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Localisation by Testronic Labs

Gaming is an international language. Making sure you’re a hit in new markets means more money, bigger franchises and big wins for brand awareness. Localisation is key. And we can help make sure you never say console, when you meant to say console. With our global reach of languages, we’re ready to support you wherever in the world you’re headed. We can give you localisation testing for in-game audio and text, terminology and error message passes on specified platforms as well as proofing for pack, manuals and websites - and deliver it in a finished package, ready to go. We’ve got the experience and resources to handle whatever size project you have. From the sheer bulk of an MMO to the quick turnaround of a casual game, we’re on it. We cover 37 different languages; we are working to make that 38 with the addition of Klingon but native speakers are proving a little difficult to source at the moment.

Functionality QA by Testronic Labs

All games aren’t created equal. But we think that all games should be treated equally. As an independent test centre, you get nothing but objective, in-depth feedback from us so you can ensure all your original expectations are met. We start by understanding what you need and what matters most to you. We then evaluate your reference build and original design documents. Then, through a mix of Scripted and Exploratory testing, we’ll give a test plan and approach that is specifically created to fit the needs of each title. We put your game through a scripted ringer, so your customers don’t put you through one on the forums. You get a detailed test of every aspect of the title, which means that from play-through and in-game sequences to more technical elements like user configuration, stats, scores, collision detection and the full range of graphic components, you can be confident that the title works just the way you intended it. And because we give you a personalized testing plan, you can track and reproduce the test cycle with detailed metrics all along the way. To help you get a fix on those off-the-radar issues, our expert QA teams will also do Exploratory Testing so you can find and fix unexpected problems before you go to market. Console, PC, online, handheld, or mobile, your customers need a game that works perfectly and then you become the star of the show. We can help make sure you give them that.

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11/23/15 14:22

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