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Projecting the future with ISE

History in the making

Kresa: ‘throughout my life I challenge myself’

The cutting edge of projection mapping technology can be seen on the nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel, delivered by ISE 2019 and its Technology Partners LANG, Panasonic, Green Hippo and Alcons Audio. With bespoke content created by Tenfeet working in collaboration with Green Hippo, and foiling by ProDisplay, the fantastic light and sound experience illuminating the 25-storey, 650 room hotel is being brought together by ISE in conjunction with the RAI Amsterdam. Full story on page 8.

For a projection designer and innovator at the forefront of art and technology, Bart Kresa’s Opening Address yesterday evening provided a fascinating history lesson for an industry that, surprisingly, dates back to the 1950s. “Most people think that [the projection design and mapping] phenomena happened a!er the year 2000, when actually the beginning of it was in 1956,” he said. Kresa discovered examples of early projection mapping in the Czech Republic, with set designer Josef Svoboda designing projection to wrap the stage with an image more than 60 years ago; while in the 1960s, Professor Guenther Schneider-Siemssen took projectors designed for opera houses outside to create open-air installations. Kresa continued: “We all think this is a new thing, so a lot of time people treat it as experimental, but if we knew the history we could learn from it and we wouldn’t have to be so experimental – and the design quality would be higher.” The Address brought us right up to date with a showcase of projects, including Universal Spectacle Night Parade, which BARTKRESA studio worked on for three years. According to Kresa, “it’s the longest most difficult project we’ve done and may be the biggest project of its kind in the world.” The night-time spectacular projects onto 46 facades using 30,000 lumen 4K projectors and has four different themes, making it an incredibly immersive experience. “When we started working on it, I talked to my colleagues in the industry and they all said it isn’t possible, but throughout my life I challenge myself.” Read our interview with Bart Kresa on page 4.

Leap into the Future of Display Solutions BenQ, Global Leader in Business Display

Visit us at stand 1-N10

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Welcome to the biggest AV showroom on Earth ISE’s managing director Mike Blackman talks to the ISE Daily’s Michael Garwood about his excitement as the world’s biggest AV trade show opens its doors With 1,300 exhibitors and 80,000-plus visitors, ISE 2019 – the world’s biggest AV trade show – has arrived. Since its debut in Geneva in 2004 – an event that hosted just 120 exhibitors and 3,500 visitors – ISE has continued to grow year on year, and the buzz and excitement of event week show no signs of fading for managing director Mike Blackman. “Every time I get here, and I walk around, I just think, ‘wow’,” Blackman told the ISE Daily on the eve of this year’s event. “We [ISE] spend 360 days looking at the show on a piece of paper and watching it build in 2D. So, for me, the best moment is always the night before we open the doors. Going around the halls and looking at all the different booths, to see the level of effort and creativity that goes into the design, and how these products and solutions can be used. That’s what fascinates me and what makes me so enthusiastic. It’s quite euphoric.” SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE So, says Blackman, some of the most notable “must see” and

“must attend” events taking place during ISE 2019 include its “phenomenal” conference programme (which now spills out to the nearby Okura Hotel – adding value and appeal) as well as a number of “world premieres”, showcasing 3D projection mapping technology. These include Sviatovid, a faceted, fivemetre-tall projection sculpture immediately outside the venue, plus the 25-storey nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel, currently under construction, which is being brought to life in a unique projection mapping display throughout the week. “I’ve seen the practice runs and it’s phenomenal,” enthused Blackman. “You really won’t want to miss it. The show doesn’t end when you exit the RAI. When people are leaving the show in the late evening, you are going to see it.” Both will be brought to life from 17:00 onwards. Discussing the show’s conference programme, he added: “We’ve really pushed into the vertical markets: we have our traditional Smart Building conference (held yesterday) and with our Digital Signage Summit (taking place today at 09:00-13:00 at the Hotel Okura), we believe we are now the market leader

worldwide for presenting digital signage information to the market. We’ve also launched a new conference for the digital cinema industry and we’ve got our hospitality conference. It’s a phenomenal line-up.” PLAN AND ENJOY With so much to see at ISE, Blackman has also encouraged people – particularly those visiting for the first time – to plan their days carefully as it’s “impossible” to see the whole show before it closes on Friday. “You cannot experience the whole show in four days, it’s just too big,” said Blackman. “You need to really focus your efforts. We have a great app to help guide you through. Look at the ISE Daily to see what’s been launched and use the show guide to plan your routes. Choose the must-sees first and get them in your diary. Then go and look at everything else in between. “There is so much to see. You don’t see products at ISE, you see solutions. We cover every aspect of AV systems integration, so you won’t get bored.”

IPVDS-700-ED: IP Video Wall Controller Supports 100/1000 base-T TCP/IP network with CAT5e or CAT6 cable with PoE feature Transmits up to 4K resolution(3840x2160) at 30Hz or 1080p at 60Hz with Analog/HDMI audio WWW.OPTICIS.COM .OPTICIS.COM


Supports Multiple Video Wall feature controlling up to 9 different video walls in one PC software Supports fast switching / low video latency Provides up to 256 displays (1x256 to 16x16) with multi-sources & multicating features Provides control PC software for Video Wall and individual displays ; preview, drag & drop layout with mouse, bezel correction in 0.1mm unit and preset schedule Provides crop feature of display source on PC software to use cropped area as display source

OPTICIS HQ OPTICIS OPTI Q 7F, 166, Jeongjail-ro, AV over IP Bundang-g ng-gu u, Su S ungnam-si, Gyunggi-do, ggi-do, 13558 South South Korea Bundang-gu, Sungnam-si, Tel: +82 31 719-8033 Fax: 031-791-8032 Email:


#4-U20 #4-U 4 20 4-U Virttual Matrix

Mul� cas�ng

PoE feature

Control room

ISE Daily 2019

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Mapping the future Jo Ruddock speaks to Bart Kresa, master projection designer and founder of the recently opened Bart Kresa Academy of Projection Design, about the need for higher levels of design quality and what the future holds for projection mapping The Bart Kresa Academy of Projection Design opened last month. How did this come about? I have been thinking about this for many years, but over the past couple of years, I’ve spoken to companies who are keen to know how we do what we do, so when they ask me questions I start thinking, ‘what is it missing?’. Some of the questions were about the overall design quality in our industry, and in my opinion only a few percent of projects are done are at a level that I think is okay. So, what’s missing is designers. I then met the director of the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin, Poland, and I shared this idea with him and he offered his building. This building is fantastic; it’s so inspiring and it’s inspiring the students too. The centre is about creating projects where we mix cultures and they work to bring different cultures together. As we’re an international studio and students are from all over the world, it makes sense for us to be there. We had our first class in the centre a few days ago; we have two students, one from Korea, one from Japan – they’re both amazing. When you talk to someone who is talented and knowledgeable and who wants to come and join you in another country at short notice, you know they’re the right people.

The academy focuses on art more than technology, is that correct? It has to consider both but, yes, it is all about the art because at the end of the day, the technologists can help the artists and there are more of them than the artists – there are a lot of people who know about the technology but only a few know about the art of it. And I also have my own opinion. A"er doing this for 30 years, I came to a point where I know what’s good, what’s bad and I know why, so I’m going to pass this knowledge on to the students. What’s next for projection mapping? The next big thing is going to be permanent installations. Right now, I think most projection projects are temporary and event-based – festivals and the like. We have more and more interest and more and more people contacting us to do permanent installations, and they can be anything from private companies to cities. This all ties in with the experience economy – so shopping malls, cities, and so many other spaces are trying to get something to bring people in, and part of this is to create an experience – projection mapping is perfect for that. Also, I’m now open to do this kind of work. In the past, I hesitated because it was difficult to maintain the equipment and there was the cost of replacing the bulbs, filters, and I just didn’t feel good about it. Now, with laser projection, these are no longer issues.

“Flexibility of real estate is the new sustainability” The built environment needs to move away from its “bricks and mortar” mentality and view buildings as digital assets that need to be updated every few months, according to an AVIXA panel on making smart buildings a reality. Vanessa Lee Butz, chief executive and founder of District Technologies, said that firms could no longer design buildings and leave them for another 30 years. “We need buildings that we can upgrade and update every few months, and when it comes to their design, we need to listen to users through real-time data rather than research undertaken by architectural consultants based on surveys. We are talking about a complete mindset change,” she said. Siemens’ global head of smart space, Daniel Schroder, agreed. He also argued that smart spaces needed to be flexible, adapting to the needs of their users, adopting technical standards that are open and interoperable to ensure maximum long-term use. “We need to be taking pain points away through constant building updates. Flexibility of real estate is the new sustainability – that should be the end goal in creating a more people-centric experience,” he said. There are, however, more basic challenges facing the industry as it moves towards smart building platforms.

Kristian Glahn, chief AV specialist, practice lead at engineering consultancy COWI pointed out that currently less than five percent of building owners had integrated systems for gathering sensor data that could help maximise a building’s usage. “This means that if you try to operate or collect the data, you end up on all kinds of platforms,” he said. Lee Butz argued that cost was also a barrier to bringing smart solutions to as many buildings as possible and that more scalable solutions were needed. Schroder meanwhile added that another major challenge was for operational technology departments to work more holistically with IT and HR departments.

Have you had chance to explore ISE yet? I haven’t had chance to explore the show yet this year, but the last time I was here was around three years ago; I love this show and it’s amazing to be here.

Immersive audio experience demonstrated ALCONS AUDIO Stand: 6-H150 ISE Technology Partner Alcons Audio is featuring its Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience, continuing a partnership with Astro Spatial Audio for the professional application demonstrations and with DreamScreen and Storm Audio for the residential demos. “Immersive sound Back: transforming audio presentation is already becoming in a range of environments well-established in the consumer arena,” said Tom Back, managing director of Alcons Audio. “With the ProRibbon Immersive Experience, what we’re looking to do is to show those on the pro audio side what can be done and how it can be done, enabling them to transform audio presentation in a range of environments.” Featuring all-digital, lossless signal distribution from source to amplification, the Alcons system comprises three CRMS mkII cinema reference monitor systems, six CRMSC-SRHV90 compact, horizontal/vertical reference surrounds for front width, side and rear surrounds and seven of the company’s new CRMSC-SRHV120 compact, wide-dispersion horizontal/vertical reference surrounds for height and ‘the voice of God’. The CRMSC-SRHV120 is said to deliver true wide dispersion from a ribbon driver for the first time.

ABB chief: AI and personalisation will make smart buildings even smarter The managing director of ABB’s smart buildings business has predicted that AI and facial recognition technology will become “major use cases” for smarter homes in the future. In a presentation on the future of digital buildings at Monday’s Smart Building Conference, Oliver Iltisberger claimed that the same kind of personalisation used by the likes of Google and Facebook will soon have applications in the home. “AI and facial recognition mean the personalisation of a home becomes possible – who is entering the house at what time. We see a big opportunity here,” he said. “The tech will allow smart homes that are tailor-made for different use cases, such as elderly care, making sure that the building not only reacts to the preferences of the person living in the building but [also enables] the building going forward with a range of settings that suit all family members,” he added.


For commercial premises, Iltisberger said that AI would make smart buildings – both new and retrofitted offices – even smarter, mapping out predictions based on weather data and the number of people in a building on a certain day to increase the energy efficiency. He added that AI would also allow smart buildings to improve lighting, ventilation, temperature and oxygen to enhance the overall productivity of workers, while facial recognition would allow buildings to identify visitors, staff, paving the way for “sophisticated elevator solutions”. Data gathered through smart buildings, Iltisberger added, will also help improve the design of buildings in the future by combining BIM data with AI data to develop new buildings and even cities. ltisberger thinks smart buildings will happen “sooner than you might think”. Current challenges, he added, involved

connecting individual smart home devices to one large automated system and, for commercial premises, the need for international standards as well as improving HVAC and load management for mid-sized buildings and retrofits.

ISE Daily 2019

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Smart buildings must adopt a “Human-centric” approach Smart buildings should not just automate functions such as light or temperature control – they need to engage with the inhabitants within them, Gensler’s creative technology head argued during Monday’s Smart Buildings Conference. Speaking on the Smart Buildings Conference session Smart Buildings, Smart Experiences, which explored the built environment as a smart platform, Michael Schneider said it wasn’t the front or back end control panels designers and integrators should be thinking about, but the people. “Typical tools for smart buildings are sensors and interfaces, but what I would like to suggest is that, if we are really thinking about performance of the space, then we need to think about the performance of the people in that space,” said Schneider. “It’s not just the lights, sound, temperature, but about people, storytelling, communities, and social elements. We need to create immersive touchpoints which are the core endpoint for smart buildings.” Schneider told delegates that smart building designers need to adopt a ‘human-centric’ approach and engage not just with a building’s operations people, but also with heads of marketing and HR. This, he said, would mean that buildings can be used as communication tools for staff, new recruits and clients. “We need to reframe the design challenge and ask who we are building these smart buildings for,” he added. As a recent case in point, he cited a project Gensler undertook for Delos – a wellness firm whose mission is to make buildings healthier workplaces through sensors control and automation. Gensler was commissioned to design Delos’ own HQ and a branded digital experience that conveyed its key messages to staff. Several data visualisations in the reception area were cra"ed to check the health of the building. These were emblazoned onto a background colour that morphed throughout the day and the year based on the position of the sun. A stairwell installation comprising a variety of interactive digital displays was also designed to

Canon enters large venue market CANON EUROPE Stand: 1-N30 At ISE today, Canon is launching the LX-4K3500Z, its first large venue 4K projector, as it targets a new market. The 40,000 lumen 4K DLP laser projector is compatible with a range of exchangeable lenses and is said to be equipped for versatile and challenging installations, including the rental and staging market. Speaking to the ISE Daily yesterday, Colin Boyle, European product marketing specialist, said: “We continue to focus on 4K resolution, with the aim of offering our customers the broadest range of capabilities and price points. The large venue/high brightness market is a growing one that is ideally suited to what we can deliver, and in which we’re convinced we can succeed.” The LX-4K3500Z is equipped with 10-bit colour processing to deliver over one billion colours across the DCIP3 colour space, without any additional filters. Featuring a laser optical system, which encompasses two colour light sources and a phosphor wheel, the LX-4K3500Z is capable of a wide colour gamut. Based on 3-chip DLP technology with HDR and a 30,000:1 contrast ratio, the LX-4K3500Z is compatible with a range of seven lenses for projection onto 100in-1,000in screens from distances of 2m-176m. Boyle: convinced Canon can succeed in the high brightness market

Schneider: ‘We need to reframe the design challenge’

encourage staff to become more active, emitting light patterns inspired by rain patterns and the Northern Lights which became more vigorous as stair use increased. “By encouraging physical movement in the workplace through an installation that encourages people to change their behaviour and celebrate movement, the people become part of the overall story of the company,” Schneider said.

Enveloped in audio Acoustic and sound environments and settings were the focus of the 13th edition of AudioForum, which took place yesterday as part of ISE’s pre-show event programme. The AudioForum continues to grow in popularity and this year moved to a new, larger location with over 100 delegates in attendance. Chiara Benedettini, president and editor-in-chief of organiser Connessioni, said: “This year, we shi"ed the programme towards the end-users and brought together people from the technical side, as well as those from the architecture, design and engineering side. So as well as speaking about audio technology, we also covered sound environments, including how people feel inside a sound environment.” This new focus led to a varied agenda covering everything from the physiology of the auditory system to acoustic simulation models. One issue that cropped up repeatedly throughout the day was immersive audio and the issues and challenges being faced as the industry moves from stereophonic to multichannel and on into immersive presentations. Aki Mäkivirta, R&D director at Genelec, said: “Something about the way of creating audio is in the process of changing for us. We have to understand this because it’s going to feed back to how we build reproduction systems.” One of the biggest recent changes has been the ability to better represent this sound across wider areas. In the past immersive solutions have largely only been effective if the listener is seated in the right position. With the move to twochannel reproduction and more, it has become possible to create virtual sound images, so that images appear to be in


Protecting projectors TEMPEST Stand: 15-K225

Mäkivirta: ‘Something about the way of creating audio is in the process of changing’

directions other than the sound reproduction systems. By adding more loudspeakers in multiple layers, the audience will be more enveloped in the sound over a wider area. Mäkivirta added: “We’re typically getting to two-layer reproduction systems such as Dolby Atmos – you have one layer at ear height and one layer above you – but there is no limit to this, we could go to n-layer reproduction systems.”

Projector enclosure specialist Tempest is showcasing its enhanced G4 enclosure range for projectors including the Blizzard, Whispr, Typhoon, Cyclone and Tacit product families. The G4 range is designed to protect projectors in any environment, from harsh outdoor environments to whisper-quiet indoor spaces. Tempest also produces moving light enclosures; the latest generation, comprising Tornado G4 and Tornado Marine G4, adds a host of enhancements and additional sizes to the Tornado design to accommodate any moving head available, claims the company. Tim Burnham, president of Tempest, said: “Through many years of development, we have constructed thousands of enclosures which have been employed in all climates across the globe, and we’ve learned a huge amount in the process. Our fourth-generation enclosures are the product of that learning experience – a reliable modular solution, developed to replace all our existing enclosure types and deal with every customer application.”

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Stream broadcast quality live events instantly over the internet with ATEM Television Studio HD and Blackmagic Web Presenter! Now with ATEM Television Studio HD and Blackmagic Web Presenter you can create professional, broadcast quality television programs from any live event plus instantly stream live out to the internet! ATEM Television Studio HD is a true professional live production switcher with 4 SDI and 4 HDMI inputs. Simply connect cameras, gaming consoles and computers, then start cutting your show live and in realtime using transitions such as dissolves, dips, wipes, custom graphics, logos and more. You even get a built in DVE so you can create exciting picture in picture effects for use with interviews and live commentators! The output of the switcher can then be connected to Blackmagic Web Presenter, which has a built in broadcast quality down converter for easy encodes of the video for

Learn more at

ISE Template DAILY FP.indd 1 ISE Daily Ad_ATEM TV Studio HD & Web Presenter combo_NL.indd 1

streaming. The video is sent to your computer via USB, just like a webcam, so it works with any software. Stream live using services such as YouTube and Facebook Live using software such as Open Broadcaster or XSplit Broadcaster. It even works with Skype for professional remote presentations. Web Presenter is the easiest and most affordable way to broadcast live video on the web!

ATEM Television Studio HD......................875â‚Ź* Blackmagic Web Presenter ..................... 435â‚Ź* *SRP is Exclusive of VAT.

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ISE projects industry knowhow on nhow The project illuminating the nhow Amsterdam RAI this week sees ISE and its partners offer a unique showcase of the latest capabilities in projection mapping

If you find yourself outside the RAI complex a!er 17:00 this week, you will be in for an audiovisual treat, and an education. What is set to be one of the highlights of ISE 2019 began yesterday evening as the nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel was lit up with a display demonstrating the latest in projection mapping technology. The unique project, brought together by ISE in conjunction with the RAI Amsterdam, uses projection to tell the story of the latest technological capabilities and

innovations in projection mapping through specially cra!ed content that illuminates the 25-storey, 650 room hotel (due to open in Q1 2020) from 17:00-20:00 throughout this week. It also showcases real-world industry collaboration, with ISE drawing together several contributing partners to bring the project to life. The event is being delivered by ISE 2019 Technology Partner and media server and digital display specialist Green Hippo, working alongside hire and production experts LANG, a long-term ISE Platinum Sponsor and Technology Partner. ISE Technology Partner Panasonic is supplying the projectors. The bespoke content is being created by 3D-mapping specialist Tenfeet working in collaboration with Green Hippo and is focused on the concept of diversity as well as on the construction and design inspiration behind the nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel, showcasing popular media manipulation and projection techniques as well as video from the ISE show floor. Technical planning and implementation is being managed by LANG, with the primary challenge being to transform the glass façade of the nhow Amsterdam RAI into a projection surface that can support projection mapping. Working with innovative display solutions specialist ProDisplay, the solution is to implement a complete ‘foiling’ of the glass interior of the hotel (for more on window display techniques, see page 32 of this issue). For projection, LANG is using 14 Panasonic PT-RZ31K projectors, providing around 400,000 lumens. Using Hippotizer V4+ Media Servers Green Hippo’s 3D mapping applications are being used to map live data visualisations, custom content and perspective mapping onto the hotel. The signal transport and sound system for the playout

CEDIA emphasises training and education CEDIA Stand: 1-E10

O’Connor: “Training and education are at the heart of what we do”

2019 is a special year for CEDIA, as the organisation celebrates its 30th birthday. While it was defined by many as little more than an annual trade show, CEDIA global president and CEO Tabatha O’Connor is clear that the association has grown far beyond the Expo. “We’re now much more of a ‘year-round’ organisation,” she smiled. “ISE this year is a great example of who and what we’ve become. We’re running no fewer than 35 classes throughout the show. Training and education are at the heart of what we do as we respond to the needs that our members are clearly articulating to us.” Among those classes was a first. The Home Cinema Design Masterclass ran for the first time at ISE yesterday. An all-day event, CEDIA flew in three renowned experts in the field – Joel Silver, Anthony Grimani and Theo Kalomirakis – with attendees gaining unparalleled insight into what it takes to deliver the highest quality home theatre experience. Unsurprisingly, the session was oversubscribed.

O’Connor noted that places on other classes can still be booked during the show. Now boasting well over 3,500 member companies – which O’Connor believes translates into in excess of 30,000 individuals – and continuing to grow, another priority for the association is to support its members’ success and the growth of the industry by promoting custom installation as a career opportunity. “We’ve spoken to a number of people, and the fact that they could make a worthwhile and rewarding career in the home technology industry has come as a surprise to them,” O’Connor said. “At the same time, we’re hearing from our members that a qualified, skilled workforce is vital for their success. There’s an opportunity there for CEDIA to make a significant difference.” Continuing to make that difference – with education, training and standards development – is, O’Connor concluded, CEDIA’s highest priority for the coming year.


of the audio from the projection is being supplied by ISE Technology Partner Alcons Audio. It is set to be a memorable highlight of the week, and one which again sees ISE provide a working platform for the industry to come together to demonstrate the latest technologies driving progress across the marketplace. The projection mapping showcase takes place from 17:00-20:00 on the nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel, adjacent to the RAI exhibition centre, every day this week.

Stay in the loop with new FIM system 4EVAC Stand: 7-T194

4EVAC division manager Albert Van Der Hout with the LoopDrive FIM

Voice alarm and public address specialist 4EVAC is showcasing its LoopDrive FIM system at ISE 2019. 4EVAC is aware that modern VACIE systems can still be vulnerable to damage either caused by an emergency situation or systems failure. In response, it developed its patented Fault Isolator Module (FIM) as the successor to its range of loudspeaker loop drive devices to counter such a situation. With LoopDrive, the FIM units are integrated between groups of loudspeakers in a loop. If there is a short circuit or other fault between any isolators in the chain, both will switch immediately to open circuit status and isolate the faulty loudspeakers in between. The other isolators on the system, the loudspeakers on the loop, and the T-branch speakers of the modules that have been activated, will continue to operate as normal. Driving up to 200 FIM units over a dual-core cable, the LoopDrive Booster (LDB) is at the heart of the LoopDrive system. A single LDB can pass 800W of audio signal from an amplifier while channelling DC to the loop for powering and managing FIM modules. Up to 32 boosters can be attached onto a single DIN rail, providing DC power for the RS485 data connection and general-fault contact. The system also benefits from the LoopDrive Sniffer, a GUI that allows up to 256 LDBs over a single RS485 connection to be easily visualised, configured, installed, managed and controlled remotely.

ISE Daily 2019

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Pro-speaker giant expands team to ‘fuel growth’ L-ACOUSTICS Stand: 7-X230 (demo room E103) Pro-audio company L-Acoustics has announced a ra! of additions to its team in a move designed to further its immediate and long-term goals. Product management is to receive a ‘more robust focus’ thanks to a new team headed by Jeff Rocha, director of product management, bolstered by Germain Simon and Scott Sugden in product manager roles. Meanwhile, a growing emphasis on premium sound reinforcement solutions in the vertical markets for sports and cruise ships has led L-Acoustics to create dedicated sales and applications teams. The US and Canada sports facilities market will be addressed by business development manager Dan Palmer and application manager Gino Pellicano, who will also lead consultant outreach for all other vertical markets. Outside of the US, Scott Wakelin and Tom Williams form the business development and applications team for sports facilities and cruise ships. The USA & Canada Applications Touring team welcomes Marcus Ross as head of applications, touring for North America, as well as Vic Wagner and Dan Bowers as application engineers, touring. Underlining its connection to higher education and the wider scientific community, director of scientific outreach R&D Etienne Corteel fosters these relationships on behalf of L-Acoustics.

High-quality streaming throughout the home MERIDIAN Stand: 7-H240 New from Meridian is the 210 Streamer, designed to help integrators meet client demand for high-quality audio streaming throughout the home. The 210 can be connected over Bluetooth or WiFi to any smartphone or tablet, with volume and playback controls synchronised between streaming apps and the Meridian system. Supporting Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth and Roon, as well as offering DLNA/ UPnP compatibility, the 210 can also be connected directly to a pair of DSP loudspeakers or to any system via a SpeakerLink input for ultimate flexibility. With its built-in Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) decoder and Meridian High Resolution (MHR) audio, Meridian says that the 210 is capable of delivering studio master quality MQA encoded music without degradation or loss in quality.

Scott Sugden is part of L-Acoustics’ newly enhanced product management team

In the frame SOUNDGRAPH Stand: 15-C200 Retail media solutions specialist SoundGraph is showcasing two new products in Hall 15: StarFrame, a digital photo frame integrated with social media, and Frame T, a combined display and printer system. StarFrame is designed to make it easier to change photos in a digital photo frame by linking it with Instagram, Google Photos or YouTube. Photos can be uploaded on the linked social media and immediately displayed on the StarFrame. The Frame T is a combination of a display and printer. The display shows a cooking video and the recipe side-by-side. Users just press the button and the printer will provide them with any required recipe on paper, also telling them what they need to buy.


Automatic for the teachers AVONIC Stand: 15-S300

Avonic CEO Walter Harrewijn hopes to start shipping the T-Rex tracking system by the end of 2019

Walter Harrewijn, the CEO of event capture/recording and crewless production company Avonic, told the ISE Daily that he is convinced that the new T-Rex automated tracking system for events is able to score points over competitive offerings. Partly, this is due to its ability to capture live events in an unobtrusive manner and without the need for a crew. T-Rex uses three pan-tilt-zoom cameras within a venue to avoid moving cameras in a live environment, does not require presenters to wear any equipment, and tracks movements using artificial intelligence-based algorithms that can also be adapted to account for cultural differences. Avonic is initially targeting the system at universities, which can then capture and stream lectures and other events in order to raise their profile by addressing a broader audience. T-Rex is currently being piloted at the university in the Dutch town of Wageningen, and Harrewijn said other universities in the Netherlands as well as in France and the UK are lining up to trial the system. The aim is to start shipping T-REX by the end of 2019, Harrewijn added. Other potential venues where T-REX could be deployed in future include theatres, company training rooms, shareholder meetings, churches and more. Indeed, with T-REX Avonic is able to build on its core business of cameras that are specially designed to work in low-light conditions.

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Sharing the experience

As ISE 2019 gets underway, David Labuskes, CEO of AVIXA, talks to Jo Ruddock about the association’s growth in Europe, and the importance of reliable industry data How does the diversity of content on offer at ISE 2019 reflect AVIXA’s own efforts to engage audiences across different markets? AVIXA has two definitions of success; one is to be the hub for the audiovisual profession and community, and the other is to act as the catalyst for market growth. Events such as the Smart Building Conference, Digital Signage Summit, and now also the Hospitality Tech Summit and AGORA fit in both of those camps. They attract those who are delivering commercial audiovisual solutions into those markets but also, and perhaps more excitingly, the people who are making the decisions on how to deploy and implement AV as part of their strategy. And once those decision makers are there, our members have the opportunity to talk with them and share their solutions and strategies. Your market intelligence director is speaking at events throughout ISE this week. Is this because you perceive greater demand within the industry for data and insight? Why is this kind of information so important at this stage of the industry’s evolution? Our industry has exploded over the past five to 10 years and we anticipate it will continue to grow, and as the players within the industry have become more sophisticated and have grown along with the industry, they require more and more data on making

decisions. We’re really excited about it, the level of confidence and trust in our market intelligence is growing in proportion to the level of authority that we can place behind it. AVIXA has a strong presence in Europe, in fact, the number of CTS certifications in Europe looks set to hit 1,000. What’s behind this growth? We’ve made significant investments in our European presence and worked very hard to engage with other industry associations across the region. Many of the efforts we have made with regards to industry awareness are also shi"ing to Europe, with a number of different events where we’re reaching out to where the buyers are. Why do you think ISE itself continues to grow and be such an important date on the trade show calendar? It’s easy to say that the show has grown because our industry is growing and there’s certainly a current of success that impacts the growth of the show. But I also think it’s down to the creativity of the Integrated System Events management team and a commitment on behalf of AVIXA and CEDIA to ensure that there is dynamic, relevant content that draws people to a trade show. It doesn’t just happen, it’s the work of hundreds of staff, volunteers, exhibitors, and attendees that ensures that the show goes on and that it continues to grow and be exciting and familiar at the same time.

New product is a mover and shaker POWERSOFT Stand: 7-Y195

Mover lets audiences feel the sound through haptic perception by vibrating the surrounding environment

Mover is the name of a new product from Powerso" that can be used in audio applications and as a linear motor/ shaker. The solution lets audiences feel the sound through haptic perception by vibrating the surrounding environment, which the body picks up. Through bone conduction these vibrations are then translated into perceivable frequencies. Mover is said to be suitable to a variety of install environments – including 4D cinemas, theme parks and venues with vibrating acoustic floors – as well as applications that ‘go beyond entertainment’. The product is being made available in two versions: Direct Drive and Inertial Drive. With Direct Drive, the transducer is anchored to an immovable surface and the moving magnet is directly connected to a movable surface, such as a floating floor or chair. Meanwhile, the Inertial Drive version can be mounted directly to a surface, with the transducer exciting the surface and maximising the low frequency experience.

Mover is also available in a low impedance and 100V version. Visitors to 7-Y195 – which is one of three stands Powerso" has at the show – have the opportunity to experience Mover first hand on a custom-built platform as it interacts with VR content.

Smallest invisible speaker launched AMINA TECHNOLOGIES Stand: 1-N15E ISE 2019 provides the opportunity for Amina Technologies to launch what it believes to be the world’s smallest invisible speaker to date. At just 200mm wide, 450mm high and 78mm deep, the new Amina Mobius1 is said to provide full range, ultra-wide dispersion sound reproduction, generating rich warm tones from a device that is completely invisible in application. According to the company, it is simple for a single person to fit, and takes up less space in increasingly cluttered ceiling voids where other infrastructure takes precedence. Made in the UK, the Amina Mobius1 is the latest incarnation of Amina’s resonant soundboard technology, continuously developed over the last 20 years by its research team. It features the company’s new ‘Bass Element’ technology which allows a narrow panel surface to reproduce rich, warm low frequencies. The Amina Mobius1 measures just 200mm wide, 450mm high and 78mm deep

Microphones offer two coverage patterns HARMAN PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS Stand: 1-F10 Among the new products being showcased at ISE by Harman Professional Solutions are the new AKG CBL Series Boundary Layer Microphones. Available in two coverage patterns to support a variety of meeting space sizes and shapes, the microphones support conference rooms, education spaces, and a variety of professional use cases that can benefit from conference audio capture in large and medium-sized rooms and over the web. Featuring talk/mute controls and screw terminals, Harman claims that the CBL Series is easy to install, easy to use, easy on the eyes and makes meetings sound great. Also on show are the new AKG DMS100 and DMS300 professional digital wireless systems. The eight-channel DMS300 and four-channel DMS100 are available in two configurations: with an AKG handheld microphone or


AKG CBL Series Boundary Layer Microphones support a variety of professional use cases

an instrument- or headset-ready body pack. Offering 24-bit/48kHz uncompressed audio coding, ultra-low latency and signal security provided by AES 256-bit encryption, DMS digital wireless systems are designed for singers, instrumentalists and presenters.

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External projection in new 75sqm dome ISE/VIOSO Park Entrance F An impressive outdoor dome is a new feature of this year’s show where visitors will find a showcase of the creative application of innovative technology. ISE is presenting the dome along with German projection company Vioso, which is celebrating its tenth consecutive ISE appearance. The PVC and steel geodesic dome – a P75 model manufactured and assembled by Polidomes – measures 9.5m in diameter, 4.75m in height and has the capacity to accommodate 114 standing occupants. Vioso is using it to show off the capabilities of its warping/blending so"ware, as well as demonstrating how well it interacts with third-party products. Visitors will be able to experience uncompressed playback of 4K Domemaster content (4096 x 4096) in full colour depth, via projection through planetarium-level Barco simulation projectors. The calibration of the dome is accomplished using Vioso Anyblend, with video playback performed using AV Stumpfl’s Pixera Vioso Edition. Mike Blackman, managing director of Integrated Systems Events, said: “ISE has a strong reputation in showcasing the latest technologies and trends to visitors, and projection solutions in general are a growth area for the show – not to mention an exciting sector in the AV marketplace.”

Uncompressed 4K Domemaster content in the special outdoor ISE feature

In a significant move for the development of IP networking, Audinate has announced the addition of video to its Dante solution with the Dante AV Module. Dante AV is a complete, integrated audio and video networking solution offering ease of use and integrated control, among other benefits. Dante AV enables complete interoperability with more than 1600 Dante-enabled audio products already on the market. Utilising a single network clock for sub-microsecond accuracy, Dante AV enables independent routing of audio and video signals in a single interface using Dante Controller so"ware. Manufacturers can also take advantage of Dante API to customise their management user interface. The Dante AV Module supports one video channel and eight bi-directional channels of uncompressed Dante audio. It is particularly suitable for manufacturers creating 1G video-over-IP products and includes Dante control, transport and synchronisation. For manufacturers wishing to get a product to market quickly, the module is available with the Dante AV Product Design Suite, facilitating a complete AV-over-IP endpoint product design. Joshua Rush, SVP of marketing and product development at Audinate (pictured), said: “Customers want us to bring the ‘V to AV’. With Dante AV, we are excited to make that a

Benjamin Fritsch, CEO of Vioso, said: “We want to be able to provide the AV market with the best so"ware possible for setting up multiple projectors by using cutting-edge technology and our patented autoalignment so"ware, so constant feedback and insight is always welcome.” You can find the dome on the RAI exhibition ground, outside Park Entrance F.

Dante is adding video to its IP networking capability with the Dante AV Module

reality. The Dante AV Module and the Dante AV Product Design Suite will enable manufacturers to quickly get integrated audio and video products to market, with all of the benefits Dante has to offer.”

Standalone recorders for all occasions JOECO Stand: 7-E175

UK manufacturer JoeCo is showing its complete range of standalone multitrack recorders and other products at ISE 2019. One of the company’s most recent launches is Cello, a 22-input, 4-output desktop audio interface. Developed to combine high-end performance and classic design, the USB 2.0 interface features adaptive conversion technology and JoeCo’s new Top+ algorithm which the company claims adds high-end sparkle, energy and expanse to recordings.


NEC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS Stand: 5-R20 New LED-based displays are designed for a wide variety of applications

Leading networking solution adds video AUDINATE Stand: 7-C230

Five new LED ranges announced

Another recent addition to the range is the BlackBox SoundGrid recorder, BBSG24MP, which delivers rugged recording and SoundGrid technology. The company is also be showing the two products for which it remains best known. The BlackBox Recorder was launched in 2009 and allows users to overcome the issues o"en arising from computerbased recording in a live environment. The BlueBox, introduced in 2016, combines JoeCo’s robust construction with a high-quality DAW interface.

Confirming the growing interest in displays based on LED technology, NEC Display Solutions has announced what it describes as a major extension to its range of Direct View LED (dvLED) solutions for indoor and outdoor signage, as well as meeting room applications. The new additions to the company’s dvLED portfolio are designed for a wide variety of industries and applications and comprise a number of ranges that are on show on the company’s ISE stand. The NEC FA2 Series (FinePitch Advanced) includes wide aspect 16:9 fine pitch modules for standard resolution with intelligent magnetic pixel cards and full front maintenance. Installation is said to be easy thanks to integrated cable management for power and data. The NEC FA2 Series Bundles constitute what the company says is a complete solution for different sized standard resolution screens from HD to UHD. The series features fine pitch LED module bundles starting from 1.2mm pixel pitch to allow high resolution content viewing, and flexible wall-mount or free-standing installation. NEC is demonstrating two models on its stand: a 1.9mm pixel pitch, 165in HD screen for signage, and a 1.5mm pixel pitch, 137in HD screen for meeting and conferencing. Also included in the announcement are the LED Q Series (Square), the LED S Series (Slim) and the LED A Series (Poster).

Signage solution LIBERTY AV SOLUTIONS Stand: 15-K227 AV infrastructure systems provider Liberty AV Solutions has announced it is now offering digital signage solutions from Novisign, complementing its new digital signage hardware and cable offerings. Liberty is providing a 12-month Novisign digital signage cloud-based application licence, renewable annually. The cloud-based management so"ware can turn any display into digital signage. Users can assemble simple playlists, add news feeds, and widgets such as Twitter and Facebook. All capabilities are powered by application-focused content templates that are included in the licence, while the content templates are included free of charge with the Novisign application.

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DISCOVER NEW REALITIES AT ISE 2019 • Half-day B2B strategy conference •Half-day •Focused • Focused on Virtual (VR), Augmented (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) •Showcasing • Showcasing the latest technologies, business strategies and solutions, and how they impact and empower the AV business

5 February 2019 14:00 – 18:00 hrs Hotel Okura Amsterdam Tickets and further information: ISE Template DAILY FP.indd 1

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Deep Black debut INFILED Stand: 12-N40

The modular DB Series panels feature a die-cast aluminium frame

The latest Deep Black (DB) Series is being launched at ISE 2019. InfiLED says the panels are designed with ultra-black material for the mask and specialist black LEDs. The company claims it is setting a new standard for the industry by equipping the DB Series with the full colour SMD1515 LED module, offering high luminous intensity, wide colour gamut, high reliability and a full black frame. The DB Series panels are entirely modular, with a die-cast aluminium frame with edge protectors and feet to protect the LEDs against physical damage. The series is also equipped with ergonomic features including accessible fast locks, an easy to use curving system, and cable-free power and data connections, to support quick installation and user-friendly maintenance. Shortlisted for industry awards at ISE 2019, including the Digital Signage Awards, infiLED is also running a special promotion on its ER Series, enabling customers to receive 15sqm free when purchasing more than 100sqm.

Flexible presentation assistant DATAVIDEO TECHNOLOGIES Stand: 7-C193

The company’s range of rigid displays are also being showcased, equipped with easy locking systems, positioning pins and a lightweight design for durability and user-friendly installation. ISE visitors are also invited to join the team on stand 12-N40 for Happy Hour every day at 16:30 during the show to celebrate infiLED’s 10-year anniversary and the Chinese New Year.

A new connection assistant that is designed to be deployed in any meeting or presentation room is on show in Hall 7. The DAC-75T is an up/down/cross converter that converts video signal, resolution and standard, and embeds audio. With meeting participants wishing to bring a wide variety of presentations, spreadsheets and other content for use with projectors and LCD screens, there is a common need to accommodate a multitude of resolutions, standards and signal connections. The DAC-75T is a universal converter for HDMI, VGA and SDI connections. The technician only has to configure the side that is connected to the display or projector and the end-user does the rest. Once connected to the right cable he or she presses a single button on the touchscreen to get it up and running. The DAC-75T converts to any resolution (up to 1920x1080), any standard (up to 60fps), and embeds analogue audio on two RCA connections.

Digiface gets Dante RME Stand: 7-K250 With its new Digiface Dante, RME has extended its mobile audio interface series with a Dante model for USB and standalone operation. With the integration of the MADI drivers (Mac/ Windows) of the RME MADIface series, Digiface Dante allows users to transfer up to 64 MADI channels via USB 3.0 in addition to up to 64 Dante channels. For this purpose, both BNC sockets for the word clock I/O can be switched to MADI I/O. A total of 128 Dante and MADI channels can be controlled via the included Dante control so!ware and the DSP-based RME TotalMix FX mixer, which offers comprehensive routing and monitoring options. The Digiface Dante has two banks of redundant network ports that can be used multi-functionally as inputs and outputs, as network switches, and for redundant operation with primary and secondary networks in case of increased security requirements. In addition, the interface can also be deployed as a mobile 64-channel Dante/MADI converter if the USB

Datavideo’s DAC-75T universal converter is a useful tool for meeting rooms

Door phone with personal touch Up to 64 Dante channels and 64 MADI channels can be transmitted via a single USB 3.0 connection

computer connection is not in use. The interface also sports a high-quality headphone monitor output that can be used as a line output to transmit an optional analogue stereo mixdown. To power the Digiface Dante in the field, both an external power supply and USB bus power can be utilised.

Cameras get wings MARSHALL ELECTRONICS Stand: 15-S282

Camera specialist Marshall Electronics and its audio products unit MXL Microphones are showcasing their latest wares in Hall 15 this week, with a mix of new cameras and microphones on display.


Zoom Room-compatible conferencing microphones from MXL are making their debut

Marshall Electronics has added to its range of camera offerings with three new compact and miniature cameras: the compact true 4K60 Marshall CV420-CS, the compact true 4K30 Marshall CV380-CS, and the new ultra-highspeed Marshall CV506-H12. Both the CV380-CS and CV506-H12 are among the first additions to Marshall’s latest generation of compact and miniature cameras, utilising a fully redesigned body style and form factor. Special attention has been given to enhance durability in the field with the addition of new structural ‘wings’, designed to give greater protection to rear connectors during use. Meanwhile, MXL Microphones is making its debut at ISE this year, showcasing its Zoom Room-compatible conferencing microphones, including a USB-powered tabletop web conferencing microphone, the MXL AC-360-Z. The MXL AC-360-Z has been co-developed with engineers from Zoom, a web conferencing and communications so!ware provider, to enhance the microphone solution for Zoom Rooms and Zoom-enabled conference rooms.

FASTTEL Stand: 1-Q60 Door phone systems company Fasttel is showcasing Flexring, a door bell designed for short occupancy properties where the resident’s name may change frequently. Originally a custom design for a developer of luxury apartment blocks, Fasttel determined that the solution should be a standard price list item that would appeal to, for example, luxury hotels. The original requirement was for a flexible solution to display the changing names of the residents on the respective letterboxes. The idea was that the name should be changeable from anywhere in the world. Fasttel designed a small microcomputer with internet access that allowed not only up to two 16-character names to be changed via a web page, but also the colour of the display. The integrated push button can be configured with or without LED illumination. The unit is made from bronze and is available in three colours. A version is also available without a push button that can be built into a letterbox. The Flexring is made of bronze and is available in three colours

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Europe’s leading strategy conference for the Digital Signage and Digital out of Home (DooH) industry DSS ISE is a half-day conference taking place during Integrated Systems Europe 2019.

6 February 2019 9:00 - 13:00 Hotel Okura Amsterdam Tickets and further information:


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ISE appoints new sales director

George Buckingham, ISE’s new director of sales, is at the show throughout this week

ISE has announced that George Buckingham has joined its team as director of sales. Buckingham’s career has spanned print, digital and live events, including more than 20 years’ experience working in commercial roles across Haymarket Media with titles such as AV Magazine and What Hi-Fi? and more recently, eBay. According to ISE, his passion for customer centricity and focus on finding solutions make him a valuable addition to the team as the organisation embarks on a growth plan. “I am thrilled to be joining ISE at such a pivotal time,” Buckingham told the ISE Daily. “The show has grown from

strength to strength to quickly become the world leader in the industry, bringing together the key people to share latest technologies, network and do business – there’s nothing quite like it on this scale. “Barcelona 2021 presents us, and the industry, with a massive opportunity to further build on that success, creating an even more immersive event for our customers, delegates and visitors. It’s going to be a very busy next two years.” Buckingham can be contacted at gbuckingham@ and is attending the show this week.

A view to collaborate VIEWSONIC Stand: 1-N125 Connect and collaborate is the theme at the ViewSonic stand at ISE 2019, where the company is showcasing over 20 new products – including interactive flat panels, LED smart projectors and touch monitors. The company says the highlight of the stand is the myViewBoard digital whiteboard ecosystem, capable of working with multiple platforms. The myViewBoard ecosystem supports Google G Suite and Microso! Office 365 integration, making it adaptable to a company or organisation setup, regardless of browser preference, as well as a mobile app to fulfil BYOD implementations. The company is demonstrating SCALE-UP (StudentCentred Active Learning Environment with Upside-down Pedagogies) which it describes as an active mode of learning that offers a more engaging alternative to traditional lectures. Teachers are demonstrating how visual touch solutions and technology can achieve what ViewSonic describes as an ultra-engaging lesson in a SCALE-UP classroom setting utilising ViewSonic’s front-facing annotation solution, the ViewBoard S, a 27in presentation touchscreen that is connected to numerous screens, IFPs, and projectors. A SCALE-UP classroom

Auto-switching for video and audio timing signals TRILOGY/CLEAR-COM Stand: 7-K190 Trilogy, a Clear-Com company, is announcing at ISE that the new Mentor CX Changeover unit has begun shipping. The Mentor CX provides automatic switching of video and audio timing signals when used with main and backup Mentor RG Signal Pulse Generators, enabling stability and reliability for on-air applications. The Mentor product family is suitable for any digital or mixed format environment where a high quality SPG is required. It can monitor up to 22 different channels of multiple digital and analogue signals from both RG units, with any disruption of those signals facilitating a changeover to the secondary Mentor RG.

The Mentor RG generator is fully integrated with the Vector web management system, which provides full set-up, monitoring and control with SNMP integration as standard. The Mentor CX’s Vector also monitors and displays status of both Mentor RG units, including Sync, NTP and PTP health. Stephen Sandford, senior product manager at Clear-Com, said: “Any broadcast production can be stressful, and the last thing engineers need to worry about is timing faults in their system. The Mentor CX Changeover unit perfectly complements the Mentor RG SPG generator to provide stable and accurate timing and synchronisation with full redundancy to ensure peace of mind.”

Push button, pop up, listen in ARTHUR HOLM Stand: 11-F155 The latest collection of products for huddle, meeting, boardrooms and reception areas is being showcased by Arthur Holm during ISE 2019. Product launches include the DynamicTalkB – a motorised solution to hide array microphones within a desk. Said to be easy to integrate and silent, the device is controllable via both PoE-Ethernet and the wireless app, AHDynamicAirConnect. The mics can be stored in boardroom and meeting room tables as well as in huddle rooms and multi-purpose spaces. The system is activated by pressing a capacitive touch button, the cover rotates, and the microphone appears and is elevated to its correct position. The DynamicX2 monitor is combined with an automated keyboard and mouse, creating a motorised automation system that li!s the keyboard and mouse at the same time the monitor is being raised. This combination offers a Full HD screen with keyboard and mouse storage that converts into a workstation at the touch of a button. The cover plate can be veneered to conceal the finish of the table. The motorised DynamicReceptionMonitor has been designed to be integrated in tables or desks. The base of the monitor is installed on the surface, while connectivity


The DynamicTalkB system lets users integrate array mics in desks

hardware is positioned below the table. The monitor housing is made of milled aluminium and stainless steel; it includes an antiglare protection glass with black marking. The stainless-steel rotary arm of the monitor offers a motorised adjustable height.

Turbo charged surveillance HIKVISION Stand: 8-P280 The Turbo HD Passive Infrared (PIR) Camera range is being showcased by Hikvision. These 2MP and 5MP imagers use advanced video surveillance technologies to improve alarm responsiveness and prevent intrusions. The most striking features of the product are the rapid response rate and alarm accuracy when people cross established perimeters. That’s because the camera has a built-in PIR detector that captures infrared light given off by human bodies and distinguishes it from other visual ‘noise.’ It can be equipped with motion detection from Hikvision’s Turbo HD K series DVR to filter false alarms caused by moving targets without human body IR emission. This way, filtering false alarms reduces storage space and costs, and it also means more efficient postevent footage search. In addition, the camera features a strong deterrent by producing a flashing white strobe light that serves as a warning signal to stop intruders.

Crime prevented, not just detected with Hikvision PIRs

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your plan,

our focus.


Planning interior is both an art and a science and you are the orchestrator of it all. No matter if you design a hotel lobby, a conference room, a night club or a chapel, the functional and aesthetical interaction between light and sound will always be essential. It is like color on your canvas or the x in your formula. Our focus lies on turning your visions into realities, right from the planning stage up to the successful completion of your installation – and long thereafter. As a German one-stop supplier of install products, we provide solutions for all your demands. From smart and elegant audio and LED lighting installations all the way down to the mounting hardware, wires and connectors. Enjoy our support including individual consultation and comprehensive service. Let’s turn your plans into realities together. For more information, please visit and discover what our full-scale solutions can do for you!


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ShowEvents Today


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ISE 2019 hosts world premiere of Bart Kresa’s Sviatovid projection sculpture There is a world first at ISE 2019 today, as Bart Kresa’s newest projection mapping showpiece, Sviatovid, is unveiled in public for the first time at 16:00. This follows Kresa’s Opening Address yesterday where he talked about the background to the project (see today’s cover story). The sculpture is the successor to Shogyo Mujo, which debuted at the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA in 2014. The sculpture is set to create a new benchmark in audio visual art and will be illuminated through 360° in True 4K using four Panasonic PT-RQ32 4K, 30,000 lumen laser projectors. ISE and Panasonic Business have joined forces to bring the five metre tall projection sculpture to the show. The world premiere also marks the launch of the new BARTKRESA Academy, which offers recent art school graduates the chance to learn projection mapping on a training course at Kresa’s studio in Lublin, Poland, where the sculpture will reside following ISE. “The high level of design and production that we have achieved with Sviatovid – high resolution, four times 4K, 120,000 lumens, and a complete transformation of

The new market reality

The XR Summit returns to ISE today with a half-day conference tackling the virtual, augmented and mixed reality solutions and strategies that are enabling the AV business. There is a mixed programme of keynotes, presentations and panels that will assess the current and potential future impact of XR in enabling businesses to bring product portfolios to life, enhancing virtual training capabilities, and quite literally augmenting virtual walkthroughs for architects and property agents. Speakers include VR expert, Bob Cooney; Sanj Surati, founder, digital atelier, Tiger Heart; Muki Kulhan, executive digital producer, Muki-International; Gerben Harmsen, founder, TWNKLS | augmented reality; Imogen Hammond, creative director, INITION; and conference chair, futurist Amelia Kallman. This year’s conference takes place at the nearby Hotel Okura. Shuttle buses will operate between the RAI and the hotel between 13:00 and 14:00 today and tomorrow, and between 15:00 and 16:00 on Friday. XR Summit ISE takes place today at 14:00-18:00 at the Hotel Okura. For more details and to book, visit


the sculpture – is innovative,” said Bart Kresa. “When I think of the best place in the world to premiere cutting edge new work, I think of ISE. We are so appreciative of Panasonic for collaborating with us on this project, and to ISE for supporting the premiere.” Mike Blackman, Integrated Systems Events managing director, commented: “This the first time Sviatovid will be shown anywhere, so we are delighted that Bart has chosen ISE to debut the piece, which is sure to provide a stunning centrepiece for the show.” “Bart Kresa is one of the world’s foremost projection artists who has contributed to iconic works such as the Game of Thrones series premiere party and the mapping of NASA’s Endeavour Space Shuttle,” added Hartmut Kulessa, European marketing manager for Panasonic. “Given the brightness and resolution of the projection on a relatively small surface, this is likely to be a real highlight and a great photo opportunity at this year’s exhibition.” Sviatovid will be on display outside Halls 1 and 2 (Entrance K) throughout this week at The RAI, Amsterdam

Celebrating success stories in AV

The 13th annual InAVation Awards ceremony takes place this evening at the Gashouder in Westergasfabriek. The night will see accolades awarded across 12 different project categories, covering corporate, education, government or public sector, healthcare, control room, house of worship, leisure and entertainment, visitor attraction, live entertainment, retail, hospitality and transport. Finalists have been whittled down from nearly 300 entries by the awards judging panel. Notable awards for 2019 include Hospitality Project of the Year – making its debut – as well as AV So"ware Product of the Year and Best Technology for the Museums and Attractions industry. “The AV business is all about experience and when you see what InAVate do here, I think it really represents what our industry is about,” explained Mike Blackman, managing director of ISE. A"er an informal drinks reception guests will take their seats for a four-course gala dinner, during which winners across all categories will be announced. The party then continues with an open bar and plenty of opportunity to celebrate with industry peers. The InAVation Awards powered by ISE takes place this evening from 18:30 at the Gashouder Westergasfabriek BV, Haarlemmerweg 8E, 1014 BE, Amsterdam. For more information and to book your place, visit

Changing times for education technology

Today’s What’s Next… Higher Education Integrated Experiences Design Conference, organised by AVIXA and supported by EUNIS and SCHOMS, will look to educate those in attendance about the latest technologies being used and trends being seen in the current market, plus share case studies of successful and innovative deployments and design from around the world. Technology managers, learning specialists and AV professionals will share expectations, advances and solutions for enhancing student engagement and experience in higher education environments. The conference will kick off with insight into the higher education landscape from Sean Wargo, director of market intelligence for AVIXA. This will be followed with ‘The pedagogy of space’; an interactive workshop hosted by guest speakers from City, University of London exploring the varying perspectives for learning spaces in face-to-face teaching. Attendees will also hear about the experiences of the University of Nevada, which has undergone a five-year operation to build a bespoke enterprise AV/IT system. Scott Menter, CTS, manager of classroom technology services, and Frank Alaimo, AV systems specialist from the university will be on hand to present their findings. What’s Next… Higher Education Integrated Experiences Design Conference takes place today at 13:00-17:00 in Room E102. For more information and to book your seat, visit

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DM NVX™. The only network AV solution now with Pixel Perfect Processing for a perfect picture every time.

Any network, any ask, NVX says yes.

HALL 2, STAND C20 All brand names, product names, and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Certain trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography. Š2019 Crestron Electronics, Inc.

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Today’s Featured Speaker


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Today’s What’s Next… Higher Education Integrated AV Experiences Design Conference hosted by AVIXA, and supported by EUNIS and SCHOMS, will explore the ways in which technology can enhance engagement and experience within higher education environments. Dr Gill Ferrell, director at Aspire, and relationship manager at EUNIS, will moderate today’s conference. Before the show, she spoke to Paul Bray about AV’s place in higher education

If Gill Ferrell were writing an end-of-term report on AV in higher education it might read, “tries hard, some excellent achievements, but could do even better”. “I feel as if technology-enhanced learning is really starting to come of age,” says the director and lead consultant at educational consultancy Aspire. “But AV in further and higher education remains a very mixed picture, and what’s taken for granted in one institution might be cutting-edge or even bluesky thinking in another.” As relationship manager for EUNIS (European University Information Systems), Ferrell works closely with AVIXA to stimulate dialogue about how universities are using AV. “For three years we’ve run a higher education conference as part of ISE. It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase some worldwide good practice and enable people to question and discuss what they do and develop realistic action plans for their own institutions.” By better engaging learners and supporting collaboration and co-creation, AV can have a truly transformative effect on the learning experience, Ferrell believes. “Immersive learning environments using virtual and augmented reality are a good example. On vocational courses virtual reality headsets allow learners to explore simulated real-world scenarios that are simply too expensive and/or dangerous to recreate on-campus. Active learning can also appeal to students who don’t readily engage with traditional academic approaches but may be used to gaming environments in their social lives. “Collaboration is an essential part of active learning. Going beyond one-device-per-student to multi-user AV devices, such as interactive multi-touch tables, is still cutting-edge, but there are some good examples, not least in medical education where virtual dissection tables have obvious advantages over the use of cadavers.” Over the coming year Ferrell believes the trend towards active learning will increasingly drive the use of educational technologies and the design of learning spaces. “People are starting to think about their ‘next generation digital learning environments’, and while we’re a long way from seeing the end of virtual learning environments or platforms as we know them, they’re increasingly becoming part of a wider ecosystem that also includes more immersive and collaborative

environments. The trend towards creating more active learning classrooms and interactive lecture theatres is likely to continue.” For the future, Ferrell is excited about AV’s potential to enable social and connected learning across physical boundaries. “I can envisage telepresence having a big impact. It could allow many more students and researchers to have direct interactions with the world leaders in their specialist fields, and be very valuable in supporting inter-institutional and interdisciplinary research.

‘It’s not too far-fetched to envisage artificial intelligence being linked to robotics or telepresence to give students personalised learning support’ “On a related note, a significant number of colleges and universities are already experimenting with chatbots and digital assistants (mainly to assist with administrative and logistical queries), and it’s not too far-fetched to envisage artificial intelligence being linked to robotics or telepresence to give students personalised learning support.” Originally an archaeologist and self-confessed technophobe, Ferrell eventually embraced new technology when its benefits became clear. But she remains a champion of the needs of end users rather than technology for its own sake. “The most successful new developments are those which involve students as active members of the project team. And the more that teachers and support staff experience the use of AV that’s robust and intuitive and delivers real benefits, the easier it is to persuade them to try something new.” About ISE itself Ferrell is as excited as any visitor. But her advice is to pace yourself. And wear comfortable shoes. “They’re a must, as you can walk for kilometres and still not see all of the exhibition!” AVIXA’s What’s Next… Higher Education AV Integrated Experiences Design Conference takes place today at 13:00-17:00 in room E102 at the Amsterdam RAI


can enable microsecond-latency processing and lossless quality over cost-effective IP networks. DISCOVER our new low complexity processing & compression IP-cores and CPU/GPU software toolkits. 10GbE, 25GbE NETWORK

1GbE, 2.5GbE (CAT 5e) NETWORK High level of quality





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Manage more pixels


High cable & infrastructure costs


Power and cost saving HD



Booth 10-N199 AND on Xilinx booth 433MR







High power consumption


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experience Q-SYS video streaming at stand 7-R200

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Show Events Wednesday


The demand for richer digital signage Tomorrow’s Digital Signage Summit at the Hotel Okura will explore the increasing demanding from customers for rich and engaging experiences, and delivering to that demand through the deployment of new and innovative concepts. The opening keynote session – presented by Florian Rotberg, MD and owner of Invidis Consulting, and Stefan Schieker, managing partner of Result MC Management Consultants GmbH – will examine market trends and drivers, strategies and provide an overview of relevant M&A activities. “ISE will be a great show for the digital signage industry,” Rotberg told the ISE Daily. “I’m looking forward to seeing more affordable fine pitch LED; more solutions featuring AI; new

special-purpose displays; even brighter laser projectors; new business models; and more experience marketing features.” Other featured sessions include a Fireside Talk with Trey Courtney, SVP and chief product officer of Mood Media; a keynote from Intel’s IOT group VP and GM visual retail, Jose Avalos; and a session on how LED is disrupting the cinema industry from Imaculix AG CEO and owner, Andy Bohli. The half-day conference takes place today at the Hotel Okura. Registration is from 08:30, sessions start at 09:00. Tickets are €250, or €175 for AVIXA and CEDIA members. The combined Day Pass to the DSS and Digital Cinema Summit saves 10% on separate tickets.

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Cinema’s digital revolution

The Hotel Okura plays host to tomorrow’s inaugural Digital Cinema Summit; a half-day event hosted in conjunction with Digital Cinema Report, that explores the ways in which digital technology has helped to reshape movie production, distribution and consumption, and the opportunities that XR is creating for the next generation of movie-goers. Nick Dager, editor and publisher of Digital Cinema Report, will moderate the conference that opens with a keynote session providing an ‘Economic overview of the digital cinema market worldwide’, led by Jan Runge, independent advisor, Jan Runge / Cinema; and David Hancock, director of research and analysis, cinema and home entertainment, IHS Markit. Other speakers include Gerard Loupias, DTS manager of business development for cinema and pro audio in Europe; David Hernandez, cinema business development manager, Europe, Samsung Electronics; and former NATO consultant Michael Karagosian. The Digital Cinema Summit takes place today at 14:0018:00 at the Hotel Okura (registration from 13:30). Register at

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A new type of hospitality

ISE has partnered with HTNG to produce the new one-day Hospitality Tech Summit this Thursday

With the hospitality sector set to underwrite a significant portion of the pro-AV industry’s worldwide growth between now and 2022, the time to explore the challenges and opportunities in this lucrative area has rarely been more apt. ISE has teamed up with global trade association Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) to create the inaugural Hospitality Tech Summit, which will assess this area through a series of education sessions, discussions and networking opportunities. Topics on Thursday’s agenda include robotic automation, the evolution of displays, smart screens and smart speakers, GDPR and a closing panel of technology leaders discussing the adoption of AV technology. Speakers include Sean Wargo, senior director of marketing at AVIXA; Stephen Barratt, project manager, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group; Jeff Bzdawka, SVP technology operations, Hyatt Hotels; Marco Trecroce, CIO, Four Seasons Hotel; and Mike Blake, CEO, HTNG. The Hospitality Tech Summit by HTNG takes place on Thursday at 09:00-17:00 at the Hotel Okura, a short walk from the RAI. For details and tickets, visit

Show Events Thursday

AV gets sporting chance at ISE 2019 A brand new conference from MONDO | STADIA will address the role of AV technology in sporting venues

It is proving to be a year of firsts at ISE 2019. Thursday’s AGORA conference from MONDO | STADIA is another brand new event taking place this week and will provide sporting venue managers and event organisers with a dedicated platform to learn more about modern technology’s impact on the sporting venue. Topics will cover in-stadium audio performance, stadium audio workflow, how technology enhances the fan experience, plus case studies of the Stade de France in Paris, and Real Sociedad’s Anoeta Stadium.

Speakers include Scott Willsallen an Emmy Award-winning director of Sydney-based consultancy Auditoria; Juan Iraola, head of digital, Real Sociedad; Jonas Djian, venue manager, Stade de France; Mike Hedden, president, Danley Sound Labs; Dan Goldstein, VP of content and communications, AVIXA; and Sam Hughes, editor of MONDO | STADIA. AGORA will be held on Thursday at 09:30-14:30 in Room E102. For more details and tickets go to

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Show Events Friday

Technology is the theme for the attractions industry

blooloop’s attractionsTECH conference looks at key developments in the attractions industry


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Man and machine Friday’s Closing Keynote will be presented by Tupac Martir, co-founder of Satore Studio Bringing the curtain down on this year’s conference programme at ISE will be Tupac Martir, who according to Vogue is “the visual artist and creative director behind some of the most important events in the world”. His client roster certainly backs up that claim, Martir having worked with the likes of Beyoncé, BMW, the British Museum, Ralph Lauren and Elton John through his Londonbased multidisciplinary design and creative production group, Satore Studio. In a fascinating interview with the ISE Daily, which you can read in Friday’s edition, Martir opened up on the relationship between creativity and technology, man and machine, and that because he was coding aged six, for him “artistic endeavour and technical management go hand in hand”. “I always draw everything before it goes into a machine, and I carry a sketchbook to note down ideas,” he explained. “Ideas brew in my subconscious until I need them, then I

select the best technology that will allow me to enhance them. I’m a big believer in that type of workflow. If you make things on a machine you’re limited by the machine, not by your intelligence or creativity.” In his presentation he will explain and demonstrate how the Satore Studio team uses technology to create unforgettable live events. And in a first for ISE, his session will feature live language interpretation available free to attendees. With technology and translation services provided by KUDO, audience members will be able to listen in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese or Japanese. Tupac Martir’s talk will be translated in real time and the language feeds will be available via KUDO’s intuitive app. The Closing Keynote takes place at 12:00 on Friday in the Forum at the RAI Amsterdam.

The Hotel Okura is set for a busy week as ISE 2019 expands its conference programme to include the hotel’s grand ballroom as a key venue. Friday will see the hotel host an ISE favourite in blooloop, which returns a!er its successful debut in 2018 to host attractionsTECH. The new half-day conference will explore how AV technology is being used to transform the user experience in the theme park and attractions sector, with discussions covering the latest technologies, solutions and business strategies for the sector, with the aim of raising visitor numbers, visit duration and venue profitability. Speakers include Matt Barton, CEO, 7thSense Design; Laurence Beckers, creative director, Alterface; Raphaël de Borman, entrepreneur and co-founder of Eventattitude; Martin Howe, member of the board of directors of the GSCA (Giant Screen Cinema Association) and the DIGSS (Digital Immersive Giant Screen Specifications) Task Force; Chris Lange, creative director and head of Mack Solutions; and Dermot Quinn, COO, Digital Projection Limited. A series of case studies will also be presented on the success of selected ride, exhibits and attractions, and how they are developing increasingly sophisticated and immersive experiences – using VR, AR and MR – to create richer guest experiences. attractionsTECH by blooloop takes place on Friday at 09:00-13:00 at the Hotel Okura. For more information, and to book, go to https://www.


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Goosenecks bend and kink... The M65 swivots. The M65’s socket swivel mount is so innovative, we had to invent a word to describe it. Swivoting technology gives the M65 a fluid, quiet, and consistent 240° rotation and a 40° pivot, while retaining the crisp lines of individuallymachined, brass solid-tube construction. Swivoting also ensures a uniform mic position for a more consistent gain structure when multiple M65s are in use and lets the M65 lie flat for an unobstructed view when not in use. But with the award-winning audibility of Micros™ circuitry and the M65’s exquisite black nickel finish, you may not want to stop talking. Visit us at booth 3-C104 | 800.966.8261

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Stand: 12-N110, 13-N110

Learn: with AVIXA education From half-day conferences to FlashTrack sessions, there are many ways to be inspired at ISE 2019

Discover AVIXA at ISE 2019! AVIXA is the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association ready to offer you CTS RUs, continuing education, market intelligence support and more. As the show opens today, it’s time to plan to get the most out of your time in Amsterdam. EARN CTS RENEWAL UNITS WITH AVIXA EDUCATION AVIXA’s education training programme at ISE 2019 presents many opportunities to hear from business leaders and get inspired, and members can utilise these sessions to earn vital renewal units (RUs) towards renewing your Certified Technology Specialist credentials while at the show. We offer two types of education for visitors; in-depth half-day conferences will gain you four RUs and concise FlashTrack sessions earn attendees 0.5 RUs each. FLASHTRACKS AVIXA FlashTracks are free bitesize 20-minute education sessions, held on stand 13-N110 across all four days of ISE. FlashTrack education is designed for AV professionals of all experience levels, focusing on prevalent industry topics that fit into four market categories; User Experience, AV/IT, Design and Emerging Trends (see pages 67-70 for today’s AVIXA professional development sessions and conferences).



Back by popular demand, AVIXA is once again teaming up with three professional bodies to produce two deep-dive ‘What’s Next’ conferences at ISE 2019, filled with tips and tricks for implementing innovative technology solutions that have lasting impact. Space is limited so attendees are advised to register now to secure a space! You can register online at https://www., or visit Room E102 from 12:30 for assistance. Alternatively, please ask any AVIXA member of staff at the show. Registration for each conference will remain open until its start time. The What’s Next... Higher Education Integrated Experiences Design Conference with SCHOMS and EUNIS is taking place this a"ernoon in Room E102, 13:00-17:00. It will see a panel of experts discuss AV in the learning environment, touching on market intelligence, VR, AV/IT systems and more. The second conference – What’s Next… Enterprise AV Integrated Experience Conference in association with AV User Group – explores the workplace experience, design and meeting room environments from an end-user perspective. In Room E102, the Enterprise Conference will take place tomorrow at 13:00-17:00.

MAIN STAGE THEATRE New to the show floor and part of ISE’s ‘Learn, Discover, Be Inspired’ initiative, AVIXA is set to host an engaging programme of talks on the Main Stage from integrators, delivering key insights into the creation of integrated experiences. These mini sessions will take place over the four days of the show, discussing everything from standout projects to industry standards. Furthermore, AVIXA’s staff members will take to the stage to provide inspiration and industry insights. Learn about recent market research, find out how standards can help business and hear more about the opportunities AVIXA is providing in your market sectors, from hospitality to retail. For more information on the AVIXA professional development programme at ISE, visit

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See us at Stand 6-K140


Get a FREE COPY at our stand 6-K140. Or download the FREE GUIDE.


Audio over IP - PART 2 -




· As a standalone solution or integrated in digital matrix intercom systems · Up to 100 Beltpacks, 100 Antennas · 12 Partylines and unlimited point-to-point connections · Advanced DECT with seamless handover · Simple registration via OTA (Over The Air) and NFC (Near Field Communication) · Integrated web server for easy setup · Daisy chain or redundant ring antenna network · Redundant antenna power · Up to 300m CAT5 cable between Antennas · External 4-Wire and GPIO Interface box ISE Template DAILY FP.indd 1

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Stand: 1-E10

CEDIA now accepting entries for 2019 Awards The Association is now accepting award entries for the 2019 home technology professional awards programme CEDIA Award winners 2018

By Jo Ruddock “2019 marks CEDIA’s 30th anniversary as an association and with those year-long celebrations in mind, there has never been a better time to enter the awards programme,” said Giles Sutton, CEDIA senior vice president of industry engagement. “Year over year, we are impressed with the incredible work our members submit and these projects serve as inspiration for the entire industry.” Home technology professional categories include: Integrated Home; Media Room; Home Cinema; Innovative Solution or System; Showroom; Auto, Marine, or Aircra!; and Multiple Dwelling Unit Design. Projects can be submitted in multiple categories, and cost categories


will be determined by the judges based on the entries. Entrants will compete for recognition within their respective region – Americas, EMEA, or Asia Pacific. CEDIA will announce finalists in early June and each finalist will be considered for additional sub-category awards based on the region of their primary location. These sub-category awards include Best Documentation, Best Dressed Rack and Best Lighting System. A panel of design professionals will judge finalists’ projects for the Life Lived Best at Home Award and the Technology Meets Design Award. The home technology professional Global Award winners are selected from the overall winners in all regions.

Full details on the entry requirements can be found at The deadline for home technology professional project entries is Monday 18 March. Past winners will be featured on the CEDIA Technology Council Podcast in the coming weeks to share their tips for entering projects. Some of these winners will also be partnering with manufacturers to talk through their projects, outline the challenges they overcame and explain the reasons behind their successes at the Main Stage theatre at ISE 2019. Each talk will comprise a 30-minute conversation, hosted by CEDIA’s content director, Ed Wenck. Located in the centre of Hall 8, sessions are free to attend on a first-come, first-served basis, with no pre-booking required.

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Presenting Show Partner News

Stand: 9-F120


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Something for everyone at KNX

2019 is shaping up to be a busy show for KNX, with its new identity as ISE Presenting Show Partner and an increased number of members on its stand. THEMED ACTIVITIES Entering the KNX stand, visitors will see many display panels demonstrating the latest solutions from KNX manufacturers, as well the new development on KNX IoT from KNX Association. KNX MEMBERS Twenty members are presenting on the KNX stand, showcasing their KNX solutions. 2019 KNX co-exhibitors:

KNX IoT The KNX Standard has formed part of the global IoT world for some time and by introducing KNX IoT, KNX underlines its leading position and opens new opportunities in the integration of KNX with the IT world. KNX IoT aims to reduce the required KNX knowledge and open the current ecosystem to non-KNX IT specialists through ‘out-of-the-box’ operation, while still allowing advanced configuration and adaption by specialists. ONSITE CONSULTATION KNX system integrators are able to get onsite aid at ISE 2019. A KNX expert will be stationed at the stand on Wednesday and Thursday mornings to answer any questions regarding KNX projects, and work to find the best solutions. KNX TRAININGS AND PRESENTATIONS The KNX stand also features a designated training area. Whether you are new to KNX and want to learn the basics of KNX topology or best practices in KNX programming, or a seasoned professional who wants to discover the most recent KNX solutions, these sessions are not to be missed. Presenters are from KNX Association, its members and other KNX specialists. ETS INSIDE LUCKY DRAW ETS Inside is a single tool to plan, design and configure a smart home. It is now possible to enjoy all the benefits of the KNX standard in a mobile application that is easy to understand and allows KNX newcomers to design and commission a smart home. Pick up an ETS Inside lucky draw ticket at the reception desk to win a free ETS Inside licence with a mini PC. ISE!KNX PARTNERSHIP CELEBRATION PARTY On Thursday evening, KNX and ISE will celebrate their partnership with a party at the KNX booth. There will be great music, snacks and beverages, and networking opportunities. We welcome everyone to join, please pre-register on the KNX website so that we can be well prepared!


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A window on projection



There are many challenges associated with window projection displays, but the technology is out there to overcome them, according to Ben Hadfield, sales director at Pro Display In developing an effective window projection system, it is important to consider the range of potential challenges that may require expertise to overcome. Among these challenges rank some of the more obvious, such as ensuring the glass substrate is clean or the film is cut to the correct size, right through to technical considerations, such as the system specification, visual effects and environmental limitations. Meeting such requirements is significantly simplified with expert know-how and a product range developed in order to combat common challenges faced when working with window projection displays. One of the more commonly faced challenges is o"en light management; for example, on outward-facing installations, an effective projection system must compete successfully with daylight or high levels of ambient light in order to be seen. Likewise, the varying specifications some projection systems can demand is a regular challenge faced by customers, who may struggle to determine the correct combination of products and options that best suit their visual and technical requirements, o"en turning to experts to advise on the ideal solution. Once these technical requirements have been established, the experts then turn their heads to the install; which presents further considerations in order to deliver a neat display solution that is effective and productive at the same time as meeting wider requirements. In combining the correct range of products and options, considerations such as visual effects, spatial demands, light management or product

redundancy can be achieved in line with the customer’s needs and budget. Offering the gamut of projection options enables Pro Display to overcome diverse challenges that may be faced during a window projection project. For example, to overcome daylight challenges, projection film technologies such as the ambient light-rejecting SunScreen, which turns a window into a sun-readable display, are available. Specialist visual effects such as transparency can also be achieved with products like Clearview Film which produces a holographic visual effect, or Switchable Film, which offers users a projection screen at the flick of a switch, changing state from frosted to clear allowing the system to revert to a window at any chosen moment. Even space limitations can be combated with different film technologies available for various lens throw ratios, allowing the use of cutting-edge innovations like UST projection, for example. Front and rear projection systems are an important distinction too, as both systems fulfil very different requirements. For example, large-format projection mapping systems could be costly to achieve using rear projection technology, whereas front projection technology offers much better ways to achieve this effect. Similarly, a project’s redundancy must be considered and even this has a technical solution to accommodate. No matter what the requirements or limitations, Pro Display will guide and work with customers, finding the best solution that meets objectives.

Integrated Systems Europe selects Ashton Bentley ASHTON BENTLEY Stand: 14-N100 Based upon previous installations of Ashton Bentley systems at its Munich HQ, ISE approached the company to review its presentation and videoconference requirements. A"er consultation, a plan to improve and upgrade the existing systems was submitted and accepted. Tony Leedham, business development director at Ashton Bentley, explained: “As our systems are modular and simple to disassemble, it became apparent that we could not only upgrade ISE’s existing Ashton Bentley systems by adding new components to minimise costs, but also repurpose removed parts to provide new rooms with video collaboration.” The upgrade involved reusing all existing Ashton Bentley components and tables, re-working table boxes

The new system has been installed in ISE’s Munich HQ

to add new laptop retractors and more power sockets and supplementing them with the latest Ashton Bentley display technology. The large meeting room was upgraded to a new dual 75in 4K display system (with the latest central processor) and connected to the existing 15-seat table. The removed dual 70in display system was easily relocated to the second room to replace the existing Ashton Bentley dual 55in display system. This dual 55in display system was ‘split’ and provided ISE with two additional single 55in presentation systems. Mike Blackman, MD of Integrated System Events, stated: “Thank you Ashton Bentley for taking ISE out of the collaboration dark ages!”

Making your space smarter INTEL Stand: 8-C240 Effective collaboration is something every business strives for. Today, there’s a simple, affordable solution to turn meeting rooms and huddle spaces into modern, smart environments where employees can more effectively collaborate. Easy-to-use, Intel Unite is a wireless content sharing and collaboration solution optimised for an Intel Core vPro processor-based hub. With an open platform approach, it brings the smart home experience into a business through innovative input methods, like touch, with room availability and control integration via plugins, creating the best possible environment in which to innovate and collaborate. Here at ISE, visitors are invited to experience a stateof-the-art conference room featuring Dell’s latest touch-


Creating simple and effective meeting room experiences

enabled monitor for easy input and annotation and the Intel Unite plugin for Bluescape Enterprise, creating an immersive meeting experience that brings together the ability to quickly start a meeting using Intel Unite with Bluescape’s whiteboard and collaboration canvas. Also on show is AgilQuest Forum SaaS room booking. The Intel Unite plugin for AgilQuest so"ware enables users to kick-start any meeting, eliminating setup time that eats into productivity. Users can now book rooms and check in via digital sign, mobile app, or web browser – and simultaneously launch the Intel Unite app. In addition, fully integrated Meeting Machines displays make managing conference rooms simple. Through the touchscreen or RFID badge reader, the displays provide a fast, easy way to check in and launch Intel Unite. Finally, Daintree lets users manage smart buildings and rooms that run on autopilot. Using Daintree’s control room app with the Intel Unite solution, operating expenses are reduced while occupant comfort and productivity is improved.

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For smarter meetings, meet Sharp

Join us at ISE 2019 for the launch of Sharp’s Windows Collaboration Display in partnership with Microsoft. Experience how this next generation 4K 70” interactive display makes teamwork simpler and more effective and meetings much smarter. It combines Sharp’s advanced touchscreen technology with the best

Find us at ISE 2019 in Hall 12, Stand E100

at the RAI, Amsterdam from 5-8 February 2019

Microsoft 365 collaboration tools, as well as a built-in microphone, 4K camera and ‘plug and play’ cable. It also has in-built room sensors that connect to the Microsoft Azure Digital Twins IoT platform to help create a smart workspace.

Visit to receive your complimentary ticket to ISE 2019. You can also book an appointment with us to discuss your particular needs. We look forward to seeing you there.

In addition, we’ll be showing our stunning 8K camera, along with a range of interactive and professional display solutions for smart signage, classrooms, training and much more.

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All-in-one, and one for all collaboration VIVITEK Stand: 5-R60 Among Vivitek’s ISE 2019 highlights are its all-in-one wireless collaboration systems including the interactive NovoTouch panel range, which will be available with a capacitive touch high-accuracy touch function. An industry novelty will be a new projector with the NovoConnect solution embedded. Also on show is a new laser projector that boasts breakthrough brightness levels using single-chip DLP technology. It delivers a brightness performance only previously achievable when using traditional threechip technology. Vivitek is also demonstrating NovoTouch’s new LiveScreen function, a feature that provides the ability to connect up to five screens in different rooms. With the NovoConnect range delivering cross-platform compatibility – including support for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Android, iOS and Chromebooks – it further

facilitates the BYOD environment for added employee and workplace flexibility. Also attracting attention is Delta Display Solutions’ FE Series, with its range of LED solutions for indoor and outdoor displays. These are said to deliver excellent image quality and uniformity thanks to their fine pixel detail. Also showcased is a 2 x 2 LCD wall with a narrow bezel of 0.9mm, and a 3 x 3 LCD video wall. Delta’s LCD video wall displays are suitable for demanding yet spaceconstrained control rooms and they can be stacked together to achieve virtually any screen size. Visitors can also view and experience the performance of Delta’s video wall cubes in UHD 4K resolution and laser-phosphor technology designed for control room environments. Delta’s 4K monitoring map area can be up to four times wider than HD offerings, making it useful for control rooms, where detail is everything.

Wireless collaboration solutions are on show in Hall 5




LENOVO Stand: 10-R190 The ThinkSmart Hub 500 in partnership with Microsoſt represents Lenovo’s move into the collaboration space

With the launch of the ThinkSmart Hub 500 in partnership with Microso", Lenovo has entered the collaboration market, creating better employee experiences for commercial customers in and out of the workspace. The ThinkSmart Hub 500 is all about simplicity, according to Lenovo. From the all-in-one design, to the intuitive Skype Room Systems interface, to the ease of set-up and deployment, it’s designed for Skype for Business- and Teamsfocused environments. The One-Touch Join of the Hub 500 gets meetings started on time, so users can begin collaborating, keep employees engaged and end on time. Key features of ThinkSmart Hub 500 in partnership with Microso" include all-in-one design: screen, audio and compute; Teams and Skype for Business meetings support; an 11.6in FHD rotatable display; speakers tuned with Dolby Audio Premium; secure cable management; and Skype for Business certification, supporting a broad line of premium cameras from Logitech.


Stand: 15-R267

Smart thinking


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Immersed in audio SONOS Stand: 1-N137 Sonos is showcasing the latest additions to its portfolio, including the Sonos Amp, a new home audio amplifier, and Sonos Beam, the smart compact soundbar for TVs with Amazon Alexa built in. Visitors to the Sonos stand in Hall 1 can experience an immersive listening demo. Sonos is also showcasing its new architectural speakers in partnership with Sonance, alongside new control APIs for developers. Sonos Amp powers traditional wired speakers and plays content from just about any source – not only the dozens of streaming services available on Sonos, but directly from televisions, turntables, compact disc players and other audio devices. Like other recent Sonos products, Amp supports AirPlay 2. Sonos Architectural by Sonance is a new collection of installed and outdoor passive speakers, optimised for Sonos Amp in partnership with Sonance. The Sonos In-Wall by Sonance, Sonos In-Ceiling by Sonance and Sonos Outdoor by Sonance speakers are available for pre-order. Sonos has further evolved its developer platform by fully opening up to all potential partners and has added a new set of Control APIs, making it easier than ever to integrate Sonos into a wide range of other services and platforms.


ArenaMatch loudspeakers for outdoor installations introduced BOSE PROFESSIONAL Stand: 7-C200

Sonos Amp plays content from a wide variety of sources


ArenaMatch DeltaQ loudspeakers and ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers are being introduced at ISE 2019. DeltaQ technology allows directivity, or ‘Q’, to vary in each module to more precisely match coverage to audience area. ArenaMatch array modules are available with 10°, 20° or 40° vertical coverage and feature field swappable 60°, 80° or 100° horizontal waveguides to yield nine coverage pattern options. This flexibility allows asymmetrical coverage patterns, improved sightlines due to reduced module counts, reduced array weight and lower overall system costs compared to many conventional arrays. ArenaMatch loudspeakers and ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers combine to provide turnkey solutions for entire outdoor sound systems. ArenaMatch loudspeakers also interface with Bose PowerMatch amplifiers, ControlSpace DSPs and ControlSpace Designer so!ware, and feature Dante connectivity, all combining to simplify set-up and monitoring. Each Bose ArenaMatch array module houses a 14in neodymium woofer and six Bose EMB2S titaniumdiaphragm neodymium compression drivers. ArenaMatch DeltaQ modules achieve an IP55 weather rating by way of features that include a three-layer stainless steel grille, water-resistant woofer cone coating, industrial polyurethane exterior coating and moulded input cover. Enhancing adaptability, all ArenaMatch models ship standard with bi-amp capability, a passive crossover, and 70/100V transformer inputs. They also include M12

Flexibility and simplified set-up are two features of ArenaMatch

threaded inserts with internal steel link bars for use with Bose accessory mounting hardware or custom array frames. Built for zone-fill coverage or high-SPL foreground music, four new Bose ArenaMatch Utility loudspeakers use the same HF driver as ArenaMatch array modules for a similar tonal balance. The compact cabinets include a constant-directivity high-frequency horn that can be rotated for horizontal or vertical installation. ArenaMatch Utility modules mount with an included stainless steel U-bracket.

When it comes to business-critical conference calls, failure isn’t an option. But 75% of business users say the number one barrier to having a productive meeting is poor audio quality. So why put your trust in tech that can’t be relied on? The solution is the Shure Microflex® AdvanceTM MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone and IntelliMix® P300 Audio Conferencing Processor. With the ceilingmounted MXA910 microphone, lobes with Steerable CoverageTM technology capture conversation from above. While our IntelliMix DSP is optimized for audio conferencing—helping make set-up faster and easier. So less time on-site for integrators. And more consistent sounding rooms for users. Experience the difference for yourself. Visit us at Stand 3-B110 for a demo of the MXA910+P300.

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What do you think that people who work in fixed AV installation can learn from their counterparts in live events? Benjamin Lampert Head of R&D, Adam Hall Group In the case of AV installations, AV professionals o!en have more time to set up and tune audio systems, which is otherwise o!en time-pressured and hectic in live situations. Therefore, sound tuning continues to happen during the show, which brings with it the big advantage that the audience is present. The fact that the presence of the audience has a great influence on room acoustics is o!en completely overlooked or simply underestimated in AV installations. Thus, a lot of time is spent on tuning in empty room environments. So if there was one thing fixed AV installers could learn from their counterparts in live events, it would be that the installers, similar to a live event, listen to the sound during an event (or simulated event) with an audience (or room full of people) and, if necessary, adjust the tuning in retrospect.

Stand: 7-W200

The big picture for collaboration DELL CORPORATION Stand: 3-B140 In a time of radical change for technology adoption across industries, IT decision makers are looking to companies to provide comprehensive solutions that offer greater reliability and flexibility, at lower costs. As the size of personal technology continues to shrink, large screens still play a major role in shared learning experiences – in classrooms and conference rooms alike. Interactive whiteboards and blackboards are increasingly being deployed in educational environments, aiding the teaching and learning process with an evolving list of features and functionality. Learning should be seamless – students and teachers lack the time to learn how to use a variety of different devices

AVoIP ‘world first’

and troubleshoot when things don’t go their way. School districts are working to improve student outcomes by taking advantage of emerging digital monitors to give teachers even better options for classroom interactivity and efficiency. On show at ISE, Dell’s C7017T, C5518QT and C8618QT large-format monitors are purpose-built for collaboration in conference rooms and classrooms. Easy to use, set up and adapt, large-format monitors serve to empower presenters to engage and collaborate with any audience inperson or remotely. In addition to rapid and seamless set up, security remains a large concern among IT decision makers. Dell monitors’ RS232 and RJ45 connectivity enables IT managers to control displays remotely. For increased security compliance and manageability, the organisation can apply its own standard OS image.

Dell’s new large-format monitors aid collaboration in conference rooms and classrooms

The IPX-TC3 is capable of 4K60 4:4:4 with a frame latency of only 100us

AURORA MULTIMEDIA Stand: 5-S85 What Aurora describes as the ‘only encrypted 4K60 4:4:4 10Gbps AV over IP transceiver’ is on show at ISE 2019. Utilising Aurora Multimedia’s patent-pending IPBaseT technology based on the BlueRiver NT+ platform, the IPX-TC3 complements the growing line of IPX Series 10Gbps products. The IPX-TC3 is a 10Gbps IPBaseT transceiver capable of 4K60 4:4:4 with a frame latency of only 100us (.1ms) offered in copper and fibre. It is a 10G SDVoE product that has redundant fibre version and selectable copper fibre in a single unit. Aurora is also the first company to utilise PoE with 10G and has worked with Ethernet switch companies to develop and ship 10G PoE switches, paving the way for cleaner installations. Aurora’s latest innovation combines a variety of IP technologies and features under one unified protocol using a simplified topology. Seamless switching, USB 2.0 (480Mbps), Dante/AES67 8-channel (another Aurora first), 1Gbps Ethernet and control are some of the core capabilities of IPBaseT. The IPX-TC3 also supports dual OSD (on screen display). This allows content to be generated on the encode and decode sides. The IPX-TC3 also supports the new ReAX IP control engine option (IPE-REAX-1) based on JavaScript. ReAX allows full IP control automation throughout the network without the need of an external proprietary control engine. The IPBaseT Manager allows full set up and control of all functions. Key features are the EDID editor allowing for full manipulation of an EDID to create common denominators and Rapid Deployment Tool (RDT) which can fully configure a large system in minutes. Utilising the bandwidth of standard 10Gbps copper or fibre, the IPBaseT IPX Series supports large scalable audio/video matrixing, and it does so while replacing multiple technologies and products with a ‘single-box’ distributed platform.

Making an audio connection SOUND PLUG ELECTRONIC Stand: 15-C380 Audio manufacturer Sound Plug Electronic returns to ISE for the second time to showcase its range of audio accessories, adapters and cables, as well as ODM/ OEM services. The company, based in Taiwan and the US, supplies several of the world’s most recognisable audio brands, and invites R&D directors, product managers, product engineers, sourcing managers, innovators and distributors to its ISE stand to explore its pro-audio connectors, flexible gooseneck applications and other products and services.


ISE Daily 2019

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Smart workplace can improve productivity AVI-SPL Stand: 11-C155

Rogers: ‘Analytics show where investments should be made’

At the Smart Building Conference held yesterday at the RAI, attendees looked at the latest trends, technology and solutions that are affecting office buildings. They addressed a variety of topics, including virtual reality and building design, AI in smart buildings, and how to accommodate tomorrow’s workforce. Related to that last point, AVI-SPL VP of channels Daniel Rogers offered the ISE Daily his insight into smart workspaces and their ability to attract and retain the best employees, reduce real estate costs and increase productivity. Rogers believes the features

that make these benefits possible include a consistent user experience, scalability, BYOD capabilities and insight into the ROI of technology solutions. Here, he emphasised the importance of systems that can monitor the health of smart workspaces and provide the analytics that show where investments should be adjusted. “In the smart workplace, employees can work effectively because they have the tools to be engaged and agile,” said Rogers. “That productivity leads to a greater return on investment for the company.”

Artificial intelligence analysis on the edge The REA-C1000 uses AI-based video analytics technology to process input from connected cameras

SONY Stand: 1-N20 The company’s first artificial intelligence (AI) based edge analytics solution, the REA-C1000, was launched by Sony a week before ISE opened. It is designed to allow users to create video content in real time, without the need for specialist training or additional staff or equipment. The REA-C1000 uses its AI-based video analytics technology to analyse the input it receives from connected cameras and automatically extract the object in focus to combine it with other images in real time. The technology, using motion/face detection and colour/shape recognition, effectively makes the REA-C1000 the brain of any connected camera and AV setup. This, the company says, allows education, government and corporate organisations to

cost-effectively create professional content that keeps audiences engaged. Kenji Izu, strategic marketing manager at Sony, said: “Video content has become a key method of communication in many organisations, and the demand for solutions that create high-quality content, offer a hassle-free shooting experience, and help distribute content quickly is rapidly increasing. At Sony, we want to provide organisations on a limited budget with cost-effective, yet powerful solutions that allow them to easily create professional and engaging video content. The REA-C1000 is yet another example of Sony working with our AV partners to create solutions together that help solve the real-life technology and budget challenges of our customers.”

YOU’LL HEAR THINGS YOU NEVER HEARD BEFORE... “Nice job” “Wow, that was fast” “Sounded perfect” From client accolades to pure audio, Shure Microflex® Complete Wireless (MXCW) offers you everything you demand in a wireless conferencing system. No wires. Flexibility to match room size and configuration. And engineered to detect and avoid interference— helping ensure every word is heard loud and clear. Want to hear more? Visit us at Stand 3-B110

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for a demonstration.

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Cost-effective VoIP ZEEVEE Stand: 10-S130

The ZyPerMX2 two-channel IP encoder

The ZyPerMX2 two-channel IP encoder distributes two independent HD sources over IP networks employing 1Gb or faster switches. In addition to encoding and distributing HD video content up to 1080p@60Hz, it supports both multicast and unicast UDP and RTP encoding, making it a cost-effective solution for most corporate and commercial HD video-over-IP applications. Based on the award-winning technology in the HDbridge 3000, ZyPerMX2 enables ZeeVee’s channel partners to hit the ground running with a proven, reliable solution for delivering HD content over an IP network. It is suitable for applications in venues where a two-channel encoder is going to offer significant efficiency in cost, installation time and rack space.

Integrators and end-users can communicate directly with the encoder using the built-in web server that provides full access to configuration parameters, control and other features. Once connected to the network, the IP settings on the encoder can be configured automatically by a DHCP server or can be entered manually in static mode. The ZyPerMX2 can also pass through up to four channels of embedded audio in Linear PCM, MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2 and other formats, making it a suitable AV distribution solution for churches, stadiums and other

public venues that need an affordable long-distance audio solution. Built-in POE capability provides the option to eliminate the need for additional remote electrical outlets to complete projects. The ZyPerMX2-4-MX, capable of supporting four HLS streams, is available now for a MSRP of $1,905. The ZyPerMX2-100-MX, which supports up to 100 HLS streams, is also available for a MSRP of $2,858. The ZyPerMX-4-MX can also be upgraded to a 100-MX via the ZyPerMX2-Key, which carries a MSRP of $953.

Secure wireless sharing solves BYOD in the meeting room LIFESIZE Stand: 11-D150 Employees want to connect and communicate as easily at work as they do at home, and in order for business leaders to nurture that need, it’s important to enable people to use the modern tools that help them do their best work. With wireless presentation and content sharing, everyone has an easy and consistent way to meet and collaborate, regardless of what device they might be using. With 32.4 million huddle rooms and 58.8 million mid- to large-sized conference rooms worldwide, the need to equip meeting rooms with a modern presentation-sharing solution that supports BYOD policies

is critically important. Internet-based wireless presentation sharing has emerged as an ideal collaboration solution to modernise meeting spaces and overcome the BYOD diversity and complexity challenges that get in the way of meeting productivity. Wireless presentation solutions are designed to eliminate frustrations and wasted time associated with missing, broken and incorrect cables in meeting rooms; empower users to seamlessly share content (presentations, spreadsheets, streaming video, static images, and so on) in high-definition from their own device; contribute to an uncluttered conference table; and provide enterprise-class security, management and scale that consumer-grade products do not support. Enter Lifesize Share, a secure wireless sharing solution that connects

Enabling BYOD with Lifesize Share

to a device via ultrasonic pairing and makes it easy to share screens, stream a video and upload files right from a browser. Plug-and-play set-up with centralised management and automatic feature updates make it easy to deploy, and standards-based interoperability makes it suitable for connecting to a Lifesize conference room system or any other third-party video solution.


Introducing the ControlCenter-IP: the outstanding flexibility of KVM-over-IPTM with the renowned functionality and reliability of the G&D matrix.

It’s a combination that has no competition. We’ve taken the features of our classic ControlCenter series and integrated them into the KVMover-IP™ matrix to achieve new levels of flexibility. With the ControlCenter-IP, you can operate even the largest installations since it uses standard IP structures instead of dedicated cabling. It supports all common video signals up to 4K@60Hz, using our own lossless video compression for maximum compatibility.

Experience complete peace of mind with the KVM experts.

And of course the ControlCenter-IP offers the peerless levels of usability, safety and reliability you would expect from G&D. The most comprehensive and complete KVM product range in the industry just stretched even further.

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A strong start NEC DISPLAY SOLUTIONS Stand: 5-R20 The theme of NEC’s stand at ISE is ‘Start Here’ and this year’s showcase features display technologies that enable users to reach their audience more successfully, improve meeting outcomes, jumpstart collaboration and make a lasting impression in large venues. These are grouped around three core focus areas: meeting and collaboration, digital signage and large venues. The meeting and collaboration space features display solutions for huddle spaces, content co-creation, meeting and presenting, and boardroom uses, including NEC’s nextgeneration InfinityBoard, standalone dvLED screens and 4K UHD displays. This year’s signage journey shows how retailers can tackle their audiences more effectively and create engagement and sales upli" with targeted digital signage solutions, including digital posters, large-scale messaging, infotainment and personalised digital communication. Finally, the large venue/mediatecture display area will feature

technologies for creative walls, lobby spaces and outer facades. Visitors have the chance to see all the different display technologies working in reallife scenarios, giving a realistic A range of display technologies is being showcased in a range of real-life scenarios and compelling demonstration of their capabilities in a range of display applications. NEC’s team of senior experts is also that it can be difficult to know how to begin to transform the on hand to advise on these devices’ different use cases, discuss visual experience. That’s why we have chosen ‘Start Here’ as industry challenges and how to solve them, and give one-toour theme for this year’s show. The journey towards better one demonstrations of the company’s wide product portfolio. signage, including digital and retail signage, collaboration, Stefanie Corinth, senior vice president marketing and communication and a richer visual experience starts with business development at NEC Display Solutions Europe, said: understanding how modern display technology enables “Customer and user expectations are changing so rapidly organisations to make lasting impressions.”

WFS provides a path to versatile audio design HOLOPLOT Stand: 7-W199 Holoplot is introducing its new Orion-Series sound system across the four days of ISE 2019. Described as offering ‘unprecedented precision and control over audio’, OrionSeries incorporates sophisticated wave field synthesis (WFS) technology, making it highly flexible and suitable for speech-oriented projects and immersive soundscape creation, among many potential applications.

Holoplot delivers beam steering for both vertical and horizontal planes with the Orion-Series

The system benefits from unique algorithms allowing the authentic reproduction of any sound object. Crucially, Holoplot beam steering is not limited to the vertical plane – as is the case with conventional loudspeakers – but includes the horizontal plane as well. Roman Sick, CEO of Holoplot, said: “Our systems provide a tool which introduces a whole new level of control, flexibility and precision, especially when it comes to the creation of intelligible speech or mind-blowing, unique audio experiences.”

Expand your horizon. Sennheiser Business Solutions Integrated Systems Europe | Amsterdam 5–8 February 2019 Hall 2 Booth B-50

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The next generation of DM NVX CRESTRON Stand: 2-C20

DM NVX, now with PiXOS technology

Equipped with all-new PiXOS processing technology, DM NVX is said to be the only network AV solution that delivers a perfect image every time. Working with partners such as Intel and intoPIX, Crestron has focused on improving image quality so much that the manufacturer now says users won’t be able to tell the difference between DM NVX video and a direct video feed. Like the previous generation, there’s no latency, and it supports more video formats than any other manufacturer. Fred Bargetzi, CTO of Crestron, said: “We have an unwavering commitment to make DM NVX the best network AV solution in every way. This new generation is the culmination of an immense investment in both dollars and engineering man-hours.” Crestron is also committed to growing the DM NVX product family. The new DM-NVX-E30 and D30 are encode or decode-only units that support HDMI connectivity and analogue audio, delivering

additional flexibility for basic endpoints when only video and audio are needed. Additionally, all current DM NVX products can benefit from PiXOS processing with a simple free firmware upgrade. More than just distribution of 4K60, 4:4:4 and HDR video, DM NVX is a complete, infinitely scalable solution. It also pushes audio, control and USB 2.0 through a single encoder/decoder, significantly reducing system costs and adding flexibility. DM NVX delivers all this over existing 1Gb infrastructure, eliminating the high cost and disruption of running new cabling. DM NVX leverages 802.1x authentication, AES encryption and Active Directory to provide enterprise-grade security at the product level. And with the DM NVX Director network appliance, users can configure and deploy 1,000 DM NVX endpoints in the same time it used to take to configure just one AV device the traditional way.

Obelisk lifts mood with multimedia XOUNTS Stand: 14-C152

Xounts lighting and sound obelisks draw attention

German manufacturer Xounts claims to be creating its very own product category at this year’s ISE. The new Xounts Up display stands allow users to see, hear and feel the light and design all in one device, creating a 360° sound and mood lighting obelisk. The striking shape and individual design and branding possibilities create a sound pyramid, which could be a highlight for hotels, restaurants, bars or events, in entrance or outdoor areas. Xounts Up is compatible with Bluetooth, Alexa voice control, streaming modules, new Xounts Powerbank, USB and more. The multicolour module allows users to select from a wide range of atmospheric colours. Oliver Richter, CEO and founder, said that Xounts Up had performed well in


independent sound tests, thanks to its flat panel technology and powerful subwoofer. “Here [at ISE] we meet technically and innovatively open-minded people who are looking for smart and easy integrable solutions,” he added.

ISE Daily 2019

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THE WORLD’S BRIGHTEST PRO AV DLP PROJECTORS Raising the bar once again with the all new 37,000 Lumen 3-Chip TITAN Laser and the 21,000 Lumen 1-Chip M-Vision Laser with







IP60 Sealed Optics

Hall 1 Stand F70

SmartStack System

MultiAxis Orientation

5 Year / 20,000 hour Warranty

Projector Control Software

The Visionaries Choice

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Made to be heard, but not seen Mark Craven, editor of Home Cinema Choice, looks at the rise of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and why they are a logical choice for many modern installations Surround sound is a term that’s been in use for decades, but it’s only more recently, through the introduction of the immersive Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D formats, that it’s truly lived up to its promise. A modern home cinema system can cocoon its audience in audio, placing listeners in the centre of a thunderstorm, beneath the roar of an airplane engine, or in the middle of a lightsaber duel. Yet to do this, of course, requires multiple speakers – which is where architectural models come in… Going in-wall or in-ceiling for a loudspeaker installation not only makes sense in pure aesthetic terms (professional projects naturally demand a clean, cable-free finish), it aids system accuracy too – speakers can be fitted where they’re needed, rather than where their form, and the rest of the room, allows. Furthermore, with so many room fit-outs requiring new stud walls or drop ceilings for design/lighting reasons, in-wall/in-ceiling models don’t necessarily bring with them additional installation complexity, particularly as ‘tool-free’ designs become commonplace. Good news, then, that the architectural speaker market is booming, as you’ll see at ISE 2019. Whether a project requires small-scale overheads for a Dolby Atmos layer, or full-range LCR models sited behind an acoustically transparent projector screen to deliver the perfect synergy between sound and image, there’s plenty of choice whatever the budget. Traditional loudspeaker marques such as Bowers & Wilkins, Dynaudio, Focal and KEF compete in this arena with architectural specialists such

Celebrating 20 years of LED experience

as Artcoustic and Speakercra!, ensuring a variety of driver technologies, sensitivities and sonic signatures. Companies such as Stealth Acoustics and Amina, meanwhile, take discreet installation to a new level with ‘invisible’ products lines, including the former’s new LRx85 flagship. Away from immersive home theatre thrills, multi-room/ multi-zone audio is resurgent, buoyed by the trend in on-demand music streaming and digital platforms. And here, in-wall/in-ceiling models are an obvious choice for whole-house projects where speakers need to be heard but not seen. Even Sonos, a company that is considered the champion of mass-market multi-room audio, has announced a collaboration with architectural brand Sonance to target the professional sphere. So do architectural speakers mean a performance compromise? No. I’ve been fortunate to audition a variety of product ranges and systems, and have never felt short-changed. On the contrary, the ability of in-wall (in particular) designs to increase the driver count over a traditional floor-standing or stand-mount model can boost the scale of a soundstage and aid dispersion. And in-ceiling units are unrivalled for delivering the overhead impact of cinema sound formats – and, indeed, essential for any movie room with premium aspirations. While the basic technologies of a loudspeaker may remain unchanged, the way they’re being designed and tuned to cater better to consumers’ needs continues to evolve. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the in-wall/ in-ceiling sphere…

Complete conferencing

LANG AG Stand: 1-H50 At ISE 2019, LANG is talking about its heritage in LED and its position as a strong supplier in the industry today. The company implemented its first projects with LED at the beginning of the 2000s, establishing relationships with manufacturers in Asia at an early stage that it has consolidated to this day. This has made LANG a trustworthy partner in the LED sector for rental companies and system integrators, offering comprehensive consulting and service around LED investments. The LED market is currently in a state of upheaval and in the current year specialists expect progress in LED technology. And LANG expects to be at the forefront again. According to the company, it is constantly searching for the latest trends in the LED market, testing current technologies and determining the most powerful products. In the search for new innovative products, LANG always consults its customers and partners in order to decide together with them on new investments.

In a joint shootout, they discuss the image quality and mechanics of the individual products in detail. In this way, a product can be filtered out that best meets the requirements of the industry. LANG employees then work closely with the manufacturer to modify the LED cabinets and adapt them to LANG standards and requirements. The difference between the original and final product is mainly mechanical. During the entire process, there is close exchange in both directions – on the customer side and on the manufacturer side, while experienced LANG engineers and technicians take care of all processes. These range from communication with the manufacturers via the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) on site at the manufacturer and delivery to Europe to an A!er Sales Service, which includes warranty, maintenance, repair and on-site service. Products bearing the LANG EDITION seal have gone through exactly these processes. LANG is constantly testing technologies and determining the most powerful products in the LED market


Microflex Complete Wireless is an all-in-one conferencing solution

SHURE Stand: 3-B110 The Shure Microflex Complete Wireless System is a premier conferencing solution that is said to offer users wireless freedom and flexibility for conferences, meetings and events within a variety of spaces, including government, corporate, hotel, educational facilities, and so on. The all-in-one solution is dedicated to providing exceptional audio quality, network security and ease-of-use while boasting quick, intuitive set-up and breakdown. Each wireless conferencing unit is comprised of a microphone and loudspeaker with integrated controls and touchscreen, all while enabling placement free of cable restrictions. The solution is said to be ideal for rooms that require adaptable seating, or in historic settings, where permanent installation is not an option. Additionally, IT managers and AV professionals can set up and configure the system in a matter of minutes. Microflex Complete Wireless is powered by Shure’s frequency management technology which eliminates the need for time-consuming frequency adjustments and interruptions. Additionally, with the support of the Interference Detection and Avoidance technology, the solution provides reliable transmission even in the most congested RF environments.

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Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Displays

Hall 12 Stand H-90





INAVATION AWARDS Contact us today for more information on our outdoor range and other AV solutions: TECHNOLOGY FINALIST 2019 Main EMEA & UK:

France: +33 (0)1 57 32 92 00

Tel: +44 (0) 1923 200 100

Germany: +49 69170776611


UAE: +8000-4449022

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ISE Daily 2019

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Jamie Adkin VP sales EMEA, Adder Technology Smart buildings and smart cities need smart management. It’s likely that this will be a mixture of artificial intelligence and human interaction, meaning there will be a greater need to connect humans and technology. The increased data created in smart buildings means that more data will be created and collected, which then needs improved monitoring and analysis. It’s also likely that the emergence of smart buildings and smart cities will cause an increase in demand for control rooms, an area where humans can connect with technology and be situationally aware of what’s going on.

Stand: 10-R130

One-click wireless conferencing VISSONIC ELECTRONICS Stand: 7-H210 The compact and cable-free 5G conference system from Vissonic Electronics

The new 5G wireless conference system from Vissonic Electronics has been developed to suit multiple environments and applications, including conference facilities, multipurpose halls, temporary venues and more. Designed for easy set-up and removal, the new system provides convenient local audio and video access capabilities. A ‘one-click’ sharing experience allows attendees to pay more attention to the meeting itself, while intelligibility is ensured by a 60cm sound pickup distance. Vissonic’s wireless conference system is compatible with standard WiFi 2.4/5G wireless networks, which allows the system to switch freely between 40 legal channels. Packet loss retransmission and intelligent channel management functionality deliver comprehensive antiinterference capability. The so"ware facilitates system set-up in just a few minutes. Each unit comes with a high-fidelity built-in loudspeaker, while a built-in DSP and automatic feedback suppression ensure optimum sound quality. Automatic gain control and automatic noise control functions are also included. Other features include a detachable 4900mA ultra-capacity battery that can offer 24 hours of continuous operation and a standby life of 60 hours. The OLED display has five power indicators with a low-power icon to keep users abreast of the battery situation. Each wireless conference unit also provides an audio input interface which allows the audio of mobile phones and notebooks to be easily accessed by the local conference system for mobile conferencing and sharing of audio.


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Where are the biggest opportunities for our industry within the smart buildings market?



Experience AR without a headset PQ LABS Stand: 8-C400

The Silicon Valley company has developed an AR solution using its Multi-Touch sensors which doesn’t require headsets or a mobile phone. The G9 Air Touch technology displays AR on a 4K TV in a meeting room, so that everyone in the meeting experiences the same vision. Powered by PQ Labs AI Core Technology, G9 is claimed to be smart enough to understand natural body language. Users don’t have to act like a puppet. Simply swing your hand to see the next slide or tap in the air to select what you want. G9’s sensors can interpret the gesture. Also from PQ Labs at ISE is G8 Glass Touch which can turn any glass into an interactive display. Installation is straightforward. Simply position your TV behind the glass window or wall, attach the G8 sensor inside your store, and plug in the USB. The G8 Glass Touch works under sunlight by recognising your finger’s touch no matter how strong the sunlight is, while water-resistant capabilities allow it to keep working on a rainy day.

European preview of vx 4 media server DISGUISE Stand: 8-E250 For the first time in Europe, disguise is showcasing the next generation vx 4 media server. Described as disguise’s most robust media server to date, the vx 4 is optimised for playing up to four times uncompressed 4K60 using its highperformance NVME RAID drive array. Additionally, the vx 4 offers uncompressed playback and lossless 10-bit video; it can capture either 16 3G-SDI sources, or four 4K sources (2160p60). Like other pro range servers, it is ultra-rugged with a cross-braced stiff chassis, isolated core components, single rear panel features and an updated VFC backplane. The chassis design also features a new hi-res OLED front panel for more detailed system information. The company is also presenting an exclusive preview of the latest version of its r15.2 so"ware, which is used to design, sequence and control live shows and experiences. The latest release includes integration with Agile Remote Cameras’ range of PTZ cameras, enabling full control over exposure, gamma, gain modes and other settings which will be on show. r15.2 also includes a new integration with Riedel for control of Mediornet, so users can now switch Mediornet routes in the same way as switching a conventional matrix route. As part of the so"ware update, disguise r15.2 provides an all-new colour profile feature, which has been designed and developed to give more flexibility in adjustments of gamma curves and colour space to displays in real time. Users can set a colour profile to content and/or display, and the disguise server conducts a real-time conversion. The vx 4 can play back video at higher quality and resolution than previous servers

Shining a light for rich colour blends ADAM HALL GROUP Stand: 7-W200 The ZENIT W300 outdoor wash light is new from Adam Hall Group brand Cameo

Leonardo offers slim bezel SCREENINT Stand: 5-U60 The new Leonardo frame screen is being demonstrated on the ScreenInt stand. With a 1cm bezel covered in velvet, the company says that Leonardo allows users to have an elegant and sophisticated solution that is almost invisible, but that at the same time provides definition to the image – helping to sharpen the edges. The company says Leonardo is well matched with its ambient light rejection cloth, the Oyster surface. The high-contrast front projection cloth with a multilayer coating is designed to counter the effect of reflection from other light sources that may cause an image to look washed out. With this cloth, ScreenInt says, it is possible to project with artificial ambient light interference and still see a clear and high contrast projected image – giving the illusion of watching a high-definition display. The Oyster ambient light rejection cloth is a rigid fabric with a smooth surface that is appropriate for 4K projection.

New from professional lighting brand Cameo, which is part of the Adam Hall Group, is the ZENIT W300 outdoor wash light with 21 15W RGBW LEDs. The new product – which follows on from the launch of the ZENIT W600 – provides a high luminous flux of 10,000 lumens for rich colour bends. Without a diffuser this wash light features a beam angle of 21° and a field angle of 40°. Optional accessories enable alternative beam angles, which can be set in a matter of seconds thanks to the SnapMag filter frames. Other features of the product include an integrated 2.4GHz W-DMX transceiver and control via RDM, DMX or infrared remote control. In addition, IP65 classification guarantees suitability for long-term outdoor applications.

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Keeping digital content visible for retailers IIYAMA Stand: 8-G120

The two new displays are designed to be sunlight readable

In very bright environments like shop windows with direct sunlight shining in, the content on regular brightness digital signage displays can be tough to see and read. There is even a chance of LED blackening as a result of direct sunlight landing on the display. That is why the two new iiyama high-brightness displays, the 55in LH5510HSHB-B1 and the 75in LH7510USHB-B1, are specifically designed to be sunlight readable. It basically means the content on the screens remains sharp and clearly visible even with intense sunlight falling directly on the display. Furthermore, both screens are equipped with IPS M+ LED panels with a brightness up to 3000cd/sqm that can handle direct sunlight without LED blackening effect even if the surrounding temperature rises to 110°C. The 75in LH7510USHB-B1 offers 4K UHD resolution and comes with DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort signal inputs. The 55in LH5510HSHB-B1 features Full HD resolution, VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort signal inputs and a slim metal housing. It guarantees an ultra-low power consumption of 175W which is up to 50% lower than the

GOOGLE CLOUD Stand: 15-U265

industry average for high-brightness displays. It is said to be an ideal screen for businesses that value energy efficient solutions. Both screens come equipped with a RS232C control connector and can operate in 24/7 mode in both landscape and portrait orientation. They feature an ambient light sensor automatically adjusting the screens’ backlight brightness to compensate for an increase or decrease in environmental lighting conditions.

Big audio dynamite YAMAHA PRO AUDIO Stand: 3-C112

A slew of products – including loudspeakers, 10G L2 switches and firmware upgrades – is being launched at ISE 2019. The VXC and VXS loudspeaker range expands with the arrival of the VXC2F 2.5in full-range, low-profile ceiling speaker and the VXC8S 8in bandpass ceiling subwoofer. The VXC2F is the shallowest model in the VXC series, with a back can less than 7.6cm deep. The VXC8S is the first ceiling subwoofer in the range and includes VXC features, such as anti-drop tab and carrying band, for safe and straightforward installation. The PK-C4 pendant mount option for the VXC2F is also launched, with all VXC models available in black or white (paintable) finish. Also being launched at ISE 2019 is the SWP2 series of network switches, which include 10Gbps fibre uplinks, making them suitable for high-capacity Dante Zelitzki: ‘HDBaseT technology is the leading enabler of interoperability in the pro-AV market’

The VXC2F 2.5in speaker and VXC8S 8in subwoofer

Communication and connection are key to employees working together effectively, whether they are in the same room, on different floors or, as is increasingly the case, in different buildings or even continents. With this in mind, Google Cloud has been creating a new toolset of what is needed to engage, collaborate, create, present, make decisions and innovate in real-time across different workspaces. Simple access, smart collaboration and scalable administration are the underlying values of new devices for conference and huddle rooms. The good old-fashioned video meeting is brought to another level by Hangouts Meet hardware, which scales to any size conference room: it offers turnkey deployment, reliability and intelligent self-diagnostic tools that optimise for support costs. Affordability meets smarts with immersive sound, while seamless integration with G suite means joining a meeting is as easy as tapping a screen, so much so that Gartner named Google meetings solutions a Peer Insights Customer’s Choice for 2018. Meet’s functionality can be dramatically enhanced in combination with Google’s digital whiteboard, Jamboard. Brainstorm, create, collaborate and bring your team’s ideas to life with this 55in 4K touchscreen. Using Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence, Jamboard or the Jamboard app on mobile allow teams to unleash their creativity anytime, anywhere.

networking, including 96kHz. Both multi- and singlemode models allow for longer distance transmission. With straightforward set up, the SWP2 series is designed to provide the optimum environment for mobile audio networks. Yamaha’s firmware updated Rivage V3.0 digital mixing system has added the new DaNSe dynamic noise suppressor plug-in to bring improvements in speech clarity for theatrical and broadcast applications. The update also adds Mix to Input routing, and workflows for global paste, DCA assignment and Custom Faders. Yamaha is also highlighting a number of other recently announced products, including the SWR2311P-10G Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, the VXL1-16P Dante PoE powered speaker system, plus its Pro Visionaire Touch/ Control V3.0 and CL/QL series V5.1 firmware.

Only connect HDBASET ALLIANCE Stand: 5-S110 ISE visitors looking to find out more about AV interoperability are heading to the HDBaseT Alliance stand. Dana Zelitzki, chair of the HDBaseT Alliance marketing committee, said: “HDBaseT technology is the leading enabler of interoperability in the pro-AV market, allowing installers to benefit from being part of a community with streamlined solutions. Over 100 Alliance members can be found throughout the ISE show floor, and 17 members are showcasing their latest HDBaseT solutions in the Alliance stand, including collaborative efforts showcasing how multiple products interconnect in different environments for a true HDBaseT seamless experience.” Among the demos is a conference room with an HDBaseT telepresence solution featuring a Vaddio


Team collaboration made smarter

Bring ideas to life with Jamboard

camera, and a conferencing connectivity solution using Crestron’s FlipTop FT2 Series. A huddle room solution is also being demonstrated, extending USB Type-C over a 100m HDBaseT link, allowing connectivity to the display while also transmitting video, Ethernet and power over the same cable. In a simulated education set-up, multiple vendors are presenting HDBaseT products including an ultra-shortthrow projector, 4K Elmo document camera, DVR system, KVM solution and wall plate to create an optimised HDBaseT classroom environment. A video wall and digital signage demonstration features HDBaseT over fibre and a daisy-chain topology to create an architecture allowing long-distance and flexibility.

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By your command



There’s no stopping voice technology, writes Jamie Biesemans, manager Hi-Fi Expert Group EISA and editor-in-chief of FWD Magazine If you still harboured any doubts about the practicality of voice recognition technology at the start of 2018, they should have been dispelled by now. Controlling devices through spoken commands is rapidly becoming mainstream. That the public is hugely interested in this technology was proven once again on Black Friday. Amazon’s Echo Dot, a compact device allowing you to speak to the Alexa voice assistant, took top spot in terms of sales, beating long-running favourites such as Bose’s noise-cancelling headphones. Similar products, such as the Google Home Mini, sell equally well. Considering most of these products are subpar speakers, it is clear they are being bought for their voice control capabilities. In the past year there simply has been no way to ignore the huge number of products launched with similar voice capabilities, from headphones to baking ovens. Equally important, especially for the installation market, have been integrations and APIs to connect smart home platforms and products with voice recognition platforms. Of course, it is no secret that major technology players such as Apple, Amazon, Google and Tencent, are investing heavily in intelligent voice assistants. Their motives for doing this are diverse and depend on their broader business objectives. For example, while Amazon sees Alexa as an extension to its already ubiquitous shopping platform, Apple considers Siri to be part of a strategy to lock in users to its ecosystem and sell more hardware. Undoubtedly, platform lock-in is an important incentive for Google too, but voice should also be seen as a critical part of its plans to continue earning money from advertising. It is also crucial to recognise that voice recognition is not only about semantic technology that can translate spoken words into code. A major part of Alexa and Google Assistant are artificial intelligence routines that enable these virtual assistants to react meaningfully to what is said. When you say, ‘Hey Google, turn on the lights in the living room’, there’s a lot going on in the background before Google sends the correct command to the smart light platform from a third-party vendor, and replies ‘I’ve switched on the lights’. What is learned while cra!ing these AI algorithms will have great value for these companies, as the knowledge gained can be used

Invisible sound

Sound solution on stream

AUDIOART Stand: 5-W56

LISTEN TECHNOLOGIES Stand: 7-C192 The assistive listening specialist has announced the launch of its new and improved WiFi product, Listen Everywhere. The solution replaces the Audio Everywhere brand products and features upgraded hardware, a streamlined finish and a new server with professional audio outputs. The professional-grade system with proprietary Listen Technologies hardware can be added to a venue’s existing wireless network and can accommodate thousands of users and over 50 channels. In venues featuring Listen Everywhere hardware, patrons and guests can experience wireless audio streamed directly to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets via a free downloadable app. The app can be customised to promote a venue’s brand and further enhance the user experience. When patrons and guests open the app, they will see the venue’s unique welcome message. Venues can upload ads, coupons and special promotions as well as links to menus, class notes, meeting agendas and other content. Custom labels and logos make it easy for users to find their preferred audio channels. Listen Everywhere is a low-latency solution that the company claims is ideal for houses of worship and classroom settings where ambient noise and distance


for many different applications. The autonomous car you will be travelling in by 2035 might be built on algorithms that were shaped by your attempts to get Alexa to play a David Bowie playlist. Notice that improving home automation and control is not really a primary objective of any of these companies. Just like they are not really interested in developing new ways of controlling music devices, even though smart speakers are part of their offerings. What they do want is simply to be everywhere. And this is where opportunity arises for custom install and smart home vendors. If Google et al are willing to do the heavy li!ing by developing AI and voice technologies, while enabling third parties to use this technology in their own products, let them. To be honest, the alternative of developing these technologies yourself is untenable. If you can delight and amaze customers by offering installations that are voice controlled, just by adding a Google Home Mini, you should. There are still some challenges with this approach. Deciding which voice assistant to implement can be difficult. Unfortunately, there’s not one API you can integrate to talk to Alexa, Siri and Google at the same time. Also, even as a partner you will remain an outsider to these large technology companies. A case in point is with language support. Every service supports English, and likely German, French and Spanish, but a!er that it gets problematic. When will ‘the chosen language of your customer’ be supported? You have no clear idea. The platform isn’t yours. Some customers might have privacy concerns. The technology is also far from flawless and not yet capable of really understanding natural language commands. Some may decide that instead of working with a partner to create or enhance a home installation or multi-room system, they’ll add on their own cheap voice controlled speakers and other devices, ending up with a Frankenstein system that doesn’t work as expected. And if there is an outage, is it your problem or Google’s? Nonetheless integrating voice recognition should not be avoided. Your customer wants their futuristic smart home now, not tomorrow. Even if it means that the occasional request for a Bowie track activates the robot vacuum cleaner instead.

can make it difficult for congregants and students to hear audio clearly. Indoor arenas and airports are among the other environments to which the system is relevant.

For audiophiles who prefer the source of their sound to be as unobtrusive as possible, AudioArt is presenting its myaudioart Flat Hi-Fi System. With myaudioart, flat speakers are hidden by artwork chosen either from the company’s extensive database or using images or artwork of the customer’s own. A specially designed aluminium frame not only allows the artwork to be simply and quickly changed, but also ensures that the image is perfectly smooth once clamped in place. The canvas is said to ensure both maximum sound permeability and also a high degree of colour stability. Behind the artwork lies a 56-bit DSP which calculates the optimum music signal for the acoustic architecture of the myaudioart system; Class D amplification; and custom-built drivers specially developed for the flat panel configuration and designed to deliver clear high tones and deep bass.

Indoor arenas and airports are among the environments suited to a personal streaming solution myaudioart is appropriate for both commercial and residential applications

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Power the Potential of Business across Borders

Vestel Meeting Collaboration Cloud Solution An Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution (Intel® MRS)

Wirelessly connect to Intel Unite for fuss-free screen sharing across different devices Powered by Windows 10 Pro

Visit us at Stand 10-P150 to find out more 65” 4K projected capacitive touch display

10-point active touch control

Palm rejection, pressure sensitive touch support


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What is the future of collaborative education? Panasonic’s European business development manager, Tony Molloy, looks at the growing trend for collaboration in the higher education space Educational institutions are actively looking for new ways to engage students and improve their offering to increase value for money for students. Having grown up with technology embedded into their daily lives, Generation Z expect the same from their education. The challenge for any education establishment is therefore keeping students engaged in material and identifying the methods of learning which suit them best. There has been a clear shi" in recent years towards encouraging active rather than passive learning. Panasonic has been one of the front-runners in providing the technological backbone behind this shi" towards the so called ‘flipped classroom’. Traditional in-class activities are carried out independently, freeing up teaching time for more involved discussion and collaborative learning. Research shows that people remember about 50 per cent of what they see and hear, meaning potentially only half of lecture content is retained by students. Discussion and participation moves the student from a passive learner into an active one, increasing the amount of information retained by 40 per cent. A new solution, the scale-up classroom (Student-Centred Active Learning Environment for Undergraduate Programmes), could be set to replace the traditional lecture model, to make way for a more effective and collaborative way of working. What is the scale-up classroom? The scale-up classroom is a physical learning environment that encourages active learning and interactions by positioning small tables, each with their own display, around the perimeter of the room, with one larger projection at the front. Students work on problems or projects in small groups, freeing up the lecturer’s time to wander around

and provide clarification or ask questions. Panasonic is set to recreate the environment at ISE this week. Scale-up technology, developed with third-party partners, uses two newly launched PT-RZ120 edge blended laser projectors to create the front projection, multiple interactive displays and live PTZ cameras via a single LAN cable. Content can be projected from the smaller displays to the lead projectors as dictated by the lecturer and recorded and accessed later to consolidate learning. The small, 43in, interactive displays have capacitive touchscreen capabilities, offering high precision and and bezel-free design. Once synced to a network, content can be controlled remotely and in real time, offering greater flexibility and the ability to share students’ work on the bigger screen, enabling group discussion. Collaborative vs individual learning With the cost of education ever-increasing, students are understandably questioning the value for money of their teaching. The concept of lectures, where basic course material is delivered with students filling in the gaps themselves, is arguably outdated in today’s world. The availability of so many sources of information raises questions about the value of purely instructionalstyle teaching. The scale-up classroom solution replaces the traditional lecture set-up creating a dynamic and collaborative learning experience. The model relies heavily on peer-to-peer learning and group working to improve understanding. The benefits of such collaborative learning are increasingly being recognised among educators. It has been proven to enhance problem-solving skills,

LED space light has the force A.C. ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGIES Stand: 7-V185 The AV distributor is exhibiting a range of Chroma-Q studio and architectural solutions, including the Chroma-Q Space Force LED space light. This product provides powerful yet so" lighting, and as a result has been adopted for a number of sets and major TV studios. Also designed specifically for film and TV, the Chroma-Q Studio Force II high intensity tuneable white LED wash light is making its ISE show debut. This fixture produces a smooth uniform wash from homogenised optics, with the ability to produce deep saturated colours. Providing inspiration for the architectural and installation market is the Chroma-Q Inspire range of LED house lights. These fixtures have been fitted in a multitude of venues in order to help create immersive experiences. The Chroma-Q Color Force II is also on show, demonstrating colour blending on a variety of interior surfaces. Meanwhile, all fixtures on the stand are controlled

AC-ET is exhibiting a host of the latest Chroma-Q studio and architectural solutions at ISE 2019

using the Vista 3 by Chroma-Q lighting and media platform. Also represented on the stand is Tourflex Cabling, which manufactures and supplies a full range of bespoke cables for signal, data, lighting, audio, video and rigging applications.

Smart work AVCIT ELECTRONICS Stand: 15-D255

Movie screen retracts underground ILLUSY Stand: 5-S130 Bespoke mirror screen and waterproof screen solutions company Illusy is at ISE to promote its Eclipse outdoor movie theatre range. The new Eclipse division was formed in 2017 to design and install giant, fully retractable screens to create complete, private, outdoor movie theatres. Eclipse Cinema is available in 185in (4m x 2.5m picture size), 273in (6m x 3.5m picture size) or 360in (8m x 4.5m picture size) configurations. All screens are fully retractable underground thanks to the company’s motorised Eclipse Megali" system, with the screen fully revealed within a minute. Both an LED Range (5,500 nits, 3.9mm pitch, IP65 rated) and an Outdoor Projection Display are available. Also available is a 5.2 sound system (which can be upgraded to 7.2 or 9.2 on demand). Appropriate protection/security is provided against strong wind, rain and so on. The entire system is controlled via a single remote. Illusy is also talking to visitors about the fully retractable speaker range it will be launching in the spring. Eclipse Cinema is available in picture sizes up to 8m x 4.5m

KVM solutions allow full control in command and control centres

Smart workspace specialist Avcit Electronics is showcasing its latest technology for mission-critical command and control centre design in Hall 15. The Avcit DS3.0 IP-based keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) provides an all-in-one solution, with multiple multi-viewing layouts displayed on any single monitor of workspace. An operator can access up to eight computers simultaneously on one monitor, and more monitors can join the workspace by simply adding a codec with full control by


challenging students to think more for themselves and also inspire critical thinking. The quality of both learning and individual skill-sets are therefore improved as a result. It remains to be seen whether collaborative and peer-to peer learning can replace the lecture-model completely but its success and potential are more likely to be realised on a widespread scale when led by technology such as the scale-up classroom. Stand: 1-H20

one mouse and keyboard. Any picture can be re-sized, re-positioned and overlapped on the current monitor or across two monitors.

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Keith Dutch, managing director, EMEA, Peerless-AV

All weather displays conquer the elements

From the beginning, a major barrier to outdoor display integration was the inability to use a conventional flat panel display anywhere outside a climatecontrolled environment. Not only did they lack the ability to survive extreme temperatures, but they were unable to withstand rain, humidity, snow, dirt, insects or anything else nature threw at them. Today, however, the digital signage market has witnessed the emergence of a new generation of slim, sealed, allweatherproof displays that are changing the face of outdoor AV integration by making all the traditional limitations a thing of the past. Earning a coveted IP68 rating, these fully-sealed high bright outdoor displays offer the highest particle and liquid protection in the industry, provide the widest operating temperature range (-35°C to 60°C) and offer IK10-rated impactresistant safety glass, while their NEMA 6 rating means they function without any issues under hose-directed water and

temporary submersion. Polarisation and automatic contrast adjustment are other important features incorporated in these new outdoor displays to ensure content is always readable. All this combined with a unique ventless design, without filters or exhaust fans, means digital signage can now go anywhere. A fundamental feature of these weatherproof displays is optical bonding. First, it reduces glare and reflection through the UV absorptive gel inserted between the protective glass and the screen. Second, it eliminates the air gap between the panel and the safety glass to prevent entry of moisture and formation of condensation. Third, it essentially creates a higher level of sharpness and perceived brightness but, most importantly, it does this without any extra investment or additional HVAC requirements. The placement opportunities are endless. Now the barriers are down, plan for outdoor and reap the benefits.

Stand: 12-H90

Conferencing solution is software-based ARBOR MEDIA Stand: 1-E120 Showcasing its portfolio of conferencing solutions at ISE is Arbor Media. Designed for deployment in parliaments, city councils, courtrooms and other organisations, the company notes that its offering is based on a flexible so"ware platform that is easy to manage and adapt. Cmeets is described as a fully automatic and easy-to-use advanced digital all-in-one conference solution. It comprises a number of modules that can be chosen by the user to enable a solution to be created that precisely matches the requirement. Available modules include a meeting preparation interface; automatic and professional camera control; video processing; voting; identification and authorisation; and recording and streaming. In December, Arbor Media announced that Cmeets had been selected by the City of Reykjavik to streamline all city council

meetings. Cmeets enables the city clerk’s office to automate a range of functions, including meeting preparation, voting, camera control during meetings, streaming of the meeting on displays and digital storage of meetings. Previously, most of those processes had to be handled manually. Cmeets is used by parliaments, councils and courtrooms

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Global presence, global support AVEX Stand: 1-E85

Schaddelee: ‘We can serve our clients that are based abroad better’

The company’s membership of the Global Presence Alliance (GPA) is the central ISE theme for AVEX. René Schaddelee, director at AVEX, said: “By being a partner of the Global Presence Alliance, we can serve our clients that are based abroad better. We can connect them to a reliable GPA partner in almost every geographical location. It also means that we are a known partner for multinationals with offices in the Benelux region. Through our GPA membership, partner organisations abroad will be connected to AVEX, so it is not necessary for them to search for a professional audio visual company in the Benelux. That saves time and money.” The Global Presence Alliance is described as a select group of suppliers capable of offering audio visual, video conferencing and managed service solutions worldwide. It was formed in recognition of the fact that increasing numbers of customers operate on a worldwide basis, and is designed to make it easier for them to identify local AV suppliers who conform to a set of standards. According to AVEX, the alliance enables those customers to increase their efficiency by standardising on technology platforms; facilitate expansion into new regions; make better use of their assets; and reduce costs through global purchase agreements.

Keeping it smart, and cool DRAPER Stand: 12-K60 Draper is displaying a number of key solutions at ISE. SmartTrim is a patent pending, design protected solution co-developed with SMS Smart Media Solutions to provide a trim option for a range of standard and custom Barco UniSee configurations. Draper’s new Silent Partner is a projector enclosure designed to hold projectors from 5,000 to 15,000 ANSI lumens; a convoluted exhaust airflow path and acoustic insulation foam greatly reduce any sound from the projector. A thermostatic fan control ensures proper projector cooling. Featuring lockable access doors to allow for easy projector service, the Silent Partner can mount beneath most ceilings or attach to a projector li# to conceal the unit when not in use. The Silent Partner is available in 120V and 240V versions. The company is also showing fly cages, which are available in several sizes and designed to provide sturdy, long-lasting protection.

The GPA UX Summit at ISE takes place tomorrow in the Emerald Room at the RAI

Combining art with audio LEON SPEAKERS Stand: 1-N90

Leon’s Ente Series is claimed to bring enhanced sound to Sonos

American manufacturer of bespoke custom speakers and technology concealment solutions Leon Speakers is showcasing a new collection of products that it says combine art with audio. Noah Kaplan, Leon’s president and founder, said: “The conversation can’t just be about audio any more. It used to be enough to just have great sounding speakers, but people expect more now. They want something that doesn’t feel like a commodity. We believe that custom homes need real custom options, and it is – and has always been – our mission to deliver that.” Working in partnership with Sonos to develop a line of lifestyle products for the company’s new amp, Leon’s Ente Series is claimed to bring enhanced sound and Leon’s signature style to Sonos. The Ente Sound Sculpture is a wall-hanging sculptural piece that incorporates curved Baltic Birch panels, LED lighting and two channels of audio. The Ente Sound Tile features a screen-printed grille with limited

SmartTrim matches a wide range of standard and custom Barco UniSee configurations

Tech showcase in ‘The Green Room’ TRIPLEPLAY Stand: 10-N155 edition artwork to conceal the speakers behind it. Both models feature audio by Leon and are powered by the new Sonos Amp.

A Tripleplay solution shown in a hotel room

Automatic for the people RSF INTERNATIONAL Stand: 5-V20 The Optima6 hands-free audio guide is being demonstrated by RSF International. It benefits from a range of options that cause messages to be triggered. Messages can be automatically triggered based on the exact location of the visitor – or alternatively, a version is available with a 12-button keypad which allows the visitor to manually key in a message number and listen to the corresponding commentary. Automatic triggering can be via either IR or RSF’s proprietary bidirectional radio frequency technology. The unit integrates a digital audio streaming system for up to 60 parallel channels with multiple possible applications. It also allows lip-accurate synchronisation with any audio visual application – such as video, lighting or shows. According to RSF, the synchronisation system is very easy to install and allows multiple videos/audio tracks per zone and/or screen. The programming of visits is achieved using RSF’s iGuide, a PC-based programming tool. Content can


Hands-free triggering of the Optima6 can be via either IR or RF

easily be updated via wireless if future changes become necessary. Detailed usage statistics are automatically recorded inside each Optima6, with a wireless system allowing quick statistics collection. RSF’s proprietary low consumption technology allows the Optima6 to offer a full week’s battery autonomy with regular daily usage. The batteries are charged without any physical contact using RSF’s Magic charge system.

The so-called ‘Green Room’ in Hall 10 is a showcase of the next evolution of Tripleplay’s IPTV and digital signage platform. Tripleplay is set to add the release of support for Google Chromecast within its Interactive IPTV Portal solution, so ISE provides the first opportunity to get hands on with the company’s latest technology and advancements. James Keen, head of marketing at Tripleplay, said: “In the AV calendar ISE is the full stop to one year and the opening statement of another and provides a great opportunity to showcase what you can do as a technology provider. This year we have created our ‘Green Room’ to allow us to showcase some of the more bleeding edge technologies we’ve developed to some of our key partners and clients.”

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Ashly. Stand 3-C104. ®

©2019 Ashly, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Ashly is a trademark of Ashly Audio Inc.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Exciting things are happening at Ashly. Come see us at TAU’s stand, Hall 3, 3-C104.

Ashly • ISE Daily • ISE 2019 • Prepared 26 December 2018 for your absurdly early deadline.

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Digital signage: more than just a pretty face Digital signage in retail may have got its start in life through its ability to enhance a brand’s image but now, says Ian McMurray, it’s become a vital tool in driving the entire business It was, of course, American merchant John Wanamaker who famously said: “I know that half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Of course, things have moved on since the turn of the 20th century. We started to talk about ‘impressions’, about ‘opportunities to see’. TV advertising encouraged viewers to respond to a specific mailbox. Interested readers could clip a coupon from a magazine that would enable us to identify its source. We learned to measure the effectiveness of mailshots through response rates. Then, in the digital era, we were able to track email open rates. Links to our website contained embedded CID (Campaign Identifier) and then UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) codes to allow us to know what promotion had generated the traffic. It all became much more scientific when we were looking to measure ROI, comparing the investment with the number of leads generated, business won, profit made. But what about digital signage? In its early days, ‘traditional’ advertisers – agencies placing TV commercials, outdoor billboard companies, the printed media and so on – were suspicious, bordering on dismissive of this new way of reaching potential customers. SEXIER It’s probably fair to say that, initially, digital signage in retail got a foothold by being ‘sexier’ than traditional forms of signage – enhancing high-profile brands, becoming ‘must have’ for upmarket stores. But: the market has matured rapidly, especially as the economic environment has become more challenging, and measuring ROI has become commonplace.

The good news is that countless studies have demonstrated that digital signage in retail delivers real, quantifiable business results. For example, it’s proven to drive impulse purchases. In general, it’s said that almost 70 per cent of consumer purchases are made on impulse – and one in five of those has been influenced by digital signage. A single on-premise sign has been shown to deliver a sales upli# of 4.7 per cent. Some restaurants have reported an increase of up to 80 per cent in sales of items promoted digitally. Four out of five brands said they’d seen an increase of one-third in sales a#er deploying digital signage. Other studies have shown an almost 33 per cent increase in repeat purchases in response to digital signage. In one experiment, shoppers were encouraged – via a printed sign and a digital sign – to ask for a free tote bag: six went to the desk advertised by the print sign, while 600 responded to the digital sign. There’s so much more, too, such as enabling store staff to spend their time more effectively, and the benefit of increasing customer engagement which, again, is shown to stimulate purchases. PROVEN It’s proven that digital signage can drive in-store sales. On the other side of the equation, it can save money. One gaming store reported that its digital signage paid for itself simply by eliminating the need to print and distribute posters. And, when compared with alternative methods of catching consumers’ attention: digital signage costs a tenth of what it takes to reach an audience of 1,000 via print, and a fi#ieth of reaching that audience via TV. It’s not surprising that, according to one report, 70% of those companies investing in digital signage claimed to have covered their outlay within 18 months. The even

better news is that the barriers to entry, in terms of cost, are only becoming lower, making a positive ROI even easier to achieve. Such is the sophistication of digital signage today that it can capture key metrics such as how many people looked at the sign, how long they looked at it for, how they reacted to it, and even their sex and age. It can even modify the messaging in response to that data. That can generate incredibly valuable information about what works and what doesn’t, and provide real insights into consumer behaviour to the benefit of the whole business. Measuring the ROI of digital signage is now a science. John Wanamaker would have been thrilled.

Investing for a bright future

The FM Series (P4mm) commercial LED display is on show at ISE

LIANTRONICS Stand: 12-N30, 12-K26, 12-H25 Digital display solution provider LianTronics is showing its cutting-edge technology in Hall 12, including the Mini LED (P0.9mm), the FM Series (P4mm) commercial LED display and the RA Series (PH1.9mm) rental LED display with GOB technology. Kimmi Zhang, overseas marketing specialist at LianTronics, said: “Our continuous investment in highaccuracy automatic equipment allows us to work efficiently and effectively, with production capacity now up to 10,000sqm per month, putting us in the top three manufacturers worldwide.”

The company’s manufacturing systems include some 70 production processes and over 100 tests from components to finished products. Zhang commented: “With 20 years’ of QC experience, three ageing test procedures and over 100 tests and inspections, the failure rate is less than five pixels per

million. We always strive to advance on the basis of users’ demands and focus on the promotion of product developing and manufacturing. With the support of high tech and innovation, we design and manufacture high-quality LED displays to satisfy different applications, achieve the best displays and minimise the risk and cost for customers.”

Bring your own control IRIDIUM MOBILE Stand: 9-F120 iRidium server UMC, which controls automation systems – including KNX and IoT devices – is on show at ISE. The system supports KNX, BACnet, Modbus, MQTT, Helvar and Beckhoff ADS, and not only has an extensive API, but also comes with beautiful freehand graphics, differentiating it from other KNX solutions on the market. Its IoT-oriented approach provides access to cloud services with data analytics. Olga Nozdrina, sales and development manager at iRidium mobile, said: “We are constantly developing and improving voice control in iRidium pro and we have great news for fans of Amazon’s voice assistant. Amazon Alexa in iRidium pro is run as a regular driver which can be

Customers can control their hotel room devices with their own smartphone using iRidium pro

added to any iRidium pro project, or, if the user prefers Google, iRidium gate for Google Home can be added to any automation project. Regardless of what so#ware is in use, iRidium gate voice control via Google home can be added to it.” iRidium pro also enables Bring Your Own Device for such commercial projects as hotels, hospitals, meeting rooms and so on, where a BYOD add on provides the capability to set the lifetime of a licence on a mobile device of a hotel guest or a patient. A server is not required in the project. As a result, a hotel guest, patient or meeting room user can control AV and automation equipment from their own mobile device for as long as they need, but no longer.

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Stress relief for integrators DESIGNFLOW Stand: 1-N80 Jones: ‘Specially tailored to suit integrators working in the commercial sector’

ISE 2019 sees designflow announcing that it is expanding its umbrella of services to include outsourced design for commercial projects, AV/ smart building consultancy and improvements to its proposals and documentation for residential integrators. The company is also running a special offer at ISE. It will match any deposit placed against any of its outsourced design services. The offer applies to both new and existing customers. Keith Jones, partner at designflow, said: “Our expanded services are designed to provide stress relief to the pressure associated with modern integration projects. designflow’s new outsourced design for commercial projects has been specially tailored to suit integrators working in the commercial sector with flexible per page, per project or per day pricing. This means designflow can now act as an outsourced extension to an in-house commercial design team, with none of the headaches associated with outsourcing.” designflow’s AV/smart building consultancy service is aimed at integrators, architects, mechanical engineers and interior designers. The service will act as a specification tool for projects where a tender process is employed.

EXO-Terminate! PLATINUM TOOLS Stand: 14-K165 EXO termination kits are the star of the Platinum Tools stand at ISE. The EXO Cut/Strip/Terminate Kit gives users all the tools needed to prep and terminate a cable. In addition to the Crimp Frame and Die, the kit includes scissors, pliers and a range of connectors. The lower priced EXO Termination Kit comes prepared to accept additional tools with a foam insert that provides space for strippers and cutters. John Phillips, product manager for Platinum Tools, said: “Featuring the EXO crimp frame with the EXO-EX and the EZ-RJ45 interchangeable dies, the EXO termination kits supply everything you need to terminate Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a cables. Using the original EZRJ45 Cat5e and ezEX-RJ45, ezEX44 and ezEX48 connectors give installers the fastest solution for terminating The EXO Terminator Kit can be used to terminate Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a cables Ethernet cabling.”


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Permanent projection mapping first LUMITRIX Stand: 8-C473 The Lumitrix T A is a new plug and play outdoor projector designed to serve in all weather conditions. It comes in a compact and durable unit, with wireless control, and is claimed by the Czech company to be the first outdoor system for permanent projection mapping in the world. Lumitrix projection can, for instance, turn (nearly) every square metre of visible surface outdoors into a remotely controlled digital screen for use as outdoor media. It won’t be suitable for transparent and very dark surfaces but outside of that you can turn nearly any object into an OOH with no heavy construction works and no damage to the object, just a projector unit. The company also markets Lumibox, a smart platform for permanent projection mapping indoors. The vision is to make projection mapping easy and user friendly so that everyone can intuitively control it. Its services include design of projected decorations

Outdoor media projection offers great value in places with high traffic

for festivities or social occasions illuminated on house facades or creating projected cinematic experiences on public landmarks.

Ovation on stand MERGING TECHNOLOGIES Stand: 7-P180 Merging Technologies is showcasing a number of its latest solutions at ISE 2019, including the latest version of the Ovation Audio & Event Sequencer. Equally at home as a show controller or working with industry standard control so"ware or video servers, Merging claims Ovation 7.1 offers a number of options to manage different audio challenges. Ambisonic and binaural plug-ins as well as comprehensive 3D panning allow sound designers to produce innovative content regardless of the size and

Milestones marked SDVOE ALLIANCE Stand: 3-B150 Launched at ISE 2017, with the goal of standardising the adoption of Ethernet to transport AV signals in professional AV environments, the So"ware Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) Alliance has grown to 40 member companies shipping 158 products. Demonstrations on the SDVoE Alliance stand are aimed at proving that SDVoE matches the quality and latency performance of the best matrix switches and that it offers advanced AV processing capabilities no other matrix

Merging Technologies’ Ovation Audio & Event Sequencer continues to find favour with museums and theme parks

complexity of the location, claims the company. A particular advance with Ovation 7.1 is the console automation, which has moved from snapshot to fully dynamic with other improvements in cue feedback. There is also enhanced integration with popular controllers from Avid and SSL, while UDP/IP has been added to the IP control options. Furthermore Pyramix 11.1, the latest version of the DAW that comes with the Ovation system, offers an extensive toolset for objectbased audio production.

can provide. Demos of SDVoE products from different manufacturers working together are being shown. Since the SDVoE Alliance launched, more than 300 SDVoE Certified Design Partners have been trained and certified. Member companies are poised to deliver upwards of 150,000 AV endpoints in the coming year. Deployments in education, healthcare, enterprise, entertainment, government and military environments are ongoing and many new products are set to reach production volumes in 2019. Justin Kennington, president of the SDVoE Alliance, said: “We are thrilled to be having such a profound effect on the industry. Designers, integrators and end users are embracing the more open and standardised approach to signal management offered by SDVoE. We can clearly see that the days of dedicated matrix switchers and proprietary AV over IP are numbered!”

Some of the tech on show from SDVoE founding members ZeeVee, Netgear and Christie

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Always connected signage PIXELART Stand: 8-C218 For large multiscreen networks forget the laborious task of managing individual screens. Now you can create multiple screen groups and let Pixelart do the hard work. The company’s CMS tools are presented at ISE 2019 for managing screen networks from the Pixelart web app. Ideally, this will be a stable connection with at least 10Mbps recommended, however the firm promises that screens will keep playing even if the internet connection is weak or goes down temporarily as content is stored locally on the player.

Pixelart generates responsive content to fit any screen.

Storage size is unlimited for uploaded assets. Once uploaded, users can use a screen-split tool to section each display and create a bespoke layout. With Automatic Content Fitting there’s no need to worry about screen specifications: orientation, aspect-ratio or resolution. Pixelart generates responsive content and will automatically adjust to fit any screen. The CMS performs live screen status display, realtime content playback, campaign status and player performance metrics.

UTELOGY Stand: 14-M170

Sweet streams VEO-LABS Stand: 13-B155 A fresh video streaming solution for healthcare markets – known as VeoStudio – is among the solutions being demoed at ISE 2019 by Veo-Labs. VeoStudio healthcare includes a multi-stream AV capture system (for up to four cameras), monitoring screens and audio devices. Placed in a simulation control room, the solution can be combined with OpenVeo media server to offer a complete video publishing solution for debriefing and restitution rooms. The company is also showing the latest version of its cloud live production platform, Vodalys.Studio. The platform is able to ingest several video inputs captured from various sources – smartphone, video encoders, web page screencasts, etc – and allows streaming of the resulting video flow

Updating analytics

A screenshot of the Vodalys.Studio live production platform

simultaneously live to a multitude of social networks or to a secured web-based video player, with interactive services. Veo-Labs has also introduced the Veobox M, which allows you to record and control up to five video channels simultaneously from input streams sent by third-party encoders or IP cameras.

Highlights of Utelogy’s updated so"ware include new AV device monitoring and analytics features, as well as easy integration points that increase its value to users. New features in U-Manage, the management and monitoring tool, include a re-designed interface and navigation; dashboard and reports customisation; a pre-configured report library; and APIs for third party development. Because Utelogy is a brand-agnostic so"ware platform, end-users and managed service providers can make use of network connectivity. The platform delivers the ability to monitor and provide analytics on any device so organisations can update, adapt and reuse technology throughout its workspaces to manage total cost of ownership. In addition, Utelogy is also unveiling integrations with two key enterprise video tools to put the power in the hands of the user.

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4K industrial LCD monitor ADTECHNO Stand: 8-A178 Education, medical, security or broadcast, no matter your field, at some point soon you’re going to need to upgrade your monitoring screens to 4K UHD. Japan’s Adtechno arrives at ISE 2019 with a contender in the form of the 12.5in UH1250S. This 4K industrial LCD monitor features a 3840 x 2160 resolution IPS panel with 12G/6G/3G-SDI support. 4K output is supported by single 12G and 6G-SDI as well as Quad 3G-SDI. 2SI and SQD are both supported for Quad 3G-SDI. The model sports a single HDMI 2.0 port for UHD content at 60Hz as well as three HDMI 1.4 ports for UHD at 30hz. The panel allows for playback of Full HD content in four-way split screen mode. Vertical and horizontal two-way split screen, PIP and Safety Marker functions to assist creators are also supported. It comes with a self-standing floor stand which includes screw holes for additional stability at any location. Quarter inch screw mounts on the top, bottom and both sides allow installation of tripods, monitor arms and

clamps. The UH1250S supports dual power input from DC connectors using AC adaptor or XLR connector. Support for V-Mount battery plates is also included through mount holes on the back. The UH1250S can playback four times Full HD in split screen mode

Ahead of the curve CLAIR BROTHERS Stand: 5-X122 The 10SPOT hybrid loudspeaker is the centrepiece of the Clair Brothers ISE stand. The speaker combines Clair Brothers’ Curved Array Technology with its One Series coaxial horn technology to create what the company claims is a unique form factor loudspeaker that requires minimal space yet covers a room’s listening area much more effectively than conventional point source speakers. The 10SPOT’s horn technology comprises a coaxial horn arrangement that provides constant curvature in the vertical plane with progressively increasing divergence in the horizontal plane. The company says this delivers a unique directivity pattern of 90° at the top and 135° at the bottom, across a 45° vertical coverage angle – giving it the ability to eradicate horn shadowing. Based on the 10SPOT’s form factor and dispersion characteristics, it is said to be well suited for installation near ceiling to wall intersections in applications such as hotel/club bar areas, performing arts centres, houses of worship, arenas and auditoriums, nightclubs and cruise ship venues.

Sound and vision HIGHLITE INTERNATIONAL Stand: 7-Y190 Event technology distributor Highlite International is showcasing solutions from multiple brands, including the latest offerings from DAP Audio. The focus from DAP Audio is on the company’s range of installation mixers, which are well-equipped for zone control with multiple inputs. Several specific ranges – including the analogue HP-series, the digital QI-Series and the 100V PA or ZA-series – are well-suited towards the requirements of multi-roomed venues. In combination with the new Celestion-powered XI-MKII installation speaker series, the latest DAP Audio installation mixers are able to accommodate a multitude of fixed install applications. New from lighting specialist Infinity is the Furion Series, which comprises ‘fast, powerful and intelligent’ LED-based moving heads equipped with wireless DMX. At the top of the range is the Infinity Furion S601, which sports four very precise blades, morphing possibilities and Digital Motion FX. The Infinity Chimp light controller has been developed to trigger the user’s creativity, while the Infinity Signature LED based

Highlights: XI-MKII models in black and white from DAP Audio are on display

The 10SPOT hybrid loudspeaker offers a coaxial horn arrangement

Automation for a nation theatre spots – which involved a collaboration with Robert Juliat – are also on the Highlite stand. Other highlights include Showtec’s IP65-rated Showtec Helix S5000 Q4 outdoor washer with 40 Prolight Opto RGBW 4-in-1 10W LEDs and Wireless DMX. Wireless DMX is also present in the Showtec Eventspot 1600Q4, which is a battery light with an intelligent battery management system that enables up to 15 hours’ battery lifetime per usage – even if the battery is not 100% charged. Meanwhile, DMT is bringing attention to its Premiere LED screens, which deliver pixel pitches from 5.9 to 2.9mm.

Ares8 ramps up power with onboard amp AUDIOFOCUS Stand: 5-Y100 The Ares8 self-powered line array speaker is being presented by Belgian company Audiofocus. Audiofocus claims that the Ares8 is the only speaker in the market with rigging angles of 0.5° rather than 1°. This, it says, may seem trivial – but at a distance of 60m or 80m, it makes a few metres difference. The combination of the rigging with a true cylindrical waveguide (WST) makes it possible, the company says, to create a perfectly cylindrical wave front that ensures a clearer and further throw. According to the company, the onboard amplifier also adds choice: it is much easier to make an active biamp system passive than vice versa. Audiofocus says that it chose to follow this route to create a perfect match between drivers and amplifier. Each driver is also separately controlled to get the most from every watt of power.


The Ares8 offers a ‘perfect match’ between drivers and amplifier

Other advantages of the design approach are, the company says, reliability and protection. Even if one amp fails, all other boxes will continue to operate – which is not the case when a passive system’s rack amplifier fails.

VITREA Stand: 5-S94

Vitrea is launching home automation solutions designed specifically for the UK

Home automation technology company Vitrea is at ISE to promote its range of solutions specifically developed for the UK. Target markets include homes, offices, yachts, hotels and restaurants. Vitrea’s glass touch switches come in various colours and with a gloss or matte finish, complementing interior design choices. Switches are engraved with scene names or icons, and can be installed using flush or float mounting. They are 1-gang; CF, UL and FCC certified. They can be installed anywhere UK switches are used. The company says its most popular solutions are the VTouch Pro, a complete wireless system designed for existing projects or modular automation, and VMax, a complete wired system designed for new construction sites and full automation from the start. Its newest solution, VTouch, has been developed to integrate directly with Crestron systems.

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CUTTING EDGE AV Distribution DisplayNet delivers superior performance: • Independent Multi-Layer AV Switching • Zero Frame Latency and Fast Switching • Unlimited Scalability using copper and optical media • Cross-vendor interoperability with other SDVoE products • Advanced Video Wall functionality – supports up to 8x8 arrays • MultiViewer – create custom layouts for up to 32 sources on a single display • Supports the latest HDMI / DisplayPort formats: 4K/60 4:4:4, HDR and HDCP 2.2


Powered by

See us at ISE Stand 1–M100 © 2019 DVIGear, Inc.

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Tablet takes AIM ADVANTECH Stand: 8-K250 AIM-38 is a 10in industrial-grade modular tablet targeting the retail and hospitality industries. Powered by an Intel Atom X5-Z820 processor that supports both Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Android 6.0.1 operating systems, AIM-38 is said to offer highperformance computing and installation flexibility. Its high-brightness display option (up to 800 nits) supports outdoor operation. The system also features 4" drop protection and an IP65 rating for resistance to water and dust ingress which offers better protection for commercial catering and hospitality applications. The unit can be fitted with a range of peripherals, such as a 2D barcode scanner, magnetic strip reader, RFID module and IC card reader, in order to serve as an all-in-one service terminal. The inclusion of embedded 4G LTE technology facilitates voice calls and direct real-time communication. The company said: “For the retail industry, the AIM-38 tablet provides a key solution for achieving smart retail. The system’s unique design and flexible hardware/so"ware configuration offers retailers a simple yet rugged mobile solution for intelligently building, managing and growing their business and improving the customer experience.”

The modular tablet can be fitted with a range of peripherals

Shower a sign MOBIMA & WAYO Stand: 8-E352

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Simultaneous streaming CMX AUDIO Stand: 5-Z104

The VC-600HD IP-based AV encoder/decoder enables the streaming of various audio and video sources simultaneously, with video at HD resolution up to 1080P60. The unit provides support for a range of H.264 video formats as well as for DVI, HDMI and audio including G.711 and G.722. The optional IP-600ED IP encoder and IP-600NA IP decoder provide simple encoding and decoding from analogue to IP and IP to analogue.

Keeping audio in line GUANGZHOU CVR PRO-AUDIO Stand: 14-B190

The VC-600HD enables the streaming of various audio and video sources simultaneously

Also on show is the SIP-603POE horn speaker. Said to be easy to integrate with Cisco and Avaya VoIP phone and IP PABX systems, it is capable of broadcasting audio via multicast. A single Cat5 cable is used for control data, signal data and power supply, with the elimination of the need for an AC or DC power supply simplifying deployment. It is designed for offices, hotels, schools, shopping malls and so on where a PoE network is already present.

Presentations without power

Speaker manufacturer CVR Pro-Audio is demonstrating its latest W-3P powered line array on its stand this year. This two-way full range system from the Chinese manufacturer is developed as a super-compact audio system and is configured with two 2.5in tweeters and a 12in woofer. The CVR customised neodymium speaker components and its unique cabinet design are all specifically used to enhance the performance of the system in live events or installation projects. All the speaker cabinets are made of birch wood and finished with black or white textured high-density polyurethane coating. A two-channel Class D amplifier module – together with the company’s latest DSP system and Dante functionality – is built in. Sammy Lee, sales manager for CVR Pro-Audio, said: “This self-powered system can surely provide our users [with] more convenience and flexibility.”

AUDIPACK Stand: 1-F30

Share some donkey beer and shower the Wayo Lite at ISE

Meet the world’s first battery driven outdoor mobile digital signage. Remote-controlled innovation Wayo Lite is also rain-proof and what’s more Mobima is inviting visitors to give the unit a shower at ISE. The Wayo Lite can also be used indoors, aimed at applications in conference centres, shopping malls, museums, hotels, airports, railway stations and so on. Full HD images are transferred to the Wayo Lite by a USB stick, or you can fit your own media player. Battery capacity is rated as over 14 hours. The Belgian company is also on the lookout for distributors worldwide. So, head over to Hall 8 and share a glass of what Mobima is calling Flemish ‘donkey beer’.


The W-3P powered line array sports two 2.5in tweeters and a 12in woofer

The Move-it off-grid presentation unit does not require mains power

The Move-it off-grid presentation unit being showcased at ISE by Audipack allows content to be shown without depending on the availability of mains power. The Move-it is provided with a built-in power pack which supplies the power that is needed. Users are free to choose any brand or type of screen up to 55in diagonal/30kg weight/150W power consumption, using a VESA 400 x 400 or 400 x 600 mount in portrait mode. According to Audipack, the unit is ideal for use in shops, shopping malls and perfect for menus, crowd control and so on. The Move-it has an internal rechargeable lithiumferro 200Ah battery with a battery management system and can be simply charged by plugging it into a wall power socket. Battery life is approximately 10 hours at 125W power consumption. A professional charger and an internal (type F, CEE 7/4) socket are built into the unit. The unit comes on wheels for easy movement, and has a grip handle at the rear to enable easy transportation. It is designed for indoor use.

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the CEDIA Designer

Built by Home Theater Designers for Home Theater Designers Experience The CEDIA Designer (formerly The Cinema Designer), the world’s most powerful home theater and media room design software. Just enter your design information and the software will create a technically perfect home cinema or media room design with full documentation, a scale rendering of the finished theater, and a 3D CAD model. The CEDIA Designer calculates in minutes what would typically take an experienced designer weeks, and produces a design proposal that is client-ready. The product database includes the finest manufacturers so you can specify the lines you currently carry. CEDIA members have free access to the CEDIA Media Room Designer and discounts on the full software. Join us for a webinar demo and learn more.

Tuesday 5 February 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. | D301

Thursday 7 February 3 p.m. | D301

Wednesday 6 February 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. | D301

Friday 8 February 11 a.m. | D301 Š 2019 CEDIA. All rights reserved.

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Integration is key HDL Stand: 9-D170 Four new products are ready to be viewed on the HDL stand, namely Tile, Granite Display, the S57 panel and a video intercom system. Tile is a series of intelligent control panels that has push-button keypads, OLED multifunctional panels, socket panels with USB ports and emergency button panels. S57 is a multifunctional touch panel with a 5.7in display, which uses HDL ON as the default user interface. Granite Display is a touchscreen variant of the previously showcased Granite Panels. It’s equipped with a new user interface Wallapp, which is specially designed for wall panels. HDL Video Intercom System comes with a 10in screen as its indoor unit, which can serve as a smart panel to control other home devices. The Chinese manufacturer provides products running KNX, as well as its proprietary technologies Buspro and Buspro Wireless. Each of these systems allows users to integrate voice control, lighting, shading, HVAC, floor heating, security and other features into one unified interface. The company is showing its full range of automation products at ISE, including sensors, keypads, relays and dimmers.

DisplayPort 1.4 series launched BLUSTREAM Stand: 5-S140 The new PRO Series DisplayPort 1.4 Cable is being launched by Kordz (exhibiting on the Blustream stand). This addition to the Kordz line-up provides what the company describes as a robust 32.4Gbps bandwidth. It is designed and engineered to provide a reliable connection for DisplayPort-supported (gaming) PCs and laptops to an 8K/60Hz or 4K/240Hz UHD monitor or other DisplayPort supported device. The cable also allows up to 32 channels of audio, including Dolby Atmos, Auro3D and DTS:X immersive audio formats. James Chen, managing director of Kordz, said: “The PRO Series DisplayPort 1.4 Cable is a great addition to our ever-expanding range. Thanks to DisplayPort’s standard, this allows a higher resolution of 8K at 60Hz with 10-bit colour HDR or 4K at 120Hz to be viewed. As ever, we continue to lead the way to support the latest standards and interfaces, and offer the best possible performance for users. We remain committed to ongoing research and development in order to provide innovation, quality, and of course, assured connectivity.”


The new DisplayPort cable delivers 32.4Gbps bandwidth

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Cables fit for CPR compliance PROCAB Stand: 7-M190

Procab’s latest range can help pro users comply with CPR classification requirements

Premium cable manufacturer and PVS brand Procab is unveiling an extensive new range of CPR-compliant cables in Hall 7. The cables in this series are intended to be used in applications where CPR classification is required, ensuring that customers can achieve the safest possible solution for installed cabling. The new range consists of loudspeakers, microphone, Cat6 and Cat7 cable types, with users able to choose

Safe connections

between 100m and 300m variants so that possible surpluses are kept to an absolute minimum. Available Euroclass types include B2CA, CCA and DCA. Designed to provide optimal, tested safety in every environment, the cables are made to minimise any hazardous smoke, burning droplets and acidity in the smoke. The outer jacket is flame-retardant, providing optimal resistance to spreading fire and therefore maximising the overall safety of the construction.

Roxtone ensures all its products are compliant to ROHS and Reach standards

ROXTONE Stand: 14-C143 With more than 10 years’ experience supplying professional audio accessories, Roxtone is showing a series of new products at ISE. On display are a waterproof power connector series, alongside power, data, audio and DMX cables. The waterproof power connectors can be used to connect video equipment and integrated systems, and the company’s waterproof and dustproof design has been tested to achieve IP65 rating. Stand visitors can not only see audio and video accessories, connectors and cables, but can also discuss product customisation requirements. The company’s production plant uses standardised workflows to ensure consistent quality, and all products are compliant to RoHS and Reach standards.

Speakers ready for cinema action PMC Stand: 1-F50 Speakers designed for high-end home theatre are being demonstrated by PMC. ISE provides the custom installation sector with its first opportunity to experience PMC’s new audiophile flagship, the fenestria. Also on show is the wafer series of in-wall and on-wall models. Miles Roberts, export sales director for PMC, said: “ISE is the place to showcase premium quality products for the residential and commercial custom installation market, and so there’s no better place for PMC to engage with the high-end home theatre installation

Mobile special MICRODIGITAL Stand: 15-S325 So"ware specialist Microdigital is exhibiting the MDDS-MP2 in Hall 15 with a focus on how retailers and restaurants can increase sales and improve brand loyalty through the implementation of digital menu boards. The company offers dynamic menus with a graphical interface that can be updated when required, removing the need to print and install static menu boards. The digital menus are managed by means of a mobile content management system (MCMS) and a mobile application. It is also possible to manage multiple menu boards at

The BB6 XBD active speaker is used during the creation of blockbuster film scores

sector. We’re delighted to be demonstrating the stunning sound quality of our wafer2 series speakers and displaying the new fenestria flagship, with all its technological highlights, and look forward to sharing the incredible experience with the many show visitors.” PMC is also showcasing the BB6 XBD from the company’s active speaker ranges. According to PMC, these large-scale speakers with active DSP control are used by many of the major Hollywood movie studios and film score composers during the creation of blockbuster films.

Digital menu boards enable prices and other details to be updated in a flash

multiple sites, allowing retailers to adjust prices and product information in several locations at the same time.

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FLASHTRACKS AVIXA FlashTracks are free 20-minute education sessions held on stand 13-N110. FlashTrack education is designed for AV professionals of all experience levels and focus on key topics in the industry

FlashTracks are for AVIXA members only. You can sign up for free at Download the app and log in to show your proof of membership

AVIXA FlashTracks are organised into four tracks. To help you choose your sessions, use the key below to identify the topics of most interest to you.






Twenty-minute design school: designing for user experience

Service level agreements: understanding the SLA

Dos and don’ts of webinars and virtual meetings

Speaker: Colin Birney, Birney Consulting, LLC As IT and AV continue to converge and sometimes merge, IT industry requirements begin to appear from customers and consultants. You’ll learn what SLAs are, how they’re useful and how you can be proactive in creating your own before they’re made a requirement. In this session, delegates will learn: about SLAs and their importance to the IT industry, how to interpret SLAs and the associated terminology, and how to create and implement your own SLAs for customers.

Speaker: Chuck Espinoza, CTS-D, CTS-I, AVIXA “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs. This session will touch on what user-centered design is about and some of the principles involved in making a good user experience.


AV integration in the educational market


Twenty-minute tech manager school: creating an SOP

Speaker: Chuck Espinoza, CTS-D, CTS-I, AVIXA Procedures make success repeatable. Repeatable procedures produce metrics, and metrics produce better procedures. In this session we will discuss what makes a good SOP, and when SOPs should be implemented.


Best practices for the perfect project

Speaker: Justin Paveley, CTS-D, CTS-I, AVMI In today’s commercial AV projects, there are high-level project management principles and best practices, that, if used correctly, can be the key to a successful project. During this presentation you will learn to plan, execute and complete an AV project successfully. The session will ensure you understand the typical AV industry project lifecycle(s) and project stakeholders, determine requirements, validate assumptions, as well as identify the important project metrics to be captured, measured and analysed within the typical AV industry methodology.


Speaker: Adriano D’Alessio, Lightware Our new digital age has transformed people everywhere – especially young people – who are primarily subjects of education, as everyone has become more perceptive of visual information than messages expressed in writing. If you want to burn some information into their brains, it is essential to use visually dominant tools, and also good quality audio, to attract and entertain the student’s minds. If those minds are not entertained well enough, your messages will be mostly lost.



User Experience

Emerging Trends

Speaker: Justin Dawson, CTS, XTREME MEDIA This session will cover best practices for AV support to a webinar or virtual meeting. Most end users believe there is only one so!ware platform for a virtual meeting, and several don’t understand the needs for a microphone or even a webcam for such a meeting. We’ll talk about the technical issues that can arise from virtual meetings and webinars, and discuss how to avoid disruptive situations, such as presenters or attendees not being able to see or hear the meeting. You’ll also learn about planning and preparation towards a virtual meeting or webinar, why additional AV support or a team is good practice for webinars and recommendations on equipment. In this session, delegates will: learn about risks to a live virtual meeting or webinar and how to combat risks before, during and a!er; discover the recommended preparations to a virtual meeting and why AV support is necessary for a live webinar.


Considerations for AV/IT network managers from the smart home Speaker: Mitchell Klein, Z-Wave Alliance Learn about smart home technology and IoT protocols; implementing IoT technologies like Z-Wave, Zigbee and Bluetooth in residential or commercial installations; apply considerations and lessons from smart home networking to future installations of networked AV.

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An experience economy approach to digital spaces and projects

Twenty-minute navs: network analysis – packet capture using Wireshark

Speaker: Juliana Papurello, SCAI DOOH.IT The ever-increasing convergence between the ICT sector and the world of professional audio-video triggers new models for thinking, managing and proposing smart spaces, involving digital communication campaigns and interactive user journeys. The project design must take into account not only the integration of creative technology but also the knowledge of the audience and users, through models of thinking that consider experience both a tool and a result. The experience economy approach offers an interesting perspective to design innovative paths, to successfully face the challenges of unconventional digital communication.


Are you covering the costs of your labour?

Speaker: Brad Malone, Navigate Most companies have a vague sense that their labour costs more than just their hourly wage and benefits – but for many that understanding stops there – with detrimental impacts to job costing, profitability, commission structures, project management, etc. This session will cover the key concepts of fully burdening your project labour – direct, indirect, overhead, utilisation rate, gross profit vs. net profit implications, and staffing capacity. An example will be worked through to highlight the differences between mature and immature labour burdening.

Speaker: Stuart Willcocks, CTS-D, CTS-I, Google Wireshark is a free and open-source tool for inspecting packets as they pass through the network. It’s a great way to learn about network technologies, and an indispensable tool for anyone working with AV control systems. In this session we’ll take a tour of the Wireshark so!ware, look at a variety of use cases where packet analysis might be useful, and finally use Wireshark to observe what happens on the wire when we send a seemingly straightforward AV control message.


Design thinking: the why and how of it

Speaker: Lisa Perrine Ed.D, Cibola Systems There’s a lot of AV industry buzz about experience design and design thinking. Is it worth your time and effort? Yes, according to a new study. Design-driven organisations earn 32% higher revenues, and produce a 56% higher total return for their owners. And that’s true whether you’re delivering products or services. In this quick session you’ll learn three impactful design practices you can incorporate into your work, no matter what role you fill. You’ll take away some new ideas about how to get design traction in your organisation. And by the end of this session, you’ll understand why you don’t need to be a designer to be a great design thinker.


Addressing challenges for AV networking using Ethernet and AVB

Speaker: Richard Bugg, Meyer Sound/AVNU Alliance Get a quick version of the popular and well-attended AVIXA MasterClass on the evolution of networks for Ethernet and IP for audio, video and beyond. This session will educate AV and IT managers, integrators and specifiers on best practices for distributing time-sensitive audio, video and control signals over an Ethernet network, using Audio/Video Bridging (AVB). Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the primary fundamentals to achieve networked AV success by addressing the five biggest challenges of AV networking and briefly outlining how AVB and Ethernet networks help address these challenges. In this session, delegates will: 1. Understand the primary challenges of real-time audio and video on standard networks and how AVB can address them. 2. Gain a basic understanding of how to deliver synchronised media on the network, help media devices find each other to work on the network, ensure reliability, and more. 3. Learn more about how to get started with AVB.



CEDIA Sessions are organised into three sessions. To help you choose your sessions, use the key below to identify the topics of most interest to you


Emerging Trends


09:30-11:00: Room D202

09:30-11:00: Room D204

Managing for success: striking a balance between doing and managing

New battery technologies and energy storage

Speaker: Leslie Shiner, owner, The Shiner Group This session will help you learn to successfully manage employees and become a better manager to avoid growing beyond your own level of competence. By evaluating management skills and recognising limitations, you can find the balance between doing and managing. Learn the steps of successful delegation and how to develop a plan to avoid micromanaging staff and become a better manager.

09:30-11:00: Room D203

Future technologies: the Silicon Valley scoop

Speaker: Rich Green, owner, Rich Green Design This popular course provides a new perspective on stampeding technologies, their importance and how they can make you more profitable. Learn about dozens of new technologies that are emerging from the secret labs of Silicon Valley. This course is a perfect precursor to the ‘Design thinking & client discovery workshop’ where you will learn how to implement these new technologies into cutting-edge designs.



Half-day sessions cost €155 for CEDIA members (€220 for non-members); 90-minute sessions are €89 (€119). All sessions are included in the CEDIA ALL ACCESS Pass


For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2019





Speaker: Ken Erdmann, co-founder, Erdmann Electric With the exponential growth of electronic technologies in the home, an updated power infrastructure is needed. This course will cover DC power distribution, new and better battery technologies, and how this approach will improve the performance, efficiency and economy of the home’s electronic systems. We will discuss the need for better and safer batteries, and the challenges associated with current energy storage technology. A!er lithium ion, what’s next and how will it be better?

09:30-11:00: Room D201

Wire, wireless and fibre: understanding bandwidth

Speaker: Simon Buddle, education director, CEDIA In this course we’ll start by looking at binary data. We’ll then use simple bandwidth calculations to understand how much bandwidth each system needs, and compare those bandwidth requirements with the capacities available from common carriers.

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11:00-12:00, 15:00-16:00: Room D301

14:00-15:30: Room D203

The CEDIA Designer Workshop (free to attend)

HDMI 2.1 update

Speaker: David Meyer, director of technical curriculum, CEDIA Developed by CEDIA with the support of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc, this class distills and summarises the key features and functions of the HDMI 2.1 specifi cation. Learn about the new video formats, enhanced audio, new frame transport, all new encoding with unprecedented integrity protocols to assist installations, and of course a big leap in bandwidth with a new cable speed. Ití s the biggest change to HDMI since its inception in 2002. So how can you ensure the infrastructure you install now will be future ready for HDMI 2.1? This class is for all AV professionals with an interest in HDMI, with tips and advice from CEDIAí s leading HDMI subject matter expert.

Speaker: Guy Singleton, owner, the CEDIA Designer Guy Singleton demonstrates the worldí s fi rst home cinema and media room design so"ware that was built by home cinema designers for home cinema designers. Enter your design information and the so"ware will create a technically perfect home cinema or media room with full documentation, rendered to-scale visuals of the fi nished cinema and a 3D CAD model.

11:30-13:00: Room D201

Luxury sales: client discovery and high performance system design

11:30-13:00: Room D202

Programming vs confi guration: the pros, cons, and what is right for your business

Speaker: Doug Jacobson, director, residential technology, Crestron As technology evolves and clients become savvier to the DIY solutions and price points available, what is the best way to achieve this ultimate goal of speed of deployment, incredible user experience and business profi ts? Doug Jacobson will discuss and debate the pros and cons of programming a custom solution versus a more locked-down ë confi gurableí solution, and how using the right methods at the right time can help you maximise your business potential.

11:30-13:00: Room D203

Next generation display technologies

Speaker: Michael Heiss, principal consultant, M Heiss Consulting HD, 4K, UHD, 8K, HDR, WCG, HFR, HDR-10, OLED. How do all of these things work, what is hot today, obsolete tomorrow and what is coming down the display pipeline? Will LED-Direct and micro-LED replace projectors? What is a Light Field Display? Whatí s the ì next big thingî and how does it all impact your trade? This is the place to get the answers!

11:30-13:00: Room D204

Essentials of audio visual rack design

Speaker: Nick Pidgeon, director, Visualization Ltd This course will give delegates a clear, structural methodology for rack building, from planning through to future servicing. It will underline the importance of pre-design considerations including environment and space planning, system design and security, and will also explore in detail the design process itself. Delegates will look at the impact of their design and how it affects fi nal rack type and product selection, the cabling plan, electrical requirements, thermal and power management issues.

14:00-17:00: Room D201

Home theatre audio and acoustics part I

Speaker: Anthony Grimani, president and lead consultant, Performance Media Industries Part one of a comprehensive series where you will learn the basics of sound, sound reproduction, transmission and refl ection. Walk away knowing how to analyse room size and shape and predict audio performance for the best surround-sound designs.

14:00-15:30: Room D202

Growing your business without going out of business: making major steps while maintaining your margins

Speaker: Leslie Shiner, owner, The Shiner Group Why is it that when you suddenly double your sales, your profi t is cut in half? This session will discuss why, as an integrator, you caní t grow slowly and steadily, but have to make incremental jumps. Discover the cause of the growth plateau and why it occurs in the integration industry.

14:00-17:00: Room D204

How to win at usability: user experience workshop


Speakers: Rich Green (le"), owner, Rich Green Design; Jan Martens, Woelf bvba CEDIA members either admire or abhor luxury sales. Ití s true that huge projects can make you fabulously successful or they can kill you. Jan Martens and Rich Green have seen the good, the bad and the ugly, and will share their deep experience working with some of the most challenging and rewarding clients in the world. Do you want to be inspired? Take this class and learn how to think big, really big.



Speaker: Geoff Meads (le"), managing director, Presto AV; Mark Warburton, technical director, Ivory Egg Ever wondered why you always seem to return to the same apps, websites and devices? User Experience Design (or ë UXí ) is a design ethos that seeks to present controls in an easily understandable, human-friendly manner that keeps users coming back for more. Using examples (both good and bad) from hardware, so"ware, apps and websites, it explores the emotive side of user interfaces and how, when designed well, they can deliver more than just function.

16:00-17:30: Room D203

Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Bluetooth: oh my!

Speaker: Mitchell Klein, executive director, Z-Wave Alliance WiFi is ubiquitous (and challenging), and you already have your favourite control system. So, what is Z-Wave, Zigbee and Bluetooth, and why should you care? If interoperability is the Holy Grail, writing device drivers is the crusades. As more and more ë heroí products populate the minds and homes of our clients, integrators must become receptive to specifying and installing them. It has become essential to understand what protocols these products are using for control, what these platforms can and cannot do, and how they differentiate from each other. We will explore which platforms are compatible with your favourite control system, and some of the latest developments in the war of interoperability.

16:00-17:30: Room D204

Completing a project: the last fi ve percent

Speaker: Simon Buddle, education director, CEDIA Enhance your project management skills by exploring the most common problems with completing projects and the tried-and-trusted techniques for conquering them. By identifying factors at each stage of a project that help or hinder completion, you will achieve increased efficiency and the potential for increased profi ts!


CEDIA Talks are 20≠ minute sessions presented by industry thought leaders, and are free to attend with no registration necessary. All talks take place at CEDIA Stand 1≠ E20 11:00 Whatí s so human centric about humancentric lighting? Confused by the industry advances from dimming to HCL? What is human-centric lighting anyway ñ discover that ití s so much more than just warm dimming. This session will give an overview of the ways to consider people when lighting them, and specifying lighting controls for them to interact with. Speaker: Sam Woodward 14:00 The fi ve ëW sí o f 5G 5G is more than just the next generation of mobile phone technology. Delivering ë fi bre bandwidth over the airí , it will fundamentally change the way that many

devices communicate. This top-level session will bring you the ë Who, What, When, Where, Why, and Howí so that you are prepared for the imminent arrival of 5G. Speaker: Michael Heiss 16:00 Web 3.0: The Spatial Web In a few short years, every aspect of our daily lives will be transformed by the Spatial Web. It starts today with the convergence of IoT, 5G, AR/VR and blockchain. Virtually everything in our environment will be both physical and digital. This short talk will tease you with the Spatial Web, aka Web 3.0, and how it will change everything. Speaker: Rich Green

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TODAYí S MAIN STAGE SESSIONS New for ISE 2019, the Main Stage hosts a broad range of educational and thought leadership presentations, produced by AVIXA, CEDIA, ISE and AV Magazine. It is located in a central position in Hall 8 (8≠ E400) and features a bespoke design from ISE partner improve. Sessions are free to attend and no advance booking is required




Brad Grimes, senior director of communications, AVIXA; Kevin Murphy, Kra!werk Living Technologies; Gavin Oliver, key account museums and exhibitions, kra!werk Living Technologies

Theo Kalomirakis, TK Theaters; Peter Miller, client sales manager, Cornfl ake

Bob Snyder, content chairman, ISE 2019 Smart Building Conference

Delivering the AV Technology for 007 ELEMENTS


Rising to the vertical challenge Ignacio Alonso, chief marketing and sales officer & strategy, TRISON


Panel debate: Future technology

Matthew Drinkwater, head of fashion innovation agency, London College of Fashion; Evan Grant, founder, seeper; Amelia Kallman, futurist; Sanj Surati, digital atelier and founder, Tiger Heart. Moderated by Clive Couldwell, editor, AV Magazine

CEDIA Award winner: Taking home cinema to the max

Breaking into the smart building business



Jon Cooper, director, The Next Level; Nick Fitche, residential regional sales manager, Crestron

Amanda Eberle Boyer, senior director of member services, AVIXA; Denise Nemchev, president and CEO, tvONE; Sanj Surati, digital atelier and founder, Tiger Heart. Moderated by Clive Couldwell, editor, AV Magazine

CEDIA Award winner: Mayfair House Apartments


The role of immersive media experiences in a smart building

Michael Luck Schneider, creative technology director, hardware, Gensler


Q&A: How Silicon Valley sees smart building trends

Panel debate: diversity


Women in AV drinks reception

Join Sadie Groom, managing director, Bubble Agency, and Toni Moss, managing director, CDEC, for an update on the Women in AV mentoring programme and an opportunity to network. Sign up to enjoy complimentary drinks and light refreshments:

Joseph Aamidor, managing director, Aamidor Consulting


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GLOBAL AWARDS 2018≠ 19 visit for the winners

EISA is the unique collaboration of 55 member magazines and websites from 27 countries, specialising in all aspects of consumer electronics from mobile devices, home theatre display and audio products, photography, hi≠ fi and in≠ car entertainment. Now truly international with members in Australia, India, Canada, the Far East and USA, and still growing, the EISA Awards and official logo are your guide to the best in global consumer technology!


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22/01/2019 17:05 23/11/2018 16:01



For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2019


Room E001


Video demonstration

Five prestigious brands ñ JBL Synthesis, Mark Levinson, Revel, Lexicon and Arcam ñ come together to offer the most advanced high-performance audio systems available. From the fi nest stereo listening to state-of-the-art multichannel home theater systems, the HARMAN Luxury Audio Group delivers pure, uncompromised sound. Harman Luxury Audio will be holding demonstrations of its prestigious luxury audio products throughout the show.

HDBaseT Alliance Crestron

14:00-17:00 Room G102/Forum Lounge


Preparing for the network generation In this session we will address the skills needed to foster A/V into the IoT. Weí ll examine the knowledge and lexicon needed to effectively communicate to, and work alongside, IT and network professionals.

12:00-14:00 (Forum Lounge)

Creston consultant summit

Join Crestron technology experts to learn about industry trends and the latest in technology for network video solutions, highperformance audio solutions, and Intelligent Unifi ed Communications.


Room D501/D502/D504/D505

10:00-17:30 (D504)

Simulation and fi xed installation projectors: private demos 10:00-17:30 (D502)

Virtual reality projectors - private demos 13:30-13:55 (D501)

Whatí s new about ClickShare 13:30-14:30 (D505)

Consultant discovery sessions


Connecting people, space and tech

Learn how to deploy solutions to streamline the modern workplace and keep all employees and visitors informed and empowered throughout the day.

This course covers IT system design, network security, switch confi guration and, of course, everything you need to know to confi gure and deploy DM NVX. System design and installation are only half the story.


UC ñ solutions for every spce

Devices to be covered include phones, tabletop conferencing, smart soundbar, and integration kits for custom spaces.overview of recent success stories.

14:05-14:30 (D501)

Learn how to design, confi gure and deploy a home using Crestron Pyng OS2. Deliver complete customised automation and control of your clientsí homes, including video, at incredible speed, with an unparalleled user experience theyí ll love.

Consultant discovery sessions Projection and display solutions.

14:40-15:05 (D501)

wePresent 2100 in the classroom 15:15-15:40 (D501)

ClickShare IT friendly new features 15:50-16:15 (D501)

ClickShare vision roadmap


This course is targeted at installers and integrators who would like to learn more about HDBaseT technology.


The Power of HDBaseT Installation Testing

This session will focus on the main troubleshooting issues, and how to address them and ensure customer satisfaction.


Room G104


Kramer AV over IP Certifi cation See for details.

The evolution of AVoIP: DM NVX2.0


14:30-15:30 (D505)

The HDBaseT Extended Advanced Installer Expert Program


Wireless presentation and collaborative learning.

Focus on XMS-110

Emerald Room

Designing with Crestron Pyng OS2

d&b audiotechnik

Room E105/106


Room E103

12:00-13:00, 14:00-15:00, 16:00-17:00

L-ISA presentation

L-Acoustics looks forward to presenting the companyí s latest addition to our installation product range for the fi rst time at ISE 2019, as well as highlighting improvements to so!ware and networking within the ecosystem of our existing product lines. Additionally, an update on the latest developments surrounding our trailblazing L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology will be provided via an overview of recent success stories.

Martin Audio

Room E104

11:00-12:00, 13:00-14:00, 15:00-16:00, 17:00-18:00

Loudspeaker demonstration


The d&b News Session 12:00-12:45, 16:00-16:45

The d&b Soundscape 14:00-14:30

The d&b Product Listening Session

Void Acoustics

Room E108

10:00-11:00, 12:00-13:00, 14:00-15:00, 16:00-17:00

Audio demonstration

Audio demonstrations including products from the Arcline, Air, Venu, Cyclone and Nexus series.

ISE Daily 2019

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Lighting control in the cloud PHAROS ARCHITECTURAL CONTROLS Stand: 9≠ E125 UK-based manufacturer Pharos is demonstrating the new Pharos Cloud service at its Hall 9 stand. The company claims it offers simple and secure remote management from any internet-connected device anywhere in the world. No additional hardware is required ñ a P haros controller is connected to the internet to create a secure two-way connection to the Pharos Cloud servers. Once connected, users can access controllers via the Pharos Cloud website to retrieve status, update programming or fir e triggers. Also on show are examples of Pharos integrations with third-party products, allowing integrators to use Pharos to add high-quality dynamic lighting control to a larger system.

HD with added value



iPad fi x SMART THINGS Stand: 15≠ S327

A library of IO Modules ñ s o"ware plug-ins for the Pharos Designer so"ware ñ m ake it easy to integrate with systems such as AV equipment, building management systems, consumer electronic gear and web-based data services.


Accessories specialist Smart Things is presenting its line of docking and charging stations for the Apple iPad, including sDock Fix ñ a wall m ount designed for use in a variety of commercial, industrial, residential, hospitality, medical, mobile and maritime environments. It is also presenting the advanced sDock Fix for the new iPad Pro 11in tablet for the fir st time. In addition, the company is exhibiting its 12W in-wall power supplies and the new inductive charger for charging mobile devices through tabletops. Existing furniture surfaces are not damaged as the charger is only glued underneath the tabletop. 3",'&4%(5'6-7'(#)'8,'.&,2'*%'2%(5'#)2' ("#$9,'#)'-!#2'-)'#':#$-,*;'%<',):-$%)0,)*&

VHD Stand: 11≠ A150 Chinese company ValueHD Corporation (VHD) is showcasing its range of video conferencing products and solutions in Hall 11. Among its product line-up VHD has HD video conferencing PTZ cameras, 4K Ultra HD cameras and a USB camera thatí s compatible with all so" video conferencing platforms, including Skype for Business and Zoom. The company provides AV equipment research and development, production, sales and related technical services.

Installed Sound

from the smallest up to the largest venues

Apart Audio solutions used in Felix Pakhuis - Antwerp, Belgium

Community Professional Loudspeakers solutions used in the Tychy City Stadium - Tychy, Poland

Visit Apart Audio & Community Professional Loudspeakers at ISE in Hall 1 Stand H140 Apart Audio & Community Professional Loudspeakers are brands of Audioprof Group International NV

Audioprof G R O U P


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03/02/2019 12:45



For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2019

Kiosks with HTML5 3D≠ BERLIN Stand: Kiosks with HTML5

Cool Vegas 3d-berlin is providing the wayfinding for ISE on 12 kiosk systems at the show

Indoor navigation specialist 3d-berlin will only be developing kiosk applications for its partners with HTML5. The companyí s desktop and mobile applications have been using HTML5 exclusively since 2011, but its kiosk systems have used Adobe Flash to date. Adrian Zentner, company MD and founder, said: ì Thanks to HTML5, our partners will continue to be free to choose the browser platform for their systems. Our developers are also pleased about this step because HTML5 and Web Components offer significantly more design fl exibility than Flash, plus it allows them to implement sophisticated surfaces with less effort.î Flash was once the de facto standard for interactive multimedia applications. Adobe announced in 2017 that it would cease support and that it would stop publishing updates for the Flash Player from 2020 onwards. 3d-berlin is providing the wayfind ing for ISE 2019 as a mobile application, on the ISE website and on 12 kiosk systems at the show.

AKASA (EUROPE) Stand: 8≠ E357 Thermal failure in an existing product or too much heat in a new system can cause your system to seize up and ití s a particular issue for digital signage which is o"en on 24/7. Taiwan-based maker of coolers, heatsinks and fans, Akasa, may have the answer. One of its new range is the Vegas TLY, a 14cm twin loop, dual-sided cooling fan containing 27 addressable RGB LEDs split among inner and outer loops. Frosted translucent blades provide maximum brightness and are engineered for low noise. The Vegas TLY LED-embedded frame design is said to not only provide better protection but also offer striking illumination and support digital addressable LED pin headers. Damping pads reduce fan vibrating noise. It comes supplied with an adapter cable. The Vegas TLY LED-embedded frame provides striking illumination

Home cinema audio hits high end STORMAUDIO Stand: 5≠ U59 Comprising six preamp/processors (digital and analogue 16-, 20- and 32-channels), two power amplifie rs (8 to 16 channels) and a 16-channel processor/amp (AVR), a representative selection of the StormAudio range is on show at ISE. The products are designed to serve the upper end of the home cinema market, with the processors all featuring built-in compatibility with Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. They also integrate solutions including Dirac Live Room Calibration and the StormMonitoring remote web-based monitoring tool. The StormMonitoring tool enables installers to diagnose all aspects of system health and reset just as if physically onsite. It is now compatible with leading remote monitoring and management cloud-based service Domotz. According to StormAudio, adding Domotz brings even greater functionality and security to remote

StormAudio’s ISP 3D.32 ELITE preamp/processor offers 32 channels

management of StormAudio products with on-demand full-access for diagnosis and immediate correction. Throughout the show, StormAudio is conducting private audio home theatre demonstrations. Featured is a complete active StormAudio system in a 9.1.4 surround config uration with the ISP 20 processor mated to a JVC DLA-Z1 video projector and dnp denmark Supernova Core 120in film screen.

Lighting and shading control system showcased LUTRON Stand: 5≠ R80 RA2 Select, a whole-home lighting and shading control system, designed to meet the needs of any residential property, is being showcased on the Lutron stand. The new system is confi gured by default and is said to be easily personalised by the homeowner. Recommended lighting and shading scenes are automatically created as each device is added to the system, improving speed of installation and ease of use. A free app allows users to monitor and adjust lights and blinds on their smart device wherever they are, offering

complete control. RA2 Select also integrates with other smart home technologies including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, the Google Assistant, Honeywell WiFi Thermostats, Nest and Sonos. David Ribbons, senior director of sales, Europe and Africa at Lutron, said: ì Modern technologies such as voice assistants, alongside our growing comfort using wireless products, have increased demand for fully integrated solutions. Early smart home devices were aimed at entertainment, but now control of comfort and environment are following closely behind. Lutron has served the luxury market for smart connected homes for 20 years and weí re excited to bring that same level of quality and reliability to a wider audience.î RA2 Select is designed to meet the needs of any residential property

Elevating the conference room AV experience NORTEK SECURITY & CONTROL Stand: 1≠ N50 Continuing to innovate the ways in which conference rooms and collaboration spaces are controlled and operated, Nortek Security & Control is demoing the latest Gefen conference room solution suite at ISE 2019. The new Gefen solution breaks away from centralised switching and distribution products that saturate the collaboration market. The modular solution replaces splitters, switchers, scalers and matrixes with a versatile and expandable system specifi cally designed for conference rooms and collaboration/huddle spaces. This system only requires installers and integrators to carry a handful of products to address the connectivity requirements in spaces of all sizes, regardless of whether there are one or 100 sources and displays that need to be connected. Jason Fitzgerald, product manager for Gefen, said: ì Integrators and end users are reporting pain points with regard to conference room and huddle space connectivity and control.These new solutions specifi cally address the challenges of current systems and give integrators a suite of products that simplify both the installation and the operation.î In addition to the new conference room solution, Gefen is displaying a number of other new products to help integrators tackle the challenges found in todayí s AV world, including wired and wireless connectivity, control and problem-solving products.

Nortek’s Gefen brand simplifies installation and use with modular solutions


ISE Daily 2019

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Dedicated half≠ day conference programme Presentations, panel discussion, networking reception


Keynote by Jan Runge (International Cinema Technology Association) and David Hancock (IHS Markit) ï

Companies speaking include Dolby, Samsung, Cinionic, Arts Alliance Media ï

Taking place in Hotel Okura, only seven minutesí walk, shuttle buses from RAI available ï

In combination with Digital Signage Summit, the leading business strategy conference for Digital Signage professionals



6 February 2019 14:00 ñ 18:00 Hotel Okura Amsterdam The Netherlands www.

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EDITORSANDCONTRIBUTORS James McKeown has been a B2B editor and journalist in the media and technology sectors for more than 15 years, and is currently group content director of Future plcí s B2B division. He has overseen the ISE Dailyí s production since 2017, and has also served as editorial director of the IBC Daily and BVE Daily, and as editor-in-chief of broadcast title, TVBEurope. Michael Burns has been a writer, editor and creative content producer for the past 20 years, working in the design, film , broadcast, audio and VR/ interactive sectors. His work can regularly be found in publications and online, including Broadcast, British Cinematographer, Digital Arts, IBC365, SVG Europe, Televisual, The IBC Daily, and more. He works as a writer and producer for digital agencies and conferences, and keeps an enthusiastic eye on VFX, design, animation and immersive content at www.fir Jo Ruddock has been writing about the AV industry for almost a decade, including eight years as managing editor of Installation. She has been involved in the production of the ISE Daily since 2010 and has experience on a number of other Daily newspapers, including The AES Daily, BVE Daily and IBC Daily. David Davies has been writing about professional AV and broadcast technology for 17 years. He is editor of Sports Video Group (SVG) Europe and continues to contribute to a host of trade publications, including PSNEurope, PSNLive, Installation and Audio Media International. He has also been a part of the team for The AES Daily, The IBC Daily and, since 2005, The ISE Daily, for which he served as executive editor (on-site) in 2013. In addition, he is active as a copywriter and sub-editor. Steve Fairclough is a freelance editorial consultant who has covered the worlds of photography, film making, imaging technology and audio in print and online for over 30 years. He is the former editor of What Camera?, Amateur Photographer and Hi-Fi News magazines and is the former editor-in-chief of the pro imaging website Canon Professional Network (CPN). He has been writing about photography since 1987 and has interviewed many of the worldí s top photographers, including Sir Don McCullin, Steve McCurry, Martin Parr, Albert Watson and Terry Oí Neill. Elliot Herman is a journalist, editor and PR agent, who has focused on lighting, sound and AV technology since 2005. A!er a short stint as a paramedic in London, he moved to Berlin in 2012, where, in addition to writing, he now also works as a relocation agent for, helping people move to the city so they can enjoy it as much as he does. He has a cat called Albee, and a tattoo of a pet rat on his shoulder.


Despite being an English literature graduate, Ian McMurray joined the computer industry when 4K was enough memory to write a multiuser accounting suite. In 1996, however, he was asked to become European marketing manager for TIí s nascent DLP business, and was active in bringing the new technology to the attention of projector, display and TV manufacturers as well as potential end users throughout the region. He became a freelance writer in 2003, since which time he has contributed a monthly feature to Installation magazine as well as writing extensively for the ISE Daily. Anne Morris is a freelance journalist and translator. She has been covering the telecoms market for over 20 years, and has worked for various publications including Total Telecom, Light Reading, FierceWireless and SDxCentral. In recent years she has extended her remit to the broadcast industry, covering events such as IBC and ISE. Adrian Pennington is a journalist, editor and commentator on film , TV and AV production He has produced and chaired conference sessions, co-written a book on stereoscopic 3D, edited several publications and is copywriter of marketing materials for the industry. Ann-Marie Corvin is a Londonbased freelance journalist and editor with more than 20 yearsí experience producing B2B content predominantly for technology and entertainment titles. Sheí s held senior positions at Broadcast magazine, Architectsí Journal and Televisual; cut her teeth reporting for Media Week and is now a regular contributor to Broadcast TECH, TVBEurope, FEED magazine and IBC365. She is a trade show regular, covering for dailies during the IBC show and the Cannes Film Festival. Paul Bray has worked in and written about the technology sector for more than three decades. He read modern history at Oxford and worked as a so!ware engineer before retraining as a journalist. A!er two years as deputy editor of Which Computer? he went freelance in 1991. He is a regular contributor to AV Magazine and has written for many publications including the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Computing, Director, Nasdaq International and the Hutchinson Encyclopaedia. Mark Craven is the editor of Home Cinema Choice magazine, the UKí s leading publication dedicated to home theatre audio and video, published 13 times a year since 1996. He also serves as the Home Theatre Video expert group manager for EISA ñ the European Sound and Imaging Association. Personal interests include 4K Blu-ray, the Fast & Furious franchise and subwoofers that threaten structural damage to his house.

Margot Douaihy is a writer, storyteller and instructor who has reported on the professional AV industry for 18 years. She currently serves as the editor-at-large of AV Technology magazine which won the title of Best Media Brand in the 2018 Jesse H. Neal Awards. Kevin Hogan is a managing director of content, education, at Future plc where he is editor of education technology title, Tech&Learning. Kevin has a wealth of experience as editor of various education, technology and business publications and has been an active trade journalist for more than 25 years.

Steve Montgomery has been involved in the professional AV and broadcast industry for over 20 years, and still works as a consultant and system integrator in large screen and digital signage installations and distributed video systems. He has written for a wide variety of specialist pro-AV and broadcast magazines, covering a variety of topics from the perspective of users and integrators. He also assists manufacturers in creating readable marketing and technical support material.

Based in Antwerp, Belgium, Jamie Biesemans has been writing about technology and business for 20+ years, focusing on audio, consumer electronics, IT companies, so!ware, smart home applications and hardware. He is editor-in-chief of FWD Magazine, part of the Benelux-based FWD Network, which encompasses among others and, and writes for newspapers and retail publications. He is also the manager of the Expert Group for Hi-Fi products of EISA, the organisation behind the global EISA Awards.

Michael Garwood is a highly experienced B2B technology journalist and editor. With a career spanning more than 15 years, Michael has a background and a specialist knowledge in some of the worldí s leading industries, including telecoms, virtual reality, artificial inte lligence and AV. He currently serves as editor of AV Technology Europe.

The Offi cial ISE Daily Team EDITORIAL DIRECTOR James McKeown EXECUTIVE EDITORS Michael Burns Jo Ruddock HALL REPORTERS David Davies, Steve Fairclough, Elliot Herman, Ian McMurray, Anne Morris, Adrian Pennington SHOW REPORTERS Ann-Marie Corvin, Jo Ruddock WRITERS Paul Bray, Jo Ruddock GUEST COLUMNISTS Jamie Biesemens, Mark Craven, David Davies, Margot Douaihy, Kevin Hogan, Ian McMurray, Steve Montgomery, Bob Snyder PHOTOGRAPHERS Sander Ruijg +31 61472 4493 Dorian Broekhuyse +31 68178 8289 ON-SITE EDITORS Michael Garwood Duncan Proctor James Groves NEWSLETTER SUB-EDITOR Duncan Proctor GROUP SALES MANAGER Andrew Leggatt DESIGN Jat Garcha PRODUCTION MANAGER Alistair Taylor GROUP CONTENT DIRECTOR, B2B James McKeown GROUP COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR, B2B Ryan Oí Donnell MANAGING DESIGN DIRECTOR Nicole Cobban MD/SVP: Christine Shaw CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER: Luke Edson CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER: Joe Territo CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER: Wendy Lissau HEAD OF PRODUCTION: Mark Constance PRINTED BY Partnion, Marc van Riet +31 61362 4321 All contents © 2019 Future Publishing or published under licence. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be used, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any way without prior written permission of the publisher.

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Seeing is believing

Say HELO to new fi rmware

YDEA TECH Stand: 15≠ B200


LED display specialist Ydea Tech is showcasing its YIPLED LED smart transparent screen technology, which is designed to transform glass windows into a commercial medium within an urban environment. The technology adds practical advertising value to a window while maintaining its appearance and transparency.

Firmware to deliver enhanced compatibility, security and web UI customisation for H.264 streaming and recording device HELO has been released. The v3.0 fi rmware is available now as a free download from AJAí s website. The device combines 3G-SDI and HDMI I/O into a single appliance for streaming out to a CDN while simultaneously encoding and recording H.264 fi les to either SD cards, USB storage or network-based storage. v3.0 includes RTMPE support for Facebook, enhanced HTTPS security and Chinese language support in HELOí s web UI. Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems, said: ì AJA HELO provides professionals with a reliable, easyto-use recording device to meet the growing demand for live streamed content and weí re excited to unveil v3.0 fi rmware, which brings new, high-demand functionality to our customers.î


Smart signage and biometric authentication

Nexcom’s Smart Access IKS series

NEXCOM INTERNATIONAL Stand: 8≠ E190 Designed for smart elevator signage and equipped with facial recognition so#ware and iBeacons, Nexcomí s KPPC series with Intel sixth generation CPUs is part of the Taiwanese vendorí s ISE 2019 exhibit. The fi rmí s facial recognition technology can detect customersí gender and feed relevant coupons back to them. Visitors can also learn about the Smart Access solution IKS614 which deploys biometric authentication to permit members to enter and exit a store. Nexcom Smart Access IKS series also comes equipped with Intel sixth generation CPU and facial recognition so#ware. Aside from controlling store entrance, if customers register as members, this application can reduce the need for membership cards.

Multi≠ media extender OPTICIS Stand: 5≠ S82 At ISE, Opticis is introducing the DPFX-400-TR DisplayPort 1.2 multi-media fi bre-optic extender. It can transmit DisplayPort 1.2 signals up to 1,500m over a single duplex LC single-mode fi bre in 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution at 60Hz (RGB & YCbCr: 4:4:4). Following the DisplayPort 1.2 standard, it offers a total data rate of 21.6Gbps (5.4Gbps per lane). The DPFX-400-TR supports the MST (Multi-stream Transport) feature as well as transmitting the auxiliary/I²C channel over fi bre. It also provides both DisplayPort and HDMI outputs on its receiver with dual-mode DP (DP++), with either output selectable via a switch. In addition, the DPFX400-TR provides RS-232 and analogue stereo audio transmission over fi bre.



Elements C in marine≠ grade format PEAVEY COMMERCIAL AUDIO Stand: 7≠ H200 Following last yearí s announcement of the upgrade from IP45 to IP56 rating, ISE 2019 sees the launch of marine-grade versions of the Elements C Series enclosures that are specially designed to withstand the ravages of salt water, making them suitable for cruise ships, swimming pools or coastal outdoor applications such as theme parks and resorts, fun fairs, restaurants and more. The marine-grade versions, denoted by a CS suffix, will be available alongside the standard IP56rated Elements range. The Elements CS Series of composite enclosures are constructed from an advanced composite fi breboard material that is dimensionally stable in wet conditions and resists contamination, yet has the resonant properties of wood. In order to qualify for marine-grade ranking, all metal components have been upgraded to 316 stainless steel for even higher resistance to pitting and corrosion. This includes the front grille which is now stainless steel rather than aluminium, and the permeable hydrophobic membrane between the speaker and the grille has also been upgraded. The number of mounting points has been reduced in order to reduce the risk of corrosion and water/salt ingress and the CS versions also feature an integrated multi-tap transformer with 70V, 100V and 8 Ohms taps along with removeable plugs for all ports.


All models are available in black or UV-protected marine-grade white. Purpose-built U-brackets with a positive locking mechanism allow for fast and easy installation with maximum angle adjustment. Scott Schumer, North American sales manager at Peavey Commercial Audio, said: ì We developed the CS versions in direct response to a customer request. The client specifi cally required marine-grade speakers for a cruise ship installation and wanted to use Elements, so he asked if we could build them. Ití s clearly a very logical extension to a successful range, so we were only too happy to oblige!î

Powerful video wall processing RGBLINK Stand: 12≠ C58 A new video wall processor solution, FLEXpro8 supports a pixel space of up to 18MP, allowing display confi gurations including 8K x 2K from a single processor. Outputs are all modular in a new format which allows for professional locking connectors such as HDMI and XLR. RGBlink is also introducing a direct LED control output module, supporting four RJ45 outputs on a single port in an arrangement that it claims will dramatically improve LED system design, lower complexity and improve overall performance.

Up to 16 individual modular inputs may be installed in up to four slots. Similar to the outputs, new dual height input modules are also being introduced for FLEXpro8, providing support for 4K inputs. A multimode video wall processor, FLEXpro8 offers extended multi-layer, multi-window display options with up to 32 simultaneous video layers from any source, and is fi tted with RGBlink ARO advanced rotation and blending. FLEXpro8 is designed for creative displays and for use in projection applications.

A=*&B54C)$0D& ",7%."0/*&)$0+*((0$& offers extended /.()7#8&0)%.0'( A=*&E<BC>FGG>AH&+#'&%$#'(".%&E.()7#8<0$%&IJK&(.2'#7(&,)&%0&ILGG"

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Push button integration

IP video takes shape

CUE Stand: 1≠ F120

DELTACAST Stand: 8≠ M365

A range of IP-based integration control systems and reservation systems is on show. Targeted at any meeting room, Cue says that easy confi guration for the control system is provided using built-in web sites, with no so!ware or programming required. The package comprises an eight-button keypad and controller. The keypad is said to be compatible with many popular table interconnection boxes as well as with standard wall electrical boxes, and offers a backlit area for custom labels. Each button is equipped

with an LED indicator. Connection is via a single cable, and support for PoE means that hardware installation is simplifi ed. The network connection enables remote system setup and monitoring. The controller delivers support for IP device control, bi-directional serial port, universal ports, low-voltage relays and a dedicated port for a room occupancy sensor. The unit is designed for easy integration with Cueí s touchONE room reservation system.

!"#$%&#$'#()*+$,-$./0)*1,23#$4,1"$0*5($ )/)&3*6$1*23#$,51#6./55#.1,/5$2/7#-

The SMPTE family of standards for IP video streaming are nigh on essential for modern video over IP workfl ows. ST 2110, for example, allows more fl exibility and efficiency compared to ST 2022-6 which was a basic transposition of the SDI interfaces over IP. Besides its existing ST 2022-6 hardware and so!ware products, ISE exhibitor Deltacast has supplemented the VideoMaster SDK with a ST 2110 network stack working with third party network cards. This so!ware solution supports ST 2110-20 video, ST 2110-30 audio, and is compliant with the ST 2110-21 wide sender and receiver traffic shaping models with support for ST 2110-40 ancillary data. The SMPTE ST 2082-10 standard for 12G-SDI allows UHD and 4K video transport over a single wire at up to 60 fps. Deltacastí s DELTA-12G-elp-h 1C card hosts four 3G-SDI input/output channels with one of them being boosted to support 6G and 12G-SDI to make a facility ë future readyí .


*./$ " , ,

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) $ ( " " ! !' % & # % $ !"# (!'* +



9$:46;!"#$%;%!334%#$!3;<=<#48 !"#$%&'()*!"#$%&'+,!-*()*(+,-)*./0*!"#$%&'+,! -*./0-*.%"*$1"*&0".2*)32#$&3/)*43%*5#2$&6 4&7"%* 83&/$6$3683&/$* .882&9.$&3/):* ;1"* #/&<#"* %#=="0* ./0* 23/=2.)$&/=* 13#)&/=* &)* 8"%4"9$2>* )#&$.72"*&/*0"5./0&/=*"/?&%3/5"/$):*@3%*53%"*&/43%5.$&3/*?&)&$*1112345#6$72%!8


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Product Spotlight at ISE Sponsored content

Fibre 24Gbps HDMI cables with detachable headshell METRA HOME THEATER GROUP Stand: 1≠ Q80 A removable headshell with a small connector cover and hook makes pulling these cables through conduit easy! The hybrid active optical fi bre technology supports up to 24Gbps bandwidth for 4K@60Hz and HDR, compatible with ARC, eARC and all of the current HDMI specifi cations. Available from 9 to 79m.



Experience AR without a headset PQ LABS Stand: 8≠ C400 The Silicon Valley company has developed an AR solution using its Multi-Touch sensors which doesní t require headsets or a mobile phone. The G9 Air Touch technology displays AR on a 4K TV in a meeting room, so that everyone in the meeting experiences the same vision. Powered by PQ Labs AI Core Technology, G9 is claimed to be smart enough to understand natural body language. Users doní t have to act like a puppet. Simply swing your hand to see the next slide or tap in the air to

select what you want. G9í s sensors can interpret the gesture. Also from PQ Labs at ISE is G8 Glass Touch which can turn any glass into an interactive display. Installation is straightforward. Simply position your TV behind the glass window or wall, attach the G8 sensor inside your store, and plug in the USB. The G8 Glass Touch works under sunlight by recognising your fing erí s touch no matter how strong the sunlight is, while waterresistant capabilities allow it to keep working on a rainy day.

Wireless controller for seamless roaming LUXUL Stand: 1.Q120

ZyPer4K HDMI Module

The XWC-2000 Wireless Controller is being introduced at ISE by Luxul, a company specialising in ë simple-todeployí professional grade IP networking solutions for use by custom installation professionals. The XWC-2000 features Luxulí s proprietary Roam Assist technology which is designed to ensure seamless roaming of mobile client devices within wireless

networks that utilise more than one wireless access point, while also providing simple, centralised deployment of up to 32 Luxul wireless access points. This can all be managed through the free of charge and easy-to-use confi guration and setup wizard. The XWC-2000 is encased in a durable 1U metal enclosure for rack mount or desktop use and works with any combination of different models of Luxul access points.

ZEEVEE Stand: 10≠ S130 The ZyPer4K HDMI Module is the fi rst AV distribution product to be integrated directly into an Ethernet switch. This module provides four HDMI inputs per module distributing uncompressed 4K directly into a NETGEAR M4300-96X 10G Modular Managed Switch ñ providing a scalable, cost-effective, and more resource efficient AV distribution solution.

DynaScan outdoor dual≠ sided high brightness LCD ñ DO861DR4 DYNASCAN TECHNOLOGY Stand: 12≠ K50 & 12≠ K30 DynaScaní s new DO861DR4 is an 86in IP66 outdoor rated dual-sided professional ultra-high brightness LCD in a single, ultra-slim form factor. Each side produces a 3500 nit sunlight viewable image making this all-in-one solution an ideal fi t for outdoor advertising and transportation applications.

!"#$%&'()***$+,-./$+01"$234$5,6703210,3$ of different models of Luxul access points

Revved up Dante amp REVOLUTION ACOUSTICS Stand: 7≠ V180 Revolution Acoustics Acoustics has expanded its range of Class D amplifie rs with the addition of two PoE++ Danteenabled amplifie rs to the RevNet line. Providing up to 40W of speaker output, and geared towards rapid installation, the RevNet Poe++ amps can be used in low impedance (4 / 8 Ω) or constant voltage (70 / 100V) applications. The low-Z RevNet LZ220 offers two channels of 20W output each while the other new model, the RevNet CV140, provides one constant voltage channel with 40W output. Units are connected to a 60W switch output on a Dante network, which provides audio, control and DC voltage to the amps. Bob Katz, CEO, Revolution Acoustics, said: ì These

The new PoE++ amplifiers utilise Dante for audio and control

amplifie rs make it even easier to power our revolutionary SSP6 Multiducers in a variety of applications. Whether integrators are installing a sound masking system or a comprehensive campus-wide audio platform with music, paging and conferencing utilities, the SSP6 and RevNet amps will make their installations easy and effective. The ability to use the same products throughout simplifie s specificatio n, optimises the user experience with Revolution Acousticsí immersive sound, and allows for ultra-fast installation.î

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Lessons from SBC 2019



Bob Snyder, content chairman for the Smart Building Conference, refl ects on yesterdayí s event These days we tend to visit ë ISEí and overlook the ë Integrated Systems Europeí . Mondayí s Smart Building Conference, followed by an ISE-organised tour of the EDGE Olympic (Amsterdamí s latest example of a new generation of world-leading smart buildings) proves our industries are still the worldí s leading ë integratorsí . All across ISE 2019 you can see how exhibitors bring together audio and video, data and AV, IoT and smart home, digital signage and IT, AI and displays, and even different wireless and wireline standards. While other industries hem and haw about ë digital disruptioní , we are actually on the front line connecting the technology in offices, homes and buildings. In fact, we are so busy in the digital environment, the digital garden, tending crops and landscaping, that we miss the proverbial digital forest for the trees. We learned in the Smart Building Conference that the word ë buildingí in the title should be more of a verb than a noun. Companies like Gensler, ABB, Robert Bosch and Google showed us that we are building

Tracking development in speakers AUDIO PRO Stand: 5≠ W80


A speaker system from Audio Pro Business uses the existing track lighting in a showroom, retail outlet, restaurant, hotel or office, and the power that is already supplied to the system, to bring about ë total wireless freedomí . The Swedish company says that by using the new RF band at 1.9GHz, there will be no interference from overcrowded WiFi areas. With a range up to 100m, the company believes the new system will be suitable for a broad range of locations. Speakers are, however, capable of receiving both wireless and wired signals. The company says this means users can easily add Audio Pro Business and connect a transmitter to any available sound source to play instant, wireless music. Additional products, such as speakers and subwoofers, can be added whenever needed. Installation is said to take less than two hours. Wireless solutions are available for spaces ranging from 10sqm to over 7,500sqm.

Keep in Touch with new app update AUDAC (PVS) Stand: 7≠ M190 PVS brand Audac has announced the 2.0 update of its Audac Touch app, which makes it possible to control an entire audio installation and more from a single application. New features include Automatic Device Control, which means the app now automatically recognises and names all Audac devices in a userí s system so they can be easily added to dashboards and widgets. In addition, it is now possible to add and control third-party devices that support TCP/IP network commands directly from the app. This means the user can control an Audac installation as well as other smart device systems such as projectors or lights. Meanwhile, compatibility developments allow users to mix and control the inputs of Audací s fl agship matrix system, the M2 Multimedia digital audio mixer, directly from the app. According to Audac, the use of this solution enables the installer to benefi t from the confi guration and usability of a consumer app, but with professional functionalities as well.



smart experiences inside the same ë built environmentí weí ve known for some time. Whether offices, homes or office buildings, weí re bringing our integration skills to a new world where the latest IP technology provides a platform. At SBC, Mike Brooman, CEO at Vanti, showed us how the new defi ning role in the fi eld is that of a ë master systems integratorí . Robert Rosier, CEO of TPEX in Amsterdam, told SBC attendees about his experience in making the transition from a high-end video conferencing integrator to offering a full facility Management-as-a-Service. And Kathy Farrington, technical program manager at Google, explained how this need for integration marches on, as the next generation of IoT ecosystems creates new standards to meet new needs. While the Smart Building Conference is the leading edge for integration of the ë built environmentí , walking around ISE 2019 brings to mind how important ë integrationí is. Who puts the ë integrated systemsí in ISE? We do.

HDMI extender is jitter≠ resistant PURELINK Stand: 14≠ H200 On show on the PureLink stand at ISE is the FiberX HDMI 2.0 Optical Pigtail Extender FX-P350, which transmits uncompressed audio and video signals up to 1,000m over a single SC multimode fi bre cable. This compact, detachable extender is designed for professional applications. It handles full 18Gbps bandwidth while providing simple plug and play usability. According to the company, the reclocking properties of the integrated chipsets feature jitter-reducing circuits, enabling the FX-P350 to also work with sources susceptible to strong EMI emissions.The FXP350 supports CEC, transparent EDID and HDCP as well as zero frame delay, with no perceptible latency and no compression. Also being demonstrated is the new PureLink PI2010 series which comprises a range of active 18Gbps HDMI 2.0 cables equipped with what the company describes as a new generation of signal amplifi cation electronics. The new active cable supports high speed, maximum range and bandwidth. Transmission speeds are 18Gbps for distances up to 20m, and 10.2Gbps for transmission distances up to 30m. Their full 4K@60Hz, 4:4:4, HDCP 2.2 performance and HDR compatibility are claimed to make PI2010 active cables ideal for use in stateof-the-art professional installations. 65$'789:;<='+),'>/#*' >"15'&/0#+$&'&0&+$(1"-%$'1/' &1#/,4'?@A'$."&&"/,&

ISE Daily 2019

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Sponsorship In In≠ formation

ï Full≠ day conference programme ï Organised by Integrated Systems Events and Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) ï The event will discuss current issues and cutting≠ edge research fi ndings from the world of hotel and hospitality technology

7 February 2019 9:00 ñ 17:00


Hotel Okura Amsterdam

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Broadening access to professional development Thomas Darling, senior vice president of development and education at CEDIA, spoke to David Davies about the associationí s ë aggressive planí to make CEDIA education more accessible than ever before

ì With plenty of CEDIA education on offer, there really is something for everyone at ISE 2019,î says Thomas Darling, CEDIAí s senior vice president of development and education. Ití s an assertion that is backed up by a comprehensive fourday educational programme, encompassing everything from a specially curated Home Cinema Design Masterclass to a series of fi reside chats on the new Main Stage area ñ all of which (and much more) are covered in our discussion. Can you offer some comments on your association with ISE over the years, and the current impact that the show has on your annual planning and activities at CEDIA? We are proud co-owners of ISE, and the success and growth of the show over the years has had a great impact on CEDIA training. The show in many ways now represents the jumping off point for our yearly training programme as it hosts one of our largest training offerings at the start of the year. Ití s an incredibly important venue for us to connect with our members and provide them with the resources and training they need to be successful. What does CEDIA have in store for the week ahead? ISE 2019 is the perfect destination for learning. Weí re bringing an extensive four-day education programme to the show, designed to help technology integrators and industry professionals grow their skills, discover emerging technologies and be inspired for business growth and success. We were very excited to begin our education programme with a new, specially curated Home Cinema Design Masterclass

yesterday, led by four of the industryí s greatest experts: Joel Silver, Theo Kalamorakis, Todd Puma and Guy Singleton. Other highlights of the week include a great range of technical courses, such as not-to-be-missed, hands-on workshops; deep dives into subjects such as acoustic calibration and design; and a host of other courses to inform and improve integration expertise. Alongside these, weí re presenting emerging trends courses, covering topics from advanced display technology to augmented and virtual reality. Finally, our series of business-focused courses will explore how companies can put the right processes in place and apply best practice to prosper in the years ahead. CEDIA Talks also makes a return to the CEDIA booth on each day of the show, exploring a variety of hot topics in quickfi re, 20-minute sessions. Available for anyone to attend with no need to book in advance, the sessions will explore new technologies and ways of thinking ñ join us on 1-E20. Over on the Main Stage, weí re hosting a number of fi reside chat conversations where winners from the prestigious CEDIA Awards programme will be in the hot seat to share the secrets of their successful projects. With plenty of CEDIA education on offer, there really is something for everyone at ISE 2019. More generally, what is new for CEDIAí s education programmes, and what steps are being undertaken to increase the scope and quality of CEDIAí s curricula? In January, we launched 13 online courses, and weí ll have 70 available by the end of 2019, all delivered through a brandnew education portal to make the process even easier and more intuitive for the learner to fi nd the right education to fi t their needs. These courses are designed to give individuals a clear route to CEDIA Certifi cation and the education pathways best suited to them. As well as online advancements, weí re aiming to make CEDIA Training more accessible than ever, with over 100 in-person events planned for 2019. CEDIA has also been actively engaged in the revisions of several standards and recommended best practices to elevate professionalism and drive success in the industry. Weí ve recently released several white papers, with a goal of publishing six new white papers in 2019. What do you expect to be the key areas of debate and concern for the wider industry during the week? As technology continues to evolve and change at a rapid rate, so the home technology professional must be able to

Intelligent content scheduling NAVORI Stand: 8≠ E195 Doní t make best-guesses about what content makes sense days or even weeks in advance, when scheduling. Try Navorií s new rules-based contextual content capabilities within its QL2 digital signage so!ware. Unveiled at the show, QL2í s new intelligent scheduling and triggering capabilities allow, for example, retailers to base whatí s playing on specific s creens in stores on inventory levels or deliveries. This means that preset rules can trigger one-time promotions from linked management systems to announce that new stock has arrived from the distribution centre. Similarly, promotions can be dynamically removed from digital signage playlists if inventory levels run low, and hit a preset threshold that triggers the spot to be expired. This kind of intelligent content scheduling can also be applied in theatres, cinemas and large venues, where digital signage screens redirect attendees to shorter concession, ticket or security screening lines. Jerome Moeri, CEO of Navori, said: ì We know preplanned, scheduled content will always be a part of digital signage networks for our customers, but there is certainly a need to be more dynamic, at times.


Rules-based content triggering with QL2 digital signage software

adapt quickly and bring innovations into their business for the benefi t of their customers. ISE is always a great place to see whatí s new and understand where technology trends are heading. For example, the number of IoT-enabled devices and powerful, higher bandwidth networks are set to be a big talking point. So too will be the growing role of AI and voice control technology in the home. We also expect higher resolution audio and video innovations to make an impact. What do you regard as CEDIAí s key priorities for 2019, and how do you see your own role in terms of addressing them? Our strategic plan outlines signifi cant advances and leadership in three key areas: education and building the workforce; increasing professionalism through standards, guidelines and best practices; and deeper engagement and partnership with the design and build community. For my part, advancing CEDIA education will be the priority. We have a very aggressive plan to make CEDIA education more accessible than ever before. At the start of 2019 we will launch our new learning management system (LMS) where users will be able to access CEDIA Training 24/7 from their laptop, tablet or mobile device. Additionally, we have a robust schedule of in-person training events. In 2018 CEDIA Training was offered at over 100 in-person events and that number will only increase in 2019. How do you perceive the current status and role of the ISE show globally, and what are your expectations for the show as it prepares for its next phase of development in Barcelona? Ií ve only been with CEDIA a short time, but from all those in the industry who I talk to and meet ití s clear that ISE is the number one show in Europe for integrators. ISE is obviously still growing and thatí s so exciting for our industry. It demonstrates that market demand for AV and integration technology in EMEA remains strong. I fully expect the next two shows at the RAI to continue this trend and set the platform for the move to Barcelona in 2021.

Taking a shine to retail display PERFECT MEDIA SOLUTIONS Stand: 8≠ G475 For digital displays in retail, and particularly the shop window area, a very high brightness solution is required. Thatí s the focus of Germanyí s Perfect Media Solutions (PMS) at ISE 2019, at which it is showcasing the DigiSlim 55in high brightness panel. It outputs 2500cd/sqm and offers the possibility to easily reposition it along a track system. There is an optional built-in Windows PC, WiFi and LTE module for transferring and direct playback of digital signage content. Stefan Pagenkemper, managing director of PMS, said: ì This makes high-quality digital advertising in the shop window area even more fl exible and can be ideally integrated into further shop window equipment thanks to its movable positioning.î !"#$%&#%'&()*&+,-,*.,/&0,12."3&1'4,'1&"#&5*6

ì By data-tagging media assets, players and scenarios, and integrating with real-time data from other systems within a business, we can deliver content that is meaningful to that moment.î

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ISE Daily Tuesday 05 February 2019  

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