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March 2018

Connecting the physical and the digital worlds

A new name in collaboration was born at ISE 2018 – Kinly, formed from the merger of VisionsConnected and Viju. On the last morning of the the show, Paddy Baker spoke to three Kinly executives to find out about the new company’s approach to the market – and why “technology is not the thing any more”


SE 2018 saw the launch of one of the world’s largest systems integration companies: Kinly – formed from the merger of VisionsConnected and Viju. This follows the acquisition of both companies by an investor last September. The combined company has a formidable global presence, as chief marketing officer Knut Bentzen explains: “We have offices in Scandinavia, and now the legal head office in Amsterdam, we are across the UK, we are on the east coast of the US – and will grow further in the US – and we’ve got offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Our own operational head office is not even a physical one, but a global CloudRoom. We have done projects in more than 120 countries across the world. We understand the nature of global business: we are used to dealing with challenges like Brazil, where there are 13 different states and customs between every one of them.”

Viju and VisionsConnected were both leading players in video communications, and so it’s not surprising that Kinly – whose company slogan is ‘Working together. Everywhere’ – is entirely devoted to collaboration projects.

‘We have several examples of solutions that don’t look like a standard meeting room, but are optimised for a specific purpose’

Chief solutions officer Raymond Alves – previously CEO of VisionsConnected – observes that, over the past 10 years, customer demands have changed. “There is a lot of collaboration within an organisation and between organisations and that collaboration does not

always work in a perfect manner. So we have been dealing with a lot of technological fixes to make meetings run. And while doing that, we worked with a lot of partners – but at the end the customer was asking, ‘Can you take overall responsibility for all those meetings? I want to have one contact and one contract. What can you do?’ Now it’s getting interesting. “We found an investor and started to believe that this thing could work – meaning taking over all responsibility of meetings. Then basically we picked up the phone to Viju and said, we have something new, how about joining this party together? And if we do that, we need to elaborate on a new story – because technology is not the thing any more, the thing is how we make meetings run in an effective way.” According to Alves, there is a large opportunity for Kinly because of the fragmented nature of the integration market, particularly when it comes to serving multinational companies.

Installation March 2018 Digital Edition  
Installation March 2018 Digital Edition  

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