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It’s fitting to see this entrant sneaking up just behind Maxis. Because it was Colossal Order’s Cities: Skylines – released earlier this year – that proved there isn’t just life in the city building genre, but room for competition too. All the more impressive given the studio’s smaller headcount of just 14 developers. The game had a very strong debut for the Finnish studio, selling 1m copies just over a month after release. We’re pegging its revenues at around $45m so far this year. This is likely to grow as the firm continues to expand the game, working with its community to add new features.

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We might have underestimated CCP Games’ economic performance here, but going by its annual financial filings and wider industry activity it seems like the firm is going though a quiet patch. Hardly surprising when it has had to write off its ambitious multiplatform first-person shooter Dust and invest in R&D for things like virtual reality – its Valkyrie space dogfighting game is one of the hotly-tipped Oculus Rift titles. The EVE Online universe continues, however, with more effort going into highlighting the player-created stories the MMO is famed for, and no doubt plans for more expansions.



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Develop 100  

Our 10th anniversary edition once again ranks the world’s most successful studios, this time more comprehensively than ever before. Taking i...

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