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ABOUT Country: France (Ivory Tower) / United Kingdom (Reflections)


Pundits had been quick to brand Ubisoft’s The Crew a bit of a flop, but word from inside the firm’s studios suggest that its performance was in line with expectations. Certainly, Ubisoft HQ must have been happy enough with it – at the time of writing it had just moved to acquire Ivory Tower. The studio was originally founded in 2007 but after a run of work for hire gigs The Crew was its first major release. Note that credit is shared with Reflections here as the Newscastle-based team were drafted in as extra resource during production, co-developing the open-world racer.

MINICLIP PORTUGAL Although Miniclip is best known in the industry for its publishing efforts and casual games platform, most don’t realise it has in-house resource as well. The Portugal team are responsible for developing 8 Ball Pool, which originally was a browser game on the site, but has been kept alive through ports and upgrades – and is now one of the year’s Top 200 grossing mobile games. It’s a prime example of previously browser-focused social games companies making the leap to mobile successfully and will no doubt expand in future.

ABOUT Country: Portugal


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