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ABOUT Country: United Kingdom


Space Ape’s latest effort, Rival Kingdoms, has only grown its stature further – the game was picked out to be Editors’ Choice on the all-important App Store and has very strong user ratings with a global audience, which is especially strong in China. Space Ape has also pioneered community marketing on mobile devices – it is one of the top three mobile developers currently active on Twitch. The studio operates all local community operations in China, Japan and Korea from their Soho, London office where they employ people from 26 nationalities.



Country: United Kingdom

Although King’s London operations are primarily dedicated to marketing and corporate offices, the studio it houses is still something of a cash cow. That’s not bad for a team that is a mere three years old. Responsible for Farm Heroes Saga, the King London team was originally founded by former EA Playfish veteran Catharina Lavers Mallet who moved over as Electronic Arts closed down its social games business in the UK. Lavers Mallet drew on her experiences running The Sims Social to build an expert team around her.





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