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EPIC GAMES Strip away the lucrative and iconic engine licensing part of the business and it has actually been a relatively quiet time for the development side of Epic, which for this entry we are bundling into one. For the record, the company has its main studio over in North Carolina plus People Can Fly and Chair, in Poland and Utah respectively. But we reckon that continued Infinity Blade revenue and its back catalogue comfortably keep the studio ticking over at this level. Expect a big spike once the Tencent-owned company’s long-in-the-works F2P game Fortnite goes and hits full release.

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2K AUSTRALIA A bittersweet estimate this one, given the studio shut mid-2015. 2K Australia has a varied history – starting out as a sub-studio as part of BioShock creator Irrational and then a fullyfledged internal 2K developer in its own right. The firm weathered so much, but wasn’t able to survive direct action from its owner, who likely saw little reward in staffing a studio on another continent. 2K Australia’s Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, developed for 2K partner and original Borderlands creator Gearbox, made something around $30m, with about two thirds of that on Steam.

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