds out the new directions in audio for collaboration, and highlights the rewards presented by AV and IT convergence Corporate audio is facing its biggest shake-up in years. It’s just not about technology. It’s the way we work. Collaboration is the new mantra, so suddenly every available room and cubbyhole is becoming a ‘huddle space’. When people huddle, they need tech to keep in touch with remote participants. And despite the emphasis on video and data sharing, good audio is the top requirement. This has spawned a new generation of versatile, inexpensive products. Home audiostyle soundbars and integrated, panning cameras provide the basics, often with beam-steering mics to home in on whoever is speaking. BYOD on the rise Users will probably bring their own laptops or mobiles with the likes of Skype For Business, BlueJeans, Zoom or Google Hangouts. So instead of hard video codecs, the system needs a USB port. Interoperable, agnostic platforms are also good news for anyone wanting to give a new lease of life to their old mics and other legacy kit. Some spaces may not require a permanent installation at all. A portable unit or a wheel-in ‘AV cart’ may be a more cost-effective answer. Open-plan office designs and increasing use of hard, echoing surfaces such as glass can leave workers bombarded with extraneous noise from every angle, which has



led to big advances in noise cancellation and privacy. Sound masking software can disguise conversations that people would rather keep private. Sound levels can be automatically adjusted to ensure each speaker can be clearly heard. Cardioid-pattern microphones only capture sound in front of the mic to reduce background noise (literally). The latest algorithms can even distinguish the human voice from unwanted noise such as rustling papers or passing traffic, boosting the former and rejecting the latter. Fashion-conscious The locations in which all this technology is installed are so varied that mounting options must be flexible: many audio products can now be wall, ceiling or rack mounted. A vogue for clean, clear work surfaces means ceiling mounted, beam array mics are popular, for example. And now that sound is so often required in high profile public spaces, aesthetics are taking a front seat as speakers are designed to enhance the architecture rather than be hidden behind a pillar. Look around ISE 2018 and you’ll see colour palettes as nuanced as Monet’s, décor-matched, customised grilles, and even speaker housings concealed in shrub planters. To fit with today’s narrow-beamed, thin-walled construction techniques, audio

manufacturers are developing fully fledged ceiling speakers complete with subwoofers that peep out of a 3in grille, or in-wall models just 1.5in deep. And in case the architect forgot to consult the sound engineers in time (which is frequently), wireless mics can be retrofitted without disturbing all that fresh plaster. Behind the scenes, a more fundamental change is happening. AV and IT networks continue to converge. So audio vendors are building in Ethernet ports, including support for standard networking hardware, and getting to grips with Dante and AVB – in some cases even wrapping in the latest video standards for good measure. They are also beefing up their ability to offer remote monitoring and control, while cross-platform audio network management is migrating to IP. Here’s another technology that’s worth watching: thanks to the trend towards integrating fire alarm systems with voice evacuation systems, EN54 – the European standard for fire alarms – has been extended to cover evacuation. So at ISE 2018 you’ll start to see voice evac manufacturers issuing EN54-compliant versions of their kit. And a final thought. Audio is one branch of AV where best-of-breed is often still seen as superior to one-stop shop. Many small vendors offer terrific support and the flexibility to craft genuinely tailored solutions. And many of them are at ISE this week.

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Putting meetings in the frame URBEN

The Urben Frame Series of meeting room solutions is bringing style to the boardroom

requirements. With all custominstallation work done off-site, onsite disruption is minimised, as the frame is quick to assemble and only requires plugging into power and data outlets. The Urben Frame Series’ patented free-standing unit can also be fixed to glazed as well as solid walls, if required. The series includes: Urben Mini, ultra-slim, 32in to 55in screen solutions, intended for interactive

Switch gear at ISE JUST ADD POWER Stand: 5-S138 Bringing its range of switching and scaling solutions to ISE is Just Add Power (J+P). The company is demonstrating its 4K network video tiler; the 3G+4+ Tiling Transmitter; the Switch Please web application, which allows for matrix switching of

J+P devices from any web browser; the Plug-Play-Present firmware; and a new rackmountable version of its 3G transmitter. Taft Stricklin, sales team manager at J+P, said: “ISE 2018 is our opportunity to introduce new solutions to the international market to address arising format and switching complexities. J+P is dedicated to increasing output for

The 3G+4+ Tiling Transmitter is designed for residential installations requiring multiview

displays and business areas where space is of the essence; Urben Single, Dual and Triple, fully integrated solutions that are 204mm deep and range from 2m to 5.8m in width; Urben U2, U3 and U6P, which offer space planners even greater flexibility due to their angular footprints; and Urben Datapresence, which are immersive suites offering voice, data and collaborative touch functionality on any screen.

AV professionals, while reducing strain to installed displays and the customer’s bottom line. Our goal is to supply installers with a scalable, reliable solutions approach that reflects our unique evolutionary philosophy to sustain video for the long term.” The 3G+4+ Tiling Transmitter is designed for any size of residential installation requiring multiview functionality, providing video support for resolutions up to full 4K and HDR compatibility. Added to the J+P Ultra HD over IP matrix switching system, it enables users to simultaneously watch four video sources in multiple formats, including single-screen, video wall, or tiled video. Once tiled, the video feed can be distributed to an unlimited number of screens, making it appropriate for commercial spaces.

FutureNow DIN rail modules launched P5 Stand: 9-B127 FutureNow DIN rail modules cover all control needs in residential, commercial and even industrial applications, claims P5. Here at ISE the company is discussing how the modules can be directly connected to the local Ethernet network. The eight-channel relay unit with NO and NC dry contacts can be used to switch on/off anything up to 230V/16A per channel. The fourchannel window covering controller has adjustable motor running times, and supports both low- and mainspowered AC motors. The six-channel mains dimmer can be used with any mains-powered, dimmable lighting. Also, the 12-channel LED controller

RAM AUDIO Stand: 7-T190

Stand: 14-A140 The Urben Frame Series of flexible, scalable, cost effective, plug-andplay meeting room solutions has been launched at ISE 2018. The provider of next generation workplace plug-and-play solutions says the completely integrated solution ‘brings style to any boardroom, reception area or meeting room’. The company claims the Urben Frame Series is quick and easy to install, with no disruption to the fabric of the building. It also offers up to 40% cost savings versus traditional media wall installations due to its integrated design, according to the company. As well as being available in a wide range of sizes (55in to 98in), the Urben Frame Series is technology agnostic, so any new or existing touch, video and data solution can be integrated into the casing and tailored to end-user

Amplification on a world stage

Use the FutureNow DIN rail modules with a free app for complete control

can work with single-colour and RGB LED strips. The latest addition to the FutureNow line is a multi-zone thermostat with built-in real-time clock to handle programmed heating and cooling. All the modules have a built-in web interface for configuration and control. The freely available mobile apps come in handy for those who want to control their homes from their phones, and create their own groups and scenes, but do not want to bother with complex control systems. Thanks to the software drivers developed for most automation controllers – Control4, RTI, AMX, Crestron, Extron, and Savant – integrators can also use FutureNow modules to get the most out of their systems at an affordable price point, says the company.

The principal Russian football stadia involved in the 2018 FIFA World Cup have appointed RAM Audio as their main amplification supplier. RAM Audio’s top level V12004 and V12044 amplifiers have been chosen to power McCauley ILA412/MLA3 long-throw line arrays. They include DSP 4-in/4out, four Dante networked audio inputs, an EtheRAM system to control and monitor the devices remotely, and special impedance control. A couple of MDi Series models will also be installed, together with V amps. The first batch of RAM Audio amps was sent to Russia at the beginning of 2017 to be installed at Muscovite Luzhniki, the largest stadium in eastern Europe, which will be hosting the championship’s opening and closing ceremonies and final matches. RAM Audio amps have also been supplied to the Saransk (Mordovia) and Samara stadia, while V and MDi amps will shortly be shipped from Spain for the Rostov-on-Don and Kaliningrad stadia. RAM Audio’s Russian distributor,

RSS Russian Sound System, has been in charge of importing and installing the amps for this major project. RSS is reported to be very impressed with the way the combination of RAM Audio and McCauley has met FIFA’s strict intelligibility requirements. RAM Audio amps rack at Luzhniki Stadium

Videowalls lead big line-up


Located in Hall 3 at ISE 2018, Toshiba Business Display Solutions is showcasing its largest-ever product portfolio. In the past 12 months, Toshiba has more than doubled its range of active digital signage display and commercial TV models, many of which are on show at ISE 2018 alongside product launches. This follows a year in which the company has increased its number of active partners across Europe by 75% year-on-year, and expanded into new territories with projects in Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. Embedded signage models

that were developed in cooperation with partners, including M4B, SignStix, Deneva, Red-V, and Assinfonet, were responsible for delivering significant revenues in 2017. Such products – led by the 75in to 98in TD-P3 large screen UHD models – are at ISE. They are accompanied by the recently launched TD-Y3 videowall series with 3.5mm narrow bezels, as well as the 24/7 TD-Q3 highbrightness series of 700-nit displays. Toshiba’s exhibit also encompasses innovative touch, stretched and automated voiceassistant displays, as well as two kiosk solutions including a QSR ordering solution in partnership with M4B, and a Virtual Porter from m.i.b.

A TD-Y3 series videowall

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Big and bright for heavy and light DATA MODUL Stand: 15-W275 Industrial visual solution provider Data Modul is showing a crosssection of its display and monitor solutions at this year’s ISE show. Featured is a 86in ultra-stretched UHD monitor with 700 cd/sqm TFT LCD display for digital signage applications, which is showcased with chassis housing and a UHD LCD controller board. Also on show is the ultra-thin monitor EP185WAD152-1-PCAP-U-DM, which consists of an 18.5in LCD panel by Sharp, with full HD resolution in a 16:9 format. It has been equipped with LCD controller board ST5:3 from the eMotion series and easyTouch solution – both developed by Data Modul. This monitor concept, which is designed

to supplement the company’s product range, can be adapted to customer-specific requirements.

industrial TFT display. Price-sensitive and compact entry-level solutions, consisting of a chip-on-flex OGS (one-glass solution) touch sensor with 0.7mm glass substrate and an industrial TFT display (from 3.5in to 7.0in), are also on display.

A new Goo for you GOO SYSTEMS Stand: 15-W315 When it introduced the Screen Goo projection screen coating system 15 years ago, Goo Systems couldn’t have known it would be creating a whole new industry. Over the years, Screen Goo has been applied to many thousands of square metres of walls and structures in nearly every imaginable circumstance from modest student dormitories

to $500 million theme parks. At ISE 2018, Goo Systems is launching a new line of Screen Goo projection coatings and, just as importantly, pioneering a new approach to specifying its systems. “Advances in paint and particle technology have allowed us to make dramatic improvements to Screen Goo,” said a company spokesperson. “This includes a more matt and more uniform finish; simplified application, with fewer coats required; improved


Ashly-ISE-Dailies-INTUITIVE-dm18-Ad.indd 1


A manufacturer of loudspeaker systems, electronics and accessories, Harmonic Design Audiotechnik is at ISE for the first time. The German company is showcasing its broad range of advanced speaker designs, and unveiling a new column speaker series featuring HD beamforming technology. Tim Maier, export manager at Harmonic Design Audiotechnik, said: ”ISE is a great opportunity for us to meet leaders across all verticals of the industry, especially of the permanent installation market. We’ve introduced a lot of new products in the past three years that

benefit from our 38 years of fundamental research and development. A milestone marks the HybridLineSource technology used in our HD HLS product line, revolutionising the audio industry with unbelievable small dimensions and extreme SPL. “To demonstrate the advantage in technology and exemplify our passion for great audio we’re unveiling a beamforming column loudspeaker series at ISE 2018.” Harmonic Design Audiotechnik’s beamforming technology features multiple beams, advanced directivity optimisation, and redundant inputs with Dante. With a footprint of 8.5cm width, the company claims it is the smallest beamforming loudspeaker on the pro audio market.

Goo projection surface coatings

coverage and reduced surface texture; and an easy upgrade path for enhanced performance.” The first Goo Calculator, released in 2003, simplified the selection process by matching projector light, screen area and general ambient light to the Goo projection coating best suited to the job. The latest version takes this further and allows clients and designers to choose their new Goo based on the specific task their system is intended for, as well as the true ambient light levels.


See the new digiMIX18 at ISE! TAU Audio Booth# 3-C110 52


Data Modul’s 86in ultrastretched UHD monitor

It represents the thinnest OpenFrame monitor produced by Data Modul so far, and includes standardised and customised touch solutions with an assembled

HD beamforming series launched 1/3/18 2:58 PM

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Active speakers with Ethernet control SONODYNE Stand: 7-T196 Indian audio specialist Sonodyne is showing a new range of DSP-enabled active speakers for residential and recording applications at ISE 2018. Equipped with a SHARC 32-bit 266MHz floating-point DSP chip, these products allow the contractor to fine-tune critical parameters such as delay, EQ and crossover, says the company. DSP control is via Ethernet so several loudspeakers can be connected to a local area network via standard Cat5 cable and controlled by a PC connected to the LAN. A PC can control a single loudspeaker through the USB port, which may also be used for software or firmware upgrades. The products are specifically designed as studio monitors and custom powered installation speakers. Sonodyne is keen to explore opportunities for regional representation through strategic partnerships. Now in its 46th year, Sonodyne focuses on the design and manufacture of specialised audio hardware for residential and professional segments. With DST (Indian government) approved design labs in Mumbai and Kolkata,

the team of 30 engineers and technicians are engaged in core technologies such as wireless audio, switch-mode power supplies, lightweight amplification, digital signal processing and acoustic waveguides. This core research results in continuous product innovations at competitive price points, says the company. Sonodyne’s SRP 201 DSP-enabled active speaker

Network switches that last ATP PROJECTS Stand: 15-G224 Kudos Technology switches, which are specifically designed to manage the challenges faced within the live events and pro-AV industries, are on display on ATP Projects’ ISE stand this year. Four variants of network switches have been produced. The RGD-HS08-01 Gigabit Smart Switch is designed within a halfwidth system, to allow for fully redundant primary and secondary networks in a 1U space. The entry level eight-port gigabit smart switch accommodates three lockable Neutrik etherCONs on the rear and one on the front of the unit. The RGD-HS08-02 Gigabit Smart PoE Switch provides equivalent functionality to the RDG-HS08-01, but with eight etherCONs ports, of which four are PoE enabled. The RGD-HR08-01 Gigabit Smart Router provides the same functionality

as the RDG-HS08-01, but with the added feature of an internal router and dualchannel WiFi access point/wireless bridge. The RGD-1M10-01 Gigabit 1U 10 portmanaged switch, meanwhile, boasts nine etherCONs on the rear and one on the front. Dual redundant power supplies are also installed with supply indication to minimise risk from power failure. The switch includes options for single/ multimode optical connectivity, with a choice of OpticalCon, HMA or standard LC connections. Connections can either be mounted on the front or rear of the unit. Link/activity LEDs and a 1Gb LED are provided at both front and rear to improve visibility of the switch’s operation. All switches have been designed with powerCON Inputs and configured for media streaming applications.

ATP Projects is launching Kudos Technology

ISE Daily 2018 52-53 ISE D3 2018 FINAL.indd 2



24/01/2018 09:28


Why do you think the ISE show has managed to grow year after year?


What began as a word-of-mouth show recommendation has now evolved into an event that any manufacturer would consider as their most important trade fair worldwide and sync new product launches accordingly. Customers know this too, even if the main focus of their business may not be integrated systems in general. I don’t think anyone can visit ISE without feeling inspired and empowered. The opportunity to discover new technology trends and to meet professionals from all around the world makes for a powerful and enjoyable combination.

Fabian Stumpfl CEO, AV Stumpfl Stand: 1-H5, 1-H10

With the changing demographics in the workplace, pressures to be both innovative and productive, and the need to become efficient with real-estate and other resources, AV technologies are uniquely able to provide users with the ability to understand these trends and even get ahead of them. For example, imagine a smart building that is aware of usage heatmaps, measures the relative use of different mobile device platforms, and can even predict where the most collaborative meeting spaces will be for certain classes of users. These are all things that our industry can achieve in 2018.

Christopher Jaynes, PhD Founder and CTO, Mersive Stand: 14-N120, 14-N130

Dev board debut to European market ADMOBILIZE AND SUBSIDIARY MATRIX LABS Stand: 8-R330 Commencing its expanded 2018 product marketing program, Matrix Labs, subsidiary of AdMobilize and the designer of artificial intelligence IoT creation platforms, is debuting its Matrix Creator and Matrix Voice dev boards to European systems integrators at ISE 2018. Matrix Creator and Matrix Voice allow for the fast, efficient and affordable development of simple-to-complex IoT hardware applications, opening up entirely new possibilities for European custom installers.

Rodolfo Saccoman, co-founder and CEO, Matrix Labs, said: “The Matrix Creator, Matrix Voice and their proprietary Matrix OS, empower integrators to build Matrix-based IoT apps that perfectly complement any home or commercial automation system and deliver functionality that may not be available through the large-scale automation systems.” Matrix Creator incorporates a Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA, an ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller, a range of sensors for motion, temperature, humidity, light, ultraviolet and infrared, an 8-microphone array and a 35-LED array. The board, which can be programmed in 40 different languages, also incorporates

integrated Z-Wave and Zigbee communications, plus connectivity via a wide range of analogue and digital input/output interfaces. Matrix Voice is a smaller board that focuses on one thing: voice recognition. In addition to integrating with Raspberry Pi, Matrix Voice can also be used in standalone mode using its onboard FPGA-heavy processing capabilities. Building with the Matrix ecosystem of products provides integrators with an entirely new revenue stream. Once a Matrixbased app is built for one project, it can be sold as a product to future clients who may require that same highly customised functionality.

ISE has created a rightly deserved reputation as the premier international CI show and the place where everyone from across the world needs to be. The breadth of product on show and the amount of new product announcements all under one roof makes it an excellent use of time. If people in our industry are only going to attend one major show a year it must be ISE. Personally, I find it the best place to meet both existing international partners and potentially new ones. ISE is an exhausting, but hugely beneficial week.

Babs Moore Sales director, Amina Technologies Stand: 1-N15

Australian audio firm’s ISE debut QUEST ENGINEERING Stand: 14-K200 Here at ISE for the first time is Australian company Quest Engineering. Showcasing a range of architectural audio solutions focused to the needs of modern venue design, the company is talking about how its products are aimed at both live sound and installed systems. Quest is exhibiting its full MX Series of audio installation solutions, the Q Motion Series of mobile and fixed audio solutions, the HPI Series of compact high-definition speakers, the Q-Tech Series of commercial installation systems, and the QSA Series of compact powered pro speakers, as well as amplifiers and compact wall mount speakers. All Quest systems are designed around the concept of high vocal

intelligibility. There is a Quest system for most demanding architectural environments, says the company. With a combination of very compact high-powered loudspeakers and the benefits of the Quest asymmetrical pattern control, a sound designer can tame the most difficult acoustic spaces, claims Quest. Come and see the Quest product range, an array of architectural audio solutions

Two paths to go by Clear communications



Stand: 1-N50 Commercial integrators can encounter compatibility issues in installations that feature a mix of 4K and 1080p displays, according to Gefen. In response, the company has developed its EXT-UHD600A-12-DS 4K 600MHz 1:2 scaler with EDID detective and audio de-embedder, which is now shipping. Independent scalers are built into each of the two HDMI outputs of the EXT-UHD600A-12-DS. One output can downscale a 4K 600MHz signal to 1080p Full HD, while the other can upscale an HD signal to 4K 600MHz, maximising compatibility in a mixed resolution display system. Conversely, a single 1080p input can also be split and scaled to separate 1080p and 4K 600MHz outputs, providing upscaling functions that are designed to increase the fidelity of the original



Stand: 15-S323

The EXT-UHD600A-12-DS is designed to maximise compatibility in a mixed resolution system

input for use with 4K-capable displays. Jason Fitzgerald, product manager at Gefen, said: “Commercial integrators are often called upon to update and upgrade legacy systems, and may encounter a mixture of 1080p and 4K devices within a system. This unit allows

them to create two video paths from one input, with each path best suited for the devices it will be connected to. This solution allows the installation to attain the highest possible performance in situations where legacy equipment coexists with the latest technology sources and displays.”

Wireless audio communication systems provider Axitour Communication Systems is presenting three new audio communication systems at ISE 2018. Earlier this year, the company was announced as the official preferred supplier of the European Volleyball Confederation for referee communication systems. Its AXIWI system is already in use by referees from several international sports federations, including the Dutch Handball Federation, the Finnish Floorball Federation and the Royal Belgium Hockey Federation. AXIWI is a wireless full duplex and handsfree communication system which allows up to six people to simultaneously speak, and is useful during tours,

conferences and meetings as well as sports events. The Axitour AT-900, meanwhile, is a simplex communication system that allows one-way communication during guided tours. The advantage of this system, according to Axitour, is that simultaneously two guides can communicate to a group, via the ‘open line’ connection. Guests can hear the guides via their headset.

Axitour’s AT-900 is a simplex communication system for guided tours

ISE Daily 2018

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Come and visit us on the stand no. 5-R60!

Invitation code: 706766

Projection Power, Collaboration & Digital Signage solutions

LED, LCD Video Walls and DLP Cubes

At ISE 2018, Vivitek will showcase its newest, brightest

At ISE 2018, Delta Displays will unveil the newest product in its

single-chip DLP laser projector: the DU9800Z. With a native

FE Series: the 1.26mm Fine Pitch Indoor LED Wall Solution.

WUXGA 1920 x 1200 resolution, 18,000 ANSI lumens and

With superb image quality and a rugged, robust design, Delta

20,000 hours of laser operation, the DU9800Z oers

LED wall solutions are designed to excel in high ambient light

unrivalled colour, detail, and reliability. Visit our booth for

environments and capture audiences’ attention. Visit our booth

powerful projection, wireless collaboration, and digital signage!

for the latest control room and digital signage solutions with Delta Displays LED, LCD Video Walls or DLP cubes.


Booth 5-R60

ISE_245x335.indd 1

Invitation code: 706766

12/12/2017 13:50:01

FEATURE From faux-K to 4K

Produced in association with EISA

Jez Ford has a view on affordable consumer projection in 2018, as it moves towards offering a true UHD experience Ultra High Definition conquered the television market at an extraordinary pace, but home cinema projection has been slow to follow. Only in the last year has this market overcome a three-year stall period during which true 4K was delivered only by high-end installationlevel projectors that made it to market by leveraging technology taken direct from the professional sphere. Sony dominated with its native 4K SXRD panels (first used for commercial installations back in 2005), while others including Barco and Christie incorporated the 1.38in 4K chipsets from Texas Instruments’ DLP Cinema solutions, repurposed straight from the projectors that serve most digital projection theatres around the world. Further down in the realms of consumer affordability we have seen offerings of what became known as ‘faux-K’, where the higher resolution was faked by up-scaling and overlaying. Despite some impressive results, these systems were unable to render a true pixel-for-pixel UHD source image to the screen.

1528 pixels – around 4.15 megapixels, half the number required for UHD. So the DMD’s tiny micromirrors pivot to deliver two separate flashes, shifting the pixels between two positions to create the full resolution required. Companies including BenQ, Optoma and Vivitek have used the system to deliver fine mid-level projectors that are able to achieve pixel-for-pixel UHD accuracy on screen, although the geometry of this pixel doubling is difficult to visualise. How do you shift pixels diagonally once without overlapping them? The latest advance comes in a smaller DMD from Texas Instruments, just 0.47in and only 1920 x 1080 pixels, but with a new four-flash system delivering clear mapping of full UHD in four straight hits to separate image quarters, no overlaps required. Models announced by BenQ, Optoma and Viewsonic indicate that the new chip allows this latest version of TI’s pixel-shifting to be delivered at still lower prices. Meanwhile native 4K is fighting back, notably through Sony again, which now has a native-4K SXRD model priced €5,000.

Mirror images Then came Texas Instruments’ system using XPR (exPanded Pixel Resolution), with an 0.67in version of the company’s remarkable pixel-flipping Digital Micromirror Device (DMD). This DMD’s native resolution is 2716 x

Alternate views There are issues remaining. Some pixelshifting systems are locked to 60Hz, a curious limitation when movies run at 24 frames per second, and also a judder-fail for those in 50Hz territories. And there is still debate over

Cooking up a new TV range for kitchens Aquavision’s inbuilt kitchen range is available in a range of sizes

AQUAVISION Stand: 5-V120 The company’s first in-built kitchen range, featuring a range of screen sizes from 16in to 42in, is being announced by Aquavision. The line is designed to fit

ergonomically into a multitude of kitchen cupboard sizes, and includes electrically operated kitchen doors. As with all Aquavision televisions, these models are IP66 rated, with heated screens to prevent misting up. They are all available in Genesis, Nexus, Nexus+ and Pinnacle Smart TV models, with features

such as discrete IR, RS232 and full IP control. Alastair Benn, managing director of Aquavision, said: “We are pleased to be branching out into this new sector. We think that this range will prove to be a huge hit, especially in the CI market thanks to our compatibility with the world’s leading integration systems, including Control4, Crestron, AMX, Savant and RTI.” Also being launched is Aquavision’s latest Pinnacle smart television, which incorporates Android 6.0. Pinnacle also the offers the ability to receive a 4K signal and downscale it to 1080p. The new Pinnacle board will also be used to replace the current Elite board on all Aquavision’s 4K models.

Wall cube engine squares up for extended lifetime MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Stand: 2-A20, 2-B20 Here at ISE, Mitsubishi Electric has announced that the operational lifespan of its WE120 DLP cube engine has been increased to 130,000 hours, or nearly 15 years of continuous 24/7 operation in all brightness modes. This tops the previous industry record of 100,000 hours – already held by Mitsubishi’s WE120 – by nearly 30%. Peter Van Dijk, senior business development manager, export, display systems group, Mitsubishi Electric,

commented: “Minimising cost of ownership while guaranteeing firstclass performance and reliability is our objective. The greatly extended operational life of the WE120 coupled with its zero-maintenance design, makes it, we believe, the most competitive high end command and control DLP videowall solution currently available.” The WE120 Series model range includes 60in and 70in Full HD, and 62in and 72in WUXGA displays in both rear access and front access variants. All new models now offer a minimum 130,000 hours of continuous

operation and a full range of features, including DVI inputs and OPS slots. Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary digital graduation and colour space control technologies have been incorporated into the WE120, and its air-cooled LED light source requires no routine maintenance.

the merits of projection implementation of High Dynamic Range, which some companies dismiss as irrelevant to current consumer projector technologies. Beyond the resolution battleground lie other advances. Projector user interfaces are finally getting smarter, with built-in Android, Chromecast and, in the case of Optoma’s UHD51A, Amazon Alexa compatibility. All deliver the attractive option of projectors able to stream material direct, without connection to the usual source components. Laser and hybrid-laser light sources are also creeping into ever-more affordable territory, bringing long-life performance, wider colour gamuts and outright power benefits over traditional lamps. Meanwhile 2018 is shaping up to be most notable as the year in which mid-price Ultra High Definition proves itself a force in the affordable consumer projection market, with pixel-flipping UHD at the lower end, and true native 4K for just a little more. Barco: 12-F100 BenQ Europe: 5-U20 Christie: 1-H70 Optoma Europe: 1-N80, 1-N70, 12-E80 Sony: 1-N20, 8-P130 Texas Instruments: 1-N70 Viewsonic Europe: 11-B150 Vivitek: 5-R60

Concerted effort for a big sound FOHHN AUDIO Stand: 7-N210 German manufacturer Fohhn Audio has expanded its range of professional loudspeaker systems for fixed installation and mobile applications to include products for large, live sound venues. Part of this new system combination is Focus Venue. The active, digitally controllable line array system with Fohhn Beam Steering Technology consists of flexible, combinable highfrequency and low-mid range loudspeaker modules whose beam characteristics can be electronically controlled via software in real time. Focus Venue arrays are designed to be stacked and flown straight: mechanical curving is not necessary. Focus Venue can be supplemented in the low-frequency range by two new Perform-Series subwoofers: the PS-400 (1 x 18in) and PS-450 (2 x 18in). These can be combined to form horizontal, vertical or endfired focus sub arrays as required, whose beam characteristics can also be controlled via software. Further system components include Fohhn’s new highperformance DI-Series digital amplifiers, which are available in two- and four-channel versions with

up to 4,000W output per channel. All components of the new system combination are available with input interfaces for AES/EBU signals, as well as for Optocore, Dante and Fohhn AIREA digital networks.

The Focus Venue stack offers Fohhn Beam Steering Technology

The WE120 DLP now boasts a lifespan of 130,000 hours, or nearly 15 years of continuous 24/7 operation in all brightness modes



ISE Daily 2018

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22/01/2018 10:01:37



Pete Wang, President, BenQ Europe

Partnering with the right solution provider The AV industry has moved on from just ‘box selling’ products, to customers wanting to work with a specialist that can offer and install a complete solution. Gone are the days of customers just buying hardware to solve a problem – businesses now look for a ‘one-stop’ solution provider that can deliver the right technology to enhance the company’s work. For example, retailers will look for a partner to drive the overall in-store experience across various outlets, or an office-based business will request a solution to create a more interactive work environment for employees. Before investing in a complete B2B solution, organisations need to ensure they choose the right partner – a provider with a full range of products to create tailored solutions to business needs. It must also have technology compatible with existing equipment, to make sure that systems run smoothly. Working with a single solution provider reduces the number of vendors a company has to work with, saving cost and time in getting a fully working solution installed. The provider must be flexible enough to grow with the company’s needs, and have the capacity to deal with changing requirements. It is imperative that businesses work with the right solution provider as part of their growth plans, and a reliable post-sales service is also a must, in order to ensure a successful partnership. This year BenQ is demonstrating its advanced projector and signage solutions in the company’s ninth consecutive appearance at ISE. We’re dedicated to offering a complete line of products that include everything from Smart Signage screens for retail, Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) for board- and classrooms, Pro-AV projectors for auditoriums, and InstaShow for corporate meeting rooms, to the Google Jamboard for ‘huddle’ sessions. In 2018, it will be interesting to see organisations partnering with providers that offer a complete solution.

Stand 5-U20

Watching me watching you MAIOR Stand: 15-U300 Imagine having at home a system that makes your TV flip from the ceiling, lowering gently to the desired position. It can rotate, following you while moving from the kitchen area to the living room, so you can continue to watch a movie with your family or a football game with your friends. These features are part

of Maior’s range of motorised TV lifts, which are on display at ISE. “Made in Italy since 2012,” said a spokesperson, “Maior products are designed to stand out from the crowd. Any kind of environment is perfect for a Maior TV lift: if you want to save space on a surface in your apartment, or you want to decorate a new one with a touch of design, Maior, with its silent movements, its sinuous shapes and its unmistakable class, is there for you.” Maior’s range of space-saving motorised lifts can lower and rotate a TV, following users



Wayfinder totems direct ISE visitors EKIOSK Stand: 8-K355 Visitors to ISE this year are being guided to potential partners and their stands via PHEX stand totems produced by German manufacturer eKiosk. The company is providing twelve 55in devices for wayfinding throughout the exhibition halls, intended to help visitors find their destination with ease. The slender indoor totems are 6cm deep and are equipped with a multitouch screen, which displays the interactive floor plan. A benefit of this system, says the company, is the capability to use different compatible software; the use of the wayfinding software by developer 3d-berlin based in Berlin, Germany for the totems presented at ISE this year is an example of such integration.

Due to the free-standing installation and the fire protection properties, the hardware is perfect for trade fairs in large halls, says the company, with the white devices in portrait format highly visible at ISE. The high-quality electronics ensure 24/7 operation, while the high-brightness screens in full HD are great for customer-friendly operation, according to eKiosk. In addition to the wayfinding totems, visitors can also view other eKiosk models and the software from 3d-berlin on its stand. eKiosk is displaying two models of the wide standard range: the PHEX totem and the PHEX console. The company’s range of services not only includes digital signage displays and terminals for indoor and outdoor, but also complex kiosk systems. Recent projects include biometric enrolment, access control systems and employee self-service.

Digital signage totems from eKiosk used for wayfinding at the ISE show

From Aneman to Everyman


Aneman, the first cross-platform and cross-vendor audio network manager for AoIP applications, has been enhanced, says vendor Merging Technologies. Aneman allows the connection, monitoring and management of networked audio devices, particularly AES67, and as an open solution it allows new manufacturers to adapt it to their specific devices. The basic version, downloadable free, is designed to control any network featuring Merging Technologies devices plus other partners’ equipment. ISE 2018 sees the Enterprise version able to offer this capability to other manufacturers’ products, plus the ability to manage larger networks. The heart of Aneman is the

Aneman in action

user interface, displaying zones on the network plus a matrix router. All connected devices appear automatically and can be selected for a particular zone, and there is instant feedback on problems. Other enhancements such as industry standard control protocols, security systems and AES67 Dante stream discovery will soon be added.

Several manufacturers support Aneman, including Digigram, DirectOut, Genelec, Ward-Beck Systems, Cymatic Audio and Neumann. Additional companies are expected to announce their support this week at ISE 2018. Merging’s stand features Aneman controlling a network with partner AES67 audio devices.

Let the movies come to you KEF/GP ACOUSTICS Stand: 7-H190 The THX Extreme Home Theatre range of loudspeakers is the next best thing to being in the cinema, reckons KEF/GP Acoustic – and there’s no one to pinch your popcorn. KEF’s Ci R Series consists of an inceiling speaker that can be combined with one of two in-wall models, plus a new, high-performance powered subwoofer. Top of the range is the Ci5160RL-THX, crafted with a massive aluminium baffle designed to eliminate vibration. It’s an ideal platform for the 160mm aluminium cone Uni-Q with tangerine waveguide and four 160mm woofers, says the company. Also available are the Ci200RS-

THX, with a 38mm tweeter voice coil coupled to a vented aluminium dome with ‘tangerine’ waveguide, and a woofer with a large magnet and Z-flex surround; and the Ci200QSb-THX in-wall subwoofer with a high-output 200mm sub-bass driver.

THX says it aims to recreate the tonal balance of the filmmaker’s final mix in the customer’s living room. THXcertified in-wall speakers deliver the appropriate frequency response and high output and imaging quality of a traditional box speaker, says KEF. KEF’s Ci5160RL-THX home theatre speaker

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09/01/2018 10:26:10


Keeping everything under control DATAPATH

The recently upgraded iolite 600 controller from Datapath

to fit in a control room environment for ease of connectivity to source devices. The iolite 600 controller has a number of upgrades that are designed to deliver greater efficiency and ensure virtually silently use in boardrooms and meeting rooms within its small footprint (320mm x 175mm x 250mm). Each PCIe slot in the backplane can deliver highresolution bandwidth from a range of capture cards to multiple outputs.

Datapath’s VSN982 and VSN1182 videowall controllers feature switched fabric technology which ensures that each Gen3 PCIe slot in the backplane can deliver highresolution bandwidth from a range of Datapath’s Vision capture, Image graphics and Active SQX decoding cards. The controllers can be supplied with either 240GB or 480GB SSD drives that provide ‘a much quicker, quieter performance’ over traditional hard-disk drives.

New chipset extends HDBaseT solutions VALENS Stand: 5-S100 Just before ISE opened, Valens, the developer of HDBaseT and founder of the HDBaseT Alliance, announced the availability of the VS200 and VS210 chipsets. They are designed for simpler HDBaseT installations where not all 5Play features are necessary. The addition of the VS200 and VS210 to the Valens Colligo family allows HDBaseT equipment vendors to design and manufacture a range of products, from high-end to low-end, using a common hardware platform. The VS200 enables the



POWERSOFT Stand: 15-U265

Stand: 11-B120 With a wealth of ‘first showings’, Datapath has its Hx4, iolite 12i and iolite 600 display controllers, alongside its high-end VSN videowall controllers on stand 11-B120 at ISE 2018. The Hx4 standalone display wall controller offers the capacity to run a single 4K HDMI source across four HD outputs or it can be daisychained to scale for larger projects. When used with the powerful Wall Designer application software, the Hx4 can represent any arrangement or configuration of the source image desired. The Hx4 comes with HDCP pass-through support and both Genlock and frame-lock for tear-free image display. The iolite 12i video display controller can drive up to 12 HDMI screens in its stock configuration at HD 1080p, giving the flexibility to offer a wide range of display options. The iolite 12i runs virtually silently within its small footprint and offers a rack mounting kit to enable the 2U chassis

Smart controllers of the future

distribution of high-definition video (1080p), audio, controls and power over a single Cat6 cable, for up to 50m, or 4K video for up to 40m (uncompressed 4K 60Hz 4:2:0, 4K 30Hz 4:4:4, or 4K 60Hz

4:4:4 and HDR10 using visually lossless compression). Fully compliant with both HDMI 1.4 and 2.0 with support for HDCP, the VS200 employs EDID adjustment mechanisms for HDMI 2.0, at pixel clocks higher than 340MHz. It supports all major digital audio formats, including those supported by HDMI. Control interfaces include UART, IR, I2C (slave/master), RS232 and general-purpose MSIO serial channels for extension of proprietary controls. The VS210 enables the same features as the VS200 plus support for USB 2.0, configurable as host or device, for further applications.

The ISE show this year sees Powersoft’s Duecanali amplifiers the launch of Powersoft’s Duecanali 804 and channels or power. Duecanali 4804, a two-channel The two new models complete amplifier platform with optional DSP the Duecanali Series, bringing and Dante for the fixed install market. consistency in terms of size and The company describes them as ‘the power, as well as look and feel, for perfect answer to system integrator Powersoft’s installation market. The needs for a high-performance products are available in standard amplifier solution in leisure and retail or DSP+D versions which extend spaces’. system performance with onboard The Duecanali 4804 provides high-end signal processing and 2 x 2400W at 4 ohms, a power Dante digital audio distribution. Both output suitable for a wide range of models can be managed with the projects for small to medium size newly launched Armonía 2.11 Pro installations. The Duecanali 804 Audio Suite version. offers 2 x 400W and represents Francesco Fanicchi, brand and a lower total power solution for communication director at Powersoft, installations in retail, as well as bars said: “Powersoft amplifiers have and restaurants where a single twobeen converted into smart controllers channel amplifier is the requirement, of the future. The future becomes a without the need for additional whole lot easier.”

Resetting standards for touchscreens ZYTRONIC Stand: 8-M310 Manufacturer of durable, customised projected capacitive technology (PCT and MPCT) touch sensors Zytronic is The National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian unveiling its new Institution in Washington DC uses Zytronic touch sensors range of multi-touch controllers at ISE. It claims it is raising the allow touch sensors to be designed bar for the design, speed, accuracy with substantially reduced nonand performance of large-format active borders, for example less than touchscreens. Zytronic’s new 10mm on a 55in screen, less than controllers enable touchscreens to half of the current industry norm. have ultra-narrow inactive borders, The new Zytronic controllers allow enhancing videowall designs and technologies such as RFID, NFC also facilitating the improved and QI wireless battery charging integration of contactless peripheral to be implemented adjacent to, or systems such as NFC payments. even within, the active area without In response to the growing impairing the normal performance of demand for all-glass fronted narrow the touchscreen. These technologies touchscreen borders, especially in emit signals which can interfere videowalls, the new touch controllers with the operation of conventional launched by Zytronic at its stand projected capacitive touchscreens.

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For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2018


In which areas do you see voice control offering the greatest opportunities to your company?

Our control brand, ELAN, is already incorporating voice control through Amazon’s Alexa, and it has proven to be a natural evolution in issuing commands in the connected home. For control platforms, it’s essential to make the experience as intuitive as possible. We’re doing a lot of work with injured veterans, and voice control over their home technology is something that is proving valuable in helping them regain their independence.

Bill Hensley Senior director, marketing, Nortek Security & Control Stand: 1-N50

Crestron allows complete personalisation and customisation of the home and this is where our unique voice control offerings come into their own. For us the greatest opportunity is simply allowing our clients to command their environment in a way that suits them. Voice control is fantastic, but if constrained to predetermined commands and features, then our clients who demand only the best and a unique experiences will not buy into it. Crestron, however, has already taken voice control to this level, with the ability to customise commands and scenes to match client’s lifestyles.

Michael Short Global residential marketing manager, Crestron Stand: 2-C20, 2-E20, 2-E30

The use of voice control and digital assistants for conferencing applications is one area. As voice control becomes more common in the home – in fact a battleground for some of the biggest companies in the world: Google, Amazon and Apple – customers will expect similar functionality in their car and workplace. Amazon, which has 67% market share in the home smart speaker market, is already eyeing the enterprise space. And Microsoft, with its Cortana digital assistant and majority share of the soft codec market with Skype for Business, is likely to play a major role in voice control in conferencing.

Bernice Cramer Director, product management and global marketing, Bose Professional Stand: 7-S200

Platform responds to pixel proliferation

Sam Woodward Customer education leader, Lutron Europe and Africa Stand: 1-M120

Expanding product business hits Amsterdam DSPECIALISTS Stand: 14-K195

CALIBRE UK Stand: 1-N70 The HQUltra4000 series of seamless scaler-switchers from Calibre is being expanded with the addition of the HQUltra4030. The new system more than doubles the number of scaling channels, and adds seven multi-layer PiPs/layers as well as a scalable background layer for each channel. The UltraHQ4030S additionally provides eight 12G-SDI input channels, while the H4030FS supports SFP+ 12G-SDI optical inputs. Tim Brooksbank, managing director at Calibre UK, said: “Our industry is undergoing a pixel explosion. Not only are we migrating to UltraHD from HD – and 8K is on the

Voice control continues to evolve. Our systems now enable both individual device control, for example for dimming single lamps, in addition to scene-setting, and including lighting, shading and music control, all together from one command. This brings enhanced convenience to end users. VUIs must, however, always be a secondary user interface option; they augment keypads and sensors rather than simply replacing them. Sometimes it’s inappropriate to vocalise commands - for example, when you don’t want to wake up your spouse: the silent press of a keypad button to bring on a dim light is still essential.

The new HQUltra4030 seamless scaler-switcher more than doubles scaling channels

horizon – but more screens are being deployed, especially in videowall configurations. That creates huge infrastructure challenges. The HQUltra4000 series responds to that proliferation of pixels, proving a breadth of functionality and a level of performance that is simply unequalled in the industry.” The new scaler-switcher is able to support up to 40 sources grouped into 23 discrete input channels, with

four programme outputs plus an independent confidence monitor output. The HQUltra4030 delivers 4K/UltraHD scaling via Calibre’s low-latency HQUltra technology, with all programme outputs capable of simultaneously supporting up to 4K50/60 4:4:4 RGB formats. Calibre’s HQUltraFast technology is said to seamlessly deliver typical input channel switching time of 0.25s in matrix switching.

In January Introduction of the Harvey product family audio and media control matrix DSpecialists, a provider of development services Ethernet and DMX have also been and products for digital audio signal retained, as has Dante compatibility. processing, celebrated its 15th Jochen Cronemeyer, managing anniversary – and at the same time director at DSpecialists, said: “We look introduced the Harvey product family. back with pride on the past 15 years. Harvey is a flexible audio and media But above all, however, we are pleased control matrix, and a key component today with the new development of for public address systems and our Harvey product family, which will conference systems. initially be launched on the market in The new product family, being the Harvey 8 x 8 variant. Harvey 8 x 8 shown for the first time here at ISE, is the little brother of the accomplished incorporates the features that have Harvey mx. 16 and is being presented already distinguished the Harvey mx. to the public at ISE.” 16. This includes strong audio quality In addition, the entire architecture and low constant latency, as well as of the Harvey has been redesigned so simple configuration of complex signal that it is now available in a 1U housing processing, says the company. The in variants with different numbers of various control options via serial ports, analogue IOs.

New matrices showcased Stand up for new interactive solutions PULSE-EIGHT Stand: 9-B100

extensive range of testing tools. These enable installers to run key diagnostic tests giving them the reassurance of quality and confidence in their install, says the company. These features, in addition to a free cloud monitoring portal, put Pulse-Eight products ‘into a league of their own’ when it comes to video distribution systems, claims the company. The neo:Ultra products enable the installer to offer full 4K 4:4:4/HDR distribution.

Showing off the neo:4, neo:8 and neo:Ultra matrices as well as all-new install solutions including the neo:Tap Remote Launcher, is Pulse-Eight. Members of the matrix range all feature CEC control, whereby an enduser can operate source products with just a standard TV remote control. The company has continued to expand this technology and now boasts CEC-IP control, meaning that even boxes without CEC in them can be controlled. Alongside these offerings for end-users, Pulse-Eight’s neo:4, neo:8 and neo:Ultra matrices all boast advanced CEC control matrix products also offer an

FAMASETE Stand: 8-M165 Through the internationally recognised brand Wingsys, Portuguese company Famasete has recently launched a new interactive object recognition solution and a line of interactive fast and efficient virtual payment solutions that can be applied in a wide variety of areas, such as catering and hospitality. Famasete delivers object recognition solutions on interactive surfaces, allowing users to place information related to their product on the Wingsys TA007T interactive table, such as catalogues, images and brand websites. In addition, the company supplies a family of multi-touch indoor and

outdoor kiosks that allow the consumer to make simple and quick reservations and product purchases, avoiding long queues. They also allow the seller to implement and improve their service through systems that promote and enhance the brand. The Wingsys QX003PS kiosks can feature different touchscreen displays, ticket printer, 1D and 2D barcode scanners, high-frequency smart card readers and payment pinpads. According to José Barbosa, CEO of Famasete, the company’s participation for the fifth consecutive year at ISE is “fundamental for the disclosure of these new products that promise to revolutionise the

restaurant and hotel industry. This is an excellent opportunity to leverage the Wingsys brand and introduce the new products to the thousands of visitors who fill the fair every year.” Object recognition solutions on interactive surfaces

ISE Daily 2018 60-61 ISE D3 2018 FINAL.indd 2



24/01/2018 09:36


Making your voice heard AEX System helps helping business owners by enabling audio advertisements interlaced with music

Dante goes soft AUDINATE Stand: 6-H160

AEX SYSTEM Stand: 15-C250 Audio is one of the most unexplored mediums for advertising in small and medium-sized business establishments. Most tend to invest in visual screens to capture attention, forgetting the fact that audio is more cost effective in covering large areas – and harder to ignore. AEX System’s solution focuses on helping business owners in retail, hospitality and the food and drink industry to improve their revenue by enabling audio advertisements interlaced with high-quality music to drive impulse purchases. The business audio solution can be controlled via a smartphone app, with the option to trigger specific

advertisements the moment a customer walks in the door depending on their profile – what might they need, what language do they understand? With a few clicks of the app, the most suitable advert for them can be played, the volume controlled, and even the music playlist changed. App Paging allows mass communication on the fly via the app through to the distributed speakers. The company says the system is simple to set up and designed to run on a combination of standard LAN infrastructure and AirStream wireless audio technology for the speakers. The proprietary wireless audio streaming technology (neither Bluetooth nor WiFi) eases installation and setup cost; no fussy pulling of cabling to the speakers, while guaranteeing reliability with zero audio drop-out.

Lite and simple instant mobile digital signage MOBIMA AND WAYO Stand: 8-M300 A unique European-Australian cooperation in digital signage, Mobima and Wayo is presenting its full HD cable-free mobile digital signage. Wayo has been designed for indoor and shaded use, although can also be used in rainy weather conditions. Aimed at retailers, shopping malls, museums, hotels, airports, railway stations, seminars and events, Wayo is mobile digital signage that can run cable-free from a built-in rechargeable battery. Its mobility allows it to be placed anywhere, claim the companies, engaging and informing customers and audiences using text, image and video content displayed on its 39in high definition colour screen. Wayo also offers content management control and flexibility with the capability to change content in real time either on location or remotely. The remote controlled 4G Wayo also has a little sister, the Wayo Lite, which is claimed to be even simpler to use. Users upload full HD images (still or video) onto a USB stick and the Wayo Lite will read them in seconds. Remove the USB stick and Wayo Lite will present them in a continually repeating



slide show. As with its sibling. Wayo Lite also operates up to 18 hours without recharging. Both Wayo and Wayo Lite allow you to move from analogue into digital seamlessly. Both items are featured at the Mobima and Wayo stand – where the team are also serving the finest in Flemish ‘donkey beer’.

Dante media networking technology developer Audinate has announced availability of Dante IP Core, a soft IP solution for audio manufacturers, and is demonstrating it at ISE 2018. Audinate says it allows OEMs working with FPGA-based designs to add Dante audio connectivity to AV products at a lower cost and with greater flexibility than ever before. According to the company, development teams can save time, reduce BOM costs and minimise their internal footprint by using a single FPGA to implement both product applications and Dante

audio networking. Dante IP Core is claimed to run efficiently alongside OEM product applications such as ASRC, audio encryption, and signal processing on a range of Xilinx FPGAs. This provides channel counts up to 512 x 512 with ultralow latency and sub-microsecond synchronisation. Chris Ware, senior VP of engineering at Audinate, said: “Dante IP Core gives savvy manufacturers something they’ve been requesting for a long time. By integrating Dante IP into FPGA-based product designs, they can save costs, reduce board space, and more easily manage thermal constraints while adding features their customers demand.” Dante IP Core provides interfaces

Standing guard GJD Stand: 15-G286 Manufacturer and designer of smart security and lighting equipment GJD is exhibiting at ISE for the first time. The company is demonstrating its TechSmart brand, which consists of IP-enabled precision perimeter motion sensors and LED illuminators and can used for a wide range of categories including home automation, smart buildings, security lighting and access control, in both residential and commercial sectors. Mark Tibbenham, GJD’s managing director, commented

that ISE 2018 “is the perfect platform to showcase our IP-enabled smart home brands.” TechSmart is compatible with Control 4, Crestron and RTI, and can be integrated with existing

including SiLabs clock synthesis, serial and parallel audio, DDR2 and SRAM, and a variety of standard control interfaces including UART, SPI and I2C.

Ware: “Dante IP Core gives savvy manufacturers something they’ve been requesting”

home automation and building management systems; the products can also be installed as standalone intelligent IP devices, enabling integrators to create smart customised actions to suit specific end customer requirements. Equipped with integrated Lux and ambient temperature transmitters, GJD’s equipment can provide early intruder warning and environmental data to create actions and alerts based on programmed automation rules.

GJD’s IP perimeter protector

Table set to improve meeting experience AVEX Stand: 1-E85 Exhibiting at ISE for the fifth successive year, AVEX is showing its Quarta meeting table, designed to offer fully integrated audiovisual facilities, maximum comfort and optimum ease of use. At the heart of the table are flat screens, recessed under clear-vision toughened glass to make sharing presentations and documents easy. This is

also encourages participants to maintain eye contact with each other, because they no longer have to turn to face a single central screen on a wall. This, AVEX points out, increased interaction and collaboration and improves meeting dynamics. The comfortable sitting posture and ideal viewing distance are, according to the company, important ergonomic aspects, while ease of operation is said to be optimal: the screens, sound level, lighting, climate and other

functions are operated from an intuitive touch panel. Quarta comes as standard with recessed screens, an audio system and sockets for laptop connections. It can be equipped with videoconferencing, including HD cameras, as well as other options for optimum interaction. The Quarta range provides different versions in terms of size, finish and audiovisual components and allows the user to choose the Quarta table which best suits the operational requirement. The AVEX Quarta offers fully integrated AV facilities

Wayo is flexible, mobile and cable-free digital signage, with a built-in rechargeable battery

ISE Daily 2018

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24/01/2018 09:37

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09/01/2018 16:15:47



Extensive product lineup for AV pros AJA VIDEO SYSTEMS Stand: 8-M130

Dario Marcon, Product manager control systems, Philips Dynalite

Improved flexibility and design simplicity The Philips Dynalite team is excited to be back at ISE with a renewed focus to support our Value Added Partner network and promote the Dynalite solution. This has been proven for over 25 years across a wide range of applications, from residential to retail, office and industry, hospitality to healthcare, sports arenas and large venues and much more. Our global network of resellers and dealers is fundamental in delivering Dynalite-based systems, and it is our vision to create a marketplace with increased numbers of lighting control experts providing better solutions and faster project delivery. Our strategy has led to the development of a suite of modular product families, improving flexibility and the design simplicity of our system’s architecture. Software development has focused on ease of use, drastically reducing commissioning time, and customer-focused feature development to allow remote monitoring and maintenance further reducing costs while improving customer service. Networked controls coupled with LED light sources are creating systems that provide not only dramatic energy savings, but also allow systems integrators to provide a solution that minimises operating and maintenance costs, while emphasising occupancy comfort and tailored ambience for diverse spaces and applications. There are now opportunities to offer further value to our customers by applying Philips Dynalite’s systems to create environments which also support human health. Human-centric lighting and how light impacts our health play an important role when designing new buildings and facilities. Controls such as Dynalite can support these solutions, offering features like ‘dynamic lighting’, personal control, task-based light recipes and integration with other systems (for example security and HVAC). Philips Dynalite solutions can be delivered today, and we look forward to helping our resellers and partners in delivering an ever-increasing number of inspiring projects well into the future.

Stand: 9-D180

One box does it all T+A ELEKTROAKUSTIK Stand: 5-R98 The new MP 8 High End Multi Source Player from T+A Elektroakustik combines the DAC 8 DSD, said to be one of the world’s finest digital/ analogue converters, with the AMP 8 audiophile power amplifier. Housed in a compact enclosure, it is based on the company’s R-series MP 2000 R MKII. Although it has the appearance of a CD player, the MP 8 also features a high-performance digital tuner offering FM, FM-HD and DAB+ reproduction and a Bluetooth

streaming module for receiving music from mobile devices. Additionally, it includes a streaming client with internet radio and music services for connection to the home network via LAN and WLAN, USB Master Mode and HD streaming. A digital connecting board with inputs for external sources (two USB device mode and three HDS/P-DIF) is also built in. The MP 8 can provide any converter with high-quality audio data (up to 192 kHz) via its S/P-DIF output, but T+A Elektroakustik recommends matching it with the company’s DAC 8 DSD. The SYS OUT and DAC 8 LINK outputs are used to exchange control data and transmit audio signals with optimal routing to the DAC 8 DSD. When using the T+A app, the entire Series 8 system can be controlled via the MP 8.

The MP 8 combines CD player, radio, Bluetooth and streaming



For real-time HDR and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) conversion and frame sync requirements in live event workflows, AJA Video Systems is showcasing FS-HDR with video processing powered by the Colorfront Engine on its stand at ISE 2018. FS-HDR bridges SDR to HDR, HDR to SDR, and HDR to HDR conversions and can translate camera log files; it also acts as a single-channel up, down, crossconverter for 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD conversion and frame sync needs, or can provide four independent channels of 2K/HD conversion in four-channel mode. A central focus on AJA’s stand, Ki Pro Ultra Plus, facilitates multichannel HD recording in multichannel mode, or 4K/UltraHD/2K/ HD video recording and playback in single-channel mode. Singlechannel mode supports edit-ready Apple ProRes files in a range of

FS-HDR with video processing powered by the Colorfront Engine

video formats and frame rates up to 4K 60p, or Avid DNxHD MXF files at HD resolutions, as well as HDR playback of HLG and HDR10 material. The recently released Thunderbolt 3-equipped Io 4K Plus is also available at the AJA stand. The capture and output device supports 4K and multi-channel HD streaming needs in pro-AV environments with flexible 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 I/O connectivity and advanced audio, in addition to compatibility with the latest 4K/UltraHD devices. It also includes conversion technology for real-time, high-quality scaling of 4K and UltraHD to HD for monitoring and output and supports standard creative tools. A range of 12G-SDI/Optical Fibre Mini-Converters, also on the stand, enable the transport of 4K/ UltraHD/2K/HD/SD video and audio

over long distances while saving on cable runs and install times. The line-up includes the 12GM 12GSDI/SDI Muxer/DeMuxer; 12GDA 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI re-clocking distribution amplifier, and FIDO 12GSDI to Fibre/Fibre to 12G-SDI MiniConverters. Other products highlighted include the HELO H.264 streaming, recording and encoding device; U-TAP USB 3.0-powered capture and output devices; RovoCam compact block camera with an HDBaseT interface for carrying Ultra HD/HD video, audio, control and power over a single Cat 5e/6 cable across distances up to 100m, and accompanying RovoRX-SDI and RovoRX-HDMI receivers; and a host of Mini-Converters engineered to address a range of common conversion needs in pro-AV environments.

Range of custom lighting solutions hits ISE DTS Stand: 14-A180 Provider of complete custom lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor or underwater high-end lighting projects DTS is here at ISE for the first time, and introducing a range of custom lighting solutions. The company is showcasing its comprehensive offering of RGBW LED projectors featuring IP20 to IP68 protection, and digital power supplies/controllers to easily integrate and network them into management and monitoring processes. Antonio Parise, international

sales manager at DTS, said: “We are glad to exhibit at ISE 2018. This is the first time for DTS, though the company has been a leading player in the architectural and ‘architainment’ lighting markets for over 35 years. Our decision to join the major exhibition in this sector follows the marketing of new cutting-edge product lines, and the favour with which they have been welcomed by architectural lighting professionals.” “We invite ISE visitors to come to the DTS stand to discover first-hand all the benefits of DTS custom lighting solutions: automated and

Better sound, clearer sound CMA AUDIO Stand: 15-G100 MXL Microphones and its European distributor cma audio are introducing a new USB powered tabletop web conferencing microphone at ISE. The new MXL AC-360-Z has been codeveloped with engineers from web conferencing and communications software provider Zoom to provide better room sound. The design of the AC-360-Z builds upon the MXL AC-404, a three-capsule boundary microphone and one of MXL’s most successful products. The AC-360-Z expands upon the AC-404’s 180° sound arc, with a full 360° pickup, so that if it’s placed at the centre of a large conference table, everyone speaking around it will be clearly audible, claims the company. The AC-360-Z is compatible with

any Mac or PC through plug-andplay connectivity, without needing to download any drivers. When used with Zoom, each quadrant of the AC-360-Z acts as an independent device for optimal performance and fidelity. Link up to three devices together to cover any room, small or large, and each microphone ships with a complete

centralised management of the lighting of entire buildings and infrastructures, with creative lighting systems featuring high efficiency and low consumption, [and which are] easy to manage and flexible, as they can easily be reconfigured,” added Parise. A major asset of DTS is its ability to customise its lighting products upon a client’s request, to fit projects specifications, claims the company. All products are designed, engineered and built in Italy at the 12,000sqm DTS plant, and complemented by professional advice to select the DTS products or to customise them to each project’s specifications.

installation kit including cables and mounting options. Scott Krueckeberg, director of MXL Microphones, said: “The AC-360-Z is going to change the room and group conferencing experience because of its speech clarity and 360° pickup range. We’ve designed an elegant solution for providing maximum coverage with minimal hardware. We’re excited to be working with Zoom to enhance customer experience.”

The new MXL AC-360-Z

ISE Daily 2018

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24/01/2018 09:38

HELO: Stream, Record and Deliver Open Up a New World of H.264 Streaming Workflows HELO is AJA’s new H.264 streaming and recording stand-alone appliance bringing both SDI and HDMI I/O into a single device. Simultaneously stream out to a content delivery network (CDN) as well as encode and record high quality H.264 files to SD cards, USB drives or network based storage. HELO offers a range of professional workflow options with both 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs, and the power to handle up to 1080p 60 recording formats. Small and portable, HELO offers dedicated record and stream buttons, and a web-based user interface for easy configuration.




Streaming made simple.

Live means now. Live means pressure.

Top performance. Top results.

A USB connection and robust web browser based UI allows easy, advance setup of a CDN connection.

HELO offers a dedicated record button right on the front of the device for immediate recording.

HELO encodes to H.264/MPEG-4 ensuring bandwidth efficiencies with support for a wide range of file types.

When you’re ready to stream, press one button and deliver media with flexible support options.

Plug in an NTFS 3.1 or FAT32 formatted USB drive, SD card or connected network storage, and you’re good to go.

Wide ranging compatibility: from tablets to smartphones or desktops, no translation necessary.

Find out more at and visit us at ISE, Stand #8-M130

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10/01/2018 10:58:53

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19/12/2017 15:15:08



Each Professional Development workshop accrues either 1 or 1.5 Renewal Units for AVIXA members who attend. Book workshops at 12:00-13:00 - Room D204

AVIXA Workshops are organised into four tracks. To help you to choose your sessions, use the key below to identify the topics of most interest to you.


Emerging Trends

User Experience

10:00-11:30 - Room D204


The Evolving Design Discipline

Speaker: Chuck Espinoza, CTS-D, CTS-I, staff instructor, AVIXA Launched only a year ago at ISE 2017 by a founding group including Christie Digital, Netgear and Sony, the SDVoE Alliance is the fastest growing technology consortium in pro AV, and the only industry body driving standardisation in AV over IP. Learn what progress the alliance has made and how its core technology benefits designers, programmers and end users by offering lower cost, few-er points of failure, and expanded and more flexible capabilities than traditional AV distribution systems.

10:00-11:30 - Room D203

How Software Defined Video Over Ethernet is Reshaping Pro AV

Speaker: Justin Kennington, president, SDVoE Alliance Join us for this lively session moderated by legendary AV instructor, Chuck Espinoza, for a look at how the AV design process is rapidly evolving to integrate the user experience as the central pillar of excellent design. Expert panelists drawn from the industry will discuss how they are adapting their design processes and discovery procedures to meet the user-driven experience design ethic.

Networking Protocols

Speaker: Stuart Willcocks, CTS-D, CTS-I, audiovisual design engineer, Google In this session we’ll be looking under the hood at some common network protocols. We’ll start with a refresher on the OSI network model. Then, using a network analyser, we’ll examine how protocols such as TCP, UDP, DHCP, ARP, Telnet and SSH work in terms of bits and bytes. Attendees will strengthen their understanding of networking concepts, and learn how a network analyser can be used to hunt real-world problems.

12:00-13:00 - Room D203



All AVIXA workshops cost €100 for AVIXA members and €140 for non-members. Alternatively, they can be attended at no extra cost for holders of an AVIXA ALL ACCESS Pass or an AVIXA/ CEDIA SUPERPASS (see page 58).

Mastering Measurement, Reporting and ROI

Speaker: Jens Oliver Mayer, managing director Germany, Jack Morton Worldwide Get up to speed on current measurement strategies, trends and best practices. And get insights on how to measure events, what to measure at events and what modern tools and infrastructure chang-es you need to make to track it all efficiently.

13:30-14:30 - Room D203

Communicating with Your IT Customer

Speaker: Stephen Patterson, sales development director EMEA, Biamp Systems There has been a distinct shift in who the end customers are who are responsible for an organisation’s AV solution. Most of these customers are from the IT world. Several factors have influenced this change, which identifies some critical communications areas that can be challenging. The vernacular used in the AV industry does not always translate clearly to IT. In addition, AV systems have become increasingly connected to, and dependent upon, a customer’s existing network infrastructure, making successful communication with those who manage these systems even more important. This session is intended to provide attendees with the tools to help overcome this communication barrier.

ISE Daily 2018 67-69 ISE D3 FINAL.indd 1



24/01/2018 09:40

13:30-14:30 - Room D204

15:00-16:30 - Room D204

AV Protocols

How To Create a Managed Service Offering

Speaker: Marcus Yarborough, CTS-I, staff Instructor, AVIXA Confused about networking protocols used in AV? This session will examine the basic structure and features of common AV protocols and how they function in communication applications. Attendees will be able to walk away better prepared to understand protocols and to apply them to their advantage in their designs.

15:00-16:30 - Room D203

4K Troubleshooting and Calibration

Speaker: Jeff Murray, president , AVProConnect and Murideo 4K brings many new issues that can arise throughout a video distribution system. This workshop explores steps integrators can take to find the root of the problem in a short amount of time, without enduring hours of tech support calls, or by just swapping parts in and out. Find the root of the problem in a short amount of time. The second part of this workshop will explore the basics of 4K display calibration and how to get the most out of your 4K displays.




Speaker: William Tinnel, SVP and chief commercial officer, Utelogy The surge in open platforms and cloud-based services that has greatly improved other industries has finally made its way into AV in recent years. For the AV industry overall, open technologies are helping organisations move away from their ‘black box’ approach, and there is a renewed focus for companies to provide results over technologies. Vendors that provide open platforms and cloud-based services are designing their business models to create opportunities with these new technology investments. Nearly all of these opportunities have to do with the speed of doing business – a critical factor to gaining competitive advantage among today’s ever-growing crowd of agile competitors. There are four enterprise-specific opportunities for new revenue: ongoing improvements from IoT insights; technology delivering business outcomes; streamlined collaboration; and enhanced customer/user experience.

ALL ACCESS passes and SUPERPASSES AVIXA and CEDIA are offering quick and simple admission to their comprehensive professional development programmes thanks to their ALL ACCESS passes. These passes provide access to each Association’s education offering at fantastic value for money – just €325 (+VAT) each, or €400 for non-members. In addition, the Associations have teamed up to offer one



all-encompassing SUPERPASS, giving delegates a chance to attend both AVIXA and CEDIA education sessions at a price of €425 (€500 for non-members). The pass-holder will be able to choose as many sessions that fit into their timetable. If you wish to pay by the session, AVIXA seminars cost €100 for AVIXA members, €140 for non-members, and

conferences €175 (€250). CEDIA half-day and 90-minute sessions cost €175 and €100 respectively (€250 and €140 for non-members). In addition, AVIXA FlashTracks on the AVIXA stand (13N110) and CEDIA Talks on the CEDIA stand (1-E10) may be attended free of charge. No registration is necessary.

ISE Daily 2018

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24/01/2018 09:40



AVIXA FlashTracks are free 20-minute education sessions that are held on stand 13-N110. FlashTrack education is designed for AV professionals of all experience levels. They focus on hot topics in the industry

11:00-11:20 Room 13-N110

13:30-13:50 Room 13-N110

15:00-15:20 Room 13-N110

How Lifestyles Are Driving Technologies in Meeting Spaces

Disruptive Technology Drives the Future! How You Can be Part of This!

How to Use Technology and Content to Build Experiences That Matter

11:30-11:50 Room 13-N110

How Bright is My Image and How Bright Should It Be?


12:30-12:50 Room 13-N110

Bridging the Divide -Improving Collaboration between AV Designers and Integrators

Speaker: Thomas Knauss, CTS-D, president , KMK Technologies We believe that a significant portion of AV systems integration projects are routinely failing to fulfil client needs, expectations and satisfaction due to adversarial or otherwise, misguided relationships between AV contractors and AV design consultancies. The divide between these two business models has developed because of forces beyond the AV industry, exacerbated by managerial malpractice and basic misunderstandings propagated from within the industry itself. It seems clear that both business models are required for successful projects to be delivered to the client. Mutual success of these two models requires harmony, understanding and a level of mutual respect between both models.

13:00-13:20 Room 13-N110

LED: To Mount or Not to Mount? Speaker: James Fife, consultant extension, rp Visual Solutions This session covers the ever-evolving world of NPP (narrow pixel pitch) LED, offering proven methods for designing architecturally integrated visual structures. It will showcase some real-world applications, offer an understanding of the challenges of mounting LED, and ensure your clients get the best image quality on their videowall.


Speaker: Greg Jeffreys, director at Visual Displays Learn how to measure image brightness to make sure you are providing an exceptional experience.

Speaker: Rich Zwiebel, vice president of systems strategy, QSC Throughout history, disruptive technology has ‘upset the apple cart’ and changed the way things are done. This is how real progress happens. The AV industry has benefited from this for many years. One thing that has changed in recent years is the rapid rate at which this change is taking place. It seems that technology is changing so rapidly that it is hard to keep up. What a great time to be part of the AV industry! By accepting and embracing this constant disruption, you can ride this wave that should result in far better user experiences for everyone who interacts with the end-result of your work. In fact, being one who causes that disruption is not only fun, but can greatly enhance your own success. This session will discuss the history of disruption, the current state of disruption and what the future may bring. We will explore how to thrive in this atmosphere, create better experiences for your customers because of it, and how to become a ‘disruptor’ yourself.

14:00-14:20 Room 13-N110

Using Sound-Masking? Where and Why?

Speaker: John Caton, MInstSCE, regional sales manager, Cambridge Sound Management This presentation focuses on why sound-masking systems can be of benefit to users of modern spaces, and how integrators can grow their business by adding sound masking to their portfolio. The open-office concept has been used widely, in various forms, over decades for workers in several enterprise environments; recent data shows that a worker’s ability to concentrate and focus in an open-office environment is instrumental to productivity and worker comfort.

14:30-14:50 - Room 13-N110

Twenty-Minute NAVS: SIP vs H.323: Conferencing

Speaker: Stuart Willcocks, CTS-D, CTS-I, audio-visual design engineer at Google A look at how SIP and H.323 functions are both similar and different. Knowing how they can be connected through a network.

Speaker: Jens Oliver Mayer, managing director Germany, Jack Morton Worldwide This talk will cover a unique perspective on the relationship between technology and events, and how to leverage content marketing to respond to the strategic challenges of your clients. Learn why you need to be human, invite participation and build a community to successfully implement tech-nology within live experiences.

15:30-15:50 - Room 13-N110

Twenty-Minute Design School: Needs Analysis


Speaker: Ranjit Singh, CTS-D, CTS-I, tech consultant, NEC Asia Pacific Out of the box thinking to challenge the norms has been the key to Ranjit Singh’s success in all his endeavours. Learn from his experience in this session, where he demonstrates how common sense, coupled with knowledge and wisdom, can ‘help in any situation, while innovating or simply solving problems’.

Speaker: Chuck Espinoza, CTS-D, CTS-I, staff instructor at AVIXA A quick check of tools and skills you will need to make your needs analysis successful.

16:00-16:20 Room 13-N110

User Interface Design Theory

Speaker: Lee Nicholson, EMEA trainer, Crestron International In a modern world of high technology, the interaction with touchscreens and web design is recognised as a fast medium of information sharing and data coordination. Guidelines would be useful in giving designers an overview of how to develop touchscreens that will satisfy the expectations of users around the world. This presentation will explore user considerations and key principles, based on design theory, psychology, colour perception and decision making by the user, as well as user behaviour, expectation, perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived performance, satisfaction, and interface quality.

16:30-16:50 - Room 13-N110

Twenty-Minute Tech Manager School: Creating a SOP

Speaker: Chuck Espinoza, CTS-D, CTS-I, staff instructor at AVIXA Create standard operating procedures (SOP) that allow staff and end users to effectively and con-sistently perform AV/IT tasks.


All FlashTracks are free to attend - no booking is required! ISE Daily 2018

67-69 ISE D3 FINAL.indd 3



24/01/2018 09:40



Full-day sessions cost €200 for CEDIA members (€280 non-members); half-day sessions are €175 (€250); 90-minute sessions are €100 (€140). All sessions are included in CEDIA and ALL ACCESS Passes. For details of the passes, see page 68 Colour coding on these CEDIA sessions indicates the role(s) for which they are intended: Technician

Network Specialist



Project Manager

Emerging Trends

Business Owner

09:30 - 11:00 - Room D201

11:30 - 13:00 - Room D201

Future Technologies: The Silicon Valley Scoop

IoT? What’s Going on With All This Cloud Stuff ?

Speaker: Sam Woodward, customer education leader EA at Lutron Underneath the acronyms lie a host of technologies that manage the smooth flow of data between Internet of Things (IoT) devices, to the cloud and back again. Understanding the flow of data empowering your voice to turn on your smart lamp is imperative to successful integrations. This course covers cloud-to-cloud account linking and what might happen when your internet connection is lost. What about IPv6 vs IPv4, and 5G connections? This seminar also goes beyond theory to cover practical and applicable techniques for the brave new world of IoT control.

Speaker: Rich Green, owner at Rich Green Design This popular course provides a new perspective on stampeding technologies, their importance, and how they can make you more profitable. Learn about dozens of new technologies that are emerging from the secret labs of Silicon Valley. This course is a perfect precursor to the ‘Design Thinking & Client Discovery Workshop’ where you will learn how to implement these new technologies into cutting edge designs.

09:30 - 11:00 - Room D202

HDR - The Next Big Thing

11:30 - 13:00 - Room D202

09:30 - 13:00 - Room D301

Technology, Consumer Trends and Business Strategy Workshop

Speaker: Peter Aylett, technical director at Archimedia Driven by the CEDIA Tech Council, this intensive session explores how both consumer and tech-nology trends will affect attendees and their businesses within the next five years. Suitable for both suppliers and installation companies, the session will start with a lively debate on top technology and market trend predictions. Following this, the group will work to develop actionable strategies to embrace opportunities and mitigate threats. Participants can expect to leave well equipped to plan for a strong future in a time of industry change.

Power Management, Conditioning and UPS



Speaker: David Meyer, director of technical curriculum at CEDIA Joel Silver of ISF said: “HDR is the biggest thing to happen to video since the introduction of colour.” Where resolution is a matter of detail relative to viewing distance, HDR is more importantly about realistic, immersive video, irrespective of display size. This class will give students a clear understanding of what HDR is really all about, and the benefits to end users and technology integrators alike. Attendees will look at the competing types of HDR, static vs dynamic, and what elements need to be in place to achieve it. Includes background on gamma and standards, and touches on delivery methods including OTT, HDMI 2.1 and HDBaseT.

Speaker: Ken Erdmann, co-founder at Erdmann Electric Gain a better understanding of proper power conditioning for electronic systems, the causes of electrical noise and surges, and essential grounding requirements. This course will discuss real-life scenarios requiring examination and resolution. It will cover the appropriate methods of effective power conditioning and how to handle phase and polarity issues. Attendees will also learn how to im-plement grounding requirements pertinent to voltage regulators, surge protectors, and uninterrupted power supplies. At the end of this course, participants should be able to diagnose the sources of electrical noise and surges in circuits, determine the remedy for power quality problems such as over/under voltages, brownouts, spikes and sags, as well as demonstrate the use of codeapproved power conditioning methods.

14:00 - 17:30 - Room D301

HDBaseT Master Integrator

Speaker: David Meyer, director of technical curriculum, CEDIA CEDIA and HDBaseT Alliance join forces to present the official comprehensive guide to HDBaseT. Adapted from the popular Installer Expert program, this course has been tailored especially for CEDIA residential applications. The session will discuss system design, use cases and troubleshooting. Upon completion of the course and exam, participants will receive a recognised HDBaseT Master Integrator certificate.

09:30 - 13:00 - Room D302

Properly Securing a Residential Network: Methods and Best Practices

Speaker: Mike Maniscalco, co-founder and VP of product & marketing, at Ihiji In today’s rapidly expanding IoT environment, devices are coming online that can unintentionally pave the way for intrusion into the network, or for hijacking a device on that network for nefarious purposes. This course offers a hands-on approach to learning about the variety of methods and best practices for securing the network to protect it from threats. Before attending this class, students should have a working knowledge of IP addressing and subnetting, basic router configuration and port forwarding, how to troubleshoot using basic CLI commands, IP device configuration (change addresses, gateways, subnets, ports), and WAN/LAN basic routing principles.



14:00 - 15:30 - Room D302

20 Website Must-Haves

Speaker: Geoff Meads, managing director, Presto AV A great website for your company isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Even if the majority of your busi-ness comes from referrals, your customers will check your website before contacting you. In short, your website is now your most powerful marketing asset. This course provides a complete checklist for success including mobile compatibility, meta data, SEO, blog writing, connecting social media and much more. Expect a unique focus on building websites for the residential technology market place including real-world examples and case studies.

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14:00 - 15:30 - Room D201

16:00 - 17:30 - Room D202

New Technologies Update 2018

Lighting Control Update

Speaker: Sam Woodward, customer education leader EA at Lutron This course will give attendees an update on the latest in lighting control trends, including for IoT and wireless systems. It will include tips for flicker-free success in dimming LED lamps and fixtures. Attendees will be leaving the course able to understand lighting control terms and their appropriate applications, how to plan systems to avoid LED flicker, and how to integrate with IoT devices to give a great user experience.

14:00 - 15:30 - Room D202

Sales Estimating and Proposals

Speaker: Rich Green, owner at Rich Green Design Estimating and proposal writing are a fine art and must follow a thorough design process for client discovery and needs assessment. A good design process will reveal the right problems to solve. This course starts with problem definition and delves into systematic data gathering and estimating techniques that will result in more profitable projects. We will cover many styles of proposal writing with real examples from successful projects, both large and small.



Speaker: Dave Pedigo, senior director of learning & emerging technologies at CEDIA With consumers rapidly increasing their expectations and knowledge related to technology, home technology professionals must understand current and future technology trends. This course will offer a look at the speed at which new technologies become popular and break down the most prevalent residential technology trends that are happening right now, as well as their future impact on home technology professional and their prospective clients.

16:00 - 17:30 - Room D201

Service, Maintenance and Delegation

Speaker: Bruno Napoli, co-founder at Krika This course looks at the differences between service, maintenance and technical delegation, and how to best explain this to a client through a yearly plan. By learning how to make clients feel reassured, this course will look at constructing a yearly plan to ensure that future revenue is secured in advance. This class will also discuss how best to sell service to a client, the difficulties surrounding this, and the financial aspects that need to be considered.

16:00 - 17:30 - Room D302

Completing a Project - The Last Five Percent

Speaker: Simon Buddle, education director at CEDIA Enhance your project management skills by exploring the most common problems with completing projects, and the tried-andtrusted techniques for conquering them. By identifying factors at each stage of a project that help or hinder completion, you will achieve increased efficiency and the potential for increased profits!


Things you should pay attention to... CEDIA is inviting attendees at ISE 2018 to take advantage of its renowned CEDIA Talks programme to learn about the issues important to their businesses in this fast-moving and fast-changing industry


t ISE 2018, CEDIA is once again hosting a number of free-to-attend CEDIA Talks, designed to introduce you to new technologies, develop your expertise, and challenge your way of thinking. The theme for this year is ‘10 Things You Should Pay Attention to, but Probably Aren’t’, with each Talk focused on one important ‘Thing’. Taking place on the CEDIA stand every day of the show, CEDIA Talks are hosted by an impressive line-up of industry experts, providing key insights into the everchanging industry. The sessions and presenters today are: • 10:00 IoT and Your Business David Mudd, business development director (IoT), BSI This Talk sees David share his perspective on the rapid technological advance of the



Internet of Things and how it is influencing business today. • 12:00 What the Hell is a ‘Blockchain’? Busting the Lid on the Future of Money Geoff Meads, managing director, Presto AV This essential session will uncover the current and future uses of Blockchain technology, its growing value, and the future of money. • 14:00 Improving the Quality of People’s Lives Through IoT Dave Pedigo, Dave Pedigo, vice president of emerging technologies, CEDIA For most people, technology in the home is often thought of as either a gimmick, a gadget, or a way to show off one’s wealth. Discover how technology such as voice control, virtual reality, lighting control and sensors can improve the lives of home owners at any stage and be profitable for you.

No prior bookings are needed to attend CEDIA Talks, although seating and space on the stand will be limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information on CEDIA Talks at ISE 2018, visit CEDIA’s Professional Development page on the ISE website.

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Today’s Show Floor Theatre sessions The Show Floor Theatres at ISE 2018 are designed to provide attendees with the opportunity to experience ‘bite-sized’ talks given by experts. They showcase cutting-edge project case studies, workflows and technological innovation and solutions. The theatres are situated in three separate halls, all within a short walk from one another. For attendees, no pre-booking is necessary and all sessions are free to attend Focusing on the creative and practical aspects of system design and the customer benefits of new technologies

Stand 8-A470

10:00-10:30 An innovative way to improve productivity during meetings, seminars and training sessions Peter Ryckaert, director, crowdbeamer

12:30-13:00 Conference rooms: the foundation of collaboration Josh Duncan, senior director of product management, Lifesize

14:30-15:00 The digital campfire: mutual understanding and learning in the 21st century Philipp Ewerling, senior software developer and interaction designer, Interactive Scape

10:30-11:30 AV Magazine presents: The clash of the cultures – AV/IT Roy Salfarlie, global VC/collaboration lead, ARUP

13:30-14:00 Why AV and IT guys need to know about AES67 – the common standard for audio networking Richard Northwood and Andreas Hildebrand, consultants, RH Consulting & ALC networx

15:00-15:30 The CrowdSensor Roberto Valenti, CTO, Sightcorp

12:00-12:30 3D audio: perspectives and challenges Joern Nettingsmeier, freelance audio engineer/ consultant

14:00-14:30 New studies revealed: real world meeting room usage Daniel Jackson, director, enterprise technology, Crestron

16:00 ISE Stand Design Awards Turn to page 9 for details

The latest technologies and solutions that are connecting people with the buildings they work in and inhabit 10:00-10:30 Smart buildings, really? Does a KNX-building speak IoT? Rik Vereecken, smart building evangelist, byNubian

Stand 9-F100

10:30-11:00 KNX residential solutions. How to make it happen? Jose Maria Morcillo, managing director, Domonetio 11:00-11:30 KNX solutions for LEED strategies Jesus Arias, KNX Solutions 11:30-12:00 Active retail Intelligence: when artificial intelligence meets digital signage Jaume Portell, CEO, Beabloo

13:00-14:00 AV Magazine presents: Creating a spectacle for global audiences Jeremy Lloyd, director, Wonder Works

15:30-16:00 Digital signage security? Hackers love your screens too Emmanuel Sanders, product manager, Broadsign

14:00-14:30 The integration of smart home/building with IoT Dries Verbrugge, KNX IoT architect, KNX Association

16:00-16:30 IPLOG or how to integrate security and automation systems Ermanno Antonelli, Metel

14:30-15:00 Top 10 solutions to remove the fear of the smart home... Phillip Pini, head of residential development Europe, Crestron

16:30-17:00 How smart is your building? Paul Depperschmidt, CTG market development, Cisco

15:00 - 15:30 Debunking KNX myths Mark Warburton, technical director, Ivory Egg

12:00-12:30 KNX Smart Home control using voice and augmented reality Christian Kiefel, CEO, ProKNX SAS

17:00-17:30 Securing your installation Justin Clacherty, managing director, Redfish Group 17:30-18:00 Understanding cyber security threats in surveillance systems Jason Hill, group vice president, LILIN

Focusing on the practical aspects of implementing collaboration and communication systems within enterprises 10:00-10:30 Using Powersoft DEVA networked multimedia system as the new generation of information systems in professional AV installations Karl Kahlau, executive director – DEVA Division, Powersoft

Stand 11-A170

10:30-11:00 Yes, your employees do hate meetings: how your company culture might be crippling your success David Schweer, director of product marketing, Prysm 11:00-11:30 Barco UniSee: revolutionising the LCD video wall experience Gerrit Vermeire, director product management, operator experience, Barco 11:30-12:00 Making today’s UC solutions work for you Joseph Sarrasin technology manager, unified communications, Crestron



12:00-12:30 Help! Industry consolidation is killing my collaboration project’s ROI Stephane Delorenzi, director portfolio strategy, Logitech 12:30-13:00 Integrating video communications into customer facing workflows Jon Tracey, VP OpenCloud, StarLeaf 13:30-14:00 Cognitive collaboration: The future of meetings with AI Keith Griffin, Cisco 14:00-14:30 The Importance of room correction in the quest for perfect sound Blake Alty and John Bagby, Paradigm Electronics

15:00-16:00 Panel debate: Making collaboration work! Moderator: Clive Couldwell, editor, AV Magazine Aaron McDonald, AstraZeneca; Graham Mackay, Generation Digital ; Stephen Milner, ISDM Solutions; Jenny Hicks, Midwich Group 16:00-16:30 IP Savvy: AV production using IP Will Waters, senior director, IP workflow strategy, NewTek 16:30-17:00 Light management in the laser era Tom Bert, senior product manager, Barco 17:00-18:00 Fourth ISE UC Panel: Cloud AV Chair: Tim Albright, AV Nation

14:30-15:00 Quit treating your huddle rooms like conference rooms Simon Dudley, director product strategy, Logitech

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Room E103

10:00-10:45, 12:00-12:45, 14:00-14:45, 16:00-16:45

Demonstration: L-ISA

Taking a historical perspective on the evolution of live sound technologies, this offers a review of the L-ISA ecosystem. With the recent addition of new content and interactive tools, attendees will learn how to think differently, as well as mix differently.

11:00-11:45; 17:00-17:45

Workshop: L-ISA-Immersive Sound Design Case Studies

An exploration of L-ISA in large-scale environments for Live and Creative applications. The presentation revisits L-ISA implementation principles illustrated through reference installations and case studies. Picture: Martin Audio


Presentation: SYVA

An introduction to Syva, the new collinear source from L-Acoustics. This is plug-and-play compact system has been inherited from line source technology.



Product listening session with d&b

Presentation: P1

Introducing P1, a networked processor combining AVB, AES/EBU and analogue audio bridging, EQ station with delay and dynamics processing and a multi-mic acoustic measurement platform.

d&b audiotechnik

systems that maximise integration and interoperability with several media controls and processor manufacturers.

Room E105/E106

Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the sound of d&b and gain insight into the technical details. As well as product demonstrations, visitors will be shown the benefits of the d&b systems from a designer’s perspective.


Room G106

12:00-12:30, 14:00-14:30

The d&b Soundscape

The session will focus on the d&b Soundscape, introducing the new system to visitors and giving them the opportunity to learn more about it. The methodology accurately places sources and recreates acoustic environments, building the level of detail needed to craft an authentic, enveloping experience.


Whole-Home Audio with Triad and Control4

Planning a whole home audio system has never been easier or sounded better. Learn how to do it the Control4 way.


Control4 Presents 99 Uses for the Triad One Streaming Amplifier

The Triad One is a versatile high resolution audio device packed into one box.. It streams. It amplifies. It pairs with Triad speakers. And it seamlessly integrates with Control4. Come and learn the many ways you can use Triad One in your customer projects.

09:00-10:00, 16:00-17:00

Fighting Entropy, Murphy & Manual Labour: BakPak by Pakedge

Learn how Control4 and Pakedge work together to make sure you’re never in the dark with your customer projects.

Martin Audio

Room E104

11:00-12:00, 13:00-14:00, 15:00-16:00, 17:00-18:00

Loudspeaker Demonstration 10:15-11:15, 14:45-15:45


Integration and Interoperability with d&b This session will give visitors first-hand experience of the d&b approach to integration, with a broad range of applications. Explore specialist features of loudspeaker

Control and Automation Express Solutions

Boost your dealership’s efficiency using mobile and lowercost control systems for lighting, blinds, comfort and other non-media solutions.

Stand 1-M20

Driving the Creation of Knowledge


High performance Networked AV



Unique drag & drop AV over IP collaboration with Cynap & Cynap Core

ISE Daily 2018

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23/01/2018 08:47:09


EDITORS AND CONTRIBUTORS Paddy Baker has worked in B2B publications for 25 years. His involvement with The ISE Daily began in 2008, making this his 11th stint in the editor’s chair. During this period his main role has been editor of Installation, where he has overseen the transition from a print-only title to a multifaceted media brand combining print, online, awards and events. Prior to joining Installation he edited One to One, a title for the optical media manufacturing market. Michael Burns has been a writer, editor and creative content producer for the past 20 years, working in the design, film, broadcast, audio and VR/ interactive sectors. His work can regularly be found in publications and online, including Broadcast, British Cinematographer, Digital Arts, IBC365, SVG Europe, Televisual, The IBC Daily, and more. He works as a writer and producer for digital agencies and conferences, and keeps an enthusiastic eye on VFX, design, animation and immersive content at Elliot Herman is a journalist, editor and PR agent, who has focused on lighting, sound and AV technology since 2005. After a short stint as a paramedic in London, he moved to Berlin in 2012, where, in addition to writing, he now also works as a relocation agent for, helping people move to the city so they can enjoy it as much as he does. He has a cat called Albee, and a tattoo of a pet rat on his shoulder. Erica Basnicki is the editor at 94dBA and a voracious collector of sounds and stories about the people who make them. In order to make money, she does freelance content marketing and journalism focused on the professional audio and VR/AR industries. She then spends that money on microphones. A digital native, Erica has been optimising websites ever since she first hand-coded HTML pages for one of Canada’s biggest broadcasters 20 years ago, and has been obsessed with improving the online user experience ever since. George Cole has been a technology writer for more than 20 years, covering information technology, AV technology, consumer electronics and educational technology. His work has appeared in a wide range of consumer, trade and technical publications including The Times, Financial Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Practical Photography, New Scientist, PC Pro, Newsweek, The Times Educational Supplement, Get Connected and Independent Electrical Retailer. He has also written technology guides for the BBC’s Radio Times magazine and website, and been a digital camera reviewer for The Register technology website.



Ann-Marie Corvin is a London-based freelance journalist and editor with more than 20 years’ experience producing B2B content predominantly for technology and entertainment titles. She’s held senior positions at Broadcast magazine, Architects’ Journal and Televisual; cut her teeth reporting for Media Week and is now a regular contributor to Broadcast TECH, TVBEurope, FEED magazine and IBC365. She is a trade show regular, covering for dailies during the IBC show and the Cannes Film Festival. Steve Fairclough is a freelance editorial consultant who has covered the worlds of photography, filmmaking, imaging technology and audio in print and online for over 30 years. He is the former editor of What Camera?, Amateur Photographer and Hi-Fi News magazines and is the former editor-inchief of the pro imaging website Canon Professional Network (CPN). He has been writing about photography since 1987 and has interviewed many of the world’s top photographers, including Sir Don McCullin, Steve McCurry, Martin Parr, Albert Watson and Terry O’Neill. Chris Forrester is a well-known media and broadcast journalist. He reports on all aspects of broadcasting with special emphasis on content, the business of television and emerging applications. He has reported on the sector since the 1980s. His regular output can be seen in, TVBEurope, IBC365 and The IBC Daily. He has written many books including High Above, a history of the satellite broadcasting industry. His interview list is a veritable Who’s Who and includes many high-profile business leaders. Heather McLean has been a technology, business and education journalist and editor since 2000. She is contributing editor at sports media organisation SVG Europe, and runs Smart Chimps, an online publication focused on the mobile ecosystem. Over the last 15 years Heather has written for all the UK broadsheets, as well as publications including IBC365, TVBEurope, Fierce Wireless Europe, E-Forex Magazine, The Economist’s Executive Briefing, as well as working on The IBC Daily /Executive Summary at IBC, Amsterdam, and BVE Daily at BVE, London. Despite being an English literature graduate, Ian McMurray joined the computer industry when 4K was enough memory to write a multi-user accounting suite. In 1996, however, he was asked to become European marketing manager for TI’s nascent DLP business, and was active in bringing the new technology to the attention of projector, display and TV manufacturers as well as potential end users throughout

the region. He became a freelance writer in 2003, since which time he has contributed a monthly feature to Installation magazine as well as writing extensively for the ISE Daily. Laura Vallis is a freelance marketer, copywriter and communications professional with over 12 years’ experience in AV and broadcast technology. Laura brings her understanding of the ever-changing and expanding world of B2B tech to create marketing literature and PR content. In addition, Laura creates and project manages marketing strategies and digital and social media toolkits for leading AV and broadcast companies. Her work appears across a variety of technology websites, magazines, blogs and trade publications. Paul Bray has worked in and written about the technology sector for more than three decades. He read modern history at Oxford and worked as a software engineer before retraining as a journalist. After two years as deputy editor of Which Computer? he went freelance in 1991. He is a regular contributor to AV magazine and has written for many publications including the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Computing, Director, Nasdaq International and the Hutchinson Encyclopaedia. Over his 15 years writing and editing international technology and design publications, Pete Brewis has worked extensively with both manufacturers and design practices around the world, bringing their latest projects to a global audience through in-depth project reports, profiles and long-form interviews. Pete is based in Manchester, UK. Based in Antwerp, Belgium, Jamie Biesemans has been writing about technology and business for 20+ years, focusing on audio, consumer electronics, IT companies, software, smart home applications, and hardware. He is editor-in-chief of FWD Magazine, part of the Benelux-based FWD Network, which encompasses among others and, and writes for newspapers and retail publications. He is also the manager of the Expert Group for Hi-Fi products of EISA, the organisation behind the global EISA Awards. Mark Craven is the editor of Home Cinema Choice magazine, the UK’s leading publication dedicated to home theatre audio and video, published 13 times a year since 1996. He also serves as the Home Theatre Video expert group manager for EISA – the European Sound and Imaging Association. Personal interests include 4K Blu-ray, the Fast & Furious franchise and subwoofers that threaten structural damage to his house.

David Davies has been writing about professional AV and broadcast technology for 17 years. He is editor of Sports Video Group (SVG) Europe and continues to contribute to a host of trade publications, including PSNEurope, PSNLive, Installation and Audio Media International. He has also been a part of the team for The AES Daily, The IBC Daily and, since 2005, The ISE Daily, for which he served as executive editor (on-site) in 2013. In addition, he is active as a copywriter and sub-editor. Jez Ford is editor of Sound+Image magazine in Australia, and group editor of Australian HiFi, both of which joined EISA in 2017 as part of its global expansion. Prior to heading Down Under for a life of seafood and sun, Jez’s three decades of tech journalism has included editorships of UK publications Electronics Today International, Audiophile, What Hi-Fi?, and Stuff. Chris Jenkins started his career in journalism when the Sinclair Spectrum was the peak of consumer technology, and has worked as a writer and editor in many fields including home cinema, music technology, video, mobile, gadgets, and hardware distribution. Rob Lane has worked in the pro and consumer AV industry for 23 years, as publisher, editor, journalist and – since 2009 – PR professional. When taking time out from his busy PR business, Bigger Boat PR, he writes regular features, interviews and opinion pieces for AV, Installation, ERT and Hi-Fi Choice. João Martins has been covering broadcast, film and professional audio and video technology as founder and editor of several leading publications in Portuguese and Spanish for more than 25 years. Since 2013, he has been editor-in-chief of USbased audioXpress, a magazine and website dedicated to audio electronics, audio product development and design, and international editor for Voice Coil, a periodical for the loudspeaker industry. Steve Montgomery has been involved in the professional AV and broadcast industry for over 20 years, and still works as a consultant and system integrator in large screen and digital signage installations and distributed video systems. He has written for a wide variety of specialist pro AV and broadcast magazines, covering a variety of topics from the perspective of users and integrators. He also assists manufacturers in creating readable marketing and technical support material.

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Connect with Europe’s first and only AV brand dedicated to end users

Stand: 7-A180

Sign up now @ For advertising opportunities contact: Gurpret Purewal +44 (0)20 7354 6026 AVTE Subscribe Ad_245x335mm_final.indd 1

24/01/2018 14:17

Come and do business with us at ISE 2018. Together we are original.

ISE_245x335.indd 1

Book an appointment with us to find out how to unlock connectivity and productivity for your customers with our brand new Smart Signage, Interactive Flat Panel and Professional Displays. Find us at Hall 12, Stand E100 at the RAI, Amsterdam from the 6th – 9th February 2018.

Visit and use code 703791 to receive your complimentary ticket to ISE 2018.

22/12/2017 12:41:16

Collaboration: it’s about competing Dan Alldis, future technologies manager at global sat comms manufacturer Inmarsat, will be speaking in the AVIXA Unified Communications Solutions Theatre (sponsored by Crestron) tomorrow. His message? Enterprises must create more dynamic, creative and collaborative work spaces. Ian McMurray finds out more


he numbers of end-users coming through the doors of ISE is increasing year on year, as a result of a very conscious plan on the part of ISE managing director Mike Blackman and his team. As he visits ISE for the second time, Dan Alldis is, in that respect, increasingly typical. “This year, we’re particularly interested in the new display screen technologies, especially OLED and maybe Samsung’s ‘wall’,” he says. “As iMPACT! grows, we’re looking to improve our display screen solutions to get the most out of Oblong’s Mezzanine technology, which powers the space, and the content we show. Mezzanine was the only solution with the flexibility to help realise our vision for the iMPACT! room. Alldis explains that iMPACT! is the space Inmarsat uses to bring its VIP customers into, with the aim of wowing them and showing them what Inmarsat does, how it can solve their problems and most importantly, differentiate the company from its competitors. Adapting the experience “Our technology partners come to discuss how we can make training easier, and how we can show their terminals and solutions in innovative ways,” Alldis continues. “Our distribution partners come in with customers to demonstrate our complex solutions through scenarios, and we often get real end-users in to understand how they can use the kit more effectively and

Good installs cannot be free BY CHRIS FORRESTER Steve Moore’s SMC global consultancy business has a highly desirable client list peppered with music and film stars and business leaders all of whom demand value for money despite the often high costs associated with a quality custom install. But Moore explained at a CEDIA Talk at ISE yesterday that companies like Amazon, with its family of Echo and Alexa products, were making home automation very inexpensive. There were also services like ‘Enjoy’, which was a wholly new delivery experience and where an install specialist would visit and take care of audio products from Sonos – and certain other brands – completely free of charge to the buyer. The benefit to the supplier was customer loyalty, which Moore said was the goal of every install.

The downside was that while consumers might well be buying Amazon-type audio and automation products, far too many items were never installed, or failed to be correctly hooked up. “The world is changing, and fast. In my own home we have three TVs, one of which is used by my teenage kids. I deliberately disconnected the TV aerial cable to the set to see how long it took for them to notice. It took seven months! They simply no longer watch live TV.” Moore said that his mantra was always to ‘Keep it simple’ and to absolutely ensure that the install was completely reliable. “That way, one install leads to another and the sort of customer (a British household business name) who has been with me through four separate homes – and a yacht. And where the client is happy to say ‘I wouldn’t use anyone else’.”

Taking advertising to new places RGG LED Stand: 15-B100 Getting your message in the right location at the right time isn’t always easy if you’re a brand or advertiser. RGG LED is showcasing two innovative products that can take adverts and marketing campaigns to new places. The LED Trailer can support an LED display up to 24sqm in size, which can be rotated 360º. RGG LED sales manager Laurynas Mituzas explained to the ISE Daily, the aim of the product, “It is about bringing the image to where

it is needed. It is an ideal mobile solution for events and offers both audio and video. For some locations, like a parking lot, it can be difficult to get permission for permanent advertising, so a trailer can be used to fill that gap and give an advert, event or campaign greater visibility.” RGG LED is also demonstrating an outdoor aluminium fixed module, which can be used to convert spaces that normally display static advertising into dynamic digital displays. “The module is slim and simple to install,” said Mituzas, “Brands, for example, could use it on a wall and bring their logos to life.”

Dan Alldis, future technologies manager, Inmarsat

where our technology roadmap is headed.” “Our end-users could be anyone from the European Space Agency to senior officials from government or defence, as well as humanitarian specialists who deploy around the world, requiring global mobile connectivity,” he adds. “The groups we get in are diverse and that’s where Mezzanine comes into its own – allowing us to tailor content and adapt the experience for every audience.” “We show everything from high-impact videos through to custom built scenarios, showing our complex solutions in an easy to understand, attractive, graphical/visual way,” Alldis says. Inmarsat has linked Oblong’s Mezzanine with its corporate VTC solution, meaning that the company is now capable of bringing anyone from its remote offices into the conversation. Infopresence hasn’t particularly been utilised to date, Alldis says, but he believes it will provide a fantastic way of linking other Mezzanine spaces in the future. Alldis concludes: “Collaboration technology has become more than a tool to facilitate communication: it is now about competitive advantage.” Dan Alldiss will be talking to Mary Ann de Lares Norris, Oblong Industries’ VP, EMEA at ‘Driving innovation and creating impact at Inmarsat; the workplace of the future’ at 10:30 tomorrow in the Unified Communications Solutions Theatre, Stand 11-A170.

EMEA expansion deal signed UTELOGY Stand: 14-M170 U-Topia Technologies has been awarded a Master Distributor licence for the EMEA market here at ISE by Utelogy, which makes software for control, management, and analytics of audio visual systems for business and education. US-based Utelogy, which focuses on a software-centric model, has now got the world covered with the signing of U-Topia Technologies and director Jonathan Mangnall, yesterday here in Amsterdam, following on from the signing of a deal with Australia-based AVT led by CEO Graham Evans, to cover the Asia-Pacific region in July last year. Utelogy, based in the US, says it now has the world covered after concluding deals with both U-Topia Technologies and director Jonathan Mangnall here at ISE. It also signed a deal with Australia-based ATV – led by CEO Graham Evans, to cover the Asia-Pacific region in July last year. With its standards-based architecture, the Utelogy platform uses existing IT infrastructure and can support any AV device with its built-in tool suites for provisioning and configuration. When asked if they believe systems integrators today are ready for this software-centric approach to AV generally, Frank Pellkofer, CEO at Utelogy, Mangnall and Evans unanimously stated, “No!”. Pellkofer explained: “Those who are suited to moving to this type of tech are the VARs and AV integrators with video infrastructure experience, the large

L-R: Graham Evans, Frank Pellkofer and Jonathan Mangnall

integration firms, and the small ones with the DNA of IT in them.” However, he warned: “There is a certain segment here who aren’t going to be walking these halls in five year’s time. It’s the same progression as that from the PBX to IP PBXs.” While U-Topia Technologies is a new company, Mangnall has a decade of experience in this field. He commented: “AV now is about agility in the workplace; it’s about being able to collaborate with colleagues from around the world for 10 minutes at a time, so it needs 99.9% uptime. Because of this, AV has to be a pro IT-grade piece of software. Utelogy’s agnostic technology opens the door to new possibilities

for integrators and consultants providing them with increased opportunity to enhance the end-user experience. “One of our challenges is identifying the right market and people to take this technology forward,” added Mangnall. “It’s a whole sales proposition here; we are talking about changing the way people do business and the way customers buy AV. Normally, people buy AV as a bit of tin that sits in a room, and within two years of the install, or even half an hour, the only person with skin in the game is the manufacturer; the consultant and integrator are long gone. It has to be a consultative sale now.”

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Fresh ideas for videoconferencing



Stand: 11-D126 Four of the latest videoconferencing software and hardware solutions from TrueConf are being demoed in Hall 11 here at ISE. They include the SDK solution for third parties, TrueConf for Android, a 4K video call feature that’s now a built-in feature of TrueConf’s Windows app, and a free ‘people tracking’ TrueConfTracker software that’s compatible with systems such as Skype for Business and Zoom. Three out of these four have been developed in collaboration with NVIDIA, Logitech and Phoenix Audio Technologies. TrueConf marketing director Lev Yakupov told the ISE Daily: “Our SDK provides a solution that enables other companies to integrate video conferencing into third party applications, such as ATM machines, video kiosks or websites.” He added: “Together with

Stand: 7-N190

TrueConf’s marketing director Lev Yakupov pictured with the SDK video conferencing solution

NVIDIA, we wrote a new application for Android TV, which is now fully compatible with video conferencing cameras and speakerphones. “This application supports pointto-point calls and multi-point video calls as well.”

A TrueConf collaboration with Logitech has resulted in a 4K video call solution using a Logitech Brio camera. Yakupov explained: “We believe that 4K will replace Full HD resolution for video conferences very soon because there are no technical barriers left.”

Toolkit increases professionalism for integrators Z-WAVE ALLIANCE Stand: 9-F170 Integrators of Z-Wave are getting excited by the new Z-Wave Certified Installer Toolkit (CIT) here at ISE, after it started shipping in September last year.

Can he build it? Yes, Mitchell Klein can!

82 I

Bridging the gap

According to Mitchell Klein, executive director of Z-Wave Alliance, the feedback has been “amazing”, and the organisation is talking to both existing and potential members about how the toolkit can go about helping them provide a more professional service.

Installation and testing of a Z-Wave smart home mesh network has been made easier for the pro installer community, who are now able to check deployments immediately to confirm devices have suitable connections, and also for troubleshooting. The toolkit is there to provide diagnostic support and troubleshooting. However, Klein noted: “If you only look at the toolkit for diagnostics and troubleshooting, you’re not using it properly. It’s to check the install straight after deployment. Z-Wave is self-healing – everything has multiple pathways to connect, so if a line goes down, the network simply fixes itself by rerouting. “If you run the toolkit after installation, you can see if any particular point on the network only has a single pathway, which would prevent this self-healing, and add more. It’s about avoiding truck rolls.”

Attero Tech’s director of marketing and sales Mike Sims is having a good show. Speaking to the ISE Daily, Sims said: “For us, it’s the fact that ISE has a strong residential presence as well as the pro and commercial presence as well. Many of our products cross over into the higher-end residential space, so we get access to people we don’t otherwise get access to. That’s why I like ISE and have for many years.” Among the products featured on the Attero Tech stand is the new Synapse D32o, a 32-channel out 1RU Dante/AES67 interface with flexible A/D connectivity options via DB-25 or Terminal Block, front panel assignable audio monitoring and metering and full network redundancy. “One of the things we’ve done that’s unique among high-channel count devices is that in addition to copper network connectivity, we’ve integrated fibre network

connectivity as well,” said Sims. “More and more large venues are using fibre as their infrastructure, as opposed to copper. With copper, you need a network switch every 100m, whereas you can get 2km on fibre, for a football stadium or something like that. Right now, with pretty much everybody else’s interfaces, you’re going to have to have a copper-tofibre converter, then run fibre, then a fibre-to-copper converter to get back into your network. Sims added: “In terms of deployment, you can often eliminate a lot of network switches given that you’ve got intrinsic fibre connectivity; the cost to jump on and off of fibre is a lot less, and in general we have these units priced pretty aggressively. “One of the things we’ve tried to do – in addition to creating really bleeding-edge type products – is be sure they are priced in a way that they aren’t stratospherically expensive, keeping them within the budgets and means of pretty much any install.”

Fibre’s fantastic future CLEERLINE Stand: 15-P280 Some technologies are ahead of their time, but eventually, the future catches up with them. This is the case with fibre optic cable, according to Cleerline Technology Group. “We’re at the tipping point,” Cleerline managing partner Rick Sant told the ISE Daily. “Prices are falling, and more and more fibre-ready devices are appearing. Your typical integrator is now starting to have to consider using fibre for networks or sending 4K video across HDMI. With copper, you have to compress everything.” One of the biggest challenges facing the fibre optic market has been price, added Sant: “People looked at fibre and liked what it offered, but then asked, ‘what am I going to plug into?’

“Three years ago, high-end optical connectors typically cost around $3,000 US dealer price; today, some 4K optical connectors sell for less than $500.” At ISE 2018, Cleerline is showing its fibre optic solution SSF Fiber (it stands for stronger, safer, faster). Cleerline SSF uses a polymer coating that the company claims makes it up to 200 times more durable than conventional fibre. “It’s much easier and faster to terminate,” added Sant. “Any technician who works with a Cat6 jack can do this.” He concluded: “We’ve been showing fibre at ISE for the past five years and our sales have skyrocketed over the past 12 months. We’re getting closer to that switchover point where we move from copper to fibre. The future is fibre – and it’s happening now.”

ISE Daily 2018

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DSS ISE is told of disruption at a ‘cake ingredient’ level


While Google described its position in the digital signage chain as that of a ‘very small ingredient on a cake’, the tech giant said it still hoped to disrupt the market with its Chrome-based and Android-based solutions to manage SI hardware platforms. Speaking during a DSS ISE session yesterday on ‘Disrupting Digital Signage’, EMEA head of Android and Chrome enterprise channel Mark Grady insisted that its role in the market would be to simplify the management of digital kiosks, signage and interactive broadcasts. “Is Google going to start banging screens on walls? No. What we see is disruption on a

very small ‘ingredients on a cake’ level,” he said. Grady added that SI’s will be able to port the best parts of its Chrome browser and its Android apps to bring extra capabilities to digital signage as well as its security solutions. He revealed that Google is currently working with client NASCAR, which is trying to attract a new generation of fans to motor racings. Google is partnering with Eddystone beacon technology on second screen mobile content and is powering 80in outdoor displays, which are in turn powered by Chrome OS. “These solutions are allowing clients to innovate with content and that’s the important thing,” Grady concluded.

Google’s Mark Grady

Working models show real projects

Software ready for sales and rental


Stand 15-P245 Many companies sell items, while others rent them, but what if your company does both? At ISE 2018, Jobtura is demonstrating its eponymously named professional software solution, designed to handle both sales and rental processes. Jobtura is a combined CRM and ERP solution that puts sales and rental into one software package. Using Jobtura, a company can carry out various tasks including creating offers, produce invoices, track orders, manage customers and suppliers and check sales. “Speed is everything in the sales and rental business,” Boris Bollinger, Jobtura general manager, told the ISE Daily. “With this software, you can make an offer to a customer while you are still on the call, because all the information you need is in front of you. You can also generate other processes while on the phone. It’s been shown that if you can make on an offer within five minutes, there is

HOLOGRUF Stand: 8-R280

Stand: 8-K270 Turkish company LEDECA is coexhibiting this year with partners Easescreen and Syscomtec. Producing complete digital display solutions for customers all over the world, the company designs and provides turnkey projects with all necessary supplementary products. This includes frame design for any kind of metal construction and adaptation, as well as hardware, software, substructure and services. Ledeca’s stand this year features

Boris Bollinger (right) says “speed is everything” in sales and rental

Fanning the future of the 3D hologram

Orhan Kaplan, general manager of LEDECA with scale models of real applications


a 70% chance of getting the project. But if it takes you a day, it is almost impossible to get the job.” Jobtura is designed for companies with at least five employees, says Bollinger. “Our largest clients have around 80 employees, but we have just taken one with 700 staff.”

full working models to scale, featuring a sports stadium, bus shelter, car show room and street scene – all of which are based on real applications, produced and realised in recent projects. The models demonstrate the variety of options available including non-standard curved, spherical or any other custom shaped framework, LED screens, content management software, monitoring services and supplementary products. Orhan Kaplan, general managing director of Ledeca told the ISE Daily: “The fact that we’re selling the final product makes us different from the

rest.Some sell just LED screens, some just framework. Here, we provide everything, for which we need reliable software. That’s one of the reasons we have partnered with Easescreen and Syscomtec – it makes us a total solution for the complete solution.” Ledeca’s products are currently used in OOH advertising, retail, digital city furniture, traffic, sport and broadcast markets. They supply standard off-the-shelf products that are optimised for these markets, but are also able to create custom design products for specific purposes or projects.

Magically delivering a 3D holographic visual experience, Hologruf can bring advertisements, signs or displays to life through a 3D hologram system. Powered by a patented design, Hologruf – a firsttime exhibitor at ISE this year – serves as a portable holographic display, delivering big colourful 3D holograms floating in mid-air. Ted Meng, co-founder and CEO of Hologruf told ISE Daily: “We use motorised fan technology with a strip of LED running through it which builds

the image when motored. Of course, once it is working, the fan becomes effectively transparent, and only the floating image can be seen. We’re the only company in the market with fans of up to 3m, and our competitors all use a far bigger motor than us. Hologruf’s motor is up to 50% smaller and thinner, making our fans lighter and more flexible and easy to mount in larger configurations. “Although it’s our first time at ISE, we have seen a lot of people on our stand, and have a great position just at the entrance to Hall 8. Visitors are loving the creative options that we can provide and I can almost definitely say we’ll be back next year.”

KNX gets its Thinka cap on THINKA Stand: 9-F120 KNX now has a virtual voice assistant in the form of Thinka with Amazon Echo. Thinka – which is the daughter company of Zilverline – has developed its first product for KNX to support Amazon Echo, and is designed to enable home owners

to speak to their home automation systems, adding voice control for everything from lighting to climate control and occupancy sensors. Michael Franken, CEO at Thinka, told the ISE Daily that end-users can simply “connect Thinka to your KNX and internet connection, buy three to five Amazon Echos and dot those around, and you can then use them to control whatever you need.”

Thinka has begun its journey with KNX and is also in development on wireless protocols, including Z-Wave and Philips U. Franken noted: “We’re always focusing on the end-user experience. If you buy a Thinka, then the data and system are yours. “We don’t mess with your data at all, and there is no subscription fee.”

Ted Meng, co-founder and CEO, Hologruf

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MultiTaction shakes hands on global distribution deal INFOCUS Stand: 2-B60 MultiTaction – a provider of multitouch displays and software – announced at ISE yesterday that it will have its hardware and software resold worldwide by partner InFocus. MultiTaction products are now available in Germany through InFocus subsidiary Vidco, and will be available in other countries in coming weeks from InFocus resellers. Brady O. Bruce, CMO at InFocus, said: “We’ve been enamoured of some technology from MultiTaction for some time. They have a different approach in their multi-touch displays; what they did was put the cameras behind the screen, which enables every pixel to be a touchpoint. It’s phenomenal touch technology. And with the cameras

behind the screen, you can also read QR codes; and they have a nice cloud platform. So we’re now reselling MultiTaction screens with InFocus software.” Bruce added: “They’re a really good company. We’ve watched them grow, intrigued by what they’ve done, and we can offer them a much broader footprint through our network of resellers, so it’s a good deal for both companies.” InFocus products such as the ConX Cloud video meeting service and ConX Exec video conferencing software will be offered as options on the MultiTaction platform. The partnership follows the August 2017 decision that MultiTaction would offer touchscreen displays from InFocus for its Canvus and Canvus Connect solutions to enable single, large screen, hardware and software solutions for visual collaboration.

Pete Malcolm from Multitaction shaking on the global distribution deal with Mark Housley from InFocus

Cross-platform solution takes starring role CLEVERTOUCH

Chris Southern with the 65in Capacitive unit

Stand: 13-E170 Interactive touchscreen display provider Clevertouch is showcasing the latest innovations in its Pro Series for enterprise and education users at ISE 2018. The newest features of the Pro Series IR Touch – in 55in, 65in, 70in, 75in and 86in iterations – are being presented. They include mobile device management – enabling users to control all their screens from one – as well as over-the-air updates and precision experience stylus. Arguably the standout screen is the 65in Capacitive cross-platform unit. Chris Southern, Clevertouch business development manager for corporate, told the ISE Daily: “With

Stand: 5-S30 According to Jon Sidwick, vice president of UK distributor Maverick, his company’s stand is the only one at ISE where visitors can compare the three collaboration

this you can work cross-platform with any device. In the room you could have three people with

offerings from Microsoft, Google and Cisco. The Maverick stand holds a Tiki Bar theme here at ISE – designed to reflect Sidwick’s belief that business can and should be fun. “That’s one of many areas in which we add value for our channel and their customers,” he explained,

Sidwick: “business can and should be fun”

84 I

DISGUISE Stand: 8-K250

Samsung phones, two with Apple and somebody else with Windows, and each can access it wirelessly.”

Supporting the collaboration journey MAVERICK

Hiding in plain sight

resplendent in Hawaiian shirt and shorts. “We can help customers take the journey that identifies the environment in which the solution will be deployed and the business outcomes that are desired – and then advise on which product represents the best choice. Businesses do different things in different ways: there’s no one-sizefits-all solution.” Sidwick goes on to point out that Maverick’s value-added extends to the way in which it integrates products and technologies from a variety of vendors that, collectively, deliver complete solutions. “With collaboration, we’re on the bottom rung of a ladder of massive opportunity. Where yesterday, we expected to find a projector in every meeting space, tomorrow, we’ll expect to find a collaboration system there.”

With live demonstrations on its stand every half hour, disguise (formerly known as d3 Technologies) is previewing its new r15 software release at ISE this year. The upcoming release builds upon the integrated workflow solution, introducing new features: OmniCal, Lux and VR support. OmniCal is a camera-based projection calibration system. It captures a point cloud of the designer’s stage, calibrating projectors to what the company claims is “sub-pixel accuracy” and conforms pre-existing surface meshes to match reality. Lux bridges the gap in communication between the technical planning and the creative vision. It offers more compelling light levels, camera exposure and projector simulation than

ever before. VR support will be provided for both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift platforms. Now, said the company, clients and designers can step into a visualisation and be “completely immersed” in the environment. Nikita Bazalo, marketing manager for disguise said: “ISE is a really good show for us, and this year is super busy. The demonstrations are going well and we have some good crowds coming by. We’re excited to be showcasing OmniCal, which will be released later this year, as well as previewing the latest in the disguise hardware range.” The ShowStopper, held on the Panasonic stand in Hall 1, is also being powered by a disguise server and, in addition, is sponsoring the World Masters of Projection Mapping competition taking place at the EYE Filmmuseum tonight. Produced with Amsterdam Light Festival, ISE and the RAI Amsterdam, the event is powered by the disguise 4x4pro. Jamie Sunter, support specialist and Krzysztof Grabowski, technical solutions specialist EMEA, previewing the r15 release

ISE Daily 2018

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Control systems

The Star – Sydney, Australia

Burj Khalifa – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Philips Dynalite. The intelligent choice. 25 years of experience in every application, on every scale.

National Royal Adelaide Hospital – Adelaide, Australia

International Airport Lounge – Mumbai, India

ISE_245x335.indd 1

Rijksmuseum – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

02/02/2018 14:16:06


Interoperability on the increase OCA Stand: 7-R240 Your Audio Systems (YAS) and Suzhou Fitcan Technology are the latest members to join the OCA Alliance, the AV trade association promoting awareness and implementation of the AES70 open network control standard. YAS’s Orchestra platform for building Linux-based AES67/ AES70 professional audio devices – along with development tools to demonstrate the multiple facets of AES70 – are currently on display at the OCA stand. “In addition to promoting the new members and new products, we’re also continuing to promote some of the technical resources

that we’ve made available,” said Ethan Wetzell, Bosch Security Systems’ engineering core platform strategist. Speaking to the ISE Daily, Wetzell commented: “I’ve been walking around the show floor and I’ve seen a couple of stands advertising AES70 implementation from manufacturers I’ve never heard of, or met before, which is always a treat. When people are able to pick up the technology and the specification and begin to implement it on their own, you know it’s beginning to actually propagate. That’s been a very positive thing.” AES70 can be used in conjunction with any available transport protocol (including Dante, AVB, AES67 or CobraNet).

Offering interoperability across different media transports and manufacturers’ devices, it enables complex system integration and options as to how and where network devices can be deployed. AES67 and AES70 were both heavily referenced during Monday’s Audio Forum here at ISE. “One thing I’ve noted over the past 12 months is that questions (about AES70) are no longer about what it is, and are shifting to ‘How do I use it? How can I find it? What are some resources that are available?’,” said Wetzell. “One of the things I’ll be doing on Friday [at 11:30] is giving a presentation at the Commercial Solutions Theatre, addressing the difference between a protocol, a standard and a solution, and how

“A treat” to see AES70 implementation on the show floor, says Ethan Wetzell

those different things build on each other. “There is legitimately a lot of confusion about how people look at the alphabet soup of

trade associations, technology components and manufacturers – and actually make honest comparisons on what they should choose.”

Seek a sneak peek


Stand: 7-V222 Having just confirmed the launch of two new UK Super Centres in London and Liverpool, Quested is teasing visitors to its stand with an unfinished CX12 monitor – a taste of further developments for the company in high-end home cinema installations. “Our user base includes [film composers] Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams, both of whom exclusively use Quested speakers for their work. It’s a logical move to start

Quested’s Ollie Shortland and Stuart Down with an unfinished CX12

developing for high-end home cinema installation,” said director Stuart Down. “There are a lot of speaker brands out there, but Quested is the choice of these people to use when making the music. “In the cinema product category we’ve got about 14 products now, and those combined give you a portfolio that allow you to do small, medium and large rooms. This is the finishing off of that; we now have what I would say is a very complete line.” Back in the UK, Sound Network has already secured two Quested Super

Centres – Studiocare Professional Audio in Liverpool, and Red Dog Music, London – with access to the full range of Quested Monitoring Systems products. “The Super Centres also offer another vital tool: the ability to demo products alongside other monitor brands,” added Down. “It is really important to be able to make A/B comparisons, to allow customers to make a truly informed decision. This is only possible with the investment these Super Centres make, not only in the products, but also through the support of the staff and facilities they offer.”

Tascam offers solid audio solutions Simple solutions for AVoIP ZEEVEE


Stand: 10-H195

Stand: 15-T260 Despite all the noise being made about cloud and audio streaming, the demand for hardware-based audio systems is as high as ever, according to Tascam. Dirk Born, Tascam technical marketing manager, told the ISE Daily: “Hardware systems offer reliability. The cloud is very nice if you have a fast internet connection, but recording on solid-state media is more secure. If you’re streaming a call to your friend, it doesn’t matter if the connection drops, but if it’s a conference call with senior management or a one-off concert, you need a more reliable solution.” Tascam is showing its current product range, which includes CD players, solid-state players and recorders, tape systems, as well as a new range of products. These include the CD-400UDAB, a combined CD player and DAB radio that can be remotely controlled via RS-232C. The MZ-372 rackmount mixer offers

86 I

Dirk Born: “Recording on solid-state media is more secure”

seven inputs and two independent main outputs. ISE 2018 offers the chance to see Tascam’s new range of Dante products for networked audio. The DA-6400 can play up to 64 audio

channels over a Dante network, while the SS-CDR250N offers stereo recording and playback with CDs, SD cards and USB flash media, and has an optional Dante interface.

At ISE 2018 ZeeVee – a global manufacturer of video and signal distribution technology – is demoing its ‘Meeting Room in a Box’ starter kit designed to allow the easy installation of an AVoIP solution. Customers can distribute uncompressed and ‘zero-latency’ video up to 4K/UHD including HDR, based on ZeeVee’s ZyPer4K AVoIP signal distribution solution. Aimed at corporate environments that want to take advantage of all the benefits that AVoIP can offer, the kit allows customers to get up and running quickly with a solution that works out of the box. Bob Michaels, CEO of ZeeVee, told the ISE Daily: “The ZyPer4K meeting room starter kit is ideal for first-time organisations looking to deploy an AVoIP solution. There is no need for a two-day training course, the ZyPer4K solution is virtually plug-and-play. What’s more, there’s no need for a complex control system, because the ZyPer MaestroZ interface allows

control from any device on the ZyPer network with admin rights. Up to three sources can be switched to two screens and expanded up to eight more devices. “The past year has been spent making sure we understand the applications the customers have, the requirements of the end-user and making sure the products perform perfectly. “Most importantly, making life simple for an integrator and making life simple for an end-user has been the backbone of the company for me from day one. I think we’ve proved this with our IP-based products – it’s the ability for the customer to come and automatically see how simple they are to use and set up.”

ZeeVee CEO Bob Michaels

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