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It’s been good times of late for Wasteland 2 developer InXile. The Brian Fargo-headed studio was one of the first of the big Kickstarter winners, with a crowdfund campaign in early 2012 that aimed for $900,000 actually ending near to three times that: $2.9m. And it’s also one of the few of the high-profile campaigns that made good on its promises. Wasteland 2 arrived in late 2014 and Steam user numbers suggest it has banked something like $19m since release. It’s also fitting that this studio sits close in the ranking to Obsidian, a developer with which it shares a strong bond (see page 62).


The Chinese Room is currently one of the most highly regarded UK studios, not just within the industry but by consumers, too. This summer it released its biggest endeavour yet, the PlayStation-published Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture. The game was a smash hit in the UK on release and global sales must surely have pushed the game’s revenues to the $10m mark. Rapture is both an accessible and challenging game, asking players to explore a deserted English countryside village. It’s as worthy an entry in the English canon of ‘what if’ fiction as Day of the Triffids or War of the Worlds. WWW.DEVELOP100.COM

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