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Keener pundits and spectators will find it no surprise that Supercell, the Finnish studio formed just five years ago, is top of the pile. Take revenue performance in prior years into account and then app store performances in 2015, and it’s very possible the firm will have broken the $2bn revenue barrier this year. If our calculations are close to correct, Supercell will have done this in the most impressive fashion with a very strict WWW.DEVELOP100.COM

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selection of games. This is not a mobile company that banks on a massive portfolio of games; at the time of writing it has just three active F2P mobile titles – Hay Day, Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. Clash of Clans is biggest, accounting for what must be roughly two thirds of the firm’s revenue, going by Priori Mobile chart data and other estimates. But of course the firm’s peers would dream of having a Hay Day or a Boom Beach in their


stable, let alone a colossus like Clans. You could write a whole book on why those games have been successful, but for us the most interesting has been the fact Supercell is unafraid of killing unsuccessful games swiftly. Five games – Gunshine, Pets vs Orcs, Battle Buddies, Spooky Pop, and Smash Land – were given a few months of life through soft launches but dropped as they failed to take hold. STUDIO HOTLIST

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Our 10th anniversary edition once again ranks the world’s most successful studios, this time more comprehensively than ever before. Taking i...

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