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Testronic Laboratories: Back-Stage Support For Your Starring Game Here at Testronic Laboratories we’re aware that QA and localisation services probably don’t represent the glamorous face of the games development business. But while we may not be the stars of the creative process, we pride ourselves on the fact that our services are an integral part of the development process. We’re the backstage department supporting Dame Judi Dench, or the road crew for The Rolling Stones, if you like. And like the roadie ensuring that Jagger’s vocals aren’t drowned out by Keith Richards’ guitar rifts, our role is to ensure that the consumer’s experience is as near-perfect as it can be, on behalf of the stars of the business – the games development geniuses. QA in games development has never been more important. User expectation is high and in this age of social media, no one can afford to release poor quality content and not have it noticed. Some may say that there is no such thing as bad publicity, but we prefer it if the stars that we support don’t end up with their screenshots being used as mugshots. With over 15 years of providing QA, compliance, functionality, compatibility and localisation services (we’ve been around since Warcraft became a World, as we like to point out), it’s no surprise that the biggest studios around the world – many of whom have been recognised for their achievements in this Develop 100 publication – use Testronic Labs as their QA vendor of choice.

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11/23/15 14:22

Develop 100  

Our 10th anniversary edition once again ranks the world’s most successful studios, this time more comprehensively than ever before. Taking i...

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