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The core principle of Battlefield may not have changed much in its 13 years but its fortunes definitely have. We’ve come a long way from its multiplayer origins through to a Call of Duty-rivalling ascendance via download-only iterations and then the latest game, Battlefield Hardline. It’s a bit of a curveball, going big on single-player cinema-level flair – although the multiplayer was as much a priority – and while the game performed well enough commercially, it didn’t sell or review as well as the games in the series usually do. Of course, DICE will benefit most in next year’s listing from a certain Star Wars game.

THE SIMS STUDIO / MAXIS A combined entry this year for the team at Electronic Arts looking after The Sims and Sim City. Although very different games now, their shared lineage, management and development resource makes it hard to extrapolate so its best to consider it as a whole. The Sims may have lost some of it audience, but hasn’t lost its charm, with mobile versions introducing the series to a new range of casual and perhaps PC-less players. Meanwhile Sim City seems to have survived the controversy around its previous PC iteration and is now a blockbuster free-to-play mobile game in the form of Sim City: Build It.

ABOUT Country: United States


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