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In many ways, GungHo is the other side of the Supercell story. Although a separate enterprise, best known for Japanese mobile hit Puzzle & Dragons, GungHo bought a majority controlling stake in Supercell mid-2015 – a move supported by GungHo parent Softbank, the telecoms giant. We estimate GungHo revenues are circa $1.5bn for the last 12 months, which combined with Supercell gets them well beyond $3bn. STUDIO HOTLIST

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GungHo started out in console games many years ago, but Puzzle & Dragons is the revenue driver these days. The dungeon crawler F2P title is now three years old and nearing the 50m download mark. The core F2P mechanics are all there in a combat-based round-driven title with multiple in-game currencies. Where it innovated, though, was how it blended Pokémon-style evolving monster elements with match-three gameplay,


creating something fresh, accessible and yet deep. It’s not for everyone, though – the huge chart-topping success in Asia was never identically replicated in the West, most likely down to player tastes. Nevertheless, the global commercial success of this brand is to die for, and GungHo has exploited the franchise with a variety of cross promotions with other big mobile and online hits, and even a Nintendo 3DS spin-off. WWW.DEVELOP100.COM

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