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ABOUT Country: United States


ABOUT Country: United States


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The Elder Scrolls Online was by no means a poor debut, but let’s be honest – it’s not made the impact most hotly-tipped MMOs have on their debut. Even Star Wars: The Old Republic seems to have maintained a bigger audience. And it’s not as if that’s comparing apples and oranges – this is the online sister title to chart-topping RPG Skyrim. But with something around $50m made last year – most of that through up front retail and download revenue – this was still a decent start for what is most likely a long-term game service. Now on consoles as TESO: Tamriel Unleashed, this has potential to grow.


Cinematic steampunk adventure The Order: 1866 may have debuted to so-so reviews, but its commercial performance was actually above average, netting around $50m globally this year – and at least half of that was taken in Europe. No doubt the gloomy London setting resonated with audiences on the continent. Sure, the PS4 exclusive benefitted from a demand for next-gen content and games for the currently dominant platform, but they shouldn’t be reasons to downplay the success of Ready at Dawn. This was a strong start for a promising new IP, and lays the groundwork for future growth. WWW.DEVELOP100.COM

12/10/15 09:50

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