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There’s only one major game that gets this Vancouver team to the top, but it’s super: Marvel Contest of Champions. The game has reportedly made close to $120m already, benefitting from the general halo effect around any Marvel-related brand. Contest of Champions is an free-toplay fighting game featuring Marvel heroes. As you might expect from a F2P game, microtransactions are the secret to the brawler’s success. Kabam Canada was actually formed in 2013 by acquisition – namely the purchase of Exploding Barrel Games, previously a start-up working on Facebook games.




This is another of the Chinese telecoms giants that have actually had more of an impact on this list than you might think. It’s been the local operator and publisher for Blizzard for years, and has propped up other online games, too. But here we’re just focusing on its Fantasy Westward games, developed in-house and a major force in China on mobile and PC. On mobile alone, the series makes in excess of $100m. Netease has only just made its move in the West with the opening of a US subsidiary, so expect more from this company in this listing next year.



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