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January 2017



New age This reimagined Danish museum has added a new Stone Age exhibition, which brings the total number of Panasonic products featured within it to over 100. Duncan Proctor paid a visit to see how this extensive kit list is helping tell stories and recreate scenes from early human history


he Moesgaard Museum on the outskirts of Aarhus was opened in its current form in October 2014 as an exhibition building and meeting space that features dedicated exhibits presenting different stages of human history. The 15,500sqm structure was designed by Henning Larsen Architects and contains archaeological and ethnographic exhibits, meeting and conference rooms, as well as a café and shop for visitors. In addition, the unique architecture of the building is topped off with a grassy roof, from which visitors can view the sea, the forest and the landscape that surrounds Moesgaard Manor. Built at a cost of 393 million Danish kroner (around £45m), the museum attracted over 50,000 people in its first month alone, more than the previous museum attracted in a full year. Its status as a specialised museum also allows its archaeologists to carry out research at home and abroad. The internal team at Moesgaard Museum, led by Pauline Asingh, curator and head of new exhibitions, and Johan Ahrenfeldt, exhibition technology manager, took an innovative approach through a technology partnership with Panasonic. They wanted to go beyond the traditional format employed by a large number of museums, often displaying objects in isolation.

Instead the team chose to present an animated picture, and tell a story incorporating the people who handled these objects on a day-today basis. “The ambition behind the new building and the new exhibitions is to tell stories for man about man, and to create cultural-historical exhibitions which are experienced through the use of the senses, rather than understood by the mind,” says Pauline Asingh. The team was responsible for the entire creative direction for the project along with an engineering team from Panasonic, who offered advice on the feasibility of what had been specified. The exhibition covers different stages of human history in Denmark, each period has its own dedicated exhibits starting with the Stone Age, through the Bronze, Iron, and Viking Ages, concluding with a look at more modern societies and their cultures. This approach sees traditional exhibits combined with projected images and animations to create ‘scenographic environments’ that re-enact typical scenes from the period and immerse the visitor.

Stone Age The latest addition to the museum is the Stone Age exhibition, which leads on to the Bronze, Iron and Viking Age sections. This new

Installed Video (All Panasonic) „ PT-RZ470 3,500 lumen laser projectors „ PT-RZ570 5,000 lumen laser projectors „ PT-RZ670 6,500 lumen laser projectors „ PT-DZ680 6,000 lumen lamp projectors „ PT-DZ780 7,000 lumen lamp projector „ PT-DZ870 4,000 lumen lamp projectors „ PT-DX100 4,500 lumen lamp projectors „ PT-VZ570 4,000 lumen lamp projectors „ TH-42LF7 LCD displays „ TH-43LF8 LCD displays „ TH-55LF6w LCD displays „ TH-65LE7E LCD display „ TH-70LF60 LCD displays „ TH-80LFC50 LCD display exhibition includes 17 Panasonic projectors and two displays, taking the number of Panasonic AV products to over 100 (67 projectors and 34 displays), making it the biggest such installation in Europe. The Stone Age exhibition includes a number of individual, immersive exhibits, starting with a boat scene that featured four Panasonic PT-RZ570 ceiling-mounted laser projectors. The scene recreates fishermen paddling through

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